The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, February 9, 1927
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TZ BI1=>T0R:J T-OPEK \ tRAIlCJ ^VOLUME XXX. No. 92. •—•T — :r SPENDINGOF TAX DOLLAR MADE^LAIN Finanqe Commissioner of loia Tells Members of Chamber of Commerce Whiit City Does Wfith Taies^ Thi- W-ikly Keglster. KstablUhed i»«7. . Til- I'llii IMIly Jt«Ki-'t*T. Bs<tabll!thod TlUnked - •The rule dt the Ciiilraber of Commerce noon ^ay lur cheon is that Mip gavel shall fall it on» o'clock 110 matter who is sptjaking or what ;ioriit in his aduresjS the speaker iias reac-Ii'ed. That Vii.le was sns- Iiendecl by nnanimous consent to flay when Kmani^e '•• Cominissloneri A. .H. Melox who began talking atj VlAi) o'< ftick was allowed to pro c-eeti tiiiiil oV;l,ock and evei] then was. taken from! the floor oiil upon a niotiun that 1 he-sliunid h atked lo contlntie lii.s address the iiexl noon-day sjesaimi. The subject whii.h thus obviously compelleil the interes of the large ntinibi r of buslnesjs as " iVhat become liar?' In order [lestit n. Mr. Hecojvj; a ni mber of wa [by tji(i; aid of' \\\: il t)asy to nndt )w tile- tax dollar i ided] and why tliji t is. At allotlie^ Mer iopes to pr4 sent these figure.s. |i detail ;«nd i lull, bjit today can inly find r.\w for a brief sunimiJr.M The conimisstotK-r explained th;it in the ofjnianj (ijty e .vpend' tures. such as the ge leial fund, tl ifinetery fundj ' "•- IIOLA. KAN, WEDNESDAY MEN TO SHANGHAi Worcesitershiire Troops ^ : ArejSailing Despitje ' Protests From Peking and ! Hankow. men jireseiu W of your tax dn| answer that q had prepared charts which comment madt' stand exactly h| lola. City is di rate must be. a!s time the Regi the and the .Memo amount of ihe| state""law and f Hd no iliafttT may b«j ' In iitlier stiowii (hat III- mi m.lde consisten' w service require^ an I ity (loJice anjd whicli il must Slimming it IJIirarV fun I Hal lAall Fund; ih| levy is litnltvd o cai not -lie cxi'ecc low jcreaf \\\>' iiei funds, it Wi> iiimnm levy !i fenderiiiR 111 affoiding til l^re profecli( tiave lall showed that tlie tiflal expense Bf. running the ci)y ing the sinking' fun funds necessary it )ilt.stu;iding bonds, $124.7!i4 .ia. The tfi . necessary^to produce p. Mr. IIooo lola. inclut: and intereHi take care last year wii| !al tax this gri(i ti She uiinteil .f -4 t<i |>;i.« ii tuition iVe, 1il .)<-iir-i>I(l .MnrUtn Mi'yers told |M)i:ct>. nUu found iier ill tlip Kfrst >:iii<uiiil Kilnk n( Ver- tnilion, S. I>M oiH- iMoriiJnir re- <-en(ly. 'Hie uirl N a co-ed 'it grille l"iilvrr»i!ly of Soiilli Ihi- k«(»; anil her home U ' )t'<ioii<iiirk(>t. .s. I).' .She liiiil an elecJrIc drill. .scre«-dri\er, tin sii!|i«i aind (illers. police said. K M I she KM no money. PRIMARY BILL IS KILLED BY STATE HOUSE ^E^^jRALjviARKflT Shanghai, Feb. 9. (AP)—Proof that (;rea ,'t Britain has not tailed ba »k the Iroop.s' which she rccjently ordered ^o Shanghai WHS given here today when it was announced tjlat the Second hallalion of a jiiloii- cesier.shirie regiment had embarked at Hongkong for Shanghai; \ The move was made in jstUte of iiro'ests which liaVe been tr.|ide by ooth ihe IVkJng and Uaukuf governments, and^ the declarat,ion of KuntMie Clien, Cantonese foreign mi 'iidiiT .'l tliat no . agreemeiit with Creat nritain would be niaiie^wiih his Kovej-iiment regarding he future relations of the Cantonj'.se and Hritish while Shaiighai wai^ under the shadow of foreign forcek ) It was re|)orted from I ankow, lunvevt -r .jUul negotiations I elween Chen and Hritisii Charge U'< iffaijres (JHi -n O'.Vlalley wolild be coj .Mondav, iafter having b^n ..ff l)eca| of the UrItisli niovenieiit. The sailing therefore dispk nu'iitarily last week's iniriresgiou that Gretil Britain hail altej-ed the orders uiider which an exp-dltion- ary forc^ of IC .tlOU or more troops was I'.esipnaled to go to Slmnghui. J. ROBBERY FA Representatives Now to Decide on Conventions' For Nomination of' Supreme Court Candidates. Kiirlheir information is a •I today ciinceriiing the open door of ihe Central Market iiidicafes won Id-be hand in nniount was JliSl jJer $]IK». It'^ iiitereslln^ (to pote in comjiariso i with this ilitit Jhe (osi of runnin ; the.schoola of ^ola •alls for a levjr of whll^ ,fb»| city levy U c«««li)lv , .i»iuoo/^»B^" S -.i .^Thi makes a otai tax r te of $4.-ir>; bn .Mr. Hecox exnress |'d the oplnioh • that it was much Ifiwer in reality' tlian in many'other'cities who; tax rate apparentlj Is lower than <mrs. but whose valuation is higl <;r. He cited .figur "s from a nun Uer of other, Kansts cities of a proximately tiie s ime populatinjti as lola. some of \ hich sljowed valuation of nearly twice ours, trte dedu«'tion being tl at property ia I hose. cities wa.« n.sse.'Jsed at a hieli- \ er proportion of its actual vali e than in lola. '} .\ ' . \ I'lisslng f.rorri ^he discussion • i"f J taxation, Mr Hccoxipresented 5^°" interesting fi^'ures. .touching tl e i I.resent value Of lolas public iiti - • . ifv plants. Th|i elf^'tric light plait : lie -values .It $2r )i|,-tn9.59, the wat^r j plant at, $l<"-"..19li.!)9 and the g: s I lilant at $!"r >,24 -t.—gran<l to:; I. f.'.ll,S4-J.ii.9. In all! the figures used were the cost of ins.tallli- tion less the (leprticiation Iliat h.-^d occurred. It was Jhis opinioii that til replace alljtheFe plants at tie pri^sent price iof ilpbor and mate •- lals would hriiig the cosi up'ea.«ily to a million wlolliirs. Answerirg a question, he. said tli .1t the coni- m ^Ksmners h^Jl It'eeii repeated y aniroached difringi the past two i r three years ivith proposals fro ii private corporations to buy lola s 1 utilities, hilt !lhe ja'nswer had al- ."'.1VS hccti S'>[emiihafi<' a negative th!>i it wns c(lm!u^ idiw lo he UM d- rslond l .lial jlliev are not for sal \lr. Ill cox refidily eonseiiled to :i t -nd IliH ne .vlyni'i -tiiii; and cmiliin] his exposition of cily affairs. < A sr A i.'iW• imxvKs v Vi N (lyii, siiT i\ <(n 1 The Maryland Casually coinpai [•/•foivel n v^'nl'c viLslerdav if j'lvll case in .disirlct court. T! suit was (inefiletl against the col'"-' panv by'.1. .\. Fr\er. To|iek.'i. K; IIS.. )<•!». .'I. lAl'l - Allhoii^l) lh>' liiiisi' ifl '^rs .il yi -sicr- (lay lo vote for r <sl(ir.aiiiiii <ii pu 'iy ciiiivi -nliiiMs r|o iioiniiuiH' caiiili- dates i<ir~Jhe siiptctiii! coiiri and for minor sl ;;ie iittices, it will have to lii 'cidi'. wli '-lliii-' 1 iiiivi 'iilions sliiiiild- .-i -lec I . nnmiiii'i 's for jiusi- tioiis of ihf Mi |iii/riie ciiiiit only. Tlie i elei 'tions committee whose prituaKy revision bill was defeatwl yesifr'day, today recommended for paissage a bill by Hroad- n v)i- Kd\\ardi oo .iniy tor the establishment of ••judicial i-onven- liotiy." wliich would noniiiiale party caiK 'id .TTT 's lor thf supreme.. bench. Broadie. a lawy<-|-. proposes . that delegali-s . to th"- cuiivi-nlions be elecit 'il at tli'i pi 'iiiiary. .' Cjiidiiiates tor justice would have lo receive the inilcrsemeut of at least -.'.11 lawyers und'^r another bill approved by the <'<inimitt<'e. Tillpt- .son ofr"Xorf(in comity, a lawyer and. chairiiiaii; of the coiiimitlee, is till' M .ithcr of the measure. The committee liilled two bills for <-<itivenli<iii iioiiiiiiatioii of district judpes. itinoed broken triop Is mo- LED hind biick which that had a clMier- tits of Me^and Boy^anquet A UractslW: Program Js Exce^tfmally About 100 attended the ^njunl Men's ami Boys' bri­ quet laatiiight at the Presbyteri m church sponsored by the FeUowship, and all vvho|\vfere there enjoyed fiijlyi-the program which had been prepared The;banijuet was served by theflj IMies of the church arid in itselt' ' ^sa a goojl deal of a treat, the menu including Virginia baked taani. escalloped potatoes, ' lima bjeans, hot rolls, head lettuce salad and cberryj pie a la mode. During tne first part of the meal, music was! furnished by the Presbyterian Sunday school orx-hestra which has been developed to a f:ne point of excellence the past few months. Between courses a "balloon race" was put on which resulted in pletity of merriment and liilarity> , The Hpeaking pnigrain which followed jWU8' j unu.sually - good- Wayne Ar<;lier' vas introduced first to toll "W^at a Boy Llkfc in His| FARMRELIEF Suggestion Made Today By Wheeler That the Senlate Hold Bank 6iil Up Until HeSign.s. -i Washjngtoit. Feb, 9. (API— it so skillCulIy he thorotighly audience. CM. bail," and be did and cleverly that t'.el ghted the entire' Cot rtner. presldentj of the Fellowship class of the qhurch, responded Iwith a most fe]lcitou.s" talk on W |iat a Dad Llki|s In His Boy." Tr.Courtner was f(>llowed by Cha.s. f.'Scott, leader of 'laHs. who spoke Feliowship Class Thinks jboys." • 1 pr. Sowerby, paHtor of the Baptist church, gave tiie main address tbe Fellowship on "What the of ; the of tbe evening and minutes to di.scus's iniiting and forcefj rrtlations liet ween ll |ey a Rdtlre; made a st ook some t,'hirty n a most illnin- tl milnnen the liien and biiya as are and as tlielv should be. His ong impression. ONMARRIAGE IS UP Support llangeii, ^i!al ski^ house b; voiB reji r.s of the McN'ary- farm bill won an ini- mish today when the a 14Ti to 9.S .standing i^cied a motion 'desigu- qiiite con<:llisiveI>| thieves must liavi he affair. C. C. .V soil, employed by incrclia lola'as special politreman, jiaLvH that ilii- door |«as ojiened betwe|n 3:3« and. J::io in the morning. He made a trip througli tlie. alley behind the Central .Market at these tlnjes aiid he found the door locked tbe first trip and unlocked the second. ,He went into the store, calledjiip the.'gress liy'Withholding action tin the> jiroprietor and waited ilieri' until jadiiiini.siratiim's branch banking lie tame •lown. j * "• ' .... .Mr .McPlier»oii thinks,; since nothing was niisHiiig, th^t the thieve.s had one niaii .statii: a k>ok-out who saw blm down the alley ami was give the ttlarm in time, foij them to get away before IhKe, ': . Ajleasure Is Revived in the Senate Today When Committee Gives I It Favirable : Repj)rt. JTopeka Kans., Kjeb. 9. (AP)—The, engenicH bill was jrevlved this.aft- ehioon in the Kansas senate fol- 1« wing another ofi'a neries of exe- ! cntive sessions, tile senate te|nper- ed to pla<fe the Curiis-Crisp bill on an equal legislative Imis. 1 • • i Washington. Feb. 9. (AP)—A! Irian to bj-ing pressure on Presi-; dent Coolidge to sign the Mc.Nary-i Haugen bill if It Is passed by con-! upd as coming ible to all of he got COLD WAVE HITS, SOUTHWEST TODAY ajice and hygfenf porting favorably •committee re- the bill Which ftero to turned liar COLLEGE Y. M. IS ORGANIZED A I'olIfKe M. .M. ('. A. was organ? i/ed in the local .limior College on last Tuesday 'iimniiitu. and ofticers for tin- remainder oi ilif- year were eleited. ' flie iVujrtll t "onege "Y" orsani.'.eii in juniiM' colleges in Kansas. I ^ The »>fficeis elected were: President. I.iiftier. Harnani. Humboldt; \'ice-pres!deni-. flareiue Thomas, tola; and Heiijaiiiin Harioot; Ilum- lioldl. secielary-lreasiirer. Plans were made for a few of tlie coining: lu'itiiu'S mnl a jireat deal of WJirk is lieiiii; plaiiiieil li'i lie dcin.e this veaf. . • ' lOLA 4 -H CLUli ELE(:TS ()FFICERS Tile III Chill of' lola tuet last nlflii at I'.iiieoln scliliol for reor- gattiyaliiin pinii /Tses and elected the I'oUdwinf offii eis for llils year: Irvin TiiMMii: president: Harry (•reatlioiise. vice president : . .lohir WilSdii. sccrei.iry-treasiirer: Jnd .Ifiliii Xiiiiliierinan. cliili reporter. the adihiiiistraiion's McFaddeh bank bill' "be held up until thd farm relief bill is .signed by th« president.'' BIRGER IN JAIL; HAS MACHINE GUN Harrisbtirg. III., Feb. 9. (APl-j j his cell in the; Stiline here with a machine Seated county Kansas Cit.v, Feb. 9. (Af?)—The lolil wave from the Noj-thwcm brought i.e. snow -dtiil temperatures raiigfng'down to 4 below the Souiljwesl toda.X'. Rain, to snow and .=lepl In Texstrt as south as Fort Worth. ' In Oklahoma, .where teropora- fiire .M longed from 18 to .1.1 iegries, it was snowing at Poncij City, Rlackwell. Enid and Outhiie. and sleeting ;.t Miami. A misti ig rain t'punty- i ' . was turning to sleet in the -eastern "'rKeii submitted peacefully to part of the siatt^. arrest .Yesterday on , a murder H.lief from the cold was expect- «''""rge Mhen Pritt^hard, accom4 ed loniokf.iw with the pro.Miect of Pa'lied by Sheriff I.ige Turner of fair skies coiHity, came to bis' home hlid passed the iiotise earlier in tlie session. j [The committee's action was a complete reversal ot, its ^previous stand yesterday vfhen it decijied to not allow the bill to reach the sj-nate floor for 'debate. | Several ainendtnents were ijecom- niended by the committee, jii re- bill' PP BEFORE iuilETODAY Debate onjAmendmen State ('onstitiutioh Ordir of Day; Patilen Is F)r It. :TMka, Ki^ns.. Feb. ,9. (.VP) A ] ata am tat rnilision tSorbiddihg^ levy Toee; AIKlv of K| boost SOtVN tory, the pi inent .stale Th Clark holts < posp.' W2S fous titatp PaiJl|i^ dnie-u I5eri'< a tv brant the !! lite if' A<l tend the 1 is (( aid M dech i< teini: ;t paye a gove 'pedial ta e ioiul.s written nil'ment ve. Sloan or j.sstiatice 'or roaJtsJjuild nto JtiI ^Wsh\ K lay •fi^{/»>ii- if Jaijjgm county. Fei>l 9. l.'VI't: aasas rt^uls led to I lie Hiiii.'te ureseiit iji for ferely t|atber<: posed o centfializ ^ighWa resolu Countij, highw; that Ihetlier cjijuntie.'^ !iighwa^- ha.s' of inent t :ihe pi blic Impr 3V ement.sf the aiiiendmi; bll waVWested '>'n' this afternoon: denced dn unfriendly feelini? to/*Hf"?»*. ''-^ a ^PO"'^ »« » the farmers. Wheeler proposed that I the buili i: j Another recommended ap^nd- ntent would for^bid roarriaKes of niembers of the ipthopian rati' with Caucasians. I The bill may tjie senate for age, subject* to ri'comnien'ded by CHILDREN gun acrtisi his knee, and a loadetj pistol .at hi.s side, harles Birger, gang leatjer, today heard local deputy sheriffs refiise to turn hini oyer as ja prisoner to Sheriff Jamc.s S. (Pritchard of Frankliii ALFALFA SEED IN DEMAND IN COl Due to the loss by flooid of a large acreage of alfalfa, and due to natural spring demand, ihere is a brisk inquiry regarding gjooil alfalfa seed. The most important coijsidera- lioii in Inlying ^ilfalfa seed, bccord- ing III I.. K. wriloiighhy. Kxtenslon .Agroiioniisi. Is that it be iKansas Coiiiiii'oii or that we use (;r|mni or other .Northern see<l. i Tlie Farm Hiireau will assist I anyone who desires to seen 'e good IS MADE TO ABOLISH STATE FAIR At HUTCHINSON BY aOURBONCpDNTY LEGISLATURE seed and samples may be tills office. .lUBY DISMISSED THOMAS DEAL NTY t>een at ;AS^ actio against Thomas Deal, was dlsmis.-jed late The jury in! the crimlna of t;ie citv of Humboldt yestenhiv by District Jndg Frank K. Km rest. The case wen to tbe jiirv late .Monday and .lud je For- revi <|t;inisse<l the jury *ben it failed to i-A'turn a ve.rdiijl after nearly 24 hours deliberation. Deal was charged with operating a house of ill-fame. Bill Would Deed Fair Grouiid Repeal I^iw Which Es To Sd\ s to Reno County, and Would tiablished StateiExhibition— I 'e Monev. Topeka. Kan., Feb. 9. ( ,state fair.'tit Hutchinson wa live Stapleton of Bourbon c ment of a'slate polytechnic scht ol a I (.treat Bend! was recommend L>d .by .the hou¥e|.\Yay!; and meaiis co n- mittee. The bill, by Dawtion' of Hanon coiiiity. |provides for a $2 .'>o.0O0 appf-oprijition. Tbe committee killed bills which HARTMAN ASKSJPR NEW MURDER TRIAL JAT)—An attempt to aboli.s'h the ; started totisty when Representa- . »iinty, introduct'd a bill directing the fair managemerit to de<^l the fair grouml.s to Renolcoun- ty and repealing the law \vftieh establi.-^hed the st.-ite,exhibi­ tion. Stapletoii, a member r^e ways and means committee, explained the purpose of Ue bill is to i;ave the legislature •'the trouble of lighting to ceep the fiiir from c.-irryjng off a large appropriation at every .se.ssion.' " , Passage of a bill for estahli; h-*'*— I.ouis Hartman. cbnviilted of fourth degree nianslaiightei in di»- trict loiirt last Friday in connec- ion with thei death of I! aymond Winks, over ah alleged uttHnpt by tile j'jii^th to steal wattjrnielons from tbe Hartman fann. Has filed a tnotion for a new trial in) district coiirtj " ALLEGED DESERTER ARRESTED TODAY firoimsed a stale college at Podge rity. a s .tat4- i<>U»ie -jt Kiuflley and a hraili h of the Kansas St.ate Agficifitural I Ccdh g.- at Carden C.;iyJ i A uniform automobile lictgise (Continued on Page 6; No. i) I Kmmett W. Heath, alleged desert er from a supply company lit LiCav- enworth, was arrested l|y J. P. Weatherman, deputy sheriff, on the Weatherman f-avm near Colony today. Heath had been employed by Lloyd Weatherman to wori on the farm. .1 here. Cpoh his return, to Benton* Prltchaitd reported "that one of Turner's 'deputies had admitted hu gave Birder the niaichine gun so hd (ould prptect himself. THE WEATHER K(H{ JKANSAS: .Hoi ^llj fair <o. niKht UII4I, Thur «iilflr: not tio ruld (iiniKhl jiinrtlnvest |iorlJon, rlsinff leiii|>Pniljire Thursday. Kiir fiilii and Vlclnitf; Mostly fair Iniiii^lil and Thursday; rising femperiltiiire Tharsdaj-. Ten-; Jej i I ii re—IJ ighest y esterda.v "8. ui' li pj m.; lowest last night 1!! at li a;|inj now come before Idebate and | paJss- the amendments the committee. VISIT KAI^SAS HOUSE , Ttipeka, Kansj.: Feb. 9. (APl-r- .MemoricH of school days were re- cialled today by momber.t of the house of representatives, when pupils of Prairie View» .school district njumber tii, in Att-hlson county, en- frtained them with an old fashioned speaking land singing liro- ^ram. I I And dreams of days lo come f lied the children's iriinds when they were entei tallied by tbe legislators, some of whom urgei| them t|) be ambition^ that the.v. too. fe and faj* vahicles. one Iti exp tatii^n tor nieaii milljoii dolla Per [odd might serve in } Representativ son county prea Democrat looks he legislature. White of Atchi- ided. So his little constituents might "know what a like" White called the minority flpor leader to the speaker's rostni IMPEACHMENT OF JUDGE Precipitation for the 24 hour* 1 1 Washington, COOPER UP ending fall abOuij .Ml Topekaj coyerei; good. al 7 a. in. today, .O.'i; .4 inch. . Feb. 9. (AP)—Be- gjinnlng hearingjs today on a reaolii- on by Represijntalive IM. Ouai;dla. Irpiibllcan. .New York, calling for Jie impeachment of Federal; Judge snowi ^ l^rank Cooper, j of that state, jthe i iliouse judiciary committee yrat* , liiiidy e.xcept Hutchinson, forced into a c . i^nowing; all roads snov*- 1 isistence of M fxcejn Kinporia, rough to the jurist take I i • iiess. osed by the r. La Guardia that the stand as a wit- j Sut;t to Cantkl Lekse 0nRich OipLaitdNow; 07i in Eldoradp Cotirt EJIliorado, Kan., Feb. 9. lAP)—Tbe .suit of J. George Brinkmiin, of Kansas City, against the Emiiirc; Gas and Fuel Cohipariy in di.strict court fdr in accounting of the operations cdnnected ivith the fanioijs Shriver oil lease, went into itsLsertihd day today with the presentation of exhibits. Brinkmah seeks the cancellation of the Empire's lease to the SnHver land, which is estimated, to be worth at; least §1.000.000, alleging that he had a prior lease to the land. Back ;i|n ms Joshi a Shriver. a*' • farmei]' fold his oil atjd gis rights • to Samiifl R. WalkerJ an oil man. Walkef-! f^old his leas e to an oil t^ompapr; and some years later, Brinkniil^ says, he ptrchased It. 'inlM-J the Empire company bej- gan to dfill for oif in Butler county and a representative of the firm, called 6n Mr. Shriver about buying his I jail and gas . rights. .Mr. Shriver explained he had sold them some J-«jars. ago. The Empire company Vdprt ^entatives "^ade an in- 'vestlgkl^|)n':and, It is charged, tol4 Mr. Shriver the original lease had betn outlaw^ed beuause certain requirements bad not been met. Then Mr. Shriver sold th«> Empire com- j /any a lease. I j Two years later oil was jstruck on the farm sind' .Mr. Briiikman brought suit and the case h'ds been In the courts since then. I Oti.e of the largest producing fvells in Kansas, pumping lat the rate of 30,000 barrels of oil: a'day lit one time, uas' f blind on : the Shriver lease,' - ' M tian reiolutioii rnnst r< ceive -thirds majority • in bi>tb i!S of I he legislature Iji -foie I'liiendme it can lie ofi'er^fd to iple f« • apjiroval. cales < f tlie ui|ien<Iineiitj lal Kansas iiiitst cent ilrof o stale •itj^liwaysj ontilii e lo rei'cive fi r(>ad bnililiiiK:. Dpin i Ileirkinan'? ! to An ove !i r in c nal may{ a tt (1 debtiSte "I men bebihtll behiiidj covtfl- joy. cost the bile? for tojiay. etter rotjils and Jlesirilig io bear I tor llif (lebatt {constitutional an coiit the H. . , •' . ion; by Kerrymiii of chairman of the {lys coni«i(tre<'. pi'o- le voter.-j de.-id- in the slanj/^r tht var- .shall itxiutrol fhi .uysteiii^^ Covi-riior j-commeiiiled the sub- ncb a lionstitu ioiial 1^ tbe electorate. Tlui the sjiaie sliis.nid no|i end the! Kansat because the IV< willing III tijeasury for in While; advocaj nt declare the 1 to sii nione uhient i tralikefl conlrld of highways coni&tt all Kansas Counties imjiilrned blgjiwa.vs, the opp< repN hat cttueiitratiion of, woiillil be dai e s e. It stitiLtiiiii to r state he Si other .it wil inomy ^i•btII «l ojff.tet roads an ^uiomobill ytjar." lor fa depreciation Berr>-man d« nqiture (or railroad trakisporj- j Df nioj- •lared. tir-lO anso^. jna^ent r^ad iniiiroveinents, be d. million. Jm economic loss of s a year in K REV^OLT IPORTUGAL IS OVER lionclon. Fdb. 9. | (API—-Phe iii- suri ugs^I. moo a caj/itu forces /It; iri cai ito liei li ^laiiy < dts An iiij - i in ofj lat |eri re SA aine It I'll coli- falike if it denil [UelltS lie il»;ral| iiili erilllll es till ceji -l jwoulii with nents bowerj Aftir the flntllnj? of ili^ bullet-' ridt en boijy of her' Iius6an<l,| 1.01}' I., l^lce. a staff ptitrol-i mail, IJIiniils officials brdeiretf oj wide searcii for .Mrs. Pricei who disiippearcd from .Marion; (il., nt he same Hiue." Prieei mis) liel eved a| .victim of ithei Illl-i noK 'tiang warfare, U.S. COUNSEL Three Members ve Asked f d In Reser\'ationsj But PresWent 4 I Refuseisl of Court Chalnge ^.shington, F long fight ov| W! The meinWship m Couit Apparently eiid, witili Sta^s standing outsicje tlie tribii T il ij e e foreign j j gi whi^h 'agreed at CJetlitva uiotjjfii'afion .of tin tionjs ^o the court liri vistJd of! (''odlicjge has annouii wit 10 Fesfcr ^jations were It change, he' he subject. of the form from Creat H nations have Jivplied. to the Open came other Aniijri do: woi Idi lints 11 ic; <-<in rt.?i_ !'liec initi GUN5 TODAY Thomas V^. Miller, C|cnter Of Attack by Att |0 »ineyi| erous. i , resoiiitio'n restrittioHs a ijiirticipajiou in jvould afueiid tliJ! •ad as follows: hall never be a) ying oil any >Torks of iijiproveO'enl. eixcept t ajlopt, c^nstriicti and m^iutaii system o:' highways.' man Berryttian opeiirtl this ajfternooh. .•e do Bot adopt this amendj lid, "KSnsas- w; II lag stales.; Once ve gv take us years to re Hor Government I in Dauiherty Tx'id} Today. Fei (AP) 11 legal pr (|poseS (i foitnti whicli ' I >aiig he supjreniacy; we shot Id enf; . A system of good roads would ' njthing,. in myijudgnu'lit. fori""'" in operating aitoniof j J" " ff.tet th'e monejj sp.ini • ',,' The average life "l' {.j'":'; would lie in«.jreas/'d ilities for marketing!. rotui; coil-! . [ party iutcr- iiat it th(| (today ' Han r atttir ne.v. .Mo iu ai: of th ton, Johu Repu t'onii tbe at lilt! (rial or.^;:Mi .11. DaiiKherty-. fonm! general.i of tbe morning i was s|i|nl attempt to show i bow soine liberty bonds, Uicliiir/I .Xljer leniian metal magnate. HSv WasiiiiiKton ^Cotiri lloufje. johidj of : Sli» i e.vchij cent perty on tl Th ^I O.IM] not cosf morer than elianJed foi- Carroll, AT OPORTO etits at ( to the governinet ^ho rose against thi,^ t'ar- dictatrjrship last wee^ have ated say o idon til |ig con how the I:, lie.-! g I'aiis 1. port 1(1 [sbingti afternoon, iniies ; in Lisb ver. and tlii'i't snaltivs-in tb ist Ihiee day vt» assiuranee Hritijihers lia njliistjer. Fr«i id tb( d'a^i wa * !*'ripus coi t itipe so iili lister aim; be. ii ^ililiged lid 1. wliicb sfnb'lJ by ri^ bu leljt. u a INSURANCE 1 TIIV )jS'a>fliingtot| tfen.sioti to J In jwhicli for t weii lion .\ show from Dela pporto.i northern Porl-r xf, for 1 niing Ificial .-idvices receivijd j fomt I ex<'lii) ^'lefal in. Ill hu ligh Til liat iio been ' t i hoi irwb the sa r; IlOS ^ioil le'l jcpn o'yerinre ri -niains undis-'\,f <tit 4n lal fiiiiit. New'-VorkJ Kelj;; 9 ill it let Tlie foverniiu nt iturnt' guns lin 'i'lioinu-s. \V r altett> in'oiierty ; custodjpn T.King. one-tiin<^ jSaliiii lal blican [ comniittceman' frjm •cficut.ihad turned up latt'i" in .Midland .National llankj at fianglierty 's brolherl Miii S leity. is jire .sidenti | ri tile bi'oadside oil ^^illeij (lie .\fter icalliiig a WitiVess who tied Kt.Vernment transpdita ouciiei^.-showing Miller tijav (> Philadelphia. Jfeljruan tlie government Called .\ iss ia .Miijlen. a clerk j in j thej leiphia; Federal Reserve lip nk ieiitiiied an appjicationj by i\j alien nge of; bonds niadr ,\. Cai-ioli, fortiier iistoiliaii litireau ;«t ilayj : : \ appli<iati"n showed that Uttotjney tW(J ft bonds—serial iiuihber!>rA 111 and li-UOt>4:52l)U—were yex ;he tikind denou: fori in ro ina calle'd tl] it'lje "!the ' iler. e;i tl y bond.s of $1,001) n theiii stead, ivilnessl wjis then that transportation Philadelphia to WiiniiiiidoiiJ are. were issiieil to .MilleW foj iitne da;y. | j -i II De!l)ert n.illagliei'. ca.sjiie aird. nis .sel and .Meens, j ivil n brokerage aivU bai)^in ; was called, ffe tes^ilied tha'. en of the $1.0f)l) bondsCt ^Trcl nged at the Philadelphia; pei- teservi; Hank, were depo.^jite I line daj- to the acciiiint of JMil Ifi.' ilidiiot know who depfisil- elll. ^Cll 1 tiot^: liav III! .Aini-ri ler Tpdliy's senate a a tjotj of fi!) to II by a debate which of « laledictory lUi eric ar prospects foi shi I .' nd presented tiir < )f a senator rat fi( ation demand am : senator wh^ agjiin.,! ratification Fldriii Ihel po wa las tio^ air COl( ne< tb. tori Tr on SI ^h ^ 9. (AP). rjAmeij-ican tjie /World hits come to tlie United I definitely litil. ; I KM ernmVnts to ask for ^nate reserva- ijocel have ad< he state deii^f(uient official- their . decisjJ'n. I'resident .Stale depSrt not eyen indiiaie tqitiy what! Sv+?re followed li^i'is. nor confi iited . reject ii)t; ipl of the not known toda the senate w ground that, it ,io lake li|;i a tliat the se tbe court i ilM. Qilf-r the terms uiiiire of till nii court inenilii! [nate 'r.-servai •an offer to c • coMrt in vali !eed lhat if the inol accepteti Voiilil not re- 1 notifications itain but whatT ran en t offieiais ill, the commu- ^i that they •ii froni abroad •| at a time i refusing, on .ivas unneces- rj'solution pro- liute's f ratifi'ca- liotofol be re- i i • ?• )f tbe ijatiflca- I oiie.'nation riibip toi accept . ojia • inakes - the itriitioniiUy en- : Id lin thajt ijhe present wjisi not ail oppor- tuie time for any senate liction. depirtme! !• .A^iericii It II yester- l.,isbi)n he state II from til Id .M. .Dearing. situation in and would ii|robably or several dans. Tlie |oilni:ed that -he bad lo abandon tlie legii- iid been re||ieate(ih e and iii.')cllifie DR. Char th< worli todaij E EXTE>fDEn K«n i VVALCOTT DIE^ INI WASHING W4shingl/in. Feb. 9. lAPi I). iWaboll. sili.'rela H^niitlisonian ln,si inn ton. klio\^tl .scietilis;, diedi PRINCESS, ENRAGED aid] b 'aVn onij ! Ui: . CO f ri. on '<{ be l:.\e Feb. 9.- (AP)—Exly 2.- 192S. of tbe tiiiie iier seniice men may cotivei-t war 'insuranie into rejiult|r governmetit life policies i wak approve! todtfyby tlie-House. j vetierans con mlitBiJ. ' t 'ntierrtbe present law the tijiiCj would! e.xpirrjne.xt rJuIy 2. | i ' policies ;Moro Dignitary. lapsed Aftec Princess DEBT COMMISSION world pitleil EXPIRES TODAY lip;;.' foreig today. who: font AVafliingtoh. Feb. 9. (.\PI—Tbe , r<rl«l fnreinli deliti I'omniission ex-! Slat 1 debt commission ev-! siatjularyj today was dimniing more tbaii; Tafiil. wtio otice belore is rebeUions acliviti |d on his iiroini--'e to Ibe tried for treason ev^f inv hoiie .s Fr^^tnce may enter-; for 1 . .1 .1 ,1.1 - .11.... I • tain fbr mod|ficati6n of the ;Melloii- Ber^nger agreement. RADIO BILL NOT i RETl^ RNED TODAY •tVaHhinglofi. Vvh, 9. (AP>-Pbr bird tini ed tii sell Icoflferenc ,the Senate today red tht; radij- bill ba k As^spprnw CUTS HIS •tjon, f^'ken by^was. pptiededi took-the form |c|i.ssloii!or Ani- tourt member-: lie alraijige pic,-' Hio voted for' rig withdrawal,^ j led. the fight bpposing any di as it: stands, er a rekolutioa • chiVn^e in the reco^ TJlii fight was o^ by rsjnator Trami lill, Dejmocrat, a, who suppo t^d the court at St session of dongres's, .prQ -ri .il .fe tbe 'senate rev^ir):j4 . itaeffr * ant rescind its rat ffcationj Senator Bbrah, of Idali i^ the i j foreign rel^tijins comniitttv jChaij-nian who. b'tyler of the : nji -qouit forces ession. oppo ;«1 tlie | resolu- leclaring' tlie iUniliedj States y was definitely <.G|Ut| Of the and further actitjii was unary, ft wai jon motion of •niocratic fl(|)i; leade l^bbinaoii of A piniell proposal] \tas finally laid, th'e table. " j . I . j ertator Borah told his ' col- leatnJBs that the i oreigii ; relations cottiiiiittee. felt that tlje cpiir; should lowed to wor^-itself put" — kiinsas K Sena- bat the 4EGED .ARMY LIQUOH|CAJifDAL o ITli and hi'MRO. Feb.: 9. (.^P)—Tihe Her- apd Examiner lo^ay said It had d thai niuet -en of th^ thirty- staff doctoisjof the United army speeaway, boapital in Maywood were im lei" inveiitigatiqii in k:oinection witj yholeisale traffic jii liquor prefcriptionsj "Thi y are to be gtiestion^d, the paiei said, about tlie alle;i;ed sale hOusands of' pr I'stription bij nks Ijoijtlegging drii?g|stk at ISlepch. COMMANDER BYRD IN PRIZE FLIGHT (Jew York. F»-I inter Uli'hurd i<|i:te.'-(ir of llie iili <-ie in a fevf ei w ^Ivjiyn I IJyrd, .N ^rth -iPorf liiohtbs for fir: for 111-; •cii .N'ew York Times AS MAID III prize (iffi ^re^ by: Bayn ond ;t iiqn -St6p flight air Iwitt the Yoijk iuid jParis, isaysi t<Alay. ManiUi. Feb. n.|(AIf <i> iVt-ent rebellion dsi til and faYorile hata Kiram, ziiet^el of wife scejje andj prevented hi.s lofhj wa(i R be lbi4 bii: ieasi will He ^ave bimseSf up ti> it be stab lary force* near |./()lo havi li; li,idilen for seveia? d:i Tl e print'ess was sJiiil ti. been seiit to T;ih{lV retnj?! f the :ultan bearing a comma Tab! I to-attend u conference royal palace. On arriving Appeark, Snrrenairsl to the ttbalury .J(io Iklind : collap 4ed aifter tl ihe pei he t rt- ^ooi tini ) CO jaft s. ha id n>r) ai il t TO ;n whose ^'ctlnt rieHellidn On Today. iatiiiTjihil,: high Moro dignitary e American ediikrated .'^iiltar ik ajtJ eked by y repeated to ha fojin' ai^l aiisW :i re ' ^ih^9 of. Sulu, akifiear^d- on Il a comely tending her husl^ in a rage cti .shreds, thus preterjting bim ering the ro stabtilaiy: to atta Id itbe princess] ct^tiired a few sue i hdld! iu semi-confin^ment. I SHREDS th»: ol0 Island Col- his- Princess' the ton- hilippine |-e .surrendered. ' Si|lu maiden aiid at bis t his trouseis to at sumnnlons. lilt, the sulti.niis s4id to hisi permit sii^n to the I'kUhe jfort. Before' the attaik.Jhoweyeri'Tahil fjed. She' , diiys ago and i? at- fcatb. irrom As [have con-

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