The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1966
Page 5
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WASHINGTON Mmy-Go-Round by PEARSON WASHINGTON - Next week's most popular indoor sport-after Tuesday - will be a discussion of the. "repudiation" of LRTs policies at the polls, and whether this tneanfl he will be turned down either for the Democratic nomination in 1968 or at the November election that year. For if the Democrats do not take a licking it will be one of the marvels of 20th century politics in the United States. Before the exporting begins, however, it might be a good idea- as Al Smith used to suggest- to look at the record, For the fact is that in the last 60 years the party holding the White House has taken a drubbing in every "off-year" Congressional election, with the sole exception of a nine-seat gain in the House of Representatives in 1934 - while FDR was fresh in the White House and was rallying the country out of the Great Depression. Thus the Democrats have lost an average of 32 seats in the House every off-year election while they've held the White House, except in 1934. The Republicans similarly have lost an average of 42 seats. This covers a period of 13 off-year elections, seven under the Democrats, six under the Republicans. And while FDR scored his upset in 1934, he also suffered the greatest loss of any Democratic President - 70 seats in 1938, when the country was in a recession period, the United States was highly isolationist, FDR was bucking the rising threat of Hitlerism and we obviously were facing engulfment in another world war. Even during World War n FDR lost 50 seats, In 1942. . Warden G. Harding, the Republican ^President who defeated the Democrats in 1920 when the League of Nations- was a hot issue, still took the worst shellacking of any President of the past half century two years later when the GOP lost 76 seats in the. House. This in spite of' the fefct TT a Republican - Calvin' Coolidge - would be elected President another two years later, in 1924. Thus - if history can be used as a gauge - an off-year defeat for the party in the White House does not mean it will lose the White House next time the Presidency is at stake. Just as the party holding the White House loses seats in the off years, it may gain them back in the Presidential years, at least when a President is re-elected. The only exceptions to this in the past 50 years were the loss of three Republican House seats in Eisenhower's re-election in 1956, and John F, Kennedy's loss of 20 seats in the House in his narrow victory in 1960 over Richard Nixon. For the post-election analysts, here are the House seat losses sustained by Presidents holding the White House in the other off-year elections since 1916: Woodrow Wilson, 28 in 1918. Harry Truman, 54 in 1946; 29 in 1950. John F. Kennedy, 5 in 1962. Among Republicans, Coolidge lost 10 In 1926, Hoover 53 in 1930, Eisenhower 18 in 1954, 47 in 1958. With these figures - and remembering how the following Presidential elections turned out - you can be as expert as almost anybody in diagnosing the results of the 1966 Congressional elections next week. - o- - ELECTION OUTLOOK- If right-wing candidates score major triumphs in next Tuesday's election, it might mean a big change in administration policy, because the incumbent White House and party strategists always try to find a clue to the nation's political swings each time voters go to the polls, no matter how the results may be colored by local or personality factors. If there is a clear national swing to the right, you thus could find President Johnson more inclined to escalate the war in Viet Nam, relax his efforts to reestablish friendlier relations with communist nations in Europe, and make changes in his domestic programs. : '" Here-is h6w j some of the major races shape up: New York - Gov. Nelson Rockefeller looked to be the winner until his huge $4,300,000 expense fund was made public. This may counteract the heavy vote which FDR, Jr., will roll up and the bumbling campaign of his Democratic opponent, Frank O'Connor. But FDR will draw votes from O'Connor rather than from Rockefeller. California - At this moment Ronald Reagan looks like the winner. Gov. Pat Brown, the incumbent Democrat, has been hurt by the white backlash against Negro riots in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other areas. Ohio - GOP Gov. James Rhodes should win by a landslide, may carry in some Republican Congressmen, among them young Bob f aft. Taft would lose without Rhodes, may lose anyway. Georgia- Arch-segregationist Lester Maddox now seems likely to defeat Republican Congressman Bo Callaway for the governorship. Callaway is also a segregationist, but less of a rabble rouser than Maddox, and Callaway alto will have the labor vote against him, New Hampshire - Retired Air Force Gen. Harrison Thyng is running for the OOP on a win- the-war-quick platform. A lot of Republicans will vote against him, which probably will re-elect Democratic Sen. Tom Mclntyre, New Jersey - Sen. Clifford Case, outstanding liberal Republican is sure to win reelection. Pennsylvania - Milton Shapp, businessman who defeated the party machinery to win the Democratic nomination for governor, appears the loser, though this could change. Illinois-Elder statesmanSen. Paul Douglas apparently will lose to Republican Charles Percy. The anti-Negro backlash has hurt Douglas seriously, though he has been a life-long champion of the minorities that have swung against him because of riots and Negro campaigns for open housing. Michigan - Six-time Gov. G. Mennen Williams, back in the state after federal duty, to try to become Democratic Senator from Michigan, is still running an uphill race against his GOP opponent Congressman Robert Griffin, co-author of the Landrum-Griffin Act. Williams is gaining ground steadily, but whether he can overcome Griffin's original lead is still anybody's guess. . - o- - LEO'S SALES EFFORTS The President did some effective,; selling, .with .Foreign^ For And About Teenagers weeks ago ; and while Gromyko was noncommital, the sales talk appears to be getting some results. As the conference ended, the President put his arm around the Soviet Foreign Minister's shoulder - something which isn't done in the formal Will the 1* cost you $175 more than they should? They might, If you have to borrow the money to pay them.. (Repaying that loan will cost you a pretty penny in interest charges.) But if you make a habit of saving with us, with the people who specialize in saving, you will have the money when you need it. The difference between borrowing to pay the bills for your baby or saving ahead and getting earnings on your savings cpuld furnish the nurser* Saving makes the different* Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. AH Awounts Fully Insured Te $18,000 Save From The J5th -~ larn From The lit SINCJ 1917 — ALOONA, IOWA Ml Savings Accounts insured up to f 15,000 by the Federal Saving! and Insurance Corporation of Washington, P. C. THE WEEK'S LETTER* "I am fourteen. There is a boy who Ilka me. He U fifteen. He never tayi anything to me but he telli my friends he like* me. When h« sees me he begins smiling. He watches me often but if I look at him he pretends h« Is not watching me. 1 would Ilk* very much to walk up to him ana begin talking. Or, write him a letter. But, f would be embarrassed to do that. Please give me some good advice." OUR REPLYt You should not be at all embarrassed to speak to the boy — and this may be what he Is waiting for. You do not have to walk up to him and begin talking. Just be friendly. Say hello, and let things proceed from there. You should take Into consideration, also, something that teenage girls often forget. The boy may be bashful. Girls com* plain about boys being friendly away from school and then hardly speaking at school. Boys S 3 through such a time — when ey are embarrassed and afraid that friends will tease them If they show too much attention to a girl at school. This Is, however, a phase that most boys leave behind after a very short time. ft r 4l«Mt, *r »n •to****** it mmt, tttrmt V*M Itfttr to 101 AND ASOUt TtlNAOIM. COMMUNITY AND IUSUMAN Mill IMVICI. ft T»» *Mt t» it mmt, chanceries of European diplomacy - and patted him affectionately as If their countries never had exchanged a harsh word or experienced a single difference. The biggest thing Johnson gave Gromyko was an absolute assurance that there would be no sharing of atom weapons with West Germany, He guaranteed there would be no mulU-nuclear force. This was a big concession. Since then some noises have come out of the Kremlin indicating that Johnson's sales effort was not in vain. The recent meeting of the Soviet's East European allies, together with Mongolia and Cuba, is reported to have decided on overtures to North Viet Nam to soften its peace terms on two points: 1 - agree to South Viet Nam as a participant at the conference table; 2 - agree to stop sending troops into South Viet Nam. To meet these conditions, the President also had to do some tough selling in Manila, chiefly with Premier Ky, the tough little pilot who once fought in the French army against the Vietnamese, and who, coming from North Viet Nam, has been resisting any idea of sitting down at a peace table with the North Vietnamese, let alone the Viet Cong. ". ' ." : -.<£•' ;-?M. ... IT SELLING PREMIER KY Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge had done some advance arm-twisting with Premier Ky before they left Saigon. But President Johnson did the final selling to get Ky to agree that the Viet Cong, if they laid down their arms, could run for election, hold public office, and participate in the government. This was announced at Manila. Previously it had been announced that South Viet Nam would permit the National Liberation Front (the Viet Cong) to participate in the peace talks. Selling these concessions to Premier Ky was not easy, as shown by the fact that five minutes after he got off his plane back home he shot off a hot statement at a press conference that he would never negotiate with communists or permit them in the cabinet. "No, never," he exploded, Ky held the press conference only by accident- milder President Nguyen Van Thieu was supposed to hold it; so Premier Ky's explosion isn't too Important. He can be resold. In the end, the United States will write the peace, Regardless of Ky's outburst, the Manila conference was much more successful than President Johnson ever expected. Unfortunately, whether he gets a peace for Southeast Asia will depend largely on the Red Chinese. The Russians have some Influence, but not as much as the Chinese, The latter are too close, The Vietnamese must live under their shadow. The Russians are too far away. Meanwhile the most important development to come out of recent diplomatic events Is a tacit agreement between the USA and the USSR to pull together for peace, The Russians don't want any farifare about it. They get too much ribbing from the Chinese that they are "stooges of the imperialistic Americans, 1 They complained the other day that the Chinese had published more critical editorial comment about them than the UnitedStates. So they have suggested that we go slow about publicity, Nevertheless, the tacit understanding is there. RwIEttiti Trantftfi Walter, Elmer H. & Blanche M. to John F. & Rita Forbes 10-21-66 S 1/2 of vacated alley lying between lots 3 & 6 blk 194 Call's Add. Whittemore, Town of to St. Paul's Evang. Luth Ch., Whittemore 10-24-66. 0. P. lot 2 blk 17; Whtttemore. Bruns, Luella, Wdw. to Dwight E. & Shirley Bruns 10-_22-66 Lot 2 blk 24 & E SO 1 0. "P, lot 3 blk 24; Wesley. Chicago & N. W. Railway Co. to Albert H. Deitering 10-14-66 That pt. of SE 1/4 NW 1/4 (see rec.) 24-98-29. Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. to the Borden Co. 1014-66 That pt. of S 1/2 NW 1/4. Com.isee rec.; 31-94-27. .,.*,•.• Weig, Joseph B. & Mary, Edward & Adeline; John, sgl.; Raymond, sgl. Eugene, sgl. et al to Marlyn & Joan Albertson 1018-66 Way & Barrett's 1st College Add. lots 3, 4, & 5 & 6 blk 4; Wesley. Wlchtendahl, Wilmer & Edna & Edwin & Viola to Clarance Wyne Gingrich et ux 10-18-66 Lot 7 blk 7 & S 46' 0. P. lot 8 blk 7 ; Fenton. Bell, Robert J. & Mary to G. Virgil & Joann Spencer 10-2566 Bell's Add lot 4 ; Algona. Be Safe To help keep poison out of the reach of children, several manufacturers of medicine cabinets are offering a new type of protection that consists of a, small chest or comp'artment within the top of the cabinet which can be securely closed. This presents a "locked door" to small prying hands, but It is easily opened by an adult by means of an out-of-the-way button on top of the chest. may vary, depending on the backing the candidate is receiving, he makes a tremendous expenditure of those valuable commodities - time and effort. Except for those who have run for office, most people fail to realite the work that it involved and which each candidate lets himself in for when he runt. All this expenditure of time and money it directed toward one thing YOUR VOTE. Put yourself in the place of thete qualified candidates that art asking for your vote and try to raallM how disappointed you'd be if the voting turn-out was tmall, Every American, therefore, hat a right, a duty and an obligation to vote; to your country and to the candidates who have made conolderable effort to run for office. /S/ Public & Business Affairs Committee of the 80ROP- TtMIffT CLUB of Algona. BY J Mrs. Jamet Peterson, Ch, Mrt, William Finn /8/ Public t Business Affairs Committee of the KIWANIS CLUB of Algona. BY t Jamat Peterson, Chm. A. J, Huenhold Roy Hutull Howard Miller Richard Godfredson Editor Upper Dot Molnes Mott all of us noted the special "picture" section in the Oct. 23 Des Molnes Register, promoting the campaign of Jack Miller. The cost and who paid for that kind of expensive rotogravure section on a statewide basis arouses my curiosity. I have been told that is cost $20,000. Could it be the multi-millionaire oil men like Getty who are the beneficiaries of Miller's opposition to Senator Williams and Limns TO THE EDITOR /rom SCRAPBOOK DATES AND EVENTS FROM YESTERYEARS All German forces were driven from Greece, November 4, 1944. Edison applied for his first Incandescent lamp patent, November 4, 1879. President Roosevelt was re-eli-cted for a third term, November 5, 1940. Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the U.S., November 6, 1860. The U.S. recognized Panama, Novembers, 1903. The elephant as symbol of the Republican Party appeared In a cartoon by Theodore Nast, in Harper's Weekly, November 7,1874. The first American Legion convention opened In Minneapolis, November 8, 1919. Allied forces Invaded North Africa, November 8, 1942. The Great Boston Fire took place, November 9, 1813. The CIO wan organized, November 9, 1935. The U.S. Marine Corps was established, November 10,1775. Thursday, Nov. 3, 1964 AI0ona (Id.) Upper Des Douglas attempt to reduce the giant subsidy to them, via the exemption of 27 1/2% of their gross receipts which practically wiped out the progressive income tax? Perhaps the introduction of the picture supplement in the Register induced the editorial endorsing Miller in the Register's Oct. 30th issue? the entire episode stntfit;; Senator Douglas claim •thtifc* 27 1/2 depletion allowance flft* tidy is ft national scandal, ifld proves it, too, In his argument* in the Congressional R««ort fof Feb. 6, 1964, pages 2095 to 2115 inclusive. 0. W. Pattern* Butt, tout* Makes Short Work •LIVATCmB YOUR DUTY TO VOTE There's no question that it't the patriotic right and duty of every eligible American citizen to vote in the election to be htld November 8, This ground hat been covered many timei and we're ture every thinking American realizes that he't sacrificing a little bit of hit freedom every time he fails to exercise hit right to vote, One aspect of this matter that people don't think about, however, is the cost to each candidate that runt for office, While the actual dollars and cents cott Elevating , Jnl) Whatever the elevating job on your farm ... a Stan-Hoist Elevator will hnndle it. Baled hay, entllage, ear com, shelled corn, small grain* ... all material la handled quickly with a Stan-Holat Elevator. Capacity and elevating speed come from Stan-Hoist'* 21-Inch carry-a-way with deeper, smoother running flight*, Ensy-to-rnUe (nnd lower) hopper features straight* . through design. Strength and quality come from rugged construction with heavy 16- gauge galvanized steel. No bowing or drooping with Stan-Hoist! Transport easily from job to job tool Easy raise and lower by hand, hydraulic or PTO. FARM Visit our stare foe/ay/ JOE BRADLEY EQUIP. So. of Algona Hotel — Algona, la, STRONG Make Strong Communities Pmuvi \J "And the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. * — James 5:15 Never underestimate the power of faith and prayer. But do not expect God to perform your own special miracle. Faith and prayer are the basis of strength and offer reason for hope. Yet there it no prayer to bend God's will. Through faith, there la personal reward in knowing that we have met the challenge of despair and we have not been defeated. Read your BIBLI daily and OO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Sptclal W..lcly you by the following ROY HUTZEU - DIST. Oulf Petroleum Products 293-2362 ISSER DRY CLEANERS FMB Pick-up cmd Delivery Phonei 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & long Distance Phont 295-2275 — Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr, METRONICS, INC O. B. Hormes "Super Speed" Took FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Mertpn ftps*/ //jr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 Church M0stag«s brought to PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295*3561 ALOONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver — Massey-Ferguson GMC Trucks - Firestone Tlrts - Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tnctors - Trucks - Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds - We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street, 295-5206 BINNIE B, WIBBEN, Bldfl. Contrcwtot 122 5. Hedcart St, w Algcno, low* SHILTS IROWNBILT SHOP STORE "Th« Shot Store TKet Tgkti Cert of Yo«r Ptff Algona Tel, 295-5371 Iowa VAN'S CAFi Junction IB * 169

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