Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1927
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CdMPj-. . The Weekly Resfster. Establlshied 1SS7. The Iiila Dally Hegister. EstabllHhed 1S97. lOLA. KAN.] TUESDAY EVElfING, FEBRUARY 8, 1927. EIGHT PAGES MARMAGE^ FOR STAT Bill Is Killed Today by t^e Senate'Cpinmittee on Tempera nice • and Hygie^ j^Vote Is^ to 2. Topeka, Kart bkck; cpmmitt the bill wfth tiVie that it lie not Two mpinlierH •kill thi with Feb. 8. (AF). bill » • • « • TODAY I\ TWEKA The eugenics marriage wa.s killed in the'senate tei|n- perance|and hfgiene committee thisjaftefroon and tn< House"; debates primary • election revision hill. |\uiisas Beekeeper Assofiu- * lion meets. • KiigenicH ;niarriage bill re- • mains in .senate committee. * (jovenior rtceives ^appro- *• priatioii WJIH from legisla- * tiire. • * CANTONESEf voted to return it' and the, other, twi ded to repdrt Lo the .senate K :ofnhiendatii>n ])aased. of tlie coinniit ec ineOHure, one to recomniendat on <»"'to return it r -c- bnimendiid favorably, the chalrnan 'Of the fbminittee an execlutive seH ^ion. The <iobiniitlee victory ifor Han ( the uei^iite of thti ed the (liQuse wit^i and itsjeliaL'tmeni has woul«j have ri .sician'.s certificai nesa of (jvery pej a. inart^iage licen I'niess a niinqi it}' report i.s tor Morton .of ( miftee ehairiuan expert ar niinorit announeed ' afl uctioil was [upid; ' Pa.s.sage jliy ;bill which paHs- hiit little debate as a law of Kdn- |e <!esKiiated a pliy- of physical ^it|-son, applying for e iij the .siBtel .er le,. fi|ed from the, conmiit not be-given. a ell for?, the '.senate iikir <lebate. Seija- fe. the bill Wfill incp to come lay .('enter, cobn- jsaid he did report.. 6ot SEyERAL (JARS OF LIMESTONE BOUGriT Deiijanid for stone Sias beconi past \<eek, 'and ar» being made ("jrlvle. J.aHarpj trldfs. I ' I'hi.s Ifmestone the seeding of clover. As soon weather 'permits,! secured and appUed, so that be available for doveriand alfaltil de.'ifrlilK . ilimestiine ithLt ch with the should gi't in tot Bureau ijfflcet During: the ye ir 1!)20, ISflj pf llme.stbije were used in county showing in liming and seeding. MEN AND gricultural linie- brisK_during ^he jar onlers of lltne !ip it? the Genei-a, and Moran (Hs- will he^ used Ifalfa and swH 't as the roai the lime will the new later on. s a: t Will in HOUSE OPENS DEBATE OVER PRIMARY LAW House Rushes Through Its''Regular Business To Open Discussion On Repeal of Statute. Topeka. Kan., fell. S. (.VP) — lliiving' repeiiletl the twenty-.vear- ofd unti-cigaVetle Jaw. ij^e legi.slature today sal in I judgment on another j ^iattite enacted two decades ago- th)-' law which estab- •liiihed the direct primary election system In this state. Laier.^^prob^ ably this week it will give a iiearr ing to the bank deposit^ guaranty Jaw. hisloi-.v also' purallels that of the unti-<igaiette legisla- ti"on. '..< • 'As in llie case of the hill repealing tnt'! anii-cigaietle law. the .br ropresenlatives is the "court of original jurisdioiioii" for tlie primary "trial." The house: hurried tltrough' its regular ordei^ of business lo ^lake lip the primary bill at 2 oVIocIJ this afternoon us a special order of business. The. bill, preparfcd by the elections ,committe« of vvhich Jtepiv- sentatlv^ Tillotson of Norton couu- |ty is chairman, would retain tlte priinarj" plan for nominating party 'candidates for goyernor. United Manchurian Dictator in a Promise jThat Foreign R^sidMs of Realm Will B^ Protected By Northerns.' — • i Peking. Feb. k (AP) — jwarshal Chang Tso-Un^; Manchurian dictator .and generaliHsimd of the arinr les whiirh are supporting tlie Tan- tonese.j mado.-ir bid for tl^e favor of foreign pft'wtirs today when on behalf !of the \ ^Northern • jmllita^y forces |ie issued a stateinei^t pledg- ng iirOtectlonMif all foreigii llveH and prpiierly In the realm of the I'eklngj government. .Marshal ChauK promispd the Pe kiiifl: government would i laintuin its crejlit obligalion.'t but warned tha( "We e.xptjct the powers to respect r Our public opinion ind sov- erelgii lights I so that the' C'hlneRe iiiay be freed of fear of poHsible invasion front the outsidi while the po ^vers niay be freed off. apprehension over 'anti-foreign ments.j . The I Northern generalistjimo declared! his military forced wore operating only ligainht bo shevlsm and fliat "there in room f6r nego- liationM for all other cxc^ipt shevists." ! lie outlined an extensive] tic prOKiam of national preservation of national s liRhts .i resloraticm of ordei sion of I education . facilities and plans for the co -operation of capita) anil lalior, . F^xteii.slon of communication facilities and plans for jitdicia!l reform also were included. Legislature m Move Create Fum for Pa ' Soldiers Bonus Topeka, l^anf Feb. 8. (AP)—[Further steps to pay pending soldiers boniis claims were taken today when the house ways and means committee introduced a bill s ppropriating $75,000 fb^ interest on soldier bonus bonds which the state compensation board is empowered! to issue at it t discretion. ntove- holr idealls- ^efornis, i)vereign exten- SIIAIMIW OF WAK «0I> JIIAS RKCKDKD FRO.H i>(ffA\f;HAI Shanghai, Feb. 8. <AP» - The .shadow of the war K^d receded somewhat from Shanghai |nday na States senators, representatives injUiPfity received reports that the congress, attorney general, iheiu-!<'anl« army had been I turned bets of the legislature, di.strict!back Iiy defending forces uhder the judges "and county and township j Northern general Pal Pbo-Shan. otUcers. . li would revive party j ami was left, in retreat .some 200 Railroads will be required to equip trainman with electric hand lanterns if the- legislature accepts a law offered by Gilmore of Wyandotte comjiy. A (blow af 'ioau .sharks' was aimed by Vrnoii of Pawnee coun- \y. A'erndn introduced a hill for ifcensing persons eigaged in lending-money in Slims yf $300 or less and at a rate of intjereat exceeding i« per (!ent. Taxation of land iccording to its jiroihtctivity wa« iiiopo.ied b.v Tut' tie of Wilson conn . U'ontinued on P:lge 3, .No: 2.) KANSAS TAX ON INCOMES IN NEW BILL Measure G|veit Senate by Coiftmittee Has Parts Of Tvo Bills Given The Legislature in This Session. ; •so eople iiprtag Fa^m AI the great inter fsl Ifalfa and cl'> 'er BOYS WILL BANQUET About 1 .10 are . atteii (hLnc«> at lli|(i H()>'s bani(|uet church tbnight being sponsor" ship cla.s» of boys a re, to J)e men. A full pn ranged iiidudin taihmenf.. stunt • lulling with a Sowerby -of, the Dinner will'be tlie Presbyterian The banquet is by the Fell iw- e church and (he the guests, of the: gram has beeniar- t musical 'enter- MAN IN RhRF. TS CHASEI Altfiough noli ; rily all ovef thj .'last night. Ithe-| is still at large' trolmen. who t Ml at they, had barn. Jnyc-rtig:! ed to di.icloae ported. Ii.irking jaroiind an lola hpnie. Po ice amieared aij home and began expi»ct<?il to 1 K' annual .Men toasts land address by Baptist chii on- Dr. •ch. erved at C oVI6ck, BY POLI ;E enien (jhased iner- east ?ide of b!ack>-robed te; Last-night he spotted and chased by several longht for awl liim cornered ion, however, him. He was the chag^. [Ola ror [was pa- hile n a riiil- re- Lside the AL HECM AT a OF C. MEET Al Herox, cohimisslpner on lie utili meeting merce V TO TALK ios. wi of th (4 'ednesii 1 address the Tax noilar Goes and What Owns ln.;Publii ITtillties." The meeting will he irt the room at ihe Kelley hotel. |puh- iinon Chamber of Coin- lay on "Where yoiii^ lola grill cou.yyutions f<ir nominating candidates for justices of the siijireme.' jou'rt. fieutenaiil governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, state auditor, state' . Huporinlendent of public in.struction, stale st'iperin- tendenl of insurance, state printer and presidential electoni. ' C{liti4 -U.aii T>l }^lN)U. tfl-'vWiJliiii' ing the bill to the house committee of the whole this afternoon, pointed out thiit "tills is Hol an attempt to i*peal the primary law.' "Kather it Is a bill lo strengthen the primary." he'uddetl.' Tlie purpose of the iiiea.surc, he went on. is to make political (larties more re- Hponslble for the coiidiK 't of government. .Mr. Tlllot.son called attoiitlon lo a ]irovision for the preservation of present laws permitting independent candidates to riiii for otilce. Hostilities started Iinmi^dlately Tillotsoii completed • his explanatory remarks. I'lumnu r of .leflerson <-oiinty, moved that the bill' be killed. -McCuKlii of Moutgoipfrv county was ihi- first to ger the.yiior in the riebatc. He spoke for the bill, saying few voters can cast I allots intelligently on candidates for state offices .below governor ; nd attorney general. Jackson of Bourbon county as- soricd the bill ^V'* " 'ake away a ijarl of the primary at this session of till- IcKislaturfj and the other part at the ne.x't session. "The less the people-nave to do witji tlie nominating of public of- fici|a!.«. the more selfish t le government becooies," .lackson said. "The farther the people are removed frojn government, the niore indif- ferpnt they become to corruption." CENTRAL MARKET miles nw'a.v. qHECK FORGER ! IN HUMBOLDT Humboldt. Feb. S.- (Special) — What iKilice believe was a. cJeverly plbiiiii ><i for|;ery scheme..was iier- petrated Suiiday night on Ihe Texaco fflJing ilalion here. A man who gave his name as Frank Heed,! purchased a i;aUon of oil from the'station and presented a chet-k for |S,,';« on C. W. jAVorks. » farmer living west of Hnmboldt. Heed said lie worked lor NVorks. Kny Myers, after accepting the Icheck, attetiipfefr to call i Works, bu' was unaliie to do so. .Kn Invps- tigatiou Monday disclosed | that the ti lephoiie wire at tlie Woi[ks home had bei'h <"tit., Works denjied sigii- iiig the cherlf. and no trace has" been ioiiiid of Heed. I '' ' COW TESTER GOES TO MANHATTAN Topeka; Kau.s., Feb.. 8. JAP)— .'\nother proposed state income tax was presented to the Kansas seii- ate to<lay by the committee ?on a-s- se.s.sment and taxation. It '<-mbo<|- led. features contained in income tax hills Bnhmitted by (iubrielson of .Moutr6se and Belireus of Lyn- djou. The committee proposal, to which Senator Oejty of Kansjis City notified he would file a minority re- jKirt would assess one. per cent uiiiiuaily'oii the first $1,000 net income. Two per cent would, be charged rin the second $1,000; three per cent (in the third $1,000, four per cent oil the. f<nirth $1,000. five per cent on the fifth.$1,000 and six per cent on all net Income in excess of $5,<J00. " Single persons or married Individuals not living with their hiis- band or wife would be aIl'owe<I $l.uOO exemption. Heads of familiqa would be allowed |2.000 exemptiori and $.'iO0 additional for each dependent child under 18 years of age. Kxeihption could also Uc claimed for.dependent children lip t<> 21 years of age jyi\u> were attending school. The tax woulil be imposeii on both resident and nfm-resident fi- diiciai'ie.'j adnilnisicriiig income col- lectcl in Kansas. LABE'H'E COUNTY i'ROBE STARTED COOLID LISBON IS IN f EN REVOLT W REPORT Philippine Ii dependence i Plebiscite JViist Wait Until Presi Itnt Has Conference! With Gen. y\ and ernriie Disblsiti^ to.Newspaper at{ Buenos Ayres feays Capital City of Portugal Now Armed Camp. Buenos AlrlL 's. Feb. S. (kp)— Us; bo 'n !i! descri led'as aji arniej camij in open levolt against the gov It of 'rtisident Ci rnona, in a'd'isiatcli tn La .\aciot< from It coi;rjes ^ond'en : In the -Monday. dateil down Willi the repijblucan g iWasliington. K Coolidge will delay present on the resolution calling for an independen 'e plebiscite in the Philippines. II) wants to confer with Governojr-Ceiieral Wood iefore he act.s. It is the understd General Wood wilt ington on leave as health permit.s, an then will be taken - ^ Mce between the general anil Pres- dtnt Coolidge. 'pa .ssed by the iaiture over General th,e plebiscite reso ndihg here that come to! Wash- soon as his I tile qiiestion up at a confer- ^•hilippinc legia- Wood'k .veto, ution has been forwarded to Washington, jit will git into effect, and the pl^ibiscite jwfll be held, urilesjs Mr. Coolidge likewise vetoes It. iShould General \yood"'be pire.vent- this liouiitry time. President ed from coming t6 Within a rea.sonabl( Coolidge is prepan-d to act on bis 8.—President action for the own, relying niecel uikd letters of the general which in way-give u (general WE MAtter. I ! Various inquirie!] House to explain sialements regardii pines-made by Carini A. Thomiisoii ill recent speeehes| representations of tlonrs Philippine jTliompson's views Ibis Philippine rep< rt to the presi- dttiit ar^ in very c ose accord wltli tlie views of the p-esident liiinself. Y on* the reports his views on the i at' the I Whitej - J J that although fKnT""- ig the Philip-i'u'i'Hao- m.| and: o| iiien't, dictitt abd ies tiii cityf ^Jt the guverniinjnt. The move which is directed against l:h rsliip. gaiiufil 'great i.mpetu lllis eve ling the revolutionarj in c< mjilete control of tlh Ifoun^ tiie capital of.Portuj into an armed caiiiii illed or' wouncied. edro Square may ih( gal ydnvertei the [di l)ar<lu early day the! The notliit tioii it "frii! the' g da>«) thej in wa vol her being Uoni many seen sOhye appeu' popil of jlol aiidj 'I VTh istel- wluirelil^outs s ani| a nee i ce wii ivn,- witjii" )iig liv foixi f iintei 'ortuguesf JHe say dictator constiiu streets. ing live the card on the [o'clock,this (.Monday coiTcsiiondent re siderable pa/l of ill |iurd, police, marine rmy units revollei) !1' )»AY IN WASHIWTO.V Radio and farm relief are Considered by the senate. ' 1 louse , imniigrutiou coin- mi ;te.e ' studies the .national of gins bill. I I dus'jle; Shoals bids are un- de- consideration of tlie hojiise mil 'tary conmiitlee..^ • » « »" • » RM RELIEF .OWDEN 0. Telegram Today Gi\j Suppolrt to McNary- Haugen Bill To utomobile patrols inanned bV bluejackets. Th'ei ibeing greeted by th enlhiisiaklic should' the dii-tatorship the constitution!' n wiini .-UM- and miiJ- or are prifoners. _ ,Tlil; if ^leneral Carniona. tatpr. is iinkmiwh. The IMHU- |ent was intense /during tbU fternijjon. At, this time t.Mori- es Th voile Ki sell coiii^ dow of Low( activ fee II gen Bei Debated |in Senate Soon. \)»-ashiiigton, Feb^ «, (Ai'i seniate todaj agreed t not' later than 4 oVIoc|i lay oil the .Mc.\ary-Hlii furiiii relief bil). | shingtlim, Feb. ji. (API—\|ith •ess aiiproaching iti third ."yint on the equuliZaiion fee ijlau ding I agriculture. I PYai^^k O. en.; of! Illinois, t )day added his ? .siipi^ori to 'the equalizaliion rovisions of the .Mc.Nary-lfau- '»'• -i: ' . a telegram to farm leaders Illi)ioi.s • goverpor for ihe Mc- de- RfADpN TO KANSAS Bill jlntrodu cedi in House. Would Brinij Radical |Chang!es i i] State Highway $odyts . Operat dns. H —A Tobeka,-Kan., I()ill to revi.- zatiofi of the s comr ijission and flexi i\& the fu road toda; cbun Heb. 8. (A?). ej ifhe organi- : ajte J highway tt) make more I itis ut^ed in juilding, \\\x^ introduced by Mackl . The memlier.ship; AVOI bon b; only are notollicial the administra- polic.v, Mr. as expresscil in COLD SPEL. ON WAY TO KANSAS DOOR FOUND OPEN Fred Dunlap, Colony, aiid W. E. Schauli.s. Allen county row te.ster, c .T ^¥:»rt"T7rAVT^Drrr left todav for Manhattan where SEED LQAN BILL they will attend the Fflrm and. IN ^KNATE Home week program this week. ifASHKj^ ISS 7iK,I\Al1^ j,Mr. nunlap is one of the thirteen i members of the Allen Cojinty Cow Testing A.s .sDjiation. who] will re­ ceive'certificates of'honor at A^an- 1'ar .sonM, Kan., Feb. .8. (AP)—L. M. Kesler,'Pittsburg*-Kans., assist- tunt attorney Ki -neral, arrived here today and Is beginning an investi- galloo into the pa .st activities of the. Labcite county cimimi .HsiOners. ]j Kansas City, Fe The first; pan of the investigation :<'<ild spell is in will deal with road contraffs I ^IH i niation in the .Mr. Hesler announced no Ihformu-jwill take the mer<|ury down to 10 tion would J)e. given out until the l«r 12 degrees ubovji! zero fohiorrow state had completed its work.'' th M hattan for; having hertrs which averaged above 300 pounds of bit- terfat per ctiw last year.j ed today iby ^'tnorning, the local jsaid today. The Iniurrow is genera weather. • VThe cold will no! alioii, however, at d probably will Washingtoii, Feb. 8, (API — The J weaken by fhursijay. .No preci^i- $8,600,01)0 seed loan bill was pass- the senate with NEW MILLINERY STORE STARTED What is thought to liiive.lieen a robherv attempt occurred at the Ohtrai Market last night. The door of the niarkcti was found opA^i this morning, altliongh em­ ployes are jerlain it wa.s closed last t^ight. .\s vet, nothing has been found niLssiiiK. Kmplcb'es of the Ig wa.s.. pn- slorc believe the buildi tered but that the woijld-be thief was frightened away. LIBERAL FORCES REPORTED TO iMHOISTi) WHITE FLAC IN . ilfllNANDEGi NICARAGUA TODAY Heported Su -render of Fdrces Which Captured Town Sunday iH Said (o Have FoHiwed Itombing Attack By!Two Airplane; M^nnaguh, Nicaiagua with liombs and m» chine Uhe Cdn.serv itive army o which capttired the town lo havle hoiflted the whit< I Conservatlvi -i i h offlciala the belief thW the LlberaU of Conservatives. exp. Feb. 8. (AP)—After an ajr attack gun.s hy two air|)hine.s al tached to Pre.sident Diaz, the I.,iberal forces !of Chinandega Sunday ai e i;ej)orted flag. : \ Tlje rej! ort was brought back by Wm. Brook.s, h iiative of New OHean who w ith liee Ma.son carried out the fair raid, in coordination with an advance'by the Conservat ve troop.s reinforcements ^ent from ft^anagua Sunday night. Brooks sad the Consei'vative^- troops entere I the fovn.r parts o^| whicli vjere s ill smoullerlng from the lire- whic I ; destrojjed a large area. Mrs. Kdlth .McLain of Higgins- villej. Mo., has leased the Sifers building formerly occupied by the VarijCty storcj and will open a mil-- linery store. Equipmen for the store arrived this morfling. BORAH i >LEDGEiS to MAKE LIQUOR ISSUE Washington; Feb. 8. (API—In a letter to Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler. Senator Borah, Ffepublican, Idaho, a dry leader of tjie senate, agreed today to coojierate in bringing 'the prphlbitloni Issue before the iiext llepubllcaai convention. The letlei; was in re|ily to an addt-ess by Dr. Biltler, who predicted that no candidate for.presi­ dent. ciiiiKI be elected onlesa he was i)ppu.seil to prohibition. "I af^ree with yon lierfectly.lha't we should not dodge this. Issue," said San tor Borah. "I shall contribute In every way I ciin to force the issue; to a filial cotv the next Convention. I<»I;A 4-II iXXYl TO BE KKOKCiAMXKU luslon in rr<iMniiT The loin ^-.M CommiioKy club will meet; tonight at. th^ Lincoln sclio(>l for - reorganization. This cliih achieved state and national lumors last year throug|i its Jndg- in^.uiid demonstration teams. ^ Wm. Oijeher was president and John Wilson secretary of the club last yeiir.; ; J j provision for cotton farmers as well as northwestern grain growers. tation for this tertjitory is forecast. South of Mi.s.soiiri skies are geflerallv cloudy,' with a light rain in some [). 8. (AP) — A process of for- Idle West and .weather; bureau forecast ; for to- ly fair but cold he of long dur- DA antl's ated tli liajt- light to I be gettin th;i •iiingii lliiM -i? can lie bean • of iilacliiiiu giins." corr(|spondenl j adds ; is known as to the situa- Oporijo, bufcoriiinents: official anjiou'nceinent ivernment ytiterday, (Suii- )f the imminent collapse Of ovemei it .in Oporto, was- a maiieiiver lo stave off the uprisirjg symiiathizers wli for the signal to rt- VELERS TERM SITUATION iGRAVEJ "whdlly misses the iatioii we have been Pr. qDoted to tlie terd^y Ciirt s, of ^Kansas, the Republican Paris?, Fei. 8. (AP)'—.Travelers frcm Portngjal, says a:dispatch^o tht .1 ournal from the r Portuguese ribe the present rcvt- venieut as the gravest .•siijce the f;i|l , of the inonarclik-. TI «<!S< travel ;rs fully confirmed af- coiijit^ i.r h»avy fighting in Opor at when they left Suh- iiii)> situation worse. appear JGHERTY CASE [S OPENED TODAV . Fe. Ft-b. -M.j U| era I sWor sketc orten ,eral ( jji. (AI iniglier iVho St to ^ led to Attoijney K ng aih and Kansas the places. Vivid Word PictiLfk of A braharn Lincdln s Life Painted by Dr. By.rdtck For the first time, in the 13'yeans of existence, the Current Topics club listened last night to an ati dress on Abraham liihcoln, and the impression made wa.s .so itrong the;general feeling was that the precedent now .set ' " • ' forth be followed, so that eivery year the clul minded again of the character, qualities and immortal emancipator. The address, last night was giveii 'f* tefing tlj nearby towi s. probably would rieturn in tl\e next day or .so to continue bati e. Hy this time. If was said.'furtner Conserv- ij-essed ! atlve ri-inforcements wfere expected scat-1 to be on the scene. .STAK VAI.I.RtTLI'B BIO MEETING TODAY Mrs. F^Iorence Syrertld attended a meeting of the Star Valley women's Farm Bureau cli|b this afternoon. jThe subject uofder discusr Blon was clothiog. by Dr. William «... Burdick. vlce- chancellbr of Kansas university, who has; been admirer o( Lincoln and who has made a careful and exhaustive study of Lincoln's life, of his work a.i a lawyer and his record as a statesman and president. He has visited all the places intimately associaleil with the life of Lincoln: the little log Cabin, in whicJi lie was Ixiru In Kenlii<ky now housed by a magnificent ; marble temple ertiv'ted I by Ihe nation: the old Llncolnjfarm Ini Indiana, to whIcJi the family moved, froni Kentucky and where ihej mother of Lincoln died: the yil-j lage of i .New Salem In Illinoi.^. where'the state has reconstruijted as they existed at the time of Lincoln's residence there the tweity- odd log houses that constituted the vtllag»^100 yeafs ago. He has visited tnany times the city of Springfield atid' Interviewed tnen who wer^ iniiinately acquainted with.LiiicoIn and told him unprlnt- ed stories characteristic of his habits of life, of his manner of practicing jlaw and various other things pi absorbing interest IpUj- l:erning: him. . He has read wUn studiouj care all of Lincoln's published letters and addresses jand : ' • » I • should '• hencewould: be re- Iservice.s of, the all the books tha ten about him. It was out of knowledge and obtained that O last night to arj filled the kelley piicity and whic greatest interest Speaking as he ency and ease ol tor and maklnjc when an argiime the water-tight trained in tho l.i made an addre^'is be satisfactorily Iiave been writ- the wealth of information thus Burdick spoke audience which irlll Koom to ca- hiing with the upoji his words, oos w|th the flii- a pracilecd ora- hjs argument kit is neediil with ogle of a man [w. Dr. Ilurdick which could only rejiorteil by a long remain a pi Ihe minds of all That a man o| Dau^ierty form i 'W sa^d. r aliei; |e will that eri c<4mmitt G^rnl ndgo| w^s teem] tl^ prop! iiii't. .New Vork. .V. » -.A picture of l|aijry y as an attorney, gtijn- loped to graft 'wh force the law.; w { ay by • I'liited Statjes oiy It. Huckiier in I) is resK at the trial nd Thomas W. .Mill property custodian show you." Biicki KIIKG WINTER HAS i ROCKIES IN GR an. wlj iated Repuj tin lint [•eturn rty. W. Sniith. who lit- In here the fdrmei expressed his "I'avoy Nary Huugen measiirej' and darel 'the |;C'urtis-Ci|isp! substitute, by onittitigi the equalization viously .Mr. Lo .Wden liad been in 'the hops t;uptis-Crisp ouei of its^authoirs. Senii [point of lei advocating fee is- y ak bill. favorable anil- yes- tor fl6or leader, told the i;enate ni|eaMire was aconposite pro( bi^ed on the views of Lowdea and o^lfti learlers of I'arin organjza- tii >iis |T 1 II » former governorfs telegram wafi iiade public at the [capital as| "tl e senate was "going into second day of debate on the.M?- Naryj-Haugeii bill, with a pro.spect- the uct ust its has bills _ thfojvn its full forcle against tJtem, but piisu priisj A of a vote before the end ' of the weeP. and.: while jhout=e leac ers were lining up to ijegiif liouse jde- baie on the bill toinontow. Twic^ "be t: bejore, in different rorn |8. congtess the >jtate road p«>Ject«kJ Mc.Naiy-HuKgei) f^rin couiijiies. after; the administration |liad ( A]^ county'whi ed f|-i)m thiree bers - -one f rom siona dfstrlct. .sion |i 's would bd the {governor f ternii ed cii the road i ,A s'tate direqtjor vided for in tlie woult be "a practiij A-<:iuitien solely f<^r .specdve of politic ;of iHarvey? qomnlission's Id be iiicreas- t )!eigWtj mem- eiich congres- The ctimmis- ippbinted by two year filiatinn.s.': .Jijis sU exc ^lf 15 .000 a yci t to reirioval] jof the conin subji" VOtl!: tinii;'.' Th( woii'ld state ; higi; appoint the 1 )r Non^ copjd be tengag- , rectly or manufadtu ihdireC|tly in or i$ale of building mjiiierialisl 0^ roadsl is pro- klick- bi^L Ha business man fitness, irre- libe ief^ or Hilary could not He .would be by a majority Hion : at any Way felate director highway engjnjeeri s ildry would be limitijd to J-t„iO(!) aj i|ear. i [The. dl- cliarge • of the^ iighwjjy.. com- would have! of the slat rect o afl'aii uiis ;i in in the san e jway as a b ^iB- i^e^ s manager rui s ja business organ zitioii. T) make more of i.e .Mack funi comhl appi his time oppoiijentSjOf the jiro- ' are not so saiiguipe overjthe'j i >ect. iilge jlirediction that would veto tilt ator Pre bil Jiident Cbol- if it cjime to hliii was iiiade yiister lay by Seu- Kess. IMMIGRATION iishington, Feb. 8. yeari men The DELAY IS SOUGHT ACT •W; peal ion apprjoved today by: the! of the national origin prdvi.s- |of Ihe immigration act .Iwas hoy He !im- lalion M-iminiiltue. e coiiiiiiittee cirdered reported (AP)-4 Re- would creat of $400.(M(0 ission would fl4xii )le Ithe ysa .enue from tjh^ gasoline tax. a "couDty. fi 'tB : •The highway li^ve pojwer to lition this furd (to cdtmties to ised to close japs o'r uoihplete n il|age : ijn such hjhas completed' sfatie roadi sysjtem- it.* il >tirt,of the won ill get $300 a nije fof inalnten-, ancei. Ail unexptnded aiiportion- menl!< to such cojui^ies would revert ilto the count Citjes wlioiie stil St ret.v traff Sti e'ets are parts of fystem would lo to ik^ep the s in good cokiditifJn !for'motor the l^tate liighwa receive I2.W; a m liiKhways niigij Tl a i .si ^ate resDlution; to jdefer fpr a the placing in effect of pro\'jision. together witlj an amfend- proppsing its| oot/ight repeal. d suicide in Daiigh ty!s, IWashlHgton home, was ; ti agen in th! Inmsfer of $7.000,(JOO of ih '. asseti of the .Aiiierican Melal Company ^o ilichard MertonJ a o came over here and ith John T. King, itjho iilicap national comhjit- hedied la.^st June. or lot that . eneniy-owiletl r- i lHii(Ju of the immigrati ir>( frion Kin{ piaii Rioc y Mou feb. 8. (AP)—liagtog Ilo, A tl e ii to ill ing ri-pi nver. Canaila to Southern Colorai Winter today was doing so ne and fancy storming iir ~flie iitain area, cold .wbve reached down frbm ifs grill 30 poiijis east TH F Ml verbatim quotafldn and w'hich will asant memory In Jwho heard it. the prominence and abilily of llr. Rurdfck, _ttpon whose time ther» is insistent de.-. mand. should act-ept the invitation of the Current T jpics club was regarded by all t le members as a distinct complin ent and they left the visitor In ni.doubt 'of their warm appreclat on. There are a number of attor leys at law in lola who were students in the classes, ot Dr. Burdick at. the tinlversity and they weje especially glad to hear him and r new acquaintance with him as. be obviously was td: meet theia agah I A ^ali Han (ioo IJiirJ [Canadi in jirovinccs extend Ihe Dtikotas. and put nprlBiern tier of Montana counfiies Temperatures raiig- tegrt-es below zero w rtpil ffom I northern .Mont of the Rockies. Mre na >RKC.\biT FOB *A\SAS: rn- eil loi J rol mbljr show er fimightil F ir lola 48, (at .. It T a. p. m. I clou la. Wi as Cil WEATHER Ighl tiiid >Vedne«><la}. west.)iorlion; <-iild> nnif; Vtrtnlty; I 'Rveflled tonirlil an |l WediiPHdaj; eirfderj fo ifiuft. ' ; tnper :i |turer-'HiKliest yesterilay. iiiJ: lowest last nijght, n.; |ii')rmai for today I Slin riH»t<, 7 :20 a. ni. Kinds III d WeaHier ENewheHp. il.v except! Hulclilnfion, AT- iads hlfa, partl.v cloudy:unsettled; all ' ri excejilt Sallna, Ottawa, Torfeka Coff.yviUe, PlfLsbiirg ninUdy. els. mXHk BEE BUYS THE NEWS TODAY Jvejivs. by need II he tw<l iolfdated vo •ud >pc rated i ffmaha.LVebr.. Feb. .S. . (Alt')— chase I of The Omaha Daily the Omaha Bet> was|an- ere today. newspapers will be poUr iis soon as plans can be ked oit. probably during Febry. U^til that time they w-'ill be eparalely.. ? exis HC imendment would ing quota basik USE IS NOT INHERITANICE TAX leave regur in uponi the the FOR . Tjipeka,! Hans., irFebl. S. (AP)— The liduse reftcted today a rei^olu- 'tion memoralizing jCongresa "tij re- frai 1 from the taxaticn of .iriher- ^itanses and to reserve this 'solurce of evenue for the €:cclusive| use and benefit of the' sevjeral states." Thi resolution, previo)isly addpted by he senate defjeated iii the hoii(;e by a vote of 42 ]to 67.' M K iNOn [JSSOLINIINOT TO PROTECT AILBAIIJIA qenevaj Feb. 8] (AlP)—Premier in to ridi- it to Al- Mu the CDl eslL bariia". asjalieged by J solinl; in a cbminiiiiicatid League of Najtion| today, the; idea that ItJIly song ' te oveii Wish \ a.profectori NG iigo -SIaVia. FOUR DIE free fund.- would Ije divided ii{io two cIasHc<-iA andj B. The Cla.'^s A roails w iu |d include all bani surfaced ro: lis^: Class B all othiji surfaced r< aijs. T^ie state aid iioad fund wi iilil be. | divided: equa ly between ^h«j two! classes of St ite roads. ROM ting l.viri^ cott poiid tleil rknie, •^t-hii-hwa ASPHYXIATION Lnjs Angelas, Fi 'hj 8. (AP)-^The: deaths of two me i and two women; whfji^e bodies wt re] found in sit^l positions uj oil a coiich and upon the ' loior of ja sgiall go here tod lyj were! said by e to Iiave b« en cause,<l by as -^T phyjxiafion. ! . T]t e police, wl o at first ex-:; prepsed the belief the four] persons^ wer<s victids of wjson liquor dn» to the presence. I ear the bodies of emjAy liquor gla is^s^nd jtwq bot- rffported tlfa{ a( small gas Is jfonnd burning; had been' in tul| bperatioa mor» thain 48 hourS; SHIRLEY MASON TO IBE MARRIED TODAY I Li ley <1 II El )s Angeles. Fib- 8. (AP)—Shirr .Mason, iliminutive liliii actress; unminfed today (hat ishe would narrieil this a^empoh to' Sid-' Laiidfield, i toiion picture' dl- rec'tor. Tlie co ipje .obtained a mi^ifriage liere today. AT TILLS STAND (|N SlfUATtoN IN !TA_ PF PARLlilENT s He Deemed it Njeces.sary, lo Send Ac equate jI Vhina to Protect lltritishjSubject.s fkcdiise of ! Trouble in Hankow. - . Feb. 8. (AP)—Thb!t!hinl London, Feb. 8. (AP)—Thb |tlhir|I .ses.sioi of the present Btjitish parliament I elected in 192-tAvas (iperetl in] state by King George, with tirnefhonorejcl/' ceremony ?todi}. Huge crowds lined the .streets jto .sec'ftjne royal prt cdssiohJ' Queen .\rltrv accompanietl the king to Wrliament fcrlthe c^remo'ny.' The king'.*? speech-'opening isterial: statement—wa.s .unusualjly brief aiid ^as miainly devoted to tJie Chinkse prdblem. He explained that it had been<4 d« eihed'heees.sary to send ,toj China ai adequate forfe tc protect Britis I subjects, because Of )lii» hap- pijnings at Hankow aiid other pljices. hnt emphasized tlfat it was tisli fpeoiple- to ces. to (renew oi^r ireallea.- on an" ejquitable! basis Force to the .se.ssion--jM:t-ualiy a min- ar(d to place o iij ftiturfe relatWtia w^itli the Chinejejpeoplel on a fppt-j :iiig of ff iendshi)'jand good will." it'My relations ^it^b the forelgri i/wers continu ; to; be j friendly."] tijie king said. "liie Leajgue of Jfe-j / tioins has been stfength^ed and; a' I K Con tinned o i Page s' No. L) T ' 'II • • ^

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