The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 3
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(I w. oil a R. Sem-kcr I)ry ^JoodH Store bnyliiK trip and otlUT. on I »!ci<i Co. ni() Mi illK City for. ,:jir <)I d«!p()i lack, $ri .50 c fifst door lie lil-J. ss May'Wod on an early to l)tiy nc\ lie dcpartm jDon't bverli] of Airy Fairy witlji tliR purcl^ Slick of Larahpp ^^iiderson (Jroc. i ("lark Clay -Ji iM -cn pledged i: liily ai the Urii for the- Send er [iL'tl Sunday nli |ht f* 'Sti. iJoXilB, C loints cant. lump labio lump ( >al ton. AIHO ot icr lUi Junk, C DaJ itjrth-^aty de wt. lufr l«t this ni( in- traln for Kur KUH JHprinB niillincry tu ^at the Ram say Mr Knnpnil of Xrs. D. Tho'runck-al serv I). Dj Standley. wh< . HuUduuly of hunA troublu Sunday ovonI«K while atteiui Inp «frvlcc« al tho Uoited Brethrei ch,urch, will be held at the United' Brethren church Thi!r«!day af ernoim nl '2-J.O o'clock, conducted b; .Nfontgomery. Uurlal -lola HiBh S lliBh School to at 8:15. SocontJ at 7:13. jt thkt :j-lb. jack ptstry flour Tree ale of one smaTI iBest tlour. A AV. ,v|Markel. I'ho. 292. [fi Humboldt has • beita Chi lr£ ter- •^sity -oJ Kans as. • • "'ijool vs. Hitmbjldt liBht at Hum))( Idt. team ganie'stprt-s cd.' They arf- fAr ner Ida Kirl were usually ow the hjonor while attOndingl;! H. S. -~r;ood .SO. inJiiroycd. t mitiS for rent. Frank Stand (ikla.. will, arf Miss Czarina man. and a senior, al were on »hO . li^t students for thq isonian. a fr-'sh- jldred Rrownf eld. Ic ^iawa Univer iity, of high ran|{ing Jcniester just Phono :! end- |sl and roll ist of !3\V. Cha- |oy of niack veil. jVi' In lola toi isht: to nttend'the funeral of his mo her. .Mir. I), n. StaAdley. To flivo '.fl w|jy: Forty splendid land on main clnsc- to lojfa fre}' of charse. til.? buildings !j If-ss than cost ;;<•( a deed n >'i the land. dcres liiBJiway Buy and . H. Hamilton Ileal Mrs. .Inlia i. City, who has with her Kon. family. l <>ri ii on; bii.iiije/is. ico. : aherty of K |u'( n hero for a n. O'FIabert iy for Coffo di Car of petiojeum <oke J114 jiin- ,"loi|i|.d. Also I ;«ar of depeii iiirnh roal on Junk X- niirlli katy dt! " 1 )11 .MrK Charlofio of Mr. apd 142.^ North W'al •fo ;aMend sclio' ((ililil of illueSH sradr at f,lnco|l licit; the dnii D. II. nurtn t Street, is 11 III! Ihl? week o She Is in the school. 4I *.* * i Lest We have .voiir clcai^ no matter ' I'll Abies • * * :« .John Burns last nigiit tp ham 6rp<;ti;oi her way^h^re of her mother They arrived train t»da>.i —IJropjJer c coal at iola .t nsas visit and h'Ul .e ! rjiik. $.'...'•10 pel] 1 Co.. first It. Phone Z\ iliiblr ton. door I I • * * liie solution sjns problems What they ar* otie us! I'leaiiers Phone 105' .y{eni to K^nsafc \nsct -Mrs. Olllc c. Mich., who w^ door north K-M depot. Phonte Mr. Homer ^iggan drove t(^ Fort iiTOld was his Scott this niqi njing: to meet I Standley '01 R:.gland-. Ala., whb called here | 1 mother, Mrsi. wig - At be Uo.v Musi.-"iliHorM . a hot rJzz baiii. Old «nie every Saturda .S. V. -.lacksi Kealty Co.. building; is iii -the country a points. . He l^r the M. K. & ' wiiy of >-Moran about a^ week. > Otfl Klectrd • Phy^ Q lold « • • • • • !• Sir liari^y S.iotch $inBcr h <i at tlje Mei IK^ndencc, Ifel Kf>{i;lstei;'s adv| can- possibly Harry liauder preatcst; Kinfil in the J\orld. anybody like will bcj He .hitnselfJ Op now makinp City Gralis pn attend Uhe fi neral- drs. D. p. Sta idley. ere oni the noon il. also.base-burner hk & Coal Co: first :il7. the death 6t D. Standley. liunce! Wc-lnesday. H. B. Morris of Kansa l^ansas atid T. P. ' Dpbbii Paul. Minn., were lola visii ors yes- |-terday wiith tho view of eji.tabllsh- 'ing abrpnch office ol tht Bond and Morrgage Co..: ofl City here with Mr. Dobbin J». ttt4nitllpjr. ' Ices fir Mra. paised away tlic.Rev. K.-.X. will take place in the lola cemciciry. The b6dy will remain'at -the home of the daughter. Mrs. Itoijicr Dugpan of .20s South '\yalniit.s,tr '3et, until ilje hour of tho'timerul The children will all be hero for he funeral.. The children are: Jj'raiik Stuiid- ley of Blackwell. otla.; Mrs. John Burns of loja: .Mrs. |Beii <>rnhani of Detroit, .Mich.: Mrs. Morae'r Dug- gaii of lola. and Harold Standley of Kagland. Ala. • • • 't- - ' ! THE TOLA City, of St. Saving Kansas las 'local manager. They expect to : e ready for bu.iinciis sonic time tlih month. —Dr. MoiJtgomery, Chiropractor. Ida Laundry. Bjdg. Phon^ 138. "Billy" Wju<id of Indepi'iidence, Kansas was visiting lola friends Mouday cnroule hojno trom Fori Hcott, i Crmer Menxie of ih-- M. & .M. .Market Was off diity at, iht' -Market • ' * Ulpess. ery Sunday —Linoleums a 11 fl Rugs, all siaes. SO for" $5 up. Henning Congoleum i|ne Sxl2 Rugs ir's Store. W. H. Mckone, of Company in Kansas lug on- the county < courthouse today. the DoUworth LMty. was call- lificials at the yesterday on account of .Mrs. G. P. Crammer of .'io2 South State street received a I<jltt'r this morning by air mail fromiher husband {who is in .Texa.s, jAIr mall teeniii to bo cpmlng into general use hectiuse of tjhe rapid transition of important letters. j —Just like Angel Fobd Cake, Van Hdozer's Bread. 2 for 15c. Old Ben Purity titove and furnace coal . .\lso a ciir of dependable, lump co;il on track. $.">.5n per ton. lola Junk S- Coal Co.. first door north Katy dci'dl. Phone :!lt Mrs. S. K. Ro«-s of].the Star Val ley neighborhood wis.-a .aliur at the Farm Bureau office this morning; —Dr. C. 'S. Lam Office phono R ! jieth. Surgeon, •s. phone 6l.=>J. l". I Jackson re- fnun ail <-x- Mr. and .Mrs. C. V turned home Sunday IciideiL Visit in Oklahiima —Jiist received H'lW'i shipment ot typrwrit2r rilibons, 75c. lola Register. Mr. and .Mrs. Ki Kingfisher, Oklaliom Mr. :ind Mrs. C. \V other! relatives in Ii CorriKaii of 11 are visilillg .la<-ksiin ami ila. —Treat your Piano Instriiment. 'Have it C months. Call T. (,). .•IS .-I iniisM-:il IIIIIIM I evwy Caiiatsey. Morris Litwin. who Kmporia for'a couple acting as manager of the thing .Storcj there, came li day. ' —Try It once—you other. "Van Hoozer'a hati been at (if w*eks Star do- i lino Suiiv DAILY REGISTER. JTiUESDAY EVFJ NG, .-FEBRUARY Number 1 (Continued frein Page 1> further step t.-ikei lowaifl the -rcs- Eoration of nprtn il international relations in Eurjoiie by the entry of will have no Bread. Saturday O. I'. Cran)m.;r left • nl^li.oii the Katy excursion by way of J.oran for inijinsin Te.\as. for the lurpos.^ of a l.iok af thi- conn- try. Hi^ will visii seveijal places, incliidinf; (he winter garden country. ; —Diavolo Kciiuiiie Caliiymi Cii.v Harold Burlt«on. of MiliueapojJ^ starled going to Sunday school it 1!112. iwhen he was iriol- quite fo^* years oldf and hasii'l mlsswl |» single SHuday «lncn Cermany into Ui appointment to on the council.! "Continuation ('liina and the particularly' imi by which it is' i-aused me grave la sequence of wh kow and in ot ernmeht felt it patch to the force to protect British and initial mob violence aiid "But I eapidstl.^j ful settlement ol! which have ar|spn inent has caui<«^d made to the which should fon ion in China world that it British pieople grievances, to on an oquitab i eague and chcr lermanerit atat ! league. I he. civil ,war in jti-foreig^ and I -Jtlsh nSitatlon :Coinpauipd, had- ijxiety. in con- ppened at Haii- >luces, liiy Rov- j.s'.sary to dismal a buindent le livesj of my :ubJeci;Si against :lrmed at.tacka. de.sire: 4 lieace: the difflcuhie.s and niyigovern- proposals to be Chinese authorities ince public opin: througljiout the he desire of the remove jail real reliiew our' treaties liasis." Number 2 (Continued t'o'm Page 1) lump and washed iiiil at K- Coal Co. .first door i dcp"t- Phono 017. loia Junk lorth: Katy twin wiio .Mr.^- Glen Foster and, baby Vim. Kug.iie Lee. of Kansas City, came Absolute hom4 ,m the noon train 10 join Mr. F^u-s-I m tlu- regulation tor and maije their home. Mr. l^s-| c.:r fans ch;rrgi ler IS meat cutter in his fathers eratin?; witnin th .store, the my Ka-t L. K. Foster grocery strj-ct. ' , • at; v.iL--- proposed by 1 (Ictte; county. rule" for cities lof hus and street by carriers op• municipal limits hiln^'iro 6t W.van- .Mr. and Mrs. .Mayer I , had-been in lola torja \yeek visiting" at the home of -.Mi-.l and .Mrs. n. Litwin of :!ll left Sunday for Hit poria. . —O. L. COX, iM. D., Specift|irt. Eye, Ear, Nose aiid Threat. | 'S. M. Sileis. ol" the Sifer"s Candy (ioiupany..went to Kansas City thi.i aTternodii on business.- i (his At the request sfMi. county. wh( iii;'niliers of the aldu^ without th ureat ojien spact ilton agreed to tioii (onimittee. i,f Mr ' and Mrs 1 I!. Murdock leturn,; ho me , . \& ickeve' "'•''•••nooufionil-ofreyvilie. Kansas.. ,j„. .Niiith, l".!"^'.y • ^v 'lK -re he ha.s been on business. ! ,„,. ;hter It of lahlo ac- khird * * * Mr. and .Mis. .Nekton Reno of Chaiiute. vislieW .Mrk V/'.-ila lio.iio of :;2.! North Second |Slri ;el iSunday. For KInuiicf CoiiiiiiiNxloiier. r 1 lien-by announi-i' that I am a ciiiididate for the (ifflce'of .Com- m'lssloner of Flnancoj o( the (!ity.of I()la and diall grej (IIy appreciate IJie support of the voters at the ap- Jiroachlng primaries.! J. U. ARNKTT. 1 Frank Delp has returned homo from Texas where he has been working in the oil ! fields for a.' short visit • with hoinefolks while recovering'froiTj Injuries Which he received while at wiork. 1 —Sec "DeacQU iJubiis" at ^Carlyle Feb. l.">. and iit ^Geneva Feb. IS. .\dniission. 15c an<l jJOc. Leslii; i Jackson . pf near M'orau .was visiting relatives in lola today, i.i. U; .M. .McC.iiinis of Princeton, Kaii.sis was a biisiiic.-^s visiliir in lola ye.-iterday. .1. P. Kiililer went to I .'ir.siiiis In- ilfiy to attend a deiiioiiilratloii of H'li- McC(irmlck-i)cerint (racSur which was put 1111 by ti «• llili-rna- lional JIarvcslcr Co." • .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. H. Bii gcr of .S"l Kast Mailisiiii, sp.-iil >|iiiiilay in Chaiiute, the guest.s of ril .iids. The. senate ad governor lb i tii''' acqiiii-inj; I the historic old |)pted and sent to house rc .-;()liiliiiii by 'till' slate of Shawnee .Mr. and .Mrs. T. L. Thogma^lin. | |ocaf .;.I in .l.ihnion counjfy. of FOrt Scott, passed thniugh Here ! K:,,,^;,.. t'i,v. loijay en route 'o BaldWinI Kankis. j where ibey will visit tbeir .laugh- wii, ij,p j„i,ijl6r repoWing lh< ler. . MIS. K. S. Lislon. j l-«islative fiini U" White ;of Archi- iiisisted farmer house "cau't get fresh air of tho " Siieaker .Ham- ppolnt a venlila- .Mr. and .Mrs. Paul 1 childl-i'iidf .Mildred visit .cwi;: and j >il Sunday I)wi ;;lit Patterson l.'ft thi.s; af|ler- iiimii for Cbillici.lh.-. .M^. I'i enter the Cjilllicothe liu .siiiOi ^s Colletje. . Mv.i. li. J. .Ma.-sey. I' Ciiic:igo. rived ^mday for a visit y( scv wrik^: 111 llle lioill" of Inf.- dallfilt .MIS. Lloyd .\. Brown and fan 1 1U« Wir.-il .Ncoslio .-ilreil. : t!u- iimrili instal lalive pay roll, aifi'i means com sii'iircil passage lioin.e a .$.".(t.oii() ;ir- i to III" lit the cliec-l •ral I .•M'|iiopri;iliiiru w; Iter.' the si'ssiiin. wlHi Mrs. Francis .Siro^i|r of 117 .N'ortli Third stn-ei. Kliiu.-r .Slack. m.'iiiai ;<4 of tin Lcsli Malioii drov;- t :i .N -^.-liii Falls' yesterday on business. A. .McAnulty of 222 .\orlli Sycamore | street, who has| been off duly jis truck driver .tor the Carpenter Service Station, for the pas) week, a victim of flu, i^ back oil the Job agahi. i —Telephone your Classified to IS.- Iiiitli 'e, ilitr'Mluced. if. :ind s^rnt to I I K ijppropribtloii bill :s. Another jriO .UOo S made iarlicr in Ads ' \V. 12. 6oyer went to iloran morning on bu.siness. this —Special for Xyednesday and Tbursdifv: extra fiincy hciad lettuce, per head. Hi'. 1A. W. Anderson Grocerv & ilarket. i Phone. 292. | James Smith of r.()2 .North A large number of patjlois of tho M. Ei churches in AUeii and'An­ derson counties gathere I in -lola, yesterday for a group meeting. Twenty of the ministerslhad luncheon at-the noon hour ainhe Krauso Caie on Kast street. .Mr.; aii"|- .Mrs. Floyd .\l,-irple .Mr. W. Is. .Marple. wlio^ wen .Mouni Ida. Kansas, last weekj at lend the funer^il of the lalter's sister-in-law. .Mrs. Bert Recil., ri*- turiie«l home Sunday evening. Mrs. AV. L. ;Murplc acc4iupatued .Mr. iiid Mrs. Bdwin Biihlfngeri of Pratt. Kansas, who were also there the ftiiierai, to their home fQJ- visit. Mr>.^ A. li. .Sands -weiif to City today visit. on a short . busiliess Mrs. Third stay w Burkctt of LaHarpo. 'M"^o!^^!;,o?her %s td^-"""!""' stn^el. is co„fi;ne,| to his ,-ith her mothei, Mrs, Mary ^^^^^^ u .j.j^veek with the measles. at Lin- eb. 9. ^oyal Sj|n.-o|)i|tors. • ilaiU-c night. of the Ja k.son •the old jcourt ipuse Texas IPokIng bver Catarinai and [other [ Saturday night on fx. excursion b^ the lie will be alisent • • • • Spccllil filt*t«on glvien DIs- • case^ of C don and Rectum. -fTherapy and ilo.tbcrapy. t5ialq Bank Pldk PhoncB -14147 'and 7 (15. • '« • • • • —M4lonfy's (irocery for sale. Call at 701 South HVashington St. Lylei Lindsay returned to his home ^in Nowata, pkl;^., after an over the, week ondj visit in the James i Stntth hoirie, 502 Noifth Third-street. I | —DK A. B. Twaidell, Osteopath. New Globe Bldg, Phone 191. The J. B. Kirk. Gas & Smelting Company which has; long owned (he gas rights undcj- tlje "south forty" iif the ji. R Cline place, northwest of lola, recently ac luired the oil rights and will som drill a well to offslt one that was brought in about .1 month ago ly (be lola Pipe Line Cjompany on 1 (ract immediately north of thtt forty. This well is maluing from 4it to -15 barrels of oil il dity. which Is ?ood production for a Khallow field. ] • • • j..auder. the great iin^ comediap, is to ibrial Theatre, Inde' uafy 2ist, an 1 the [:c to everybbdy who ;et' there is (1 go! is withoiit dou It the handed' entertainer There never was ini and "there n.eyef ail in i cUsB by Ihe short lour be is ^. hrpugh the JpitM Sjates indjCiJiada he is ca Tying wiith.hjm a 1 uiich'of very clever associate eiitc ftaincrs and :fine syofipbopy lorchestra and thcjse of thendselVesi wi|Uld be «way ah.e^d of the ordinal y entertainn^em- But fiarry |>audet i spends an hPur ahd 1 half ion tb(| stage, ^hiniselfj—and ou wish he \ ould slay the »^st' of the nigjit! I Ifjtou can ppsfihl^ get to indepiendenlcp F€brua|3SiCH |50!' AUTO Al . FURNITl^ REFINISHI , ThrasKer Painter^ X. Wajnut I'boRC IQI PAZO take out all the Onui^lnat ,Rciici. , T^ii«» and Qnlddy , iwiAKle tin boxea. CO. _ 1 .Mrs. B. S. Coffman Kansas is a guest t^day .Mrs. U- S. Jackson. Tommy Breckeiiridge T. si Bredkenridge of of Roper, of .Mr. and fipu of Mr.«. 502 .North He is in the,third coin school.. gni Mr.-5. Frank Sigler' :(nij son of Bayard and Mr. and .Airs. Hugh Holt; and Mrs. Edith" ^igler and (hMdrcu of Mildred vis ted yeslcr- dav with -Mrs. Francis Stroup of 417 North Third strcet.j .Mis. C. J. McCI.-Iland of,tho Saunter Inn and Mrs. W. K. ILun- d' I! (Ii-ove K. Clianule this allcr- linon for a litile pli-asure trip. . .Mr. aad .Mrs. F. T- Van Ho|ozer of the Van Hoozcr bakery both been confined to their h 224 .South W't'.lnut street witl^ I, for cicveial days. Both are ported bettei-ytoday. 1 The Uegislfr a<knowledge^ •pleiisaiit visit from Mr. J. Xhonui.-on. of Clinton. Okla., is here \isiting his mother am laniil'y of hi.s brother-in-law. | .Mr. Ben; Aiideri^on. ..Mr. Thompson comes to lola every two or t years to k '-i ?p in touch with relatives and reports that he tices very marked iinprovemei^t the town at each visit. MATI.NEKS t:m p. m. Dally lEUTE .Snturduj 1 to II |VI(JIIT.S ;:(»0-9:0O p. m. I Home of Hvtt^cr Pictures — Elite Orchestra y==- Tonijfht—Aj|a!n Wednesday—2. 7 and J) p. m. Marion Davies in / "The ked Mill" Ynti'll love Marion Davics a.' 'Tina, the little Dutch slavoj in this ri|)rnarioii.s film ro mance* You'll thrill at \u\\ est afja<k\s roar at the mirth- ^ • <|iiake that .surrounds her, ant ^ i\ rf.j()i^-e when her mad, unlady- ^ y. like pur.suit of love is .success ^. fill at last. Aesop's Fables—Topics of th^ Y Day—Comedy, "Biithitig Suit ors." • ' SPECIAL ATTRACTION The World's Greatest Mystic Marvel Mile.Fl<^Ii^oy I IN PERSON —answ(|rs.your nuesiipns.; T^is lady direct from the Orpheum Cirru t. She; positlyely calls yoii by name. For private quts^tions you will find a letter box in front of the Kli e Theatre. Th^se questions will not W read frpm the stage. Special matinee, ladies only Wednesda>t. February's. Kvery lady gets a porsoaal reading free of jdiarge. Ladies don't miss| this treat lOc-ioc- too low- men t of the sen to me.'I be leg rite w.-iys "On ex DRYC Korthnit Bids. EN5 WEAR- •OI I A I KANSAl' • • I -i • formerly occupied bjj James Klfhirison JpLA'S POPULAJR STORE PA(i|R THREE "Hliinming !A!| beautiful assortnjient olf new printpfil cr jpes, printeci radiums, pjinted georgette^, cecked an^ plaid taffqtas." all the newspriijjg shaldesj jBird QUR »ItIiPE /; Make Yoiir Selections Early SENEKER'S , 773, Stlotes Buy For Night 10c-40c—Wednesday .Matjinet! Indies Only [lOc Matinees 10c-2.5c: I' NeW Fr iidcs Yau > Vill find £ii^liiyed l|[e|?e Reliable merchan- ^ at lower prices our aim Skirts Are PI Sleeves; Are The sa migs we offer are possible at-die beginning of a s^asoii-^i account of air plan of "nc sales. All so^ts of origijial combinations andjlcff^ts arei responsib £i forj|thc chaitn of j these frqciis—ycur imagination has pot ^ct^red more ajctraqtive nfipdes thpn thesie tii;it we have for youir selecdon today—or jtisi as. soon as yipu ar^ ready. Add diie to your wardrobe now! Tiered JyTovcntcnt is tHe chaxac jeristic;^0[f skirts which l^vc innore fullness th^n fprmerly, but'have it cljvcrly conceaeU tojlfeep the still pjbpular sHm silhouette. ' . fun of putting on i new fcock when you arc tirejd of the ones you have been wear n, j all wintei —and iyou xprised at how much it will oo for your oth^r frpcks— Wpmm, Misses^ The range of |si :ei covers tie women,jimBses and junior misses and Shirrira Lavishly a iid Jtmior Mioses Find i Gur Stck II price 1: (jbe tjiat is t n possible. \A Vric^ That Is Sj^nou^^ , frtim Coast to Cqast so needs oi -and th? versally attJr^ctiA'e'and

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