Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News Fourth Grade \ i-ilt:) ;;i ;icic . 1 1 ' ro; cl : •• • :il tiicy I. —Mrs. Heln >man This hns been a wrek for rabbits visiting our i<om. Janice Stoncman caught a little wild """" rabbit and John Orr brought his Hot Lunch brothers tame rabbit to show. Max Grim won the spell down this week by spelling "aunt" correctly. We are taking a unit test on Phoenix and have enjoyed the potato, green beans, juice, study of this city very much, sauce, milk gii!;;. The boys are foi lluir track Fayette, naven't set a date friends the eiphth grade against the at Teachers College High School in Cedar Falls, Forest City, and "Low' says his best are Mike Ashby, Les Nims, Bob G;;nv. and Jerry Tann. Hill enjoys studying French, eating fried chicken, hamburgers, and apple pie. watching the mov- Mynday. Macarcni and cheese, ' L ' "The Bellboy", and movie:; peas, relish tray, egg salad sand- starring Gary Grant and Shirley wiehes. ice cream, cake, milk. MacLaine, and the T. V. sh.w Tuesday: Beef and gravy on "The Twilight Zone." He also apple enjoys listening to "The Twelfth D ' sli ' t ' t of Never" sung by Johnny Math Page 4 Fayette Leader Thursday, April 27, 1961 minutes with his (or her) business manager in which they presented t.'iomsclvc.i to the group. The voting then took pi, ire at i. ::n. Official gates to the b'ny( tie wore leyn Cue, l,ee Miller. The District podtiens V be I dent, vice-pro:, treasurer, and fives to the Stal (or voting) ci,:; vein ion Kir Mi.>r. Bui n. . and dele- fro m Ilai - Judv were Mike Smith, Larry Will- 880-yd. run — 1. Van Bogart iams, Lee Burns, and Dwight '(F), 2. Garvin (W. U.), 3. Max- Dorfey. son (F) Time 2:08.4 The Cardinals also picked up Mile Medley — 1. West Union, 10 individual trophies. In order 440 yd. dash 1, Wenthe (W. U.), to get these you had to place 2. Butters (F), 3. Fattison (F) first or second in a relay Time :56. Not many records were set, r cw Hurdles — 1. Hannigan bid t .'ioy Voked real good. We (W . U.), 2. Ahsby (F) 3. Tie had to run in a 45 mile an hour between Zbornik . : f Favette and w.nd. so th .itjiurt t;.c setting <:t Tope of West Union. Time 14.0 440 Relay — 1. Fayette, 2- Student Council died w< 1 1- president. •• cci-etai y, livn 1 1 'i ires en t a :• Cabinet. These .„.,,, , - . " „, j i , n -L- n n A Hi-o«- ias. Aqua is his favorite color. Most of the classes chose this as Wednesday: Pork and diess- H rhnrus small the favorite city of those we ing,corn. Vienna bread, cheese - ba^^^^ have studied. New words discus- st.cks. fru. jello milk. £ P J F BI „, S EXTRA TIMO . HC AL . sed ,n tnis unit were: reservoir, Thursday: Bee: bu.gor m bun, hjs as an turquoise, cloudburst, gorge can- relish tray, t.jmato soup, crack „r-.dtntion this sDrine yon. and Santa Fc Virginia ers peach sauce, milk, bread and heM $J r g u Xnd *£n£" a & brought many interesting things butter. ,.; • fiom Arizona. This included a Friday: French Fried Fish Lan..-inia. turquoise ring, an apache tear. Sticks, potato salad, raisin bread, buttered peas, fruit cup, milk. student Council offices are held f .ir one year. The fficei s began active work immediately although the two cabinet representatives do not do so until t! ie state ii iivi ii- tion t.'ie following fall. Ann was not elected vice-president, but the o mpctition was West Union Time 40.!) One-mile relay — I. West Union, 2. Fayette Time ,'i:. r >4.!> Broad jump — 1. Smith (F), 2. Hannigan (W. U). 3. Tope (W. U.) 19'1" Discus — 1. Schlatter (W. U.) (W. U.) 3. Gayr.?] 1. Tann (F), 3. Beerman keen and we were all proud of H ' : \'jy Zbornik) the fine way in which she and FJayna represented the Fayette Student Council. and a leather and ceramic belt Other articles shown by students this week were: Pam Curtis, a piece of petrified wood from Puget Sound area in Seattle; Marjorie Henry, styrifcam tulips; Chris Bitterman, a shell from which buttons had been made and Richard Dennis showed us his hobby of racing ears. Senior Sketch Frank Randall, a 5' 9", 142 pound, senior, was born June 18, ward system. This revision was 1943, with blue eyes and light completed at the last meeting — brown hair. His pet peeve is not March 20 - and was thcn Siven to being able to drive home at noon. tne 'acuity for approval. From Frank is often seen with his thele will go to the schcol Two periods of the day were devoted f«> groups which discuss- dent Council has been working H P™blems encountered on a revision of the Honor A- ^ " *' , ,7" ' cussion groups were held in the For several weeks the Stu- norning and eight in t .'ie afternoon. Student Council members could attend the groups in which they were most interested. new records. Everyone who went to the relays placed. F(.llowiiiL' is listed how the Favetle Cardinals finished: First: Medley Relay ( Butters, Durl'ev, Smith. Van Bogart) First: BfiO Relay (Smith, Williams, Burns, Durfey) Second: Tv. Mile Relay (John Tripp, Buck Maxson, Dick Van 2. Stahr Sickle, Randy Van Bogart) 104'3" Second: 440 Relay (Smith, Wil- Football Throw — liams. Burns, Durfey) 2 p a ,k er (\v. U:), Fourth: Mile Relay (Butters, ^ JJ .) 1GC High jump — 1. U.) 2. Whitford (W- merman (F) 5'5" The 440 Relay team was edged Pole Vault — 1 . ut of first place by one tenth man (F) and Grimes (W. U.), 3. of a second, a bad pass between Zbornik (F) 9 2 ' Williams and Burns brought bad shot P ul ~ !u( . k . 2. Sta .'ir (W The mile relay team was nosed (W. U.) 62 4 out ef third. Butters and David from LenMar were neck to neck all the way but the judges said that David's foot went over before Butters. However, peoyle in Delbcrt Pattison, Ron Pattison, FifUi: Low Hurdles: Mike Ash- bv Outstanding records The Holstein-Friesian association of America has announced the c. mplction of outstanding official production records by registered Hoi te:n cow.i in this area— Homestead Spies Lo An Ace 3731003 owned by M. J. Lein and Son, Maynard, produced 18,- (I8fi p:unds milk and 711 pounds \>uUt'V r at in 365 days on twice daily milking us a six-year-old. Miss Filgrim Maybelle 5051782 owned by I. P. Stewart, Maynard, produced 15,101 pounds milk and 50H pounds butterfat in 354 days on twice daily milking as a two- year-old. Iowa State University working in close cooperation with the national Holstein organization, supervised the weighing and testing of production as a part of the official herd testing programs. These programs provide continuing lactation and lifetime 1. Crowe (W. U.), production records on every cow U), 3. Slaughter in participating registered Holstein herds. Wenthe (W. U.), 3. Tim- Tic Timmcr- In language we are writing besf friends Gary Na ding, Joe board and then tho student body. Dis 'triet original poems. Brenda Lehs wrote this selection: Bain Rain turns to snow, when the temperature is low; Rain! Rain! It hits my window pane. Pat! Pat! Pat! It would ruin Boone my new straw hat. Hear the rain drops hurry, scurry, in a worry? Slipping, sliding Dripping, gliding. Rohde, and Paul Wegner.' His The members of the council put ol^^ct ""S^aTe'VaT favorites include: business math, a lot of hard work into this pro- OU,Cr d,Stuct in tho s(ato ,n dt " light tan and white, ham, tur- J ec t and we all hope it meets key, and graham cracker pie, tne satisfaction of those concern"Old Yeller", "Bonanaa", Bob ed Cummings, Jane Fonda, "The A partial poll taken of high Fifth Grade Laderyl Bierbower business This week in arithmetic we • have been studying adding and Our homecoming queen Shar- subtraction of unlike fractions, leen Mullins has been active in In group two we have been stud- extracurricular work during her ying division. nigh school career. She has par- In music we are making notes tieipated in band, band small of our own. In P. E. we have groups, pep club, chorus, cheer- tendance. We were pleased, With the way in wiiich the election was carried out Tuesday and we wish , , • to thank the student body for End of a Perfect Day," and Pat school showed that tne majority theh . cooperati „ n . Election roof thos( -' ci^stioned did not want suhs were . Prcsident _ Dayna Dumermulh, Vice-president —' Bill Chase, Secretary - treasurer — Winnie Mae Zbornik, and He also has done solo work. S73. mombers-at-large — Andrea Na- After graduation this spring, The certificate on the front deau and Sharon Henry, he plans to go to Upper Iowa wall of the study hall indicates University for four years and our membership in the National eventually go into some kind of Association of Student Councils. We have ako received a certificate of membership in the Iowa Association of Student Councils. While in high school, he has a ^kating party or dress up day. participated in band, chorus, dra- The treasurer's report on For four years the Northeast the stands and on the side line said Butters head had reached the tape before his feet. I guess Ken needs to wear bigger shoes. —• — West Union came through in the field events to win a dual meet from Fayette 78% to 63%. Fayette's outstanding runner was Randy Van Bogart who ran a 2:08.4 open half mile and anchored the 2-mile relay team to a first place. In the hundred yard dash, Durfey took first place with a 10.5, followed by Smith in second and Ashby third. A summary of the event is as follows: 100 yd. dash — 1. Durfey (F), 2. Smith (F), 3. Ashby (F) Time 10.5 2 mile relay — 1. Fayette, 2. West Union Time 9:11.1 220 yd. dash — 1. Durfey (F) ' Smith (F) 3. Tope (W.U.) Time Boys Sports Coach John Chandler took 13 track men lo the annual Cornell Relays sponsored by the Cornell athletic board. Aproximatcly Committees have been set up i |2 00 individuals participated in to prepare for the Student Coun- this annual affair, cil elections which will be held rr,. „ r ,„,.,- , , , , . — - — ••- • • • *- • A„! I ID Tho v ..i| n <i_„ „„j „i The Cardinals brought home been playing outside during this leading, annual staff, paper staff, A P ru 1H - lne D f. uotln S and el " two trophies for their school. (In 24.4 nice weather. and basketball. She was one of ^ZZTiTZ l„l order to get this trophy you have 1-mile run - 1. Castor ( W. U.) In spelling the gifted children the editors of the school news the txpv , i(a ' ntd { ? tnc hlgh sc ™ ) .° 1 f nd to get first place in your relay.) 2. Webb (F), 3. Landis (W. U.) have taken a test that we hadn't past two years. ^th grade approximately two The re]ays ^ whjch Fayo ( te xime 5:09 studied and did quite well. Sharleen has attended schools weo ^ K ^, D 2, 110re ln f. elec M° n >*> »> placed first were the Medley Re- 880 yd. relay — 1. West Union, In social studies we have just at Chatfield, Minn., and Fay- be held. The positions that candi- j and th(J 88Q R The mile 2. Fayette Time 1-41.5 had two tests. They were on ette. Her friends are anybody dates ma > 'J^ZlSlTu.^!' medle >- ^ consisted of Ken 880 yard relay - 1. West Union Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Is- who likes to have fun; no one Vlce " President, secretary- reas- BuU D . h f f Hurdles - 1. Hannigan lands, and Alaska. in particular, everyone in gen- and wo members at large Smitn ' and * a Van Bogart. (W. U.) 2. Ashby (F) 3. Tope In reading we have started a eral. Her pet peeve is people who Un A P ul 3 > the entIl f ! . ^ udAent Those running in the 880 relay (W. U.) Time 13.6 new unit called "Famous People don't support the Cardinal's. Council attended the Sixth An- 1 * of Other Days". We have finish- Physical Science and Biology, nual Conference of the Northeast ed our S. R. A. reading lab. blue and red, steaks and pizza, 1:>wa District of Student Coun"Summer Place" and "Sayonara" clls which was held at Decorah Eighth Grade "Alfred Hitchcock Show", and Hl f^ School. 8 the theme Irom Summer Place' At the ^ m ? etin « Aof * he ^7 Charloiie Duwe and Susan Ev- a ^ among her favorites. James ette council, Ann Austin had uuwe ana ausan Stewart charleton Hestorij EUz . been elected to .run for District We elected officers last Fri- a beth Taylor. Sandra Dee, and vl «:K es !. den ^ wl * J 5 ^™ WHEN YOU THINK OF PLUMBING THINK OF US . . . COMPLETE INSTALLATION ON ALL TYPES OF FURNACES If you're thinking of in»tn11mq Natural Gas in your home, call us now for free estimates. We guarantee our work and service. Donald Vandersee PLUMBING and HEATING w k vw uiin.ua iaoi ru- ,"i" - ;\ " * -~' ermuth as her campaign man- day. They are as follows: Steven Johnny Mathis are her favorite ear ^ rumpos t ers were made and Miles, president; Allen Holtzman, movvlefan „t ""^"L ^Ifll S" pamphlets were written to be vice president; Dennis Schmidt, Next year Snarleen will at- £ tr f b ted when we arrived Mon . secretary; Steven Miller, treas- p-Ran^U S nUrsm ^ sc ^°° a day morning urer; Charlotte Duwe and Susan <-eaar itapias^^^ Registration, at 8:30 was the Evans, reporters. "People who don't mind their beginning of a busy day for 40 In civics we are studying a- QVm business" is the pet peeve northeast Iowa Student Councils, bout court, civil case, and what n-.u T n;n — A . business meeting was held Why Fertilizer Users Are Successful f«vf» goes on in court. In reading we are studying of Bill Lewis. Bill was born on August 7, 1943, and has green in the morning and all candidat- .... , . _- - eyes and brown hair. At present es tor district offices were nom- about the poem Robinson Crus- he stands 5 , n „ and wei hs 217 inated then Mter nominations oes story We are reading the d Re hfls attended sch|0<)ls each candi date shared three Story or Jason Squiff and Why . He Had a Popcorn Hat, Popcorn •. • , , . , — — Mittens, and Popdbm shoes. In science we are studying a- hout the gravity system, pumping system, gravity-pumping system of getting the water to our houses. In arithmetic we are studying about bisecting a line and an angle by measurement and by construction. Also we are studying Geometry in Designs. In music we are getting ready tor the talent show which will be April 27. In P. T. A- the girls are going to have a track meet April 27, WE HAVE PARTS & SERVICE For All Kinds Of VACUUM CLEANERS Kirby Home Renovation Phone 118 — Fayette Phone 364 — West Union NOTICE TO DOG OWNERS DUE TO NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS BY LOCAL CITIZENS, WHO ARE PREPARING GARDENS, WE ARE GOING TO ENFORCE THE DOG ORDINANCE THIS SPRING. Dogs Must Be Tied AND CONFINED TO THE OWNER'S PREMISES FOR A PERIOD OF THE NEXT 90 DAYS. JACK BECK Mayor ALL DOGS RUNNING LOOSE WILL BE CONSIDERED A STRAY AND WILL BE PICKED UP. PLEASE COOPERATE. LLOYD HOLTZMAN Chief Of Police mm Corn being harvested 'at left yielded 134 bushel Corn yield test was taken by M. C. Wangsness, Fayette Co. Extension Director. Fertilizer users are successful by maintaining an adequate amount of fertility and keeping all food elements in balance. n Fertilizer MANUFACTURED BY Lloyd Pattison & Sons Complete Fertilizer Service Free Soil Testing FAYETTE, IOWA Bulk Fertilizer & Spreadbg — Anhvdrom A —• /wnyarous Ammonia & Annl5«fi^ (ALSO BUY GRAIN) Application ! PHONE 159 i

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