Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1963 · Page 33
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 33

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1963
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

TliUKSJJA*, SEPTEMBER 12,1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY-THREE Thursday Evening TV Digest (R) Denotes Rcbrondcast KTVt (ABC) 2 - KMOX <CBS1 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KPLB 11 6:00-2 4 5 News 9 What's New? 11 Three Stooges (R) 6:15-2 City Camera & Weather 4 5 Weather & sports 11 Rocky A His Friends 6:25—4 Summary: Allen 5 Recap: Condon 6:30—2 Ozzle and Harriet (R) 4 Fair Exchange (R) 5 Widt Country (R) 9 Reading Out Loud 11 People Are Funny 7:00—2 Donna Reed (R) 4 Perry Mason (R) 9 Four Teachers 11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:30-2 Leave It to Beaver (R) 5 Dr. Kildare (R) 11 Barn Dance Tonight 8:00—2 My Three Sons (R) 4 Twilight Zone (R) 0 Scott's Last Journey n Billy Graham 8:30—2 McHale's Navy (R) 5 Lively Ones »iW—2 Premiere (R) 4 Nurses (R) r> S|M'Hul: "The Real West" (Ri 9 Glenn Gould 1] Movie — "Hell Drivers" (1958) Peggy Cummins, Stanley Baker 9:30—9 Court of Reason: Webster's Third 10:00—2 4 5 News 10:10-2 5 Weather 10:15—2 Steve Allen 5 Johnny Carson 10:20-4 Weather 10:25-4 Eye-Line: Roby 10:30—4 Movie — "Scene of the Crime" (1949) Arlene Dahl. Van Johnson 11:00—11 Movie — "Careful, Soft Shoulder" (1942) Virginia Bruce, James Ellison 11:45—2 Movie — "Too Many Girls" (1940J Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz 12:00-5 Tonight in St. Louis 12:15—4 Movie — "Brother Rat & a Baby" (1940) Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan 12:30-5 11 News 12:35—5 Almanac 12:40-5 Weather II Newsreels & Religion 1:15—2 News & Sports 1:20—2 Mahalia Jackson 1:55—4 News & Religion Friday Daytime, Sept. 13 5:46—4 5:50—4 «:00— A 6:30-4 7:00—4 5 7:30—1 7:40—1 7:45—2 7:50—2 7:55—2 8:00— '1 4 8:30—2 9:00—2 4 5 9:15—1' 9:25—5 9:30—4 5 10:00—2 4 5 10:30—2 4 5 11:00—2 4 5 11:25-4 11:30-2 4 5 11:45—4 11:55—5 Noon— 2 4 5 Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks Town & Country P.S. 4 Morning Scene Today: Hugh Downs News: Carmichael World of Mr. Zoom Mahalia Jackson Farm Report News Rural Almanac Capt. Kangaroo Tree House Cartoons King & Odie CBS News Say When Romper Room NBC News I Love Lucy fR) Play Your Hunch Price Is Right The McCoy.-, (R) Concentration Seven Keys Pete and Gladys (R) Missing Links Tennessee Ernie Love of Lite 1st Impression CBS News Father Knows Best (R) Search for Tomorrow Truth or Consequences Guiding Light NBC News General Hospital News-Weather: Roby News: Jim Burke 11 Newsreels 12:05—4 My Little Margie (R) 5 Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Divorce Court 4 As World Turns 11 Jack LaLaiine 1:00 — 4 Password 5 People Will Talk 11 Movie — See Thurs., 11 p.m:, Ch. 11 1:25—5 NBC News 5 (R) on— 2 (R) •1 line" Lucid ,"> 11 30-5 00—1! 11 30-2 5 9 11 Make Room for Daddy Adventures in Paradise Movie — "Chicago Dead(19491 Donna Reed, Alan Corky the Clown Three Stooges (R) Maverick (Rt Rifleman (R) Mickey Mouse Club (R) Zane Grey Theater (R) CBS News: Cronkite Huntley-Brinkley P.S. 4 Deputy Dawg New CBS Series Refreshin 1:30—2 Day in Court 4 House- Party 5 The Doctors 1:54—2 News 2:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Loretta Young (R) 2:15—11 Movie - See Thurs., 9 p.m., Ch. 11 2:25-4 CBS News 2:30—2 Who Do You Trust? 4 Edge of Night 5 You Don't Say 8:00—2 Trailmaster (R) 4 Secret Storm 5 Match Game 3:25—5 NBC News 3:30-4 SS Popeye Nursery School Enrollment Near Capacity EAST ALTON — Three and four year old tots enrolled in the cooperative nursery school attended opening classes Tuesday and will continue on a regular schedule of school from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday in the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Lon Smith, director, reports there are openings for j two more students in the school. Interested mothers may contact any member of the Mother's Club executive board for further information. Other officers elected at a meeting of the mother's in the Smith home Tuesday are: Mrs, Emery Dial, co-director; Mrs. A. J. Whittaker, secretary; Mrs. Frank Dickerson, treasurer; Mrs. Jerry Malone, medical records and publicity; Mrs. Greg Robertson, liaison officer; Mrs. Arthur Heath, telephone chairman; Mrs. Don Harrison land Mrs. Robertson, budget and equipment. Meetings of the Mother's Club will be held the third Thursday of each month in the homes of members. The Hard Way MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Thieves broke into the D e 1 ta Vending Co. here recently, stole a 400-pound safe and tore it apart. For one thing, the safe wasn't locked. And tor another, there wasn't anything in it. gllllllllllllllliCIVIC MEMORIAL 1 """""""! 1 AIRPORT RESTAURANT i SE k Dial 259-3502 Special Reservations (or ss Clubs and Societies — ~; . Uldl <ua*j>ivt cuiBs__ana_aocieut;s_ — . == | • Fresh River CATFISH $100 • i == • Includes French Fries, | • = HE V Salad, Rolls and Butter P = | OPEN TIL NINEHHIHIIHIIIHIIIIli By CYNTHIA LOWftY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Sometimes. numbed perhaps by overdoses of cliche comedy and trivial plots galloping to a predictable climax, we forget that television ran be pure enchantment. Wednesday night, in premier broadcast of a new CBS series, thr Roots of Freedom, the television became a magic carpet, flying us through time and space back 2,400 years to a Greek hillside where the theater was bora. With Alfred Lunt as guide and entertaining lecturer and Lynn Fontanne helping out, the living audiences were actually seated in the ruins of the theater of Dionysus. There on the old broken stones, a cast of talented performers, including Miss Fontanne. Alfred Drake and Donald Madden, enacted short scenes from great plays which were milestones in theater development. First, to illustrate the very earliest Greek theme — man against the gods—there was a portion from Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound." Sophocles' "Antigone" came next to show a more sophisticated concern for man's struggle against man. And finally, after i Miss Fontanne had admonished |p;iren(s to ship the children off • to bed cyme a morally risque I comedy scene _ from Aristophanes' } "Lysistrata," obviously the father of all bedroom farce. It was an absorbing adult hour and proved incidentally that an educationally program doesn't have to be dull. Phil Silvers was the guest star on Monday night's CBS "I've Got a Secret." He mentioned, incidentally, his new CBS series, "The Phil Silvers Show" and its premiere date. Gary Lockwood was a guest on Wednesday morning's NBC "Today" show. He mentioned, incidentally, his new NBC series, "The Lieutenant," and its premiere date. It's going to be "Sophia Loren in Rome" after October's "Elizabeth Taylor in London," but although the projected special has a sponsor, it has not yet settled on a network. ABC ,has nailed Mrs. Ngo Dinh Nhu, the controversial sister-in-law of the president of South Viet Nam, for her initial American television appearance—on a Sunday "Issues and Answers" in October. The big new change in "College Bowl" when it moves from CBS to NBC Sept. 22 will be the addition of color. Two Indicted By Greene County Jury CARROLLTON — Norman G. Castleberry and Claude R Gresham were indicted on a charge of burglary Friday at a meeting of the Greene County Grand jury. They are charged with enter ing the home of Floyd Rimbey in Ath'ensville township with the intent to commit theft. Jaycee Dinner Meeting CARROLLTON — Members of the Jaycees had a dinner meeting Tuesday at Day's Colonial room and discussed the drag races which they have been sponsoring and which closed Wednesday ev ening. The races have been held at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Plans were also discussed con earning projects which might be introduced for the betterment of Carrollton. MOSCOW—Russian imports of lipstick are reported up. Fresh As Spring! CHOCOLATE MILK QUART ALL FLAVORS ICE CREAM r 69 Special Fri. 9 Sat., Sept. 13th and 14th 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS tSM St. Aoron from CordM Studebaker North Alton 192 Rd* Wort River TI8 C. Airline Dr., Hel|bU OPEN 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. ADDS SO VERY MUCH PLUS the Lowest Price-Makes It Extra Nice!! Open Daily 0:00 a.m. Ill 6:00 p.m. Open Fridays f):00 a.m. ill 0:on p.m. Payroll Checks dished Free with Orders over $5.00 NO I'KKSONAI, CHECKS!! BY MAYROSE! 8-10 LB. AVG. WHOLE PIECE!! SLAB Center Cut Rib or Loinl Very Fancy! PORK CHOPS -59' Champion Ready-to-Eat, 14-18 Lb, Avg, WHOLE HAMS - 49* GROUND BEEF..8u»'1 £" GROUND CHUCK 3 „ M 19 BIB STEAKS . . CHUCK ROAST . . FRYING CHICKEN ASS'T. LEGS • THIGHS WINGS WORRELL'S SQUARE SLICED BOILED" HAM 79' Lb. HEM TURKEYS.. Morrell's Fancy Canadian Bacon...' 79c Ready To Eat pUIPKFNC Whole B-B-Q Vmvlll.lUJ -•We Pork Chitterlings $029 BUTTERMILK FRESH BISCUITS 10 Reg. Tubes KRAFT'S "TASTY LOAF" CHEESE SPREAD 2 B« 59 C STA-RITE PURE VEGETABLE OLEO MAXWELL HOUSE REG. OR DRIP COFFEE Less Than 57c Lb.!! 3 £ $169 POTTED MEAT . .10 $ 1 LA CORONA LUNCHEON LOAF $ ROTARUS ROTO-PLASTIC RUGS 9x12 "TEach O'Fallen Dairy's Genuine ICE CREAM 49 MILNOT . ,' 475 Case of 48 1A Ta " $ 1 IU Tins I PET MILK or CARNATION $6.95 Case of 48 3 r 45' Free Box Salt with Purchase 4 Oz. Forbes BLACK PEPPER 39° WASHBURN'S GREAT NORTHERN BEANS Lb. Cello Bag 55e ALL NUT PEANUT BUTTER Lb. $ Jar 303 Swt. Potatoes • 303 W.K. Corn • 12 Oi. Catsup 303 Early June Peas • Musselman's A Applesauce • 303 Tomatoes. $3.95 fl straight case or Mix or Match at MEADOW GOLD'S COTTAGE CHEESE 2 - 39 C MEADOW GOLD'S SUNNY FLAKE BUTTERMILK BUY 1 GET 1 FREE 2 £ 25 C Worrell's Fully Cooked Boneless HAMS» 79 C Mayrose Whole 18-Lb, Avg. Smoked HAMS - 49 Hunter's Showboat Sliced , BACON -49 c BOLOGNA. . .JS* M" MEADOW GOLD'S WHOLE • GRADE A MILK ENJOY THE BEST!! 3 Half Gals. OLD JUDGE IRRADIATED COFFEE No Limit Lb. 59' DECORATOR COLORS LATEX BASE WALL PAINT $195 Gal. LUCITE WALL PAINT ROYAL PATENT ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 25 " DINING CAR "ROBUST" COFFEE I.TOMM C No Limit Lb. 59' WISHBONE 'Real Money Saver" COFFEE 49 C No Limit Lb. MEADOW GOLD'S GRADE "A" Gurn-Z-Gold ENJOY THE BEST!! 3 sz 89 C MANHATTAN "INSTANT" COFFEE 8 ~ 89 C GUARANTEE OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE PAINT 95 $ 1 Gal. LUCITE HOUSE PAINT Gal. PATH'S "PURE WHITE" SHORTENING 3 ft 59<> 300 Cr. Style Corn • 300 Gr. Beans 303 Spinach • 300 Applesauce $3.25 case of 24 or Mix or Match at 300 Shellours Preferred W ,^ E Coffee 3 PICKLING VINEGAR WHITE • DARK 59« GAL. 79« CONTADINA CHOICE HALVES PEACHES 4 2Va $« Tins 1 Strictly Fresh Large Loaf BREAD 6 $ 1 KING-SIZE BREEZE $1.19 Strongheart a?** 10 ^ DAYPV DOG FOOD IA Reg.$1 IIVAC I . $3.45 Case of 48 IU Tins I RAY'S OR HODGE'S CHILI 3 39c $ Tins CRISP, FRESH SALTINE CRACKERS 19° Lb. Box 300 Kraut • 303 Beets • 300 Butter Beans • 300 Kid ney Beans • 300 Mix Vegetables • 300 A 15c G&W Limas«303 Greens • 300 Potatoes Q Ea. 300 Gr. Beans & Spuds. 2.95 case 24 tins PORK & BEANS • SPAGHETTI • HOMINY • RED BEANS • NAVIES NORTHERNS • CHILI BEANS • BLACKEYE PEAS • PINTO BEANS Shoestring Potatoes • Baby Butter Beans • $2.35 Straight Cases • 300 Tins MIX OR MATCH Fancy Slicing!! TOMATOES 4 Pound Trays Northern Russet Gems!! POTATOES 10. 29 Very Nicest!! BANANAS Lbt SAVINGS SO GREAT PAUL GUTS RATE]

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