Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX IQLA DAILY i .Totered I at i tlie lA* i^ostoifico 'Sccoiid: aa*I Matter.! •• * 1' Official Paper CIt) -of I Ola. ;. Official Paper Clt) >f {BaMOtt. Official Paper Aliari Telephone .i.. ; 18 (Private Brunch Ex< lBin»e Connecting All .IX:>ar nn!Hts>_ j' ^ 8UBSCRIPTK li. RATES. ; By Carrier In lola. t City, l>aIUrpb .U,..i ,..l6 Centi ?....I7.») • One Woipit Onn Mojith One Year , i BY MXII. putcida Allen I County . . . One Ye4r: .M-xOb Ulx Minttlis .'....J »2.6( Tlirce Monllin J....J.. Jl.Sb In Allen :ounty > One TcJr .......... Sbc MorJths ........[I.-...; »"0p Three Months One Month National Editorial Association. Kansae Press Ass( clatioi^. The Kansas Daily League. Audit {Bureau of ( Itxuiatlon. Press Conoress of the' World. Inland Daily: Press Association. MEMBER ASSOCIAiTED PRESS. , Tiie Register, earn 3 the] Aitsociatcd rn.-s» report by r .pcc-lal Icns6d wlrej The Assbciiitcd Press ib exclusively en titled tal the use foi b^puhlicatlor^ ol all npws! di.sjjatcbes efoditfcd to^ it o^ not otherwlBP crtklit d In I this paper . and also' the locnl nc vk butillxlicd here In. All rlKhta .or rep iblicatlon of ape Clal dispatches herein ^rh also rcserveil County. is *h:i Bible Thought Let ejv'ery man. calloU. therein abi48 Cor. 7:2 -i. MiUt^: «R LESS The ijjla Ilcgiste diilalcs; ;for govern^ij atforncyi Kcrferal. witicli a bill I)c fore thpj IcBlslatiird lie nonilnalod in pj-j are llie i very ones ' noininatnd In part^And. of Iroursp,: if nonilnali'ii iiy par Ihpn no .candidiiiuH ial<;U iiy: primary. Icila KcpiHtor thln^ : w .iyH InMHiPd upon in not bjy a friend . liut iiy ijin opponent cjjiln. -Kt. Sfolt Trl ;, Of course if tile friend of ih<! prinin llc '(;(r In JKanHHH II rliie it.i jnut llHlen: For fljteen ynarH ml Sti ^lfi primary ed. Alieji «oiinly IlK coiiniy cuDilldali n' nyHtorii ulilcli the ei I por Invniiled, Thar cd thai I the iiinnet datPH Hhpiiirt dp on iiiforo tlir; prim iijw \^'nH innai-t K noinltiatinK hy u primary or of thiH i>a> ywlcin provid of all eandi-! ticket MO that itll the people wlio >:cnt tp the pre. rlnci caiieiiHCK coul'l vote tor their choice, jAl the sani; time the pcp- p,!v e .J4 )^c.s8iDAl their ciiolce of candidates Ithcy should c ect | delegates to the tip.unty conveitioii but the vole of leach precii cl ' various candidates tion to tihe- delegat*] cqupty! conven- i ilpon the 4 'sis>an insCrnc- frjom that precinct. ] The del«jg4tef^' to the county ,cpnvi?ntion-1 itis |camc to that convention ins ructed by , the votes, of j.their cons ituents. thii.s doing awliy with the «ickpring and ! trading t lat were tl bane of the old uninitructed tion. Listen aKain: Wlien .the editor' •was; a ' jcandidatc aKainst'Ifenry Allen the initiative of thcj the contest was set niary. Listen once The editor of tiiis tiieiy willing t^at ^ominated at paf't Biiould be reciurred t • BulitJequent primary Svhich they slioult take chances qlong with iWy ojther caii- didatcs wiio might ' fLli to run. Would not lyat bo a s ijffiqient safeguard agaihst a crooked;or "ma- chine-rHlud'i convent oil? \ In oflier words "ih positi(in t^». the prima on unwillingness tli the people Bluuild rule. It is Ifajied on Its andidato an! Iieljcf tliut a desire to eipiai chii tlioiiHiind give every nee; on.Itfl nien, con from evifiy, cnunlw llieir feilowj DUt of lep JlilJ men tiinn liiivlni:' i< ciiani'e to liie candi ialPH ^anit nm iflh be noil the priniir>^ Hyn(eni conviction tl^it Ihc pi|f Gysleni in\ VI ganl/.Htiori to . jin ext dang'-ls jihe welfj l>ul>li<% ^Wiii the Tribune coin preaenf R )|s(em pi*;es equal chance? SupMso one candidate isJabe toi spe^ifl personal jletter writ age. Wiijjt cjiance > runninc: at;ai|ist' hiij could np0nd ^but ' were couii; for [Today. Vhei;ciri he i with God:— PEKSOXAL. says' the can t^cuktor and brdvldcB Hlial| ihary elections ti'ho should hij conventions jiey should iicj conventions ouid l)e nom lufK what tin) anil has al Th<» crilicisn the primary of it in prin b|ine. gisler were ij lis it la priie lUldlnot crili maje r— iwhlch fs merely another way of aayfng. that in a multitude of cpunsellorsj thcr; is wisdom. Railroad p'a.s8C8 are a thing of the past. Men <ind women Who in this Jolinson, who! his "Oth year. bHnd? i : i But the tliird poirit feally is the most important of alll There is only one way to give !a great Republic .such as this, a steady, con- Hifltont, icohereht government, pnd that !.>! thrbiigli the agency of po- I:ti<;al jpartick • The con.stant tendency of the primary is to 'lenioral- izc parties, to break the people up into groups following some .self- constituted leader, and eventually to bring the.,condition )vhich for the I past eight years has made France so pitiable a spoclaclo. in America. •irArs"3fEW8. l?f •THE As iifealdenlj df the Bald^jin locomotive AV'ouIc^. Alva Board man loday cnteri upon has Ipng held place day would come to, a Jjtatc con- j among the gr^ati indiiijtrijBl vchtion. would come at their own e.Npcnse, and Vould. come with no other desire than to' name the best possible ticket. Before the time came fori Ihcni to vote they could sei) and iiroliably hear and talk with evc^y candidate, and ta'.ki aijout ail!the.candidates with olheri delegates. Isn't it u certainty that they would choose morcr wisely than the pcop]e arc able, to do now when they have to go .t ^is has' bebn of climbing tb the top trifm tire c first nipany excep- ngton. • co.m- [ilon to Since times, troas- Hear the conclusion of the whole matter as a re!al test of the Tribune man's devotion to-the primary. Woiild he like: to 'l)e (jovdrnor of KansaeT • Taking an affirmative answer; for granted on the score that any man,\>ho know.s he would make. :i| good Ciovernor wo'ujii lllcc lo iioid liie.offke: Would he allow ills nartie to. gb before a convention of fiis purt'y (whatever.that is) if tiie nnminalipn were lo be made in" tliat j way? Assumii.r. he would IM " wiiilng III I'-.iU'' ;ii:'.t ejiarin Would lie liecivu.e a ciindiilutc iie- forc the primap at. il is now cin- HlitulcdT I Of course we cannot answer for our distlMguiHliefl, friend of^ liie Triluine. But we will veiitii-e lhii( whatever answi-r he may make for lilniseif he will be able easily to cull lo inlnd H\ nuiiiber of men in liotli tho Oomnj-ralic and. Itepiibil- can pnrlieii Kpiendidiy nunllfled for (!ovi|riKir who would readily iiiilimlt fheir fititiies lo a convention biit'who wo'iiid not under'anv 'onsldernrlon e^ler Inlp tiie iicrnm- blfl of a primary. lower ranks, inasmuch as Ij drew pay in the Baldwin ci! as a Junior clcjrk;' With the tion of a yeaij spent in Wilm Del., he has! been with th pany ever since. IIis.'adn|is| partnershiii dajtes from 19U6. theii hn has bpen at variOjUsI vice-presidentj secretary and (ircr and president.' Of latd years Mr. Johnson ihas been - esijecially pronjinent in j^U organized ments looking to the ext^mjion of America forei^ji trade and hiis held official rjositions in the Manufncyirers Export Association and in jthe National Fjoreigh Traiie Council. leaders a case high lean Uuring tlie Roosevelt admifiistra- tion Isomethinjg like $200,000 was spent in "White House repairs, large part of jthe money golt g into the roof which was girdcc ' and braced with steel until it wis declared it woijild stand as U the walls helii. And "now it ;s said the roof is about to fall dpwn and |j the (•'ooildpc family \yill lie required to move out of thel^ou^c lor six nionths while repair.4 arc made. Strarjgc that a hoir biggi?r-thnn the -White Houar i |v-hicli $200 ;oon was spent fi .pairs less than twenty yjear Hhouiil again be in a d:ini ;erouK boudttion. nowevpr.| the (t'oolidge family need jnot worry. A house has been plijceil al .tlieirj lii qios:ii by tiie o|»ner of it which is a in comparisfin with tlin Mouse, having :il least l\y (i many.rooms (mil innny tinies sonier interii^r ami eNi .-riiir as well as mrjre eliiliiirate j^n<\ ''BiThis Temple THE ihiLk DAIHY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENIN j FEBRUAJTSi^ 8 Lincoln U Enshrined Fdriiper . the Memory ! 'It. Of 1927. UK as being Y<i no upon ir .re- s ago lalace White as linnil- finish more beautiful fur(illiire, II is llijf Palter>i(in . housH . on Itiipont 'f'ircii*. wliich cost a|i.l(iu|ili> of iiii|ii<i|i dol- Inrs, iind is i ^itviied by ti vfiiiiinii wlio York Ives iiiitM| of llie liiiiif lij fJiMU 'ge Marlile. of till Tribune, sjiyi| lie Inis a wlilcli he one graphical err Of course tiie girl up in South Dakota who tr^oil to rob a bunk in order to get mopoy to continue her sctooiing made a miHlak^.' But for all that we don't! think she ought to he sent to the penitentiary for fifteen years, bpubtles^s she will never trjj to robiahother bank. .\ny- way we jiavcTalways thought if we. had a lot of mpney we would lend it on easy terms to boys and girls neetling help to, get through college;'We have ia friend who has helped iii more than 100 such cases and he never lost a dollar. The boys.and; girls -alwayr- paid it back as soon as theyicould: tiiis paper Ijor was upon former that iba by a prlmore: Ijapcr is en- t|ii^ candidates conventions submit to a election ; in their i Kl. Mill! ciiiiie acriiHH a ;>r .'bul lie canpo renumber wiiero or what II So of course thai doesn't eoiili bifdie he- says he TJic fellow who him can't recii .Scot I in lypo- now was. t. 11 made wa.-l II It! Js like (hi on Xo. 9. playing with Anybody elsej? i M - . i A,cynical ^correspondent o^ 'h'|| +:RE.VLESTATETRANSFEB8 *' Emporia Gazrit I e writes that "If thd | •lesued Dail^ from Office ot • j Parkpjr eugeiiics bill had luien d law fifty years ago, most o monibers of the Kansas Icgisi never would have been Whether here is any truth in gibe or npt will be rwealed the roll li called on the bill. iladio I Operator Ormistoii. of Ainieo Mc The first thing that Will happen if tlie .Mc.Vary-Hiiugon bill becomes iv law will be some t)f the wildest days the bulls and bears of the grain exchanges lever saw. If the bill advances the price of wiieat and corn as its | proponents say it will, ihe bulls aife due to nialte the biggest cleaniii|g;. this generation ever saw; If itj fails to advance Ijthe price, then jthe bulls will go broke. Whichever way tho break 50CS more motjey will be lost and R -on as a result of tlie passage of! , , .i., .. i • he bill than thWe Is in the world. I !'.»""":. , ^-For prompt results use the Uocistl-r op-| is not liased i jg together h tiie Slate. (;e ami hear Inik with -nine linieii nale belly natod iitider and on IIN enl primar/ [of paily or- nt that en- of Ihe Re- I 'nd that the stveiy man an . one man of four years as Governor and were a candidate fiir the Senate. with ove^-y ^tate a ployee under, pei-son.*] him. what -cliance would a private citizi ppointive em- i obligation to against hint tli have? Sup-. pose one nian who riunlishps wlde- '' ly circula^d newsf make his sands of boiiseholds against a ni'an who nine in any paper -^X .for it. what chance tor liave? i Consider I hoi .secohd $50,000 for rtg and post- 4uld. a man have who Suppose the end !io67 • Phei'son notoriety, ii ever the was on trial to lei) iiis jhad an [»pp(>rtunity wliilo evangelist side of the I lie may ijave a chance now. wife hjis sued him for divorce. kidnapping story. TT <'uiiie .iguin Itrother. Chanute's trade territory is ting w'ider and wider all the The latest extension of it ported by the Bloomhcart store here, which recently fille! order !for $16 wortli of slioes hose from Kaloa, Hawaii. Kansas town can beat, this?— h'Jte Tribune. , -IiJla stores liave repeatedly fjllcd ifar away as Ifawaii. OUT OUR WAY WAVIM'GOOOSWE -f*A wcnfev^atRi< .New face of Abraluuii Lincoln as it looks <iul from the Liu- cii!ii iUijiio'.'i:i|'sliriiie In Wasliiugloi: l.s a diise'-up of the of the Daiiii (li)wei^ left), which is jdaccil iii thi' ili.'^^taiit Wasliiiigtoii moniiiiient. The stiiliiciti picturcil al 11"; lower rigiit. soiiudiug a liiiKle call. tllC) it tint! irn." that ivhen But His lola Abstract Co. ii porlr;iyeil above. ;Tln' |iic,ture [i Krencli, statue of liie eiM;i:iei|i!tt<>r lirlne so tliat it looks liiil iipiiii liie vi^w of the monumeiit from the .\ inariiie just outside tin' iloor ih ".liivi clieer wje.: nii|;il itl)al a lUlS III- Iiiligev having; INCOME TAX Ff-liniaiy r.. i;i2T. .1. O, Thompsoii anil JL .M.! Thompson, his wile, to .\. W. Aiulre | I anil Lizzie .\nilre. liis wife. Lot 12.;) Block r.. Kdwaiils Kast Add to lola. ':/ ?1.00. Fil.ruary 7. 1!>27. Charles .S :iiiit .M- and wife Callij- 1 <ir property aciiuiriii l»y piirciiase vine t .i i\ans:i|^ Niitural Cas Cn". jificr February 2S, l'»l^--lli<' first Lots III. 11. 12; Block 12. I'etrolia.; i u dme tax I;iw ai)|)lyipi^' to iudi- Slo.OO. i iviiiiial income became effective .1. II. Young and wife Lizzie to i >jlarih 1, 191.".—is the dirieieiiceibe- liUom^ lucruile.s Kaiiis realized y the Scile nt a single jiiect** of ropeity! as. well as from saifS| by per .-'oii i-ngaged in bu>iug and svlling as a business, i Oriliiiariiy. (^aili or loss resulting from tlie ijale get- <imc. re- Jslioe 1 an and What K. V. Ilrigliaii!. luu^l. '.j of that part Of I/i:s 1 anilj 2. Itloek 78. !oI;i. JKveen the cost and ' sellip.^ nricp. The gain is income tor ^the lii>.u'. at .\K cor'Lot 1. W feel. S..\-Uai' in wiiiJi received..ami can not tji alli'v. K ti> HK cor Lot 1. N lo b|c prorated through a numlier of beg. $1.00. jvai's. For example.'a taxpayer Cenevieve Taylor Searing to T. I liouSht in 1919 a piece of real es- B. Bra'isfielil. tract in .N'WU of .{1- t .te' foi-j-.<r,.iM)i). which lie sold in 21-19. $10.00. : jL _ ... Iloliisoii Lcrii and wife Tenipy It. to W. Perkins and Pearl Perkins iji'ji'r. his wife. .\KSi 27-21-21. $1 im. First Xa.'l IWuk iH loin to .1. II ,,,mi; Ijefore March 1. 19l:t. is m .l.'iit. Buss ; Klliott night and .M are on Buss cost. : .Mr. ; .\rrs. R Mr.i. J day af horfit. Fred Sunday Mr. vi Helen, spent ^u Helc »2t;' for;:$7."00. The .$l'.oiiii • tfixaljle income for; tlie year •21^. : i • ' ! 1 Profit' accrued ou indiviiiual iii.!,„ iv . 1 1 « If .•• ii'ini; iH'fore .March 1. 19i :t. is hot ' .fn, '• ' -^'^ tAxaWe.ieve.i though it was. hbt ii,wi! 'realized until after that date. The COOLO MAK£ A OME MAKl •Top oor OF A NBEDue AVJO ^VAE -iftREAO. HlGv^ BOMS'. I G»-r<\PEO ASWiM": ME.— ^^JOwrr WOO <AV<^ OFF MOR^Mil^viS. AM' ^TAV >v Classif:<-d Coluiuns. BY WILLIAMS FLAP VORC iMKiER -ruee /MO'LV. BE LopK'iM' uv^e. v/UV-4 HAD FOUR CARE.FOU. Kioyvj'. I bOViV WAMT laWrs • )ovh!ch name faiijillar to tliou- is a candidate b^hot get his hout paying Iwbuld the lat- point above The r ^-asDU i -ithat the constitutional aiiu tiilnient autiioriziu^ Coiigrciis to t ;|x Jthe iiK 'onie of indivi-iiials did Kbt ibecohii; effective Until .March I- l?l;;. jThe revenue ac oC 1926 Iii(>\-|:'|i.s Itlial tlie hiisis fnr lieli-r- liiiiuR Ihe gain or lost, from he le oi<-<iih^r 'iispositiiiri of pr )pty: aciiiilred iiy pun Itase hefire nrtli i. I'll:!, shall he tlie cost of .'^iih jiropertv or liie fair mar cut Iiij- a; of .March I.'lKl::. wliifli- eriiM Ricjtlcr. For exiiinple. a tax- iLkyej- liiiu«lii ill 1910 properly tor l.'cli 'lie [liiid $10,000. The value I .March I. I91.'!. was .1!12.oonJ |lc l<l! il ill MtL't; for $11,0110. i 'rtie Ml .rijh 1., 19n. value being gri-ajer ;ili:inithr; co.'it of the. property^ lihe i:ijx .'.iil" Kaiii is figin'eil on itliat i'H^i.i an<l aiiioiiiils lo |2.0llo. \ \ la.-jpayer bought in 191i) prop- <.ijtv jfnr which, he paid $5,000. Its \: Uv\ on March 1. lyi.l. wa^ l.-..r.pO. il ;in l!l2fi he sold it fdr .^LOOO. lilts ex.'iniple thoUaxpayer ba^es 1 i|; on the March 1. 1912. vaiue. l!ir|i was greater than the co;;t, h" deductible loss is $l.rinoi ij? i >r! wealth! iitidrootij es On ttifl ments ijc placed pi I The ages hi an oveti' are tukpu^ care week. • Mrs. .Minnie day in con- of lis to 'the^ Woijld rote. "The Insidioitis 1—It i^. mi Eastern ^1 c ; • .">—si-xophone liiat tiiisisaid H'lit lli|is iiinvarrapti'd ise .lack ii^ jea iola's crioks ley- oiiH II I 'll ian Ollawa'fi criiriks - ills insiiiutitive a ra dosif [lisHiiur loiini to dr iree CI ,S.;-.Mr I ;.Mi.s^ ovfa. visit Brucje eir wa il . MIS.. Rob pilay Ray n who! bwn hi -'ilowded Donl Let Snmethlnir lo Think : .\li»nl. r.'ie following is froiij a Coffriy- ^ie; parier. but it may. Iv worth i'.pnk'ing 'ali'iiit up here: in jMlen ciiinjy: * I JKvery f;inii in this i;oiinty and fVery piece of real estate in C'hfr fi yvjlle is-'' worth less because : of 'tie iiail'Order-house business. Ti">' t' ••••II something.' and ,.vou will • f cHder what's the matltjr." It 's -yciiir erstwhile frlend.-^Thc. .Mail- O -der House.. j , Wlien .vou ".lave" $500 in five fyi^ar: and finally decline to "sell t" and go to Calitornih. you fihd^ iir proi >er;y debreeialijil in value thou .sand or .so becati.sp of tiiis •fiend." "Saving at the spigot .iild losing at th<j bitnifholp." 'Is \v iat buying of the jmail-orcier libiisi> finally develops Jnto. We s;jy:|Buy at home in. setf-defetisiel . iMany a man will pa*- tiHih'; him He in. a lawyer nfveir would his •KiU' tor*.Iho sitm advice. tory ieru- ie 'i4 It is an odJ fact that two of tlje grcatj.'it statflsnien in contemjior- ary hiitorj". Gladstone the I ^Oratld Old Ajaii" of Great Britain, and Biit- marck.| the |"Iron Chiinceilor of Germiiny." were scarcely known to eati I Thcj lone of iie Oltciwai Heiajd; •rsions ujuin Iola's orror. "The tjiiff." states;the It tlie Idack roi aitistic a jleta;i.|l^ that • before |\c its fulleiil ni|t(|r- I [Un-n op the i lied stranger be r aiiil ."uy,! 'I kU w Old Black .loj of Wlicreat he IP hiindreil doijIurH s,' " I if adding. :i not her cheerless' with the: renl man 99 yeaiV who altrililiti's nking, 'smoking ps of coffee a dpy CREEK and- .Mrs.; Cli^iu '.Marie Hui'iliiig i>f ^topped over Frid: y n the home ofjAIi- _ Ai-niaqust. Tliify ^- to CaLlornia. JJIrs n |k "i h ^s ail ods of A^illoughby Seeding groum, geneif'l"y •irrovid or inoi which liming sary tho so bed ds| then c secdin overing : LAKGE A(JREAGP CBOVPS INDIC OF TEp During the j past week. I miny in.:: quirie; have Ib4eri received | at the Farm Burean ; office -regarding sw?et cloyer.j i^hich seenli tb. in<M- cate i thpt I qiiitt; an acreage, will bo see Jed thlW spring, j "I j Theijc are ^Wo successifuli motb- seed.ini^. according 16 L. E. 'iby. H^xtension Agrbliomi^t. in February on top of the usinig unscarif ed ' seed., prtjyps quite successful, d the jsoil requires tip lirfie ulatioii, The other method, shoiihi be used wherever and trfoculatlon is inecek- I to w^it untir Spring, linie I and Iprepare a good' sei*(i you Would for alfalfa!, aitd .scarified. Inoculatei ^'seed, - the: seed lightly' bad tIJat I thought Wotilii [choke. bu« si? yed in .uv.i". - .^Ini -Tvbufe Noth- 5ie |ped till I hea ^f of i^i'leTika. ^1 —^11*8. Fooll wouldn't digcs big 'jumps, I was so ins when a cousin o£ .Mrsl Arma- 1. S. Reed.hMr. and rtson ami ;.Mr. aiifl M. Keitern'.an .wnic Siiii- uooii allurs, in the (iuy Id. fjli: rley Cramer spent :ith H: rry Hubbard. •Mrs. 'oliii Cramer. Fiiyfe. ;iy • aaiI' t'lcorge ; Cra ^it 'r it the Wilson 'hohi id fJeorge !(;'raiJitJr bf the .measles this ICirrie .MJ. Flower apdAjisiS tlimmer of lola speiit TiJes- Beu Fricdlun;l jionu. inciai Persia even he nobli s have no ; specSal ail sU oping on inattre i.s- groun 1 Beds arb on a- asiona ly purehasjed ajntl the diviwing-room. exclusively in is never Plirofe-sslon.} ! i % Inito That c< Id ma r turn into j"Fli Grippe t r, even wi rse. Pneumonia, i a les3 you b ce care )f it at once. , RubK li! terolco tthe<!o9gcst^pa tS' and see I to V quick y it brings rqlief. I [ As e(r< ct ive as U £ me^y old t^usU rd, plaster; Id the A orkwithout iblistpii Must! fo e, mad i from purcj oil mustard c unphor menthol and otiier, i simple tagi edienu is a Obuntcr-irritant which stiiii ulates c rculatioQ 9nd belpt bfca^:ud tie-cold. i ] Yqu will feel a t arm tingle a? it en* ters the po e$, thei i a cooling sefSatipa tbatbriijst wiflcon e relief. Bettkr thm a teuttanf p<n(«r -If yXix. or if;.voju ?esti6n. of the .n .seasesi and askl TEEi:).at(}niach One fine:! ^ own hoif slant re mone.v, work. Hundi^'ij druggist Sfiphiach ler li ust g( [or W d()ObBYE Troubles rsLon^ch is iipsei. so are sHff".r»ng front inii spep-s^. belching br a^iy •stressing stoma to your driagglst Mlf tre trejttin iiH with iijf. and this ts kno i.-ous t;r.^RA>'- teniedy.. - ; ' ^ unjent: Stbmaih | J yoiir.seif in your his wonderful i i- nlfimale cure, remedy ijoesi its power. reeoTOiliend it.- STOI*1ACt' \ i Tnt s Coofe's Store; oiherj straphanger's conipl^int pong standing; Are nates muscles miserable, who suffer \vitb paiqs in yoi and] ioinls. making yol With your You vithoiit For m<ire piving as (es<ined of-gra "I SI n pooij Joints walk. Went , declden blc, les^ efliclent, Interferinj our working boOrs, minim diecp? i may have tried many Jhtngs • relief^ "Why not try S.S.S.? 8 tbiq 100 years il ha? boon relief In thousands of cases, to: In unsolicited letters iiudei I ilTered from rheumatli-ni for many; years. At JInies mv would , rtrl |(n Hot lo try snort ilmp tbc rbeum<illo;^pain$ by B own's Druf; Stoi f. ug' Sinfp, Fry's7 PoWl nessj ful full, can Ev«n was bavcl matt" Digest m\ slljc was bolHere I ffcr me acts upon jit h^s Idpne wonders Derosia. 1 Because Adieriki BQlHluiiper anh l |»4er bi),wel. it give 1 the system a ' ' fng, and clears but whiiih i usually, cauf, ston acjh. nervouisne Ijieadache. I Juj stops GAS. ami bjlo^tcd fueling eat bettfir and 'i bowels mov Ibrings out mu poison ' which you [in your system irid whicjh may- Jong caused stonj^ch and bowels j surp)rJse you. In Store and oth you; one of those uiiforlu|- iSprlngs and IS.».S. I (nok swell so, Ij rotildn'^ A most e^feryihInp. what you Ita "If witb Igas so REAL cleans- Hid poisons le| spur.ij gassy M. slecpless- ONEj spoon- relieves (that so^ tljat you better. Adfer- Isleepj daily], cji aiidittonal nj ^ver kuesspil KdlerlHa'will lola at i Palace jtrouhle. -No Ke tn^d, for- ri druggists. t -••• i I anally I a conrsH. In ce cbrating the,24t|l that has been careful}! iji^ Utility andj Savings "js m Rexlall Stdre cau^e ahd all S;S. m\ City ; s eitrpr. metflci Clvei huil|li Ihrosv a slor Is ily left me. I al. out on my hands ! iDg ,would heal, di; appeared, and, S'S.S. which! _ Lam now In wint to atljl th^.. kirils of medlclnH . Is the best." 115 West Main . Tpnn. , S.s. Is purely vc] • Jprt from the liial plants ^ to Naluro what] liig you up so th s'olf the raiiKe. l.H. is sold al hs in two Aw^ nlore ccoBomM. had a' i>r iyejtiti hut nt>N 3am J-emovri rfccl I havy but I 'an C. ttcct. Joi prta*- that Uti.^ that tho alth- irieil think i*i;amii7 ilusoa •ish ri herh^ he yotir It is „s of 'and lis: in iysleiU: PMil: J sooit, Ttlc iurgclr drug elM Birthday Sale d Will Begin Eebl lOtH ind Ei|d tlie 20th tarit IS an irnpor erallive sjistem of retaiil D: birt^diiy we offer Hierchan- selcjctbd to give jjqii Majxi- nd loj prove again iBat your t iiart cjf the sfreattit co-ppi . ug Stores. This 'v\ a real' opportunity to seiure iihu^ual values on items jaised riig- ularly in your home. You Save Wit4 Safety at Yoiir ] Rexall ffrug Store Xarcisaus. 'I'alci m for ; ! ::;5c Jonteel Soap for — L— ^ i ."jOc Jpnteel Face Butte i- Cold 2.5c iCJlycerine and Rose 70c iLJilac Vcige ^al Fori $1 .06 L i —!. Georgiii Ros^,. Lilac, I $LO(i Body 50C: \Y Kach er for —I— 19c 39c 50c iHarmony Cocoa Cream •'. Water Toilet etc. - c35c ;creain of Almbnds foi- Water, 59c •; 1 Arbutus, 79c .23c |Gcorgi!| Roise Powder ..l.-i.^- hisk Hraoius .'iOe J inteel Cold QC|/» CreiMi Face jpowder p«?V .',0c u For''' .',()c Salt: For SOc (;oii ^hJ $1.00 tona xiill Oi-di>rllcs :it!<-xull i^etilth. for .7r.c Mpneral Oil lerry Bairk Kyrup! -, texall jPeD- Ipring '^onii; jiretest i Robbing' 1 for -U- i^xaliaua !(a new Cough jS:|rup •25c' i; ?xan "Tooth • .:.c Alcohi: one). Pastii Oil I for . f'iiretest Castor tiille Shav^ijig alTii i^c 19c SRK<iAI, r I 1^1 Mum, .'lOc e Bla<les; 39r SL'-N«KIES A.NDll^l'SK I HttLD iVEEbs 10c Wash Cloths Four for' :;.'.c Tcolh Bru.shes for -L— l-l- 35c Bobbie Coinlss For; ::5c M^n's^Pocket fqr L-. id^ric CurliE|g Combs -Sl.Ofl ij; Irons for _.._[__- ^jnt Thermos for,_„-.L-J l&e-sk Sets • $1 ,35 BotUef $1 .50 For _ $1 .00 dhambis Skiniii lor ---I $t.75 Hot Water;! Bottles for- '\.-\ 25c Rexall Cold Tablbtsj for ,1- j- 75c Rupbjr.s .\k'4|iol Rciiillj - iiot Water Botlje 'for (Ouarantecd fiir Z I l'A\l»Y S^'hC -50i: Wiapiied CarainiilH for efic (;h6colate Cfiv- eie't (.' jcrricii -. .-- liggelts CIIOCDIJ tes for •Sl .'iol Liggett> • Chocnlaites tor .L-- 16c Ghdcolate Birs 2 fo.] 5c Sugar Wafer :: Voii 1 •• : h ^h .S'lATIlON aOc Ila^lcraft I^tj sheetK, ;50c Hail Enire opes, -both 75c| Symphony ry for,, iijor und (:rafi| f>r Statipn Sl.OOj Statipn^Vy for _ rUK THE Hexku 93 Ti4nic 50c Hair 50c Shijmpoo For- . y: •50c Qav For 23e,*oi|ket Combs I!aper,;'tiJ

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