The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 4
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ttBEIOIlA DAILYrREGISTER. TUESDAY E^^ENINGl FESRUARY;8j CEIS WITH SHERE First Office Here Was in 1859 — Preset Build- iiTg Ask^ by r C .F .S <ibttJ The first Bill to • appropriate funds (oir the erection bt a govern ment^ pcj^toffiee was introduced by .ding in lolsj Ghas. F. Scott editor cif the cljegi 5 er, then con gresBHlaji from r th i Se<;ond Con giessiouul district < f^Kansas,. oil the first day of tie Fifty-seventh •Congresi, Ueceinbe: .;ax;liou Was takeii oi time aii(l_Mr. iscotl bill again at the .K (f gress. Again the pass. Not being distpuraged over the failure 6f Oio was again liitroUuc ninth Congress ^of \rtiich Mr. Scott was a niembjeii;!' Tl: t rowued! 'lils effort l)ecame ja law iind IHiHlofficiu buildiiig. is tlie_ history oi lit] tlie huiiiiJtunic ! iiii poKtoffiiii.- Ijuildlng I)ride oil all lold cl On Octobpr 'ir,, Tifr tirf^i |)Ostojrfic0 Kaulkne H!asle,r. i'l, isei. cccded 1. nao2. ; No he bill at this ntroduced I the y-elghlh Con- lilll failed to had and, James was lolu f ; first post- lie serye*! iiiitll November Willlani S, Newbijrry aul;- li^aulkuer aj jl served until relieved by J. 3. cismire July;9, Samuel J.' :>owun serAred ' from. August 7, 1863 to January'ISl 1877. ('^rus .M; Si npsou was- appointed I February 9, JSf", audj served (inlil relievfej by "John E . Irelaml September 1886. Wil-j liam II. McClure wUs appointed April '2-, ahd John E. irelancj again June 7, 1834. JI. L.Jlender •son took ovtT lh( ' ifflce June :!| lisHS. C'ha.s. . n. S; le icer was ap : jiointed j June'jiS; 110 >, who served until the appoiutment of A. H' Hecox .]uly li 1914 Chas. O. Bol linger, the prbsent ii cumbettt, sue eeed«?d Heco.\t Jiinu iry 1, 19i3. Mr Spenceri Mr.jHeeoc aaid Mr. Bollinger are th<| oiAly i len of the en- tir<- iisti iitill Uiyiug iu lola and if not misilken' .Mr. j nipson is ,the only one] except- tpi three men- ;ioued vAio isj^till liviug. .Mr Simijson; ilives in daJifornia. The pbstoffie^ iha J occupied var-| ious locutions. Thbilast One he- fore bei^i 'g moved inio its present home was in t|i |!:soa|h roonijof the Sleeper ,'building at; |he northwest corner tit the sqpaije. ' The l^uildingl is ample in siz^ .and ecjuipped fo|r a city much.larg ijr than lis lola at the present time Jt is a^ c-pmplete in every detai . as is possible fOr;t! ejbest architec .to. make it. Eyery depa/tment is fitted Aifith the_ very | best jvorkini . ,paraphiirualia tor j bundling mail aiid for transat'ting I any and ail .|iUKinesK conuecltedJ With the offlcd. i": The lol:'. posjofcice as it Is today i.s ^ pretty big cog in the com i • mercialj whQCl jsf |ll ^s • community U thus far it In the Fifty i|. time Huccess and the bjll bola got iter TbiH. in brief, r lolu seturud cOmmo(iloui< Miich sens. $.'>9,'^ lola is, till! 99 Find the Murderer ii "All at Sea \Newi itystery Serial Are You Rkading the Register's Then See If ThisPu^zl^ &ves Yoik the Solution IF' DID TOU ET £R $TOP TO THINK- By Edson 91 * • i • • • <f « « • <• • _ Waite •> Shawnee. ,01jfla|ioina and all I be look ;biisine.s 'growln>5 • rear|^e( 'been 'i; class to! it raeanfelto lola and AUei county in a financial [way hiay wel ed up(ijn. Jwilii pride. Th ; of.-tlif o'fii-e has hcei and tttfiw ng until it hai the ppiiit Ajiiere it has »ov<'d jiiij fitoin a sccont a fifs^ clis-i office. Thif niovc I'lits thelffflto upon a plant with offices in inu:! larger citie.' than lola and carr1( s with it a sub Hiantiai I increase^ in iralaries of th(| hiE assistant.. of tjie office had postmaster and The business grown from a ning to the where hundred pie'.H's of mail aire 'ly, the yyar, 192 nier year.s Tlie most imi small begin endrmous volum^ vei{y the lola poBtpffjcel aside from th^ big, fine, co. th«^ fact; that it office ajnd does , tli 'e fact :thiit .: ".four people wi safary <jif S-17,93' During Uhe jj poKtag'O' stamps [ US building- and is 1 ow a first- class |a • ast business, i$ employs twenty |h a ; total • annua jteai 1926 l.-4.53,Q0( w !re received al the lola postofficc, 'the value ol which was $3ff,.530. Ther« were in tlie bit thirty d^no ninatipns. ranging in value frobi • ine-halj tent to fifty cc-i)ts. The larger <len(lniina- tious were usedinosUy for parcel 1-1. . 20. 21. 2.3. 25. 26. 28. 30: 32: 33. its. 40. 41. 42. 44. 46. 4.S. .•iO. IIOKIZOXTAL Author of mystery: stories, ijxclamation of surprise. Yellow Hawaiian bird. 7. CTiristian name murder thousands of tiahdled annual f; eLli|i)sing all for or'caiit thing abou post puckagi.-i*. Ktanipod^ envelopes |re > the past year w-as^ : nunib(-r j of posjal' . was ,'iO,0U0 and all number ofl leived durin |25J;,000 and the cards received lofi these and a few more whicli Av -re' on hand at , the begtunini; 6f h(> year._were| sold. j; - . .| ; 'i'be ptx'.sont sqlar' of Postmaster <:. 0. Bojliifger is J3 2I|0 and that'of his assi.stant, ifa .N'.' Sw«in, is $2.60(1. JAll of.khe rprai carriers are paid their salkries from the T 'optka I iiostoffiiLe- ! sylai-y i.-i paid by tlJ<! Internal Hev- ••nue office at NVU keep of the buildihtt tlio Treasury IJeparl lugton. The build the I)t'Ptirtm >'4it li'H are |iaid oiiti of the of tic*. The pirHoiiiii force:--*! (I. KolliiiK Ira N. iiw.ain, i >M |<i{ i»r; ('. It. Crlilk, •fliy illHtiibutor; — cV order • <'lerl(! tij'Ilvery clerk; J I.AiBan, C. J. S C. P. -Miles. Leo Teninliii. city carri Keith and E. H. tute carriers. hit a. The up-j Is paid for by nleiit at Wash- ng belongs to II other'salar- lic receipts of J. A. Mtrr, iiin|lhu f<if.h. cliy'dlHtrlbuto-: Ira ,V Knell, of ,the present ri iMiMtniaHter; f*tani poHlniuM- niiiling clerk; cl<;rk: AV. (i. W. Rtainp clerk; Th([ta Ilrewer, general oixl dOes special delive: y!. ^Mork. . The rural carrieB' afij: I>eo I... one;; IJ F. Fowler, E. Fowler, rotite E Iswqrtb, route .Moore, route rbute two; D. three, aiid E "Wj . four- Qne of; the; mpst iures connected tration aiid routine vi cy displayed-In Rain "or i shine, ork ot the Tola posofficejis he ^om eijful ^fficien- The Janitor's suspect in "All at gea. A stout lady. Apart, without syiiipathy. To observe. D!n. Excavated. Tp hoist. Prophk \wiio trainclil Sainuc-d. To. affirm. Slays, i Paradise. 3r>. I To put on. 37. Mother. " Point of compass. , Unit of )vork (C. (J. S, System) Long bench in a church. Every. Feline animal. Ocean. Knot in wool fibeh Sesame (p.lant). 51.. Ordeal. ! 53. Long cord by which a dog is held. ' • i S.";.. T(i drink dog fashion. 57. Sea goddess Leucothea. 59. Locale of story. 62. Black bird of tlie cuckoo family. 64. Open cotton fabric. ^ 66. To fiiilsh. ; «7. Klectrlfifd p.^rticlei 69. Measure-of lau<l (ICO square ' I rods). 70. Mistakb. 74. .Ornamental gardening. 76. JJtate where murder took place. • i lUr- Meditated. SO. Copper King. 8J. Weak or fragile. 82. Abbreviation i'<ir street. 83. Abbreviation jfor railroad. 85. Emperors. sfi. y.i. 9". 92. 93. 94. 96. iH>. French coin. Second note in Kiliioiia sash, l Ki-male parent. • .•\perturi-. . Hlalidard type iiiraHUre, ("ry of an owl. .Minor note in scale. The victim. Foiirtli iiot«? in scale, mo. Lifeless. 103. .Maxim. 104. Loose-lilting morning (variant), i 106. Point of ciimjiass. 107. Point. 109. Suitable; 110. Abbreviation for railroad.' 111. Crief (variant). 112. A vamp. 116. I'lKin. 117. To shatter. coat 1. •I ii. 4. .s. 9. • 10. 11. i;.'. 1.-.. 16. 17. IH. 19. 21. 22. 24.' 26. 27. 29. 31. 34. VKKTHAIi AVas victorious. Exclamation of iiiqiiirv. Behold.'. ' To cry cijuvu).sively. .Sun god. Ancient. Thy. (-inline animal. Prepositlbii.. ! Deceased. Variant of "a". l';g ;H of fishes. Thi- gnat riVer of E]p.yi»t. Al a iltlli- disl.iiice frol>i the rest. To exist. Blork of glacier ice. Occurrence. - . Harroirs wife.' Huzz of a bee. Before. i Kobiir.s, fiancee. Promise. Sea eagle. mud or frozii ground, he force will be found on the job. The second most important i feature is that .ill of the $'47,920 goes to home people and most if not all of the mqney is spent in lola and Allen county . Alien jcounty is mijntioned for thti reason . that whatever is (ifinaheialj benefit .to Tola, Is, snrely a benefit to -Allen cotihty; ' As an item of intcrcEt to patrons of the lola or any other postoffice may be stated that ^lore than it thirteen million pieces ofi mail ter were "sjnt to the djcad office at >\iushington 1r< ficea in thd United States iiJ one ortion mat- etter 1 of- year, a large pro; coulil not be (leli\ carelessness in |ad lers or packages.: money and other lost .absolutely bedaiisc the dead letter, office ha.«| of identification. All th |ered becau IressSrtg th Larg of ^yhich le of through the cacelessneds of the sender by omitting his address or for other niis^ safe way is t<i have a r printed In the let! suins of valujibles are f the fact no means Is happens name and akes. The turn card ipper (or- packiige. V. Ayling. nioii- f'red C. (Jreeii. Wilson, C. M. Fred Shiipel, Keiiner and H. W. rs. Chas. D. lis lire ,-snbstl- it. "Wells " also - niportant fea- witc Uie .aJdminis- serviug he jiublic. Biw V \ oT blizzard. left-hand uer of the-envelope ori The. dead letter office nt Wash- ingtpn nnniiiilly- receWes , about $60,000 in cash and iiego'iiable .se- curitieii wh^ch are unretjuriiible to senderH. '1 bin vast tiinolint of innrtey go^^s into the ex^-heli|uer of the'office as Uiere is i^o lwa>'''*i,o find out nunieH <v| setiilerH. (Note: .This IH the ijlxth of a HerlcH (if itrtlcleM the I.egUler IH publtHhltig oir llie lliili Klnles of r..... .. .. . - „),|,„|,| Tola, Perhaps the Postiif not be cliissed exactly uk ii IIIIIIIH li-v, but tills Hiory about interestInij! nevertheleMS it will be TWENTY MILLJON TO HEAR COCfuDGE AP)—One he United New York. Feb. 8. sixth the population of States and many thousaijds in several foreign countries pn February 22,'will be able to Ifear every word of what the present otciiprant of the White House hasi to say of the fir^t president. Calvin Coolidge wi I address, through 37 radio stations, more than 20,(100,000 listeners-in when he specks ibefore the joint*session of congress at its observance of< Washington's birthday, 195 years ago. .-.1. 52. •v3. :,s. «i>. Gl. 65. cs. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 77. 79. .SI. 82. 84. A hodgepodge. Averagi-. 3.1416. .Meimuri' of ana. .N'et li'iitiiiliii!;. Hailey spihel.-t. Stilcheil. Like. . Father. Tlu- I'l.'iw Toward. To loin. Bootyj Ex( lahiiilioii, of siirpri.s.'. Toipr^'.sH in even folds, or iiatierii. ublicity. iioie in scale. bird of prey. .Model Paid II Seventh Spike. • A valet. To|gro;iii audibly. Mitieral. Twenty quires of paper. To leave. Street ear. What tl:e murderer used. Abbreviation for junior.- To pull along. To Point iif Iompuss. The'yoiiligir Sears. al .^A friend of Kolsom's. 90.' Man-erviiiit in ( barge'of hors- ,esJ • Flower leaf. Wiluk or genius. I'ali I of. verb tt> lie. Toward. STATES SENATOR OF UNITED bUNCAN U. FLETJCHER FLORIDA, SAYS: f THAT a well concehed and wlse- y directed program of advertis- ng is moat important if not utely essential, jn promoting rade. establishing an 1 conducting lusiness, as wellj as in advancing he development sind i rogress of a itatc, a community, <r a citj-, J Whenever it is ilesii able to nKtke known to as many pec pie as L'ossi- Je the undertakinjg th it is eng^^ed ... th^ opportuntLies and' advant- iges that would appeal to them, re- oft must be hai^ to )rinter's ink nd circulating inedii ms. .Vews- bapers and magazines are read to an extent never i i bef ire knoiwn. They reach more people than ijverj Before and are liot thrown Into f tpe waste basket t usually until i all ijiatter, includitig' th* odvertlse- rtients, are read, i It costs s(>me tjioney but that li; an investinlent {irecisely like putting in capital, tjaying rent, taxeil aji 1 insurance., iinil Just as necessary If progress is to llie made or If Here is to Ixr .success achieved. jOf iourse, there j (jan be extroyngaiice ~ which i ajnounts to throwing i loney away. I Iso there can be' the exer< i.-^e; of lor judgment in the 'haracter as ijell as the medium o the advertisement. But with those mis- | tikes avoided, the reti rns ami results win prove the w|idom of uii- vertising. j .Not only in merch.indising and manufacturing, and ba.sine(is \en- t.iires of'various'kinds. I^ut 1 have, known a L-ominuniiy, which suffered soniew liit. from ilrv rot. the people were II ring on each jitlier and the materia was becoming exhausted: depres iion and dis- i-ouragement pr^va; property owners cou' • taxes.- meeting and Btands £br all tHat i po^eri All .that is necessary td ^Fcxlujcef the pmkt bakmgb at khejlowest ixku 91. 95. 97. 98. 99. 101. H 102. TW Ot^-se. int. Ili-llijig. 104. .Mineral, i-priiig. 10.5. Kwir. 108. DaJ. 109. J'ri iiosiiion of place. 113. To steal; 114. Feiiialesheeii. 115. WI' iting fluid. Anthony Lungo, BloomlTield; .and" N. J., likes his hot dogs hoU long. By redson of his devoiring a 432-inch length of 84 of th^ii in 2 hours and 15 miiiutes, "Tony claiiiis the roll-less franktuVter- eating laurels of the western' heih- isphere. Here he is approad the ney. end • of I hing his masticating jour- Xobody would [mind sO much girls leave home if only they v ouljd make an effortjo get back a ittle earlier. why TAIiKS BY TIIOI (JHTFl I, MOTHEItS. ler in- SHOKTj —An|0hi(j (Cleveland) mot says this: "We irrefer Foley's H< ey audi Tar (^omitoiind above all ^otlier cough remedies for our children I be<-aus(| it contains no chloroform or harmful opiates and i« n<'t in the 1 ast.Constipating. .It he)ps their cougli.i'.quickly and makes them c( mfortable when they have snuffles 1 and feverish colds. Baby i.s subject to croup and it gives us a feeling of security, to have Foley's: Hoiiey and Tar in the house." .Mrs. E. JH. 1:—(name furnishedt. Ask for! Foley's Honey and Tar Compound.—^Brown's Drug Store. jaiutal 'had to be; bringht in. An advertising campaign ' iipon and they agifeed spare funds into i^. nonths there were ii nterprises, an Influx if people-and airital and the conirjijinity start- d upcin an era , of " iid prosperity .which m'anenli The growth <|f that community e.x^ wide wonder, pride tjion. Well directed was all that was need< iu the po.sTtion it desired to occupy ^iiii bring forth it.s mjerited jiossij •hi titles. ! ADVERTISLSf; IS STRAW THAT IS NEi THE' .MAKING OF BftlCK. (Copyright l|t27.) A Double treatment for dache RUB forehead and temples with Vicks; also melt in actq>of hotwater land inbaleits healing vapors. This drarsthe heat^nd usually brings quick relief. If headaches I are continuous a physiiHan or good oculist shcnild: be consulted. I N True Story .Magazine for March appears the most powerful true ptory ever writteni. It is a tale so differ^ht, so deeply moving, so powerfully compelling that by iinanim )us decision of the udges it was awarded'the first prize ik the $50,000 tru6 st( ry contest recenti;'{con­ ducted by True Story Magazine ip lybich over fifty thousand manuscripts ivere received.' A tale of the Cumberlakid Nlouiitains It is a story of the city and of the ^ Alderness: Of a gend <f reared girl accustoi led to the'refinement ar d culture of genteel c ity life set abrupdy dowi amid the Kentucky 1 imber The'Author S lyi: Sironftr Than Drat •"tain Kcount oi ilM^ir>ipc| •>i iriend cocttibal bckli when ah* acopiad t «. poti- lion aa Irachrr in a ninion' achool in tb« CumpciIaoJ Mounuina. "I hivt wrinra In pnaon, Cni .b<kaim ttr rulea oi iba C9nt*ai raauin airaaui aiotiM aubmilMd b* i_ .... fiiu paraon, and «« nd bv caua* 1 kava aal it il »n an ncarlir lh« way ah* haneli lotd irio nw ibat I i« I )iui|. lied In pmaoiintii ai|coaiin( Iron MI own lip*." IM Srai jlhal aU in iba Jhe Author A WoHd War Veteilan Written I y Mr. F . M. Sudietland. war Vetera] ind lesdent ol a town in the Cutnb i land Mc untains, it & the tragic drai 11 that ' lelell oiie aE~ his dearest trie i Is. Mari ;ery, about Whom the Kort re r lives, dii I uot feel that ahe could do th! itorjr jus ice. But she told it all lo^M . Sutherl: nd. And he in turn, has 44 down |what is without Strongfer {Than Def th CulTrt^l People ^y^$ Talk The Price Tlie Treainei'ous Kis* I Didn't W • part, niak ^ issues o| iu supply it ioterest.i df Secret Love 'dat Pity pretry itorv- Powerful ivrittenJ Not a Stories vely a e.'Butja. gripping story old iu X as it was lived. Easily the outstan ling etc ry o! all the fifty thousand re xived. It would be a shame j ^ndeed, lor you to miss it. | You vill find it in True Story Mig- izin^ fc r March, now on sale, at ail i duubtlheicst power ul true story ever iiew nta ids. Other True Stones in tht'. March Issue "Strooge ' °han De: th," logMher with tha fifteen other aliforbing tales from life, every onetri .every o leaaually lived byl^ men tndwo^enolWhoM'lives it i« iar :h number of True ^ory M igazine toe of the' outstaying j ^istory. i *et your t.>py todjv ialore t le locaj lusted. ICou will l-iiJ 11 i- l'<|'rs of jntensesij camps, there to be s .vept ilt hei] feet, blinded to the realities of 1 fe, by [forces over which she had no cbntrioL < )f a community of roughj hewn mountain foil rent asunder by the com| ing among them of s girl whose sweet dignity and reserve, whose stylKh .imode of dress, every tiling about hei so diflerent from the girls they knew, aroused in the hearts of. the river men and lumber jack iaragijngstormof conHicti A tale of rushing log -ja ^nmed streams. Of primitive passions (urging in the breasts of men who feared ne ther God, nor man, nbij devil A tale of tear i and blood! and tragedyj of hate and lovfe and (ealou ;y. While over all hung the dreaa men ace o£ the double-bitted ax, one blade oi whit h was red. It is entitled! "Stronger Thaii Dea^" ] The Secret Shedow Mr Mr; Wasll Infalidation? And Fivm OtHmr Sti net /roTO ikt %pfhi of tiihoit ttUf -stiidun ^ .hil It COTIUl tAijl0Tl«l>CT >j j "John Deviant E ^iill pleads u-iih me lo isazn bixn'.bnt ' tlnededsiuDhaabeen 'BiVcnlrom^T wif b him. G6d knoWa I love him il ^ccms IO mc ih^ hinds. I want lo| uirhe^cry !ihi picture ol G<rorgi laci*. icro«5 tbiit aw.n> current of s, _ ^ invd to f..Tf:,-:, b it the memory iuinta.' il!{usi;'T~Ba'cii- fice iny hdiipine^ s in atonement lor th«^ • . ha .... arrofs that |aw ._ns current oi,spia) alui logaT I've Tdrrible Mistake Marr^ Searinjt Membries RekU«M Rotnabc , my being, but I can't cWve away the ! 9 U'istiul. a<dien, hopeless, pleadinf I •peec)>,ihis"Bo«a"ofjihakanbar' itl^andtome^^ Feaikaij,jdaiini^Jila Agaiii? cnmt that I Colic, auiirrlnlrndenl. hiin a> a cilifiei ttijadow. Hut I. bitaiMll In war o, llel ii TheQreatesi Newsstands The >i the owner ol iha loltfag opene Moibalofgjngcam Saa^dait] Cmen^wei. prapand Imi ' indywbo would qua > al ainra [found that h« co2ld »Jl(r<*«^ (J *etht|Coi4,^ifYoa gUtl^DBi mil. ATOM. W Jlll'i5!2True "•fa I»«lnoin^lth tlx Ins n .i Distribution o F Thi:»Issue is2,400,0dph:opi<!8 '''U mndyoumi ion iJlS

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