Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 12, 1898 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1898
Page 6
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D., 1803, kt tbe hour ot 10 o'clock In tbe forenoon, at th' north front door of tho City Hall bulldtng.ln th olty of Alton,toounty of Madison and btateo Illinois,1 sell at public auction, to tbohlghes and pest bidder, for oash, all and singular, tho following described premises and real estate In Mid decree mentioned, situated In tho oltyo Alton county of Madison and State of Illinois or so much thereof as shall bo suBloleat to satisfy said deoroo, to-wit: tot* numbered seven (71 and eight (8), In block number flfty-slz (60), In Godfrey and Oil man's addition, to Alton; situated In said olty ot Alton, oounty of Madleon and Stale of 1111 Upon compliance with all tho terms ot sale and upon the approval of such sale by tho oor— • oorufloate of purchase will be given the p ohsjiei' entitling him to. loed from tho Master In Chancery of said court at tho expiration 01 Bfteen month*, provided redemption be not de prior to that time. d, Got. 24th, A. D., 189S. LEVI D. YAQEK. 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Sce Single Insertion Three to n»o Insertion* BU to twelre Insertions lUTMOf ADVKRT1SINO. TIUHBIIIHT.-60 cents par inch flrsl Insertion, and 16 cents per Inch for each oubsoquonl inner» per Inch flrst month, »1.M per Inch e«oh month thereafter, LIOAL ADTIRTIt'.XO II per Inoh for tne flrst Insertion, and 80 cents per luon tor eaoh subsequent Insertion, THE Maria Teresa hae been found stranded on Oat Inland. It Is questionable If tho battered old thin? would now make a good habitation for cats, AT a late hour last night Chairman Baboock of the Republican OongroB- slonal committee, said that the latest advices received by the committee made no change in the political complexion of the next liouae of Representatives. The Republicans, he said, would have 185 members certainly, giving them a clear majority of 13. JIM CHKBLMAN, tbo notorious correspondent, Is at It again. Tbls time he says that Senator Gray, tho only Democrat on thoParls.peace commission, la be will Senate not for the one oommle Amorlo tbe aut UPPER ALTON. Mm. Lnorelia Keck, who hao boon visiting her nephew Mr. 8. A. Wight- mnn mid his family, left last niglit for her homo in Chicago. Rov. J. B. Webb will fill his broth- ev'n pulpit at VIrden tomorrow. Mr. Webb hns jiiflt received ft fall lo the Kast (Alton Baptist cburch, nnd will begin hlB pastorate there in ft fow weoks. (I N- Hatir of St. Louie, formerly a 1 Bburlloff Btudenl, is visiting friends nt the College Dormitory. Mrs. Mary Murphy and daughter are visiting In St. Louis. Benjamin Hunt of Jorseyvllle, was in town yet-terday. Prof. J. P. Whyte. teacher of elocution at Shurtleff, will fl 1 tho pulpit at, the Baptist church tomorrow. Miss Lllllo Coulter entertained tho pupils of tho High School last uignt at tho Martha Wood Cottage. Prof, and Mrs. Lowery and 40 pupils attended and spent a most delightful evening. (.James, music by Misses Sara Mo- Arthur, Nellie Maltby and Marie Wood, a recitation by Miss Coulter and a dainty lap supper formed the program of the evening's entertainment. Mrs. Tlllie Holman, an aged colored woman, died last night after a short illness. "AuntTillie" was well known and respected for many years as a faithful servant in many families, who will be grieved to learn of her death. Her early years were spent In slavery and her exact nge ia not known. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. If yon have catarrh don't dally with local remedies, but purify and enrich your blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla. ConI ALL] of .Lor riendl; tween would I to com; land nc ing npc territoi MODS w build u The on tO gO t' human SPAI: until n< She 1m to man could t OODSldl war ai round! She su terms; paring may hi that m feat wl <x of the Stnteo "the U tltude us wicl Tnesdf are bai endea 1 flesh ft all uttc Ear op many, there I which of bra 1 war ai stead i wblnlr. to "pit Spanli Englia Tha migration of ;> h\n Ilont ot stoam- crs nud vussclH frnin thn Rrnat lukcs to (ha Altautic nunbourd Is ouo of tho most nlgnlflrjuiit and important nvoritH which have hiinpiinod in tbo n!Vnirsof our mer- ohnnt mariiiu for inmiy youra. During the last tan yotirfi tho freight carrying tratlo nn the lukns has boon gradually aliKorued by tho big steel boats for which our intern! sous are now fn- of ito nn Jersey am IT is the fo"""""~' Senate Ooppl count; tive U was ( durlnf " , press tbatv Its po oonaU count often ties. Benat „. „ Madison tbe oonntles Oalhoun which never have given less majority together than 800 to 00 voter. From that time to this th district has been safely Republican and the Democratic candidates have Invariably met with defeat. The lat Hon. 0. A. Herb and Hon. D. B Sparks defeated tho Democratic can didate, L. F. Luraaghl In 1894 and 1800 and in both oases the minority repre seutative wbo was elected came from Jersey. Madison Democrats have iu slated on controlling the nomination lor Senator, and have given tbe otbe iwo counties the candidates for the eglslature. Madison couuly this rear bos elected a Senator aud uember of tbe lower house on the Republican ticket, while Jersey conn- y has tbe Democratic minority representative and the Republican representative. It certainly Is a strange outcome of Beiiator Ooppinger's plans but it ia true, nevertheless, that the dadlson county Democracy of the iresent 47th district has never yet iad n representative TYPlCAIi WOODEN I.AKR KHKIGHTKR. xnons. Many of thorn) now bouts are of the wlmlebtiolt design. They are fresh water uioustorH, some of thorn wore thnu 400 foot long nnd capable of carrying in tboir cavernous hoUlHiuoro than 0,000 tons of such freight ae coal and iron ore. Of conrse it Vfna tho inovitabln result that tlin immllor htko boats, the." old wooden IjargcH iuic( nailing vessels, which in thoir tinio had dona the bjtBinem of the great InkoB, should be orowdod out. A vessel currying a fow hundred tons cannot conipoto with craft carryiug ten times us much, for tbo difference in tbe ooHt of transporting a big load and a mmll one is not in proportion. . ,So tho owners of tho old wooden boats were in o most doprussod Htato of mi ml until all unexpectedly there came a rift in the cloudu aud un avnnno of cncnpo from fuilnro WHH opened up. This came when u few weeks ago a reprosontativd of u lioh New York syndicate known as tho Atlantic Transportation company appeared in various lake ports and began chartering for long terms barges arid vosselH of every duKoriptlon. Groat wiis the astonishment of tho mngnulcH in Inlca shipping circles whan it was learned that tho Now York man proposed to take thuKn boatH to the Atlantic by way of the St. ijawreiioo river. The luku inun nni(l it oonld not bo done. Bo much havo the rapids of the St. Lawrcuco linen feared that a sur- priHiugly email uutnlior of veswls and •toamcrs hiivn boeu tnlccn to emit water over this •grout natural highway. But whou it \vas auucuucod that J. O. Gllchriet, tin oxtuiifiivo VOHHO! owner of Cleveland, had ohnrr.orurl his whole fleet to tho now company nnd had bo- The Allen Railway Law. The Chicago Tribune has Interview id all the members of tbo Illinois Leg stature. Forty per cent of those lu- erviowotf have returned answorB,nrd , very large majority of these have nswered that they will vote for the epeal of tbe law. There ia little oubt bub that the Allen law will be epealed aa soon aa tho legislators can et at It. _ lo Cure Catarrh o not depend upon snuffs, Inhalants r otber local application*). Catarrh i a constitutional disease, and can be uoaeufull) treated only by means of constitutional remedy like Hood's arsaparllltt, which thoroughly purl' es tbe blood and removes the aorof- lout taint* which cause catarrh. The real number of testimonials troui lose who have been cured of catarrh >y Hood'B Barsaparilla prove tbe uu> quailed ipower of this medicine to F toll alienee. U troubled wHh i give Hood's Sftwaparllla » fair in of eeonr- a Hustmin TWO STORCS. During tho pnst years wo have boon so crowded in our store on Third Btroot that wo havo born com polled to spread out. For Iho accommodation of our patrons and to show our largo slock of goods wo have opened A New Store At 317 Belle st. All our Toys nod Fancy Goods will be found thoro nnd our Ohina, Glass, Gnvnito and Tinware, Lamps and Houao FurniRhinir Goods will bo found nt our Third street store. Our ambition H to have the prettiest nnd completes! store In Southern Illlnoia aud wo think we now have it. Come nnd nee ua in our old and our now home. TnrantiunH 01 uio syrnmtuiH, wi $ii,000,000 of capital, were the cause of uo little nutii^imiBs in coal circles in tbfl east. A rumor was Btion afloat to the effect that a monopoly of the coal carrying trade vvao ninied at, and this only found freHb verification when tbe company started ont by expending $750, 000 for vessels. The purchases continued until a floot of eight seagoing tugs, four steamers nnd 42 barges had been acquired. Later an order waa given to a Bath (Me.) shipbuilder for four barges of larger dimensions and coating abont $48,000 each. Gradually tbe purpose of tbe Atlantic company leaked ont. Tho company so- cured control of the entire output of the coal mines on tbe Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, or rather that portion of tbe output which found a market in the east and which, with otber contracts secured about the name time, aggregates fully 4,000,000 tons of coal annually. Tbe Atlantic company found a few wenlts ago, however, tbat of tho 250,000 tons of coal or more that must be moved every mouth they bad facilities for the movement of only 175,000 tone, and so Mr. Walter 3, Basse, the general nr.auager of the company, went to the grent hikes cities expecting to expend abont $800,000 in the purchase of several vessels to be takiin to tbo coast. Mr. Berne is a young man, but .he is ehrewd, aud so when he gained an insight into the situation on tho lakes and saw that many of tbo smaller wooden craft, if not exactly being driven ("• * of business, were at Itiast being operated unprotitably, he quickly conceived the scheme for chartering these vessels for a term of years. The vcBsolB are to be engaged in the coal trade between Newport News and Mew York, Boston and other New England ports This is not regarded an nearly no dangerous a route as that traversed in going from Buffalo to tbe head of tbo lakes. In tbo first place, it ia a run of only 110 miles from Newport Newa to Delaware breakwater, and only 125 miles from there to New York. As for tbo trip from New York to Boston, tbe veasfils will bo well protected from any rough weather during almost one-half fr,v Hm rmritn of liushir as will iilso be included. Russia already has » niiva) station iu Persian turritor; at Ah'lnmulu, on tho Houtbcastoru ecus of thu Caspian nun. According to pros out indications there will doubtlusseoou bu a KiiBtiiun railway running botl from Uu.-htiuid from Ashuradiito Tubu ran, uml then™ through Hamndiii straight through Persia to Bushir am tho 1'urtiiiu gulf.—Kxohango. 6TEKI. 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It Sounded So Truthful I jKiruuRilcd lior to try thin medicine. Boloro llnlulilnj; tho llrat bottle lliuru wax an improvement iu hur coiiilltlon. Hho no lonyer throw up her fund nnd hur bund- Bolio wan not ua tmvoro, Hho took In nil four bottlou of llood'u HurBaparlll* und oral buxoauf Hood'a 1'llls and rt't'iilnod r wnlylit. Hho ia now enjoying thu bunt of ht'itltb. Hur dliii'Htlon la good uud Hho en n cut ultnuat nnytliliiK sho wlahen. tiho id '12 ycurn old and »aya B!IO fvula as well an when shu WUH IU. Jlood'u Baruapurlllu nmdt) a complete cure til her uaue." Mius MAKV MAHOAUIB, Irouton, Ohio. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is llm bust -In futit tho Ono Trim liluoil I'lirlflur. l'i I'jmriMl only oy I). 1. llooil & Ou., l.owoll, Musu. VIMRTARD SECOND BAPTIST cm'nrn—S. R. fit 3n. m. All »r<> cordially Invited to attond. O. O, linings, Supt. Y. M. C. A. -Spnolal norrirr. for men Ir, tho V. M. C. A. room" nt I p. in., Sunday. All men nrft oordlally InvKoLl. c.\vi'Ri'.t,i, CIIAI-KI. A. M K. ("urnrn- ,1. M. Wllkrrson,pastor. Pr.>p,(iHln» at 10:1', » m. nnd T:Wp. rn. !>y the p.intnr. H. S. at2;:inp. m. ONION TUrnsT cinimni—Corner Seventh nnil Ooorgnnts. HOT. .1. II. Itnrtnn Prenc'hlni»nl H n. m. nnd 7:.fP p. m. 8.a. at •'< p. m. PRF.SBTTKnlAN CHURCH.—HoV. H. K. S»n- borno, pastor. Dlvlno son-Iron nt 10:15 n. in. md nt7:3<) p. m. H. S. ntfl:.'0i|>. m. V. P. H. C. K. moots at 0:30 p, m. BAPTISTCmmcn.—Rnv. M. W. Twins, pis- tor. Preno.hlnR tomorrow mornlnjjaml ovon- InK hv tho pastor. H. H. nt9:.lo n. m, Juniors at4p.m. R. Y. P. U.nt 0:45 p.m. KVANOEMCAi.Cmmcn—f:or. Klahtlinnd Henry sts. Hov. Wm. Hnekmnnn, pastor. I'rononlntr at 10.30 B. m. nnd?:,'«iD. m. H. H. nt !) a. m. Toii'jhnrs' meetlnK Friday, nt S p. m. WASHINOTON ST. M.K. Cnuiurii— Jonlah Aliol, S aator. Stmdftv--9:80 a. m.. Junior L'^^uo. ervlcpn at 10::'K)a. m.. nnd ":.'!() p. m. 2:30 p m.,8. 8. fl:3'J p. m, Upworth l,on«ui'. Thurs- day—7:80p. m., Prayer meetlnK. UNITARIAN CiiMRCn.—Cor. Third and Alhy nt'i. Rev. Goo. U. Qobaunr, pastor. H. S. nl !>:!"> o. ra. fjnuroh sorvloo at 10:ir.a.m., snbjoct, "TholIlghorl'eBBlmlam." and at 7:30. "Thi- Origin of the Kamlly and Msrrlngo." Rontn tree. . GF.RMANM. K. cmmcn.—Rev. chaa.llcldel, pastor. Preaching at IO:.TO a. m. and 7:;w p m. by tho pastor. 8. 8. at 0::IO a. m. Youne peo- S lo'a meeting at 7 p. m. Prayer moetliiK'I liurs- ay at 7:30 p. m Toaohors' mooting Friday lit 7:30 p. m CoNaREOATiONAbCnuiicn.—Corner Sixth and Henry streets. Ilev. J. II. J. Hlco, pastor. 8. 8. at 0:;tO a. m. Preaching Sorvlo.OB at 10:40 a. m. and 7:110 p. m. Christian Endeavor nt 0:30 p.m. Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m, Prayer meeting at V:45 Thursday evening. W. C. T. U.—Tho Woman's Christian Tem- poranoe Union meetings, aro held the flrst and third Tuesdays ot the month nt 3:!tO o'clock Id tho Y. M. C. A. Chapel. All meetings aro open to visitors and friends ot humanity aro cordially Invited to attend. TWELFTH STHEKT CUMBERLAND pREsnYTERiAN. Cliuncii.—Cor.Twelfth nnd Henry streets. Rev. J. M. Oalsor, pastor. Preaching at 10:15 n. m. and 7:30 p. m. Y. P. C. 8. E. at (1:30 8. S. atO:SOa. m., T. II. Pcrrln.Hupt. Tonoh- ors meeting, Monday night. Midweek service Thursday night at 8 o'clock. M. E. CHURCH—Cor. Market and Sixth sts. Rev. M. N. Powers. D. D.. pnstor. H. S. at 0:30 a. m. Preaching at iO*U> n. m. nnd 7:'!0 - vnn - • • - MIIS. HIM. ANTHONY. to inform you that tho ship haa been blown np." Of course yon do. For nt least u month Bruve Dill Anthony was a national hero. Wall,-there is n Mrs. Bill Anthoiiy. Tim wedding took place Got. 15, hut it was only tho other day that tho secret came out. Their courtship is auothar one of tho ninny romances of the war, aud a very pretty one it is tuo. At the time of tbe Maine disaster Mrs. Anthony was Mies AdelJn Maurlo Blaucot, and she lived in New York city. Soon after tho story of Bill's bravery was printed Miss Bianoet, although not auiiuaiuted with Anthony, wrote him a letter complimenting him for his brnvery. Anthony replied, nnd they exchanged photographs. Tbeconple kept up the cnrrei-poiidoDco until three mouths ngo, when Anthony was able to oome to New York and visit Miss Bian- oet at her houiu. When Anthony was assigned to the N(>w York navy yard, their marriage wan arranged. Anthony now livfs with his bride nt the home of his undo in New York. Anthony is 4fi and liin .bride 24. He was a private when tbo Maine was blown up. but on recommendation of Captain Slusheo hn was raised to the rank of sorgnant by Secretary Long. He served all through tbe war iu tli« marine corps. Ho had previously spent 14 years iu the imvy ami declares tbut he meuus to stiok to tho mixvico. Superior Kiiovrlcilite. "Mother, horn's that stupid monkoy of n Bobby doesn't know whether fish ever go tn clenp or not." "Woll, Kitty, I ilnu'f, kuo»v, either." "Goii' grnnidtifi! Wliatevur d'yon d'pose the bed nt' the sen was made fnr!" —Pick Me Up. A llrillliliil I'.Miiiil''"- The Father— 1 lirar you linvo been borrowing money {rum your mother again. The Son—Quito proper, papii. Yon know' tbo Priiito of Wales dees that suuio thing. — Yimlcurs Statesinau. An Olijcnt of I'll}'. "It is'atorrlblu tbiui; to IIB nearsighted." "Can't dndfjc ycur uruditorH?"' "That's nut tht worst. I'm always walking into thn j.arlnr when my wife baa company."—Chicsiyo Record. Sign ul Ilic Tlim-«. fe Brand Condensed Milk. LITTLE BOOK INFANT HEALTH" SENT FREE, Should be In Every House. H.Y. CONDENSED MILK CO. NEW YORK. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey acts as n balm to tho lungs, cutting the mucus, allaying the inflaminatiou, healing aud strengthening. It will euro a cough or a cold in one night and exhilerntos tho lunga against the inception of disease. 25o at good drug tores. No curea no pay. How to Cure Bilious Colic. I Buffered for weeks with colic and pains in uiy stomach caused by biliousness and had to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhnoa Romo dy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many peo pie.—Mrs. F. Butler, Fiiirhaven, Conn. 3 o'clock p. ni. °«..f>pMa ufhrt nrn RL1 pence etui I'" read its plainly us n patent medicine mlvurriscmunt on the side of a bam. Just now Hit) signs rend "war," For tilt; piist fuw weeks tho docks of England's pn-at navnliuseunl have been bumming with activity. At Devonport iu<l Clint hnm I hero hns been a Hiniilar stir. Anruhs the channel has corao an Bdhoiii" bum from Brest, Ohorbourg and Toulon, bnt it bus only served to iuaroat-o till! bustle on tho Portsmouth wharfs. When tbrrn ore no ivarolonds on the diplomatic borizon, Portsmouth 'is a drowsy, dit:iiilipd port. In the wide harbor swing dowjiin of old hnllrs, some of thoni famnns in history. There is tho Victory, Nelson's old flagship, now in its one hnndred and twenty-seventh year, nud good for another century. Beside it lire otber grand old naval reljce of which nil Englitihruen nre proud. Other bulks (ire used tiH training ships, nnd from those cnu bo drawn the thon- sandg of sailors necessary to man tbe ships of an increased navy in timos of emergency. But when war threatens tbe wharfs mvnrni with rod coiitod marines and hastily summoned jackies. Big steel cruisers crowd tbe old woodou bulks uud busy little inutiohos puff about the harbor. The hotels are full of naval officers and the wires are hot with messages. The full possibilities of Portsmouth dockyards are known only to the British naval authorities, but it ia said tbat lying in tbe harbor are scores of discarded hull? wbiob could be sent out Inside of a fow weeks with armor OD their sides, guns on their decks and men to man them. Roughly speaking, It is estimated that tbe partially or wholly dismantled fighting ships in the waters of the dockyard nre capable of being converted into a fleet of battle- A UUST PAY AT I'OISTS.MOUTII NAYV TAKD. ships, cruiFcra, dispatch boats, gunboats, torpedo destroyers and auxiliary ebipH as formidable in guns, men and offensive' power and not inferior iu speed and seagoing qualities to tbe entire French Metliterruucun fleut at present in uotuiil commission and on the station. Plans for tbo arming, refitting aud conversion of there ehips into modern improved fighting machines, with the latent destructive equipments, are said to he now practically ready for carrying ont in detail as fast as the ez- Igouciua of tbe service may require. Portsmouth of today is a congeries of villages grown into towns. 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The largest stock nnd atest styles._ Scott is the busiest tailor In town. Another box oar on the Bluff Line switch near the "water works, was broken Into last night and a sack of sugar weighing 100 pounds WHB stolon. Tho police Imvo no duo as to who la the author of the frequent thefts from tho cars in this vicinity. Yon can buy beautiful ana good Kid Gloves In black or in colors at -* -t f> oorae"hero and see the best "Knit Underwear" that your Koner will buy. Git.ll for then numbers or any other kind you way want: 1687 >7 2 3 '795 .776 3279 2008 3087 3240 Ladles' Natural Wool Union Suits .$1.50 Natural Wool Union Suits Children's Cotton Fleeced Union Suits Ladles' Black Wool Rlbbod I'ants and Vests, each Ladles' Natural Wool lilbbetl rants and Vests, each Ladles' Oamel Hair Pants and Vests Ladles' Cotton Ribbed Fleeced rants and Vests 65cup ,.40cup l$i.oo ,.75c ..60o 25c Mo. 436 190 1123 1141 1448 1446 '438 Oh tldren '• Camel Hair hurt* and Vests Children'! 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Winter Apparel of Every Kind In Great Variety MADISON STOREj DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES. BfflfButterlok Patterns—itfail orders promptly filled. lost iii tbe embraces of her cfiildrna. Bat Portsmouth proper uinst always retain its individuality in oue respect. Neither Sontbatm, with its villas, nor Landport, with its hulls, can take from it tbe characteristic features which are its glory and its renown. It is with Portsmouth that Englishmen connect the first appearance of a regular naval establishment, when, by order of that eminent prelate who was, as it were, secretary of the navy to King .lohu, the docks for the war galleys were inclosed in a fortification and penthouses were built for their tackle. Portsmouth and its yard were very small affaire in thuse days, when the navy of England consisted of abont 60 galleya Tbongb not perhaps tbe first established — since Deptford and Woolwich claim priority — Portsmouth dockyard has, since its foundation in 1512, boon the principal national institution of tbe kind. On its slips some of tbo finest ships have been built, aud from its wharfs tbe noblest wooden walla and Ironclads of England have taken tboir departure. There ore fewmonnrobs who have sat on England's throne who have not paid Portsmouth dockyard a visit, snd many foreign potentates have seen an} marveled at its numerous docks, sheds, factories and basins busy with naval preparations uneqnaled on the faoo of the globe. T. B. FRANCIS. "Tn»tc Orcheitratlon." "This so called uew theory of color bearing ian't new at all, "said a chap who takes an interest in curious things, "and the whole idea is very neatly em- SWORD FOR SCHLEY. • - \ *• •fevrc! StTidiliMl OlirlntwRH PreHcnt Kroitt (*f*nnnyIvunlnnii* DuriiiK tho month of September the people of Pennsylvania contributed $8,600 to a tund for the purchase of a sword to bu presented to Rear Admiral Sobley. The other day a design, selected from Hnimif' many submitted, was accepted nud UIB contract awarded. The sword is to l:t> finished before Deo. 20, and it is the intention of tba committee in charge "of the fund to give it to Admiral ikbU'V us n Christmas gift. The eword presented to Admiral Dewey by thn government cost 88,000, stfethe one to be given to Admiral Schley will be somewhat richer. It is to hava a fine steel blade, which will he incased in a golden scabbard studded with jewels. The hilt is to be a very ornamental affair. The grip will bo covcrrd with title sharkskin bound with gold wira and ia* laid with gold stars. 1 he pommel, tbe bead of the hilt, will bn set with a large fire opal, tho luck stone for October, tbe month iu wliioh Ad iiirnl Scblcy wne born. The opal .is nnojrolod hy u wreath of closely bourn] Inure! leaves. The eagle appears 'pu tbo pommol with poised wings. Below the eagle IH Introduced the seal of the state of Pennsylvania. Tho scabbard will bear at the top, ou tho front, in diamond.-* of exquisite bril- Tr-.E COLONEL'S LO R. R. EXCURSION RATES. lU Alton" for Colorado. 'TPHE DuHlngton to Omaha. T hu HiirllnKU'n to Colorado, California and to I'niret Sound PolntH. W omosonkei'N Kxcurbfontt. — Nov. lat and 15th • • and Doc. Oth and 2(ith, via the Burlington. R EDUCED Knten lo North«rn and W«at«rn rt'BOrt and now In effuc't via the C. & A. K. K. nnntK'tlons. T ho Durllngton Houto bofit lino to all northern northern and wt'aturn Biimmor roKorts. Cheap ruloa now In oil'eot. For Information apply toJ. H. Thomas, Agent tltltt H oment'okiTs l-'xmirulona, Nov. ir> -Fur the C & A. U. U. will «{'!! r.v.ui-bim, U<*nt» at vi-ry low rati'H lutlu! Wost, Month, Houlhwvst and Northweut. Limit 1!1 day*. 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Mk'ht){iin (uppttr), M klourl, .Mlnn^hotd, TuliurH.Hni', Vli'Klnla and \Vlu<'Ciisln, vl,-i ilu foriuutlon and lit-kuu viilHin 1.1 llokut Agont. M omu8»uknrn' Kioumlun at very low raloa via Ulfc' Kiuiulllod polnlx In Alul Una, Colorado, Florida, Uuuriiln, Idulio, Indian Tor- lt'*.ry, lowtt, KNimat), Kunlut'ky, LoiiUUna, Mlohljian, Mlnnouota, MlMtiUtjtpi)!, MlHMOiirl, \'obm»ku, North Carolina, Norm l)ukota,Oklu- loina, Orugon, Bouth (TuiolliKt, Hi>uLh Dakota. rennosavu, Utah, Vlrglnlu, Wlin'onnlu anj Wyoming. Tlokwta will boon s»lo Oct. IHlh.— Kor full mfunnavlou apply to U. 11. Hamilton, Ticket Ag«nt.< — Upon er «ml ndaloiof Ootobor, Novomboi ._ 0. d' A. wll< bulltixourtilon tlckuttf titgruatly roducud rattiH lo piilniti In Alabama, ArUoua, Arkannas, Colorado, Floilda, (iourtgla, Idaho, ndlan Torrltoty, Iowa, K.UI«H«, Koiituoky, x>ulstana. Northern Miuiluan^lliinusotu, Mla> jl««H>|)l, Mluacurl. NehraiikH, Now MiuU'u, dortu Curollua, BvuUi Dakota, Tuiin.^»uo. Toit, Utah, Virginia, WUoont,in and \Vyouilnif. ^o reductions In ratds aru of aufiiL'Umt Itnpon- noe U> uturlt thu Hltuntlon of iiio«puollve r«^l*r«. For p*rtlcuiiir# call on 0.0. Norrls, DON'T MISS THEM ©DELS Sacrifice Sale <2or. 3d and Piasa sts. Licensed aon«r*l Superintendent iad Mechanic! I)rautft><«ni«n ibtaln Lyttari 1'ttof t on new Imontlooi or |» «p»ol4o«tlou8 and ukk« »ppllo»tlnn> • IHP fiTKEHT, Ttiird Floor. Boys' In same, goingr;at. Wberebr HB Unwltilnsrly Co • nub With Hlnmelf. ".I only wish I had tbongbt t'o'I" exclaimed Colonel Slilwe seized his hat " Where aro you going?" "To the sto' to buy aomoflshh I'ri missed a lot of good up lainmah, and I've got to bo make UD fob lost time. When of what a little oarelossnoss has I am positively ashamed." "Why, you can fish at any ti "No, I can't lean fish at a ID the fntnre, bnt I can't call I golden boars when I might ba flsbin at Newpo't News. I'm i put np with the inconvenieno night trip in order to get the and not waste any mo' time. flsbnbman by nature, sub, and hitherto imagined that I have do very fancy angling, bnt when the bahveit I ought to have oaieof I feel that I haven't a m lose, I'm goin to have a go even if I have to chop a hole it and sit ovab it in a fur triuimi coat like MU Eskimo." "Bat why Newport News! fishing elsewhere." "So I aged to think, Ah, ray painful * to think of what we this life because we don't fl s ur 4, lrat out properly. Where have mos"^ Bhips been lannobed lately?" "Why, at Newport News, I b "Exactly so. And when the; the ship what do they do?" Have you Seen the New LARDER STUD It is the best Shirt Stud ever produced- Post in center of back makes it suitable for shirts with either button holes, eyelet holes or a combination of the two without the annoyance of coming out of shirt or fear of loss. Only made in 14 kt solid The Beall 'coon hunting outfit went hunting last night and brought back four 'coons and one possum. Gun and lock repairing done by Hubbel,— Jarreit building, e. 2nd et. The hall of Fleur de Lys Lodge, K. of P., ia being handsomely papered, painted and fitted out generally. Qo to Booth's for Diamonds. The question of on whose shoulders will fall tbe mantle of Chief of Police when Sheriff-elect Kuhn takes his new office, Is agitating some of the police. Two men are being spoken of as probable successors, Officers Goo. Russell and Henry Spaet and Oapt. Allen of the night police. Dorsey Fuel Oo. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Plasa street, (live thorn n call. Shampooing and vapor baths now barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 Piasa st Constable Rose will sell a small gasoline launch at public sale Nov. 17. The boat belongs to J. T. Matson who has been making his way down tbo river. His assistant, Goorgo Grant, took out an attachment for $27 for labor, and secured ajudgment against tho boat. The boat is 22 feet long and has a One gasoline engine in it. Look for that heavy weight Underwear you need at Captain Eaton of Western Military Academy ia receiving congratulations at the birth of a fine young son. Dr. D. 0. White has let the contract to Elaen & Kathman for remodeling bis office rooms on Second street. The Onion Social Olab will give their Eighth Annual Ball, February 11, at Turner Hall. gold, and only can be haa at J. H. BOOTH'S, 119 West Third Street. i lawyer & Keiser, L m *' Madison Bldg., Phone 185. hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPBR ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. term begins Sept. 22nd. 1893. For i Instrumental and Vocal Music, Eloou- rso In land Painting. Send (or catalogue PFEIFFER & BAILEY, "Why, they break abottle o» , $1.29, JIM """•<— " J. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. 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Accompanied by Miss Isadora Rush Iu Ills Great Success By Qeo. A. Broadhurst. PRICES: Parquet and Dress Circle, $1.00 Balcony SO and 7Sc Gallery 2Sc Box office open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday, Get Your Seat/ In Advance. Tbe Bluff Line steam shovel has been put to work again near Watson's quarry, widening the county road. Mr. Thomas Pepler has opened a grocery store at Denver, Colo., In partnership with his son Alfred Pepler. A private dancing party was given at Orowe'a hall last evening. Abont thirty couples were present. Starr's orchestra furnished the music. Dr.A.W.Kue. Dentist, Hpalding bid. A. L. Floss' new ad tells of his new stoves. Ho has just received the second car load of Round Oaks and has sold 158 of them this season. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries and celery just received at Stanton & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers. — Dorso> Fuel Oo. _ Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," £4.00. AI/TON ROLLER MILLING Oo. Peanuts and taffies 10 cents a pound Saturday and Sunday at Goo. McOol- lum's. Ed. Sawyer, an employe in Keiaer &Co.'slivery 'stable, returned from a trip to Litchfleld yesterday, bringing his bride [with him by way of surprise. Emoiy Clark was divorced from his wife yesterday, and in this particular the TKLEORAPII'S item erred yesterday. It was stated that no divorce was granted. An Edwardflville JDcmoccot-io editor won $50 on Kuhn carrying Alton by a larger majority than Hotz carried Edwardsville. That IfemocraJ-io editor has a level head. For Rent—4-room house, cor. 7th and Henry sts.—H. Wm. Bauer. Philip Wise was quite severely injured last evening by falling while riding bis tandem in St. Louis. He was picked «p In an unconscious condition but has again recovered. Llndley & Dickinson, uentlsts, Nisbett bldg., opp. Olty Building. Miss Anna Dietschy's dancing class gave a masquerade party at Gill's hall last evening. There was quite a large crowd in attendance and the party was a very pleasant ono= Go to Booth's for Sterling silver novelties of all kinds. Alton Conservatory. Eighth Year. Second Term. Sept. 1st. Music, Art, Elocution, Delsarie and Special Studies. Miss AlloeB. Marsh, Voice and Piano, Bpmlnary street, Upper Alton. R. C. MILLS, Rend (or Catalogue. The sale of seats for tbe engagement of Roland Reed at the Temple Monday night has been quite large. The attraction "The Wrong Mr. Wrigbt' 1 is said to be Mr. Reed's finest. Wesley Morris, tbe notorious all around thief who has been indicted by several grand juries of the Olty Court, was arrested in Bast St. Louis yesterday for stealing a set of carpenter's tools. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Batha at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 806 Belle st Tho flrst lecture of the series on "The Family as a Factor in Life" will b3 given at the Unitarian church tomorrow evening by Rev. Mr. Gobauer Us subject being "The Origin of the Family aud Marriage." Deputy Sheriffs. The names of Wm. Batterton of North Alton, and Edward .Yager and Henry Unterbrink are mentioned as probable appointees for Deputy Sheriffs. That Is, two of them may be tbe lucky ones. Qo to M. Moritz's for your collars, 16?, two for 25*, for yonr cuffs, 25? per pair. The best for the money. Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of tbe city. Telephone^lS. WM. FRIES. The only place to buy Gillespie Coal is314 Piasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Co. Upper Alton Burglars. Burglars were abroad in Upper Alton again last night, and made visits to four different residences. Mrs. Helen Messenger, Mrs. McDaniele, Wm. Black and W. H. Shoemaker all report persons attempting to force entrances to their homes during the night. Each of the families escaped with no more serious harm than a bad scare. At tho McDaniel residence the burglar succeeded In entering tbe house, but a member of the family was awakened and frightened him away. Seven families have now been visited by house breakers during the last two weeks, and citizens are beginning to realize that something must be done to locate the robber and prevent further depredations. While suspicion can be placed on no particular parties, people are beglnnlcg to believe it is not the work of professional burglars but of persons much nearer home, and very well accomplished In their profession. Notice of Removal. On and after Nov. 14 my office will be iu the "Laura" (Post Office) building, where I hope to see my old patrons and as many new ones as may desire my services. G. A. McMiLLE.v, Dentist. Every reader of this paper should see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Oo. In this issue. It will interest you. Coal. Hard or soft coal at E. J. Lockyer> office at quarries. Telephone 1694 Banner Bargain Month of Fashionable Fall and Winter Woolens. Thoso are price values positively without n prooedont. SUITS TO ORDER. $16 oo to $20.00. 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"IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED," TRY SA POLIO. H. M. SSHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. All There Is About It WE SELL GOOD UMBRELLAS and we are under the impression goods for the prices than we. that; no one gives better BUY ONE OF US, and let November rains pelt away. It music for you. PIERS0N & QRRR D. G- 6©. Death of Charlck S. Collins. Charles S. Collins died last night at 10 o'clock after a long illness with consumption, at tbe age of 20 years, at tbe home of his parents, Oapt. and Mrs. Ohas. Collins, on Alb$ street. Charley's Illness began three years ago while he was steamboating on the lower river. He contracted a heavy cold which never got better and gradually undermined bis health. He was obliged to come home on account of bis ill-health and, although he Improved In condition some by his stay at home, he never fully recovered. The disease at last developed into consumption and for the past six months be haa been unable to De out of the house. His illness took a sud den change for the worse a few days ago and bis father was sent for to come home. He arrived Thursday night from the lower river aud was at Charley's bedside when death came. All day yesterday It was apparent the end was near and at 10 o'clock, after painful suffering, he passed away. His death at a [time when the usefulness of bis young manhood was just beginning is a sad bereavement to bis family and his many friends. Among the boys he will be greatly missed and he will leave many truly Borrowing hearts among bis young friends. He was deservedly popular because of his jovial spirits and few boys had more friends. To his fami - ly his death is a heavy affliction and in their bereavement hig parents, brother aud sisters have the sympathy of the entire community. Tbe funeral will take place Sunday at 3 o'clock. Tbe services will be held in tbe Episcopal church. The Newest Thing In Toilet Articles. Gold filled Hair Brushes. Gold filled Clothes Brushes. Gold tilled Nail Brushes. Gold filled Tooth Brushes. Gold tilled Mirrors. Gold filled Salve Boxes. Gold filled Pu£f Boxes. These goods are made just like gold filled watch cases and are warranted to wear for years; do not tarnish and are handsomer than sterling silver and at prices equally as low. Oome and see them. J. H. BOOTH, Tbe leading Jeweler. Religious Notes. At tbe Presbyterian church tomorrow morning communion services will be observed. In the evening Rev. D. E. Leland, of Lookport, N. Y., will preach. President A. E. Turner, of Lincoln University, will give an address tomorrow morning at the Twelfth street 0. P. church, also at 3 o'clock an address to the Christian Eudeavorers of Alton. Mr. Turner is President of the State work. Rev. J. M. Gaiaer will preach at night "Ou tbe issues of life out of tue heart." Notice. 1 have the right to dispose of all my property as 1 see lit, for tbe reason I bought it and paid for it. W. H. ADAMS. Vlrden Miners Secure the Scale. It is reported that the Virden miners have won out In their struggle and that tbe Obioago-Virden operators have agreed to pay the Springfield scale of 40 oenta. This information was given out yesterduy, and there is great rejoicing now that a prospect for a resumption of work in the mines ia In sight. President Loucks of tho Ohioago- Vlrden Ooal Co., sent for the President of tbe Miners Union, and the latter went to Chicago last night. Tor Rent. My 7-rooin house iu Middletown, Steam heat.—U. S. Nixon. River News. Tbo Buld Eagltt passed down this morning and will be up for Peoria this evening, which will be the last trip of tbe season through to that port. She will run only to lower Illinois river ports after this, Tbe H. O. Uunter will be up thin evening for tbe lower Illinois river. Sunday at Y. M. C. A*. Tbo men's mooting at -1 o'clock will be addressed by Kev. Joalab Able, und all men aro cordially Invited. Tbo boya meeting at 2::tO will have buvo for have for its subject, "What muut I do to bo Hiivod." A [I boy a are cordially invited. Noxt '.vook will bo observed an a wook of prayer and meetings will be hold oaoli evening oxc-opt Thursday. All men are cordially invited, getter tlui. Mat or lulli'rs umullcid for at Alton ponloffloo for the vro«k undliiK N .v. I'i, IMS. l>«rw)iiinnilllnt r r»r thijuu loiters will please w m«,«l.«lVorll«.d w T No|t .,. ON|1 ,. M Ktsuuur, J l.UIUOIIt, I'dlll M 1/mill, Win MM Mann, W 11 Murnu, Ud Mr Moody, Udll Mr OWOIIN, IS K Mr TioUngh, James C Mr Waliwl, Mary.Mlii« O W Mr Allans, Mo l lilsliiip. Illi Mr Drown, (! U Mi'« Cuwhiy, MJ Ituv rhamplln, C K Mm Colo, Muuuio Mia* Davlu, Jninon Mr Dick, lluni'U'lu Mrs lluwoll, Mary Mint) HoUiroCt, Mary A Ksrrell, Eraui» Mrs Kwnedy, JoUO J Mr Kuv Wltiiiiis, Ma'i'y Mil B Whlto, Wltklns, Wrltjnt, PAUL BROS., Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Glass and Oil, Sponges, Chamlos, Toilet Articles. Fine Toilet Soaps. Henry Rugby Game at Sportsman's Park, The Western Military Academy team played the Manual Training School team of St. Louis, at Sportsman's Park this afternoon. Game was called at 2:30 p. m. The Manual Training School team arrived in Alton at 11:40 a. m. accompanied with a choice array of enthusiastic rooters wearing tbe yellow and black of the school. Tbe boys came unaccompanied by their teachers and It is evident that the team does not receive much encouragement from the officers and teachers of tbe school in their ambition to be known on tbe foot ball grid-iron. The boys are an enthusiastic lot, and notwithstanding their apparent inferiority in weight and fighting prowess they weredetermined to give their opponents a hard tussle. The line-up of the two teams is aa follows: W. M. A. England left end Lookridge W. left tackle Haight Cook Stott Jones T. Gearing, Hubbard Duke Lockridge A, Ott (Oapt) left guard center right guard " tackle " end " hf baoK lefthf " full back qr back M. T. S. Gilbert. Hoffman. Davis. Oonneit. Johnson. Stone. Carter, Lacross. Morrison. Ewing(Oapt). Brown. The Westerns went into the game with enthusiasm and played a good jame. Buy"LaBelle" Tbe best, 84.00. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey ?uel Co. They have moved to 314 Plasa street. Fraud In Edwardsvllle's Vote. Reports of much irregularity in tbe voting at EdwardBvilie on last Tuesday are being circulated and gross 'rauda are charged to tbe Democratic ward-beelera and vote-buyers at tbe county seat. It ia said tbat tbe Ed- wardsvllle Democratic politicians bought up the slum vote of the town, paying 92 apieee for votes. To Insure the delivery of the vote these politicians adopted methodsjtbat would do credit to a Shylook. They gave to each man who wished to sell bis vote a piece of "impression" paper upon which tbe vote was recorded aa the ballot was marked. Upon returning the tissue paper showing now the ballot was marked the price was paid. There Is some talk .of throwing out the whole vote of the township because of this irregularity, but It will not affect the raault of the election. Edwardsvllle township went heavily Democratic and the only effect of the throwing out of the vote would be to Increase the Republican majorities all down the ticket. For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Piasa at. Jett't Plurality. Thomas M. Jett has been re-elected to Congress by 727 plurality. Oflloial returns from the aix counties show the following (pluralities: For Benj. F. Johnston (Rep.)-Bond, 363; Fayette, 139; Madison, 7-H; total, 123U. For Thos. M. Jett (Dem.)—Montgomery, 050; Moultrie, 312; Shelby, 99ti; total, 1B03. Net pluralityJor Jett iu the district 727. Jett'a plurality in the district two years ago was l,75ti. Hard Spring Wheat "dream of tbe Earth," »4.00. Al/TON ROLLBB MlLLINU CO. Baptist Revival Services. The series of evangelistic services which have been In progreas tor tbe pane three weeks at the First Baptist jhurob will be concluded tomorrow. Rov. B. H. 1-avett will preach both morning aud evening. The meetingH have beou of BUOU a mture aa to be of lasting benefit to tbe church. Mr. Lovett baa won the higb esteem of thoae who have come ;o know him, An'lmportaat Difference. To make It apparent to tbousauda who tbiuk themaelvea ill, tbat they lire not alllloted with any disease, but tbat the system simply needs cleans- Ing, la to bring comfort borne to their hearta, aa a ooatlve condition la easily cured by using Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California iPig Byrup Oo. only, and sold by »U druggist*. New Designs and New floods. Come and See our New floods ID the following Lines: Eutopian Art Ware, Parisifee Ware, Japanese and Preach China, Wave Crest Ware and Russian Enamel Goods. Also our elegant stock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Set Rings which comprises selections from stocks of four of the leading ring manufactures of the country, thus enabling us to secure a greater variety of designs. We have the neatest and largest assortment of Rings ever shown in Alton, , . If you want a DIAMOND see us before you buy [as we have some special offers.' E. H. GOULDINd'S SONS Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread b your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase <S* Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOODIE. Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. -- - Telephone 8? DO YOU KNOW It ? BECKWITH'S Genuine Round Oak? It ia the moat famous stove on earth! It will burn any kind of fuell It gives more heat! It takes lese fuell It holds fire longer 1 •% It will laatj more years! >* It Is more cleanly 1 It gives better satisfaction 1 It ie the most popular! It has the greatest sale of any beating stove ever made! A. L. FLOSS, Third st. oppJBelle Look at These Prices Granite Stew Pans W " Bread " W " Dippera 10/» " Pudding Pane W " Buckets I5f Tea Spoons, a set of Table Spoons, a set lOf OilOlotb, per yard 10f Tea Oups and Saucers.a Bet25>' Lunch Boxes W Lunch Baskets W 6 pieces Tea Set V&f Thread, 3 spools for 1W 7 pieces Berry Set 26^ Lamps V Embroidery SUk.ia gkelnB. W Stamped dollies for V A nice line of Fancy Skirts. Also a Large and Complete Line of TOYS, all this Year's Stock. H. A. 6BTZ.650B.2dst Our Fall Stock of Groceries has all been received fresh, and our supply prepared grain food* have arrived, oonaiatinK of: Rolled |Avem, Cream^ofjWheit, Oat Meal, Hominy arit«,l I , ,.J Farina, Ralston Bkft. Pood, f [Parched Farinow.J Purina, Pdtijoho Breakdat ftwJ. J. H. BAUMAN, No/4oo Belle street. - • "

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