Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 3, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1959
Page 7
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-Junior Editors Quiz on SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS QUESTION: Are there really such things as leprechauns? ANSWER: A leprechaun is an impish Irish fairy, similar to the gnomes and pixies of other lands. The leprechauns make shoes for other kinds of fairies who live in Ireland. These cranky little men are supposed to hoard their money, so that each one has a pot of gold. They say that if you sec a leprechaun and grab him quickly, he will give you the pot of gold in order to be set free. But is this really true, No. Fairy stories and legends, although •hey have some truth in them, are made up mostly from the imagination of story tellers and writers. We all realize this as we grow up. But even if these tales are not strictly true, this need not spoil our enjoyment of the wonderful world of make-believe. FOR YOU TO DO: Write a story about a boy, a leprechaun and a pot of gold. You can make illustrations based on our picture. Think of a cross little man with a pointed cap who lives under a hvlsted tree trunk—and don't forget the pot of goldl (Jerry Mills of Akron, Ohio, receives $10 for this question. Mail your question on a postcard to AP Newsfeatures, in care of thi» newspaper. In ease of duplicate questions, Mrs. Higgins will make the final selection.) T.M •** vs. on. "\ put your pocket watch around his neckl Now we can call him a watchdog and mean it!" TIZZY By Kate Osann CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "You must be something special! My sister has had on five different dresses since dinnertime!" Watercrafr. Answer to Previous Puzzle 'Watching Mr. Higgins spray his picket fence . . . why?" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T y o.s. Pit. on. ACROSS 1 Sailing vessel 6 boat 11 Idolized 13 Freed from guilt 14 Smaller 15 Wnver 16 Entity 17 Giver 20 Egyptian headdress ornament 20 Ascetics 22 Malaysian outrigger ennoe 25 Cathedra 25 Stringed instrument 30 Auricles 31 Courtyard 32 Irish lake 33 Liquid measure 34 Ship's bottom 35 Also 38 Corrodes 39 Ocean vessel 42 Affirmative 45 Made mistakes 46 Canadian province (ab.) 49 Ascended 51 One who tears 53 Rroadcns 54 Coat part 55 Sly looks 56 Theows nowx 1 Type of cabbape 2 Bibliral garden 3 Hurl 4 Credits (ah.) 5 Pays •attention to 6 Odd job 7 of sailing 8 Insects' backs T t M p t_ A K A V lA A M E w A t_ o 6 IT- E V <5 p P N T A y E= U C T E= A C R E N E E\ lr- SI 4, H « A P T r=i T T A R <? u ^ ii T pMl g R p V P R P R A B 1 A e A T D eras ) M P M A T P V Al 1 A P P M A l_ E P N o R P R E= T R P 1 e R Kl E= A *r E R 1 c E T O £ E S e T a. X y £> B Genus of birds 10 Sweet secretion 12 Refuse 13 Rock 18 Born 20 Artist's frames 21 Contouring machine 22 Pry 23 Uncommon 24 Trieste wine measures 27 Noun suffix 28 Tear 20 Flattens 35 Gull-like birds 36 One of two in a rowboat 37 Sheaves 40 Years between 12 and 20 41 Roman magistrate 42 Light sailing vessel 43 Great Lake 44 Lateral part 46 deck 47 Granular snow 48 Very (Fr.) 50 Weight 52 Foot of fine Id TH n 3H "Too bad you can't have the car tonight, Bud. Still, I courted your grandmother in a porch swing and the results were highly satisfactory I" 4? 153 5? 43 Flo 3D 19 10 11 r 38 IHG> ,51 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Fickle Male BY EDGAR MARTIN , WO^'V-U <y£S *AUSiO^,Tr— \_\VCOc. ^q.?sW, ,—_—J OH i HE KEPT SOU'SMiM' AROUND AMP WOW HE FEEL'S SORTA WAKED.' HE'S JIST EMBARRASSED ONACCOLWT OF ALL TH' HAIR I CLIPPED OF FA HIV\.' VOU ME AM ON ACCOUNT f OF ALL TH' HAiR SOU DIDN'T CI. If OF FA !l ••" '' \ HIM/ rrr ;i V:i <J 1 1. : I 1 <r - r 1 '"•"-••sC -i 1 THE WORRY V.ACT OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLi LVJ&'VEI U6 - SPUTT ti HATED^ 3QT t IT ALL,X'M A . < 60W&\ HUMAN ICICLE/J — - \ HOT COPPBfi 4 * 1 05E FiiH.lCOPFBEl ALLVBRV V4BLL, OMTHEV SLAT VI MAT $TOVE — FA0OUTATOUCH , At?GU5 WlTHtTHATlLf OF THAT 0RANOy! V-JWENl X ^ gRlN6i .V <0U BROUGrAT SACK' AT TH£- pboK .eUT X •VO D'D^T ',<\ !l T£ WASN'T AN^ ^/'. V J i/i -rrr' r ALONG FOR MEt5lCtr4AL PURPOSES^ , HAK -kAFF/, SURELY MY/ 't ft' f BUGS BUNNY Blackout HE ISN'T UNA'S OKAY! HERE / I 'LL UNLAX YET. ANPV ON YER I 'M BUSY \ COUCH CLEANING ) AN' WAIT .' HOUSE i I SEE SOME COBWEBS NEAR TH' CEILING AN' THERE'S ^DUST ON THAT PICTURE FCAME,AN'. PRISCILLA'S POP First the Details BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP Tough Customer BY V. T. HAMLIh HEV. WAIT: 0 >.\"S OW yOU GET THAT^NOT INSIDE THAT,' HOW !?ID ) I'M GOMN^ ( THiMo AUAV FROM \ CONTRAfTlOM. .\ II uET / SEE THAI IT '•"^A HERE THi^ !N -l(Wr, ) HE LAN T RE' ). Ht ^Ei 1 / CON T v =0 LOOK; -VV 7 THEN \ I PUNNO. BUT '\N> WHERE MORTY MEEKLE Slow Starter BY DICK CAVALLI FINALLY GOT IT \ ALL FIGURED OUT, ) EH, MEEKLE? J FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Three-Man Job BY MERRILL BLOSSER DADDY/I'LL NEED ,.»..«,. fl MONEY FOR NEW fWv^ CLOTHES WITH 1 SCHOOL OPEW IN<5 SOON/ "ttXJ AMD TtXJR.. MOTHER MAKE YOUR _y A p E BUT JUST TWO OP US CANT POSSI&LY TURN OUT ENOU6H VOLUMP TO COMPLETELY OUTFIT ME/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WEYNE Si $ A rt O?l. B. Ai'tA»;0 Narrow Escape ^ DONHfcj BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY Making a Date BY LESLIE TURNER IN 6.PMN. H0NEV...6UT X HOPE 5.T0P OFf 1 !N ENuLAWP W VEr-.THIs- 15 VT, WAY HOME'. PEUNY B0RK.B- WHY. EASY!! WHERE AR& YOU ? 1^ WONPERFULlTlw A COUPL& 0' PAYS! UN EAoER TO \ I CAN CALL ^OR, YOU SEE ^JUl HOW I SATUKPAS AT 8 RM.l SOON CAM SOU P'—-.~ „ ^ "THAT& MARVEL0U51 I WU&T RUN OVER TO COftHAWi TOViORKOW. MT I 'LL 6& SfcCKSy THE TIW& YOU ARRIVE i

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