The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 12, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, September 12, 1891
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Tto Postville Weekly Review VMTVILXX, •AT'DAY, SXPT. 18. W. N.BURDIOet.Bditor. MnUrtd at the Postoffiu at Pottville at ti»nd-olatt Matter. MVTTBZ.IOAN STATE TIOKBT. TUB call for tho republican county convention to nominate county officers will be made next week. It will be held on Saturday, Oct. 3rd. JUDGE ROBERT SLOAN , of Van Buren county, lays there aro 200 farmers in that county who are worth from (10.000 to $200,000. They began poor. Tho tame can be said of Linn. And all under the ruinous republican policy of protection which our governor says Is ruining our Iowa farmers! For Governor, HIRAM C. WHEELER, of Sac County. For Lieutenant Governor, GEO. VAN HODTEK, of Taj lor County. For Supreme Judge, 8. M. WEAVER, of Hardin County. For 8npt. Public Instruction, HENRY SABIN, of Clinton County. For Railway Commissioner, FRANK T. CAMPBELL, of Jasper County. Mit. SNYDER , of Cedar Rapids, reports that on the train coming from Dei Moines to Wntorloo—from tho governor's temporary homo to his permanent—a vote was taken on cluice for governor and the result was 110 rotes for Boies and 230 votes for Wheeler. The train wait filled with lowans returning from the stale fair. THE AMERICAN HOG. At last tho embargo that has been placod on Amorican hog products by Germany for nearly ten years lias been removed and now Ihoso products may bo freely shipped *o any part of Germany. This rosult Is attnbutablo to the combinod oiicrglos of the Harrison administration, Jnrry Rusk perhaps ooming in for the groalest sharo of the credit. France will without doubt soon follow tho example of Germany and thus our market for hog products will be widely extended, tho rosult being to largely stimulate tho market and tho prices of* theso important Amorican products, making still better prospects for tho Amorican farmer. On this point a fow reflections accm to be la order. These restrictions removed mean millions of dollar* to tho farmers of this country every year, When did a democratic administration over do as much for tho people? What did tho groat and only Cloyoland administration doP The democratic leaders do a great deal of reform bus! n <!83 for tho dear people with their mouths, but when anything is really done it must be dono by the republican party, or It is not dono at nil. Again, this admission of American pork into Germany is the logical result of tho reciprocity clauso of the McKinley bill. Under its provisions tho Un ted States could have retaliated at any time and shut off tho importation of Germany's beet sugar, which would have been a great los3 to tho roalni of tho kaiser. But with freo sugar in this country and froo pork products la Germany both countries are greatly bene fitted. With the republican party in power bonded by such men as Harrison Blaino, Rusk, ot al, tho peoplo know that every intorest will bo carefully guarded, and that no opportunity to better their condition will be overlooked or lost sight of, and that what they cannot accomplish in tho way of far seeing statesmanship cannot be accomplished by mortal man. And this Is tho reason why tho sober, second thought of tho people will again next year entrust tho helm to republican hands. Long experience has demon •tratcd that they are equal to the snaer- genoy of wisely runuing the government. WEDNESDAY , Sept. 23rd, will be republican day'' at the Otluinwn Coal Palace. Major Wra. McKlnloy, of Ohio, will be tho prominont orator, and this will be his only speech In Iowa tills yeat. Col. D. B. Henderson, of Dubuque, will also speak. Wednosdny, Oct. 7th, will bo -'democratic day" at the palace, and Senator Pnlmor of Illinois, Mills'of Texas, and Brockonrldgo of Kentucky, will be presont. Thcso M\\ probably bo the two greatest campaign days in the state this year. SENATORIAL CONVENTION. Contrary to all expectations, on account of the shortness of tho time given In the call, there was a large attondnnco at the republloan senatorial convention on Wednesday. Allamakoo presented no candidate and Fayette unanimously presented tho name of F. Y. Whitmore, of West Union, who was nominated by acclamation unanimously- Mr. Whitmore is an old and popular resident of Fayetto county and has been honored by bis homo county on many occasions, haying been' elooted county treasurer throe or four terms, always running ahead of his ticket, we believe, at one time having about 1,500 majority. Ho is a thoroughly competent man anil yery popular where known. He is a worker and will can vass tho dlstnot olojoly. If the demo- orata expect a walkaway this year they will be greatly disappointed, even if they had a large majority last year. VY» do not givo the proceedings of tho convention in full, as they are not of especial interest. Dr. Bowen, of Waukon, and "Col. Nichols, of West Union, were chosen temporary, and afterwards permanent chairman and secretary of the convention. O. M Beeman. W. C. McNeil and J. H. Tro win wero made^the senatorial committee for Allamakee county. The con vontion was harmonious and enthusiastic As tho fall goods)come in the merchants are advertising all lines of goods "cheaper than ever before." And their statements, in the main, are true In view of this what becomes of the tariff liarP It is no wonder that some of the stales the democrat* are putting the tariff question in the rear, Mod maintaining that as t!iere are no congressmen to oleot this fall the tarlft h,M uo beariug. It will hare less bearing from a democratic standpoint next year than now. livery day proves the . absurdity of tbe position on whl«h'low 4 >craU! swspt tho opuptry last year. Urge - fftty t$ street,demoMl^Uoo*,^ *»y")n the »^J9p& IT seems from the following that oven Gcrmnuy is beginning to restrict tho liquor trnfllc: 'BERLIN , Sept. 7.—Tlio proposed now law against the abuso of spirituous liquors was published in tho Reichsan- zeiger to-day. It contains twenty- three paragraphs. While paragraph 33 of tiio trade law formerly left, it to the different federal governments to grant licenses, the law now so changed as to allow of tho granting of a license only in cases where there appears to bo a need for n retail liquor shop or for a saloon. The need of such n retail place must be shown. A license will bo refused to any person of immoral character or to poopl© who may bo suspected of using the liquor business as a clonk for debauchery, gambling, prostitution etc. Tho police can forbid tho salo of liquors before 8 n. m. Tho salo of drinks to minors below tho ago of six teen is forbidden, except in cases wliero they are accompanied by grown persons or while traveling. lun and saloonkeepers, ns well as wholesnlo dealers, aro forbidden to furnish liquor to people who have been convicted of common drunkenness within three years; also to nil intoxi catod porsons, They ennnot oxpol drunken man from their premises, except by sondiug him to his Lome or to a police stulion. Fines of thirty to sixty marks and imprisonment up to fourteen days may bo imposed upon such persons as violate tho provisions of the law." BLAINE AND THE PRESIDENCY. [From Harpor'i Weekly.] "It is observed, however, that the practical movement for Mr. Binino bogins wilh the most disroputabl(i of all the republican bosses. Ho has not been especially ardent fur Mr. Blninu tilth orto, but ho sees plainly the dr'.ft party profereoee, and he turns it to his own purpose. He counts upon the drift so surely that ho docs not hesitate to say in effect to tho prosident thnt Mr. Blame is his candidate, nud under these circumstances the candidature of the prcsidont becomes a littlo absurd As we have heretoforo intimated, Mr Blaino is ns much the embodiment ot republicanism as Mr. Clay of whiggery The other republican leaders, who represented another character and other methods in politics and public life hgvo disappeared. Never in the history of tbo party was it so dominated by one man ns by Mr. Blaine. This fact is in itself the most striking illustration of tho prosont republican situation. The movement of 1884 was protest against Mr. Blaine as a fitting representative of tho party. In 189 there is praotically no other ropresen tative. Should he be a candidate next year, his personality will not be, as in 1884, the cruolal point of the campaign, as ic 1888 the personal ohurges against Mr. Cleveland wore not renewed. Tho discussion would turn on polloies and the record of the administration There is obviously one strong personal inducement for Mr. Blaine to accopt the nomination. The issue of 18H4 was distinctly personal, and tho decision was adverse to him. If In 1892 tho result should bo didiuotit, it might be claimod as a dollborate reversal of the earlier judgment. For suoh a rosult, even with the alternative, any publi man might be glad to try." We presume that Mr. Curtis alludes to Mr. Quay in tho abovo extract. But howover malevolent he may be in these strictures we give him credit for fairer .treatment of Blaino than might be expected from the king of the mug­ wumps. He eonuodos that if Blaine nominated thore will not bo a personal campaign, as there was beforo, and this everybody concedes. But ho carries the Idea that tho personal campaign boat Blaine before, whloh wo by no means admit. It was Conkling, Burohard and a half dozen other accidents combined that defeated him before, none of which are liable to figure nest year. It he is nominated will be elected if any republloan could bo eleoted. LETTER PROM EUROPE. rvseervlng the B>alth, 1. Rite early and nor;or tit up late, J. Wash tbo whole body every morn:UR by means of a large sponge, and rob it dr/with a rsujb towel ». Prink water. 4. Avoid spirits and fermented liquors iif evwy kind. s Keep tbo head coo!, and sleep In an •.iry apartment. 6. Eat no more than enough, and let the food be plain. 1. Let jrour sapper be light —flaWs 'ournal of Health. i'«..otei •# Twantx ^MliM Uvtu* Children. Robert Packard and wife, of New Hartford, Iowa, are the father and mother of twen^nlne living children, The Drat of .the offspring, a man now «B years of ago. Is > married sod lives on a farm adjoining hls.pareni* The other wenty-elght are single and live under the; parental root There Is only one ulrl among the number. The first child was bain alone The next flveblnhs were triplets end^he remainder are sett '< " ' l'i W M 1 "'"' 1 ft ""I .» v. •f > rt fiVl»f |NMIUMW<. * n I mkm* MMM fcjpRifiS' his [Continued from last week.] On Thursday morning I ran out to Ayr and spent the day in tho land of Burns, Just as the English Lake region is redolent with tho influence and fame of Wordsworth, so this section teems wilh suggestions of Brrns. He has immortalized nearly everything that you see in the vicinity. It is said that not less than fifteen thousand tourists visit tho homo of Shakespeare each year, while over thirty thousand como to Ayr—tho home of Burns. It shows how ho touched and still touches the popular pulse. His old cottage still stands and tins been well preserved. It contains many most interesting rel- C8. A littlo further on is Auld Alloway Kirk, whero Burns father lies buried, and where Tarn O'Shnntor saw tho ghosts. And then you cross the Brig Doon (Mrs. Kerr will pronounce names) muoh more easily than did Tarn O'Shontcr. Tho rlyer Doon is certainly a beautiful stream. By ascending tho hill beyond the river I obtained a commanding view of the Burns country, the Irish Sea in the dis tance, and also tho Wallace lower where, it is said, Wallnio was once imprisioncd. A somewhat imposing mouumeot lias been erected to Burns ucar tho Brig o' Doou. It contains some choice relics -the most Interesting of which nro tho two Bibles which ho gavo to liis Highland Mary. But time fails me to go more into detail. It was a most delightful day. I returned to Glasgow tired, hungry and contented may say in passing that this touring does not Impair my nppotitc. Every ono of you would like tho English and Scotch dishes. The only fault you could find would be that they have very littlo fruit and few vegetables Their moats, breads and sweets aro above par. Friday morning 1 left Glasgow, and how cnu I describe, or oyen enumerate, tho things I saw that day! My route wns perhaps tho most popular ono taken by American tourists. By rail to Bnlloch—passing the famous Dunn barton Castle, whero Mary Queen ot Scots once took shelter. It is also otherwise famous in Scottish history. At Balloch we took the steamer and went tho whole length of Loch Lomond—Ben Lomnnd on our right; thence on top of ono of four crowded conches up tho pass, and along the ridge, and down to Loch Katrine. Agniu by steamer th length of this lovliest hike of Scotlnnd — Ellon's Isle, Ben Venue, Bon A'nn etc., passing like a panorama before our oyes. Onco more wo mount tho coach and plungo through the wild yet charming trossachs; slowly wo crcop up tho mountain Loch Achray (and littlo beyond itsoutlel the Brig o' Turk) and Loch Oennachcr and Lech Drunkie como into tho range of our vision From the summit of tho pass wo seo Bon Ledi in front and Bon Lomnnd behind, thon rapidly wo roll down the valley to Aborfoylo. This is oxciting, inspiring -but it is u cruel shamo to seo it all so hurriedly. After a hearty din nor we proceod by train to Sterling. Thore I pauso for two or three hours and, in company with a lady from Cleveland whom I mot in tho COP jh, ascend Ihe hill to tho most famous cas lie of Scotland—Stirling Castle. Mus, of the history of Scotland clusters around tbiv grand old pile. Tho Parliament Houso, tho Chapel Royal, and the Douglas Room are all full ot interesting suggestions. The view from Queen Mary's Lookout, or from tho Ladies' Lookout, is one. of tho grandest in Scotland. At your feet (ovei 300 ft, down) lio Kiug Arthur's tournamont grounds; to the loft, in tbo distance lie Bon Lomnnd, Bon A'nn, Bon Venuo and Bon Ledi loom up again; to tho north, and not far distant, is the Bridg of Allan (called "tho koy to the north' in anciont days) nud the Wnllace Mon ument; Cauibuskenneth Abbey and the "Links of tho Forth" also stand out distinctly; to the south, only two or three miles, lies tho famous battlefield of Bannookburn. Ou to Edinburgh. Bofore reaohin; thero wo oross the great Forth Bridgo pronounced by Eiffel "the!greatost con struotlon of the world." It cost about $18,000,000, and is built on the cantl lever system. Each of the two main spans is longer than that ot tho Brook lyn bridge. Tho steel towers from which the cantilevers spring are 860 ft, high. What a day this has boen I you want to oatoh a little of its spir'.r ns well as a true picture of it, be dure to take time to read Soott's "Lady ot the Lnko." 1 took time to rend It through as I went along, und verified everything as I came to it. I can testify that it is the very best guide book on ibis romantio and preeminently beautiful fi-ction. Now what shall I say ot Edinbuigh, justly oalled the "Athons of tho North P" Without tho least exaggeration 1 may say that it lias impressed mo more favorably than any city I have over visited. Everything is of stone and por- feotly kopt up Tho streets are scrupulously oleau, wldo and airy. The houses represent every stylo of architecture, yet thero is no waut of harmony. Monuments to groat men are to bo found iu greater profusion than in any other city of lis slzo (about 226,000.) Parks, gardens, oresoents, wonderfully relieve the stone structures on evory hand. Tho view from Princes street in any direction would suggest Athens, or at least a oity ot classical features. The famous castle, rlslug proudly in the center of tho city, constitutes, and justly too, its pride. But yet) must for yourselves to form any adequate conception of it. J. have heard ninny American travelers speak of , Edinburgh 'pnth^slostjIaa'Uy, and therefore 1 V ^mfiwfatn. They have not -been in the loa"st disappointed. Saturday morning I walked up and, dowg fr ^jiM street aa^ have done so Hill from which one obtains a good view over tho city, and also examined tho Nelson monument. Thence to Holy rood place, tho homo of the. old Scottish stverelgns. Saw Lord Dainley's rooms, also those of Mary Queen of Scots. (Mother will bo interested in all this, I therefore send by mail the guide book to tho palace.) In tho afternoon I went up to tho grand ensile, going all through it. I might write a dozen pag«s on it, but dosisl. Then down High street—St. Giles church, old Troiu church, Heart of Midlothenn, Parliament buildings, etc., all of which nacd pages. On to John Knox's house, which stirred nnd inspired mo ns I stood in his old study, where ho prepared those great reformation thunderbolts, which God has answered in such marvelous degree: "Lord, givo us Scotland!" And nt the window from which lie preached townrd tho close of his life, when too fcoblo to go to tho church (the street being packed wilh people far boyond tho reach of his voice.) The university buildings, tho university scitllomenis among tho poor people, in duo time command my attention. Sunday I attended St. Giles' church, whero John Knox preached some of his most powerful sermons. It wns a military service, ns the soldiers of the cas- tlo attended llioro also. To-dny I have wnlked about the cily considerably and hnvo given an opportunity tor the impressions, to deepen. Snlurday night 1 took tea with tlio family of a Scotch student whom I met nt North- Hold in 1888, and with whom I traveled in Canada. Last night I took tea with Dr. Barbour, one of tho loading men of tbo city. I am sorry I must close. I havo only hinted on even the important things. I nm in love with Scotlnnd, but love Auioricn more. Lovo to nil, Your brother, JOHN R. MOTT. NORTH DAKOTA LETTER. V. GKAND FORKS , N. D., 9-7-'91. FRIEND BURDICK :—Tho peoplo of North Dakota are muoh obliged foi your sympathy but wo hardly need it. This county will hare soven million bushels of No. 1 hard wheat to SELL. Novor since the discovery of America by Columbus has thero boeu suoh crops, nnd tlio damngo by frosts will not exceed livo per cent. 'Phis is my 13th season here. During that time there has novor boon a poor crop in this vol loy. . Tho crop this year far surpasses any previous one. In some instances wheat is yielding SO bushels to an aero, and this county will avorago 25. This is not a boom story, wo want people to come and sea for thcmsolvos crops such ns they never saw bofore. Red River valley lands are selling nt from $20 to $50 an acre. Last week tho Everest farm, 1,000 acres, 12 miles from hero, sold for 830,000. cash, to two boys who came hero ton years ago with no moans. Our school lnnds which wero sold last Juno averuged $19.59 per aero. Wild land, no improvements, and ono year must elnpso beforo possession can bo linU these lands wero sold to adjoining farmers who huve grown rioh raising wheat. Within ten miles of this town thoro nro at least ten farmers worth $50,000, each and every dollar ot which has beon mado in tho Red River valloy Last fall our banks loaned Minneapolis wheat buyers over a million dollars and this fall they will havo several millions of money to loan them and the money is threo-fourths owned by farm, ors. If you will como up here and we can not convince you that thero novor was such crops, and that you uever saw in a town of suven thousand people suoh business blocks, so good a hotel and so line an opera houso ns wo have in Grand Forks, I will pay oil your expenses. Wo havo no boom, but we have tho best town in the United States for business, This year we hare sold over 60 steam threshors and SOongines, fully one-third of them for cash. Dor.'t you think whore farmers can pay $2,000 cash for a steam thresher ihul it must be a good country, considering that wo have drouths, cyo'onos, chinch bugs, grasshoppers, otc, II the eastern papeis are to be bcliovcd? Tho western portion of the slato has not fnrod so well, but 80 per cent, of the taxable property and 60 per oont. of the population is in tho Rod River valley. Part of the 40 per cent, have had to have assistance, so have peoplo in ovory state in tlio uulou. Thistyear, however, no one in the state will need assistance^ as thero is an abundanoe in all sid- ttons Laborers, threshing machine* and granaries aie tho only things we are short on. If you have any sympathy to spare pass it around to those who, failed to buy Rod River lands three years ago when thoy could be bought for $10 an acre. Yours Roip'y, M. F. MURPHT. W»ny ilu^sluoj l^fe^'rpws jiJr even to Jphab|fanl»^jpt>the„;olty, "< I IOWA. (After The Old Oakw Boekc*.^ How thrift? and alee la the SUte af 1-o-r Wh»t»ton* tor the tolkt in tbo bald stony Twoald have boen > naart eapor In old Cap tain Ko*h. To han taadad that Ark whvn tear food: peoeto (Mat On the (at of tho lane. In paaea and hi plenty. And joy In hor harvest! of everything nica. If to this (olden tend hi* dove had been tent ha Would have "taken a homestead* or ivo la etaiee. In Mi rlortotw ascttom thta honntlrol tea- Uon; This ram raising section that Bote* tied abont. When be eiM that bar fanners vara filled with dejection, Andprayad to the Lord Chat their corn wooldnt sprout,* Bar n«Vls all a'tassle with maize Is Its Bay, Welcome! to all who will lietS op their taO. Ik eacbance for a plenty, there's eo nee disputing. The "sweat of their brow" tor Ihe •fruits of the soU." •he's the Queen of aQ states, and bar fartnon make money; As over hor fields en thetr gang plow* they ride. She's tho land that Is flowing with milk and wtth honey, la spite ot the fact that her Governor lied Abont this great section; this bountiful seoUon: This corn raising section that Boies lied abont. When ho said that her (armors wero flUod with detection. And prayed to the Lord that "tbotr corn wooldnt sprout." - Wapsls Index. Hole*' a reel Game of Bluff. The action of Governor Boies la un- qneetlonably a great game of political- bluff, with the intention of using tho lame in tbe approaching campaign. The Courier's Investigation, however, as given at length tn our news columns, ihow tbe utter tnsineerity of the move. The fact remains that the enforcement oQndgmenta, thus mad* legally binding, la in the hands of a Democratic clerk, a Democratic sheriff, and Democratic county attorney. The Courier'* interview with County A. ttor- ney Walsh Is significant. While we give Mr. Walsh credit for the statement "that if there is any money to be secured for the county purpose to try to get if yet he stales that action must first be taken by the other officials before it can soma to him, Be makes the significant statement farther, that it is extremely donbtfnl if anything san be collected of Jordan; and The Courier ventures the prediction that the wholo matter will end as it commenced, in bLuCf. When It becomes known that this revocation means nothing; that not a dollar of tho fine* will bo collected and that Stormy Jordan will continue in the future during tho past few months under a Democratic city administration to dls- ponBO liquors across his thousand-dollar bar, tho action of Governor Boies will loose its weight, and hia utter In* sincerity will becomo apparent. The amount of Jordan's fines thus suspended has been erroneously published throughout the state as from $£5,000 to |!J0,000. Mr. D. H. Emery, who was the attorney for the Law and Order League, informs us that the total amount of the fines thus suspended did not exceed $7,000. The Courier is having a detailed list of them prepared and will publish the same in anothor issue, After Bigning the above agreement Jordan was released from jail and left the itate. He opened a saloon In Kansas City, but tor soma reason olosed it out and after traveling aroundjfor soma time came back to Ottumwa and reopened bis saloon after the famous original package decision of last fall, He ' rince boon continuously in business in this city, and has regularly paid bis monthly fine in the city treasury It Is evident that the notor iety wbioh be has attained as a violator of the law and of his own solemn obligation has determined Gov •rnor Boies to sacrifice him in the interest of his (the governor's) political prospects. The fact remains that Jordan's saloon Is no worse than a docen others in the city ot Ottumwa, and the people of this city would be glad indeed if they could see In Governor Boies'action tbe slightest sleineat of sincerity or the faintest desire to rid the state of th* saloon cars*. The collection ef the fines now rests with toe Democratic county clerk, jher'.tf and county attorney. County Attorney Walsh, when interviewed upon the subject,said he knew ncVniny about the governor's action and of course could take no step* until tbe matter was presented to him officially. He ssid if there was any fines that could be secured for the county he would try to get them, but he thought there would be a poor show te collect anything like $7,000 from Jordan. The latter, be said, bad all his property in his wife's name and was execution proof. He tbetight, If anything was collected, it would probably have to be by installments, and he thought If Jordan should offer to settle at SO cents on the dollar, he would recommend the court to aeeept U. Mr. Walsh stated that be did not know Just what th* cases war*, tf they were injunction case* the attorneys prosecuting them were paid for collecting the fines and 'should be held responsible, as a matter of law he should have nothing te do with the cases until the county olerk and the sheriff hod acted in the matter. ,—Ottamwa Courier. - Rudyard Kipling's new novel, written in collaboration with Wolcotl Bale- slier for tho Century, is entitled "The Naulahka, a Tale of West and East." It is a story of Amorica and India. Tho principal characters live in a 'booming" Colorado town, where tho story opens, but tho sceno quickly shifts to the court of an Indian ninhara, whither the hero and hcrolno journey to meet with most varied experiences. The story will begin in tho November Century. ADDITIONAL LOOAL. F.J. BECKER, M.D., THYSICIAN AND BUBGF.pN. Oflloo on Sooond Floor of 1'nrkor's Building, near l'ojtoffloo, Poatvlllo, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, rUVSICIAN ft SUUOEON, OfBco and Rcsidcncu Southwest par of town. All «nlls promptly attonded —Jas. P. Bwon, who was formerly a machinery rustler for Will Holnhan, but who for tbo past year or more has been in tho head offlco *f the Dcering Binder Co., in Chicago, mado us a pleasant call last Friday. Ho was returning from a tour through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Hakola, whero ho had been in tho intorest of the company ns an expert. On his trip ho had conducted throe bindor trials, in al! of which ho came out victorious—of course. What he don't know about a binder in .scarcely worth learning. —Tho berry season- finished last week, and at our request lion. J. F. Dayton furnishes us with the following figures concerning tho season's business nt his nursery aud small fruit farm. Tho sura of $624.19 was paid to pickots. Of strawberries thero were r„',040 quarts, raspberries 14,446, black- ben ics 2,800, cherries, currants and gooseberries 1,335, a totnl of 30,111 quarts. Of course this was an exceptionally good year, Vut no matter how unfavorable tho season Mr. Dayton alwa3*s manages to havo a fow borrios to spare. His business ic the small fruit aud nursery lino is a good dcnl more extensive than most of our people have any idea of as tho figures above will attest.—Journal. STATIONERY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the plaoe to get it cheap. J.SHEPHERD.M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. B. PKNBION r.XASllNEIt. Office nt rosldenoe on Uroon stroot, BcoonJ houso F.ast of Hoy ft HcN'oll's Hnrdwa-.o, —At the republican county convon tion held at Waukon latt Saturday tho following delegates were chosen to attend the senatorial convention held at Postvitlo on Wednosdny: W. N. Burdick, C. M. Boeman. A. M. May, Jas. Briar, J. W. Hartley, W. C. McNeil, D. II. Bowon, J. S. liryson, J. B. Hart, H. Poglow, A. M. MAT, C. Sec. V. W. Douglass, I. E. Nash, J. F. Ronan, E. B. BnKcnm, E. L. Cahoon, Conrad Helming, Oscar Collins, John Drake. M. BEEMAN . dim. Excursions, For Waukon Fair, Sept. 14 to 18, will at faro and ono to 18, good to J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterinary S-urgreoaa., POSTVILLE, IOWA. Offlco first door East of tho Comnicr cial House, Grcpn St., Postville, Iowa A fine sot of surgical instruments.. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly unsworod CENTRAL MEAT MARKET 1 SCHTJLEB BROS., Props. Wo havo opened a New Meat Market iu tho Mott building opposite tbo post- olllue. whero wo shall keep a full assortment of tho best of meats nt tho lowest prices the market will r.ftord. Wo solicit an inspection of our stock and manner of doing business and in vito a fair share of your patronage. FRED. N. BEEDY. -:-PHOTOG\RAPHER.-: And Dealor iu Picture Postville Frames. Iowa RAILROAM TIME-TABLES On and alter Sunday, Juno 29, isflO, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ky. will cave Postvillo as follows. flOINQ EAST. Passengers. No. 2 P. No. 4 (night) 3:32 a. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 n. No. <) Time Freight 6:10 p. No. 11 Time Freight... .0:5.0 p. OOJNO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night....' 12.10 a- m. No. 3 10:25 a. m. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock.. ..11.05 n. m No. G Way 4:32 p. m. No. 12 Milwaukee Stock .1:10 p. m. All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry passengers when pxpriiled with proper transportation. No. II between North McGregor and Cnlinar G. E. WHIPP, Agent. B. C. R .TN .R.K. m r.i. m , m m DECOltAII DIVISION. Time Table in clToct June 1-1, 1891 Passenger going North fi:I0. I' M South. 4:20, " Freight. " Korth 2:45, P. M J. E. PERIIT Agsn'. Ash my meats for W. In nous-Inn Shoes. If not for ante In yonr place n*k your dealer to seud for cnlnlocoe, sccuro tho agency, aud set thorn for you. ear-TAKE MO SUBSTITUTE. -Oi • ore lor U-utiil t>l><i\i!il»r*. Bound shoulders arc almost unavoidably accompanied by weak -limns, but maybe cured by tho simp e r-nd msll- performed exer )si of ralnlns one's i<o!f upon the toes, lolsurelv, In a por|v<n dlcnlar position, sovernl tmes •'dally. T»ko a perfectly upright poMtlo-u, yi:h the hoots togother and tlio toss athn angle of forty flvo riegrocv Drop tHk anas llfolafS at tho sidon, anlmitlnjj and raising the chest to Its /nil < a:>ucity mui- oularly, the uhln-woll dnvu in Hlowly rlio up on tbe balls of tlio fu-t to the greatest possible height, theroin'<>x<>r<l <4 Ing all the mue<:loa of Inn leg* au<i bod'- como again Into a standing lin'sMon-wltb out swaying the body .backward out of the pO'feot Hue. lleuvnt tlx- exor Uo. Arst on one foot, then on tiio other. The Cedar Rapid* Republican correctly remarks that that "the contest thlaysarU between th* plow -l Uoktt and the jug- handle ticket.' Pnsalnc His Tetrs tn I'eHrnmftni. A rugged old man Is passlujr his o> ollnrag years In mtroniout i.o«r i, rilncy, Jll., practloa ly fwgotteu by the politlm world In when he,w»» so yo:uinon-t n ngun * generation, ago. This U i'on Jftmesj A. JMngietoj), long. ».uiymUr Of ConmMs'iiiid «n lotiniaw,-fnlwtd p' ! , Douglas, Wnpoln, and Hi owning At the e#rly 4m at Illinois he w»(. a p/pnqor railroad builder, and bl* Icnowiouira. o' fast horseflesh pj»dp hlP name famous ot} the turf when hw W - W ln,g!n AMj-rlf^ w»s young. He Is now boat with M<Y •nd rarely .§pM »r»Mn publlw, but wh«U he Is H >u(ht out ho bubbles over wtth liiteioitliig rcraliilicQii 0( 0 f thn OBDItfANOH NO. 100. Ordinance relating to Graying. Be It onnotod by tho Towu Counoll of the incorporated town of Postville: Sue, 1. Thus Ordinance No. U is hereby repealed. , SEO. 2. Xhnt a lloonso of Fire Dollars (§6.00) per year bo required of each and every person for each and every team usod for doing a general drayage business within the limits of the Incorporated Town of Postville, aud tor which a charge is tnad*. SBO. 8. Any person found guilty of violating the foregoing shall be fined a smv not to exoeejiTen Dollars ($l<t,00) nnd not less than Five Dollars (15.00.) Passed and approved this 4th day of Ssptembor, 1891. W. C Mo NEIL, Mayor. : AUestl WM. bUEPHKUD, * f Heeordoiv The Old Reliable Meat Market, BEUOHUB fc PHALEI, Propi, Opposite •Poityllls-ataU - Sank. Non« biitthe best menu purchased. JKtwythJog | Q flrsMajt shape. Couo t«>u« r r«itJm«nv.'j(9Mi; PrMts itfwftjs •cmllllscoii es of thn f^W 10 ? ,n ?f^«W* WW* P om> Authorised to prsot soil excursion tickets third. Sell Sept. 13 return 19th. For Minneapolis Exposition, Aug. 26 to Sept. 26, will sell excursion tickets Sopt. 5 to 12 and on Sept. 10 at faro one way for round trip, with 25 cents added for admission. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during con tinuance of exposition at faro aud ono third, with 25 cents added for ndmis sion. Rolurn tickols good until tho following Monday iiftnr salo. M. K. TAI.COTT , Agt —Postmaster Jsi.-<. Purry has beon appointed agent for Iho Columbian Fair Bxcursiou Company of Chicago, This company Is orgnnizml under thp laws of Illinois for the purpose of providing its certificate holders with rail- rood fare, good rooms for sovun days, six admission tickets to the grounds, etc., on tho installment plan, which will be n smnll monthly payment It will bo uo.xt to impossiblo to got suitable accommodations if nc provision is made in advance; nn-.l as this company will do business ou a largo scalo it can furnish roons much cheaper than a single person can secure thorn. Tho certificates arc transferable, so thoro need bo no i\anc;ev ot loss. For full particulars coll on Mr. Perry. Harvest Excursions,. On August 25 and September 2D, tho Uuriington, Cedar Rapids & Northorn Railway will sell Harvest Excursion tickots from all stations on its lino south of and including Vinton, to all stations on its lino north of nnd including Iowa Fails, in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, to all points in Arkansas, Indian Territory, Tuxas, Now Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South and North Dakota;' also to all points in Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, at a voto of Ono Faro and One Third For the Round Trip. For further information, enquire of any tioket agent ot this compauy, or J. E. HANNEQAN, Gen. Ticket and Pass. Agent. ORDINANCE NO. 99. Ordinance relating to the muzzling of dogs. Be it enacted by tho Town Council of the incorporated town of Postville: SJCC. I. That nil porsons owning, keeping, or otherwise harboring a dog or dogs, within the limits of this corporation shall be required to keep him or them properly muzzled from tlio 1st day of Juno to tho 1st day of Ootober, of each year. SEC. 2. Any person found guilty of violating the foregoing shall be lined a sum not loss than Five Dollars ($5.00) and not to exceed Twenty-Five Dollars (#26.00) for ouch offense. Sea 8. All dogs found running at largo contrary to the foregoing shall bo takon and uouilned by the marshal, tho owner not!lied, and If alter a period of three days the dog is not claimed and Hue paid, the dog shall be killed. Paift «a aud approved, this 4th day of SoptouVuor, 1891. W. C.MoNElti, Mayor. Attest: Wxi. SHKPHEKD, Ruoorder. DANIEL A. raHALD, Postville, Iow», All work warvautwl | 0 givo satisfaction, A full line of tho latest styles iu samples. ••/-,$• .- , WM . snHi'uann. j. j. anaiaino. HHKPHSBPBBOTH8B8, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Insurance Agents ind Coltotorv, Authorised to prsoUae In all tbe courts oftha IWtSi- OfflouQvei Men's store, prlok Nook. * IOWA, Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origiun. Post­ villo Dray J,itio 1 nm prepared to <l<-:ill kinds of"druying promptly, onrefully aud satisfactorily, (ioou tennis good drays mid careful drivers .il«•'«}".» at tho sorvico of the public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or-heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. Granite Cemetery Work, Ircn Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase -Monti muntiil work for future delivery wil find it to their advantage ti examine M V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as lie is doinjr lirsl-elass work at as low prices as can uo procured in thii country. If he 1ms not called npoiiyou drop him a card ut Deuorah au.i he will bo ploHsed to visit you w!ih Designs and samples of all kind.-, of Granite, at tho lowest possible prices. M.V.KIDDER, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE CENT^EM EN I THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD Full THE MONEY? | It 1* a loamtuAs shot*, with no tacks or wixx tlircntl I tn hurt tho frotj mado of tlio buit J)no cnlf, »ti llsh I nud cany, ami becaute «•« wake more ihott vf f/ifi j vratte than any other manufacturer, It cquula liniul- r.ow?il H I KU'H contlnK frmn $t.ix) to $J.M). ' Q(t OO <ioi»iilui* Ilnml-rirMvcil. I ha flnr-it rr.IC I cj/***u khoo over offered tor $XM; P/JU/I J R F ICIH)I I:IIported nhiM!» which co»t from 84.iuto $|'J .(>3. CSjfl. OO Ilunrt-Spwcil Writ Slinr, Hurt rnlf. %iM*Vm HtyllHli, comfortable nuil durable. Tin; be*>t fihuo over offered nt tlilft prlcu t nmno urndc on cut* toni-mndo 4hot** cnutlity front $d,00 to&KW. CSO AO Police Hlioui Kariiicru, ltntlinnd Men •iPOa aud letterCiiirlfmnll weartlumi; flnoi-ulf, ncamlcn*!, ttmooth loxltln, heavy three tulcn, uxten- ttlon cdKO. Ono pair will wut.r ay war. CJO 50 flue CH IT I IKI I*ftt*?rHh<M;crer<7iTf > (T(' .it •Iffstfia this price; ono trial will enuWticu ;.!t-»j who want a aliuo for comfort nnd Hwrvlco. ffiO US niul 8*^.00 Warklnent^irti nro very utronx and duruh'.o. Itmite who linTo glrou them a trial will wear ;,o other m;ike. PAiifl) S'2s00 mill Hchnul Bbov-t aro OWJO worn hy tlie If^n every when;; \hvy tv\\ on their i—" " **•- ' ' ' 1 L. STROEBEL & SON, — Puoi*nirtTou» or — Postville Boot anil Shoe Store, UT AUHBTUONU 1 UOl.TXll'S OLD BTANP,) Have a full lino of Hoots, Shoes, Slip- puis, ltiibbcr.H and ovoryihlnt; kopt in a No. I general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly dono. Kvery pivir warranted. Wo keep no shoddy. Consumption Oured. An old physician, retired from practice, having liud placed in his hands by an East India missionary tho formula ot n simple vegotabla remedy for tlio •pcody and permaiiont cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections, also a posilivo and radical euro for Nervous Debility and Nervous Complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cusos, has felt it his duty to make it known to his sufiering fellows. Aotunted by this motivo and a dealro to relieve human suffering, 1 will send freo of charge, to nil who desire it, this reoipo, in German, French, or English, with full directions tor preparing and living. Sunt by mull by addressing wilh stamp, naming this paper. W. A. NOYKS; 820 Power's Block, Uooliorflor, N. Y. 48yl TOKSOM AV PARLOR MBAU TUB I'OHTOVFIdK. I oordlnUy Invite new paVrwuK 0 ' Glvo ns A trlul for n nvnn>)«. Ijeuvn our manner nnd way of doing the business. \ Mlevo we o«n pluittm yuu. * 1 1 .'. IV PAKKKH; Prop.. , "•• Posv^lo; lu\\".< r tnerllrt, as tho jr; reniilnK pah'H nho\v. n sk/liAC Ilnuil-KDivrtl Mime, hr.Kt linUllivO I'.iiRoIa, vcryRtyilsfi; e'ltuiisi-'reixu. Importod nhoep .•ofltliiKfrnin 91.01 to l.nrih'H' ^.50, iiittl S\.7!i Bhou for MUdcs aro ihu host duo Uougola. KtylUh nnd dnrahle. Cn*itton.—Soo that W. !.. Douglm*' nnmo nud. prf .0 nro 1 tamped on tho bottom of each nhoo. W. L. UOIJULA9, Urockton, Mass. SOLD UV & - SANDFES. LUHMAN WJITD MILLS. /1 ^ ^ O. P. DARLING. (Successor to Darling & Stiles.) —DEAl.EII IN — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shelters &o. In wind mills 1 furnish pumping mill geared mills combined, ami both steel and wood pumping m'.lls. ' Oillco snd sliop lint door south of Hoy & McNeil's 'hardwaro store, Postville, Iowa. POSTVILLE LODGES- OLIVE BRANCHJLODQENO. UB HNWIim OF PYTHIAS. Moetsau thu second and fourth I'ridftjrevenln u oaoU mouth. Vsltlng brattrcn In good stsnd always weloomo. DAiims onn, o, c. Cn*s. SKELTOH , K of It A H NOBLE LODGE Mo- 51. A. O. U. W. Thr Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen moots thu Sooond and fourth Saturday evenings In each month, In tlio Masonic Hall over tho Brick Drug tore. JOHN WKLXKL, M- W. JAMBS PGHHV , Recorder. BROTHERLY LOVE LODGE, No. 204, A. P. & A. M. Regular meotlngs on Tuesday evening on or before tlio full of tho moon. All brethren In good standing are cordially invited to attend. E. D. STILES, W. M. WM. MOTT , Soo'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONOliKOATIONATv --Ittiv. N. Jj. Durtou, j>as- toi, PreaoUas evory Hundny at 10,110 A.M. »nd7:»0 .m, Biibbntb Muhool Imuiedlstely aftur ir.rralsg servloe, Y. P. B. O. E. meets every Sunday evenliiu at 0 US, Prayer Uest- lnB Wodnesday evontngs. . ' METHOPIST.-Kev. 8. J, toekwood, P»»tj». • t Nftcblltf ssrvloss every HuuiUy at <MHM,-.? • U, »ud 7 ;B0 l*. M, Bftlibath BoUool tnimeel- atoly alter morning lervloe, a'he IPfeM. Jwesduo every Runtlay evunlHS a^e.OQ Q'sle ^i ' pmyor nieotlnil every Weduwdsy SYf**il||{ia|i , 7,100. o'ljtoijK.. You two esinesttr m\^t, v

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