Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
Page 2
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Established In 1914 Subscription Rates In Foyoltf> and Adjoining Counties Outside ruyette and Adjoining Counties The Leader is published' weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sloneman, Owner and Publisher "Ben Franklin said 'a penny saved ia a penny earned' long before the sales tax!" Chattin' With Stoney Our Future Citizens Editorial Comments Governments Role In Local Problems One of the great, continuing Issues of the time in this country has to do with the role the P'vernment plays, or should play, in local problems and affairs. Without coing into all the pros and cons involved, one thing can be said with certainty: "We now )cok to the central government for all manner of services and aids that were totally unknown a comparatively short time ago. And tne cost ,?f these has become staggering over the years. It is argued that only the federal government has the resources to deal effectively with a lengthy list of local difficulties. And it is true that Washington has long pmvided aid and succor when disasters, such as floods and tornadoes, have struck various regions. However, in late times, local governments and local groups have turned almost automatically to Washington and to the federal treasury for troubles that are simply not in the disaster category and that, in a previous era, would have been dealt with at home. The question, of course, is just how necessary federal aid for certain purposes is—and whether or not tiie local community could solve moit cl the local problems if it only tried. A publication of the Chamber cf Commerce of the United States casts a revealing light on the matter. It tells the story of Fort Smith, Arkansas, which, in 1959, became what is known as a "depressed area". Cause of the trouble was the dosing of a major army base on the city's outskirts. The GI's who had spent freely disappeared. With them went a thousand civilian jobs. The area lost 6,000 of its population. Numbers of businesses went to the wall, and for sale and for rent signs appeared in hundreds of dwellings. But Fort Smith did not go hat in hand to Washington for help. Instead, local leaders decided to do the needed job with local energies and There has been many comments both pro and con on the Friday $3.00 Per Year saved's a penny earned' long night opening of the stores in $3.50 Per Year Mnre the sales tax!" Fayette However, we feel that the majority of the people are in favor of this new plan. Practically all of the merchants cooperated by keeping their stores open last Friday night, and in spite of the fact that it was the first night the Main street was crowded with cars. Which more or less proves that the people do like to shop on Friday night, and that they will come to Fayette. We didn't take a count to see resources. The Chamber of Commerce was re- how many werc in each storc ' vitalized and given additional financing and its but WERE SURE TNO P C0 P K ' WCRE industrial development program was completely SHO PP' n 8 where they had seen overhauled. A 100-man committee was organized somethin g advertised in the pap- into teams to inventory the area's tangible as- that they wanled - Those who sets. didn't feel they had their share of the business should look a- SOME OF THE FUTURE citizens of Fayette, who were photographed by the United Studios of Elkhart, Ind., are shown in the pictures above. Left to right they are: top row — Dale, three years. Douglas, one and one-half year*, Dwighi, two and one-half months, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Framen. Bottom row — Donnie, four years, and Mike, 18 months, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Don Culligan. and three year old Kelly, daughter of Mr. and Mis. Jack Mullins. More pictures in this series will be printed in next week's issue of the an efficient secretary to do it Leader. Page 2 Fayette Leader Thursday, April 27, 1981 dorants and perfumes are not necessary ... if plenty of soap -and-water is well used. Mmsieur du Milieu says, that back in the "good old days" a caveman cnuld bop a gal on the head with his war club, take her by the pony-tail and drag her\ to his cave, but nowadays don't slug a gal with anything heavier than a diamond bracelet, or brother, you're in tremble. And don't try and dreg her anywhere, unless you use a two- tone convertible. E»:n't ever fail to take these modf-rn gals seriously. Remember that Adam was a special custom-built man, and he had only one woman to outsmart, even so, he never made it. Let that be a lesson to you. Milieu warns- against blind dates, says that most of the time, blind dates arc like playing Russian Roulette, with all the chambers but one, loaded. c-b-c Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman says, "the secret of a successful man is a smart wife to tell him what to do, and ial Surveys were conducted to gather the mater- T0Um j that would make Fort Smith attractive to for the answer. Maybe . , . , t 4 . they'll have to pick out some prospective industry. It was shown that operating better bargains and include them costs were lower than in many other places that jn their ad in the paper next g.?od municiple services were available at moder- wee ^ ate tax cots; that the school system was excellent; We ' n that tho merchants that there was an abundance of the necessary wi)1 continue to c . 00 perate on the Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben THE GOLD DRAIN The decline in our gold reserves which has taken place over the recent years, is an urgent domestic problem. There is no single or simple solution. But the government could help alleviate the situation if a proposed bill for establishing U. S. tourist information offices abroad is approved, and if it made entrance requirements for. foreign travelers more inviting. One reason for the gold drain is foreign spending by U. S- tourists. Dollars, in other words, are turned into pounds, francs, lira, marks, and other currencies. On the other hand, spending in this country by tourists from abroad is far smaller. That could not b.e helped when Europe was economically prostrate due to the war. But now there has been .remarkable recovery in nation after nation. Spending powers of their peoples have soared. Governments have relaxed currency and other restrictions. So legions of people now ^ As a "change of diet" from pol- ible to queer notions about their natural resources; and to on down an impressive Friday"n'ight openings, and give itics and bureaucrats we suggest innards. Few things else could list. Then, whenever the opportunity presented it a fair tria i Ancl Q f'course, all reading "Life With Women, and be any more emotionally satisfy- itself, industrial location teams, armed with their of t - ne s t ores w JU have to work How to Survive It", by Dr. Jos- ing to many gals than to get inducements, pleaded their case before the ex- together, staying open only the epn H. Peck, or "The Batchelor's some ailment or have some job ecutive officers of industries. one n jg n 't a week Guide" by Pierre. du Milieu, of surgery different than any Mrs The program has been an outstanding sue- Monsieur du Milieu tells "how other gal in her club or WSCS cess- Last year 1,188 new jobs came into being v /e forgot to mention last week to find them, lure them, love Circle has ever had. In regard to in the city — more than were lost when the army aDO ut the duck season being them, and leave them asking for the TV commercials, Doctor Peck camp closed. The year also witnessed the coming open f or a <jay recently. At least more". That would seem to be says, "women do not smell as of seven brand new industries and 22 major in- jt was ope n for one gentleman, a mighty big order for a little bad as the commercials would dustrial expansions, accounting for a capital ex. wno claimed that he shot several homely guy, past sixty, but it's have you believe. All these deo- penditure of more than $18 million. A new $10 Mallards. Of course, he had some interesting to read. • million plant is nearing completion, and produc- excuse as to why he was shooting Doctor Peck says, "what are ~~ them—but we can't recall what little girls made of? begins to it was. bother a little boy at about the You're wondering if he was age of four, and the answer will picked up and fined. The answer likely elude him for the rest of is "no". You see he had the law his active life". We have thought . on his side. You might even say f or som e time now, that if a man The Chambers report observes, Disdaining he was the game warden's best finally does really learn some- any kind of federal aid from Washington, Fort friend. Bet wild duck really tast- thing"about women he will like- Smith's business leaders declare: 'We're a city on e d good this time of year. l y be too old to do much about it the move. There's no limit where we can go"..It _._ But it is very important that a seems only fair to say that many another com- We very seldom print letters, doctor know something about unless they are in the Open for- women, if he is to be a success, urn column. But we're printing His knowledge of female psy- this one from Michael and Terry c bology needs be equal if not par. Lewis of Orange, Calif., grand- amount to his medical knowledge, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Most women are highly suscept- Kuhens and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lewis, because it sounded real Golden anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peltz of Custer, South Dakota, observed their Golden wecHJing Sunday, April 9. Lydia Wilbur and Fred Peltz were manned April 8, 1911 in the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Wilbur, near Custer, South Dakota. They are the parents of three children, Chet Archer, Custer, S. D., Robert, Rapid City, S. D. and Wilbur,, Mesa, Ariz. The Post Matrons club ladies conducted the observance. Mrs. Wilbur was raised in the Fayette and Lima areas. tion just started on another S3 million development. New shopping centers are springing up, school facilities are being improved, bonds have been voted for a new civic auditorium, and the Fort Smith atmosphere lias turned from gloom to optimism. munity could do as much when trouble strikes, instead of asking Uncle Sam to take care of everything. have the means and the opportunity to travel beyond the borders of their own countries, with a cu t e The letter reads as follows minimum of red tape. And the jet age, which has Dear Grandpa and Grandma, T , „_ . . - . „ squeezed space and time into a tiny capsule, mak- r am writing this letter for come 6 sotnad at Randy. He ing it possible to go anywhere in the world in a Terry and mei cause Terry is too P"shed me in a great big mud matter of hours, has brought on a revolution of its uule . ...' • „„• ™ ,.,.t *~>i^ °. wn " . .. , .. , We are both fine. Terry We are the only nation of any oonsequence ' been able to wear shorts. Boy the day the Easter Bunny me I got so'mad at Randy. He ished me in a great big mud puddle and got me just soaked. I was afraid Mama and Daddy that lacks a tourist service. All the other Western ^J^T™ h °nrf Rand r «o running up stairs and countries, including some very small ones, main- l „*J ?Z l ^rJEt h 1,^1, knew he had done something tain offices anound the world where interested, * n ? J™* 8 . ^V^ln tv ^ "> e . ^ they didn't do anything people can obtain needed information - and ?..u™ L^A^T. 0 . 1 ? to me - but P ut on clea " clothes where the urge to travel and see new stimulated. There is no doubt that an America — and u" »V J JJ i J 10 ME - BUT P M on clean clothes, sights is ^ hte ? Mam ,V. n u d . I I AU R a"dys M °™ and Dad did American but * T E . V J 8 .ST t0 him was give him a talkin <? service of this nature W ould bring great numbers ^ Jjys b ?tin7me And 5 £°/ SdnY^ ^ dr ° WnCd of foreign visitors to our shores. Then toat part pick Qn Tyerry akmtle ^ bu » me^Couldnt ne? FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ARE OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL From 7 to 9 P. M. ONE BAG OF POPCORN FREE WITH EACH ORDER SEE AND HEAR OUR GULBRANSON ORGAN University Cleaners Fayette, Iowa LONG ARM Another inoome tax time has come and gone. of our gold losses attributed to lack of tourists he'is'so good* naturedT it'does'nt WeU S rand P a and grandma would be substantially reduced, and things would k otner him much supper is almost ready. We are look healthier at Fort Knox. • Terry and I want to thank you havin 8 pancakes and sausage. I grandpa and grandma for the like P«ncake with syrup. Love and kisses from Terry and me And millions of us feel a 'sad flatness in the over—pays only 12 per cent pocketbook. Once the income tax was a rich man's tax — people of small and moderate earnings paid little or nothing. But now the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service reaches out to nearly everybody. Here's the cold statistical story: Of the total federal tax, people who earn under $5,000 a year pay 21 per cent. The $5,000-810,000 group pays 39 per cent. The $10,000-815,000 earners pay 11 per cent. The S15,000-$50,000 people pay 17 per cent. dollar. "We have decided to save And the real big income group - $50,000 and £ maybe _ for ^ btmd ,' Bunny was so good to us. This isn't because the rich are favored-in. ^ i ot J° J " uch , tcand y- We but come tax rates reach a top bracket of 91 per f nee brother doesn't have any cent. It simply reflects the fact that there are not te l th , ne ga ™. me T t enough wealthy people to foot the bill for gov- Easter morning when I got up ernment-but there are millions of individuals in Mama ™ one fcolo / ed ... u 1 i o • -i u! real e Sg and told me to find the modest income brackets. So,, inevitably, the anothe r one, so I did. when I got latter must pay the great bulk of government two in my hands I seen this huge costs. And they, collectively, would gain the most basket filled with candy boy my from reductions in non-essential governmental ^ ves , about popped out of my head. • spending. Tnen fQr dinner mama fixed chicken, I wouldn't eat it until l!Mi;ni!i:l:;!i!!!:Ui^^^ Marion (Sodie) Alderson, Public t he ^f to .} d ?1? il -, was b "" d ' Relations Director of Upper Iowa university, as guest reader. Mr. Adderson will read adventure Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago stories to the older group. for a long ride. How are you grandpa and and grandma? And how is great „ „ „. , grandpa? How is Aunt Lucy, Mrs. Estelle Lorenz, Kinder- Aunt Betty and ^eir family? lein member, will direct this We don't do much besides work week's story hour and read to that is Mama and Daddy, some JSWHHWHlHIHHlHIHHilllTO^ t - ne younger children. All young- J im6 4the y,_ take , me for a _ ride 20 Years Ago — employed for several months in sters between the ages of four P e io ,"% ht IJthink we Me going an office, and has resumed his „„ J 1N „„„ IR .,,H or i *„ O)to „j „.,,,.„ .' t1 ,„.., . , , ana 10 are invited, to attend. A miniature freak twister did studies in the law office of his Thi ^ k> t h some damage at the Mrs. Kate father, K. H. Estey, with a view dudes ^ se(jond J ^ n n ^ m m=iH*n/-o Sundnv norm to taking the bar examination at Q f w^^iy readings sponsored by the Kinderlein Club for the for a little ride. I am doing real good eating my meat, if Mama and Daddy tell me that it's bird, pig or cow, then I'll eat it. Terry eats real well. I afraid Boehm residence Sunday noon 10 taking when the storm door was yanked . . . ^ . u «u t ..™, ^ u iW t. lc ler rv eats real wen 1 afraid off its hinges and blown into the -J^^S^tJ^SS Fa ^ te ' Mrs - *»» that Sion ^ ong ne^s gling" be STREET - . J^A » ™t PET•wfl.^S Clark, Kinderlein Club president, bigger than me C. A. Ash celebrated his 79th tee ground. will announce at a , ater d ^ i£t fe^day. well severy- story day since Easter Bunny came and FAYETTE THEATRE Thura., Fri.^Sat. April 27 - 28 - 29 TONY CURTIS EDMOND O'BRIEN In THE GREAT IMP0STER Sun., Mon., Tues. April 30, May 1 - 2 BOB HOPE • LUCILLE BALL la FACTS OF LIFE LAUNDRY DO ALL YOUR WASH HERE — ITS A BREEZE WASH — 20c DRY — 10c FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL From 7 to 9 P. M. 2 Free Washes to anyone who has clothes washers when the alarm clock rings. in the Fayette Speed Wash East State Street — Fayette, Iowa birthday, Sunday, with a picnic Jt was insured and will be re- dinner and many relatives gath- bui »- Jt « reported. ering at his home. John Wood of Wadena, who recently enlisted in the army, was seriously injured Monday at Fort Des Moines in a truck accident. He is the son of Dr. and Mrs- J. R. Wood of Wadena. the plans for the (time series. next 40 Years Ago that day too, it's been real warm, 30 Years Ago — A car driven by E. W. Sperry which contained Earl Birdsell, P. E. Davis, Clair Holmes and H. F. Schilling, who were hound for the baseball game between Iowa City and Upper Iowa Mon- Tfte James Richards garage day afternoon, was almost blown equipment and stock of farm im- away by a part of a tornado plements is being moved to the , . , „ . large barn west of the bank, ^ hlch necked a portion- of formerly a livery barn, and in Center Point. It took 3 men to late years used by the public hold the ear top from being school bus driving force. blown off and the car was nearly Prof. L. J.- Lyons and his geo- overturned several times by the logy class at the college took a force of the wind, trip to Chicago lost week. They H. F. Schilling has built a visited the Field Museum, the new garage for the new Ford Planetarium, Shed's Aquarium coupe he purchased last week. and the University ot Chicago. Those who went were, Prof. Alderson to be »tory Lyons, Bev. Doss of Randalla, Mr. Koch, Marion Moore, Ker- Teller on Saturday mit Johnson, Harold Lynch, and The Kinderlein club story Sherman Doughty. hour, conducted each Saturday Robert Estey came home from at 1:30 p.m. at the Fayette lib- pavenport? where he has. been rary, will this week feature, HEY YOU BOWLERS Inquire About Our SUMMER BOWLING Free Instructions AU Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome WE STILL HAVE OPENINGS IN THE SUMMER fcEAGUES Monday, 8 p.m. — 3 Man Team for men. Tuesday/ 8 p. m. — Mixed league (2 men 2 women) Wednesday' 8 p. m. — Women's league. Thursday. 8 p. m. — Young Men's league. Friday, 8 p. m. — Junior league. Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangl LILAC LANES — 8 ALLEYS Automatic Pinsetters West Union, Iowa Don't Forget Natural Gas Is Coming To Fayette! We Have Had Mon Thm 25 Ye«» Expenience In The Furnace Business. Fcee EsiimtiesFor You On Any Type Of Furnace Installation Ot Convention. HUE mmm PLAN AVAILABLE 1ft «E STILL HAVE SKELGAS PLUMBING AND HEATING 77 — Fayette, Iowa - uwy ,mi ,..

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