The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 5, 1891 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1891
Page 4
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VICCAMM J Y. A Vf»tk Down Thin llenutlful turret of London. Hrriliner. Now, if wu lake Piccadilly nil the representative benutiful afreet of London, we cannot deny that it hot) iome advantage!. Startinor from Regent afreet in the east, it runs "wwtwnrd, at first narrow enough and commonplace, with a plain church on the left with the llurlini(toii Houne and its picture Kiillury, a \nru» commodious modern oililice, on the right, for the rent lined with ordinary shops displaying waterproofs, WiU, books (Mr. Qu.iritcli s shop and vast collection is here), and similar articles of commerce. Where St. •lumen'* street, descends abruptly to the left there is a view of St. James's palace, a lugubriuun royal residence, uninhabited bv royalty, which "excites the wonder of forei ^ni /p) on account of its mean np- pearence." Then comes Arlington street with the pal .izzo of Ijord Salisbury, and after that break, the bpHt part of Piccadilly begins. All alonir the left sido are the trees and verdure of the Green park. The r'lKht. hand footpath Hows, BO to speak, beneath _ houses of which Mr. Lottie says in his "History of London," that "tinman built with very little regard to cost, not one of Ilium present's any architectural features worth notice, or, indeed, worthy of the situation." So the wtda thoroughfare tikes its western way; on one side is grass, chestnut-trees, nurs 'M, children, hawthorns, on the other side are tall houses, not "worthy of the situation." Clubs, palaces or the rich or noble, u shop here and there, line the rif^ht hand Hide, and finally, utter the road ascends again, we have the Duke of Wellington's arch and statue on the left, in a space now much widened and improved, and, on the right, is Apsley house, where the old duke lived and died, and Hyde Turk corner, the park gates, the naked statue of Achilles, and an effigy ol Lord Uyron with his dog lioatawam,which art owes lo'lhe contested genius of Mr. Helt, or, as others declared, of .Mr. licit, and an "artist's ghost." 1101 J I! F AMI C J I X K K N Ml! ET MONICA. LOVE STORY OF MODERN DATS tnis, tnat it win oe a very long time oetorc | yon have the chance of doing It again. "I can't bear being huyged." Desmond, Assyrian <; 1 rl and Irish Mnltlon lit till Ilnruo onlce. Two little girls, e.icli Fovenyearriold, out an Irish n.iss und the other a daughter of Assyria, arrived at the barge otlice recently, alone and unattended, after traveling thousands of miles. Miss Lilly Atkinson, the young lady from Ireland, hails from Dallyiiiote, county Sligo, where she was born. When her mother ilicd a few years ago, Lilly's father came to America. He settled injColorudo .Springs, Col., and when he was able he sent for his little daughter, who had been in the care of friends. Lilly is a rosy cheeked, briuht child. She bus blue eyes which f;iirly dunce in thoir sockets, and a complexion Hut would be the llroom belle. Her golden "Then, now you will do something for me," says Miss Heresford, promptly. "Anything," with enthusiasm. "Then to-morrow you nr« to come hero wltlmul the roses I heard you promise Miss F,t7.'.;erald tills afternoon." Her tone Is >|iiHc composed, but two little brilliant Hecks of color have risen hurriedly ami are now flaunting themselves on either pretty cheek. She Is evidently very seriously In earnest. "She asked mo for them; she will think it so ungenerous, so rude," says Desmond. "Not ungenerous. Ske will never think you that, or rude either," says Monica, gauging the truth to a nicety. "Carelaa, If you will, hut no more; nad—I wttiU you to seem careless where she Is concerned." "Hut why, my dearest?" "Because 1 don't llko her; she always treats me as though I were some Insignificant little girl stdl In short petticoats," says Miss Bercsfoid, with rising indignation, "And becauso—because, ton " She pauses in some confusion. "Go on; because what?" with gentle encouragement. "Well, then, because I know the wants to marry you," says Monica, vehemently, but tn a choked voice. "What an extraordinary Idea to come Into your head 1" says Desmond, In a choked tone also, but from a different emotion. "What are you laughing at?" sevorely. "At 1116?" "My darling, It seems so absurd, ond "I /OT/J W you to laugh," In a tono replete with anger but highly suggestive of tears. "Don't do It." "I'll never lauu'h again, my pot, If It offends you BO dreadfully." "Butyour eyes are laughing; lean seo them. 1 can see a deal more than you think, anil 1 know that hateful girl lias made up her mind to marry you as soon as ever she can." "That will bo nover." "Not If you go on bringing her roses slid things." "What harm can a simple rose do?" "If you are going to look at It In that light, I shall say no more. But In a very little time you will find she has married you, nnd then where will you be?" Her jealousy Is too childishly open to bo misunderstood. Mr. Desmond's spirits are rising with marvelous rapidity; Indeed, for the past two minutes he feels as If he is treading on air. "As you won't have mo, I don't much care wlicre I shall be," ho says, with the mean hopo of reducing her to submission by a threat In this hope he Is doomed to bedis- appolnted, as she meets his base Insiuuatlou with an unloweied front. Very good, go and marry her," she says. envy of a bit - , i • =—-» curls hang down her back and add to her I calmly, as if church, parson, and Miss Fit* beauty. When she landed at the barge | Re rald are all waiting tor him, lit anxious ollice chid in a neat.homespun suit shout- *.iacted the attention ot all by her winsome ways. A card which was hung around her neck by a cord if.ive her name und told her destination. Lilly was entirely alone, but she did not ceein to mind it. She was forwarded on her journey by the agents, who took it kindly interest in the littlo miss. Naziirn Jiihu iH the name of the demure miss of seven who traveled ul! the way from the land -f deserts to America. She is a full-blooded Assyrian, and has larg^c, dark, liquid eyes and long, straight hair. Little Nazura is ot a sad disposition. She cried much during her long and weary journey and the little cheeks wero tearstained when she was landed at the barae ollice from the steamer Veerdam. Nazura is bound for Chicago, where she is to meet her father. She could not converse with Lilly when they met in the inclosure, but she bought HOIIIO fruit from the apple woman and gave a peach to the fair Irish girl, after paying for her purchase out of a dainty little pockelbook.—New York Advertiser. Walch crystals are mado by blowing a sphere of glass about ono yard in diameter; after whhh the disks are cut from it by means of a pair of compasses have ing a diamond at the extromity of on- leg. Taken in time, even Consumption yields to the wonderful effects of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It won't mako now lungs—but it will make diseased ones healthy when nothing O I BO will. There's reason for it, too. Consumption is Lung- sci'ol'ul.i. Por every form of scrofula, and all blood-taints, the "Discovery ''' is a positive cure. It's tho most potent strength - restorer, blood - olcansor, and flesh - builder known to medical science. For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, and all lingering Coughs, it's an nne- quilled remedy. It's a guaranteed one. If it doesn't bonefit.or cure, you havo your monoy back. You've everything to gain from it—nothing to lose* It's especially potent in oaring Tetter, Snlt-rheum, Eozema, Erysipelas, Boils, Carbunoles, Sore Eyes, expectation, round the corner. "No, I sha'n't," says Desmond, changing his tactics without a blush. "Catch mo at III As you persist In refusing me, I shall never marry, but remain a bachelor forever, for your sweet sake." "Then say you will not bring those roses to-morrow. Or, better still, say you will bring them, and"—all women, even the best, are cruel —"givo them to mo before her." "My darliugl what an unreasonable thing to ask me I" "Oh 11 dare say I when pooplo don't Uivc people they always think everything they do unreasonable." This rather Involved sentenco Booms to cut Mr. Desmond to tho hcnit. "Of course, If you say that, I must do It," i ho says. "Don't do It on my account," with a willful air. "No, on my own, of courso." "Well, remember /don't ask you to do It," with the most disgraceful Ingratitude. ''Do as you wish about It." "Your wishes ar« mlno," ho says, tenderly. "I have had no divided existence since that first day I saw you,—how long ago it seems now " "Very long. Only a fow weeks In reality, but it scorns to myself that I have known and—liked you all my llfo." "Vet that day when 1 saw you on tho hay- cart Is hardly two months old," says Desmond, dreamily. As a breatli of half-forgotten perfume, or a long-lost chord fresh sounded, brings back the memories ot a lifetime, so does this chanco remark of his now recall to her a scene almost gono out of mind, yet still fraught with recollections terrlblo to her self-love. "Two months,—only two?—oh, It must be more," she says, with a pang. Surely time ought to lessen tho feeling of shame that overpowers her whenever she thlnksof that tidal day. "So woarlsomo a time, my own?" asks he, reproachfully. "No, It Is not that. It Is only . Oh, Brian, that day you speak of, when I was on that horrid hay-cart, did you— I moan- did I—that Is—did I look very ungraceful?" Tho word she Is dying to say is disgraceful, but alio dares not. "Ungraceful?" "Yon. Terry says that whon we wero passing you that day! was—was," with a desperate rush, "kicking up my heels I" Sho Is trembling with shamo and confusion. Crimson has sprung to her cheeks, tears to her oyes. "I don't bellovo a word of It," says Mr. Desmond, comprehending tho situation at last. "Hut, even supposing you wore,—and, after all, that Is the sort of thing evuryone does on a bundle, of hay,"—as though it Is quite the customary thing for people generally to go round the world seated on hay- carts,—"i didn't see you—that Is, your heels I mean; 1 saw only your face,—the prettiest face In the world. How could I look at anything else when I had once seen that?" ' "Brian I" turning to lihn impetuously,and laying both her hands upon his shoulders, "I do thluk you are thu dearest fellow on, earth." "Oh, Monica lam I thedoarost to you?" lie has twined Ills arms round her lissome figure, and Is gazing anxiously luto her eyes, "Yes,—yes, certainly." ;:Aud then, with a-iatuete Indescribable,' and with the utmost composure, she says,— "I thluk I should like to give you a kiss 1" Is the blue dome still over his head; or has I am very sorry," says Mr. stiffly. "Let me assiiro you, however, that I shall never cause you such offense again until you wish It" "Then say nover at once," says Monica, with a pout. "Very good," says Desmond. It may now be reasonably supposed that he has met all her requirement*, and that she has no further complaints to brini forward; but suco Is not the case. "I don't like you when you talk to me like that," sho says, ai.'rcssively, and with a spollcd-chlld air, glancing at him from under her sweeping lashes. How am I to talk to you, then?" asks he. In despair. You know very well how to talk to Misi Fitzgerald," retorts she, provoklngly, and with a bold attempt at a frown. Yet there Is something about leu- nau-dily little face, a hidden, limekiln.', mischievous, yet withal friendly smile us It were, that disarms her speech of its sting and gives Brian renewed hope and courage. He takes her hand deliberately and dravjs It nnrepulsed through his arm. "Let us go up this walk," ho says, "a;m leave all angry words and thoughts behind us." He makes a movement In the direction Indicated, and limls that she moves with him. He liiuls, too. that her slender lingers have closed involuntarily upon Ids arm. Plainly, she is as glad to be at peace with him as he with her. Coming to a turn in the path, shaded by two rugged old tipple-trees now growing heavy with their green burden, Desmond stands still, and, putting his right hand in his pocket, draws out something from it As he does this he colors slightly. "You wear all your rings on your right baud," ho says, with lovinu' awkardness, "audit seems to medio oilier pour little lingers always look neglected. 1— I wish you would take this and make it a present to your left hand.'' "TMs" is a tuicl; gold hand, set with three lame diamonds of great brilliancy in gypsy fashion. "Oh I not for me I" says .Monica, rccolllir;, and clasping her hands behind her hack, yet with her eyes firmly fastened upon the beautiful ring. "Why not for you? Siiiiio day I shall glvo you all I possess; now I can give you only such tilings as this." '"indeed I must nottake it," says Monica; but even as she utters tho half-hearted refusal she creeps unconsciously closer to him, and, laying her hand upon Ids wrist, looks With childish delight and lon.-in^ at the glittering stones lying in his palm. "Hut 1 say you must," says Desmond, taking a very superior tone. "It is yours, not mine. 1 have nothing to do with it. It was never in-ant for me. See," taking up her hand and slipping the ring on her engaged finger, "how pretty your little white hand makes It look 1" It Is always a difficult thing to a woman to bring liciself to refuse diamonds, but doubly difficult once sho has seen them positively adorning her own per ton. Monica looks at the ring, then sighs, then turns it round and round mechanically, and finally glances at Desmond. He returns tho glance by passing his arm round her shoulders, after which there is never another word said about the ownership of tho ring. "But it will pul my poor little pigs in the shade, won't it?'' says Monica, looking at her other hand, and then at him archly. "Oil 1 It 1 1 lovely-foecfj//" "I think 1 might have, chosen you a prctr tier one, had 1 run opto Dublin ami cone to Waterlioiise myself,"says Desmond ;"but I knew If 1 went I could not possibly get back until to-inorr -iw evening, and that would mean losing two whole days of our precious seven." Tills speech pleases Monica, I think, oven more than the ring. "I am glad you did not go," sho says, softly. "So am I—especially as " Here lie pauses, and then goes on again hurriedly. "If I had gone, Monica, you would not have forgotten me?'' "How could I forget you !u two littlo days?" "Thoy would havo been two very big days to mo. But tell me, If 1 wero to go away from you for a far longer time—say for a whole month -would you still b« faithful? Should I find you as 1 left you,—indifferent to others at least, If not wholly mine?" "Why should I change?" "Darling, there are so many reasons." He draws his breath quickly, impatiently. "Soino day, you may meet somo one else- more suited to you, perhaps, and " "I shall never do that" Sho interrupts him slowly, but decidedly. "You are sure?" "Yes," The answer In words perhaps Is meager; buthe, looking into tho depths of her soft eyes, sees a s'irer answer there, nnd Is satisfied. The shadows are growing longer and slower. They do not dance and quiver pow In mad glee, as thoy did an hour ngonn. "I think we must go back," says Monica, with unconcealed regret. "What! you will throw mo again Into temptation? Into tho very arms of the fair Bolla?" says Desmond, laughing. "Reflect, I beg of you, before It Is too Into." "Aftor all," says Monica, "I don't think I havo behaved very nicely about her. I don't think now it would bo a— a pretty thing to make you glvo mo tho roses before her. No, you must not do that; and you must not manage to forgot thorn, either. You shall bring tho handsomest you can find nnd give them to her,—but publloly, Brian, just as if tlioro was nothing in it, you know." "Thoro Is nothing llko adhering to the strict truth," says Brian. "Thero shall bo nothing in my roses, I promise you,—except perfume." A tall girl oppressed by freckles and with hair of a deep—well, let us emulate our polite French neighbors ond call It blond ar- dept. Who Is she?" aiks Lord Itossmoyne, who arrived about an hour ago, to Ullc Ito- nayno's discomfiture. She's a fraud I" says Mr. Kelly, Indig­ nantly,—"aswindle! Madame assured us. last night, a charming girl was coining, to turn all heads and storm all hearts; and today, when we rushed In a body to the window and flattened our noses against Uir panes to seo her, lot a creature with red hair and pimples " "No, no; freckled, my dear Owen," Interrupts Olga, Indolently. "It Is all the same at a distance I general 'fleet fatal In both cases," says Mr. Kelly, airily. "It makes one positively uneosii fortable to look at her. I consider her being thrust upon us lik : tills a deliberate insult I think If she eoilllnii-s I shall leave." "Oh, don't,' 1 says Desmond, In a tone ol agonized entieaty. "How should wo man- ii -o to get on without you?" "Badly, badly, I know that," regrotfully. "But It Is n question of breaking either your hearts or mine. Some of ns must go to the wall; It would bo unfair to tho world to make It me." "I don't believe yon will go far," says Mrs. Herrick, slowly. Kelly glances at her quickly, but she does not lift her eyes from the little sock, and her Angers inoverapidiy, easily as ever. "London or Paris," ho says,—"tho city of fogs or the city of frogs. I don't know which I prefer." "Better stay where you are," says Brian. "Well, I really didn't think her so very plain," says Bella Fitzgerald, who thinks it pretty to say the kind thing always. "A largo mouth Is an affliction, certainly; and as for her complexion—but really, after all, '.t Is better to Bee it as it is than painted ami powder, d, as one sees oth'-r people." This is a faint cut at (>!g.i. who is fond of powder, and who has not scrupled to add to her charms by a little touch of rouge now and then when she felt pailor demanded It "I think a littlo artificial aid might Improve poor Miss Browne,"says ilormliiller- rick. Miss llrouno Is the new airival. "1 don't. 1 thluk It Is an abominable thing to cheat the public like that," says Miss Filzgerald, doggedly; "nobody respectable would do it Tho dcmt-inuiidc paint and powder." "Do thoy? how do you know, dear?" asks Olga Bnhiin, sweetly. Miss Fitzgerald, feeding she has made a fnux-jiux, colors violently, tries to get herself out of it, and (blundershelplessly. I.oid Itossmoyne is looMng surprised, Ulic lto- uuyno and Desmond amused. "Every one says so," says the fair Bella, at last, in a voice that trembles with auger; "you know very well they do." "I don't, hide d, my dear Bella. My acquaintance with—or—that sort of person has been limited; I quite envy you your superior knowledge." Here Olga laughs a little, a low, rippling laugh that completes her enemy's defeat. After the laugh thero Is a dead silence. "I think sum •body ought to reinovothe poor little child," says Mr. Kelly, In a low, impressive tone, pointing to Mrs. Ilerrlek's little girl. At which everybody laughs heartily, and awkwardness is banished, FARM AND HOME. TIIK WANING Mt/MM Kit fi-rn anil K. 1'AeKAfm Already fade* Along Ihe pnth of limn. The Inrluli bloom llial marked tlie simin prime. The tree* are dark with ripened t'-afae;* grwn Tho disks of sunflower* irlow whit jofiow sin-' The constellations of tlii* nster shine Arid brown ami crlev grow lowly »lne. The meadow utile* are gAy wtlti iifiphr,rn fringe Of Kotrlen-rod nnd willow li*rl»'s bright tlnjM. Ilf fenr«'» vtity droop down ilie rj»»ter* UiuU, Of ehterlierrlee, alio Itie young grow<r. dye Tlielr Mlln In purple juice, nml ei'le liy Mile The llorklng robins drink the royal tide. The |ieweo'« penMve Fong atonK the erhne* pwelf But woodland llituch I IHH cenaed lila flute and bell, And mournful nn the patter of the leave* The blueb.rd'a eliortened carol oweetly irrfevel". The bolsillnk with bis pied coal boa topi The ui'-rrv illt Hint made Iilm nnw n ho*t. And Willi the buttercup* nnd hudx of June He left hla tinkling and bin merry tune. The plover chuckle* o'er bi*dninly meat* Of lncu*t*, lint at the nightfall bour be feet* Tbe feme of loa* in til* aerlnritlgbt Aa aollth hegoen beyond the tall of light. No more the rnendow inrk, wltti awelllug throat Cbnroi* every ear, but wl'.h n atrouge tinrali note H» *lriit* ainonu tbe tuuaock* of tlie field Wbope hlUtling atuhhlea no more frngrauce yield. Tlie flicker tr/e* no more hi* * OIIK to *(ug A* awift tie ftnidie* on til* golden wlnir, From fence to ant bill, hi* ln*t*tent cry Hound* In ulrniiKe diacordto the pn**er by. The goldfinch grny Hit* on tbe thl*tle .e«-d, And In firaniro *itence lljdit* on nutuinn weed*, No more hi* throat in Joyou* aong-noto *wc!l*, Knch plulntjve day lanaddened witb furoacll*. should be fed, nnd that i« l^lt/-r if ryioked. !«<!»« hay ahould be given and high ion>lie» of eiwy digeation should lake the place of tho nana! more solid food. When al.aoding idle cold drinking walirr chotiltt never I*; (riven, as withont ixun.w if. is apt, (/, chill '.he atomach and «o induce iridi(realion »n<l con*eqiiont colic. TIIK IIOI/MKIiOI.Ii. Ifuw I Know. r .ror .^r. nr.i.ii. Necnuaeahe ba* aweeter and fnlrer crown; IP-cnu*e tn'r voire b«. n l.-uderer loie-; llecauae tier eye* droop »te-it tliey iit»-« t my own I know my darling love., ne-t ilernuae tier auille 1* n vt«ion of Mb".; ftecnuae on tier red lip" tr'-uilile* Jd»«; llccau*e of nil that, and tH-cnu»? of Hit*— 1 know niy darling love* me! Ilernuae H,e touch of Icr d-ar hnlrd thrill, rne; IW:llll*e tier lboU(;lll« lend lllld her llillid wilt- m IW-cnnae her *weet nre.enre with tove fill, me / know / I'iVeo y ilnrllne,! IJ.*cnu*e *he make* my poor life worlh lis pain; llernlo'e n *oul'* .trlvlng *eem not In vnl:i; llecnliae with tier dear love t live amttn I know I lov.- my darling! Sew Orlenn* I'lrayiine The addition a r /impvifid .-.died unite to the ebafi/e r,f ir< u »>,.•! n't", i UlthU'f. I b«rigei, U;i; >:i'y,' li, ,, </,-,-,y, if iron and »i'-e'i wi'hoo'. ••rH,\-l\i.y metal In any forth'r treatment. >!»« [>I !AR Y.r.knr.K.% koard and totlon. ftlalant Make* Monary. —I ir/i ahl« to p »y ttij wear go'd clothea »nd ndir/g wi hare, money In my po'-Vet by apendirig wi odd hour, and vnouona pla'ing iewelry and tableware, and aelling ptntor*. f h»»e mi'!; %VJ) per il-iv, m:v« r le for n,v p'-a'cr to II. K. I'" tin*. I). An7 one ';»» _pr leii'-c by writing ther r. »•«. I |.»i4 f. o ft. Ol., '.'.loo. l.t t.y rny for ' ir''olar«. A H TCOK.'IT. /,* hri« been r<.< e|-...-l of a l.-irre »• ,-nl in v.hlcl, «,-: IV.. HI -V : MII <-r »v -f» wero wre'U'd at H«ill"iiie, *i,d'. na were drov. ncl. ceo pen- Tim Oply One F.trr 1'rtrilnl-Cam Von Find lite Word ? Iirg the bank* creep Where cardinnl* the brown glow nnd t Htenlthy graceful aweep, The bright inverted ftnmes blnze er tbe tide, And by Tbe brink Ibn fntlened rncroon* tilde. The nimuicr vime*, Hie flower* rle. Kucli dny llring* mounrfui Mien* of fnrwelt nnd decay, bonnatetul rlcline** fade* beforconr even, rent Ilea out ll» lavlxh life, nnd gently die*, lit dying aumuier liernld* nutnmn'a birth ir.b with Hie frultnge of the Kent-roil* enrth, And every waning token in Hie nir I'renttiea wur'rnnt of the tinrveat rlcti nnd fair. Silnduv Hpriligflcld Iteptibllcnll. KAlt.M SOTKS. tho pus- "Browne?—I know an Archibald Browno once; anything to this girlV" asks Lord Boss moyiie, hurriedly, unwilling to let silence settle down on them again." "Big mail with a loose tie?" asks Ullc. "Ye-es. There was something odd about his neck, now 1 remember," says Itossmoyne, "That was her father. Ho had an Idea ho was like Lord Byron, and always wore his neektlo (lying in the wind." "He couldn't manage it, though," says Mr. Kelly, with as near an attempt at mirth ns he ever permits himself. "It always Hew the wrong way. Byron's, If you call to mind Are the springs all right hires? Make the little foal gentle; sugar will do it, and kind words. If possible have the hogs or sheep des trov all windfalls in tho orchard. for shoulder galls, use carbolic glycerine or vaseline, or simply carbolic grease and sulphur. Shade is as necessary at this season as water and food. "A merciful man merciful to his beast." Huddle horses are growing in favor With more horseback riding there wou be less apoplexy and p'irulysis. Sore teetn will sometimes make n horse carry its tonguo out of its mouth. A harsh bit will do the same thing. While you have leisure put a good quantity of straw or course manure where it will be handy for mulching' the stiaw berry bed in I be full. Try tbe experiment of cutting the tassel; off u few rows of corn, nnd compare the reHiiltfc willi rowH not so treated. For turkey dressing: Take two-third bread crumbs and one-third fresh mashed potatoes, two eggs, a small piece of butter; seanon with onions, sage, salt and pep per; stir lightly with fork. Tho Nlmlilo I'enny. Kneli week a iKfTercnl '. piitiii-hed In thia piper. » on!-, nlifcc in either ad. Th'n word will he found Hurler'*- Iron T'ooie, J,.; Wild '.'berry Hitteri. !.• triiile-uiark. Head the when you f.nd the word ,re :>v 1* Ti -re nre I o two cjrr e.|,t f|,,, : in \'u<: ad. f lie Liver I'i. .ok for "Cr.---ei,i." ad. rarefiilly, und nend it to Miem nnd Dr. and Faith never "lands around with it» hands in its pockets. The man who gives to the world a good thought gives to some body li.'e. I .e 'iHire for men of bu -incHs, and business for men of leisure would cure many complaints'. The right kind of religion doesn't mean twenty-five cents a vear for ini'sions and turkey for youri-elf every Sundry for linner. Rome folks who are always anxious about, whether we shall "know each other there," pass (heir next door neighbors in the street without speaking. Bacon said, to be free-minded and cheerfully disposed at hours of locales and of sleep and of exercise, is lii: bet precept of long lasting. they will return yon a hook, beautiful litlio graphs and sample* ' i free. A concentrated attempt by United 3tate« marahals In Alabama Is being made to re capture the otitlnw Sims. forty depot) marahalB form the posse, and a light la cx pectcd. "A M . la not at hand that helps." In other words we cannot foresee whence, help may nunc to us, but evcrv sensible housekeeper mild know that every grocer sells SAI'O- O. Ttio 1 -Muciitlon of (tlrl*. The education, the life of to-day women, has unfitted them to be mothers, but the education of today's girls is bringing them to womanhood more perfect sp -cimen^ of the r kind, physically as well as mentally, strong and healthy in mind and body, libit to endure the suffering of niotherhoui willing to give a few years of life to pro lucing new life, reasoning with well oe vcloped faculties how to make tnat new- life stronger and more fit to take another step forward. Nothing is more marked in our progre than awakening to the need of less confining clothing for the body, less confining life for the physical strength, leas confining education for the mind. Little use is there to discuss the relative weight and size of the masculine and feminine brain No arguments pro or con can prove anything; those people of the latter half of the next century will know what we can only speculate on, for the bonds are burst —S.S.E.M. TIIK KITCHEN. The "nimble penny" is something for the farmer to keep in mind, as well as for tho merchant. While steers cannot be ........ . matured and made ready for tho market his iiianyporlralts', always flow over his left i n much less than three years, sheep are shoulder; old Browne's wouldn't By the marketable from the age of four months, bye," thoughtfully, "Byron must have had -p 0 turn mon0 y often is one of tho secrets a wind nf his own, niusn't he? our ordinary 0 f financial success. winds don 't always '""'rf In tho saino direction, do they?' "1 would i hat a wind could arise to blow you In the same direction, whim you ore in such an idle moo I as now," says Mrs. lier- I 'iclc, In a low tone. "if It would blow me In your direction, 1 should say aiaien to that,'' In a voice as subdued as her own. "May the Fates avert from me a calamity so great 1" "Von will have to entreat them very diligently, if you hope to escapo It." "Are you so very determined, then?" "Ve-. Although I feel I am mocked by the hope within me, still 1 Bhall persist." "You waste your time." "I am content to wasto It in such a caase. Yet I am sorry I am so distasteful to you." "That Is not your fault. I forglvo you that." "What Is It, then, you cau 't forgive In me?" "Not more tlinn I can't forgive In another, 'Clod made you all, therefore, let you all pass for men.' 1 don 't deal more hardly with you than with the rest, you see. You are only one of many." "That is thoitiiklmlest thing you ever said to me. And that Is saying much. Yet, I, too, will beseech the Fates In my turn." "To grant you what?" "The finding of you In a gentler mind." The faintest flicker of a smllo crnssos hei lips, rihe lays bur knitting on her knee foi an Instant, that silo may tho more readily lut her taper lingers droop until thoy touch the pale blow of the child at her feet; then H I IO resumes It again, witli a fnco calm and emotionless us usual. To be continued. LOVE AMONG TIIK SIOUX. How tliu Young at ml Huocooda tn Winning the iaidy oMita Choloc. To mo, ono of the cuntoais of courting Fall Plowlnc Puya. Fall plowing pays especially well in heavy and cold soils. The ground should bo thrown up in narrow lands, running with tho slopo of the surface draining. Fall plowed lands will be drier and liner, and often ready two weeks sooner for working in spring than unplowed ground. l'olaonoua 1Ve«ds. Weeds in the pasture should not be allowed under uny circumstance. Thero are poisonous weeds that are injurous, even if they do not cause death, and though tho cattle may reject them they will oe carried to the barn should uny portion of the posture be mowed as hay, and be so thoroughly mixed with tho hoy as to bo eaten. Lime a» a Fertilizer. Few farmers givo sufficient credit to lime as u fertilizer. Tho too prevalent notion which has been unfortunately spread abroad by some scientific theorists to the effect that its action is only indirect, and that it is not u plant food at all, is seriously damaging, and tends to mislead fnrmers into neglect of a most valuable fertilizer, which is indispensable for tho restoration of fertility to land which has I beon long under cultivation, Overfeeriluff Culvefl. When a young calf is gorged with milk, Al'I'I.K FUITTEHS. Take one cupful of sifted Hour, one teaspoonful of baking powder, a pinch of salt, two eggs, one cup ot milk, one half pint of chopped apples. Fry in hot lard and serve with sugar. SOFT KllOSTINO FOK UAKKS. Take one cup of sugar, five tablespoon of sweot. milk, boil four or five minute: then stir until cold, and our on a cool cake It is better than frosting with eggs. TEACH PUDDING. Slice a dozen ripe peaches into a deep disb. Spinkle with three tablespoons of white sugar and let them stand an hour Make a custard and when partly cold turn it over the peaches. Set in a cool place for several hours. IIKI.I J' S CAKK. ;o county, N. .T., at immense vein of It promises a great At fvindy '.'reek. Oaweg of 1,0 -JO feet an tiirnl gas was struck, eld. AI.UKRT Rt.'K'JH, West Toledo, Ohio, is: "Hall's Catarrh Cure saved my life." 'rile him for particulars. Sold by drug- t», 75c. The tug Rambler of Diilutti was burned o the water's edge in Canadian waters, apt. Locum and hU crew barely escaped ith their lives. i :»tiit.ilsb.-.i m .-i .v ises, (ieuis's U.. thing, Feuthers. Glove?, lived or cti-.tiieil. Plu -h Gnrmentl teamed at Ono Pi, Leh 's Dye Worki, M \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Scad for CircU' iBr. "German Syrup" G. Gloger, Druggist, Watertown, Wis. This is thtf opinion of a man who keeps a drug store, sells all me'ltcines, comes in direct contact with the patients and their families, and knows better than anyone else how remedies sell, and what true merit they have. He hears of all the failures and successes, and can ; therefore judge: "I know of no me'licine for Coughs, Sore Throat, or Hoarseness that had done such effective work in my Coughs, family as Boschee's Sore Throat, GennanSyrup. Last winter a lady called Hoarseness, at my store, who was sufferingfromavery severe cold. She could hardly talk, and I told her about German Syrup and that a few doses would give relief; but she had no confidence in patent medicines. I told her to take a bottle, and if the results were not satisfactory I would make no charge for it. A few days after she called and paid for it, saying that she would never be without it in future as a few doses had given her relief." ffi The Catalogue for Fall J gi is ready Send your name The corn and hay crops In portlnnBof Ireland are roltctiing 'in the Acid.; and it U feax. d that potatoes will prove a failure. Tourlsta, Whether on pleasure bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts ino^t pleasantly and ci. fcctuiilly on the kidneys, liver aud bowels, F ireveulliie; fevera, headaches and other urmB of sickness. For sale in 50c. and $1.00 bottles by all leading druggists. Arabella—"Is it true that Grace 8tcdley has eloped with her father's coachman!" Felice—"Oh, no, she didn't do as well as that; he was only the footman." FITM.— All Fit. Htot .|..-,l rrt,*l.y 1)11. Kl.lSE'aOneM M ItvE ltKKTimi.u. N>. t'il. itlter tlr.tiliiy 'M UM . Mur- Ttllous cute.. 'I reuli -.i lire! I J.CO Irinl !/otl!« fr.e) to l -itcnuen. Hand to lir. Kline, WI Arch St., t'hlla., I'*. A woman has been arrested ill Paris for an attempt to murder her husband by pouring inoulteii lead into Ids car while ho was asleep. Best, easiest to use and cheapest. Pile's Itcmi-dy for Catarrh. By druggists. 50c- An liifrlngm~cnt"of a patent was the reason for attaching property belonging to the city of Huston t» l he value of $800,000-- Everything (or Autumn is fiuly—the Clo.iks, the Dress Goods, the Carpets, tlie Millinery, etc. The best variety of everything at your command. It is reasonable to suppose that the store doing the largest retail business here should offer you the best advantages in price. Costs nothing to try. SEND FOR SAMTLES. Gimbel Brothers Dry Good3 Milwaukee Hreuk two eggs in u cup, udd two table npoons of sweet cream, fill tlu cup with aweot milk, add ono cup of Bugur, ono and a half cups of (lour, ono teaspoon of cream tartar and half a teaspoon of soda. FItlEU CUCUMUEllS. Puro fresh, firm cucumbers, and let them lio thirty minuted in cold wato thon cut them lengthwise into thick slices! throw them into ico -vater, and after they havo remained ten minutes take them out und wipo each slico dry with u cloth. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, dredge with Hour, and fry brown in butler or lard. l'EACII MKUINOUE. Line a pic-tin with rich pasto, glaze with white of egg, and fill with sliced peaches. Pour over a thickening made by dissolving a teaspoonful of flour in a littlo water. Stow with sugar, and hake. When done spread with a meringue of threo bggs beaten vory stiff witli a half cupful of powdored sugar. Place in open ovon until lightly browned. TOMATO OMKI.KT. Skin and chop fine u quart of tomatoes, put them in a sauce pan with a finely-chop- FREE indigestion follows. an~d the stomach is pod onion, a rolled cracker or two, a little clogged with a mass of compact curd. The P.epper, a teaspoonful salt, and buttor the consequent*) is, says tho Mark Lano Ex- «izn pf a walnut. Cover arid let it cook press, that tho animal becomos dull, drib l,n,,r 1 hnn add 5 Daai weM bles at the mouth, and grinds its teeth CHAl'TKU XIX. "Sho'a dbf/rucc/uM// ugly I—I Baw her quJto C I OBO ," says Air. Kelly, In an Injured tone. "I wonder what on em th Mndituio The treatment should bo to givo a teaspoon- full of carbonate of soda, or anleratus in half a pint of water, which will dissolve tho curdle, and aid its pnssago through tb.i — . ..... .----j---;, .v,,. „,M"f intestines. In six hours after give one is very BtrnnvoW n keep ng *i h the w d b , f , f raw , in80()d Qr ca - gtor oi| yet romantic, hfo of tho Swux wri cs v f d a , u bnw(jl8 uleare(] Warren K. Moorohoad, in the September " . , ; one ouurt of warm .^W?^,- fho^la-fy 'T his S£b™e^"tt«KSS". Goitro, or Thiok Neok, and Enlarged the 8ky tMon i Tho u ,mg ho has boeii long- Glands, Tumprs_ and Swellings, lug tor, vdt|i m Intensity, notte be portray- Great Eating Ulcers rapidly hsai ^^l^}^*.™^,^"^ chief »l6rle 8 ofAghybhlllbeg; under its benign influx $ffir&$^JE&% ^tX^t inor menus oy nsmtig tier nuro, wiiom "irinjf to make lovo • to the ludy or n «i- = -Wie can bo nothing but a blot upon a perfect ohoice, works patiently for several days I When a calf is drinking milk it should bo landscape; all tho rost of us aio BO lovely." nnd constructs n reed flute. There are fed "lowly, and at intervals of rest, It Is four o'clock, and hopelessly wet. Tho Ave or six holos in the instrument, and I " nd ^'d tntik should nover be given, as sort rain patters on tho leaves outside, the eight or ton notes can be produced upon ' " erasH and all the guidons aro drowned in }t. Tho sound is wiord and plaintive. Nature s tears. Thero can bo no lounging Some bountiful moonlight night, about umKfn ,w H T M \ no d « 1 ! oI , 0, w dreaiiilng eight' o'clook,, the young man leaves his Ghfin A ?H°iV troB ,?' ft' 8 '"UK'? 1 """"- homo, and stationing himself about ono JK&^W^H 01 ^ £ undred > ardB from the, home of his in- ?^7^^mm^^ t6 * mi ^ 8 ^ 0nB W *™ *!**» | btedo-cilit, and inteMigence^ con, GOLD MEDAIi, PABIS, 1878. GERMAN Sweet Chocolate. . The most popular sweet ' Chocolato in tho market. ; is nutritious and palat- nblo j a particular favorito with ohildron, and a most ex,oollont article for family use.' i Borvcd as a drink) or [ eaten as confectionery, it Lis a delicious Chocolate. I Tho genuine is stamped _ 'upon tho wrapper, 8. German, Dorohestor, H UBS. Sold I'f Qrorcu evitrywhw. ' ff.BAKEB&OQ,,Dorohe»ter,Mass, auught, ".Monica!" Bays her lovor, the blood rushing to his faoe, "do you mean- it?' He tightens his clasp round hor, yet utlll refrains from touching the sweet Hps, so near his own. A feeling of honest manliness makes him hesitate about accepting this great happiness, lost, Indeed,'he misunderstood her. To him it Is so great a boon she grants that he hardly dares believe In Its reality, ."Of course I do," says Miss Boresford, distinctly offended. "I-at least, I did. I don 't now. I always; want to kiss people when ) feel - fond " ' " " evidently! or else, fond of me. stall, «M. -Never-ml-d. Oon 't-put yourself out, it was moreiy a passing fancy on- my part," "Oh, don't let it pass," exclaims her lover, anxiously. "Darling life, don't you know I have been longing, tenffi'io to kfst, you for mistaken notion that and mako them cozier and more forgetful of-<irat least more Indifferent to—tho sunshine of yesterday, they have had an enormous fire of pine logs kindled upon tho hearth. When too. late, thoy discover It to be a discomfort; but, this chills tho stomach and provokes indigestion. Full Wood Cows. . >3esidcB all their other superior qualities, full blood cows and oxen possess remarks- ^^"yondir great" "building, and now . . , . lt ble docility and intelligence, as compared hB has"s t HS out, and nothing remains of strange melodios, all of. them in tho withscrubs. Tbeyaromoro tractable) learn fc^^t^-SbaSdnmps.'' minor ke,v. The'sound floats out on tho sooner what is required of them; it. is .ig ta v friends " said a little newsboy, summer's air, and.perhaps, a prairie dpg soarcely half the laborto teach the heifers ..w ou 'id vou be revenged on mankind rtn tl,Q r>lnin : nenr liv. rllRtnrhe.d bv the i n v,nn,< lb -ad <inA Urn otufli-iib« vnknH iinrt IIKUIUI»" ^*._.i.. „„,i 1 slowly an hour. Thon add 5 eggs well beaten. Have a hot pun or griddle ready, groase well nnd pour in tho mixltirn after beating together. Cook to a nice brown on ono side, folit and brown on tho othor. To be litten while hot. MISANTIIKOIMSTS AVKNOICI). A Lit tlu Mowaboy Shown HowTliny Muy Plague HII Ungrateful World, A cast-off hat and two old brick-; met - in front of Dr, Perry's last night, says Uie New York Sun. Said the hat to the bricks: "1 have spent my best days in tho service of man, only to be oast off in my old ago. Would that I'd neyer been born!" "Like yon," said tho brioks, "since childhood we have done man's bidding. Long years we stood between him and the on the plain, near by, disturbed by the t 0 be milked and the steers to be yoked and | music may ruise his small, voice in pro- worked. They need less fence and leas testing barksi or, a great'white owl, in a oversight to keep them in place. One | scrub oak, may hoot and, whop in derision, wire will restrain full-bloods more effeotu- The sound is as sweet lo the maiden'* a liy than four will scrubs. Curiosity is a | ears' as the voice of the- lover himself, quality almost entirely wanting in the | place yourselves in my hands and 1 will see to it." . , , , , , The hat and tho bricks welcomed the chance to get square. The newsboy told the brioks to hido in the hat, and then he took the hat and put it in front of tho Sun " " the path of travel. How hate that hat! A gleam of Two Bottles Oared Her. VI CU BBOLI., Iowa, July, 1S89. I wai aaffarlng ton yean from ihoaaa in mj ht*d, so mai -h 10, that at tfmal I difl-n't exp«ol to scorer. 1 took wodloinoi from many 3oo- toit, but did not get any relief until I took Tan. »r Koenlg'a iNeryo Toulo; tbe acoond doie relieved and two bottlea oared me. B. W. PKCK. Wortb It* ITelKht In Gold. E MMRT, Dak., July M, 1600. The yonng man conoorned cat not now the •llghwit aymptoma of fltl, alnoe uelng I'aitoi Koonls'a l.'orvo Tonlo. I consider It north lti weight In gold. J. J. BHKA. Faetor. Roy. John Bedeoker, ot Wenpnalta, Kan., wrltea, Oot. 13,1890: "There la a 10-year-old boj here, who auffered from flte about a> year. I or. dared a bottle of Paitor Koenlg'a Nerve Tonia for him, and tho alckneai left him altogether. Be never bad it alnoe." -A Valuable Book em Wcii-vona DIsouHee aeot fre* lo any addreaa, and poor patients can alee ebtaln , . . _ _ UilH luedlolu* free of charge This remedy has beon prepared by the Reverend Pantor Koonlg, of Fort Wayne. Iud- since We. and lanowprepiired undnrhla dfreoUon bytlie KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by DrueEisU ot ai por nottle. SforVO, r.ririre.Sl/e, »1.75. O Dottles for 90. Vtii 0UU -i% MtdMiu i» IA< Wurlii u preeeMy DR. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. This article la a earefnUy prepare* pbplotaa 'e pre •eriiitiea, aae kas been la oomtaat aee for eearty » eeatarr. Tnen ere few elieeiw te which maakliU ace eabjeet mere 'Vtreeilni thaa lore eyea, aa4 aeae, teraaio, fur whloh more remedies here beea Mti witlibbt uuc^«ra. Pat «u eateraal lBflaeestatlea ef 'At n)*h it U an liititllltjle remedy. It the dlreo- «0)i8 ttiUftYifl'l It Till uw-fer fell. We partleelarly ievltt iitRiittfirt *f i-tiyfttolaas te Its merlte. Fet tr'> t-rol'. -lni«t( JOllN 1» THOatPBOH, BOMS * OU, Vnox, il. t. kVt .ieUaae* l'WI. Dyapopftfo fa tho bnne oftlin present generation. It is for Us euro and ItHiittomlauta, •Ick Itoadacho, ooiistl]mtlon and » I 1OH, that Tuff s Pills havo beaomo so famous. Thoy act gently on tho dls/ostlve organs. Riving tliem tone SUM! vigor without grlnlng or uausoo, 80c ANAltlCSI.S«lv«».u»t»n> relief, and Is an XNfaU.I- UUI l UltB for PILES. Price. II i at driufdsu u> by mall. Ha'iinleH free, i,ddrens "ANAKKSIH,'' Sox Mil Maw You Oin. fl 3*ACENT3 WANTED-«V BICYCl !e aiUUUIiiaeat Is tai warli. M STYLES, WIT, S OLID, C USHION OK _ PNKUMATICTlRCa.ntKheit fialth, llHt)l«*«rlft]>t)iiil Woriro»n»hlp. FriM«*»piira)l«l «4. Diamond /V «MM A>r Otnlt. Drop Pramtfvr Luttic* or GtnU, Otittvloiw ftM. tor A*,eut»TtrDii t *o.,«ud lOoti.luiiampi, UNM irBeOa WI. Ill * Ml H. Slli tit. I'bMh r». All klodi •be»n «r tb»n clftivlicrv, b** fure you but, fetid tlftinufor llluitrit «4 Unlafg|U6 to Tli« I'uwcllliacnHtCft. PISTOLS 760 VAr-:u ».4 uu-ivkt.** OinoiDatitt.Obla. MONEY-FOR ALL EX-SLAVES-MONEY NEGRO PREACHERS AND TEACHERS READ. Tell all er slaves tti nend t>4>mnni')- ordrnfor airultl t-mblcm ti.itlye— vaUKliitu'l new boult iiuutfitnlrik' lct> U TJ Irom Nrpi-i. Jiiftliopk Kre,JiTlfl: ltvu»ria«f,H ^hoj Newmn:i, Senator Cullnin. Kx-Mftjur t /arter Harrison, Jutltcc riMiiNton,an<i iiuuiy uthcr.-t, ico iiapf.-t. lllu -iro- tfjrii, blanWi, j)fi[Ct^, i -tp., (nijv *i |.l /i |jMntr hi.-* KX- SLA 'VK 1'KNBION 1K1 .U Cluba are now formliik' «v- vrr wherf w»l art- eiuhiriv liiK "Vam !»iian'» lilll,"n" Introduced In th« i lit} •!)!••• ContrroH* In their holmif, aiklnu KOUvaah nnrtiri yor laontli for nonie and dilier* »-n. amount* for olhyrs. M AYO / Vauphan'a nnw book, that la tho beat lilt- lory of th© race ever written, girt* copent reanont why the aar«rnmcn1 •hould and mubtirrancth* former negro »Ir» Ye a petv alon. Write at*nce and (jo* rour namct,etc.,ln his pen— lion register. No charM «xr«nt *u above until tho bill becomes a law. Add. W. ft* TlCq)UH,(KiMayor)Wa<hlDgtoD, P.O. F. 0. U Bm 111. •VANTLCn f MKN TO TRAVF.U If* pay |N ffHniCUi to UIOO ix mouth And PIP time a. HTONB «» WKLLINUTON. BlJMltMm, WU. DONALD KENNEDY Of Roxbiiry, fflass., says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of 40 yeara' standing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and Cancer that has taken root Price $i.5o. bold by every Druggist in the U. S. and Canada. PILES with antololam worthy abetter qiwse, tl\ey 8h« listing attentively, and when she con- formeri they take,, what is legitimately "S" ^tin ioollne to aoknowlodge their error, anU ol «a «8 that be has played.gujflciently long p | aoe d before them, not heeding what ?S^„JaBJM itand In groups round the aggressive logs, to assure her of his serious intentions, she [heirneighbors are doing or what is "over ,„o£Xani iiTtowery eye" the instant it 'jjrateMUnrtp -^>lQy tlwin, • pat. In nalilar. tlmWIy-mrifa iforth, Irom i her homo, thofence;" A firm possessing 1 ,200 acreB J" 8 ,", 8 ^ i? g Thon the owner of tho eye WugofhM. Throwing tlie now useless reed upon the andadairyof sixts ROWS to occupy »t in ^SSTmokofll and would run toward it. Meanwhile, the fragrant'pieces of pine ground,-the young man rushes forth, part have removed most of the internal ^"^ 0 tw 0 Sid shoot out The next in- roar and oriioUle merrily, throwing sliadows |heh ensnwfr swne wch; w onl^ tboBe fences andemplpy a boyherdor instead, as «S *Z f. l e u .'wow!" and, seizing »P the huge ohlinney, and casting bright who ha ve been lovers can appreciate. being oheaper in several respects than to h ^ nmuh ^ 8 hoe m his hand, would limp maintain fannan. , ftrain . and TJBSture 0C-. "S .Tfffil!'_ .i-*.„„n „,™A a rThn newsbov jloiuiis.ot light upon tho exquisite oaken inrvlng ot tho ancient chlinney-plece that roaches almost to the lofty colling and Is now blackened by ago and beautiful beyond icsoi'ipcion. Olga, In a snge-groon gown, Is lying back listlessly lu a deopariii-clialr;sheliiisplaoed in olbow on cither nun of It, and has brought lior flngors so l'ar toward oaoh other tliat WHAT A SPIDBR DID. m on plain »looe white WotW Dlfy llroes. I seud. aewe. mK.M..OW»«i«. give iny dear de'siro seems too mi>oh." r ''Are you BUI» that it is tliftt, or*—" weeks past, yet dare no^.booauso^oinothliiB i melr ijps,touch. Hermla Herrick, In | gowji In your eyes forbade mef.And now, tp havo ot W ppVr|r«»l'li'- knittings lfmiWWly rllttls you of your ow.n.aocord real.y willing to | ^ivrro^^t ^e W -nesmg^fleWly ai her knee. • Monica, In plain white Indian muslin, I B doing nothing, unless dialling now and then at Brian Desmond be anything, who Is lying ont»beai>8i(lii rug, looking supremely hap- py;»ndfuiiflf;iif^|jija sjflri^.:Hehas wme lover •t^AC^'t^ijf. 9wly r b9,i!jg generous* lynrgfid loVtef^b^W^ .;.l,„^' r;',»\ U Uh loci l).,rla I. "yetTeftpa 70* ' Don 't kiss me Just toobltgeJBieiWu know. X don 't i^ibjl'sh the sen- "Dexterously,, awuyiiotiuifm, and n\ got on the gyfrntiieday Is booking nt b«}'i ha.can^W^ gestUM , •^w•- ,t -* sr -" , How » tittle Spidor waa the .Memin of llulnluH u Nation. St. Louis Republlo. When the Frenob quartermaster, Die- jonval, was confined in prison by the Dutch atsUlre«bt, he sougi tedjuiuro his prison lite by attentive!, ntudyinff theTliibits of the spiders maintain fences,.,.Grain and -Vftim ^fl ffiing"Bt7aiige "wordB. -'fhe newsboy oupy tbe same field] and so intelligent d^Zd Witli glee and held his sides to nrS these fteiraalB that one seldom ventures ^ ap { rom fajRng to pieces, u . to step over the line upon • forbidden ^rir ^ au( j t he brioks rolled over to- grdund. Ontbe way toandifrow paslw ^ t h7» into tbe gutter, so delighted w«re these cows posu an unfencedflpwer-ganien ,»v .Theiboy Would put them and never molest it. Under 8iinil,ur t h 0 path of travel evory time. In an ciroumBtanoeB sorub > cows .^would^ tun ou / the hat ttfl d the brioks bad. revenged Dutch atiUlMcbt, he soughijto beguile.the. riot in ,.grawfleld:W,d( garden. SOther ^mBolvos on no less than forty human -p • lively things being equn..*? yolum* of tbe ^ inBBi ln oludlugonewoman.^/rhenews ; .... which produot of acow is liiTtuto toherdooiltj ^ " ftl ' d it wttB tuo funny.,-He couldn 't frequented his oell i and eighteen years .of and intelligence; ,< These two [qualities c ^ci iuny longer) so he pioked tbem up ]....?..,-•:—_i i."i._ i— n 1 '-—""Iteam.—Arbas. " . I W TT•"" • * . ".I i.-n_.- imprisoment gave him leisure to to. well | make a strong bovine versed in their ways. In December of 1794 the Frenoh army, on whose victory over i »„,,I..II««.I the,Putcb depended. Dijjonval's restor- 1 ^ '^'iTu .^d In Ml ation to liberty, were in Hollanu and. tbe victory seemed certain if the frost, whi' was then unprecedented severity, conti »*d- ^feilDutcb, «wto" and hid tbem in the hallway, where anyone ooming' down-8'aus mitrht falljatfcl break bis neck over tbetn,;,.fle promtaed,, provided no one .did this, to come back for them when he bad sold hU papers, ataB inning oliW SHpMd Zde* encetotbesojptof worH,«Jftt, KfclyM iaj? A P '« whose work is without any. M^dOr I oau bel L EWIS' 98^ in POWDflBBD A»D PISTDllZD. (P&TEKTBD.) The itrongtst and fturesl I.yi made. Will make the bat ptr fumed Hard Soap in 20 minutel •tuitAout idling. It is tlie boat for. softening watet cleansing waste pipes, disinfect log sinks, closets, washing be* ties, paints, trees, etc PENNA. SALT M'F'G Sen. Agta^ Pkua,, Fa. ri(K«B.WtSDILIi , C«., IIIre.] •leaiipolla, lie Trade Sups Chlusgo, ' Can You Do lti lied b» A. * BEOfc, tew Verk a»d PMIadelaJla.

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