The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1927
Page 2
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ifab lOLA I>iil| A STATUE OF W ASlflNGTOK |N THE KORni. Valiant he ride^, her spring coine;s slov—| our gusty Keen etched against April gray, j East winid at ^talwi^rtj ahoulder, bitter spray \. Ot Bea-wrpught iTOist Apd while, the jold ini i beats! go j i Along the listening.agea. if the-] face, ; J Weary with ^^ars—bclj spate • Southwcstwar<l, : fain . , even so.... where the Ln rein and rdpid hoof- siet a little 1 • Luia wistful, That way lies bqyhodd. j Through , - a B <iented rain 1 i Of cl >crryblooDi8 at du^k {the wbip- poorwills ' Arc haling truants fr6m|the Stafford hills. : AAd hares go. romping jdown an old rod lane,. '< • And minnows fhpclt th^ Rappaban- . nock tide With taunting silver Stalls. Ride. . .soldier ride! ' —Nancy Ryrd Turneij, |n Scribner'& Magazine.' DAY EVfemNG. FEBRUARY Honoring Mrs. Wl H. ^eniUngs Airs. \V. H. JeiiniugB, who has been the guest pf he»- daughter. Mrs. W. F. Serieker lorj several vieeks and who is leav ng Monday for her home in Higgiiisville, Mo., was honoreif ye.slerday 4ith a 1 o'clock luncheon ;and bridge at which Mr.s. W. F.'Sene^erj presided as hostess in. Iier.'homc}) 2PU South Puckeye street'. • ] ; Red and white were Combined In .artistic the ta )le iappoint- Thc tal- whlch held cnnings re- Mrs', yi. L. liosr irs was an d Mrs. Mozart MrJ. Dan- VaHe" by ments and decoration; - leys 'were , vanity ^bags povifder piirfs; .Mrs. ceived a guest prize, ^ Cox the high .score favor and Mrs. T. O. Canatsey the co isohition. Invitations included: Mrd. Frank Russell, Mr.s. C. B. Spencer, Mrs. , C. E. Russell. Mrs. R. h. Christian, Mr?. G. E.-Pcndarvl.s. Mr.-}. R.- C. Clark, Mrs. S. 1. Sifersi Mrs. V. L. • Kirk. Mrs. K. B. Cook.[ Mrs: W. Cox, Mrs. T. O. Cauats«y and Miss JIazei Bbwlns. { i I Mnsio Club Met Yrslerkny 1 j The lola Music club inct; yeslcr- , day afternoon fn-Mie Iionio of .Mrs. ! P. E. Waugh, 7orr Kast Jiicktson, Tor j a study of .Mozart *an(| .Meij- j delssphn. An insthu-tiMe pruper on the lives of thrsi! tw 'f^ men was tedi by Mr-s. Kred" Green, after which a proKran^ coiisistiing of number.s by tlR '.se com' given. Mrs. L. W. Siniftiuns Burnev Miller jilayeij Minuet at Iwo. pianok forth played "IMsipral Mozart, .Mrs. Miller )layeil (he "FuncraL-March" by ^ <'ndplss (>hn, ' Mian Hptiart playcll "Ifantasie" by J Mozari," and- MrK. \Vau ;h and Miss ^ Ha;fel-C'linc played '-lhi first movement of the (Concerto in C-niinoCF by Mo/.art. .A ap ^fiiaj foaturo of the program Was a v^ral solo by MiBB Dorothy (iifflp, a;; new active member of the cltrli^Miss (llffin has a hlgh ;8opran« voice of pleasing quality. She Hang.l"The Morning Wind" by (Sena B |-anHCOmbc. After the prograjn rt-freshments of chicken sandjS 'icheH, brown bread sandwich* with fruit and nut filling, angej fondi cake,, tea and cqffee were served by the hostesses, .Mrs. J». ^E. [Waugti antf Mies Doris Clillits. ''•^ Sem as.sociate members JJC tin* clufi an Miss Alice Hendricks and: Mrs' R. C. Clark, i « • << FiuiKton Cliapter of: Delpblan Society Mee(4 The jnfeeting of Piinaton Chapter of the Delphian s"otlet|-' was held yesteiiday afternoon in; the home of Mrs. E. H: Hunteit 519 East Broadway. • ' • ^ The lessou .'was "Bur 18 and Byron," and was in charge of Miss Mary Remsbilrg whose opies were "Tjie Life and 'Litttrarjy Achieve- ill't from Allen i'onntr TnberculjDsLs AtMiclatlon _ It will be intjerestlng to know that ; loU's quota from the sale of Cbri^lm^ afeklg fqr 1926 was invested in six opts and six blankets whibh <the Allen County Tu- berculoais , Association furnished tor the fea^rs in the loja schools. This intpri^tio^ should have been reported iii the Recount of the City Federation of Women 's clubs in [yesterday 's Register but was inadvertently omitted. - J * r * KntiertMn In Uenor of l >r. a. 4. fendarjils fir; aijd Mrs. r|. S. Mitchell were jhost an<l bostesti' Monday night to Dr. and Mrs. 0,- E. Pendarvis, in comi )iiment to Dr. Pondarvis wlui leaves tjoulglit Ilor bis new work m the Marina I hospital in Su Mulsr- 1 i : . Attracjtive vaieutlne features were used in the dinner at 7 o 'clock and in trie decorations.. Bridge was played during the evening, Mr. p. B. Stddzl^ill B )id Mm. Fred Oea- \oB repeiving the prizjes. , The giiests wei-e: Mr. and Mrs. 7. H. SUieids, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. ^ixby, hlf. and MN- G.:B. Stodgbill nd Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dentpn. ^ h' • • InoMteMN to Bridge I'lnb .Miss Icabel Ashford was hostess jto her br dge club last night In lier aiome at |510 South Chestnut street.] 'After cards refreshments ' were iserv-ipd. JMIss Marvelie Clark and Miss • Florence Funk xeceived prizes. 1 The guests were:' Miss Florence procian, jMiss >iargaret Roberts, jVIis.s Helen Hubbard, i .Miss Flor- ncc ^unk, .Miss MaryellC Clark. •Irs. Arthur Shannon apd Mrs. Ora )uiican. i i • • .• iVoniun'.s Foreign Mistiluniiry vifiety ofjl'riniljr Ctaiircli The rcgujlar meeting of the Woman 's Foreign .Missionary society of Trinity Methodist Episcopal' church was held JTeEterday afternoon in the home'of Mrs. L. A. Tweedy, tlS South ;First i^trcct. Dpvotiorials were conducted by Mrs. .1. C. \Vilson.lthe topic of whith as "Arabian Nights." .Mrs. Wilson also talked on the subject of Stnwardsijiip of Personality." .Mrs. iVm. Kinney led the lesson "Islam inil Christianity." . .Mrs.j Walter Cakin Avas in charge of the Mys- cry box. There was a good attend- linee of niembers and Mrs. 1.. T. Wolf and Mrs. .Mary fJndfrey were fisilora. j 1 .> [Diniipr (iufols a< t'jirlyip .Mr. and I. Mr:/. Paul Mlistard and Mr. .lolin Snslard, of New Rostun, III., were dinher gui -alsl last night m .Mr. and I .Mr!'. H. E. ItiiHsell, near 'arlyle. | I : . Itoyul .Xelghbors Clutr Meel.s Tlie Royal Nul^hlior.s club meni- fiera met yesteriJuy aflurnoon in he homo of ..Mrai A. K. Boycr, 802 |;:aH( HiTcel, wIlhMrs. Frank Wag-' lier, .Mrs. Frank Hmith and .Mrs. Cast wood as assisting hnstesseH. . V valentine exchange was held in I refreshments were served by ^b^ hostesses. . . Those at the party were: Mrs. I .E. Hobart, .Mrs. L. Berry, Mrs. A. D. Young, Mrs. Frank .Mark, ^Irs. Pearl Tompkins. .Mrs. W. -A. bVoiidrnff. Mrs. J. H. I.,amoreau, Mrsl J. F. Hudley and .Mrs. K. C. lurlock. ' Guests were Mrs. Walter rytlc and Mrs. , Russell Uoyer, laughter of th© hostess.; What .Has <<nnc B<>fore Death strikes GARRETT. Ff SO.M while swimming , witlJ :a. party of friends'((t Ocean Tovn. .\. J. At the HOTEL MAJUSACA, : where lh<?y all had beengiici an inquiry is begun, after a d tor, perfunctorily examining 1 im on the •beach, pronounces ' ' dead. Folsom's coiupanicns had b ROGER ^NEVILLE, MRS. Ili:i.j BARNA^Y and CAR.MTf VALDON. It is established t Folsom. just before liio had Iteen -sitanding n'^xt to! BARRO.N, known as I lie C King. • . FolTomIs sistor, AN.VSTAS i.s sent for iu New York. Tl the £!ar !tling announcenu -nt niadc thpt Folsom h .-id | htc» Htabbt-d w death in the Wa er. ROSS, hiit ViJet, is questioned, are liarnin and his witi', but no light is .shed on Uie mystery. Anasta.sla. an eccentric n^iit;- terful woman, arrives. Shti ii-is everyone understand; eveji JEP- S0.\, a detective, qihat f lie is full command of 'the invcHti tion. >'un Ui> (In With the Sluri " CHAPTER XII. A slight warning.- glance Roger Neville was caught b>j son'? quick eye and. uniler.U ing, he agreed tacitly with speaker and said: : "Very well. .Miss Fol .soiii, we put it tliat way. then. We will. Rut yoU; v.oiii have agreed so easilv 'i^ .Mr. villo hadn't given you lliy Now. .vcn may as Well nndcrst once for all. .Mr.-.Tepson..Ihatjl at the head of this whole al I am the one w.^o has lost a <! relative; I am the one who is in tigntin.s his death, .and it is to that you are to report and Iroin you- are to t.nke instrmrtions. 1: t{ pose until I came, .Mr. Xevillt» by way of being in clrarge. but ments of Burns" and Compan;y and his ajisistMnts, Edna Coates,'American viol nist wl }0. holds the degree of. 1 achelor of Music from the Philade phia Acad- einy of Music, and accompanist, Emily -Sibley Harris. Mrs.. N. C. Kerr, of.l.i Marpp and Mrs. A. n. Gprrioij wen elected to the assnii.Tto nieribers tip of (he dub. i Tho -junior Mrtnient' Mu-iiiral U club, under th<* riitecti ^n of! Mrs. Mar>\" Other topics 'cpv erod were: 'Tam O'Shanter," :Mri. E. H. Hunter; "Byron's Life apd Works," Sonnets to iing Gladi- Mrs. .M. Blanche Wood; "Chlllon" and "The D ator^" Mrs'. Lloyd J Carter; "The Ocean," Mrs. Geo. C. Dalgarno, jr., and "The Prisoner- of Chillon," Mrs. George J. Trombo^d. Current topics were given in response to roil call. : .1 The next mectinff. wSl. be Monday. February 21 in tlje home of Mrs. C. B. Crick. • •:• *i MomenlN Musical t'lib , HMd>f.BDHli )PKs Meeting jMore definite plan.s vcre made yesterday afternoon at the meeting of Moments Musical (Miib for'thle concert which it is spojisoring for the night of February jFilst .Methodist church by file artists, DonatA •former tciior .with''s Band, and • the Boston Engl meeting jians for a Matter part I Lloyd N. Brown, held afterwards and'made j reqital to be given the of FeTirtiary. •> • * Entertain Alplia t'ircl» The raembcrs of Alphk Circle of the- First PresbytorLih cl nrch were entertained last night ii the homo of MIs^ Maude- Krause, 12 North Sycamore street, with M ss Harriet Hu11)ert assisting host«iK" Miss Georgia Gi-ittpn meeting wi^K devofionalii chapter oftlie text book, "Making Life Count." by Fostei. vas re- iflewed by Miss Ruth Ew ingl There was a lively discussion m current events in' missionary_ countries. The meeting was well .at ended and the • hostesses served refres|i- ments. 'Songs, of 24 in the o bO' given :;olafemina. sh .Opera [)pened the he last (Milluiirj-—.Mrs.; Ueorge Butler, Lenora Imogene Niles was born n Decatur, 111., August 24, 1S54. ipd passed away at the family lOme in lola, Kan., on January 22, 927. at the age ot 72 years, 5 jnonths and 28 days. She was united in marriage to Lorenzo Drowter on .ianuary 2 (iJ &72. To this ilnion was l^orn sev-\ -children: Mr.'^. Myrtlie Smith, o^ Baker, Ore.; Martin BrOwei-, Glen-j dale, Calif.; Frederick Brower, of Hutchinson, Kaii.; Mrs. Mildred Old, Tacoma, Wgph.; Oscar Brow-^ 4r, Anaheim, Calif.; Irl Brower and ilrs. Henrietta Old, Baker, Ore. Mr .J grower preceded her in death on' anuary 14, 1910. She \^as united in marriage to (teorge Butler .Vovember 22, 1911. ,Irs. Butler united withrthe United Brethren church |when ishe was a jfoung girl and attended church s often as she was able: Her son, Frederick Browjsr, of ^lutchinspn, Kan.', was the only due who could be hero for the tjuncr'al. • > Besides her hu.sband and chlljlr leUj Mrs. Butler leaves a host of fk-iends to niourn her loss. — A Friend. Revival at Uie I 'nited Brethroyi I Churrli. [ There was a gpod congregation Ijisi night at the j evangelistic ser- \ic4; at the' Church ot the United rethren in Christ. Tonight tjhe .sjprvicps will be autementcd by a I net sung by the | Rev. E. H. Free and Mrs. Free who are the singrjrs assisting the pastor in the campaign. Church wfll be at 7:.'10 to: night and every night during the \ rek excepting jSaturday night. ^ he Rev. E. .V Montgomery is cdn- dueting the revival. You can't tip niake him lose a waiter enough to his balance. Wofneti Always Wanted alface powder llki> this new -wonderful French Process Powder, call- el MELLO-OLO—ktays on a, long time—keeps that ugly shine away -j-glves th£. skin ^ soft, peachy look—prevents large pores. ' Yoa mil be amazed at the beautifying qiiallttea and purity of: MELLO- GJLO. You willb^ glad i.vou tried iti—Cook's Drug Store.. •' iln'i Nc- ink. inil, a.Ml air. ear es- nie mc up- ivas hat is so no longer. - .Now, :.Mr. ".\'ij \fillc. though my fri<-nd and my lirotl er'.s friend., has no authority of! isoy sort anil is not. to be cinsult "jl in any way." Whatever he may have fijl . at this, exceedingly straightfoiiV ard speech. Roper .VeviMi- •jaid nii iv )ril. mei-ely "hrii;;.!:in,u his shouli cr--; and nodding :is if in ac(|uies('e ice. •-My li..'.iveiis:" cxi-laiinvd the PuciicKs. who was oots|K>ki-n 1 cv- self, "I should lliin 'K viiu'il be j. hii of liolp. .Mifis Kolsoiii.: .\iiil .Mr. Neville was your lirothi-r's loiifi- dentlal frii'iiil. I kt\<iw. Why do you flout hini like thai'.'" i Anastasiu tiiriHMl on li<n- j |.iiid seemed ahoitt l»; (aiiiicli I'urtli ;;iii- othrr iiiigiy spo'cli. Then, wi li a siidilon smile tlial tr;iiij-rigiir<'>j her homely face anil made it rTi m.-^l allractlvf, sh<' .said: '•rni riinii.'iiK ibis, Iiii(ln;.>.s. < car. Don't hint in;*' I "Now, tell im-. Miss Fidsiim," .Icpson bi'giiii, fcHriiig lui wa^j IO.H- Ing bis whip luinil nf iiie Hitiia'inii. "Is there any mii' -aii);oiie iii life world. WIKHII Vdii wmil'l-siispe*« of bavin;; any niullve iVir wisliiiu .Miiir brother's diaili?' '.•>'. j ' ".Many." l^lie SJiid. lonkinu at I rin s(|iiar"ly. ".M> brotljer was a 11:111 of wide Hlid varieil fnleresis. lie w;iH a man of indi'peiideni n«iluro and strong will. He nsuuUv eot whatever he wanteil, iries.;iri iv..> of oltstacliff that sfoocl or .-e.'Ciied to stand iu his way. In these i TD- ccedings hc'lliit 1|liref|Ileli|ly i ;i<l<; enemies, or at least sever'-i frit iid- ships and caused ill feeling, < veii hatred, on tlie part of tliose vlio had oiu-e like<l hiiii. I ;tell you till.", frankly, that you niay know VJba. ev-; Cll- Thc d iti ctive lad rie \1cr before been up against a proposition, this Sort ' mt he rea^i^d not on t^at Xi, ra % nece laary obeyiordem. tnit for lilm that this strange There jvere sevcnil of Ihc qiiiiiiit ^id curious Frencli dolls, and Was pi initting it " ••foine. I': s al onie. and then we the rpo ^is. to the room can get a rial start." -Mready .^pisH Kolsoin had risen. king up her hat and xloii," islii' said, ••iiriiig •\y'1iat charming e.wlaimed Miss An ii'^ easily seen wh; atmosphere;'." astasia. "But There are l(>ts i.'f tlarry's personal beloug- iiiiss about. And flbwcri* and oh. the rc-j; <;;<"'d night. Dinhess; gciid iiit;h!. jCarnielita. iloger -N't- villu. 1 iliaiik yon for wli.-it yoa havf,' iilready iloiie lor iii.v hroiiivr lliiii;:s ciiiit are licre. unci you j ni'v'goodness.' Look[at the doll.s! <-;in call the portei-s to bring iijij ;Th|ere were several Of the quaint iiiid -nrioiis French dolls, so much afieckeil by smart society people. dollt- were !not entirely 'a , - J- w I luive'ty to .Miss FolKom, but they and for iiie liiiid. I excuse ynii )iniii j lr.:<l never appealed to her strong- further lesijonsihility. .No. thank | ly; ^iiid she had ncv yn>i. I iieeil; 11(1 other (-.-cMi-t than .\lr. .lepsoii and my ni.!iil." i .Majesliially. s)ie stiilked mil.of the-iloor, aiid I 'le irio di.-^apiiesin'il down Hie hall'tiiwaril liie e'evjitor. "My word! ". cNclainu 'i! ll'ie Dmli- css. "isn't siu- ii <-uiilinnV" "I lolil y<»ii so." ('ariiielit:! snii!. .IS sill- li;;liicd ;i ci^;ar >M. "I'lf -ar out. Roger, i 'lii done up, ;t!i<| we're .•;oiii'.; to !'ei|." All riclil.f r.irmy. Codd iil;:lil. Mill I ilontl III." it." ".Ne'lli.;- ,;o i ; rnif '.ss his heart!" she said, with feeling, "to think o Garry liking thj'.se{ piippels; I wish I'd known, I'd srivcn him one ^ui hiii birtii- jfe^V-" • ; ' • '• They're very LT owned any. manner of man he was. But li er thought' that any of these emies he made were s'l despernjlcly angry witii liim as to .1:111 Jiiin: Yet that has come about. an^I so. as I said, it is now my lit.) >!< to seek out that murderer \ and hang him." Ti:ongh spealiing positively, Folsom's voice was contr'ollvd her manner quiet. Her seemed to have spent itself, when she announced iier inte of. avenging her brother";? she looked: like a great and jestic goddess of fate, and e.ves; no longer snapping with anger, were somber and deep U*ith intensity of purpose and' righieous wrath. - i "Yon are, (jnite right. Miss soni." .lopson said, a little awi^d by this .strange person, but endei\or- Ing not to it. "I am 10 d." lie went on. "thai you wish t > copy .vonr Ibrnther's rooms—'" "I do." she said, "and I'd likcl to go" ther^q at onco. xVc are poling nothing hei|e,pf COUBSC . and I (wiant to get stjiir;t0il."' "Tonigljf!" "Certainly toniKht. Police jd'^nt go to bc<i a'" cirrfew, ilo theyij If you please |.Mr. Jeii.son. we wijll g< \li..' ind r ago ind ii^ion eatli, na­ iler Fol- KG BAKING POWDER 25 ILESS THAN OF HICHEJt PRICED BRANDS WhyPau ] War Pricem THE cpvERNsiErrr USED MILLIONS OF POUNDS USE 26 beautiful dolls, niiruln." said .Paxton.' pieliihg itp oiie and examining ^ts costume! "Yes. and they .Jiave that woii- h (>iriil !y human lonlt, ; Ihaf only I'nsi) real i'^rench dolls have. Why, tli.i.i jone looks Iikc-i-we|l. 1 can't thiiilt who it !>•. bill ^hc looks Just C:'!-!!^!!!;! I llki ':;finie one kniiw. Now. .Mr. .lep.-iii. (Inn't wail ftir'any sort of • ' ' ' • • Ml down thcjrc Viibhiii. The llir4e Uiio ellleri-il llle suite | Iireli|l|i|i;irii's. .JijHl 1/ the lute (.;;(> reii Fol.;oiii wci'*!:.! tliilt table anVrtcl ^•trll|•k with tlie iitli-:o-iiv iii-.'S ot ' pr>i|H>se to do.*^ T woman iiikht be }f real benefit him in 1 is invest gatlpjis. "I-doi't belle\c. Miss Folsoi 1. that you qi ite unc erstand how sot n it is to < XI ect an - real work to I e don« yet You s.e >, ttaci inquest Iv is not 19 m hek " ".N'o. . kVien wi I that be done "I i)ot t Ifnqw- -' •^Oh, y i.r dpn'tl Then I will te I you«-.It lill b€ holdl tomorro v afternooi . It W( nld be tomorroji- mpr^ing. it v'lll nbt be pos.s ble 16, gj thp vitnes^es togctluj by that I life! Bit tonight. :is soo^ as yoii I( aye me. you will get IMJSI ers prin an& lavc jtbeni up bj>' sunrise. aO ov(;r this part of tic beacii ai d board valk. They wijil summon id the I iquest every or in Oc'eai Town fhp cian give itie slightest] b i. of li formaiion or c. dence cc ntcrniug the dtath of Ga|i- rett Folio; n." And, :fte- a s lort but session. Ji I son < eparted t,9''cari{y out the a 1 r's or lers. A8:80ii<b)dy cr other has pitl! ily said, 1 e way |io do ^omc thin^ is :i e n. This waj the dogmatic belief '(! .\nasiafli Folson, and on th principle < her way of thinkiiijk hung!all tic law ind the propheti. SOfi shi ) rough -it about that when' t'ai ;i lests if the! Hotel .Ma!- jusaca 01 f J sd th dr eyes the ne.xf morning, tn sy were greeted by th sight of \ii envelope stuck unde their be^^ion do|>r. The. nil is t'ge was to the effcLJ that' anyp u knt wing - pt'rsonall] the late ( irrett J^olsom. or anyonf knowing Hny faqt that;bore upot his tragl^' death, ly icomm 1; ili ate ment'of. la hotel In the riinils of ers of tl i aroused ,|nj}| of cxcitcjd of a muidir Y'et tleie themsclv » to the sill t > u(h a t( mi: Some, ur^ed to bid desirje Some fro; to thp l^el|ight tense. And tlously bUidd tp cnri kn ?w in justice. I Whercfi the hotel "i! selves at met by ^ hd yed Bj drawn lino qi>xt.rlraptek'. must immediate^ fvith the managef most of the read- hot iWation.; there wak bsity ajic the sort jtercilt that] the new usually stiis up. wer many who felt (jailed lupon to respouj (imons.l pe surci. were lirerely course by a moif- into the matte pri(|e tha^^liircd them unde/ any pre- e felt \ conscieii- tell what they caiJse of right and Ipom J grjodly number of diiestt presented tliein hp de ik. and were di where; they were PellJam himself. bntinurd) inliin 1^ the nd his iwlfe ;ire cusr. ilteud ihr IDbOCOLPS Idndtbo'-doaWd." Tieai Yeavs of Sutqsssful Merchdndisimi Featured for the The .Most Remarkable .^1; Dresses Ever Oski dd Weekend For Mi.sscs and Donjt JudJRe Theiii by the Rjdiculopisb^ -LoW Price. Matrons iJow Prioi CreiHJ in brdids and all Ma(^e of beaiitiful qualilj from 14 to 40. They are trimmed in ;fa I ;j silk embroidered apd are ;-OT reiie^ted in all of the[ newest Spring; ihs.aes—Rose Biegc, , Ca.stiiiion i Red, IPitscach'G-een, Queen iilue. Oriental Popi^y, Navy and Black. c f ^ ew i^iiring In iDla. rodks ForjF^daiy^ 100 jPair of P^rrm's heve;t sind latcwt .styled Ki(i Glovas. Our r«iiar $4.50 jand $.5.00 GloviBs, on sale for thd .75 Shown in the jpopular n&w turnback cuffs; liovelty stificWed b icks, etc. j^iQ^ Blank € Commencing tpmprroj ^ir o u' ary Saile of Redcjing, offeri 1$ known'Beacon i ets atlgenuine savings.; qe|; windows. he Sen.sational m New Spring Models my tie dab at Annual Febru- the lill ot spring chades. nationally ler blHnk- thchi in [the ' pHB jpride you take in you r bi#V w ifully justlfipl wiMn yoo liae TLARijkB^ BEST* Floor. Tjiia t ch, unifonn quality flour 1 las won: a nati(t>n-wi r potid^ unoiog dlie ^01 feci rives bf 'America^ I q>eadabilityr--diat cftt dn y o£ lyOur standards p xfectiQii in bt^ il>«i°8> ^ ^isappointingl .Inose wbo know luve jtHis ai nxranj nU know abouU ask tneii; Grocer of ihas tjeen.usM* Those wlioi neigl^bof. You • Grocer wili give iyoii sack of AIRY, FAIRY FREE withitlie porcfaase ^£ (^14 24- Ib. sack of rLARABBE 'S BE ST* excellent .floor t pastries, cookies and dainties of all descriptions.,' You will lukcover a pleasajnt surp ise. AtAlllGroco^ ' I. THURSDAY FRipAY ACTSW BllG TIME stic Revicwt "The Original ijlj "A NlGriTINlMlA'! Wl Priricefes iHamiarr 'Dances Of TM ai^d America's Np;t4d Patvcjhic Frink Saeacleir Far hi Id run >Mdulls Ple,i ailee DAVIS AND -in Music—Dane Slrcl WuJtar, Blacls jBol^ IlawaEiun East" 'A Novell "WorW's WILI] THE UPSIDE jChamijidn Whipcracters" mN^LEEf Giiiflith ' ON TH Corijinej "MLLE. Also COMEJDTrtjakid NlEWS ii|sp .\offi -ir .s spldi»m n{ on tills show nc kn^w J IDSON Singing hjjrleslon jind' TINT -iri-^ StREEN MOpISfrJE Surprise" 4 MANi. any 'II be f : oar pcritona, re f faiMi pjeas M 15c J 5pc . knar- 0. lii

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