The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 5, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1891
Page 3
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the Postville Weekly Review. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY BY W.N.BUROICK. TERMS: $i,bOATEAR INADVANC?. LOCAL REVIEW. —Melons chonp at John Thomn's. -Wm. uvek. Shephord was at Elkador this —Miss Clnra Sfasdd haa returned from hrr eastern visit. —Dr. Becker, of Clermont, was (n town last Sunday. —Mr. nml Mrs. Fred Thoma visited Oclwoin Inst week. —The Fresh Oyster sonson has opon- oil :it John Thoiua's. the —Mayor McNeil went down to stale fair Inst Friday. —Miss Ail die Sanders has been I nil is- pus-id for n taw days. -Mrs. Tulllo and Bert took In the Criisco lair on Wednesday. - HPA'1 John Crosby's special nn- nunncntncnt no this page. -Brazil NuU 10c per lb., lav ai John Thomn 's. or 3 lbs. • Charley Burling hns gone the ¥a\- titc to attend tho Unlvctsily. — 1.. Aruntnmjj was over (rom Waukon 111" front end of iho week. —Slum- CHIP luft a pnir of new slip- jn-rs lit 11»t-* olllcc a few day* ago. -Dr. Amsdi'll, of West Union, was iiuiicoil un our streets last Sunday. - We nn* under obligations to Mrs. I'rcil Tliomn for a pnil of nice plums. —Mavor McXuil returned frgm l)es Miiini's fair. /ust night, Ho reports n bi "j - 'rim lnmtu-.-M somehow forget that ••• (.-ill prairiu chickens whun we can -•t i hem. —Chief Mui-kuinuuk and hi* band of brim* ivill attend our greiit f."lr, Sept. Hili M Itftli. -Mr*. (Jim. V. (Jruueii and cliildrin, o( Oxford Junetlon, have been visiting Willi Mrs II. Stone. — Mil's Mniuiti Uoyles, of McGregor, \\IIH tiie giiiMl (if lier friend, Harry McKinlcv, la>t week. --Wm. Mott is tiuildiiig n cii.-jy little bum f(it us. We could not ipi'ilu us- cap* the building boom. — J. M. lliur.s has purchnsed vwunty h-tlf iiloml polled aligns Miilve* of Mrs. llAufcs. lhuv are beauties. StOOH .iKJ worth of Indies' and Mis' Juvkuts just received, »t SKELTUS &T'AKUKM.\S'S. —J. W. Ward & Co. devote their oiilii '4 (•pace to sewing machines this Kwad what they say. —The "Handy Top" Is tho best pnt on any carriage. W- S. WSBSTEB. —This has boon nn off week for local matter. Real cstato has been quiet. For Salel Carriages of all descriptions for sale. W. 8. WSBSTEH. —Tho Hamilton Brown 12.60 Shoo will match ANY $3.00 shoo you can UND - JNO. CHOSBY. wora with —ff you want wood Kayo mo or any of my tenmstors. P. J. BEUCUEU, Drayman. Miss Anna £aaton lnstrustor on tho piano and organ, Postvllle, Iowa. -YOU LOSE MONEY when you wear anything elso but tho Hamilton Brown Shoe. JKO. Cttositr. Horse-Shoeing. No \iit and miss, but a good Job over; clatter and prices very reasonable. TllOS. SlIOHTRREt). For Balol The houso and two lots formerly owned by Dr. Brown will b» sold cheap. Apply to F. S. Burling. 6tf House and Lots For Sato. I offer my houso and throe lots o north sldo of track for sale. S. W. BOYNTOX. Boarding. Thosn desiring board nro informed that I am prepared to receive boarders. MILS. J. P. NAZISTT. —Allnninkee county has been favored with bountiful crops this st-ason nnd sample* of the best of that crop will bo exhibited at our great fair, Sept. 14th to 18lh. —We nuver Maw more teams in town on any day when there was no "doiiis" llinn were on our streets last Saturday. It seemed to bo "opening day" of the fall trade. —I nra on my way to the grual fair to tie held at Waukon to soe Alfonxo Dix-kstadcr. the fcai-le.t* leronnut, make a biillnon Asconsiuu and jump every dav of t ho fair. —Tho Priors vent to Manchester on Monday to set up a line granite monument fjr Ilev. J. V. Hoiley, of Klkmler. They also set n granite monument in KU'tidcr Ihi'i week. Again For Sale. I now offer my residence for sale at a pricu that ought to sell il at once. Cull and see it. Mus. 11. B. UAKI.ETOS. —From now on we will deliver wood dray ago free. it JNO. CROSBY. —Dean Alward is roportcd much worso this morning nnd Iho gravest fours nro entertained. LATER: —Dean died at about 9:30. Wo do not know, but presume tho funeral will bo held on Sunday. We hare no llmo for comment this week. Farm For Bale. Consisting of 317) acres, four miles south of Cnstalla, in Clermont township. 240 acres under cnltlvntion, balance timber and pasture. Buildings fair, wall watered. Inquire on tho premises. 23tf THOMAS MOBHIS. • A few of our people went to Crcsco on Wednesday and "a heap"' more on Thursday, to attend the fair. We had Intended to but had too much work on band. Wo hnvo missed this fair but seldom during tho past thirty years, Howard county having bcon our homo for nineteen yenrs. New Dental Rooms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental ofnou over tho harness store in tho brick block, where he may bo found on Tuesday and Wednesday of each, where ho invites tho public to call when wanting first-clncs work dono in his lino. Domaitlc Difficulty. Il would appear that all is not happiness In the household of C. C. Fnber, nor has It been for some time, A year Bgo Mrs. Fnber desired to get a ilivorun from her husband, alleging sundry nnd divers misdeeds on his part. This was while the family lived at Postvillo. Tho matter was patched up, however, for til's llmo being, they being unablo to agree ns to the disposition of tho youngest child, a boy. Finally Kaber came to Lansing In tho spring and engaged in the livery business, his family following later on. Ho has done fnirly well Its the livery, but tho sarno causes for complaint ware supposed still to exist, nnd on Tuesday his wife bognn proceedings for dlvoruo and $2,300 alimony. The same day n representative of a LaCrosse carriage factory camo down and made an attachment on tho livery stock, he holding a mortgage on some carriages, and several Lnnsing firms also put in claims for sundry amounts. Faber confessed judgment. Tho bnrn is now closod, andMr. Fnber will resume his occupation ns canvasser for nursery slock. Ho claims tho debts amount to but a few hundred dollars, while there was n good outlit of horses, carriages, harness, rofjas, eic. Tho LaCrosse (Irm secured scvernl carriages which warn shipped back there. Ft Is understood that Faber rvent to those to whom he was indebted about town nnd told them his clrcnmstanccss and nil through he has shown a dosiru and willingness to pay every cent ho owed. Whatever may bo bis faults, ho hns not tried to avoid paying his debts. There is some E roperty in Decorah nnd Postvillo.— innslng Mirror. Headquarters for Machine Oils. Tlia brick drug stora as usual is headquarters for machine oils of all kinds. Wu guarantee tho quality to be tho best and prices the lowest. Don't buy a gallon of oil until you conio in nnd examine our oils. lMf R. N. DOUGLASS. —Tim Sociable of llio M. IT,, church will be held at the resilience, of J. S. Moll, nn Thiirs'.l-iy' afternoon and evening. Sept. 10th. Supper from 6:00 7:0o. AH are invited. to Postville Steam Mill. Tho undersigned having purchased tho Postvillo Steam Mills formerly owned nnd opcrntcd by Hiram Dresser, is prepared to do Sawing, Pinning, Grinding Feed, Scroll Sawing ana Turning, at reasonable rates. Pinning nnd grinding, Monday of oach week. Your pairomigo solicited. £. D. STILE*. A Good Farm For Sale. Containing 112 acres, (nil good farming land) living wnlor, convenienl to school, good ron«s, in a good neighbor hood, ilirco miles south from C'nstnlla. For full particulars Inqniro of R. t. Heokor, I'ostvills; A. W. Krnmor, Cas- talin; or the undersigned on tho premises. 13in2 DAHIKL CAUALAN. New Bank Opened. Tho Citizens Stato Bank opened its doors promptly to the public last Monday. The safe, which is the latest style screw door bnnk safe, and the best burglar proof safe made, was placed in tho vault last Saturday. The public aro invited to call aud examine tho facilities for tho snfc koeping of tnonoy and valuables as well ns tho cosy quartors of Hie now bank. week. — Miss TVihei ly lias returned to lake her position in llm school. She has not \*t recovered the night of her eye. -l.inw. Cement, Stucco and Flattering Hair, always on hand and for sale. Ulf P, J. BKUCIIEII, Drayman. - Mrs. Will Harris went to the stato fair last Friday. Will stays at home thii ]yenr and keeps house like a good bllT. Mrs. W. W. Perry and son, of Wis i-jiisia. are here visiting at; Postmaster Perry's. Mr. Perry^is expected to-mor row. - Every day of good, warm weather makes mora ourtHiii t» bountiful coin crop. But il is a close shave iheso cold nights. —It seems wu we were in error in stating that Postvillo was not as fully represented ns usual in the lato institute. Fifteen tencliers were enrolled frum this corner of the county. To Our Lady Customers. Wo imve just received the (inost line of Jackets ever brought to XVslville. Call and lo(.k them over. SKIXTOK & TASUEMAN. —Our roportor.attended Ilia Cresco Fair last Tuesday. He says there was good exhibit in most departments nnd a good crowd of people. The merchant's parade was a grand feature of the fair nnd elicited much praise at all hnnds. Ho is also under obligations to one of Cresco's live business men, Mr. J. li. Cnward, and family, for numerous courtesies nnd splendid entertainment. Excursions. For Decorah Fair, Sopt. & to 11, will soil excursion tlekots nt fare and one third, good to return Sopt. 11. For Waukon Fair, Sopt. 14 to 18, will sell excursion tickets nt faro and one third. Sell Sept. 13 to 18, good to return 19th. For the Minnesota Stuto Fair, held at Hamllnc, S°pt. 0 to 12, will sell excursion tickets to cither St Paul or Minneapolis for faro one way round trip, with AO cents added for admission. Will sell Sept. 6th to 12th inclusive, good until Sept. 14lh. For Minneapolis Exposition, Aug. 2G to Sept. 26, will sell excursion tickets Sopt. 6 to 12 nnd on Sopt. 1G nt faro ono way for round trip, with 25 cents ndded for admission. On TuosdnyB. j Thursdays and Saturdays during continuance of exposition nt fare and ono third, with 26 cents added for admission. Return tickets good until tho following Monday after sale. M. £. TAIXOTT. Agt. Isrwa Weather and Crop Bulletins. Tho following is tha report for last week: This has been (ho coldest August week experienced in Iowa within the past twenty years, tho avcrnga daily deficiency in temperature being about ten degrees. Light frosts arc reported as occurring in every disliict of the state on the 23d and 24tb inst , and nt numerous points on tho 22<l and 28th. The amount of sunshine was generally below normal. Very light prccipitntio/j is reported for all parts of the state, but tho amount is sufliciont. and in so mo localities tho prevalent humidity and cloudiness onused damage to grain in shocks and stacks. There has been no material dn .Tagc by frosts, only tho tenderest vcgotntion being injured in exposed localities. But the weather hns been unfavorable for maturing corn, about thirty per cent, of which is too far behind to ripen under normal woather conditions in Iho coming month. Two to throo weeks of favorable wenthor will plncu the bulk of the crop beyond danger. Potatoes are gomirnily doing wtll, but a tendency to rot hns been caused by execssiro moisturo in a few places." The Standard A LOOK Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine We call your attention to the Standard Sewing-Machine because we be- live it to be the very best sewing machine for family or factory use ever invented. Its great superiority over all other kinds is readily admitted by every person when once understood. The Standard's rotary shuttle has revolutionized the whole sewing machine principle and other sewing machine Co's are paralyzed because o f their inability to meet the Standard in competition. The Rotary principle is the only correct principle for a shuttle to a sewing machine. At our stock of Boots & Shoes will Convince you that it is the most complete stock of ANY in this part of the state. Styles to suit all at prices lower than the LOWEST! Onr trade in this department is proof of what we say. Everything strictly one price. No deviation! JNO. CROSBY. , P. S. Watch for the finest line of Dry Goods ever shown in Postville. This is to remind yon that the best and cheapest line of goods n tho market to-day is liiiiiid wi;h us, nnd wo dosirn vou to examine the name which will prove to you without further remarks the truth of our assertion. —J. A. Cook h»s gone into the Life Insurance business and is repruscntii g tho old "Mutual Benefit," of Tolodo. The company may expect good work from him, fort Bart Is a rustler. Tor Sale. Somo uhoico Poland China Pigs, either sex, no kin. Breeding stock all recorded, (rood bone and good size and early maturity. Prices reasonable. Conio and see. G. W. HAUKIS. —Theo. Uraves, of Sibley pleasant call last Saturday. % splendid business and lovvlv. made us a Ho reports everything —Tho Hamilton Brown f 2.50 Shoe fur men haye the largost sxln of any Shoo In Uiu United States. For sale by •Jill Jno. CHOSBT. —A good, soaking rain is what we need no-v to mak plowing nnd fall pasturage good. It is ditremcly dry and wells are low. • -Haadquarlet'tt ; for Axle Urease, t'Mo'.ln*,' Lard. Caitor, Black and all ot the Usdlng brands of Machine Oils, at W«t#rs*Nlcolay*s. - Mis* Edith Holmes returned homo to Wisconsin last Saturday evening after a very pleasant sojourn of a couple of weeks m Postville. —Excursion rates will be given by tho C. M. & St. P. R. R. from all surrounding points to our great fair, Sept, 14th to 18lh. The rata from Lansing for round trip bein h - $1.25 and $1.60 from New Albin. List ofLettors Remaining uncalled for In the postof-1 flee at Postville. In., Aug. 31st, 1801. Parties calling for any of thera will plenso say "Advertised:" Biggs Mr. Rastgaard Mary. Froelich John. Halo S. C. Kennedy Nora. McClintock R. C. Moore Rov.W. L. Phillips Honty. Robison Mrs. G F Woodworth Goo. rosTAi CARDS: Halo S S (2) Perkins Orlando. JAMES FERRY, P. M. THE JEWELERS.| LADIES' GOLD WATCHES, GENT'S GOLD WATCHES, BRACELETS, BANGLES, BAR PINS, BEAD NECKS, CROSSES, CHARMS, CHAINS, CHAIN MOUNTINGS, CUFF PINS, CHATELAINE PINS, EARRINGS, GARTERS, GLOVE BUTTONERS, JERSEY PINS, LOCKETS, MOUNT HOPE BUTTONS, NECK CHAINS, SCARF PINS, GOLD SPECTACLES. CALL AND SEE US. CSrTZ^TZ- <3Z CO. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every sale anil those persons who are th'i must. dillicuK to pleasu we feel SUIT will IIof,' ' ' llCMlnld to pronounce this MS a fact that, e.vnrythitlg is of tiia (juality represented and will stand the lest of | wear —Tho editors of two rival papers publtshod in Northeastern fowa will light to a finish In front of tha grand stand on the inst day of our great fair. This attraction hns beon secured at a great expense to the society. Xaaon Work. Auyono desiring stone or brick work, at* plastering, done, cisterns put In, etc., can hare prompt and good work done by applying to me. J. P. NAZITT. Farm For Bale. A farm consisting of 280 acres- 240 under cultivation and 40 acres of timber. Will sell the farm without tho timber If desired. Good house, barn and outbuildings on the farm. Fenced in 20 aero lots. Well watered by a number of large springs, A splendid farm in every particular. Situated 2J miles southwest of Castalla and 4} southeast of Osstan. Only lj miles south of Military road and good road to it. For terms, etc apply to E. Scott, Ossian, or to the editor of the REVIEW, Postvillo. J4m6 —POSITIVELY tho nest Sho« on earth for the money is the Hamilton Brown 12.60 Shoe for men. For salo oy (24U) Jjro. CUOSBT. —Dr. Beokor has rented the tipper floor of Mr. Lull's new building, next %o tho furniture store, sod will occupy It for office and residence as soon as completed, Sept 15th to Oct. 1st. tf. - BOY . J. A. Ftonell, better known as the Cowboy Evangelist, will begin a • ries of evangelistic services at Bethel Church next Sunday evening, Sept. Qth. - Ttw Mutual Benetlt, of Toledo, la., '» Hw only Life Insurance organization that takes s> guarantee note to protect thu,p«>^ holitor against lose by reason <<t Inpse/. r ,' - Wf. Mptt bad » olowo call yestev- l-ippt .npoa .wntoh ; ho was ifilll — Are you going to our great fair at Waukon? Yes, why* Boaauso that society pays awarded premiums, its grounds aro very tine and its attractions tha . best offered by any county society in Northeastern Iowa. • -The following subscribers aro entitled to eredit and thank* for cash on subscription this week: Asael Eaton, K, Yotmgloyo, H. O. Green, Mrs. J. MoKlnley, Miss Llilie Laughlln. Short-Bora Ball* For Sale. Four pedigreed short-born bulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen months old, the others younger. Three miles southeast of Postvillo. 13m8 P. CORCORAN. —Mr. Porry will close the Park, ho- tei to tho public Sep. 17th, but the tarn ily will remain there another month. We are not advised as to what dispoai tlon Mr. Dunn will make of it after that, or as to what Mr. Ferry will do -'Tis not often we feel like speaking an extra strong wml, unsolicited, for our local advertisers, but with Ibis issue we wish to say a few words in commendation of our popular and wide awake clothiers. Armstrong & Hotter. This firm commenced business here some eight years since in face of lather strong competition, and when other exclusive clothing dealers had failed and the general stores all carrying more or loss olothlng. Mr. Armstrong -acknowledged by all to b« an expert In this line of trade—alter looking over the ground carefully saw no reason why Postvillo, with such a grand terrl tory, could not support a Urst-clws olothlng house, and so formed a partnership with Mr. Holter,—who baa almost grown up among us—and by their united push and energy, good judgment, sqnaro and honorable treatment and judicious advertising they uow have an excellent trade from all parts of this and the adjoining: ooun ties, and cairy a stock which very few large city stores can excel. There is nothing made too good for tbsra to bay and you oan always rely upon every artlele being just as represented and the prices the lowest. Mr. Holter la In Chicago this week with Mr. Armstrong selsotlng the bal ance of tboir fall and winter stock which will be larger than ever before, and before making any purchases in this line wo advise yon to oaH and The Iowa Homestead Is of tho opinion that the crop estimates are largely overdrawn, nnd that the country has not produced much more than an average crop, and that corn cannot come up la an average, even If It is allowed to ripen. In this section of lowi there is certainly more than an averago crop of all the small grains, and if corn ripens there will be more than an average crop of that grain, though there is still great doubt about tho entiro crop maturing. We bavo been dangerously near frost for some time aud nt this writing Ihore seorrs to bo no prospect of a warm wave. However we hopo for tho best; and with this crop secured no better prospect has ever been apparent in northern Iowa. Good prices are inevitable, and good t'mss must bo the resnlt. Harvest Excursions. On August 25 nnd September 39, tho Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway will sell Harvest Excursion tickets from all stations on Its lino south of and Including Vinton, to all stations on its line north of and includ ing Iowa Falls, in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, to atl points in Arkansas, Indian Territory, Texas, New Mox ico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South and North Dakota; also to ail points in Tennessee, LouUl ana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, at a rate of One Fare and One Third For the Round Trip. For further information, enquire of any ticket agent of this company, or J. E. HAKNCOAN, Gen. Ticket and Pass. Agent —The Prlnoipal of the Nora Springs Normal, Preparatory and Commercial School is a college graduate, has bad 11 years experience ass; teacher, and ftoltlft * Ut* Wplonia from tho state of low*/ Frofr Cofgroya guarantees that art the ojaawf f»V his sohool shall be '*!s *w€w»*|iw^ their mamraotft itooav 'ulir ' K>M9t ^|clM»'twill .believing you can find what yon want-' l^ffesS. A lafa, Profitable Investment Is offered by the Iowa Mntaal Benefit Association of Toledo, la., in the level premium, twelve year Tontine, increasing Certificate. The MUTUAL BEXKNT, of Toledo, is one of the state's oldest Llfo Insurance organisations, and by virtue of Its liberal policy contracts, its promptness in paying claims, the perieotness and safety of Its plan, it has gained an envUble reputation among tbe people of this ntd other states. The rates aro based upon the American Experience Tables, and tho policy holder knows TO A CKNT what his [iisiii 'imun will cost him each year. Thoro are no assessments, nnd tho rate Is absyhnsly rjuavantcieri. There Is no guess work in the Mntiml BencSt, of Toledo. —Wn imve received tbo'ilrss number of the' Eigf n Echo. It (s a nlooly printed six eoluiun quarto, two pages print' ea at home. Wis whjltft success but sewoely ejfpeot ft, Ht4a $Mr^t«#i* i*i ^vwQrofpgSi Look at what you gain on The Standard Its shuttle makes only ONE MOTION to make a stitch, -while the Domestic, New Home, White, Davis, Singer and all long shuttle machines make FOUR (4) MOTIONS^ two stops and two starts with the shuttle to make one stitch. The Standard needle makes only TWO MOTIONS to make a stitch, while on all long shuttle machines the needle makes FOUR (4) MOTIONS to make one stitch. It sew from One-Third to One-Half faster than any long shuttle machine. Its whole shuttle race is SOLID STEEL and oan he replaced, while on other machines the shuttle raoe is ONLY OAST IRON and cannot be replaced. The Standard with its almost noiseless shuttle, which turns round like a wheel, with no stop or jar motion; its great speed; its perfect ease in operation; its perfect tension and elastic stitch; its powerful feed; with its Steel Set of Foot Attachments, combined with its great simplicity and almost endless durability makes it by far the Best and Cheapest sewing maohine in the world, and no one should think of buying a sewing maohine without investigating the principles of the Standard Rotary Shuttle and giving the machine a trial. We also handle a large line of other kinds of sewing machines whioh we sell. A brand new sewing maohine from 18.60,16.00, 80.00 to 25.00, and 30.00 for the best long shuttle sewing machine made, with Steel Set of Attachments. Gall and inspect our machines and especially the Standard before buying, or write us and we will have our agent call and show you NOW IS TBE Til TO Bill Feed Cookers, Swill Carts, "Western Washers, cylinder oils, axle grease and s belting. As heretofore, we carry Anything A Everything in the line of hardware. Chain pumps/ wood pumps and iron pumps. Tin-Work a Specialty I "We can do you good in the Stove line. "Watch this space. HOY & McNEIL. W. CHRISS, Invites you to come and inspect his' mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Room Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks; The Standard, The Best on Earth. J. TDtrV Ward & Co.' L A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin-! gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings andBuilding Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. ^ All parties Intending to do any building the coming» season will consult their own interest by obtaining' figures from me. Particular attention to nllihjf bills. Best of grades only handled. m -WW mm mmi .W«. dead the ''REVIEW" front no^r «fan/ mm* ft a*™ MM m

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