Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 3, 1959 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 10
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project Mercury Plagued by Problems- I* 1 ' 1 11 Best Hope ; ° '/^S. Will Put Man in Space Briefly by Next Summer «FIRST ASTRONAUT will wear %f variation or this Navy flight fstiit on Iris trip to space, but ijextensive tests remain before he *flons it for launching. (Tlirrr hnvp bppil'rprpiii ami pprMntiint reports tlmt tho Soviet I 'nion pliuiN an iittonipt to si-nd a man Into spare In September or Ort niter, Hprp IK II report on how flip I'. S. mttn-ln- lo-spncp program—Vrojcrt Mer- rnry— IN slmplnjr up. It Is hitnetl on talks with top mpn at the National Aernimutlcitl and Space Administration.- By RAY CROMLEY NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON - (NEA)-With the troubles they're having, the best U.S. scientists expect is that an American will spend a brief five minutes in space some time late next summer. If all goes well, trie Astronaut will be shot up in a balistic orbit, go about 140 miles, and be parachuted down. It won't be until the winter of 1961-62 that an American can be sent into orbit around the earth. Even if things go right, he'll make only three circuits, then drop into the Caribbean. In his four and a half hours circling the earth at 17,400 miles an hour, he'll study the world 100 miles below through a built-in periscope. On command, he'll practice minor satellite "maneuvers" — rock his capsule back and forth, make it face in different directions. ; leaving the capsules and their men It won't be until well into 1!)(>2 at the earliest that an American will circle the earth a day and a night — eat. sleep, stomp around weightlcssly in his tiny capsule — for 18 trips around the globe. The reason lor these far - off dates is that the space scientists have some thorny problems to solve. They've got to find out if their ungainly-shaped space capsules — with their squashed-out bottoms — will hold together in the terrific air shocks of missile blast - offs. > • The gadgets have proved sound in : 1 wind tunnels and in minor flights. ] But can they stand the rugged' shock provided by an Atlas missile \ takeorf? i Space scientists have figured with paper and pencil how to keep, , these man - carrying high - speed ! , capsules from burning up when they hit the earth's atmosphere. : But they're not sure their ideas will . work. I ' For one, they're going to experi- s ment with coaling the capsules | with a special heavy layer designed 1 to turn to gas when it heats — intact. The third problem is making the IT WILL BE late next summer before the Mercury capsule comes parachuting back from space with a man inside. Times Herald, Carroll, la. m g\ Thursday, Sept. 3, 1959 |U complicated mechanisms work every time, as they must in space. Yet this man-in-spacc system is so complicated something is almost certain to fail. Eventually there will be a 16- foot escape mechanism on top of a three-fool parachute tube, on lop ol a seven-foot man-carrying capsule, on top of a lift-foot Atlas missile. The launch missile is fired. If it misfires the capsule and escape mechanism must automatic ally blast away from the missile, then separate in two, actuating a small stabilizing parachute and setting ' off a cargo parachute to let the j man-in-capsule clown gently. I If the missile works, this is what must happen automatically: I Sixty to 80 miles up, the capsule- escape mechanism separates from j the missile: the escape mechanism ! separates from the capsule. The space for its allotted period — five 1 minutes, four and a half hours or 24 hours, while jets make it face in the right direction. Then a jet in the capsule's bottom slows it down to re-enter the atmosphere. At 100,000 feet, a small parachute opens to keep the capsule from tumbling end over end. At 10,000 feet, the big parachute opens. Meanwhile, aluminum foil is released so the capsule can be tracked by rescue radar squadrons. When the capsule hits the sea, chemicals are released that color the water for miles. A revolving light begins turning. Several radios broadcast homing signals that can be heard for hundreds of miles. That's a lot to go right automatically. The fourth major problem is finding out whether man can "take it" in space. SEPTEMBER SALE of ADMIRAL HOME FREEZERS (7/ MO.W from 9 sizes ,.. 9 to 20 cu. ft. EAT BETTER AND SAVE—Own a HOME FREEZER with Food Savings AKS US ABOUT OUR FOOD PLAN •t low at 169 95 Sporrer's TV & Appliances 9th A Salinger Open Every Night Except Sunday Now Here's Your Chance to Furnish Your Livingroom in Style and Beauty! BONUS STARTS FRIDAY AT 8 a m.! GET HERE EARLY FREE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF BONUS GIFTS TO OUR CUSTOMERS! 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