Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
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Youngsters mode/ c/ofhes For proud grandmothers DesMoine* I of Fayette sports s «,s.SMI;±- ~" , dress-up out- -nll from their M;iny wore or 3 resignations Accepted; one Position still open w« i ? u - t!lC pr °8ram Grandmother. was a style show m which 24 Later in the evening, the tradi- Mubi members parti- tional cake-lighting ceremony month* 4 cnlldr t'n, aged seven was held. Each member placed months to ten years, modeled candles, to represent her children, on a cake. Special guests included the ~~ ~—— • ~~ Grandmothers Club of Fayettc, Volume 47, Number 17 and mothers or friends of members. Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Jean Clark, Mrs. Betty Boulton, Mrs. Joanna Keener, Mrs. Bette Baum, Mrs. Dorothy Richards. The board of education of the Abou t 60 guests and members Fayette Community School Dis- wcl 'F P rcsent - Kindcrlein Club, a trict has accepted the resigna- ' un . lor . d . lv "" on ° f * hcu Fayctte tions of three teachers who are- Fcdcrated Women s Club, is open Mrs. Nancy Ericson, second l ° * 1! mothors of pro-school grade; Mrs. Barbara Wittlich, vo- cmldren cal music; John Chandler, biology, general science, coach. _ ft . All the teaching positions for fjfK ftHirP the 1961-62 school year have UUb °'' ICe been filled with the exception of the vocal music position- Miss MAI At in Janis Kersten, a 1961 graduate of "'«" III Upper Iowa university, has been hired to teach in the second The Fa X ett e office of the Peo- grade; Mrs. Irene McColley is to ? les Na ^ ural G as Co. is now open be an extra teacher in the third ln the ouildin g located between grade; Larry Jackson, a 1961 the F ay ettc Leader and the Fay- graduate .of Upper Iowa univer- ette Tncater - sity, has been hired to teach Clifford Hayes, manager of the science, physical education and local office, stated that a furnace to coach track and assist in conversion unit is now on dis- coaching football, and boys bas- P' av a ' the office, and that he ketball. soon hopes to have a display of other gas appliances. The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Thursday, April 27, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Ten Pages This Issue Sportsfest to be Held on May 2 It was sign up time for the, lure was taken are left to right:. A. S. C. committee; Delbert Dean, The office is open from 9 a.m. 1951 feed grain program at the'EUis Thompson, Fayetie County to 12 noon and from 1 to 5 p m each work day, and from 9 a.m. A. S. C. office last week. Those Upper Iowa University to 12 noon on Saturdays. The of- in the office at the time this pie- 91 1 farmers Sign up for Pinewood Derby Government feed program To feature Cub A total of 911 farmers in Fay- 158,507 acres. The diverted acres C/-QII* Physical Education Department fice will be open other times by is conducting the second annual appointment. Fayette High School Sportsfest, Anyone interested in thc nat- Tuesday, May 2, at 7 p.m. The ura l gas line that is being following events will be includ- brought to Fayette may stop in e d ; and discuss it with Mr. Hayes or Individual: Swimming meet— the office clerk, Mrs. Lois Samek. 20 yds. free style (1 lap)^ 40 yds. free style (2 laps); 20 yds. back New O ff icer8 dected lay comoetTe divinl liowUne Ne * '=>««*« of the Fayette *»« County, as of April 25, sign- in Fayctte county so far, are 24,- ournarS Trampolinemeet* Community school parent-teach- ed up to participate ,n thc new 378.4. Wresting meet ers association elected at the reg- government feed gram program. To go into the program-a farm- Team Sports: Volleyball tour- ular meeting held April 17, were Those farmers who were un- er must place 20 per nament (boys), Volleyball tour- as follows: President, Mrs. Eld- aDie lo narnpnt fpirio- 'Rarfmintnn tnnr red Dumermuth; vice presi- _, namen fbSs) BadmSon S dent, Mrs. Joe Langerman; sec- The average county base corn nament (gi%) Badmmt ° n tOUr retary, Mrs. Willie Langerman; acres for the past two years was Trophies will be awarded to treasurer, Mrs. John Frey. every winning team and to win- Patrolman Robert Ohrt of In- C \Algc* ners in individual sports. Refresh- dependence spoke on safety. He •* ' * **•" ments will be served in the Uni- brought a testing machine used versity Cafeteria, followed by in driver training, on which dancing in the Colgrove-Walker some of the P. T. A. members Auditorium. Parents are invited, tested themselves. sign up last week can 1959-1960 base of com and ,{_ sign up any day before June 1. sorghums to diverted acres. 28 Fayette seniors will Graduate on May 16 Twenty-eight seniors will grad- be salutatorian. She, too, has uatc- from the Fayette Commun- been an. outstanding student, and ity high school in Commence- active in many of the school or- ment exercises to" be held Tues- ganizations. day. May 1C, at 8 p.m. in the The principal speaker for the high school gymnasium. Commencement program will be Valedictorian for thc class \vill Prof. Ralph H. Ojemann. His be Douglas Fay, son of Mr. and topic will be entitled "Your place Mrs. John Fay. Besides being in the Wider World of Tomora straight "A" student, Doug hap row". been active- in all sports, vocal Diplomas will be presented to groups and other organizations the graduates by H. H. Jones, durin.u his Iiigh school career. president of the school board, Judith Lynn Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Miller, will Homemakers club Entertained with Slides on fabrics The Smithfield Homemakc-rs club and the wives of new Farm Bureau members were guests Monthly cvonin^ of the Wastfleld Homemakers club, and enjoyed color slide.* showing new rooms from eld, Him the use of fabrics and paints. The Celanese Fiber Company, of New York furnished the slides and a dress length of ma- tC M llp 'uru by M . rs 'iV CSl , Cr T °£ e ' DOUGLAS FAY * larin They'll be off and racing, at Mrs - William Merkle, township £ of his tnc Pinewood Derby, to be held chairman, announced a three day and Otto Finger, a board mem- ' Sunday, April 30, in the gymnas- nursing course to be held in the ber. ium of the Fayettc Community noar future if enough women are The Commencement program high school. The derby is schcti- interested. will be as follows: uled to begin about 7.30 p.m Tno ncxt craft lesson will be Processional, high school band; Tho Pinewood Derby is an e- ^ ay 8 -. wn cn leather work will Invocation, Rev. Lowell, Shekle- two unidentified farmers. Bob Chairman; Chester turner, office ] Slcinbronn, H. H. Engels, J. L. manager: Herb Ash. Vice Chair- j dine of West Union and Harry man; Isaac Paul, member of the Randall. Teachers resign MAYNA»RD — Five teachers Bill's Super Valu on the faculty of the West Cen- Kirby Home Renovation tral Community schools will not Lloyd Pattison and Sons return for thc 1961-62 school Donald Vandersee Plumbing and nt ou ol year. They are Mrs. Monica Gal- Heating " —' ' u lager, fourth grade teacher at G and B Cafe Maynard; Mrs. Hazel Raim, sixth Victor E. Dahl, realty grade at Randalia; Royal Smith, Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Driving demonstration to be Presented to students here . ,. x ,, j' L • j junior and senior high math, Km'ghts Hardware Students of Fayette • Higii f.> indicate the distance required cmatics; wmiam D . Sailor , phys . Inte % t | le Po ^ cr Co Schcol will have an opportunity to stop the car m an emergency. jcal education , dri ver training Maynard Locker ' •••- — — •••— •— ——• „ , , , at 2 p.m. May 2, 1981, to see for The driver being tested wi be • nd C0 ach; and James Pilgrim, E arl Schneider Insurance Agency Roger Bowen, Cub Master, C f U nn fhnirfn res- signalled to stop by the repoit of vnf , a , musjc instructor . p lltl , rc Porip , w Mn »,,,r>i r: n « .stated that all Cubs and their JUIUUI LI1UII TO rl.'irly ul- 1 /!! P Irl hn !it i f n» o >)wi/i 1 Present concert Advertisers Directory Merchants who are anxious Vo vent'of'^'c^ Scout Pock' 3 T. ^ mSe U 1)n™Sar?S^uSl **' "*"* °°* ^°^ k "' (Eng ' serve you, and whose advertise- - .-.._. ••> •"-"-• «-"•«- J" 11 " «* nmu.nm • ments soliciting your business r h *T eSSU e*eY he betow~ ^ winners win enter thc Pine . A short talk by Mrs. Park Cow- trie advertfsers. ' wood derby at tfje" Scom-O-Ttama-••^ ; -^UadowitaiJjljM...««U!m... B ,„ . , ,,1 ». „ r ' ;l11 and a sku "The Proof of iucr in Waterloo on Sunday, May 0. Pudding is in the Eating" illus- Racers in the derby are whit- frfifinr,' "Whats Farm Bureau all od by the Cub About" was given by Mrs. Carl Scouts, with a'little help ;md ;ici- '*'"«• Mr!i - Dolbcrt Dean and vice from their fathers. The ears Mrs - Joc Langorman. Hostesses must not weigh over five ounces, vvtlv: Ml 's. Park Cowles, Mrs. and cannot be more than seven Howard Roberts and Mrs. Harry and three-eighths inches long. No Randall. grease or graphite can be used to make the wheels run faster. themselves how the false impres- signaiieo 10 HOP oy vnt: r« P o.-i m , j instructor. Future peoples Natural Gas sion and sense of security that a the first shell The second will be , ans hayo not been iven «°P'« « al ^ al Oas driver of a modern automobile fired automaUcally when he Plumbin R and Heating cyofc /»nn and ri^.f 1 '? often lead brake IK ".ppliea, tiiiu me inira ... . »» « T,. /^, • ^ ,, geis, can ana »--», ""•=" ''-"" ,„>,-_ *v,o v. ai . >,iii 0 nictinrp "Uy tins spring are Mrs. Tex Big Gam Feed s into the danger zone and trouble, ?jen the cai ha 1U. Distancc V kindergarten succeeding University Cleaners When they participate in *a ser- between the stops of paint will * Maplene giwle who resien- Lilac Lanes ies of driving tests. Superinten- then be measured £ Jetermme ^'^^ Eyn Brown^n Fayette Theater dent Dean Curtis announced to- he reaction and braking dis- ^^ ^^ ^ Maynard fe . Fa ^ ette Spccd Wash day- lances, ^ ^^ placing Mrs. Monica Gallager al- E. H. Carley Plumbing and Heat- JUDITH ANN MILLER The tests, which will be in two Tests will be limited to 20-, 30-, parts, will be given under the an( j 40-mile-per-hour speeds be- resigned. ing United Window Co. Nutri Pak Feed Co. Belles-Wright Funeral Home R. R. Ei-ion Simp tion the cause of the danger in makin fi Opea air Pops concert &££?SSJ? aa ~ ZZtt"^^ Tobep re «n l .dM.yl4 The first section will be a lee- used as drivers in the high speed An open air Pops concert will Oay h E »^ &£?JSfSr. ^& P ^^ K ^,~^.K^T^V^i^ S. i ^ .^-- demonstration on a local street, ty on the highway, the Iowa University on Sunday afternoon, •Rnrhoo will also demonstrate the Farm Bureau'^Federation and Af- May"14. S25 TSd^SSS driving filiated Companies is presenting The concert will be presented Fayctte Ig^jnccAgency hnhits this driving demonstration and fnam the U. I. U. campus at 3:00 Hariy s Uties ^eivice High point of the demonstra- test before the high schools of p.m. Both the University band Howard s^Radio & T-V an will come however when this state. The program is being and chorus will participate, ac- Dr. Scott Lingo 3 n will come, J«wever wn n ^ £ ^^ ^ ^^.^ ^ ^ LeGrand Maxwell McLee B e-Leyt« Furniture Haculty mem- sponrorship tf the local Farm well, McCosh professor of Mus- Maurert S^,oes and Clothing bers in the specially equipped Bureau Insurance organization, ic. r»»X ff • f station car An electric detonator which The public is invited to attend TJie general public is invited Ott s Drive in is mounted on the front bumper the lecture as well as the dem- to attend the concert; there will ™"° ^f'"."* Station of the car will fire yellow bullets onstration. be ma admission charge. Thrifty Food M«t Upper Iowa University Walker Flower Shop Wilkc and Wilkc Zabriskie Garage Mae's Beauty Shop Paulson Plumbing and DcHaven and Kroeger Duwe Appliance and Repair .stated that ;ill Cubs find their dads .should be at t/ie house by 7 p.m., Sunday night to register and weigh the racers in. The races will be held follow- The Fayette Community high ing the regular Pack meeting, al school choir, under the direction which time awards will be pro- of Mrs. Gary Wittlich, will presented to the Cubs. Refreshments *<- a «t tn*-'if annual spring con- will be served at the close of the cert on Monday, May 1. Tde ten- lish Folk Song), Mixed Quartet; meeting. curt will begin at 8 p.m. in the Salutatory, Judith Lynn Miller; high school gymnasium. Address to the Graduates, Prof. Featured in the concert will Ralph H. Ojemann; "Turkey in bo tin.' high school choir, the the Raw", Flute Trio; Presenta- sclcc-l choir, liio madrigal choir, (ion of awards, Mrs. Florence ;md the fifth and sixth grade Lease; Valedictory, Douglas glee club. Paul Fay; "Memories of Stephen The public i.s invited to attend Foster", Brass Sextet; Presentation of Class, Mr. D. Dean Curtis; Presentation of Diplomas, Pres. Ed Campbells attend Oklahoma conference Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Campbell, with other contract branded distributors and dealers associated with KeiT-McGeo Oil Indus- tho tries, Inc., in thc firm's 17-state , ., , marketing area, attended a 3-day Extension service conference in Oklahoma City, Pi , „ . •• . . April 21-23. More than 350 ra y s trl D" te »«> persons attended the meeting, Adult, 4-H leaders which was the first held by Ken-. McGee at its nome office. H. Jones and Otto Finger; "Climbin 1 up the Mountain", (Spiritual), Men's Double Quartet; Benediction, Rev. Lowell . Shekclton; Recessional, high During Uie week of April 30 cr-honl hanH cv.ee ai us noiiie oiuix-. through May 6, thc Fayette Qn Sunday Mav 14 Baroal Special entertainment planned f . fllin , v vvt.-n^ioA Spwin- will bunaay, May 14, Baccal- for the group included a barbe- County . *- xt J- ns . lon Se , ivicc , YV, 1 aureate services will be held at cue dinner at the Kermac Ranch, riM-th of thc City, on Friday evening; luncheon at thc Petroleum Club Saturday noon; a banquet . at the Skirvin Hotel Saturday through their constant efforts Swartz; Invocation, Rev. Paul L. nicht at which Senator Rob't S. Iiml participation in Extension Huscher; "Sanctus", (Schubert), " J ""-"' '- J -'•"' '" "--'-'gals; Scripture Reading, Paul L. Huscher; Hymn, Lord Our God Alone Is The.se are the persons, who services follows: Processional, Mrs. Russell night at which Senator Rob't S. "nd participation m Extension Huscher; Kerr, chairman of the tnard of Educational work devoted to Madrigals; Heating directors, was guest speaker; and «<""«-' mid family hie, are help- Rev. Paul breakfast at the Kcrr-MtfGee in S maintain and strengthen tne "The Lore . _•_ ..... . f, . _ • )mmn ;i« lhi» hpar! of our A^meri- Sfrnnrr"- •' building on Sunday morning. Contestants are needed to take part In Fayette talent shows next month home as the heart of our A.meri- Strong"; Sermon, Rev. Richard can society. L. Jamieson; "My Heart Ever The concluding words of the Faithful", (Bach), Carole Ann "Goals df Americans", the re- Dahlquist; Benediction, Rev. port of former President Eisen- Paul L. Huschefr; Recessional, hower's Commission on National Mrs. Russell Swartz. Goals, are "The family is at the _ - he.-'jj-t of society. The educational New instructor added process begins and is served ~ . , . „ (f Home talent .shows are plan- prize. most deeply in Hie home". * ° Upper lOWa 3taiT ned for Fayette every Friday The talent shows will be held "The purpose of an educational Miss Joan E. Heidrick of York, night during the months of June, on the street in Fayette, and the program for homes and families Nebr. has been added to the fac- July and August, it was reported time of the shows will be annou- in our county is not only as a ulty of Upper Iowa university ae today by Den Rainer, chairman need at a later date. The master service for all persons regard- an instructor in women's phys- of the Chamber of Commerce of ceremonies for the contests j n g various day to day home ical education, it was announ- committee. will also be announced later. problems", Mrs. Howard Jones, ced today by Dr. Herschel Hen- Mr. Rainer stated that each Any one in the Fayette area is Family Living Committee chair- drix, dean of the university. contestant who takes part in the eligible to enter the weekly con- ]nun indicated, "but is America's Miss Heidrick received , her talent shows will receive $2.50 tests. Just fill out the entry blank educational wuy of keeping its bachelor of arts degree from in merciiandi.se. Weekly winners below and mail to Don Rainer at families and w«y of life strong Westmar college in 1956 and her will be chosen by the audience, the Farm Bureau office in Fay- an d free. The educational link master of arts degree in physical and at the end of A/ugust the ette, or contact Mrs. Robert Lam- between the homes of Fayette education from Colorado State winners will compete for a grand phler at (he G and B cafe Name Address THE NINE MBMBEHB of tt» which wa» confirmed »•• in *b« Or»c» lutheran Church v r«y«tt» «» plciumJ abbv*. B*ck. row. loft to right ih»y a*»! Rollyn Schtovdwr Mohlii. R«T. Norman Brtk« a»tb QuaiAdt. Our M»iu«r. Front row, left to rlgh*> Larry W«oth». Nancy Ketd, Shirley Talent Mohlis, Evelyn Huebner, Keith BTUIP, (Photo by Larry HUey), Phone No. County and Iowa State Univer- university in Greeley in 1960. sity and the United States De- She taught in the Lake Mills partment of Agriculture, through school system for a year and a the Cooperative Extension Ser- half before joining the faculty of vice, is cna built on the tradition of Westmar college in Le Mars of education so people can add in 1957. She has been affiliated to their quality of life. It is this with Westmar for the past four educational program which is years. now being sought by persons of Miss Heidrick willl assume her other nations, duties at U, I. U. in September;

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