Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 8
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 8

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Page 8
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Fayette School News Second Grade can go <ihc;id in our books to easier. the 4':;. In social studies we are learn- Mrs. Donna Evoretl ing about Australia. It is very The children in uur room en- Fnv.lth Grade interesting and we enjoy loam- joyed workins with Mrs. Witt- > n # about the many strange ani- lich in presenting our pari of the — Mrs Helnemnn »n n '- s 0VCI ' there, talent show. It Wiis fun. Thank We welcome Mary Jane Weid- In leading we're in a new you, Mis. Wittlich. emeier from Plainfield to our chapter ontitlod "To Hold In We have a new animal visitor room. Mary Jane won the spell- in cur room. A hamster. His down this week by spelling name is Peppermint! Everyone "common" osrrcct)y. likes to watch him climb in In social studies we have com- Seventh Grade his wire cage and hang by one pleted our unit on Pittsburgh and hand from the top. We have are now studying about Phoen- learned many interesting things ix Arizona. To learn more about about our new friend. Special Education We are now quite settled in our new room. Arnold has completed his piece of practice weaving and Phyllis has hers more than half done. Almost everyone has his material at school and nearly ready to go. For arithmetic the first port of the week, each person made a scale model of our room, two feet to a half inch. They then made the furniture for the room to the scale and holz), Fayette — 1:45.0. " Lillian Miller and they had seven High hurdles — 1) Nieman (S>, children. The family moved to 2) Ashby (F)—12.9. Colorado in 1910 where Mr. Lock- 880 yard run — 1) Van Bogart ard engaged in farming.. They (F). 2) Aubrey (S), 3) Schult (S) moved back to Iowa and the Wa—2:19.7. dena area in the spring of 1933. Mile medley — 1) Fayette Mr . Lockard died at Palmer ^'sumre'SHB 2 " 01 '" 1 "' Mem0rial h0S " ital in West Union ' 440 yard dash — Nauholz (S) A P ril 7 - He was 89 years old. M„. t . m Pnffisnn (F) — Surviving are five sons, Will, and Jesse of Colorado, Frank cf 2) Butters (F), Pattison (F) 59.7. Low hurdles — 1) Niemann (S), 2) Ashbv (F), 3) Nichols (S) — 14.1. 440 yard relay—Fayette (Dur Maynard, Murl and Adrian of Readlyn, and three daughters, Mrs. Ernest Kelso, Tripoli, Mrs. Russell Pierce, Arlington, and .- all enjoy reading arranged it on the floor plan as " f " Williams Smith), 2) Mrs - Cccal Wapeto of Washing- thcy thought they would like it. WHiwms, amiw;, « ^ Also surviving are forty fivc We shall arrange the room in the MJ? ' . el ., v _' n Sumner (Nie- g rand children and seventy nine various ways and see how the i- Anderson, Bierman, Nau- g reat grandchildren, deas work out. hoIz 2) FayeUe _ 4;48 . 0 . the word Phoenix, we are read- ley ball tournament was the Sandra Sue Gray Eonna has been absent several The winning team of the vol- davs this week with illness We put the Stop and Go signs Our new room is very nice. in £ tne book ' "°a vid and the !° ur B ' s - Louise Pickett and which Sinda and Linda made on We enjoy all of the extra space Phoenix". Jancen Dilley made each of the the posts at either end of the that we have for doing things. For art class we made pictures players on the winning team blackboard. They can be turned Yesterday we had a fire "drill using construction paper scraps a crown and a blue ribbon. to show each side of the sign. and almost all of us remember- and soda straws. We plan to The six weeks period has ^'8 nt now. one is green with ed where to go and what to do. make flowers today. come to an end again and there tne W .O'd "Go" below and the This makes Mrs. Everett happy! In arithmetic we are learning is only one six weeks of school otncr is red and reads "Stop". Seven of us will be going in- tnc nines - We find the y are left for wh; ch we are all glad. to new readers next Monday oasiel ' to remember than some of We have been studying several »OV8 Sports morning. We are working hard to (nc other facts. articles about Russia's space Reports are being given in success . Several people have Dwight Durfey led the Fayette language class, from this we are brought articles on that subject. Cardinals in a 79-61 win over learning many facts about var- Some of tne articles were: "Rus- Sumner in a dual meet held at ious subjects. s j a Announces Astronaut Orbits Sumner, April 12. We have been studying about the Glob(?i and Came Bapk A summ of U)c t . vunl Js Ihe tomato seeds that we dinosaurs. Richard brought Safely"; Play-by-play of Space as follows- coming up. By garden time we plastic models of some and Pam Trip", "Moscow Citizens Cel- FIELD EVENTS- ht,\v that they will be big Curtis has read from her book brate"; "Hope Space Fact Will Discus — 1) Gaynor (F) Hot Lunch learn all of the words so that we will all get S plus in our word tests this Friday. — « — Ericson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aeschliman received word of the arrival of a new grand daughter, born to their daughter and son-in-law, Monday - Weiner in bun, corn, M '\ a " d M f*-. Tom Clemas, Fed- relish tray, apple crisp, potato i ral . 1D1 " m ' Minnesota - *n Friday, chips, bread and butter, milk. Apnl 14 Tuesday — Tuna and noodles, peas, egg salad sandwiches or peanut butter sandwiches, apple Week by Upper Iowa "'Wednesday - Creamed chick- Students and faculty en on mashed potatoes, sunshine salad, dried beef sandwiches, fruit cup, milk. Papers presented last Seven papers by Upper Iowa University students and faculty were presented last weekend at Thursday — Chili, crackers, tne annual meeting of the Iowa cheese sticks, peach sauce, cake,' Academy of Science at Indianola. bread and butter, milk Approximately 30 students and Friday — Fish sticks with tar- five faculty members from U. I assistant professor ofjihyilea. "the Hilsch tube: low ptfjiute effects" by Gerald D. fitioteon, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Arlington Erackson of Sioux City; and James D. Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hayes of Shellsburg. "Stationary dislocations in sodium chloride as possible vehicles for the conductivity mechanism," by Wendell G. Bradley, instructor in physics and mathematics. "Background radioactivity in the Decorahfault region," by Larry G. Shadle, son of Mrs. TtUth Shadle, Maynard; and Orville C. Rodenberg, son of Mrs. Martha Rcdenberg, Guttenberg. "Acid strengths of certain alpha-amido and alpha - imido acids", by Bruce L. Blank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Blank, Lansing, Illinois. "The structure of four-hydro- xyisocarbostyril," by Dr. Lyman Caswell, associate professor of chemistry. "Some observations on the hanlding of Adams' platinum- cxidehydrogenation catalyst," by Dr. Caswell and Robert D. Schuetz, Michigan State University. STRINOTHIN AMIMCAt MAC! WWMJ about them. 2) Be Warning to United States". Berg (S), 3) Schult (S) — 94' 6". Mr*. Downing Some of the seventh grade pec- Football throw — 1) Tann (F), ter sauce, green beans, peanut- butter sandwiches, cherry cobbler, bread and butter, milk. •: nough to transplant. In art Friday we made fin _ , C'^YZ 2) Lewis (F), 3) Campbell (S) - ger paintings. After the pictures 0m . chiWren have been work- pie took part in a play at the 14g . had dried we cut butterflies out Jng on OUj . music f or our talent college. The people that took High jump — I) Niemann (S), of them and mounted them on sJmw next week L in da. David S., part were: Tom Butters, Steven 2) tie-Williams, Webb (F) — 5'6". black construction paper. We Denuis L a nd Dennis M. have Aanes, Patty Scheidel, Paula shot put —- 1) Lewis (F), 2) Funeral services were held have red. blue, orange, yellow hfld extra junior band practices. Gould, Harriet Johnson, Dennis Bierman (S), 3) Meighan (S) — Monday afternoon from the Wa- and green butterflies They wiil p ) ay a t the concert Hendrix, Ernie Johnson, Bill 38'5". dena Presbyterian church, for In connection with our "Com- next Saturday night. Bitterman and Louise Pickett. p 0 l e vault—1) Meyer (S), 2) Henry Lockard, with Rev. H- J. munity Helpers" unit we vis- Nearly all of us have compiet- We are h appy w ith John and Timmerman (F) — 9' 5". Brandt, officiating. Burial was ited Fayette's post office. Mr. ed our poetry booklets for lan- Shirley Mohlis who have a new Broad Jump—1) Smith (F), 2) in the Wadena cemetery with Davis and Mr. Billings explained guage and rea ding classes. baby brother, and Ronald Craw- Ashby (F), 3) Seehase (S)—20T\ Glein Funeral Home, Arlington, their work and how mail is han- We have been working on our ford wno has a new ba by sister. TRACK: in charge. Casket bearers were: died in the post office Thank tab]es of n j nes j n arithmetic officers &or our last six weeks 100 yard dash—1) Durfey (F), Nels Lockard, Edward Lockard, you Mr. Billings and Mr. Dav- class Most ot us have them all were elected as f 0 n ows: Presi . 2) Tissue (S), 3) Smith (F)—10.5. Russell Lockard, Robert Lock- is. learned quite well. dent Lj nda Lotz- Vice Pies- 2 mil ° relay — 1) Fayette ard, Raymond Pierce and Verne We have two groups reading in Luther Burbank and Stephan jdent _ £rnje Johnson . Secrc . (Tripp, Van Sickle, Maxson, Van Lockard. new books. One group went into Foster have been the interest- A . „ -' - - U. attended the event. Papers presented included: "Air ion densities in a smoke -filled room" by Phillip Lorenz, «*rU.S. SAVINGS ONDS VOVt IMAM IN JUUMOI "The Now Street and Roads" in a people that we have been tary "~ Cin ^y Nefzger; Treasurer Bogart, 2) Sumner — 9:35.0. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS and the other group is reading reading "about in social studies . Edd . ,e , Stearns; Reporter -— "On We Co". class. We sang one of Foster's P a ! ne Alb ^ r ', Librarian and His Outside of our window we songs'in class today. We expect tonan — Bill Sparkman. have a family of birds building to sing some more of them Mon- ~ a nest. They are building it day. under our bird feeder so it is We have completed our health hard for us to watch their pro- book. For the rest of the year gress. We are waiting anxiously we will be studying science. for some baby birds to hatch. Our new unit is on "Safety". Fifth Grade We have had two movies on safety so far. One was on bicy- We made reading workbooks cle safety and the other one was f or our last unit and handed on the safety patrol boys. them in Tuesday. The name of The second graders enjoyed the unit was "The Great Out- helping Mrs Wittlich put on the doors". Now we are studying a talent show. un it ove r "Famous Poople of Other Days". Third Grade Thursday we had a six weeks tost over our spelling words Our news this week is reach- and 14 of us got A's. Friday ing you from our new address "Special Spellers" are having at the High School building, their test over their new words We are now getting accustomed and we hope all ten of us get to our new room and we are A's. beginning to feel more at ease Friday Group one in arith- now that we are better acquain- metic had a test on 20 arith- ted with the new surroundings- metic words; nine of us got A's. Everyone is very pleased with If we got any words wrong, we our new room. had to write them ten times each. Birds and their habits Is the We will have another test on topic of discussion during social these arithmetic words Tues- studies class. During art period day. last Friday we made a bird mo- We are having a unit test in bile. Social studies Friday and we Everyone is working hard hope most of us do good, during music class in prepara- Last Friday "we made pussy fion for the third grade talent Willows and our teacher, Mrs. show which will be held next Everett thought they were very 'week. nice. Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. Popenhagen and Jean visited our Sixth Grade room recently. Those celebrating birthdays Maxiaaivo Nadeau during April are Ellen Johnson, F or our c i ass trip we decided Scott Linge, Mary Manderfield, not to go too far. We are going to Rodney Miller, Robert Nefzger the County Home, to? Johnson' and Charlene Smith. Ice Cream Factory and then to Many of us still do not know the park our multiplication and division l n arithmetic we are learning facts of the 3's. We will have division of measures. It was kind to get these learned before we of hard at first but it is getting Henry Lockard was torn May 220 yard dash - 1) Durfey (F), 11, 1871, in Fayette county, the 2) Smith (F), Nichols (S)-25.2. son of Mr. and Mrs John Loikard B I J\ n , ^ 1} Schult (S) ' 2) In 1893 - he was ma "-ied to Arilla Buckendahl (S), 3) Gage (F) - Waterman. The couple had Three oo« children. 880 yard relay-1) Sumner In 1900, Mrs. Lockard died. (Stevens, Bierman, Tissue, Nau- Mr. Lockard remarried in 1901 to Gene Wm. Singer FAYETTE, IOWA PHONE 247 PLUMBING HEATING WIRING CONTRACTOR LAUNDRY WASH — 20c DRV — 10c DO ALL YOUR WASH HERE — IT'S A BREEZE If you can drop m coin in a slot and pour soap Into a machine«. . . you will find washing hero a breeie — bocauMw fhaf• all inert la to ttl Wa'f* plwiiy of washaw and drtam too, to com* on in today. Fayette Speed Wash East State Street — Fayette, low* natural gas comes to your home Natural gas is coming 1 Get set for a new way of living. Thrifty, dependable natural m will be ready to heat and air condition your home . . . cook your meals . . . heat your water . .refrigerate your food . . dry your clothes . . incinerate your trash . . . even light up your yard. Modern, automatic natural gas does all tneae jobs for you cleanly and quietly . .. . WW anct surely — even when you forget. PEOPLES N CLIFFORD HATES Abundant, economical natural gas can go to work in your kitchen . . your laundry - . . -all through your home. Natural gas works better for you because it is always on the job. Natural gas works cheaper for you because it is the most economical fuel available for use in your home. Plan today to convert — and put natural gas to work in your home* Start living in the modern net -^jftutQmaticaUy with natural gas, • , 'f

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