Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 7
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IS HER MIND !SU^ ;vr A »(r Mbolb uetti HGR 1 MAY Be oor BY . rr.Torte- ifuT' EXPUAIMT6H0MJ ANDtWdMt Vmo-X' JE THE AS I^E SAID. INRA t !*ower Is Develojjed es tli e Reports of k Control Change in jMerger Key Railk Roll ! Into Market. j! . Nfw York, FcJi.jS, (AI?) — Wi li speculative imagination firrd by recent cJianKos in the control of !J>- lallcd "nierKcr ' koy roads," sto< k markets today |<lcveloped anoth -r outburst of streoKth, ecndinfr over a. score issues to^ their highest prices "in ypars. J r le advance wi is not uniforni, Bcve'^I.of ttic standard Industrials- be i^g~ liquidated 6n f<>:ir.s of a flraslic reaction in f^po ulativc activities were carried o excfks. TraiMiig rta in nnnsiial y hesvy voluViie. av jrapinE nearly a halt, million sharei|ah hour durii g ttt" ppTly part ot tjip seRSJon.. Rails continued ) to monopoliee interest, .'vyheeli '& . Lake Krie eomiaon wa» r«n ui) ,35 polhta jib 130 (in a further retreat of- the "short Interest. }fm. \ Xtic • volut ^e was not ve'ry^laTs;e([' RtBumption o' f dividends on RcniinKton Typet^riicr starlpd ja bnying movement Whl<'.h ueBt that sf/wtk Mtarfng 13 ^ainlft to n'rrtr- ord hfph afl52. liairelr at the r\i- penr.c of an overt rpwdcd short 1 teresl. Federal R inini; ^nd Sine inK cnMiinon jumiwl 7 points. Ill Aj^rlf iiltiirnt -l| Kiinitns (liy Ray. KBUMIIK (Mly. Fil*^ K. (V. S, Itejil. ] S. No. 1 iHlfatfa ^19; No, 2 ni: S't'. :i tn.hfl \ / 1- fiilfii very lenry.iju'MOlhy .and iin 1- rle unchiiuKeil. KniiKim (•II y. ^SliiM-H l)(*pi)<'llt|i>lJ Jr"Mll|e a.r.lW; II, •hiceiti ai)(l yi-iirlli ply;: opeiiUii; irji lop JNlri'iiKlli on HtfTH; CIIHUT 1 $l:;.OII.: • niiiniroi] WPJKlity MIIILTK $ In niodtT.iic liulN uiii;li;iliKi!ii l(» r-oc' JoVifr; Hira<iy. HoR.s !t.(«iii: ..Sll'.in on 140 ,fahle 170 to pounds ?ll.!>0«/lh-. few 2110 to 8. trull'd i'i|r AKPlCMillur»l \-f* 1.:!»"'.• ii» III llhcriil Mi^p <l" fully fWindV; UloHlniht^ welKlii >(i:< pniind «(n< rn load?) HI/11: sill. Mil-'-'.iy. lully Hic.K IvciiliMm $1 I if-k r-r: lop weielily calvex w(<Lik ker.^i and feedi lAvl moslly 10 IPn' lower to .shiibi-rs: llRlit llKJils 1.1 to 2r„- off: to' -- — Itio pound?: 'l*"*!! lOLA HIDE, FUR & WOOL COMPANY (JeJ onr' P01J.TRV prlcpx on! AND EGGS IVc will comejai'fer ponltry.; ^. A. ill So. Oiilo ffONES Fhone lft07 to pounds mostly ^11.75fi 11,90;, light lights up to $12.10; packers inactive bidding SlliSu OQ choice butch- sows JIO.60^11.10; oady, mostly $11.75(0 ers; packing] stock pigs .s 12..';0. Sheep C.OOlu: higher; nios slow; top to lop ewes $S. $13. Kansas CI Iambs 15 to 25c ly ir»c up; closing shippers ?13,r.5; others ID pacl^ers $i:siLi i3.2a; f*w downward t( $12.50; sheep ( ahd feeding, lainl s around 25c higher: (To; top feeding jambs Knusjis CKr (•niJii. Feb. 8. Wheat: '•jc higher. «f;i.;i8Vt: Noj hflrd (lilMS: No. No. :i $1.31 (& y. Receipts 2Ui> cars; unchanged to No. 2 dark hard $1 .35 :i $i.:ii(gl.3S:^ .Vo. 2 kl.SHVj: No. 3 $i.S3^i 2 red $1 .32 \^@1 .33 'Ar l.:i3. Corn: nn<jhanKcd to ',sc higher. No. 2 white 72'^j'S7.'>c: No. 3 70(?f> 72c: No. 2 y^ellow 74@75M:c; No. 3 71<ff72'/4c: No. 2 mixed 73(&;74V!:c; No. 3 (;nrfi7l|'2C. Oats unchanged. No. 2 white 47',iffi50c: j|.'o..3 J.';fi7'48c. Milo maizh $1.15fi 1.22. Kafir $1.0|;f« 1.19. Rye: $l.dO(fi i;oi. Barley 71ff/'73c. Close: WJeat: May (old) $1.34^4, Mayj (new) $1.A3U; July $1.27ii. Torn: Ma^- 77-l:lc; July ,SO%c. , I'liiea^o Grain. Chicago. Feb. Close: Wheat: May $1,417 «1.42; July $1.35%®' l..'55Vi: Sep. $l.:!:p,4rfi l.:!r,'4. Corn: MJ y SI»4ft'Sl%c; ijuly at 84aic; Sepd. SR»ic. .Oat«: Ma Sept. 4fic. Rye: Ma ILOl^!,; Sejil. M'^e. j- 47c; .Iu|y 47%5>47Vic; I- $1.07T ,(f, I.OS; July IpiHcojiiil church met 'rank jWoll> yc*iiTd«> . ('hlrngo lihrstock. C;hicago. JFeh. S. il'niled Stiiii'B Dcpartnienj of AKriciilture)—MogH SO.OflO; Hlnw; geiieriilly lo to 20c lower; top;$12.4.'>; bulk 110 to 200 IHiiind ((vci-agi'H $ I2.».'i; MIOHI 210 -10'210 piMiiid weight $12.().'iCff 12.15; bulk 250 lo nio pound bulch- et-H $U.D0i;(]2: pui'klllg MOW^M $li».S5ei11 .10; ri -tv hluuKhliir idgM »12fffl2.Sr.: lon$12.;ir,: heuvjwelghi hogN $II:HO(}III2: medium Ill.lMiiir n.;iO;. iiRht-, $l|.!)or„ i;>,4r.: piu'klne nown $10,(IO<;{| 11.25: MlaiiKhier plg't »ii.r.«(fM2.:ir.. Cnllle Ui.OlMi: I'liolie HIIIIK are Klendy: olttri: Ki'.'i<(e>< a^d MIIC nlock weak to 2ric jower; iiuIlM weak: viiilcrs bbmit.Mi'jid.v^: Kioil"'r» and rl•l•del'^«-uncllonKl•d: sleers of value,, tosi'irai.$l ujiwiird. Hteadv: l.r.'.io iTl"i'''<'!">- on hiislness. loiii poiirid .iverap/.M $12.,S.-.: few loadd " ?llf(ll.7.'.: bulk $,s.7.".ffi 10 .50; veal- evs $12.50 downward to packers: shippers' taking choice kind «t $14 <i(t4..'.0: few at $15. i i .Sheep IC.ooO. slow: bojk desir- , , able lanibs $i:if/1.'!.35: heavy lambs JJioiince the birth of a i(, $12.S5(R 13.15; - extreme weight f t\'an<lu' Jean. '•'Wednesday, iwsNo WHO FALLS Diiildin^ tk Iloun AKsoclntloiTKlertsi Bonril of >lrectors—(.'ol. Snr- InRlon trlllhifr Test Wtll Soutlieast iti Town. (Mrsi. AVr p. Heath)" NBOSHO KAL1.,S, Feb. 4. Van OrHtrand suffered - a stroke of paralysis Wednesday evening. Mrs. Errol McCulongh -»j [Kansas City for dental worjc Tues- iday. .Mrs. Jacksun and Dorothly went llo Lanianda to visit , Mrs. Wilson this week. Jack Dvver shipped cattle Kan«as; City Tiiesday. .Mrs. 'Schrier entertained dies of.-thc Congregational Friday afternoon at a tea home. Each lady coutribt|ted a dblMr which slin had 'carnod and told the story of how.uhc hakl earned it. ; ;\fter a pleasant socikil hour coffee and cake were scrvjjd. The members of the lodge will have a Valentin at their hall Thursday nig^t. A fish pond, short progratp and cafeteria liinch will occupy thb even'"B- ' • .c' • i The Freshmen students qonduct- cd chapel Thursday under the leadership of their sponsor, Mlsii Ward. Mrs. Miaben and Mrs; Shewell were visitors. ' Dr. McCool made :a busin to Kan'sas City Tuesday, rtjtnrning VVedncfiday. Mrs! I Ronald Finney is enjtertain- ing hei- mother, Mrs. Wigf ans, of iilmporia, fcrr a few days. , Prnf. nnd'.MrJi. Mahen will have as the r gncRl for the weiik end lyildK II<alM>lla milK. who iij learh- r of Spanish in the Parsons high liool j The iLudleM* Aid iif the MjahodlHt with Mr»i. — .Mr. slight ent to Jcsae to; 5 the lar church iat her ebefcah party ss trip rday iiftdrnoon. MrM.r^'olvlh. mother of. ^ v. Arnold Coivlh, Is recovering fijnm her lllnriiH; j The Rev. Itolieii MailiMi i con- ilncied iiimriurty confpreni!' nl the ileihodl«t Bpl><eopjil chiitcl; Tuns- diiy eveiiliie. The usual niNlnesH iviiH' tHaiiHacied: Rev. Mr. f^lnclcan (iFeached n wonderful ••ertioM on "The li<«iirs l.imKliiK for (i )d." 1 lK>yd Diinleldon went lo j-^mporla .<»n Hc- il'oiint 'of till' roads could ncit return iiiilll Friilay morning. I .Mr., Wooliird made a liuslness trip lO.Chanutc the first jpart of the week. 1 .Mr. and, Mr.s-. Ccorge F|OX SU.SoT/12.25; wooled culls $10.50 T/ll: sheep .steady: desirable ewes $7.7.'if/S.75: Jihearing lamb.s strong to 10c- higher: desirable kinds .?12.75(fil.-?.15: top $13.35: medium light w<fight and good heavies $12.25(1112.50. -r-For prompt results use- the Classified Columns'. an- 'angliter. Febrti- AH I am lea miles north and Injg. Allen Couii ! miles cast of west of Lo;ne ElM; 16 miles ty. I will sell a lli' Roberts LaHarpc. or 4 r iles -oiith and and 3 south of t'oloi^y; Mildred and 1 nilie east of the Diamond church, on-| MdSni&tt FEBIIUAiY neginiiing a 1:00 o'clock p, .11 HEM* Oil HOR.SKK MSD MI'LES ^^ne sdrrcl marc 6 yflara old. weight i.6o|t. bred (o jacW; 1 ykftra old, weight 1 gray horde 7 black marc » y. 1.4Q0. bred: to jacH years old.jweiglj Jiorse 7 years ol«J. weight 1 These horfies afe| 1 .500; 1 h m. the following dcsi farm 7 1 mile 5 miles west of ribed property: alt Bound. lack )400. One bay driving niari|!. smooth motth; 1 span extra good well maf< black marc mtilo*. 3 years obt 1« •• spiij'extra good mack mules. 3 >V 1 Kpan (1 lules. 3 vears ; 1 span I ny h nrs ixtra old, )rHP. •old. 16>,^ bind* 3 y i|)rse tnuli high: 1 gi .1.15% httuii; 1 ;i)nan black liHuds higli , and buckskliv iij «Jif. IS bandH b good bay piare 15>i. hamli'i hlgl mules, 3 ^cars high: 1 brown old.[15'/<j bands • mulb, 2 ydars o extra good; I mulcfi, 2 years 61 d. 10 hand f bla^k marc m Ic 2 yram "I bands jnlgb: 1 a an yearling n; (horse' anil mar; ), J&i h^nds h ^1 span yearling horse male' '*? hands high; la an r^rling n . (horse and maiTe i, li and 16 bLads high; 1 span yo'arllng mules (1 oise aild mare), 14 ft nds bigh; 1 bl.-ick mure niuliir, con ing 1 year o d. a good-one;,l.sori|el mare mule coming 1 yeai- old( fcxtra good; 1 baj^ horse .iaule com ng 1 year 0ld, a good one: 1 iJ^T^ ^ ^^^^ ^ Jinnie 1 }^ar all. good one-f-prl- vate sale.' I 21 HEAP 0F|( ATTLE— One I stein hcitci-: gljring 6 gallons hed fjarn r^are Igh, «• IB lies gh; 15 lules H-?-lf you Ol Hol- mllK per day; 1 .sjK>(ied cow 7 years old. be fresh by day of Kale;il Holstclh cow 7 yearn old, fresh ([ill. Riyfng 4 gallons milk; l^rcd co^ 6 yenrs old. fresh last fajl, giving 4 gallons Qf milk; 1 red ind white cow. fresh last fall, givijig 4 gallons milk; ] Whitefacn r^an cow H yc^irs old, fresh 2 months, giving 3 gallons milk; 1 red lind-white cow 3 yearn old, fresh-a^out llrst of AJirll; I roan <nw ,1 be fresh by middle of Ma cftw 5 years old, bi- fresh nt April; 1 pure-breil cow 4 years old. fresh aboil 15th of March; • 1 puro'bred heifer, he fresh In sprln-g old; 3 good A\1iltpfiic- heifers, be ' fresh' In s|) Whilefafe heifers. 2 .\-iear falj. bi> fretih In/spring: Whitefaiie, 1 roaiil, 1 lust fall; 5 WTilleface. bi-ltjers conH ing 1 year old; 1 purc-hr-d Here-' ford bull. 2 years old. a pnod one: 5 fall calves. 4 bcIfersT-l 1 ones.- l» HEAD OF UUGS -Oij shire sow. wejlghl-225 lbs farrow 20th.or April; 0 Hampshire sboats 3% months old; ! Duroc shoats. pure-bred. 3% mrnths o'd OiM> Feninli> rolllp, SI Old. FEED— Abput 1.50(j bu • ra good whit, 450. bales jgooi rittnlliK ihels exr je corn in cr|b; abotU in bars. re credit see yonr. local bankerJ prairie ha? jHAROLD HEWLETT fOLS. II. II. S.^j»C*K Bud tV t IDILICOO, Anrlioneers. W, W. >VF.»T, Clk. ears old, •h; 1 red y middle horthnrnl Hhorihom 2 y^am vr(ir-oM ring; 2 old lant K helfera year <il<.l lull, gooil Hainp- bred to ary 2 .i Mrs. l''o.v formerly was Miss Alma I Kngliinil and tuughf in our school heire a few years ai^o. .Mr.'and Mrs. T. W. fJari ncr visited at Leroy Thnr.sdiiy an 1 on the return called :6n the new laughter (it the tJeorgc* Fox home. : .McCooI and Wiggins sh ppcd . a load of tat cows lo Kansas City Tuesday. J. B. George took a car of stock to Kansas City Wcdncsdaj for the Farmers' Union. • At'the anniinl meeting of ihc stockholders of. the Building and Loan, Association last Thursday, Dr. S.. A. McCool. V. G. Tifid, John Snlli -an. K. K. Laird and Ronald Finni y were chosen directors. Ell icr Oliver. who.Jiaa bi?cn driving l!hc White Ragle truck here, resigned rece'btly, and Ted Baker has beep employed. Col. A; Barington has leased several jacres of land abf ut, three miljes soutb^ patting do< tast of town and be is a test well, (•eorge Bljickenstaff, of Prcscott Ariz,, was Villed recently in an autcl accident. He was a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, who ror4 mcrly lived here. The many friendij of (be faiBiiy extend sympathy. , SCOTLAND 1 (Rut^ HoIUngsworth) Fob. 7.-fk4. O. Cation installr.i an AtwaterJKcnt radio at the home of Walter .Roberts r«-entl.v. .Mr. Jah!){ Gibson was trading iii Kistiiore Friday.,. • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Libby wer< shopping In Chanute Saturday. Mrs (..OuiR Libby t^ptumed hom<- witl: them for a week's visit. She cx-f pectB to fio Irom there Jo Okla hoina to visit relatives. KrneRt ijtniart dcjUvercd hay X< .Mr; John Sharp Tuesday. Grovsr RussicU ahd familv wertj trading in iHninboldt Saturda.v. Fro^ Gibsn^ spent Sunday aft crnoon wHli hi* pprciits. .Mr. ami Mrs. John ttibion. Mrs. Datid Cation spent Tliurs day afteriioon wfth :\Irs. John c/ib son. 'i ; Mrs. PrtHl Cnnninglnm and fam ily vi.siied, at. (he-, iloiiwr Calioii home Snnda>\ | Harry Hiithaway and family :ini1 Eiirl and idmer 'While spent Sun| day at Jim White a. Mrs. Blirgland j and dauKhter| Ruth, arc visiting ait'the Homer Ca tion homel ' I Mrs. Homer Cation and Verona spent Wednesday at Fred Cunning bain's. .Misscs'Hazcl and Ruth Hollings worth sp<int the week end witb their grandparents, Mr. and Mr4 John tilbson. .Mrs:; Will and .Mrs. .Nctli^ .f'hapnjan |Visited at Mr. Und Mri^ Swain'N Friday. V.-'ster Cation callcii on Ton| (';ilion's f<iinday. .Mr. and Mr.s. Will and Mr.- Ida Sniff <-al,led at th<- Ciipin- home Saturday afleniiiou. Mm i^iilff; remained for a few . day visit. .Mrs. Davld-^'allon am) Mrs. rcrnehl ISmarl visit .Mr. and Mr. and , ed lit J. li. Wal(|ulHfHj Sunday afil eriiiiiiM. (I rover .li'in Willi eris to III Tile.idny. Itnssell, Will -lliitf. all • nsslsleil WiilliT lloli ive iiilo Hull' lii-w lioiisj CLASSIFIKIt ADVEKTI.S. IN'ti INFOK,MATIO.N. GREllfNAN'S MARKET •>V*^l«iT ft*"''"'? l »rte*«« llenil —-—— I5@lSc .SprlnW - -l-l»@t«c .SlagK -I r—.— Old ro^ks _- f'iipnnN Sllir Kifg. .. ISruefi llldeK iIor« HldcN. Mcli J. V\. (trcnhan; EiiNl Hannx* and Ei tola, KaiJH. J 12e L„.j.2dc L.—-fl7e UCC Co. hone .17(1 rf.A.S8IF!|.-tn HATKf Pslly fiite iier line fur coimfcutK'r (nsertionii: Ch'irge Cnsh Sl» d.-iy* 7i- «c I ; Three «j«y.s ?R 7C • On« iliiy 12<; Iflc MIntmum cluirsf. .iCc on any ad. Minimum SOc. Coimt flio w-nrrt.« In n lln^ PHON'I3 TOUR CLASSIFIED ADiTO IS Caroriil. KtCenttdh gtveii In m.-ill or ders , which musit bo c:ish with ordc^. Advertising orilerpd for lrreffi:I.-»r In- »'ertI6n.'» tulcc.o lh<> onp time nitp.. N" ad is t.-i)ccn for less than a baails (if three llT.ea. The IteBls-ter ortlre l« open fpcelvc o>lvt<rtisemei-.ts from 8 n. m. B p. m. dally. All ada r<-ciUo«I up nr.- til 1 p. m. will ap-fcar In, all city rOl- tlons the ».ime day. V Brrora , in advertl.sement.^ shnuld - be reported <mme<1lntely. The Rcgtstir wUl not l)c responsible for more thaa one Incorrect. Insertion. i Bpectal rate.i for yesrly advertising, i Ada ordered ;cr six tltn'-s and stnn- jv-d Ijeforfl cxpimtlon will ty i-h.-irsed for only the number of llmpn the nd dfipearcd. 'and adjustment mude iit tbp T»te earned. ! Tile Individual advertl.«ement.« ufi- der the. (olIofrinR claMflfleatlons ar<* arranged -in ALPIIABKTIC4.L ordir for quick reference. I Alt ads arc restricted to their prop- rr classtficaUon and to tho refubtr .TJfRy Regl.^ter style of typo. Th^ pub-' llnhars rcH«-rve the riKhl lo edit ;nr reject any ebi!i.strinl ndv-nlvlni: cobv. An Ad Taker will ictndly asslnt ypu If desired, so that the c"py for your ad h« prepsu-ed In such a maniior tis to bring the srcntest results for yi^ii. AN^NOUNCEMENTS Sirayed. Lost, Found ANOOrRA CAT—l.ost. three colored. Finder iplcaso call 807W. tractor SaluHay evening: on .streets lola jiiif on lola-HiimbnIdf road. PJeatle n-lurn or notify City pll C<)m WILL SELL—AjiPttblic Auction ''riday, Feb. 11, at 1:30 o'clock at dorr's Transfei; Co. on N. Jeffcriun: jlressers. ga« range, ice box, )eds complete, rugs, congoleum tug. kitchen tables round dining table, chairs to match, rockers, (irm chairs, library table, beating ktovc. dishes, cooking iitenstls. Lots of other articles. This fnmi- \urc Is almost new.- C. S. Bishop. .Mcttoneci!. UBLIC AUCTION—Public Auction svery Saturday at 1:00 o'clock at llishop's Sales Pavilion. • 11;BL1C A(;CTIO.V-i-I win scll at [Uiblic auction Thursday, Feb. lo, it 1 :00 o'clock iat'my residence, !) kVesl Calhdnn,' my entire outfit of lousehold goods, also 100 quarts ruil. G. W. O'Deli; A. C. Oliver. lAuctioneer.> • ; PUBLIC SALES DATES — Community Sale, Morari. Feb. 12; Pure Bred Hog Sale, Blue Mound. Fob. M; Mr. McBratney, Selnia. Kitns.. Fob. 15; Pure Bred Hog Sale. Ucellree. Kuns.. Feb; 16; Fred Hyson. Centerville. Kans.. Feb. 17: Kincaid Community Sale. Feb. !l9: Carl Heckcnliablc. .Moran. Feb. 23. If iiitereated in any of irtiesc sales, write E. E. Hall, jBayard, Kans. for bills. If you are interested or are expecting to iemploy an aiktiouecr. write me jat Bayardt Kans.. or . telephone |632. my expense. My reference is my wqrk in the sales. TICK BROS.—Auctioneers. We sell anything. anywhere, anj'tlme. Phone at our ipxpcnsc. Moran inhone mi5j_''3Harpc^ phone 845. AUTOMOTIVE Antomeblieil for Sal* 11 liAiMIALN's' IN 1,'ijKn CARS—1926 [Chrysler -^O" roadster; 1924 Ford (oupe; .Ma*well Heiluu; Ford roadsters and tourings. :Mtirr Auto Sjipply Co.. Blilck Healers, i (() AKLANI) .DeHlers — POSTIAC •'25 (Jiiklanij coach. Ilki-j new. new ilreM, duco finish; '22 Hud-' •oil sed.iii, gojiil sliape; '21 ;SlHde- liiiker . I-piiS".[coupe, fine Khapc; "2:! DodU" colljie, good: 2 '23 Chevrolet • coupes, gcNMi:. '23 Ford <-<iiiiM-. Hubart-Sleeie .Moior Vn. •'>l-:i) CARS- 1926 Ford •oupc; 1.'•-'»; Koi-il lilHrllig; 1925 Fold loirpi'i 1H25 I'Ford' touring: 1925 Ki>ril roadster; X925 Fprd touring; 1921 Overland touring, prmd :i> iiew; one .S-icyllndorl ()ldsnu>bile is<)daii: 1923 :a-passcng<ir Chevrolet; 1923 Dort touring:'19*J« Ford . truck; 2 wide t'ro wagons: set harness; one saddle. Will sell on ; time or will trade for livestock. ,; J. (\ Butcher. •il-'D AVHITE MOTOR CO. JiCDSON-ESSEX iDICALER— ' CHEVROLET, 1921 ROADSTER. CHEVROLET, 1923 COUPE. iiODCE. 3926 Roadster, like new. DODCE. 192.') Sedan, worth the money. IIODC.E. 1925 COUPE. nODRE. 1921 TOURING. DODGE. 1921 TRUCK. ESSEX. 2 1925 SIX COACHES. ESSIiX, 1924 Six Coach, rcfinishcd ESSEX. i92n ;_FOUR COUPE. FORD. I'i25 'rudor; .Sedan, duco fini:-h. FORD. 1924 ROAD-^TEK. FORD. 2 192.*. TOURI.VGS; -' DEP Nasji dan end 192: tor son 192.- diti^nl goo^ 211 1926 1926 looil lioij neb tor AiAo^ lol Rtrl L'DABLj |c6upe; 1924 o^uro; Oldsmoiile coupe.; Nasi Mo Sties C>., 112-14 East Jack Phone 720. ! $TAR "fOURlNG—Good! con 1924 Chevrolet! touring, Jbu .v. 1. T. Barl^r Garage West at ect. Phoiie 515 STRi fesrl ^tof Ian CleV Ob: tbi^ geticijat (0 (IHEVRULET car biiUbdn tire^ BojiBi - Motbij fer4j ,i fFPRD ires, ij every guaj-antecd easy t C).. 212 .St. JIBEIIG! -(han ( of St llight . and. ^rliobiie. ^pport or < . ^Hto Wl-ecking USED CARS --1926I 1926 Nasli 2 -do ir -se^.'ash touring, vinter 92 i Dodgic toi ring COACH - - New in ; Al ! bapc. Co.. 212 Soutl Jef- Phdnc 23. R|:)ADSTER—Goo 1 bal ar is iUf good 1 :ond way, 1927 li r", Oni -third dowi. bill (-rmrf. M(rCarth:r Mn-| S. Wash.! Ilionje 893 Acres^rten. Tins, Putts 13 CARBURETORS—At^ lartv Over Flint H. W. Mci\ oipbcrgsj for lour. Oakland, ind twoj typL-j; for Take ' a,'dv'anta ge ity. Also one ltd starteir. like , ,. . Co.. 307 ef. Phf^ne 782. lUSINbSS SERVICE oklrig. Trackings, jStonxf ' S4 COBfRl TRAltSFER Cd.—Pt isklng Btoraec, long distan 'ce hi.nllBK ReasAnnble rates. Phone ]j4n. SURGERYH P. reiddence, 1J126W. C0( WoKl MAN ih KO w: sell Kl) 14 !1 Yot in w in ss ifest^Ional Sfenlees 7.«n8kl. thijefi ,<|U lOii Kl-Wan mcalsl EM Help ed to pi«parn a day: rcfereh id. Ai^ply aftci' 3:30 SI reel AX-W' Ifelii OK I'.l lola iM S (ualioi ^ lirt. in d >r<-. Colli Addt slpr pj-oi*-rty oieri r. A hous and ,' aft« Medlcln^ X»raT, DT| Pbones:; °offlc«L 886 LOYMENT ranted—Female^ For«l new SoutH iiti'd to work iil| •I'i'ly .!!'!:llf"r*'y!. 1VniHed'-i Sfale V—Wuiiled at Once; Ml indrv. Call in H Wiinled-M«lt» .17 wo o •ea rt\- Iat 42 Horn liersoil tending Junior Hlj; work or iidd jobs aful |on Saturdays.Phoi^e :30 p.i m. I :(; .MWN—Expcrie'iicQij <Heift< holcsale and warehouse busr had experience : UK slorei and pi'ocei y i fill any; clerictil iwFJi less "ManL" Register. FINANCIAL [.«5ner f^ M LOANS—Quick service gas mable arie. 213| Browr XeaH— .^ortga^ f9 { 3 coops aird at yiiu serjrice to pickl up ponl NOXl!| BETTJER-Start jioulr babj ctiicks on Thos. Soulhai;d i tartfn) and Growiiig Buttermilk Chicl Pnd( In. fori sale- at lyonr groc<ir] of R. C. McKinney Feed Store., A?dDARDl{ZED CHICICS |-Kroiiii at) AccrcilitNl ni »cksi culled b Ajmericaii Poultry Judge. UjJsl )Ut t on orders placed f befor* ^b. 15. Oiie gal. size stoiie foiin[ fiin"for waiter or soiirj mJlk,..jO each Twojgal. size Roydl limsl^ hppners, $1.30 each. We bjave th oil and coal brooders. jConVe an look them 'pver before yiu buy] Fbr Saturdi^. the I'Jth oiily, al eggs brought in for custonl hateh| iup ^n this .'date will be viVjC pc Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 22i es!g. , Wesd .stractl Phbne 44fi. I fTaafnd—Livestock WANTED TO BUY—Aliikitldscatj tie and .bpl^s. J. C. Butcher. 60 MERCHANDISE: Artkles for Sal« 51 Bl^Cl EYE INCUBATOR —, .\lmos. new.f 120-egg capacity. Henr' Fris^henmeyer. Piqua. K|ins. ifUXK WOOD—For saleJ $2.50 i^i foil .sh PAG MERCHAN nooMh ^ldGi GAS : RANG Eg — PI ninaujiat and Beacon gas i^ngc^r Good newj •range for>22.5i SIMMONS BEi:S--.i ipti received a ne k- i:hipancnt, all 1 ibi.shcs priced scH. Brysfjn's I '^rn^ jStore. iiMncblnery and EX&ISE—25 hc|,rsep de; - 'it. H. t\ engin sitjing a. good -sta: ' large feejl gr ftj work can gc r ! PISE 5» gersJ i^wer ow'c cylin-' Anyloiie dc- onaryj eiigine dor or jlinc ti a gb()d buy: kerosene or] distillate or gaiBo incj Alf|o a fou|--^ang tractor it LivMigston. 2V_- of 'jc doiiy. ^op«I ' as new [iic plow. H. R. >^es northeast Seeds, I^lants, CHtili^E KAX^TA Kansas grown. Hariie, K aus.! Hiiglund iS—Root; 1J9 LalHart ej or 43| lola. j SEEJob—Teste^. reJleaned.r Kansa'a grbwjn ICanota cioi^er, tiinotHy anjl Pn^d to sell. Hiiip JOldt 1Iirrbi?r or. $3.25 dclivcrcd.{ Sfcltitord. jPhono 518. SH REGrSTER— $215 M'Uaskj^ vflir |sell for $75. Brpiison. Kans. W. V. ONE teOOD MACHI.MSTS set o^ dies, standard fhread| new:, shovel iirticiei,! CharicKJ 1_ 1 all -steel wheelbarrow, liian irc foik: 1 spade: garden hose and other Pric fs arc reasonable. HiseK Gas. [Kans. '^Nd- HAND Reztiors arid furniture, good ! liewj cheap KcUey. Hotel Barter New car.[.: 2S HEATING SlIOVES-t- A., Fishc*. VISE kni Exchange SJNGIER EIEWING .^IAdHI^•E-; for s lie or trade Rir Foijd Inauij-c 9 West (Jalnoun Baseness aid Office Eqiilpment | $4 TYPl|:WRlT CRS FOR S.JVL or Ijradc. Adding macbi make, tary . ,Roo n 12.—Hje vl les. ^} y Public stjenograpper, m- and mnltigt^ph work doi '•. I lO-U. over'c.lnhe flothleis. Farmj Eqalpnieiit ATK LIJMK SOWER—jfl-soliir- seudcr! now on (llHiilily. Coi nd Boii them. Allen,' Coiinjiy enieiillUo. i • pLOJV-Johii Deore sulky, newj; J. I. Case. l.'l:27jtifui rhulic; Fiilrbaitks-.Miii|M(i &1A 64A good or, w> Wilgl Nclilen, 5>4J lonn, gdojl lis iiejw. 9 n lli'M wijs' and half! mile HiM(lb of oiti. a. W. ruirell. ; Fuel, i'ecd. FeJrtllt.7.e.[^s (ji'EltMAN illLLET — i S.ifd.' id ifeii Tor blib.if chicks. Knippllri 310-i;4 .N'oiili llud tl51. ' • : .'i Metal CM. • rye HAV or alfalfa, alsii good Ka'uota seed ioats. Pl)( 955F3. ' , ' rates. A.- D' Haf-l S. Washington. FWRil ANli CITY LOANS—Ba IB! rate on farbs, 5%, city 6%. Lb; g! or sport tiibc. R. Mi Canningba n. > .Ml^NEY—Tel loan on ifftrm and c»y iJacksoii Real y 's Drug Store. LOAN-rPriva ;e ahd mf^iney to iban o 1 far; ns propertyl Loir rac. payment to sliit be wart & Funk. Phone '—Prairie it 310 «i TIMO kind, of fToolR I ill Jlotrers 63 gEED iOATS-^ ImilH jof La-. alfalfa, sweet Lvisike' clover, i WlljWqrks.* fcO^jias. is. -Haw- ile Mtoran.' Kaliis. Half hJile sOiith. thfee, west' WnnfJj— T 4 W.>^.>«-f'ED TO • ni tail tra; to 2.% i ^ach. V 1 W i.i H. c. Frischei|iCyel-^ Francis li '• P:t|uiu| Kant'-! i I REA^ESTif [Buy M. iBUY-f^.OOO live cot- -cauBlit rabbits, at b ly until March Apartmeinis hail^Flal.'? q rootiis and ypx lo^a Lauu- il ^araiii anil S—Thriie for; parties. 24!7. iHumbolflt. Ka^, IL^ Ro'nses fon FUiRIflSHEl) modern, alsnl qiiirf 314 N"rt^ WEST STRIfET, cqtfige. electric' ff|r. I garage, J._( loBlees :ind IK sk OKJFirE SUITE-Cj Iii(]iiire Ifld L ESTATE FOR Krokers In K >iil Kxta Y)l ^^\'AS1'- T t an liiHjuriinc ickle •• J; Rem rms. M A. Sell FOR RENT rjont tojrespon- . ^urtUs. Phone Bent HOBiSE—Six room garagel close in. In- 'klnut-i ii—FiVjE room ight,s. iiiity wa-. Butctier. ^ 77 Rn'otti 78 tv«-r Paliice Shoo ; I'alaie Shoe 1 e' K 1 jliiiy «ir rent or i set! ius. Ar* rarniR 'aiid I ^i iij for ijalej icRKsiif-Fnlrl • iwell; inipnwed, oi(n lo giibd to«»i; ilirjiHsr acre; H<)U^K—Five rocin: IJo eidher. sijx onei rpai CLiSSIMED to! rii, iloii- garaK(i.: good! location, Joliu - Snbnrban Ncs ((frj^iile II mi^d<' ACRE.S—Clo.'f mile sbiiih 01! il. i : i SPLAY \A Used Gar In is Dependablydii t^ik ' Dealct Who ^dh- m } ' • ! • i . ! ! _ Wc iiave on hand at prei ent the best asiiortmei \Me .have I ever had that s: must lie movcil or Sale 67 lo lola. Daily,;' kciitiicky street I lof nwd liars to Mi;IHc looiulior our new i ock c-4|-s tha^ are noy.- coming in 193r>; IXHIGE ('(H'PK, u enl hiiy.| j 1825 DOD^iK SEUAN, w »rlh the mnney. , mSVOnuE T^JIKI-SC, winter t|Op, a njiil \aiu\- IW3 flOPGE C'Ori 'E. a «il senl«'«""'''«''"»''. l «i BriCJK SPJORT ROLI»ST||K ., looks and r^nh like new: 1925 HlTJIOBlLEJiSKnAN, u rtii| Imj. 15«» ESSEX n ()Ai'M. si ghllr 'nsed. 1925 FORD ROADSTER, a real buy. Two 19SS FOHD rOFFlS. saiie ias new. Twii H«5 FORD 'fOlRl liGS, worth Ihe inonejj IK. rat body aiMl everjdhingi rforPE?*.' m"^' »?""••• , |-je.r:; that Door vw •pOB

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