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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, September 12, 1891
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flufiitoiHe Review. MVMIT S ATURDAY W. N. BXJRDIOK. TKIMS: 11.60 Per Year, Btrlotly Advanoe Th» Beit AivtrMmq JlfedKum to reach MM /emr norih-tattern counties. Odlrr 8«'!ibwr*t Coreer Lawler nnil Tllden fit* ADVERTISING RATES: W. N. BUBOICK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN KULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TEHMS: $t.fiO, IF PAID IN ADVANNCE. VOLUME XIX POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1891, NUMBER 20. , — - TIHK 1 In. tin. 4 In. Wool 1 col. X week }1 00 $1 B0 ti SO $1 00 |'l 00 $10 00 * weeks ... 1 BO a is 8 57) a 78 ' 8 00 18 00 3 week* ... a oo a oo B OO 7 30 10 00 16 00 1 month .. •4 M> 9 W C 3T> o as 12 00 )» 00 Smontm. a oo 4 SO 0 Oil 11 7.1 17 00 85 00 8 months . 4 00 0 « ll a -i 1(1 00 a; oo 83 00 4 month*.. S 50 8 Oil :.') oo an oo 33 0(1 60 00 1 10 00 IS f0 18 f>' 30 CO 4S OO 80 00 HusiiK s*. cants not exc-e<linR five lines, $3, Ltv gn\ ndreitiy-tifntt nt Ipfjnl rates Advertise- menu inserted with no f>pf>clf1c time will be DUMIMIP I nut I "'ril«n»<l out nnf ?liArftnt] for no- cordlrtjrlv. Ail bllU pr.ynbl qtinrCerljr. EGYPT'S CORN C1UB. Rev. T. DeWittTalmage Deli vers a Harvest Disoourae. I A Oon|iul l,emnn from the Story nf Joseph In KgjrpW-Jonm Our Mediator In Be- •nrlng- the Ilroad of Everlasting Life. The following discourse, apropos to the gathering of our bountiful harvest was delivered by Rev. T. DeWitt Tal- inage in the Brooklyn Tabernacle, from the text: Te -hull not »oe mr face exoept roar brother bo with vou.-lionlsls xllll., 8. This summer, having crossed eighteen of the United Stated, north, uouth, east and west, I have to report the mightiest harvests that this country or any other ever reaped. If the grain gamblers do not somehow wreck these harvests, wo are about to enter upon the grandest scene of prosperity that America has ever witnessed. But while this is so In j our own country, on the other side of j the Atlantic there lire nations threatened with famine, and the most dismal ory that is ever heard will I fear bo uttered, the cry for bread. 1 pray God that the contrast between our prosperity and their want may not be as sliarp as in tho lands referred to by my text. There was nothing to eat. Plenty of corn in Egypt, but ghastly famine in Canaan. The cattle moaning in tho stall. Men, women and children awfully white with hunger. Not tho failing of one crop for one summer, but tho falling of all the crops for seven years. A nation dying for lack of that which is so common on your table, and so little appreciated; the product ol harvest field, and gristmill, and oven; the price of sweat and anxiety, and struggle—bread! Jacob, the father, has the last report from tho flour-bin, and hu finds that everything is out, and he says to his sons: "Hoys, hook up the wagons and start for Egypt, and get us something to cat." The fact was, j there was a great corn-crib in Egypt. The people of Egypt huvo been largely taxed in nil nges, at the present time paying between seventy and eighty per per cent, of llielr products to tho government. No wonder In thut time they had a large eoru-ertb, and it was full. To that crib they cuino from the regions round about—those who were famished— some paying for corn In money; when the money was exhausted, paying for tho corn in sheep and cattle, and horses und camels; and when they wore exhausted, then selling their own bodies and their families Into slavery. The morning for starting out on the •rusade for bread has arrived. Jacob gets his family up very curly. But before the elder sons start they say something that makes him tremble with emotlcu from heud to foot, and burst into tears. Tho fact was that these elder Hons hud once before been in Egypt to get com, und they had been treated somewhat roughly, tho lord of the corn-crib supplying them with corn, but saying at tho close of the interview: "Now, you noed not come back here for any more corn unless you bring something bettor than money—oven your younger brother, Benluinin. Ah I Benjamin—that very name was suggestive of all .tenderness. The mother, bad died at the birth ol that son—a spirit coming and another spirit going- and the very thought of parting with Benjamin must have been a heart-break. The keeper of the corn-crib, nevertheless, says to these elder sons: "There Is no heed of your coming here any more for corn unless you bring Benjamin, your father's darling." Now Jacob and hla family very much needed .broad; but what a struggle It would be to give up this son. The Orientals are very demonstrative in their grief, and I hear the butwaillng of the father as these older sons keep reiterating in hla ears the announcement of tile Egyptian lord: "Ye shall not see my fauo unless your brother be with you." Why did you tell them you had a brother?" said the old man, complaining and chiding them. "Why, father," they said, "he asked us all about our family, and we had no idea he would make any such demand upon UB as be has made." "No use of asking: me," •aid the father; "I can not, I will not, give up Benjamin." The fact was that the old man had lost children; and when there has been bereavement in a household and a child taken it make* " the other children in the household more precious. So the day for departure was. adjourned, and adjourned, and adjourned. Still the horrors of the famine increased, and louder moaned the cattle, and wider open cracked the .earth, and more pallid became the cheeks, until Jucob.ln despair, cried out to his sons: "Take Benjamin Out sends a larger portion 10 iivi^„u.,„, Or, as the Bible quaintly pnts it: "Benjamin's mess was Ave. times as much as any of theirs." Be quick and send word back with the swiftest camel to Canaan to old Jacob that "Benjamin is well; all is well; he is faring sumptuously; tho Egyptian lord did not mean murder and death, hut he meant deliverance and life, w hen ho announced to us on that day: 'Ye shall not sec my face unless your brother bo with you.' " Well, my friends, this world is famine-struck of sin. It docs not yield a single crop of solid willsfnctlon. It Is dying. It is hungry-bitten. The fact that it docs not, can not, feed a man's heart was well illustrated in the life of the English comedian. All the world honored him—did everything for him that tho world could do. He was applauded in England and applauded in tho United .Stales. He roused up nations into laughter, lie had no equal. And yet, although m.-m.y pc-oplo supposed him entirely happy, and that this world was coinpletly satiating his soul, he sits down and writes: "I never in my life put on a new hat that it did not rain and ruin it. 1 never went out in a shabby coat because it was raining and thought all who had the choice would keep indoors, that the sun did not burst forth in its strength and bring out with it all the butterflies of fashion whom I knew and who know me. I never consented to nccept a part Ihatcd, out of kindness to another, that 1 did not get hissed by the public and cut by tho writer. I could not take a drive for a few minutes with Terry without being overturned and having my olbow-bone broken, though my friend got. off unharmed. I could not make a covenant with Arnold which I thought was to make my fortune without making his instead, than in an incredible space of time—1 think thirteen months—I earned for him twenty thousand pounds and for myself one. I nin persuaded that if I were to set up as a beggar, every one in my neighborhood would leave off eating bread." That was the lament of the world's comedian and joker. All unhappy. The world did everything for Lord Byron that it could d ', and yet in his last moment ho asked a friend to come and sit down by him and read, as most appropriate to his case, the story of "Tho Bleeding lleart." Torrlglano, the sculptor, executed, after mouths of care and carving, "Madonna and the Child." Tho royal family came in and admired It. Everybody that looked at was in ccslacy; but one day. after all that toll, and all that admiration, because ho did not get as much compensation for his work as he had expected, lie took a mallet and dashed the exquisite sculpture into atoms. The world i» poor compensation, poor satisfaction, poor solace. Famine, famine in all the earth; not for seven years, but for six thousand. But, blessed be (lod, thoro Is a great corn-crib. The Lord built it. It is In another land. It .is a large place. An angel once measured it, and tu far as I can calculate It in our phrase, that eorn-urlb Is fifteen hundred miles long and fifteen hundred broad and fifteen hundred high; and it is full. Pood for all nations. "Oh!" say tho people, "we will start right away and get this supply for our soul." But stop a moment; for from the keeper of that corn-crib there comes this word, saying: "You shall not BOO my face except your brother bo with you." In other words, thoro Is no such thing as getting from Heaven pardon, and comfort, and eternal life, unless we bring with us our Dlvino brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. Coming without Him, wo shall full before wo reuoh the corn-crib, and our bodies shall be a portion for tho jackals of tho wilderness; bat eomlug with tho Dlvino Je- BUB , all tho granaries of Heaven will swing open before our soul, und abundance will bo given us. Wo shall be Invited to sit in tho palace of tho King and at the table; and while the Lord of Heavon, is apportioning from nis own table toother tubleB He will not forgot us; and then und there it will be found that; our Benjamin's mess is larger than all the others, for so it ought to be. "Worthy- is the ^nmb that was slain, to receive blessing, and riches, 1 against your r,oul, nnd u voice from the throne MmII stun you with tho announcement.: "Vou shall riot seo My face except you:- Brother ba with you." My text also suggests tho reason why so many people do not get any real comfort. You meet ten people; nine it them ai •> in need of some kind of condolence. There Is something in their health, or In their state, or In their domestic condition that demands sympathy. And yet the most of tho world's sympathy amounts to absolutely nothing. IVopIo go to tho wrong crib or they go in the wrong way. When the plague was in Rome a great many years ago there were eighty men who chanted themselves to death with the litanies of Gregory, the Great—literally chanted themselves to death—and yet It did not slop the plague. And all the music of this world can not halt the plague of the human heart. I come to some one whose ailments are chronic, and I say: "In Heaven you will never ba sick." That does not give you much comfort. What you want is u soothing power for your present distress. Lost children, have yon? 1 come to you and tell you that in ten years perhaps you will meet those loved ones before the throne of God. But there is but llttlo condolence in that. One dny is a year without them, and ten years is a small otcrnity. IVlint you want is sympathy now-—present help. I cotno to those of you who huvo lost dear friends, and say: "Try to forget them. Do not keep tho departed always in your mind." How can you forget them when every figure in tho carpet, and every bonk, and every picture, and every room calls out thoir name. Suppose I come to you and say by way of condolence: "God is wise." "O!" you say, "that gives mo no help." Suppose I eoine to you and say: "God, from all eternity, arranged this trouble," "Ah!" you say, that docs mo no good." Then I say: "With tho swift feet of prayer go direct to tho corn-crib for a heavenly supply." You go. You say: "Lord, help mc; Lord, comfort me." But no help yet. No comfort yet. It 1 B all dark. What Is the matter? I huvo found. You ought to go to God aud say: "Here, O Lord, are tho wounds of my soul, and I bring with mc tho wounded Jesus. Let Ills wounds pay for my wounds, His bereavements for my bereavements, His loneliness for my loneliness, Uis heart-break for my henrt-breuk. O God! for the sake of tho Lord Jesus Christ—the God, the Man, the Benjamin, the Brother—deliver my agonized soul. O, Jesus of the weary foot, ease my fatigue. O, Jesus of tho aching head, heal my aching head. O, Jesus of tho Bethany sisters, roll away tho stone from tho door of our grave." That is tho kind of prayer that brings help, and yet how many of you are getting no help at all, for tho reason that there is in your soul, perhaps, a secret trouble. You may never have mentioned it to u single human ear, or you may have mentioned it. to someone who is now gono away, and that great sorrows is still in your soul. After Washington Irving was dead • they found a little box that contained u braid of hair and a miniature, and the name of Matilda Hoffman,and a memorandum of her death, and a r emark THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. itnl of Russian Poland, have born notified to prepare accommodations for a large njtmb.'r of Russian troops within a fortnight. The police have, warned the newspapers to publish nothing on the ubject. TUB report that Turkey has granted Russian the privilego of taking her war ships through^ the Dnrunelles is creating much unfriendly comment in England nnd Germany. It is not believed that the 'an arrange meat. SENATOII HAWI.EY of Connecticut is of fered the, war portfolio. 1 (lEit .MANY, it is said, will removo all re strictioiis on American porki TIIK assessed valuation of South Dakota I powers will consent to such is 8228;318,1B0. * Tun John Thompson grocery company, of Denver, has failed for 850,000. VENEZUELA has not rejected reciprocity with tho United Stales, ns reported. A PHILADELPHIA woman went, mad through brooding over a clairvoyant's predictions. TIIR monuments erected at Gettysburg in memory of the 'llinois soldiers, were unveiled Wednesday. SMUDGE VS. FROST Ninth Dakota Official Makes Important Experiments With Successful Results. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. VIHE at McDonald, PH., Friday destroyed over 11,000 barrels of oil. JOHN KNOX, of Chordon, 0., and duuulitpr were instantlly hilled Monday by a Pittsburg & Western train, Both bodies were horribly mangled. GKOHOK ELLIS, aged 10 years, was drowned in Lake Gardner Mass., Wed A^^AV't Sasl-^aswas,^^ Higgles, who suspended. TIIK last Saturday's statement of the New York hanks show u decrenso in reserves of 1.233,000. llv a vote of W> to 36, the hoard of lady managers of the world's fair pronounce in favor of closing the show on Sundays TUB Baltimore peach market is glutted and hundreds of boxe« of fruit have been thrown overboard because there was no sale fur them. CHICAGO is to have an OJd Fellows temple ihirty-four stories high—as high as the Washington monument. Ex SEXATOH TAYLOH has sold the Poor- iiinii mine at Caribou, Colo., to Leonard Gow of Glasgow for$850,000. THE central market company, of Chicago, assintd Thursday morning, William P. Wiiliems being appointed receiver. Itti liabilities are $1G0,000. MAIL is sent from Jupan to England in Irs-; than twenty one days crossing the Pacific nnd Atlantic oceans and the North American continent. NKAHI.Y nil of the short line trains between St. Paul and Minneapolis are to be withdrawn by the Great Northern and Milwaukee roads. TUB American steamer George W. Starr hashe,n seiz':ii by a goveininent revenue cnlinr for smuggling Cliineso into tut country. CAIHNKT milkers in Chicago, numbering 2,000, struck Tuesday for an eight hour day. The employers say this is the dull season and they can well afford to keep the slicps idle for a time. TILLMAN, late cashier of tho defunct Fol:riCit.\ bank at L 'uisville, has reached Canada, lie denies lhul tLere is a shortage in his accounts. Ki-.v. J. W. OI.MSTEAI), editor or Tin Watchman, a Boston Baptist denominational paper, died at Mauchestcr-by-the- Sea Monday morning. TUB new submarine cable line, which for tho first time provides direct te graphic communication with Brazil, 13 now open CENSUS Commissioner Porter announces as a final report, that the United Stales has a population of G2,C22,250. • OiHTUAi.v: A'Auburn, Hull, rs chitf justice of fi-vejity-seven. At New York, Mrs. Eliza Simonton, mother of tho latn.l. W Simon ton, aged ninety. At Tuscola, 111., Win. Watson, aged oighty. MINISTER ROAN'S dispatch announcing the success of the Chilian congressional ists has been received at the state depart mnnt. Tho delay in receiving the dis went to his aid. SKVKIIAL hundred people in Tho Dalles, Oregon, arc homeless, tho result of a fire Wednesday which destroyed a nuruhtr of buildings, involving a. lo.« of 11 .000,000 JOHN GOIIMAN, a bigbly-rsspectcd pioneer nnd resident of Monee, III., wus killed by the Illinois Cenlrul cars Salur day. THE Youngstown (0.)bridge-works were destroyed l>v fire Friduy nifflit, entailing a loss of 8SO.00O and throwing 200 mon out of work A iiosK cart collided with a cable train in St. Paul, Minn., and the pas stngers had u marvelous escape from death. CiiAui.Eii DUNI was drowned in a stone quarry at Blue Island, 111., Sunday while bathing with a number of companions. Jo .sRi'ii PKEH, of Verinontville, Mich blew out the gas in a room at thr Burnett house, at Toledo, Ohio, Sunday night, and died from asphyxiation before relief came. FIVE thousand aces of hay land, near Grand Forks, N. D , upon which this scar's crop was studied, were burned ovrr He, Believes Smoke an Effective Afrcnt to line Against Jack Frost. Information of Great Livitifr Intere.-t to Farmers Throughout the Entire Couutry. by t prairie, fire Tuesday night. THE Dclin/ orphnnage in Aurora, III., conducted by the American educational lid society, was damaged by lire Tuesday night, and tha'orphuns wore retcu "d with liiliculty. Tho building belonged to the city. J II. COI'KI.ANU was thrown from his buggy niidslruck a telegraph-pole with such force that both legs were broken. The bono of one leg was driven into the post and had to be cut out with an ax. it is thought both legs will have to bs amputated. VVAI.TEK COKSO.V, twenty-two years old, and freight yard master for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Road in Evanston, 111 , was fatally crushed betwe n two | Bes . freight cars which he was coupling Monday morning. Farmers throughout the entire country must be profoundly interested in any information relative to methods by which destruction from frost may bo averted Not only must the grower of wheat and corn be thus inttrested, but also the lo- bacoo raiser, tho vegetable cultivator, the cranborry producer and tho fruit farmer. The report of W. \V. Martlett, state superintendent of irrigation und forestry in North Dakota, made the present month, containB many useful facts from the experiences of that official with smudges on hi* farm in Ramsay county, near tho Manitoba border, lie says: "How to protect vegetation from injurious effects of frost is a subject of the greatest importance for it involves the prosperity and happiness of millions of people, il A. Huzen, professorof meteorology, stated in his able article of March 23, 1890: 'It b,is been estimated that in a single vcar nearly $2,000,000,000 were lost to "this country from frost destruction.' "On the nights of Saturday, August 22, and Wtdiiosduy A gust 26, 1 was at my t.irm, near Church's Ferry, Ramsey county, and watched the npproah und operation of the frost, and assisted in burn iug the smudge to ward off the danger. The experience wa? very inbtructive, giv ing a good opportunity to study both sides of the question. "Both night)) wore clear nnd the sky free from clouds. On the 231, or proper ly speaking on the morning of t'ue 23d, ut 5:23 o'clock, the temperature reached its minimum, 21) degrees. Wo started 11: smudge fires at 4:38 a. in. (on tho 231) thermometer, 30 degrees; a slight brcez. from the south; much mmsturu prevailed To all appearance the temperature was much increased by the smoko. I'ho in tensity of the frost crystals on the smoked wheat wus seemingly much decreased They melted very quickly in the hand, while tho unsuioked wheat retained its cold unchanged. Soon after an immense amount of Bnioke covered tho grain t-rigin- ating from our and our neighbors' smud ter, whether smok.; will or will not prevent frost. More knowlodgo upon the subject may cause a change of my views, but, according to the light I now possess, I cannot but he strong in my conviction that smoke is a sure preventive of frost or of its injurious effect upon fruit and grain and other forms of vegetation under the following conditions: When and where generated and applied in needful quantities and distributed in such a manner as to cover the grain during the entire lime of danger from the frost. Smoke llurlng' the Time of Dnnger. "On account of the uncertainty as to when tho fires should bo started, but owing principally to *,ho want of stifllcionl smudge piles, the fires havo usually been set at 2 to 4 a. m. of'tho night, and gouera'.ly when the fiost has commenced its destructive effects upon tho grain. All men know that thick clouds ob'cur- ing tho sky prevent frost, even on very cold nights, because they check radiation of head. Now, suppose a man could control the clouds at will, would he act wisely if he should wait until the frost hud actually appeared on the grain, or the temperature had been lowered to near th. freezing point. This is just what most of ui have been doing in North Dakota. We have made clouds oat of smoke, but gener ally not until the fretziug point has heei reached. I'ho uvideiicea are in my and thatsuioke can he siKc -'sslully u<ed to prevent frost. These five promise that in du time practical >ysleun will he devised to protect the products of the earth from il injurious operation of t uis cruel foe. Man is master of the lightning; il carries Hi news, drives the machinery and warms tlu buildings; tho sunlight engraves the pic ture upon the sensitive plate; sound is embalmed in the yielding wax, holding human thought to reappear in speech in future time to enlighten, guide am bless the human race. And this mastery has come in but the infancy or man's d velopment, prophetic of a mightier control, in his manhood, of the elements whereby many if not all the iinfavorabl and injurious climatic conditions of the earth will bo materially modified or fully prevented bj incentive skill or scientific methods. At this time tin) great west conies with its broadening views askini the earnest thinkers to move with it along tho line of scientific inquiry for the good of the present and future ages." THE DEATH VALLEY. Here UNL'LK SAM'S KlSH DIS1M .AV. CRIME. A PULLMAN porter of Chicago is charged N. Y., Benjamin with robbing a North Dakota man of sev- Colorado, aged end hundred dollars. UNITED STATES uiuiuwu U ,I» U>,.» = of I had similar experience on tho night of Aug. 20, hut the slight brcez! this time was from the west, and hut little moisture seemed to prevail. The frost was very se vcre. The thermometer indicated tho lowest point, 27 degrees, at 4:30 a. (morning of 27). VVe ooiumflnccd to gen eruto the smoke at this hjur, and vast deep eloucis spread ovor tho grain. Dur- The WIM-IIPM Vn\t will hiivo tlm (iri'iituMt Ai|uurlum uviir ConnlriK-.Uul. The fish exhibit at the World's Culiim li'liin exposition is to bo a wonderful urn and not the leat.1 interesting portion ot il naturally, will be the iiqmu-iul or live lisl display. This will be contained in ac'r building, 135 feet in diamet standing near one extremity of tho main fisheries building, und in a great enrv corridor connecting the two. In the center ot the circular buildi:. c ill bo a rotunda sixty feet in diameter in the middle of which will be a basin or pool about twenty-six feet wido from which will ariso a towering mass of rod; covered with moss and lichens. From clefts and crevices in tho rocks crystal streams of wider will gush und drop to tin mosses of the reeds, rushes and ornamen tal semi-aquatic plants in the basin below . - - i LI. i . i in this pool georgous goldfishes, gold UNITED STATES marshals captured 8«J ^B^??}* 0 ,,"^ golden tench, and other fishes wi something like this: "Tho world after • — —r, . that was a blank to mo. I went into l> a , tch wft9 . cau6ed interruption in the tho country, but lound no peace in soli-1 tdegraphing service tudo. 1 tried to go Into socioty, but I found no peace In society. There has been a horror hanging ovor me by night and by day, and 1 am afraid to be alone.' 1 How many untutored troublos. No human ear over heard the sorrow. O, troubled sou). 1 want to tell you that there is otic halve that can euro the wounds of the heart, and that is the salve made out of tho tears of a sympathetic Jesus. And yet some of you will not take thus solace; and you try chloral, and you try morphine, aud you try strong drink, and you try change of scene, and yon try new business associations, und anything and everything rather than take the Divine companion- was fined $500. EDWAUD ROBSEAU, a broker living in SECUETAHY PKOCTOK has written his Brooklyn. N. Y., committed suicide by reply to Governor Page's tender of the shooting himself in, the head position of senator from Vermont to sue- <*» be <w»gned for the deed, ceed Senator Edmunds. Ho will proba- _ AT Bloomington, 1IL, Monday, Dr was in tho milk and some in tho dough The oats wero also smoked, being in tho milk. On the 23J, from 1:10 a. ni. until IN una cmipio > n ,.^ n "f«»™ lpiwe .™ tU nrise the temperature was at and below ..._rdered and their bodieR mutilated by , .„„„•. r. ,i„,L„on t i. r rnm atianipto.homtheyhad given shelter. ^^KS^ ^ tenftt™ was GAUDNEH, the Minneapolis loiter carrier llitto ij lu ier all tho circumstances, my couvicthdof feloniously opening a letter, tenant und myself were surprised to find members of Bob Sims' iiotomoua gang illicit distillers, near De Sota, Miss. AN aged couple in Connecticut were mu disport. From the rotunda one side the larger Berios of aquuria may be view ed. These will bo ten in number und wi' huvo a capacity of seven tkousutid twenty-soven thousand ,'gallons of water Passing out of the rotunda by tho en trances u great corridor or gallory ' -i . i , i reached where on one hand can bo view- that to all appearances the wheat and oats od the opp0Bit< ) Bido of tho h0ri £ t were uninjured. Thus we had presump tive evidence that the smoke had u favora- No cause | ble effect in protection of the grain from the freezing frost. The reason for commencing the smudges C. My"senT-T*e B ^"n«rwMk or curfyThe B/BoluSrSot'Md'jlined" Miss Bertha **™»^™ thU: UecauB0 of -? ther letter in person when he goes north. lson and then committed suicide. The unavoidable work, THE efforts of Melbourne to produce voung | u dy to marry him in at Cheyenne, Wyo., were successful. " w ,„,.„ n ,,„„„ half incn of rain fell Tuesday, when, . W D ,^~? » lson and then committed suicide. —. murderer had fruitlessly implored thelmnke the number my tenant could not and sizo and kind of smudge piles that 1 desired. Though many, , ,„., n mid equal in all respocts to other persons, , , , Wl j'»?„9. ea °: tbey lasted but a short time, usuully less according to tee government signal service i lowered the description of the Urcs u om b und u wa8 Ul0UKUt bcgt ^ observer, there had been no premonitions train robbers, were cap ured la e Sundaj. b Umn Bt tho cokl()8t bour . B nt .uffl- „" F I about throe miles south of lruvera, Cul. CJBnt lnateria | bavinR i.<, en provided, I The sheriff is positive they are the rob- wou | d bftV e kept the Bres burning all night, hers. of a, storm. TWENTY-ONE- new claimants to Mrs. Honkins-Searlea' estate have appoarcd, nnd Edward F. Searles will not now be allowed to enjoy the millions without a hard struggle. TUB consuls general of the South Aineri- ship and sympathy suggested by the cim rti publics in London have inaugurated words of my text when it says: "You a movemont for the establishment in that NEAU Findlay, Ohio, while u number ol men were threshing wheat tho machine exploded, wrecking the place. William Mull wus killed and four others seriously injured. A dynamite cartridge had been shall not seo my face again unleBS your brother be with you." O, that you might understand something of tho height, and depth, and length,' and breadth, and immensity, nnd Infinity and honor, and glory,'and power.!'. I want to make three points: Every,' frank and e.oramon-sonse man A f£)]|i of God's eternal consolations, acknowledge himself .to. be a sinner. What are yon going to do with your sins?; Have them pardoned, you say. How? Through the meroy of'-.GoB. What do you mean by the^m^rcy of God? Is it the jotting down of a bar for tho admission of ••all, "without respect to character? Bo uot decoived. I see t> soul coming up to the gate of mercy and knooking at the oorn-orlb of heavenly supply; and a voice from within says: "Are you alone?" The sin-, ;ner replies: "AH. alone." The yoico, from .within says;, I'.Yo-u shall npt; see. city of a lingo bureau of information con corning South American affairs, Bimilarto the bureau cf tne American republics which was established in Washington on tho recommendation of tho international American confercno,'and a similar bureau which has recently been organized in Paris. ' My friends, you seo it is cither Christ or famine. If there were two banquets spread, and to one of thera, only, you might go, you might stand and think for.a good while us to which invitation you had better accept; but hore It is feasting or starvation. If it were acholce d M d atVienna between oratorios, you might say: "I ,„ _ 1 . , , prefer the Creation,' or 1 prefer the Mu. Si 'unoEON is very week and Messiah." But here it Is acholce be- a ^„££ e ?!g- dft¥B Ru8B i a „;.[ DRve tween eternal harmony and everlasting ^^^i^S^JSS. FOREIGN. TjiE'interitationril grain congress open discord. O, will yon live or die ? Will EuiifjTHBA.TjcL, the corn speculator w )ip and be off." The older sonB tried to ;my pardoning face sinless your Divine you start fprthaKgyptlAnoorn^rib or rec , nUy ' £ai | ed ^ Berlin, committed sui- will you perish amid the empty barns c j, d J • r • •«•••• Cheer up their father, s " They saidi' '"We hare strong urras liud a stout 1 heart, and no harm will come to Benjamin. '.We 'll see that be gets baok again." "Farewell!" said the ypung men to the father, in a tone of assumed good cheer. "F-a-r-e-w-e-M l"bald the old: man, for that .word has moro quivers " pronounced by the. aged •younff. , , ,WeUi .the bread party—the bread embassy 1 —drives up in front of the eorn- brlb' of 'Egypt. These corn-cribs are flUed with wheat and barley, and corn in yhehuBk, for those who have traveled in Canaan and Egypt know that there I B corn there corresponding with our Indian maize. • Huzza I the, journey The lord of the corn-orlb, Brother, tho Lord Jesus, be yvlth you. 6, that is the point at which'"so many | with you.' are .discomforted. There is no, mercy from God except through Jesus Christ, Coming with Him wo are accepted. Coming without Jiitn, we are rejected. Peter put It right In his great sermon of the Canorihitish famine? "Ye shall , „ ... • , , , •• notseemy, face except your brother be ^tf^bX^fe^ IMFORTANT.PKCiaiON, luterettlug Knllrottd Cftue Under tho Inter; •lute Commerce laiw. DOBUCJUJ;, TowaJ Sept. 9.— Judge I?ey,, .rVhiltwhen before the high priests whenh, than- o£ ^^ ^ h ™Ta hiir in • ,tb*n;by the dared fprthi "Neither is there salva- important decision in the base of the Iowa & dera tE tlonin any other, ,'lhere la no other ra iT W ay commission against the' Chicago, m„„ , !„' ^im',. Aniericsn pork was signed Thursday. TUB London times is. of the opinion that notwithstanding the aumerous war clouds the peace of Europe is not likely to be djtturbeid at present,; THE legislature^ Victoria, Australia, ; favor, of Australian pliiced in a Bheaf of wheat by some person top of a granary, the.roof boing £!Hnn«,n »n°w ln » tew minutes after starting unsuowu. tho smudge smoke it W«IB all molted and SEVEN highwaymen held up an east- , bo thermometer rose four degrees, and bound trtiin on the Denver and Kio wben t be 8 uiokc reached Penn, nearly Grande railroad near Cotppuxi, Col. They t nree m i| ea away, tho temperature was in got c8,000 from thu express car. Officers oreu8e d the same amount (four degrees), are in pursuit of the robbers. Another man told me of the increase of tanks unit on tho other a lino of lank somewhat smaller, ranging from 750 1,500 gallonB each in capacity. The cor ridor or gallery is about fifteen feet wide The entiro length of the glass fronts ol tho aquuria wilfbe about 675 feet or over 8,000 square feet of surface. They wi make a panorama nover before seen any exhibition, and will rival the great permanent aquariums of tho world only in size li'it in all other respects lhu total water capacity of tho aquaria exclusive of reservoirs, will bo 18,725 cubic feet, or 140,000 gallons. Tins will weigh 1,192,425 pounds, or almost GOO tons. Of this amount about 40,000 gal, . ., ,,„ ,.„„ Ions will be dovoted to thu marine exhibit. "Many farmers chum the smoke has , n the mlho sM W(iJer ciECU i atioll( j„ aud will prevent frost. _ One practical and cludin re80rvo ir 8 , there will bu about 80,- obsorvunt neighbor said to me: 1 know QOO KaTlone. Tho pumping and distribul. smoke will prevent frost. _ I saw it or. the { |ant f or t |,e ,nurino aquaria will bo Strange Man Region in Which Many a Hits Heen Lured to He Uh. This Frightful Place Stvunge Aspects of Natural Desolation are Found. is u Vast Chain 110 Long and Only ll! Miles Wide. ililes Dr. C. Hart Merriam, scientist and choif of the government biological survey which has been working for months in Death alley has studied closely thi* • strange region of which so much has been said, ml he is the first one qual)lied 16 speak f the valley. • lie hns ciuupHl within the .lie of its salt Wds, has felt its intolerable heat, and viewed its splendid desolation, and iias faced the scorching blasts of wind ml the red-hot mind that rage between the black mountain* which wall the silent harm. He has b'en in the midst of its loath-dealing elements, has tasted of its poisoned well« and has forced his way over its treacherous sands, and over ground that crumbled beneath the weight of man or hor.-e. He tells the story of his ulventures as follows: "The valley and its towering black walls f barren rock are weird and strangely ublime in their desolation. For iniies aud miles the curious mountains may be seen outlined against the clear sky. From the top of Telcvcopti peak, tho highest, of he Panauiiut or western range which shuts the valley in, one may look down a lizzy black precipice 12,000 feet to tho level of tho valley ns dazzling white as now. Stretching liom the mountain's toot are the glistening fields of salt. Here and there are running streams of salt and mineral Wuters. To drink of them is to 'lie. The view closes in the gloomy cliffs I the Funeral mountains, which form an impenetrable barrier at tho east of tho canon. Tho scene is one of violent contrasts, of glaring whiles and dead blacks. "The valley is the most barren and tho lowest of a series in eastern California and ulhwosterii Nevada. At a rough eiti- iiiutc it is about 150 feet below the level of lhu sen. It runs generally north and outli, although its worst region turns to the northwest. This portion has been named M.'simile valh-y. It is a region far a than Death valley proper. The valley may be compared to lhu Grand canon •I the Colorado. It i s rather an immense basin than .. vallcv. It is about 140 ililes long, and its broadest p irt, is only 18 miles wide. In some parts it is no more than 15 miles in width. In this frightful place, baked and blistered by the intolerable heat, holdim.; within itself innumerable el> in ills of death, revealing strange aspects of natural desolation, our party has been at ft"»rk for month*. On either side of the valley, stretching almost its entiro length, is a range of mountains absolutely barren of animal and vegetable life. Tho western range is the Punimint, averaging in height about !),000 feet. The eastern range,is the Funeral, a suggestive and not unfit n une. The Funeral mountains rise fully 7,000 feet above the level of the sea. These mountains are black, with the exception of curious patches of red rock. Away to tho north is Mt. Magruder. Beyond in the distance rise tho heights of tho Sierras. Almost at tho southern limit of the valley is Mi. Ivnnwalch. Behind is tho 'Devil * playground,' u region of absolute barron- ness. Dli-emUy ot Opinion. constructed of valcanito, Tho pumps will be in duplicute md each will liavj a en- pocity of 3,000 gallons por hour. The supply of sea water will be securod by ovaporuting tho necessary quantity at the Woods Hull station of the United Sttitos fish commission to about onc-llfth its "Down the valloy a hot, suffocating wind blows with terrific velocity. In its' course throughout tho stricken region it gathers a black cloud of hot, shifting sand that hns blinded many an unwary horse and rider. Under the glistening beds of crystalizcd suit in places are running ,ii renins of salt water. Beneath there is > till another bed of Halt, In other parts of the valley are wastes of hot sand drawn in tome places into high mounds by tho whirling blasts that i .weepdown thecunon. There, too, is the most curious earth I have seen—sulf-rlsinu earth it, bus been called. As far as the eve can see it appears in curving outline, up nnd down, as if puffed by a natural ycust. Tho unfortunate animal that steps upon tho little lulls will crash through, for thev tiro not much moro than fragile crusts. Still stranger is that section of the valloy which for want of a better name, is called suit earth, lnnumer- — r i bulk, thus reducing both quantity und I ttul ° pinnacles tapering to points us fine UB HKNIIY VAN OOST was/abVed »»d | temperature of 3deg^ •» name given under. Heaven amongm.n fiS^^Sl T^ UE sultan of Turkey is said to BUS- whereby we may be saved." O, an*, Fengler* Sohwaeglei^od shipped toWm Pfo* «"» existence of it plot to assassinate lous sinner! O, dying sinner! O, lost gome time ago several car loads of fuel' mnl • . , < i . . _ i . JA _ \ . •, C T I , ftUin 1<ka ..<,*„ probably mortally wounded at hiB own use of smoke. On the other hand, othor wedding, in Roseland, III., Tuesday night, men contend that smoke cannot prevent The murderer was the best man in the frost. According to the present inforuia- wedding ceremonies. Hon, it appears the injury to the grain by • AT Clearwater, Kan., Tuesday night, frosfc '? ou , r «t«te reaches to but a small during^n^lteratlon, Boa Bolton, u busl' °» l ^± Ubatl T *? *V° T P ° y ' nesswan was slabbed in tin abdomen by ol a lar B 8 amount of protecting and I the taltSr resented it with tbe above ^ fa ^« ^^.^IJiffl 1 •..'•.. experiments of tho most pnin»taking and ONB of the desperadoes who robbed the m ™ ^ oul ?„ bo Pr«^nlcd to tho Coider (Mo.) bunk Monday afternoon wa. T^Ti^ captured about twenty miles from Corder " • and about half of the stolen money re- "In order to get at a clear understand covered. He was taken from the olBeers ing of this important matter, a number of uy a mob and lynohed. thingB are necessnry. I will name sume: Juwua Si 'EOKMYKn, of North Eigh- The investigator should bo a thoughtful teenth Btreet Bt. Louis, Mo., grow des- and o'iservuiit man; mu&t have all instru- pondent from long illness, ana Sunday monts and facilities for muking needed night, after kissing his wife good by, observations and experimental tosts; took down his shotgun and, placing the should make careful records of each B tep muzale to his mouth, pulled the trigger, in the investigation; should owr and use m charge tore the top of his head off. a good thormometer, a psjehrometer und por cent. Tho fresh wtiter required tb restore it to its proper density will be supplied from Like Michigan. In transporting tho marine fishes to Chicago from the coast there will also bo un addition of probably 8,000 gallons of pure sea water to the supply on each trip. needles and ovor "a foot long rise in close array from the ground. Tlioy urti a* hard as stono and as dangerous as sliurpened steel. Beneath and hidden by them are pitfalls, 11 tumble into which means a broken leg or arm, Thoro too, arelhericn lieldH of borax which have lured many a •uiiii to death. Dreadful ns is Death vul- ley, its northwestern arm, Mosquite valley is worse, All of the water upon its surface is poison, The wind has thrown the sand inioiiiimcnso mounds, one of which is threomlles long and BOO feet high. It was in this valley thut the immigrants lost thoir lives. Water niuy he obtuined^only He loaves several children. who ls r aiso the prime minister, comes down to those arrived travelers and .say si "Dine with inu to-day. How is tinner! nil you have got to do is to have this Divine Benjamin along with -you. Side by Bide coining to the gate, aU the' store houses of Heavon will swing open before your anxious soul. Am I right ln calling rhesus Benjamin? O, yes, Rachel lived only long enough to give > a name to "Chut child) and with a dying Idas she called him Benoni. I oil from • Lima, Ohio. The cars lonrae from Chicago over the Chi- loago, >8ti ! - Paul & Kansas City and as the yards of tho consignees could only be reached by tbe Milwaukee road, the latter had to switoh the cars in about The Milwaukee company E XTENSIVE forest fires are raging neur Debmold, Germany, and several foresters have been burned to death. A RUSSIAN man-of-war has captured the American schooner, J. Hamilton Lewis, for sealing in Russian waters. A BEIILIN dispatch soys four persons three miles. .... . . charged from $13 to $15 per : oar for, ((his switching, the charge being, greatly in ex» were killed and several injured by a collis- wu »j. .MVW M j»—» —-, r ... 'Afterward CC g S 0 f t be joint switching rates ion between passenger trains at Funf- ypur father^ Is this Benjamin, the Jacob changed hla dame, and hlfiialled t bo B teltf'railroad commission. On com- kirohen Monday. „ y «uiike 'r brother whoso presence I de- him jfanjamjn. Thf.^nwantag ^uhe plaint of the consignees the commission ! THK Kile Artie expedition has returned mwide 'd?" The travelers are introduced nanjB the gaTe 'wa» , $km«f my paik" ordered the eqmpany to switch the to Halifax, aiter making interesting di^ Into thepalaoe. They are worn and ba. Thf meaning ci; the nawe tho l »Mr caw at U10 rate fixed. The cover j eil . e , ., difitaTol the way', and servants com* wi».<on ( o^i> ^igat hanf''* Ap# ^ ra P a "L J^T^^aJS'v^ &L K TBH men wore killed and a dozen in te Castle reports that Halifax, a severe hur- »j»d a towel ln t the other Idown-lOToW facto Tiewly- , ;,»W»,..vyasliingp« thejlust JVl'r— '" v '» -i ---1 -*WdiaTlarle» an brought there, Stephen lookltntr Heaven and see Hhi Vstandlng at tbe, right'^dVt CM,And doee mi Paul apeak of Bin SiPgi»t.«.fa* ritfW U»dof God Two seamen were washed overboard and drowned, FitKNon scientists claim that the Eiffel tower causes electrical disturbances which have killed people and destroyed much property in and arqund Paris,. , , ^ IwMettUiriihs^ at . , Berlinrbas'beenjiuppressed on account of tbe same W WR*cp«1fe n WM 9 W«i|J atches" while fss^vivM'ft^y^^ Uoy Hurned to Death M the Result of His m Ytta " A- New Medicine. Detroit Free Drew. a reliablo barometer; ~ should have u knowledge of the weather for one or more days before tho froat; should know the condition of tbo grain—whether in m ... , , tbe milk or in the dough; the altitude of Two little girls were overheard speak- the grain Belds; direction and force of the ifL^ }\ m i^SfV^t rA tack or the niognetio or electrical rn,Ti °* with which caoh had been conditions; the amount of ..louds in the ™& ,., . ,.„ , sky; the ourrents of tbe upper air; whether *i iffi d,d i°H R i JUfln,a e>V8 *° a ' Mk ' Ou conditions are there favorable for form- TO ' „ 1 n. . ing smoke clouds over the grain; the kind irPfc.-? 8 m M d0 vSi'P$* vv J i VP* and Eiw of the smudge piles that may be with hammerellis. What d}d you do?" needed wherfl they » h(wld b9 located in nfrSta.i» 0 Boggle mine with glory order to insure the necessary amount and 01 potasu.. proper distribution of the smoke; when and whore to commence the fires and •kakese •! AU Ore** art Kta*» how '"P* . to e°» UDUe tbe » ame > S e —- — w amount of smoke necessary to insure the At* to k* hm** tvsrjr toailtjr vlsiua »; chuu prob ; C tioo of tbe grain from the injurious sua Uitt. TU wry uhnsls •xhlbtt la sock 5a ec u 0 f the frosl, And he Bhould exer- Dls«i»fMUn«neleassyai|ib>iiisoftti» 4ira la- 0 i (e judgment and discretion in all tbe tMtioB, UtxpwuicshM proved, in (be dornsni work;. These, with experience and other 01 mtdlehw, sajtahii •enelulveiy, It Is that things that must necessarily come under Uatt«ttfr'(lUun*«kS4tt«n wlUoot osljr tntt- his observation will enable the experi- <*i« froBiiMsrsUmsvsrj v«ttl|«ettiwabMm*< menter to learn needed facts and to arrive bora cosiplftliili.kttt •sssMully aslwi rssUsnti at correct conclusions upon tbe matter. MA ismiKirirv sojearasr* |« tMiwI*'seoiicsa Our experiment stations wilt find this an leatUti^tjalaftH, Tk*rtUsmoertiMu»su««* Important matter to investigate. ot,e^i»»«»sa|ss ««H>alM , T ao Is** thta la' enfWtat *U'f *?t > r *AVPU«4; ^>U, m- ta^sU«as<eltl»>nil^«atlUtpol«t. 'M«*0Bly< (li ^.ISf.iSSL •«„-!«;„. „a„ a „ vruusiMrtUMeS 'Wiata- ^fwhM* t^ffnTmn^wiH giw uch J ||u|b7*aii ¥f}, to the .gjre'aA probk«,:»oh The Olrl who Teuuhes Sound health is a''prime necossity for any worker in tho world, no mutter what tho line of work may bo, but it becomos of tho greatest importance if tho world is to he curried on in the Bchool-rooin, writes by digging deep wells,'und then it is" Caroline U. La ltow, in Soptembor Ladies' too pure. Homo Journal. There not only the pbysi- cal, but tho norvous and mental forces "Our party, t'ne biological Burvoy of the are taxed to thoir utmost. Tho young United States government, has been in graduate bus hitherto gone to school the valloy for months, It left there only to sit comfortably at hor desk; to a fow days ago, having finished its invost- use her voice but little; to. have constant tigutiou, Tbe general purpose of the variety in hor work; to enjoy' hor recess department of agriculture, under which with perfect freedom and in congenial we work, is to collect facts relating to the companionship. As a teacher she goes to distribution of speoies with variations of school to stand upon her feet all day long; temperature ' und humidity throughout to use hor yoice incessantly, porhups, too, Iho United States, and particularly In the in a large room filled with the tumults of western part. Tho results obtained will the street; to keep noisy, und,'very likely be of the utmost • value to agricultural, rebellious und disobedient children not for thoy will aave millions of dollars spent only quiet, but interested, and to spend in experiment by farmers who wish to test the recess^in care of them in the hulls and the capacity and character of their land, the yurds. Besides this she is to stiaiu- Wo have found that in certain zones cer- late their brains, and a.oertoin auiouut of tain flora nnd funna flourish. Each zone time—usuully prescribed by a lioard ot bos its peculiar species which will not educution, the members of which know Hourish in others. These zones are both little of the capacity and possibilities of horizontal und vertical. Tho party chose tbe youthful mind—is allotted her, in tho dissolute rogjon of Death valloy jor its which she must, somehow or other, succeed labors for from it, and not far distant, in teaohing them a certain number of facts —no allowance being made for the B 1 OW< ness, stupidity, or disorder,,which increases the friction of the work and delays the doing, no mater bow complete the educa lion, or how en.tbUBia.stio,: the spirit, the power for physical,endurance U absolutely necessary, 1 ' Bleep. l'heUouw Msljtfr. Up to the fifteenth, year, most young peo. hours' sleepT and till the can betiaced the soven zones we have established. Tho valley, notwithstanding its barren elements htuf many. phases ot life. It has SO or 40 speoies of animals and fully as many of vegetable growth. Nothing of course, will live on the.salt or borax bottoms, but on the edges of these districts various hardy plants thrive. In" the 'sand wastes are gophers mice, rats, bats and. many other animals, and .not,...a- few replileB, Many tbaorios have, bwn ,ad-. vanced to account for the formation of Ocuth valley. I think it quite'probable that it was once the sink of the Majove pie require ten twentieth year nine hours. After that . . age every one finds out' how mtich he or river,, Qur trip has been an interesting she requires, though, as : a> general rule, one. One of my lidos uj traoing the at least six or^eight hours are necessary, 'eoorseol the sub-Sonoran zone, a region Eight."houjni'i sleep wilt* prevent- more similar to the Mexican state of Sonorawas neivqus. ( women that any 1,700 miles in leugU^^h^whj^were in 'ifthe'brain'ist*' 'BtU(pyVt»^nrtn>»TOt, 1»6taniit] and in ray -I muttbfigmplehleepil 'if 1 theunt'ii 'iiirj-i («Hr» umnumi, wwuin, « M <» »i develop to its fullest »irtent> l ''i)nd'the'more1o )piqlDn>Htbe : <b «st Rapper' in the-world;...'.. > ^n ^^lawrf ^ragj, -rf-v. FriU»fio9

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