The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 5
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1 I J i I^<>king. To Uea<liers ofi Uallv Uegisift Th.' local tllletl with ini * -. *! • .1 * lorrespobdent KJeTlews Recent KfentH and Draw* Inler^jstimr (>nrl«Kion«. portaht C lilna's relati^ms Willi Uio foreigri II wa Chin; tin{ Inewsikapers Jan. 11. 1927 are s( ifein.s uixtai It to put dowrj parqeraphH on h<J»j ti) iv.sidfuts o liglii ill lias happeriecl. powers, jthat for you 'a feW tile sitii'ution China. Xothliig which , since I came io'pel ing in Vaiji tquai in iinpprtan< t the sUuation| now existing in China. .Ml petty] ipilitarj-. .strif<r ip t i<; north ilurini the pasr foui^ yeafsi—the lighting of C'liang Tso-I.iii. \Vu IVi-l-ni an Feng Vjii-Hsiing like on a palli^i j tlie \jiew < The sieg^ i'ekii ^. tlie .slorinin of tlie .VankoVi past.fthe daily roair oi gunsi aiid ithe <1 jiooio. of ex plodingi airplihe b fdiKOtttjn. til'' -'""^ events was 1 indication th were person lliarouglily ii; )inhs are, alinCKJt (; i^igr ilicaiice of tho^e tlie t eyond a furth«ir inese - war lortjs ambitious anil ill C'l: ally Toda a' new II die. Bouthi I 'aiitonf-se lu s 'riii •jgn . I" wers reali lacing ii m.'» fprc been f ijideni. or al bt-tol*' ; Tlie eyes huniahi. tiie t|ountr|y is ringing with I'ljina under the III.' and tli'fc ioi e tliai Ihj^: ai e jwliich has ni I J<fasr. e .\j>|re.>si\e jfl I he worlil aie no l<t"K^r tiijnei'l iJii 'the iiiaiieuvei of llie 4'ortiiilTn w^r-lords. IN^kin? Hankow? an I hese twin I- ill' l( iiiijSfenfd. \Vi i o^ alleiitioil. from rhHiikint;. with inteii!<e is a K»rK<>it< » <•" Wu filing, or as have bfen iliewly liau. arie thej c».-ntejr the Y;uiKi.>j« to; Hhanghaj rlT. is' a I, k ipresent t/hind leeiingii, i^f iJation :i bv tlae ;fi >lldwers i eial- Chiang As i: writ; this i .s intently Matj-hi Cantonese spark tioii • crisis. Tliisl (>1 us nay io!i<-y W'ise preci linmi spurred «jn If till lyxiuig g«- l4tteJ-. (.Hie wor, tliV ategiessi fearing thai Ifdreign Lnifivej itatei a migUt aggr^-ssivrt povyerj antli fosie nati.onalisni whic day. \-this i spiri may "be defined a.- iu thti niinils o itiat (Ihinaj'shdul nese: jtlrat for^ig iltiMidei of I (iw thing. Inni li no »-.~ted Obseijjers il iie ^f-en the rjse of Cantonesl- supr :-iiiacy for several yvars. ' Tliere'- h; :j long lieen lireech between «i Uiton and t'eki which the I'ekiii^ jgoverninent w too weak tri close iip. In tliis'pe|r- iod of. indtyieiidenpe from the I'e tral goveVmlient a Peking. Ihe Ca ione .>iei wer»i builcting lip liieir own go; abtl tliat China ii* capable liaiidlini; her owif I>iiwng tliiT pai^i roiighiiy bej^innin hai inci<Ien|t ot \ siudeiit woilil «>f clanwring ijig tlie spirit is So active of i nationali tlieiapprecial • Voting Chiija Ij he ,for the t 1 laggression niiist affltirs. year and a hJlf with tiie Slia ig- ay -'.-tl. 192.".. he Chiiiir has bfen US lii- of _ for, rJ^vjisiui) of treatjies with foreigin powrrs. Ktndent d4in- oiintrtitioiui^iiaW! been conMnoiil in all c«lnters froinjMnkdPn to Can on For a tini^. autliol-ities suppre»sed ' srutlent acnviiiei; as inucl as ; hey da reel in < nier iiot to st ain Willi t|li« foreign powers, ijilly ] did tliis. heed foreign• sup )ort .wjith tiouth Chi la. >• J he Customs ( cm^ wliich Jtntie^ in fort have we seen thltf attitude of opposition to foreign influence in Cnina? It is a new note. There have been threats a plenty, ibuf never the couragei to {'arry ioui th.ese threats, <Jie|it llrftain is being slapped intheilacii by-the unafraid Cantonefiel iiid ihe west realizes that the Sofitherners are the' forces to be dealt with in China, j Out of these tiirliulent currents ha.s come during'the la.-;t month, the British note ccinceming the attitude which Kngland wi.shes to maintain toward China. The note cime as a shock to ithe worlds Kngland. who ti^s always maintain-' ed a conservatji-p attitude in the discus.sions of treaty revision. JiaiJ rom^ suddenly forwiardwith a note wiiich iiimosi eulogtzo's jhe nut'cu- al movement in China, anil wni-.Ji asks for tbi« T immediate turning oyer to China-of the-control and collection of tile Wa.sliidgton .•^u^- taxes provided for iii' tlie nine power l.reaty 'of Washington' in li)22. i : ' M ' j For a moment the world wa.s stunned, anditlieh various countries began to! exjiress opinions on this note. Ilelgiiim ^ppr.oved ot] Kiigialid's finf spirit: Krame opposed lilie nork'. calling; ii a .•"Kes-' lurt-''in time! of need." ..^nierfca been iionbommiltal. ofiiirially. (lui-'h the American, prrss is iiij prilliy witlj the British propos-] When a iUs Cross Snouts in Mortal Cotmat THE! TOLA tiATLY TtEGTSTER. TKJRSDAY EVECTG ; FEBRUARY f 1927. H. Fpni) ^fOri.A|.V. Fed. .7.—The changj over £ unclay was niost ally enjoyed it ami especially ^ mint and! fog. Stron.g of lolii is i i^ijlting i|elativ*s and frifnds ifijw (lay a \Veast; rec<jived ys ago of ithe liieath | Irs. .Marian Le4, One of the rarest ever ntade by a naturalist Is thi.s photo of twj> rroJoUtles lighting to the obtained in iiunhern .Xusira^ia by Frances Britlet and'shows one sauria , the otiier who is ,.nde ,;H<irii K IO dhjwn his antilgonist by holding him liniier water IJinles >:iWj ii;e loni .er giai !i;illy cease li'is strujggles and Hnaliy - • heavy Kill aii<l lilsapiiear. j has alti syji: alJ .\ ini i'e-are notj s<; miicii interestei he rece)ii;i)H of tlie noie by wesiern po,we^s as in its receptioq hy lite C.?iiiesf theju.^elves. , If; Kngland; intended' thf noi<i Jis a lii'-aiis ol! .-mouthing over con 'djlions in the South, and mollifyinf^ I he Cantonese, she has been sadlj ilisap(>oihtv'!._, 'I'he Canu>ne.<e haV4 prole.sied IDIKIIV .igailisl llle -sug •gestioii that treaty ports he allow <<il!ect I tile Washington sui}-. Tlierei is logic in their •^)rop Two iliirds of the Washiiigr ••d Io ta.xes. t'est. I dmt. and mils; "e\ciit .u.i!!y p-ri.-^li. ! It ' is ill!. r.'<!ilr-' lo ii -il' that, prompted by Caiiicn 's SIR !-S;UI resistance to tile W >-t. the 'fkillg government is adcpiing a poluy of imilaiiiin. They aiiiioiiin i- that with the dale l-Vhiuiiry firs . i!ify will begin 1.1 collect tiie wi.sliing- .ton surtu.\. and apiily tin itiiids thus receive,i.!o..!!i<- «onm idatiitn 6f fiireign loan? arid to "alni^nls- iraiive (•.xpi-nse>-." From w lat h ;is l>"en idis»-r\ed of (he PekiifK gm- erniiienl's ability toi liandl • fiiluls ill Ifie lias", one is a.'m .i.-: fo.*-! i -d to conduile Jlial nwi.-j'of ill.i- r -Vi- Ilile will go tl) th;it iiidefHiii'- 'iid- niinistrative jdeath. It wa.s: II (left 1 . with his snoiit held by ' .\fter taking this phplpt way (lead !ind the viJ NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT !|.d<-r;ri>' treaimenis Miiry r. Sllilii -Uis I'roniinenI W. C, ir; W<iikeP. .Make* .A«Idre«.«. llollls Flint o|- Kii^kcl. ha I'Teaiii l> Hi. lie:';' Association The high school iHisketball .teami preiiariiiK for th Ida II.night. The team seems to h( ill exi client CGI diliou. llow- ev'-r it will he ]iuu:l capped by the illness of one of th| best plfiy'ers. lioUi.- Flint. A gai) between the sfcond teams of b(w h schoids wtll be plaved as-a preliminary game. the Security r bio.^liital there. >! game China ilpon Ulity :on siirta.x territory'lies under nor ;hern!coiiiroli including the all im- portalit city ktf rfhaiishai. To allow the northerners t<i collect surtaxes jmean.s providing the militar<- ists \jk'ith ini'a-ns of prolongin|; s terrible plight, ami placei< file Cantonese (he respons^- of wre'.^tiiig from norther (.ioiitrol the great ixirl of Phangha l<uch a striiggiV w-miM he unfoi tiindty. b-'cause of int-rnatioiw I comr'3icarioii+ that would <'onie a -a result, of tlie w-estern interests \\\ that jity. Kngland's note then ha.'! furthi "antagbnized ' the Cantonese. Ai [jire.-ieni the iCan('ine..';p are carry iiig ojut a ptdiiy of dir»?ct oppo.s lion of th e.\ pell Kveiil.s ar" :i .Tpp "iii'i:g f<i^ ly in China, iiowcv.-r, tn ju ivriiingof a ."iiews I.c .-r." time thjs reaches .\tiieric.a. ew. situatidii will Cirely I probability hav" evolv. d. genera I asi eiiii: to keel out iif before j of hop relaiion> Tlie north espel cause theyj'wan m their <-i ntest Last yeiiir jcanij fereiice inj'IVki more or l4ss of inability (jf Pek diice' eviilt^n.ce i liaiidle li <-r owr( re] i-.-port. ihtit Hied'. I Whil.' i|li<- C< al fiasjco diie to iijg oHicial.^ to |f fChil a's abillt liiTaiis. Mr. • Strawii. .Muerli a s cli,icf ll>de^ retiirne.l ,, .\ii . ricu. with, an liappy pic lire .oi'.ih as the bi-<iad nii..^ . iii:iv: say \f> inJi iiiiize; .Mr. ."^trajvu. s HI is: not exaHgiM- vetiiiig inf.-('ekii;g. -C-i nfi'rence was the iro.- .• to ilas a<e. un,-•-1 de:. li>-;lilig all llie weak anil cnrr iiieiii til li-al . ovt 't- I hi- treat had; li' I own i imi:]!' fit til he 1 ciisKing tfltli.'ia' y 1 arjwliile i China ill I gi-iie .1 ciai'iniei|e.>.i.s \ere hi This boyjcottinp ilias ni'ili w;! ^lic.vini UK JVkiiig g", lv,i;ih filireipn pi' relatjions ( as • kon iriib (lireited 'chieflk- iagatiist Kndiand: An su)| I hi. Ki;uVg^ •Sell opp A'aiigtse lOljllI mil be wal! driyeii .n< occupied iaiit ailja^' In is Isiiiiw III i -se( ley foil l.jas -pf wlio •i! w iii) it) ems. I ^ "an I on and foHeigii con; ing boyc always •oii- r> elll- W e|-.~ iiton war- dis- J^ouih niers itted been o Britain. British residents > •J"angJSC'Valley are fleeing to Sljianghai: on gun hoat.s. Tl e foreign conct-ssion in Jhiiikow his been taken dver by the Cantonese, and where wTJslern flags haJe nowii for:years, tile blue and white Aibl|m of the south ^ is whviiife. Treaty teri|ns ai» obsolete, ai^d Cantifin i.* defiant. '' Canton is a tferapting to: manage her own go' eminent without foreign ancej The tiling for which the wesiei n power.s. and England in partictilar, -deserve credit |is Ihe • refu.^al oppofie the •Cantone?" it* a military way.i Taunted.' reviled, arid evi n stoiiiid by jingry mobs, these foreign! armed forces have refused give The •floW oill -'X vii-w (i{ c<indi(i"lis. .-(.n to exist] tr ,i !ay| i .iii- niay draw crtaln concfitsiuiis uirii i.'iir "as-urajHe ' their teiiiK -iili-tantiate.|. Firs s-< e ;t s iii.-v.tahle tliat the Caiitii^l- vill .v. iiiuallv ma'iia ^e Chitj ^"nr p lilJC '/'i! I nurse.' the lliVi!-lli flf il :.hcld^ their bai ks :o 'lie. wall. The nia| II' I Cali-i; .if r V .T- wav FUN <-onc!iisi!):is rel.iiiv my of the Caiitoiif i.ii/.'d- ;iiv till- By Uie an eti- in .al! >Jut tie- to th- ijernmcnr prohaiily In- iiisfitieil. It belu )vi -s all intelligent icitizetis iheir eyes on the. ^'orking ^ii- C'lilie 'si- prnbicli) ihas there he.n an for:a sohiiion of prolijeiis (-nniparal)le to tfiiit of to- lay. ' I.. K. SKVKRI.VC.HlAr?:. •wa lain . .\"V,rr •l>ni«-nt China 's visit a'r his ' Mrs. (r. ( Mo., who w. eks wjll .Sclnillz an to visit rid Mrs. Mar Will ker. ha service at .last ni-'ht. any opportunfty for wnrfaie. i)iie-i;ii)ii in the .minds (if all s. ig will forbearance ho d 1 .tht Chi- jeXchfUlKf ign pdw. rs aiil lall lh.f Willi- tit Ij-en f!;row -iiig ff l!»2G|lhe Cantj^ ard. -.i;ii'!- '.he the tiijrtli de -i^. ip the ^r privati' resell! a linloi '.-se.j in :thi chi'i;m-i n." (C'h r. to tlie C 111-'; .•^1111 lie m; tjiiem : valHy. til. toppeii.' Wu r/h and the C;i lankolv and ti :en and i4iang- the . isuiil t'hiia r t -<,if I his I here; liheadi ni citli 1 he- 1 the e .1)more Clashes liave iicunid li-twee l;i 'ilisli ;i |'riii-il f ^iri-.-s and the nese. Tlllfre i ;|ve 1 een coii ^itles Doii'S of jeSpla la 'tion I ween the 'for .Chinese.-; and iiiospliere has lerrse. In the fall ( p'.-i.n-d norilnj I 'liijilarisl.^ of wiie ID 1,'over inlEces ill ord froi :t agiiinsi r>eij-Fu Oppose| l.-i>\l- areji. am •'Ihf- tivejprovi iiurTi ami a south (."iiiila w out Hut the iiiilitaris's haki opie in Ciiiua are w -;l!i ; nil---- " T.linusriiii'.s nf''; irili triiina cnll-gis and ii: lii--^ n!-.-! s"cret;y making tie snii"! Ill jfrtn the inti'll-.ti fiiVil-s .i)f i ih- i5ouiIi4ni iirn: C.iln • nu Toky). Fd>: .S. (AIM—Qfiicial reports innighl reveal 7211 pi;r?oiis were ihjurcdin the (rush .of 1.-! daui:hter, .Mrs. B.. K and fai i 0110 ,00" ed the and toi - i late Kmperor Yoshihito. Titer in Chi I ! throii;; •i The llished ; 1,4110 >|<-ars. ERAL BRINGS INJURIES TO 721 day for St will .speiidl lioni". Sciiaum ICOOLIDCE NOT TO RUN SAYfe BUTLER .New- York. Feli. | I 'rir.s (Francis Culver) lICMMoI.llT. Feb. 7.--Miss Mar.V I I-;. Ciiimbc'lain received a , visil ••••slerday roni lier nephew. .Mij. -Vlheii Chamberlain, ot Tulsa. Me left for Tillsa last ^'Vt -ning an 1''^••^ .Murray Biitl. accompanied i-v .Miss Cliambeti I president who will- make an extend .-J) "XI""'''-* Will ilei line to run , , , .1 I exi v-ar. of .-,1. Jos-ph..,,, Jias been here for iwcfi J|,.,.„,,] her mother. .Mrs. Siizaij |1 family, left yesterday itives jn Tulsa. Okla. i Sibbett-. a.W. C. T. V.: API—Nicho- J Republican bia I'niversity. di-nt Cooiidge for re-etftctioii It is als|o his view that y wet, can lie On the West coas f()!!'!d oy .si .er i char:;- if til- evening (iiameter. and so'transparent that he Presbyterian church ! Her talk was inter't-sfl-i iihev can lie ii.sed iiig ami helpful. A fairly large alf- 1 .-^'ore - than $12.| tendanc.? was present. ^1^""^ ''^^''l f in Ameriia since trj .drilled in Is.Vt. at " .Mr. and -Mrs. C. A. .Michaels « Savonbi;rg Were here tonight to a tend a nil eting of the Huniholi chapter of the Order of ICaster: S'tar. .Mrs..;Michaels is d;sirict ill .-Muctor: of the order.' .MIS. t. A. Hailshadi I-I't Vesti of India are six inches in window glass, i Hiii.iiin.i .iHi!) has oping' oil fields e first well was itusville. Pa. rlins. Kans., wh-r,. :i month wrtli h faithful suUJ»-cts Wfio paik- ily. .«rei|ts of Tokyr. ;lasi night, j "Irs. duriiii; liii fiureif;:! of ti I is an acad-iiiy of inanner a-which r«giiiaii-s etii |ii-t:e • loui till' intir- ci. mtry. ; .'ekin Ca/.-tr- h-i-n p'lli-'' wiHiimi jilt" 1111 i.-Tii HI tor- (leka, (his KIsie noriihe.rg W ft fur T inese rival eil il pi-ej- solii! Wu Han- j '"H tl-"ang. iarig. Will tin r we asrr-e with tin.- tmii's- j.-riiicipl-s or not we adni'it tliiit 'they are larrying .Willi a z-'ril and fervor that is se maintaining. The northerners, tiy- ing jto'kJ'cp lonfrol • ly sheer m.'ii- i .nry fo'rce. which his pauperiz-d Ihe people and hroujctit no pio- sres. ,ar'- dying a > low death. (Illy (Ml- thinir '< .-lii rcsah trim Miis: situatior.. The foreian im ers ( nj<fsr in . Jim-, laiid pn.»-ilj i-a the near fiiiiir-l i-ro^nizi 'Cower Cantjijnese ei-I -'ii nion- IP ini- es. (TlJs- re- is thj' Pittsbn lUle ye a The U' h.H-n talki J'hiiial. . In tlie! lowiir ii-Fan^ quick irovimjes. and lio?(fs 'Xii^ih rii/e|r the Shaiigh; only. Kvery4" " " are pnsiiing. iiiilitari$t.s luj wfeks ;ihout which will K ^vep somhw;^ard bii ing.. the Ca .Putting asi mJ-iits of Soi: lis look C: Miine. iThe <! I area Caiiltonese counter oflensive ii<!a grtv.<rniiU'hi ffir the wjorklng en extendiiiH the Cat tonese t! no iictio'n is result- onese are sui ren\e; tht'j military move- ^h agiiinst .N'oith, let nion'ij governii g ma- 'Hnii>nese goveijnment •gii of hoji (-.Hiifonese' government. I; ! •on e !i) stay. Fi -om tiais we are led lo sjiei n- latH on w-iiat will happ|-n if th- jEn r>rocnizt> the (J: n- .se governnien; while the I'e- gtivi rnnvnt is still in ' exi-t- Fiii- Ml - ^ToteTioii of th'ir ton en Yes—Pangcroitf.' When her child is eongfhinf. Mother seeks quick relief. For 54 years, Mothers have used CbabberUiin'ii Cough Remedy. It removes phelgm. gives soothing relief. [ ; "Mothers--write for fr«e booklet.! 'on "Care of the Sick." Chamberlain Uedifine Co.. 604 Park, I^s Moioes. i Contains no \alcohoi tics iiiti rests ir. m-rth Chin.-i. recoghi- fioi flf. the F'ekihg government coiiid not tie withdrawn. The wi draj^vaF of- redninition of the I kit^g (government would plac^^ f eig I nationals in an emiiprrass: tij fay a; dangerous phsltioii Val-1 the Peking government ii? sli<] k- lost I'-'^ i"i''''»''^'*' in its own •• now *nt h- V- iir- k. w- jlll- Irtherii.' 'g for in^iir.' Ifnder ideijiiate Kussf i'rvisioij, the; ' .-ire; making ilt^niandK fc>r the I tailoring Their labor I itforms-strike wiiere the C liinOse laboVer In! contact wi ll tlie foreign e 4-rl. the Cant mese gov.-rilnn tales the,tei-)ivs of relaljpns twe»-n laborer* and euipioy. this <liclatorf the businesjvfif serval^t.s in l!ie private homes df| foreigners, "he de- may inaiids are often radical, w even ..aay "c ky."' but whjre be- i<n sBp- liaitic as^es. liaYdertl comes nploy- |nt dli- ' Ip b - 'rs. ev- hip to prl- RichlnAU Vhdmins Of Cod^ liver Oil SGOTTS lOOSENS THE COUGH evmiiig. she Buni i Quick relief from iPnvcnt sbo* presanre. »aiK |bcoii« . If that .stiit of yours i^s yt-itinK n wt>e bit of .sluipaand .-oiled aboiilt tin* etlKc-s—why It'.< the pre.s.'iing and cleanline.-^.s that .suit.-< look natty- We'll iii .suit and keep you lookirij; shabbyj out tiesitatejV the newnt'.s.s it voiu* l>e.<t. SendiJs Somi'thing Every Week b.ick makesj new i \uid vour PHONE 10^ ProtnoM Growih\' Builds Strength. Wonderful For C/uldren THE BEST— YOUR LAST The i]i'ienioriaI you 6vect is significlant of sacred things-i-of loveanc revei'- ance and loyalty. ; Hust it not Ijie worthy in every way? WILLIAMS MONftlENTAL \^ ORKS 301 So itb'Waiihington, F hone 6J6 MORAN NEWS OF THEjDAf r ' • i with Bnm^el Ltint" I'o.' 3io>es 'I'amily to wn- \ ini Lamheth, [Jr.. PI sses Awaj. of de- [ju .st the Jon botn Friilay niorniiiR ut SI.' Ijee ! was of the liai^ghjte^ of .MJ-. and .MriJ Caufman. i many ytars. s husband wis a of the old fanjiligs | nity-'and-their noipi? h|at Is rlow the Walter ("line ghvray ea.-it of tjowii. learned Wfth rfegret .Mrs. Leei loran friend.s.o Alfr Lambeth ot fcur^- |s.. exti nd sincere svmiiathi>- iti tb^ loss of their i ifarit . ohii-'s lospitaj. at four u'ljloclf. anil laBsed away poon after .Wijnlghjt' Ifrlday night. .Thci babe was given t nane. Alfred Junior. | Funeral .vicci wore held from thejUala- ton fill eral home Saturdiiy jafter- 1 pon aid Intprment was.jniade, in tjhe Mo ran conietery. ij j Horner .Meskinger of | Parsons, iho hUs beenjvisitipg his parents, ilr. anjl Mrs. jFrank .Meaaingjer. of, ,|vansasi City, stopped .here ^or a; i.'it with the Clarence Cook] fam-! ly . am ara.onjg old friends 'for a | hort t me. | . ; j ' .Miss Cane bf the high School; jipent jhe'wenk end in Fort j Scott ; he guest of friends. I j [ Mr. ind Mtis. Lee EJthertoh .and wo >•( ung daughters, who f have ^een fir the ipast several months^ It th6 country home of Mr. kther- 1- on 's parents,'have moved to| town. | Mr. Edherton' fs with^ the Knmbel i Lumb'r Co. ,f i . i | Missps Floi^ence and Mary.nar-1 !)>er enjloyed l:kst week a short visit ' from their brothers, the RevL Sam-i On skattjrs! titionsi marine uel Balrber ot»Barnarii. Kan Barber' and daughter! Johns. Kans. v.. F. of St. At .-^niarillii. Te.x.. a : fonrteen- \ story hotel lias lieen coriipleted and opened within five and mpnth|i ^ from broken. Ho ne furnishing, tdar.s o .service jthat ^ n^.s fou ui that good ta.sie .sh depo.sit will hold !>-ou . and I Lois. •PACrEFIVE )f the m^At c ^icrt Women taking part i i the cjompe- Ut St. .Moritz I lis .winter l« Diana Kingsm'ill .l dauj ^fer ot Rear Adm ra! Sir Charle ii tCinfsmill, who Was thp/irst Irea service. .Have Youj l) of! Cabada'a That ValeHjtine? Eefnember th'b.seji'Ou ld\t< ! with a iValentine gkpting. good book.ja colof- f ij picture or ni box!; of s ;ationery nial 4 charm- iijtgj-^ift.s; whichi are al- s distincti\'^. londay, i Felfijaury he date. 14. the EvansiStcire Fme yViltims, Axmiristers, ¥elpets, Tqpestiy Erilssells and Wml Fibred is lair investment father than an experjafj^ wheri tV^ miiny fit: fehder.s i.s considered. Everyone thajt has attended (his .side need Fine qiiality seamed fk't. ]''ive .spleh(ii(i t^rns ill tans, taupes ue. Rtgular $40.00i 4in.stef rugs, .sij-.e 9.xl2 Pat- and val- F ebruary .sale jspe- $30.00 igelpw-Hartfoj'd !B li s- Nine jualit alue." ial at ;.sJDrah seamed lAxrnins- tjer ru js. Six good de- j sHgns il a wide I range of polor.s. Size 9x12 !feet. Regular S60.00 values. Jfpeciai this month / !;4o.6o not expensive. 1 Make yoiH- Meet ion nov r pun base (or future delivery. F ne quality fringed; Vel- V 't Rugs. Size 6x9|feet B $24.75 Six patterns in Tapestr\^ a sniall Tjhree patterns t Bru.sse Ili3xl2 fe^t. vei'j special in Tapes- rji^s. Size Seamless, us.sftls rugs. Sizte • 9x lilies, j Special $31.50 12 feetJ Regular $25.00 ^ Eigelow-Hartfdra Bu s- sbrah Axmin.'iter riigs Siz^ 9.^15 feet. d o 1 d i Seal Congo leum J ugs. "size 9x12 feet f f ; .six .splendiili'designs. Regular $85.(|(}i • va:lues. Spkial at i A choice p.ii $60.00 gelow-Hartf)fd Bu.s- patternsi of; fint^ wool rij )re rugs, up to $22.50. Si)e- A good selectioni of patterns in .11-3.X12 forit Ax- piinster rugs. Values up o .$70100. Februar.Y •ial Kize 9<12 feet, j Rbgujarj^loO. ^^rit-Hi to.dose them out $110.00 itie.s $14.85 discontinued Pattcjrns in Whittall Anglej-Persiah rffes spe- ^oi|-ah seamed ier rugs. ; S'v^fi f'ejet. Yotir three go'od Rijgular $100.! Sfjiecial $72.50 !)0 values, i Sixe Regular .S25.0( Axrii,ins-: 11-3x15 hoic6i of j patterns. I) values. :;6.\6S-inth Anglo-Per 'iiitta!! Tif'prac Wilton Rufr.s. An all worstkl Wilton f a long weai'injf' rug. j|ize 9.xI2 feet. Re^ailar ."PIOSJOO vahies. i S $84.00 \jaiues. Speij $16.50 Jan Rugs, iltl 1 ug that has ^11 the qual- Exclusive Designs Fine covered in fine quality tilpestry. • :4 lei-ial instruction,. COXWELL CHAIRS Of .solitl walnut con.strilicllion, covertrli with fine quality tapestr3'. HIGH BACK OCCASIONAL! CHAIRS J The besi c sulondid choice , i f sprihir con of high grat' struct ion. < ie covering.s See Thes^ (f hairs in Our Corner Display ^Vindou• ew Patterns Foii the Hqm^ beeorjiteid End Tibles WithI Bolok TrtJgii ... Decorat^ Book Tables .•:...!.].: Mahogany jdonsojie Tables ..... i. iVvenue Window. Radio iC Library [Tables . I See This Dis)!ajf A. It oiered: in a in Tables 5^10.80 il3.50 f 18.00 il6.20 Furniture

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