The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 28, 1960 · Page 13
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1960
Page 13
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DECATUR DAILY REVIEW Secti on - News Comics Section Qassified 2 Markets : Two Sections 20 Pages DECATUR, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1960 Pages 13 to 20 Aviation News Four Cities Join Ozark In Protest By Bob Thomas Of The Associated Press Hollywood, Nov. 28 Much ado has been made about the unhappy lives that child film actors are supposed to lead as I grownups. Jackie Searl refuses to fit the j pattern. St. Louis, Joplin, Columbia andj 'Tm a haPPy man'" he insists-Jefferson City are protesting re.! "I have a wonderful family. I have moval of Ozark from its route andi" sue-. Four Missouri cities have joined Ozark Air Lines in protesting a route change decision by the Civil Aeronautics Board. Kid Actor Makes Good Jackie Searl Now in TV, Has Business award of a similar route to Central Airlines. The cities have asked the board' to reopen its controversial decision. cessful. It's running so well that I can get back to acting again. I'm having a ball." Any movie fan whose memory stretches back to the '30s will re- m nrvi Vni Ti-L-i n t- tltn manv tit tin The mam objection .s to a board kid who made Me miserable or Jackie Cooper, Mitzi Green, Jackie Coogan and other child stars. Twenty-five years later, you can still see a trace of that haughty look. But time has mellowed the face and marched the hairline far decision cancelling Ozark service to Joplin and Springfield, Mo., and Wichita, Kan. The board gave Central a route through Tulsa, Okla., Joplin, Springfield, Ft. Leonard Wood and St. Louis, Mo. Columbia, Jefferson City andj Joplin claim the decision means poor airline service for the central and southwest sections of the! state. ! Joplin said the case started out as a move to improve service in Kansas and Oklahoma but turned out to have neglected Missouri. The city said quality of service will deteriorate sharply as a result of the decision. Joplin would lose both Ozark and American Airlines service under the decision by the federal agency. American operates Convair&j and Ozark serves Joplin with F-27 turbo-props, both modern craft, Joplin said. Central would use DC-3. an older plane, and offers vague promises of upgrading its fleet at some future date, the city said. . Columbia said it and Jefferson City would lose their service to southwest Missouri under the decision. Jefferson City said the board has completely disrupted and eliminated a vital link between Columbia and the state capital and the Joplin-Springfield area. Pilots Meeting ' Is Wednesday Arthur E. Abney, director of the Illinois Department of Aeronautics will speak Wednesday at the monthly meeting of the Central' Illinois Pilots Assn. The meeting will be at 7:30 p. m. in the new hangar at the Decatur Municipal Airport. Jackie Searl . . : as a child star quick to admit that he has had other, rougher times, when Hollywood turnec1 its back on him. But he speaks about them without a hint of bitterness. "When I got out of the army, I thought I'd resume my acting career," he recalled. "Nothing happened. I didn't know anybody, and nobody remembered me. I did two pictures and then nothing came. I had to go to work at some other job. "I did evervthine. I hired out as MOTORIST DENIES TWO a carpenter on building projects. CHARGES, POSTS BOND,! worked as a machinist. I was Ray Edward Seelbach, 41, on the swing shift at Lockheed Springfield, pleaded innocent yesterday to charges of driving while intoxicated and without a driver's license. He posted a total of $1,100 bond pending a hearing Thursday be fore Justice of the Peace James C. Kelley. Seelbach was arrested by city police at 5:35 p.m. Saturday in the 600 Block E. Eldorado St. back on his head. His billing is now Jack Searl ("they can call me Jackie, or anything, as long as they call me"), and he is doing a thriving business as a character actor in TV films. Tonight he's on view on NBC's "Riverboat." Though he's doing well now, he's World Trip For Pound Of Honey By Hal Boyle Of The Associated Press New York, Nov. 28 Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: It's no wonder bees seem so busy. They have to fly a distance equal to two trips around the world just to honey. How it all began: The pizza pie a delicacy now rivaling the hot dog in the favor of teen-agers, was invented by Roman soldiers stationed long ago in Jerusalem. The good old days are now. Prices are about four times as high now as they were in 1900. But the average weekly wage in manufacturing leaped from $12.74 to about $92, a seven-fold increase. Here's an oddity: Men's finger nails usually grow faster than women's. The last straw: A husband in the Pachai caste of India can di vorce his wife merely by picking up a straw and breaking it in two in her presence. We hear so much about juvenile delinquency we tend to overlook one great wholesome fact: Only one out of every 20 teen-agers gets into any real trouble with the and made cabinets in my garage jlaw- in the daytime. You name it andj President James A. Garfield, I'd do it " iwno delivered campaign speeches m German as well as English, also could write Latin with one ECHO VISIBLE AGAIN Satellite to Make Eight Passes This Week Washington, Nov. 28 (AP) Illinois residents will have 8 opportunities to view the Echo I satellite between tonight and next Saturday, weather permitting. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration gave this timetable: Monday at 5:23 p.m., almost overhead, but north of .Illinois cities. Tuesday two passes: 5:22 p.m.. make a single pound ofialmost directly overhead but north of Springfield and Chicago, south of Rockford and Moline; 7:27 p.m., 54 to 65 degrees above north horizon. Wednesday two passes: 4:52 pjn., almost directly overhead, and 6:56 p.m., about 54 to 65 degrees above north horizon. Thursday 6:26 p.m., 54 to 66 degrees above north horizon. Friday 5:55 p.m., 56 to 67 degrees above north horizon. Saturday 5:24 p.m., 58 to 70 degrees above north horizon. Only one of eight Americans now lives on a farm. SULLIVAN YOUTH PACES 4-H JUDGING TEAM Sullivan, Nov. 28 (Special Mike Dunphy of Sullivan was high scorer on a four-man Illinois team which took fourth place in livestock judging at the 39th National 4-H Congress in Chicago on Friday. The team was first in swine judging. The competition was with 120 teams from 30 states. Dunphy rated ninth among all entrants. Other members of the team Drunken Driving Denied ; Ernest Samuel Giblin, 19, of 247 N. Illinois St., pleaded innocent yesterday to a charge of driv ing while intoxicated and posted $1,000 bond, pending a hearing Thursday before Justice of the Peace James C. Kelley. ' : .were Eugene bkaggs, Lacon: John Huston, Roseville: and Charles Bloomberg, Lynn Center." Don Walker, University of Illinois livestock specialist, was team coach. " "Z hand and Greek with the other simultaneously. Today he'd prob- DRUNKEN DRIVING DENIED AFTER AUTO COLLISION Raymond C. Reeves, 41, of 1053 E. Eldorado St., pleaded innocent yesterday to a charge of driving while intoxicated and posted $1,000 bond, pending a hearing Thursday before Justice of the Peace James C. Kelley. His car collided with one driven by Richard R. Gaudill, 23, of 151 W. Prairie Ave., at 6:56 p.m. Saturday at North 22nd St. and: East Pershing Rd. Searl got into the business of j making containers for imported sewing machines and other prod- mfo Tt ni-AiTAl o in71 TT- fUli4 u: Z ocefi fW I ably be denounced as an egghead. '"'C1 ,mc ' f - so who doesn't make mistakes? either can leave the business for L. , ,. . . . , , . , . Singer Mary Martin originally au- extended periods. That prompted Jack s return to acting. . j,. fa smash My tie naa sianea ai u eany in p:r jjv A dark storage place helps preserve the color of jams, jellies: and preserves. Knows the Business St. Joseph, Mo. (AP) A former prisoner at the county- jail came back recently to visit a prisoner with whom he had done time in the past. The visitor now is a jailer in a city in a neighboring state. life. He was 5 when his mother followed a neighbor's example and enrolled her son in Central Casting. After five years an an extra, Jackie got his first big role as Jackie Coogan's younger brother in "Tom Sawyer." He played a brat, and that set the pattern for his early career. Jack kept busy during his teens in films like "Great Expectations." "Peck's Bad Boy" and "Little Lord Fauntleroy." The work was good for child actors, since films were being made with stars like Deanna Durbin, Shirley Temple and Jane Withers. Jack appeared in several of Jane's But she didn't like the songs! 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