The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
Page 2
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MGETJWO INSOGIEn . Tdl 1(10,1 , I on what. wld Rround May &oin«st^(: Pcice Jk-lound? HalQj'bir UaiJKhtcr of the tfklcs, Far on ^eartul vli RH tshe flieii. Frpm the ptimp o sceptrol'itutc From jthe ^cbsl'* B oiay hate. In a (iotiaged vale she dwells, l^isieniag to jthe Sabbath bellii! SUU ajripuiid tier st L>|)B ftre 8c «n ! SpdtleHs fionbr's JD lee ^r mten, LoTC, the sire of p leasing fears, Sprrow smiline thi ough her tears, And, cpiiscious of t K! past-employ, ^Memory, bosom-spi ing of Joy. , 4 -rSamuel iTa Jor Coleridge. City Federation M ^ts Amjecting of the Cfty Fe^eratioi' of Wo^nen's clubs fvatf held ,yeste4 Bon j. . Xibrvy hall. MriJ Charles! F. Scott,; preslderi . •was in charge'of the meeting. Ax r amendment xo the by-laws wa* ' maiie to the effect hat officers ma . taite their places J upe 1. The chllfi welfare coqiniittec reported that number of cots ar d' blankets weije furnished, for^-Uie khools withib the last ^lontli. Many plans fc| the work tof the y< ai- were Jiscuai ed. The jcommitt'cs for the yes!{ Svere hanicd as follows: Ways and Means — Mrs. A. 1 iiarrison. chairmai: Mrs. Kennel Foust, Mrs. L. K. Foijter, Mrs'. P. Soneker, -Mrs. H. B. Parrot Mrs. G. C. Daigarr o, jr., Mrs. C. SwiBEtU. .Mrs. Mirk.Ituncr, "Mn • F. CT: Apt and Mrs 1). P. Northrui Child Welfare—:Irs. C. B. Spencer, chairman; .M) si-N.- O. Hodgi Mrs. J. K. Pow<-ll, Mrs. J. K. Lam! Mrs. J._;H. Soweiijy, Mrs. F. M I'aul and Mrs.i CJif ree Tronibold. Piiblii; llpalfh— Irs. W. IK Anderson, chairmnn'; Mrs, O. L. fiaij- linKhouse," Mrs.' J il. Hondersoi: Mrs. W. 0. Lcnhai i.iMrs. l)f. I.iic Hull, Mr.-*. I (^IXTHon. Mis; \| C. Archer and Mrs. (!. K. WilllaniH. ' .Spoil.sors for f!ir I •,I{(!.><crvi;" Mrtj ' H. .C UidKcWjiy. I liairiiiiin; Mr.' C. M. CorliKr, Mn . j .l. (). Miijor.' {•^liKJ-alfon I .Mr.s il. ,\V. Ih-.sKi'i chairman; .MiH.: A. A. Hchcll, Mrh E. 13. .SI^.d^hllI. Mr.i Ccr.rHf Till belt. .Mrs. KJW.M.v'ler, Kll Ball and Mrsj,<». L J'lilIJKon. MeniberKhip' - Mr;. •(',. M. Grovrr chairnuui: Mrs. ('. J.j Rilchoy. Mrs P. V. J. Adunw.Mr;. Ilr .i I>. Kellfy Mrs. II. II. .Shormin. Mrs. W. A| WfKidruff atid Mrs Clyde Thomp Bon. i Civic Ipiproypmoijit^-Mrs. A. A . Mosher-,'chairniun ; Mrs. .1. .\. Ilerr, Mrs. LoRan H^msakc^, Mrs. Lorjj • Fife, Mrs. P. H lyi, Mr.s. L. II Wisi^ard. W. Ki J.yons. amj Airs. L. h. Northnir | Snynal' (.•(ininiittct i-'Mrs. P. S Mite jell, chairman; Mr.'i C. K. Rus sell. Mrs. .1. V. Mcrciiaiit. .Mrs. T K. AWdgrcn.i Mrs. ll. .M. Powell XMrs. Wm. Gillow. M C. S. Bishop ipd Mr.s, W. Z. Bai tffls.i . . \Mrs. T. W. Waitc|w{n be the par-| ; ii^nentarian. Miss ; Jcanettc K ilis. -supervisor >f nius^c in the hi ;Hl school, An; iquaced the cbminj of the Kansas (Mty^jittle Symphoi yi in March for , his benefit of the music depart- ijnent bi the city sc "h3d |l,s. Mrs. Scott anoimbed the cone snti to- be given DonatoColafeiui lal tenor of the I I The members of He lola Music club gave the prog 'ain. ' Mrs. P. E. •\Vaujgh and MJsf ^art played a £-piano by Areasky. Miss' l«sson with a Far! J^y Mot ler TavKhf M hart pli yed "Prehid Hachinakjinoff: Mils ijnrt MiHR DoriB ('hild Ni'vin waltz, a dnet o • • • !• Soroxis (Inb Holds ' Tli«' iwi-nty-flrHi the fojindlng t.t{ tlx was irelebruted la^t li jtidiei on Grill THE TOLA DAi Jud^e Ole A. Stolen of Madison, Wis., became widely known for his refprnp crusades. Now it is chai-g- ed that he solicited loans from bootleggers, and the supreme court of Wisconsin has ordered an in- vestigMion looking to bis disbarment and removal from the bench. Miss Mary Green, Miss Catherine (ioss, ^iss Ivalee West, Mis)) Eliza- l)eth Kiggs, Miss Vivian Riggs, Mfss Frankie Lee Griggs. Misfi Glessner Ablwli. Miss. Ramona McKinney, AHss Mildred McKinney,!Miss Jessie Heller, Miss Fern Bittidk, t'Miss liorotiiy Smith. .Miss Marte Alterman. Miss Fern Browir, Miss Helen Ford, Miss Ethel McCoy, iMrs. Ern- etil KjciKter, .Mrs. Ualph Ross and Mrs. jeller. :l 1 • •:• • >• CbriHlitiu Kndrinor i :x <:<-i^iv <>s .Meet TlKJ! nicinlitrK of the <x<"(iillve Ixiiirdi iof I lie (,'liris(j;in Endeavor KiM 'ii'lil of thi' Kiritt Presbyterian I'liiircfif HK't last night in the home of Mis^ Margari't Shanii.oii, K4r> Norlli; Ueffersou avenue. Aft • ^1027 B/ NEA SEf^lCE INC. > Wbnt Has Gone Befoijs Death strikes GARHETT FOL- SO.M while I swimming wpth a party of' friends at O^can To*ii, IN. J. At the HOtEL .MAJUJ ACA. ':Whcre they all had been g tests, an inqtiiry is begun, tffter a doctor, perfunctorily cxaniinini liim on" the .:beai;h, pronounces] liim dead, r ' ! ' Folsom's companions had been ROGER NE\''lLLE, MRS. HHLKX LITA that eaih, XED ,Y REGISTER. TU f2axdiyn ^ARXABY and CARM VALDO.V. It is' established Folsoin, jasti before .his i -had been sUbdiog next to BARRON, known as tUq Cipper King. , ' [ FoHom's: sister, AXASTASIA. is scut, for' in New York., tl '.e startling announceriie rrheii It is been made that ' Folsoin had Ktabbed to deatli in tlie liater. ROSS, his.valet,< is questioned, as are. Barron /and his wife, but no light is shed on the mystety. Anastasia arrives aiid crJcoun- ters Neville,: who I UM I been her biother's 'associate in bii.'jiness. .Now <Mi (In mtii tJie i^tkiry CHAPTER XI. "Miss Folsom," Neville "Why arc yon here? Haven got a room yet? Come, you to .Mrs. Valdon's aparlnifnt^ mustn't slay here "t\'hy not? Why does eve want nil' to hide? 1 aiii, hi invesligniu my brotlier'.s .\nd remember, Roger .Nev know as yet none of the i I had only the tt'legrrfni th:i rt <tt was dead. Then 1 com and i I 'inil his rooms HTP in of the polire! I •.ent for Ro before I coiilii ask him iihonlj you fuiiii'. I had no wish the hotel peiiplc, so ( XT I IHI will tell m<- the fints." "Of roiirsej dear Miss Ki hilt iK^t he\e. I (ii'k "f yiui' 1^ tlio iisiial liiisiness was li'iinHjiii-ied there was a social hour and rj 'ireshiiieniK wire served. Thofsp at Ihe'iiipc-tlng were: The Rev. 11. G. Maliiis. O. 1),, MiKi* Gladyji (!ortner. Miss ('hri.stine Troutjvint'., Mis.s Flazi-l TroiUwini-. Mr.' .iolin Lyman,Sleeper. .loan Hendrirpon, • Miss Marianna Ral- l.ston, < ri €?<l. t you •an po . You yliody •re to death, lie. 1 Irtuils. Gar• here harge K. Hut it all II iisk .s you il.-liiiiij See.' :SD A Y EVENINQ , F EBRUARYS, Woman Wdrden Mrs'. George Ai Wi man, Okla., has beejime the woman warden of a tidn in that state, charge of IJranite re<ormatOT^. glish OpeW Co., and his d violiriis . February 24. byMhe M|>men(« Musical lorence Ho- duef, "Suite" khlis sang "A and "Songs Miss Ho- Jn G. Minor." ifurriey Miller Itlayecf |a one piano. iini»ersnry iiiKnIversary of e.V I. o'clock dinner In'th I riinni of the Kelley hnslM *iidH of ! the jjUeKtH. The lialiles ltd with Amerlean tjie rluli flowor, .'Mill , Uiyeli 8* tilvor.s III tljii dlnrier. ; Mrs. .1. M. Lamer, a few \i-or(ls of grciti Mr. L. jll. Wishard the meii.; A cnmmitjte^ of Mrs.f irrf h:- Kel assisted- hy Mr.s. W. W. K. llumlall and M risoh. j^ilfanged a games and stuntS: • ~ -which were led by •Mrs. L.| H. Wishan E. Riimi .-ill received mnsicHl propran follows: .Mrs. P. E. fvV, a piano solo. Mrs. and Mr. A. E. Garrisv . •with Mrs. R. L. Kop panist. Mrs. Victor a flute snlo with li+r the piano. Mrs. E sang two .songs any Koenig iilayed t-wo tions. Qld tiin^ soiit^ led hy Mrs. E. W. .raller sinking •'llonie the nit-n ^aug "Good Those attending th were: JljSsrs. and M .^Iggeiti. E. D. Shiel jortisis club ;ht with a 7 njain dining H ^lelwith tlie ipembers aa re (kH-ornt- anty roses, roHes wero close of the riBdn, A.! R. Sleeper. R. L^KgeniK. Clyde 1 S.Kirk.rE; VV. Haf I Waiigh. -v. L. Kirk, man. W-.i E. Rnndall trd^ F.Vli P;inl, C. E. •Peer. Gi.M. Lanier, S. H. AudeftjMi. F."w. {E. Norditreh, W. E. Cortner, Dr. and MrU. ' linghouse.' I>r. Lucy 1?.' Shernian.- Mr.s. Fljnrjcnce Long- .Blwre. Mrs. R. L. Tlioiiipson, Mrs. A. F. Fiiorence and |lrs.' Travis Worse. • « <• <• «i Toung Ll (lies' Class Olves, V» Mitlne I'li ^tj] The m ^nbers ofkli files' clads' of the Fl xhureh h|-'ld a St. Va l.ast.nighii in the sociall church. • Valentine games welelplayed and liefrtohm^ntB W^re in h |art Hhape. . 1 The mi^nbers preset t were: M'ss Ylrginla Hmiih. Miss Ifelen Colby, -^llswiRnll> t!olby. Ml »4 ?"th Green, Mr. Pawl Faustl Miss Rnth , Miss Rnth Ewing, Mr. Walter T mm liolij and Mr. Oweri Panl. •sideiit, gave iig lio; which n'J<ponde<l/ for , consisting chairman; i..yohs, Mrs. A. IE. tJar- ^rogram of _ the games, ^Ins. I 'larriBon. ind .Mr. W. pijizcs. as given as iigli played ^V. Magluiid sang a duet as accom- J\irk played hu.sHand at Haglund Mrs. R. L. ijiano selec- were sung glu'nd, and eet Home." pht Ladies • rin II i versa ry fijlaines-C. A. AJ E. Garr|i I). Kelley. mnipson. .1. ii ^d. P. E. M : Yhoro- H. Wish- [iKsell. G. E.' Sifers. W. |SB»irwood. T. .ij'ons, C. M.- O. L. II, Mr .s. H. [ft Young La- I 'li . Christian e nine, party •oom of the nhifdiirj-Thnnins .l.j Tonnsend. Thomas .lefferson Townsend wjis born ji'pbriia^ry 27. 1S.=;8. in Frank- ,Iiiv. Indiana (.lohnson county) and moved'to Allen eonnty with his father Mjarch, .•»,. 1SS8. - He' p' away peacefully at the home of his brother,' Abe Townseiidj Friday morning. February 4, 1927. at T> o'clock at the age of fi9 years. "At th«i a «B of fllne'yeari he tmlted with the Christian churpli at Pisgah. Indiana, and since,that time, he has lied a consitstctit Christian life.^ For the past twenty-five years he has ibecn a continual sufferer I because of ill health, and for the j pa.sf |tT (*-enty-seven years [he has ' madej hi.s home with his! brother, Abe, Townsend. I ' He I is survived, by Abe.'Ira and George Townsend of Allen county; Lawrjpnc.e Townsend of i Tpmple- ton. Oregon: Mrs. ,yiney Hockey of Ternnti. Indiana, and twri jhalf sis- ter.s, .Mr$. Fred Kramer. Ibla. Kas., and ;MrB. Opal Abbott of .lolitison CoiiYity. Indiana. One brotherc .lohn M. To\ynkend. and two sistprs, -Mrs. Mary Cqx and .leannelte jAnna Townsen'd preceded him In' death. He. was a faithrul Christian, a good nelphlior. a kind friend and considerate brothipr, and his loyed ones feel that he Is now safe where trIckneHs.; sorrow, pain and death are never known or fenretl. KitnernJ • Kervlces wore Voiidin Ied fi^oih the ChrljJllan church Sunday nriort)oon at 2 o'clock, February fl. Willi the Rev. ,Ii V.: Re )rnoldM official Ing. Mtislr was by Harry Bls1ioi>. .Mrs. Raipli Cohlviitz. Mrs. ('. A. niirber and Fred Steele, with; Velma I Benedict .-js pianist. The song« were. "Aslqcp in .lesns.' lie spoke, low. "see. many ."lire-lil- ready cliisti-rin;;, aniniiil us. They prefi-nd to be talking .•iiiii'Iik iheni selVes. bill ynu can sec Ilii y an greedily llsteninK.'' Aiiii.siasia Fiilsiini rai .'-eit her head liiKh apit «an! .the e irious onlookers a .stare. "Yiili are right. I!(ij;er." sin said. "I was a fool to slay her'- ii: long a» 1 have. i.,et Pa.xloii ami bring my things and take mi anywhere, anywhere tlia.t we can talk." Relievoil ,at her docility,-.\«-villc led lier quickly tliroiigh the throng.s to tli^e elevator and took'her-lo the suite occupied by .Mrs. Valdoiji and .Mrs. Barnaby. The arrival was not iiiu-xp M^lod, for Neville hail gone in sear •h "nf .Vnastasia-with orders to bring her back with him. ••l..r,u poor tiear Ihiiig!" cried Camielita as she opened the door. Come right in and let me take care of you." « I'm not. the kind to be akcu care of." was the response, bi I the tone wa.s independent riitherjthan ungrateful. '^Who Xi> thi^V" It was a strange tiling, bu death of Garfett Folsom. She (old all th4.>re wa.4 to tell of bis bath in the ocean with them, of his snd- den stinking beiieath the waves, of his bfiing carried to shore by two of the life goards. accompanied or assisted Ijyj sieveral men who chai^ced to be n^ear. She told how they had all assumed that death was due to natural .causes, until inr6rmed by Doctor Manning' thiit it 1 was not, hut was the resitlt if a murderous attack. ' : "Who did itr[ cried Miss Auastasia at thi .s pojint. But her question received no answer. ; ' "Who did it?" she repeated. ••'Roger, who murdered my brother?". - ; ;|. ' ' •f A quick blani^O pa.ssed from one to another of Ifer hearers, saying as plainly as^^<^rds could do thai she was hystci-ical and must be calmed. , Neville rone and ijat beside lier, taking her hand! au(( gently soothing her. I ! i "That we don't know, my dear. TlAit we liave jjet to find oat—" We certiiinly liavel Garrett" was my broUiei'! The only human being on the fine of the earth 1 cared for. I shall devote my life] to finding the fiend who killed hiii: • and avenging liiH death. Ross, who killed himTi i i She turned to the valet ami i glared at hiiii, Iwilli the •glitleriii^ eyes of a,niad woman. "1 don't know! .Miss Fol.som." the man replied, iiis, voice sad )>iii w'tli! the respectful lone of a servant. "Where were, lyou ;it the time of; his deathT : i •'In Mr. Kolsimi's rooms, waitiim for his returii.''" "Then vdii can't' III .. , So y .iii (anhilii me in my iiivii.sii her powder .ind roufio. catlims. I 'will; keep yim on. liir;; "Tp here Or finywlr T he. pre .siMii'. Ross. Villi will be ;iaslii.-ij :i. lanlessly. . iirefiil hell- .'ind! after we gii h;irU !|wlii re. so Ion;; as I si linnie. Villi ina>i go. iiiiw. and hold ^ be. is now. likely." ' yoiifseir at niy |«irders." ' I Kit a swift sharp rap oni the "Yes. .Misii Kolsnm." and Ri;:; ;! ilmir seemed ; to indilale an 1 im- Iweifly-six Vearj of ticce^ful *l«rcl an>Using in M B. relax a little. Then to bed—" Anastasia . Fulson^ comical look and the short laugh. "I thought you kneW me betjer! she said. "1 aay. Duchess," she turned to 'yirs. Barna >y. "do Ijlook like a slippers and ' — son? Do i; now?'' •*nil certainly the fill personality had iii{ the ty|;e of woman rela.\ in that way. He.-^ides;" .Miss Fol| mure quietly now, "t •gave Iter .a 11 burst into a kimono ' per- Rtrong. force- Kvho Joves. to the police place is coining toni •Here •.'••' cried the iiier-'V She whippi.'d ..i,.;|i,,,.|,.il> My la.'j.e and ilabheil fi'-li.irted. ' i • rm Klail lo Imvi- Iiim.^^ she s ;iiil. jxiriaiit raller. If was . .lepLuiM. •'he Is ile ])(..Milali |e .•mil <a|.ali|.» iii i'I'lilil.'. :>nd iplroiluiiefl by hiril to every 'way. Now tell me miTe. i I!ie r;n)iip. Who was ne<ire!d my brolher when | ' liii glail to sec yUu. .Mr. Jep- lie when he fell over?^^ • j-!""' ""^ .Mi.'^s Kolsi'in's wclcjtime "Our own cro-.vil." .Neville • Inld • iva < • ipiite evidently-y her. "and si.eral strangers." I < ".irili^il. "Von're the the ^ speeches of Anastasia Folsom. j Iwere igejjd I way the though often rude of words, accompanied by., a smile of nature that seemed to take their sting. Her glance at Duchess was one of admir though her question was' bruitque. "This is my dear friend. Barnaby." .Camielita introd "ITsually called the i Duchess, cause of her—' Her noble air and bearing. Rnidt of Ages." 4 and "Boautlfiil -k'"'"""' *;fnt «««'•« «» Valley of Eden." ; Interment was iir -Highland cemetery.—A Friend. TXENUT Feb. 6.—Mr. and JMr*. Clifford Abbey were in Fort; Scott W'cdnes- day and /Thursday. .Mr. aiid Mrs. .Mm. Anderson and children spejil Snljday .'wfth" .Mrs. Anderson's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Mills and family, of the Pleasant Ridge vicinity. Elmo Carmean helped Del Morris with some aulo repair work .Monday and Tuesday. Mr., and Mrs. WiVI Newman of l.aHarpe atid Henry'Gregg of the jSoiith Blue Mound vicrhiij' spent pundav with Mrs. Anna- .Jaro and ^Ir's. Stella Friel. ; ' .TessB Robb was in Fojl Scott tVIoiidny. . Mr. a:nd Mrii. George Canafsey petit Sunday a:ftornoon witlitheir aiighter, Mr?. Nat Seott.jand Mr. $rotl, - • Joe Ross worked for Di ^l Morris f^aturday. - j Several from this neighborhood ^ittended the community j auction a|e .-It I lue Mound Salurday. Mr. and'.Mi's. Hnber Stevenson pent Sunday with Mr. ind Mrs. Robh^ind j Mrs. Alice Carmcaii an^ daiigh- er. Daisy, spent Thursday after- iioon with Mrs. Minnie Oflavan. William .lewell Morrisj hel|H»d 'etc Minich with his farm work ^hiii -week. , " j Ted Cooke spent Sunday with •;imo and Eugene Carineon. ' John iW.ilker "spent several days ijhis weifk In the Mound cilv; vicin- i:y. being colled thefe bxjttae ser- i MiB Illness of hia fatlicr. j ' Mrs. Carrie 'Smith apent "Tuefi- lay afiernoon with Mrs. Ahna Jaro ijnd Mr*» Stella Friel. j Elmo kuid( E^geuc Carmean help> ijd acx)U ;Northwny hutik oonti -thiirsdaV- ' ' : iHrs. 8u>Ua Friel ana Mrjs Mln- ie R OH U spent Friday tiflernoon ilh .Mrk Clai;a Andersoni terrnpted -Mis .s Folsom. holding out less. "Vour owii crowd beiiin'.'" I lii'ik fur lielj) in fiiji These two ladies anil iiiy..vll. '' d'-i er ef my Iiriitlier." he said. ' . ! ; "l' eertaiiil.y liope 'iWcIl, 1 Imri; siis|ieel any of t Mi'-s Kol.'-nm.^'- yon," hut tliL- iKt 'wk-Iike ey.s rc:;! 1 '•I doiri e.xjieit. yoi ed sternly en tjieiii all In turn. • c-xpeit in ilo it iny:ii:4lf. I said 1 "Who Were lilio,strangers? iln yoivilook In you for liei |i."| know'" I ! : I ('f» B« Conlld '"Siinie of iiieni. .Vext to Garr'iil i there stoiMl a .man named Ilarroii. a chap from' Niw Vork.'^ "Barron? Kndw anything about him?" i Nothing ^t all. U seems Carry in. just casually yen people do. in the wasn't at all re- talkrid to h know, as lots of oceqii. But: h< sponsive. aiid giive Gairy rather jthe cold shouldelr.". A queer Irait of I jM'iiiV Is rriealnl ii ^chapter nhen u di^eot |ln bis riMini..' it no hi nt of soin wen lie man )uche>'s. out her vigorously at saiitl'An- t don't 'rare le him. There on. from ght/' 'vlTp Ivan- lereil lip hy iK 'cre if! not iian to wboih ling the limr- o do that, f to do it. 1 UPd) I arrrli Y\OU file next, wy I .S nitlide- Asserajbl to-wear styles. And a lar priqe$ foT Fact Goals Yoii IWould Exjpcet to Find Hints tiful anv Our .second .shipment of colorinir.s. I I year-i'ound Zephyrs aw in, i|r.s. The patternii; are ijill copyrighted and >-ea.son fjht; coloo'.si .sfioiild fadr.i the.v wiJl be ijjenjAced MOST POPUfLAR WA^H FABRIC iH AIVIERICA to of the our T^pdyi' ait^ deplartnien m^W inte|Hpre- maittsi>!rm^ mostpppii^ spniig. and lib tf $69.5p Very striking rioyelty! weav$ J and df}sigii trimmings and: smart tai oring: Weed beautiful arts Iho newi colorings. Much Hfel^eir. Homfe ^ewets •1-h ih the beati- excnifrve, ainfl if ior vfith a n^w oip. TODAY. furi "Then, if he! was an utter .-stranger, we caii scarcelv susi)ect • him;" j •'.No. hut i.\nustasia. you ean'i jMrs. iced, be- in- h'er hand. "1 like you. Due you're all right." , ; "GoodyI" and Helen Barnaby smiled one of her • wide, vapid' smiles. "Its so nice to be likwl."!"'' "»'«'" I "Well, thal's that," and •iMIss^;'•"""''«^' - •' FoUnin turned from the DuclieiJH as if entirely through with her. "Now. Carniellta Vn|don, tell me all there is to tidl iiliout. (iarrett's death. Roger..yon can speak wheir 1 hjieak to you, but I want Carniy t'o; tell the story." She her hut iihil flniig it neroKs the, room, where I'.apcton piitked it np and poked II hack|into shape. "And you .stay. too. Ross." jjQ„ I."inspect an>-jliody| yet. its all in • the hands of thej police—" , "Indeed ii isnii: It's in my hands.' 1 an^ the;one who will find' out my brofher'ij murderer and i bring him tp justice. Police, bah: ! Do they .ever accomplish any-; thing?" i "Of course Uiey do." said Ne-'i| ville'. with spirit! ' '•You mustn't , talk like tlml-'.! •'•Don't you tell me how I must talk: 1 - talk as 1 ; Our Big, $10,000 Clearance SaUe clones Sahirtlay nil ing to make Buy Now: hand, to I'axton and received a aret. •'Stay, at any rate, nii hear -the main facts." "Yes, ma'am," Ross said, iand stood at attention. ; T!un .Mrs. Valdon gave a straight Mis.s her <'ig- il 1 forward and concise account of thelsiinlite user; "Ves. yes. dearie, so. you shall." j| and .Mrs. Valdon put an arm' round the excited woman. '•Do hUHh. Roger. Vou only make 'matters worse when you talk. .Now. Aims-: liisiu. dear. I'm going to put Roger out and I'm going to give you a,: kimono and slipper.s and let you : Aluminum Molds Free to ii.sers of:SunIite .lell, tlie iww ' fruit-flavored gelatine ilessei-t. ' .Note the dejicious aroma of ire«li ' ripe fruit vyheit boiling water is added. Your grocer has hunlHe., or ca\i get it. Write Sunlit^. , Waukesha. W-is., ff>r illustrated ' Vrcv Aliimii uni .Mold Offers to ' room for COA men! of high grade (o lie closed S SACI ;00 COATS—Can y LADIES $1( Ilcvc it. This assortment goe^ LADIES* S22.50 CoUl'S—A (ry chloice assort^ Coats out at '„_._-__.J LADIES' m.75 C0ATS— R^ styJcs selling the materia for less money tWa^ -. wouJd {cost 1 I Children's M Hosieify 9c -Vafince lir-SV: >iglil l»ri.^c rlC EtLE Y I TONIGHT—AiGATN WEDNESDAY rcerizei le All at these fntei IFICED! $7195 ^u hc-l lii lies' jil.25 Pure $iik Hosiery iuidrs,' jill fashioned 9-1 PEPPE Unblcachcti EL BLEACHED Sheeting \ IGc HOPElniJSLIN, limit f) yards toij irustoiner __4 2«c YAR D J WIDE OUTING Flannel, ligin and dark _ 29r YARD WIDE PERCALE Light or dark,' ciplors ----J 2 .1C Dress |G|ingham| Very Special i 12V2>: [ I I Picture Dix as ih{ rip-roaring l(nr aiuiihild- tor Coltdii CoUc^/e! The (run iimidc Morif (if American colleges — sporia, fun, fraterni- r tics, co-cds revelled! 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