Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
Page 6
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Whose "Farm Is The Mystery Farm? proper rates. """ Mixtures containing six to eight pounds alfalfa and six to -iglit pounds biomcgiass m< Two Iowa Holsteins Classified excellent i ogistered Holstein:; t'wo in ffu-ially elr. ssi- and fied "Excellent' •-• the highest top de.'sicnatifn attainable in the forage, type chrsification program of ill- The IIol> tein-Friesi.in AsKOcin- good for hoy production" Alfalfa Iowa have boon with 3 pounds oivhardgrass and fied "Excellent' •-• thr 5 pounds brome provides yields of high-quality Tlie orehnrdgra 's mixture is recommended for pasture, or tjon <if America Free copy of mystery Farm picture to owner For making identification The picture above was taken of a farm somewhere in Fayette county, in the vicinity of the town of Fayette. The mystery farm pictures are • series sponsored by the Fayi te Leader f;r the interest of its many reader.-.. If the owner of the farm pictured above will stop in at the Leader office he will receive free of charge a 5 x 7 glossy print of the picture. There is nothing to buy- All that is asked of the owner is a little information so that the farm picture may be identified for the public the following week. More responsibility For A.S.C. Committees In line witii ui forth by President his March Hi me- ,ag yress, Secretary of Orville 1. Fieeinan Iowa rates high in Watershed projects Iowa is among the top ten states in the nation in the development of "watershed in action" projects. Mendell reported. An inventory of watershed areas slaws over 200 watershed areas having problems of erosion damage, flood control, and water management problems upon which action is needed. Within these watersheds, 4 8 acres are in need of intensive treatment. Erosion damage reduction is needed on 1.6 million acres involving agricultural land on about 50,000 farms. Floodwater damage reduction is needed on 1.7 million acres and effects 32,000 farms. Intensive watefr- management involving drainage and irrigation is needed on 3.5 million acres involving 21,000 farms. .jec :;ves . <t Kennedy in c to the Cote A.^rieullui e has announced sii-p< to strengthen the f;i:n-.- er-coiiimitlec operation of national production-adjustment and price-support programs. According to Fred McLam. new chairman of the Iowa ASC Committee, amendments the secretary has made in the administrative regulations governing ASC county and community committees will have the following direct effects: 1. County and community AjSC election boards are eliminated and authority to conduct elections now is vested in ASC county committees; 2. Officers of general farm organizations now become eligible to serve as county ASC committeemen. 3. The authority to asMgn duties to ASC community committees is put in the hands of county ASC committees instead ol county office manager. In announcing the amended regulations, Secretary Freeman said: "Tile whole purpose in amending the administrative regulations is to return to ASC county committees important responsibilities which they are best qualified to discharge. Yet all the improvements we hope lor in farm program administration cannot be brought about by regulation—what we seek and must have is a change in the governing the administration of farm program-- ... "We intend to actively encourage all committees to assume their full responsibilities ... County committees will l -.e expected to determine policies and assume overall responsibility and managers will be expected to carry out tiiise policies and to supervise tiie clay-to-day operations of the county offices." Pointing out that the aim is to utilize the talent of committeemen fully in getting understanding of farm programs by farmers and the general public, the Secretary continued: "1: is our firm belief the ASC farmer -committee system is the most effective and economical method of operation if it operates as originally conceived under the enabling legislation. Wo intend to see that the committee system functions with full authori- 0 b ty and responsibility in the days .seedings during ThV year ahead.' to help control erosion problems You might use a mixture of 6 to 8 pounds of alfalfa and 5 pounds of orchardgrass where you have no serious en> ion problem. Ranger and Uulfaai alfalfa are the best varieties f"i' hay and pasture. Venial lor pasture only. 2. A,ip]y lime and feilili /i'i according to si il te.-t iccoinna 11 dations. If yuu don't have a soil test, your coun'y extension director can give you general recommendations. I'hosphoi u> is the nutrient most needed m all sections of Iowa. You may also need to apply potassium in some ..actions. 3. Place seed at proper depth in a well prepared seedbed Grass and legume seed should be placed one-fourth inch deep for best seeding emergence You may want to use a cultipacker to firm the seedbi I after seeding. 4. Innoculate the seed to insure successful establishment Several companies offer pre- innoctilated seed which apparently provides satisfactory results. However, the time -tested method requires applying innoc- ulation to the seed on the farm just before planting. It is hard to beat. 5. Manage the companion crop to eliminate competition for the seeding. Oats as a companion crop provide excellent competition for weeds. Be sine, however, that the oats don 't compete with the legumes. If you are planting trefoil, don't sow more than one bushel of oats per acre in a trefoil seeding. Then graze the oats after they are six inches high. You can sow two to three bushels of oats per acre when the seeding is alfalfa or clover mixtures. C. Control weeds and insects. Proper tillage of the soil before making a new seeding is your best bet for satisfactory weed control. It may also pay you to clip oat stubble following the harvest operation. This will eliminate weeds which encroached early in the season. 7. Manage your grazing for long stand life. You may get some grazing from your pasture of es- They are: Bornico Ollie Distinction 4593155, cow, owned by I. P. Stewart, Maynard, scored f"> points and Sko'iic G Creation Ciown 12UWJ05, bull, owned by Triuna Farms, Oelwein. scored peints. Both animals were ; orcd "Excellent" for the first time dining a recent classification of these herds by R E. St: ickler of Io!a, Kansas, an official inspector on the staff of the national Holstein organiza ticn. Animals scored "Excellent" in previous programs are not included in this lis'ing. This highly-coveted designation i; applied only to animals taring 90 or more of the 100 points representing theoretical p if ; lion in body conformation. Of nearly 5(1,000 registered Hob teins officially classified for type last year, only 309 were ; a lei I "Excellent". The classification program — in continuous operation since 1929 -- provides a universally- recognized method of comparing the conformation of living animals with that of the true-type Holstein cow or bull. Participating is currently at an all-time high level. Water softener will *" Remove iron from well Small quantities of iron can be reiii \ed from your farm well wafer by a water softener, says Agricultural Engineer Ted Willrich of Iowa State University. Cut if the water tests above 5 parts of iron per million, an oxidizing inn filter, or chlorination -filtration, may be necessary. This is not uncommon, Willrieh in Vwa water varies from a ti-"ce adds, because the amount of iron to more than 30 parts of iron per nr II ion parts of water. And even in a relatively iron- free veil, ';iron bacteria" may fee:! • 11 dls.-olved iron. Multiply­ ing rapidly, they ck>g pipes, stop pumps ana stain-dauibaj. Willrieh says it's g<&d insurance against these pesta to batch chlorinate a new well or an old one whenever it's opened for servicing. Once the iron bacteria get in, they are difficult to kill. Sometimes a good chlorinalion can i;top them. If that doesn't work, Willrieh advises a continuous chlorination program. This will kill the i:>.n bacteria, keep pipes unclogged and eliminate other bacteria. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS FOR SURPRISING RESULTS TRY LEADER WANT ADS HEY YOU BOWLERS Inquire About Our SUMMER BOWLING Free Instructions All Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome SEE OUR SELECTION OF — Bowling Balls —Bowling Shoes —Bowling Bags Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangle — 8 ALLEYS — LILAC LANES Automatic Pinsetters West Union, Iowa 7 steps to better Seedings for forage Fayette county farmers can assure themselves of better forage seedings if they follow seven rules says M. C. Wangsness, county extension director. He says that Dwayne Rohweder, extension agronomist at Iowa State University says these are the rules: 1. Obtain the best varieties available to meet the needs of spirit your farm and seed them at the tabllshment. However, allow all legumes a "rest period" of four to six weeks in the late fall to build up root reserves and prepare for the winter. If you plan to keep the seeding for several years, topdress with 30 to 40 pounds of phosphorus per acre every two years- YES, DEAR, I'LL CHECK ON THE NEW FURNACE Don't Forget - - Natural Gas Is Coming To Fayette! We Have Had More Than 25 Years . Business. We Will Be Happy To Make Free Estimates For You On Any Type Of Furnace Installation Or Conversion. E. H. CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 77 — Fayette, Iowa Experience In The Furnace FAYETTE'S NEWEST AND COMPLETE GARDEN CENTER Featuring tipb tine products for lawn A garden Pre • Emergence Crabgrass Control # Lawn and Plant Food • Garden and Vegetable Dusts £ Insecticide Dusts and Sprays • Fruit Tree Sprays • Rose and Floral Dusts • Lawn Grasses and Bulk Mixtures • Vegetables and Flower Seeds 9 Garden Accessories RENTAL SPREADERS and SEEDERS FREE FLOWER SEEDS WITH EVERY PURCHASE INTBpCTORY SPECIALS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Milter 10-6-4 Lawn Food $3.85 A$JJc$ Crabgrass Control -$3.85 Supyome Lawn Grass Mixture, lb. ..$ .80 KIPS! 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