Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 11, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1898
Page 4
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TolBusiness Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account. When death ' has laid its ,,<tp cold and re ?v' lentlcsii hand upon..* kind arid lovl _ husband) the 1 wife, cannot be blunted for n*k Ing herself If nil her years of devotion nnd work and lielpfttlneM were worth the ' while, when !t comes so soon to thl« trng'lc end. If uicti would only take the most com mon sense precautions nifninst the en cronchmeats of ill-health, there would he fewer hotmca of mourning, and fcwei women left alone almost hotple&s before the battle of life la half ovef. A man's liver and otomach are twln'itiaclilnea thai work together, either to make or unmake. If they work wrong, they deplete and poison his blood. Impure and Impoverished blood mean sickness and death. If they work right, they, purify and enrlfh the blood. A man whrfse blood is rich and pure, and whose liver is active cannot well be unhealthy. Headaches, biliousness, Indigestion nnd costivencss, which men generally disregard, are Nalure's warnings that the twin mechanism, stomach and liver, is working against, Instead of for him. Dr. Wercc't Golden Medical Discovery Is the best medicine to use under these circumstances. It creates; appetite, c*»- reels all disorders of tlic digestion, invigorates the liver and fills the attrries with rich, red, healthy blood. As an Invigorating, restorative tonic, It is far superior to nil the malt extracts. It is the great blood- maker nnd flesh-builder. It does not build sickly, flabby fat as cod liver oil does, but the firm, muscular tissues of health. "far the lost nine years," writes William Miller, Rnq., of 651 Mulberry (Hreet, Heading. Fn-, " ('.have .been very, poof, in health;' > differed will! a tunning sore leg. 1 trle4 : iu«jy kinds of different mecllcldeii, and doctor* without relief. Then I Hied three bottles of' Golden Medical Discovery' amVcan »«ythat I am en« tlrcly cured. I can now do at good a day's work as the next mnn." Unfallable-r-Dr, Pleree's Pleasant Pellet! fo'f constipation add biliousness. •prtientlng M Flnt-oliM Ic toot CompuUo FOR SALE. • The Dr. Hardy property corner 6th and Alby Its. Lot 120x120 feet wltfc 2 dwelling!. A 4-roomdwollinKonEiUrton»tro6! bet. JOth and llth sts. Lot 46x120 feet, Prloo $700. The residence of Goo. Kirsoh on Belle itreet; S "ooms and bath roomj In good repair. . The ID-room residence of 8. H,; Nichols on Langdonst. Lot 70x170 foet, A flnei locution. A fines-room dwelling (noarlynewI wrtfibttn room; heated by furnaoo; In Middle-town. Theflnolotot David Doylo on Bluff atreet With 4-room brlok dwelling. . . • The J. M. Tonsor homosto»u w*«»w 42 acres j flne 10 room dweningftrfflt Some flne lots on Bluff street wltn_u, ,u» V m, Ing and sewer; no griding, In T. L. Foulds add A flne 8-room brlok dwelling...JWtftfewK' steam. Lot 120x120 feet; fine traitj'l«ft.TaoO from Henry street. •• ••:•• • >* XfJCl A desirable resldenoo on Prosptwt itrejt! W« 7 rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot^* 1 •»—«" Prospect street. A fine property on thenorth alde.ot'ifi around. Pine trult and shade treei from oar line In Upper Alton ~ 0 °"' e - ations in Altoi d lot tn« Ant A UllO lUfc UU «ku Dk* wvv. Several One lotion Belle *°A two" a'to'ry brlok store and dwelling. JUi** two story brlok dwelling on «ame lot ooraw. of Tndand Vine st>. A good InTestment..; „.,.>> J 4 flne lots on 4th street near Mr. «—*•-' The flne'double dwelling of Mr, nested by steam with modern jm,,....,,.... A Tory desirable 8-room brlok .dwaUl Belle street, -with all modern ImprOvftme The Plasa Foundry, everything oonipl tiding 1(1 lots; switch connection With,. Alton Novelty Mfg. Co, property on.Id^,, ,. *4 flne^ota°ln Highland Park, apob.'ti tyjr.atawt feet ...'..' : A six room dwelling on State itreet, Prio« I 000. A good 8-room dwelling on Second street. Two flne lots on Alb* stfooti j' • '.•. The double brloK-aw|llla|, «ornw *Urt..|a« Alby streets, one of the fltttut lo A good 7-room dwelling i go A* new ten room.awelUng In Upper Alton, too* c cation. A good lot eoiluc feet on Easton street. A food brlok dwelling with att lots lo Middle(own. Convenient to motor Fine location. A '^tSSnStMM Ot Albert Wade on BeUt street, with 10 rooms and finished attlo, ball lid wash room»,rtOoo4o««ar " * liable and oartf For aale or rt~-, .»_*...—^- F -—.-, -,«-.--»..- ^Yr^br,«k'Sni? o^MknTitreet. a good lots on Plftb i street. Price. It.MO. fatt dwelling with 1 lota OB Uftln it feet, . A good 7 room dwelling with fine rhrer »l*Wl heated by hot water. FOR RENT, The two story brlok dwelling with B rooms.ou Bellevlow avenue now occupied by J. Moulton. A 8-room dwelling on 8rd street with bath room with modern fixtures. " New store room and two 4-roqm tenwnenta With bath room 12nd street nest Cherry The L. J. C'.awson homMtoad In Upper AJtOB with 10 rooms, bam and garden, now occupied py Mr, 0«o. Levls. Possession given by July 1. Sldge nTbflfa REAL E5TATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT (ROOM 15, P. 0.,BUaDINQ. >OR8ALBJ A flne building lot Wil4S on Liberty street Mltween Grove and Franklin, for «00. ' A120aore farm a miles south of Brighton, me-hslf In cultivation, one-bait good pasture Or 11,000, A bargain. A new two story brloklmtHlern dwelling near . the corner ot Third and Goorge atreeta. A 12-room dwelling houae with largo lot Laagdonetreet aouth o( Twelfth atreet. ~ on frame dwelling house and another dwelllnu house, all on one lot In good location IB H^rstoVn. KeSti (or $88 per month: 8-room rosldenoe on State atr«ot on, , bale street between the , and Big Four K. R. tracks, suitable (or use or manufacturing purposes. )j!20 on out side o( Alton street, bet. Mmvui Jersey county, halt mil* station by rail or river. )lo business property, corner tod IU.J.OD fuuur term*. (FameitMdenoe, new and al proremenU, situated on Fourth it., . aiarr rofltsbls builnesiprop- om briok reildenct, i a ooatlon, on easy terai. Jingi at the Junction of j How to Find Out. REPLY TO SPAIN. It I* Almofcf'in th« Nature; of an . Ultimatum. FIRM DEMAND r'OK AM- TKIUUTOKV Tlmt WHS Bnen Cltilmnd ••» lll » I'nltniJ NlAle* d>niiulsslon«rs— I'lirli Newspn- p»r« Throw 8lur« at Our Pence Uomniis- •loner* BII<! 8*y K«ply Was "Thrown" •t the XimnUnU - I'rwlltt »n. ! Kni-ty huptur* In IlieNeKotlutloni. Paris, Nov. 11.—The American ponce comrnlHsloru'i'D prvsentPd to the Ftpnnlsh pence coinmlBSlonorK Ihclr answer to Die Spanish contentlonB, HID reply he- Irtg a llrm demand for all territory that has been claimed by the American commission. The American reply la absolutely declBlvu In ItB terms, and Is largely in th« nature of an ultimatum. The Spaniards, however, are not *x- perted to ylc-hl without a prolonged dls- iCUSBlon. of nil point* of International law Involved. There ID nothing In the American reply concerning th« debt of Cuba. The meeting of the Joint commission was short, and wan adjourned until Balurday, when It IB expected the Span-, lards will make some sort of a reply to the American anawer. The American reply was not rcnfl at•'the-.meeting of thH<oi>mmiBsiun, It being mibmltted to the Madrid board on nearly fifty type- Written .pngea. Views of I'nrls Nrwupapern. The newspapers ^of this city seem to have gathered from Home source or other tho Impression that the Spanish corn- mlBHloners have cauuo for complaint against the Americans because the latter presented their replies .to the Span- 'Ish proposals In English and without Spanish i translation of the .document. There Is' no, basis of complaint on th« subject. 'The president of the Spanish commission, Senor Montero rtlos, and Judge Day,, the presldenl. of the .American commission, agreed lhat, owing £o;ihe-,4£ngthiof, the ;floc.uinent, all con- ccrneS might bo spared, the reading p( matter'wh'lch Is usually translated In writing Into Spanish for the benefit ot Senor, Rips and Ilia two members of thfi; Sp'orilsh commission who do not understand English. Each side, up to the present, has made Its own written translations, hut the Americans alone havn supplied an interpreter. Tha American Is Arthur Ferguson and tlm Spanish marvel at the facility with which he does his work. They have never once had occasion to check him or correct him In the sllghtcsl degree. What Figaro 11 in to Say. In view of the facts In the case some ,of the references of the Paris newspapers are Interesting. Regarding '"Wednesday's meeting The Figaro says: "The American commissioners content- ^iflp'itbemselves with producing a long jT»eij)oiandum written In English. After 'liaviiiR deposited this upon the tublo they left the task of translating It to :the Spanish commissioners, apologizing courteously for Its length and tho ><llfli'eu'ltie» of translation. They then !-re,tlr«d. The situation then, at present, Is an follows: J "The Americans persist In refusing to "tf}Het over the Cuban debt and exact the .ceasjon of the Philippines. The Span- 'lartos, on their side, refuse to cede the ajchlpelago." • The .Petit Bleu says: "All diplomatic fornm were outraged by the Americans t£ y.esierday'B sitting. It Is customary 4 |ij such cases to rend the memorandum presented to the other side. The Amer- liansi, however, contented themselves ,Wlth throwing It, written In English, qpOh the table." ' Cun Never Admit the Clnlms. , Continuing. The Petll Bleu saya: "A member of the Spanish commissioners has remarkiwj Jnat hln colleagues can never admit the claims of America In regard to the Philippines. The proto co) Ba : ya.the treaty of peace shall determine the disposition and control of the Philippines and the Americans novy claim thut 'disposition' meant) that thfc colony ulittll U,e. surrendered to America; This Spain can never admit." ., The Petit Bleu expresses Us belief In an rupture of the negotiations! The Bni'P«l Httyn; "AiHimnlsh coniinls- aloner hns declared that the Spaniards will yield only to force In the question of the Philippine Islands," Continuing, The Kappell asserts that It anticipates the rupture of the ne- ,KOtla'tluns at an early date, adding: "TliBi country which started out aa the liberator, of Cuba now threatens war, although luM ' demands as to Cuba huvo buun aecodi-d to, because she cannot annex^territory which played no part In t4le bringing un of the war. We preferred the liberator of Cuba to the oppressor of Spain." iMloll.' Detroit, Dec. 11.— The weiitern lection of the war Investigating commission begun the examination of witnesses at the Hotel Cadillac. Major A. W. Corliss of the Seventh United States Infantry was thu llrst witness. During the war the major was In camp at Chlckamou gn ami Tampa, went to Cub* with the •army of invasion, was wounded ut the battle of El Cuney nnd returned to Now York on the transport Banaca. At El Cuney, he said, his men were supplied wltii ft fair quantity of rations, but there wan BOIH« growling, A^tur being wounded MaJfaj 1 .-CorlUs,,ViftB an Inmate of several Cuban hospitals, and In nil of them l)ii fuld he fared very well. bed by n Forulgii Trutl. lud., Nov. 11. —The Wubash Church and School jVurulture factory will be sold to thu English and German syndicate, which, with a capital utock of 16,000.000. Is acquiring all of the school furniture factories In the United Status, numbering tlili'ty-elght. The pltui of combining thusu uuiicema has biien on foot for more thun a 'year, and the WubiiBh factory was one of the flmt . Whk'Ii ft WUB dtselded to uuaorb* ; It I* said the capacity of the estubllahment It to be doubled. Kinpreil' 81»y«r (taulvuocd. Uenevu, Bwltierland, Nov. 11.— The Italian anarchist, Lulgl Luechennl, who elubed and killed Empress ElUubeth .of Austria on Sept. 10 lost, was placed on trial here. The court wan crowded and. the prl(K>ner WAI strongly guarded, jr tjtece w*» no excitement. Lucuheniil was Hontenued to rigorous imprisonment for life, ' ' ~ Fill A bottle or common gtnoa with your water and let it utahd 24 hours; a Rcdiment or nettling Indicates an unhealthy condition of the kidney*, If it Blslns your linen It IB evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent desire to pnss it or pnlnfl In the back Is nlno convincing proof that the klclnoyg and bladder are oat of order. WHAT TO 00. There IB comfort In the; know lodge so often expressed that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Bool, the groat kidney remedy fulfills every wish In coring rheumatism. pain in the back, kidney*, liver, bladder and every ; part of the urinary passages. It correct* Inability to bold water and scalding pain In passing it, or bad effects following the use of liquor, wine or beer, and ovor- comes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and (o get up many times during the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of 8*amp Uoot la soon realized. It stands the highest for Its wonderful cures, of the most distressing onsen. If yon need a medicine you should have the bent At druggists 60? or 91. You may have a sample battle and a book that tells more about it, both (lent absolutely free by mail, If you send your.j address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghhmton, N, Y. When writing be sure arid mention that you read this generous offer in the TUUUJKAPII. When (lie Hickory Niitu Are Fnllln. 'Ilout tho fust days of November seems tho world Is at lla bust, With Its cu'in an stately bcnrln. In lt» gorg'tts beauty dressed. True, tho flower scents are scarcer tlmn In lenfy days or June, An thVbird songB ain't on plenty as somu Summer afternoon, But they's somethln In tho sllcnco with your bettor nature chimes— > I.lko tho Lord wuz somewhat closer then than at nil other times! An yog walk about the woodlands full or 'memories nn drenma While tho hickory nuts are fallln with n spatter In the streams. Roam In by tho hazy pastures whar th« sagegrass spreads away Like a muddy Inland river or a slowly ' wnvln bny, You can mighty nigh see faces that have long been bid from view, An tho skies er old time Aprils In the jaybird's cont or blue, While the whlstlo e.r the partridge brings ycr boyhood back again, Whon you romped along tho byways ml- nu» oaro Tin much cr pain, An you half wush"life had faded with the glad old boyhood dreams. When tho hickory nuts are fallln with a spatter In the streams. —Will T. Halo In New York Times. HAS TAMED THE SIOUX. Olnhoi' iln Worlc d III« Wonderful H the Indiana. ' William Hobart Hare, bishop of South Dakota, who recently eurprisod tho Kpiscofal geueial couventiou by pro Boutiug the facia of bis ancaopeful work among tho ludiaus, has probably clone more to tnmo tho warlike spirit of tho ouoo savage Sioux than any other living mull. It wan juet 25 years agd that he left Philiidelphin, n young and iuox- porienoed clergyman,., to become an apostle to the Sioux. At that time the iribo was one of the most dnugerona in the west, and the uudertaking eeomod hopeless. Today, South Dakota is by far the largest Indian mission of the Episcopal church.. It reaches 13 tribes, and out of a popalatlon of 2.5,000 Indians over 9,000 have boon baptized and nearly Si 000 confirmed. About 50 ohurchen nnd tohapols have been built and four board- iug'Bchools. As i indicating tho sincerity of the Indian converts, it may bo mentioned that they not only aid in supporting their native clergy, bat also euud oou 1)161101' WIU.IAM IIO1IAUT HAIIR. tribnttoiiH for domestic and foreign inlssioUH. Not ono of their churches or dlinpuls is iuuumberud by debt or mort- B»8«The spirit of this change is strikingly shown in tho gient convocation which the Sioux churchmen, hold overy full. JTroiu all parlH of the roMorvation dolo- Hatious from tlio O«allulnu, the SisHo- (OIIH, tho Bhicltfutit, tho Sauteos, tho Wahpetous nud the other Sioux tribes jburtluy to the oouvoeution. | In Jong trulim they wind over tho hiMu and pluinn, sumo ot thoui being ou tho road for 10 or 13 days. Now and tjiuu theroiu heurd QpiUlug above them, not a warwhoop, but a byiuii. Euoh djtilegatiou hau a bumior bonrlug its imme. When tho ineotiug place is reach- ofl, teuts are pituhod, and by the time • the convocation opoua the Dakota prairie looks a* if an ortuy wore uucumped ou it _ . Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. MJcbael Oortalu, PlalnQeld, III., mak«s the etatement that Bhe ottught cold, which eottled on . her lung?; sue was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He Mia her she was a helpless victim of consumption and no medicine could cure. her. Her, druggUt auggeated Dr, King's New iDiaoovery for Oon- aumbtipD; Bhe bought a ,bo(tle and to h«r dellgbt JouuOT horaeU benoflted f r tin 1 the flrac doae, She oonUnued Ha u«e »nd after Uklngalr bptUue, found h«r»elf sound and well, 'now does her o»n Ii6utework and IB M well as 'be «ver was, Free trim bottle* of tbir DUoov*ry at B. Marin'a drag .. nott)l» otjl?r, mei In HO useful a* a bottle Piue-Tw-Houey, Oood fot9Wr4r.60|gj?p4CP' ayerybody- A r«|nedyyou pan alw»ve rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or otber bronchial trouble, 26c at up- Update drag (tores. UUU«llln( Btomacb Ouoait .,, jjwwntjy ourftd by the inwlerly noyrer of South American Nervine TO lib. JnvftUda need suffer no longer iiethli great remedy can cure n-wftiK It 5 • cure for the whole IQ fM of ertomnoh weakneaa and ludl- ' Ion. The core bealua with (he TV dOM. The reliel it bring* It mar- il DM and lurprUlng. It makes no 1! on; nt»ver dlaappoluta. No mat— long you have suffered, your xtrialn under the me oftbla fllvlnff force. Pleaoant (e. «I™b78.H.Wyi». MnVS IN IIIUEF. It Is iievidptMitly nimnivil thnt the dejvnrtnre of I'.mi f-ror \Vlllhim and Rm- |iri-SB Ansvusla Vlclnrla frmn Helroot, Byrln.' wn« hasteMi'.l by the discovery of iinnlher nnnrchlKtlc plot. The nladte of WiiBhliiBton, the gift of American women, will probably bo erected In the I'lnce ivrnnti In the Pure dn Trncinlcro, I'ails. The 1'nlted ft:itf« repair ship Vulcan n? ftnne In sea to srarch for the lost Spanish cruiser Maria Teresn. ,Tiidi;e Theodnre (.'. Senro, In Kansas ami Wiiy.himtton. died nt Lnkt.'vlew, near Tncnmn. Hears was one of the ":!0f!" wbo stood solid for rfint'p Ihlrd nom'Mntlon. Frn.iK Inco Ilncn. chief Jiisllrp of Mexico. Is dead nflcr a long Illness. lie \vns one of the chief members of the Llberly party. James I), I'lielan. nnmorrat, has beon re-clef-ted mayor of San ('"ranclsco af(f:r a contest of extraordinary keenness. on board the transport nerlln, which hfts nulled from KnntliiKn fur the Unll- eil Btntvs, 1st the body of .lameK KilKnt. lirlvat", company I. First Illinois volunteer regiment, who died recently. John Ilray dU-d suddenly at his home In the cast end of Andriiln county, Mo. He was boin In Irc'and In 17^1. 1IKM,S KINd I'lHl THK ritlXCE. Kilwurrt iif Wnlet l'ii»ne« ltl» Flfly-SnviMiIll Itlrlliiluy Anniversary. London, Nov. 11.—Tlinniflimit F,ng- land, S<-otland and A\ p alcs and In the loyal sections of Ireland the bells were rlnKlng merrily yesterday and IhiKiJ were Muttering In the brecKO In celebration of the lifly-Heventh birthday of the 1'rlrice of \Vales. Ills royal hlghn-.'ss, because of his: phyKiclan's orders, did not spend the day In town, and as a consequence was obliged lo forego his customary birthday visit to the Army and Navy club. Instead he spent the day quietly nt Sandringham, wheiv there was a grand family reunion. The Princess of Wales Is bnek from Copenhagen, the Princess Charles of Men- murk returned wish her, the Duchess of Fife joined the family party and the Duke, nnd nuchei-s of York nnd their children also were among those present. The government slgnallzi-il the day by putting into operation the new imperial penny postage. The new regulations provide for the Introduction of 2-eent postage between the different 'portions of the Ilrllish empire, and annther re Butt is the reduction In the Canadian postal rate from :i to 2 cents. "The worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Homedy," says W. H Norton, of Suiter Creek, Gal. "This cold left me with ft cough nnd I was expector- aligg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Hold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Delays arc Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neelect of a simple cold or cougb. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It IP guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H Wyss. t Hits the Spot. When suffering from a sevfro cold and your throat and lungs feel Bore, take a dose ofl iFoley's Honey and Tar, when a the soreness will be at once w r e 1 i e v o d, a warm, grateful* |fee 11 n g a n d healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say : "It feels so good. Ic hits the spot " It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and B. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 If you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble nt once. 81. Sold by S. H. Wjss. Druggiet, G52 Second st.'oot, Alton, III. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for nasal catarrh and cold In the head. This distinction has been achieved only aa the result of continued Bueoossfulnae. A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passives can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it willbemaiKd for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, r>0 Warren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, la absorbed and relief is Immediate. You Can't Allord to Chance It. A heavy cold muy lend to pneuino, nia or consumption. Fuley's Honey and Tar taken In lime affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by B. Marsh and S. II. Wyaa. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, Or when you feel a cold coming on, take a dose of Foloy's Honey and Tar. It never fails. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. CASTOR IA For Infanta and Children. Hie Kind You Have Always Bought Bears tho Signature of AlrMIDY I These tiny Capauloa aro supe to Balsam of Copaiba,/ Cubeb>orln|ect!onsand( OUREIN48HOURS V the came diseases withe Inconvenience. _ SflJ t» all Jruggtttr, V. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plans' and SpoolQcatlouH tor Work Accurately Furnished. VOOf 3 WINCH BANK MADR: SVIE A MAN - Advice to Consumptives There are three great remedies that every person with weak lungs,orwith consumption itself,should understand. These remedies will cure about every case in its first stages; and many of those more advanced. It is only the most advanced that arc hopeless. Even these are wonderfully relieved and life itself greatly prolonged. " What are these remedies ? Fresh air, proper food and scoirs Emulsion of Cod-Liver Oil -with Hypo- phosphites. Be afraid of draughts but not of fresh'air. Eat nutritious food and drink plenty of milk. Do not forgot that Scott's Emulsion is the oldest, the most thoroughly tested and the highest endorsed of all remedies for weak throats, weak lungs-and : consumption in all its stages. ; toe. and $1.00; ill druggists. • SCOTT & 11OWNE, Chemists, New York. ; i*H«««»«M«ttlHIIIIIIHItt*t"*'»" a T.tS A LAHflE INSTITUTION. Hut That Win All tlio Tvntii .lotin llnl'l- holler Wrolo llnim>. Jolict, Ills., Nov. 11.—After .InliiiBuhl- heller wrote home to his mother In GermuSy that lie was studying fur the ministry In one of the hit-Rest Institutions In the country, located nt I'.KW North Collins street, niul that he needed money to buy hooks on theology she remitted to him generously. H hud always lieen her ambition that her boy sliouhl preach the gospel anil she made mntiy 'sacrifices to enable her to provide him with a good library. Not loriB ago she asked a friend to learn the cluitni tor of the Institution In which John was studyli-B thejlosy. The friend found that 1'JOO North Collins street was thellllnots state peniterthuy. and so wrote to Germany. Buhlheller receives no more remittances for books. Buhlheller was sent to the prison from Cook county for burglary In 18'J5. lie was released on parole In 18%, but was rearrested and sent back to the Institution last March. <Jtmrrel™l Ov«r Delivery of Muil. Kansas City, Nov. 11.—A special from Lamonte, Mo., says: In a quarrel over the delivery of mail at the postoflU'e, Postmaster J. M. O'Bannon shot W. E. Hull, agent and operator for the Missouri Pacific railway, twlcj. One shot took effect In the groin and the other In the arm, but it Is believed Hull will recover. Hull carried the mall from the poslofHce to the depot and O'Bannon complained of the manner in which the pouches were handled. O'Bannon was arrested but released on bond. Tlmt Vi'Hiiel AHlioro oil Ctlt iHlnml. Nassau, N. P., Nov. 11.—The steamer ashore off Cat island, supposed to bu the abandoned cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa, Is now described as being a disarmed warship Hying the American flair, showing signs of having been on fire and having leaked slightly. She stranded In an exposed position on Thursday night last. 1'rlncu George to Rule Croto. London, Nov. 11.—A Ixmdon news agency Is responsible for the statement that England, France and Italy have agreed upon the appointment of Prince Georpe of Greece aa high commissioner in Crete, the sultan's appeal to Germany and Austria being unsuccessful. BRONCHITIS Bronchitis is very prevalent. It generally begins with a common cold, attended with cough, hoarseness, soreness of the lungs, tightness of the chest and difficulty in breathing. If not cured, it becomes dangerous- thousands die from bronchitis annually. Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup is the best remedy for this disease j it relieves the cough at once, eases expectoration, and cures in a few days. Will promptly cure e Knuilt ami pU ronchitis. Dosi-s are" smull ami pleasant to lake. Doctora recommend it. 1'rlcc 25 cts. At nil druggists. KLV'8 CREAM BALM It upoaltlrecnre. Apply Into the noatrlla, It la quickly abaorbed. 60 cent* at DrnggliUi or by mall; aamplea lOc, by mall. XLY BUOTUKKa. M Warren SUNew York City. [)rs. (J. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Plke Uuilding,- Cor. and and Easton ste, Pnonei 138 and 171. l^ P. SCHUSSLBR.M.O HOMEOPATHIST tod SURGEON "KFICWAHD RBS'DBNCK, HOTKL MADISON Telephone 100 £)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFIOBHOUR8:7tO«a.m|lltol,«to«, TBUBl'HONB ((7. I.AKK LASHED TO K17IIY. A tariff \i'*M-\ HIiihK In l""ll Vlr riitrili;n. Nnv. 11. - All n'onc Hi" .-ili- Hint Is imrllu'nsl. QR. C. B, RQtiLAND, OBNTIST, of frinit Cliliiii-'ii is lu'iiih' \vliliipcd ami bouttli liy Hi.' cuiili--;! H.r.cHt stiirm of the yoar, niul Lake . unclnr llio l:iilili!nn " BWvci'liiK ilmvn frinn Many nlc;\ni.'rs ntnl siiilliiB vmscls wen 1 rniiKhl l>y Hi' 1 Bliinn nn tills imrl " f H" 1 Inkr tiinl nut nil Hiirrei'iliMl In ri'nchliiB the Chldinn linrlmi- In Hfil'oly. Illffhl off the htafi nf the city mid In full view from tin- Aiullturliini hntcl the 1)IK Btemnt-r Iron CMiT wiic sunk liy the fnrl- uus Riilc. while thu llf.ilx.iU \vns nhlc only after the innHt hernlc slniBplf lo rescue the Huven xallnrB \vhn i:iitni>imi'il the 'crew, OIT the north shnro, nppnulto the fnnt of Oiilt pln-et. tlu- tils Mnrforil was nearly ln.«t two inlU'S out In tlic Inke. After one alt.'inpt had fnlleil, the lltlle crlifl WIIH dually Raved and Its eaiHaln admitted whep lie was once aei-iirc In the river that he Imd never hnjied lo Bee land iiRiiln. Off the unuth shore <v hlg thrco-mnst.-d schooner was reported at (lawn iihiiiRltiB furiously two miles off the month of the Calumet river and the life crew al South OhlcMc;o were as- scmliled anil held in cnnstimt. readiness to attempt the rescue of tho Imperiled pallors as soon us Hie schooner drifted ashore. I.nlin Miiluionrr Hrivnil A»horp. St. Joseph. Mich.. Nov. 11.— The schooner Lena M. Neilsnn, lumlier laden, from I.ndlnBton for Ilenton Harbor, la on the beach south of here. She tried to rnuke this harbor, but the storm was too stroriB, and she drifted south. Two tugs tried to tow her In the harbor, but were unsuccessful. The schooner In manned by (.'.nptnln Jacobs and crew of nine. Four of the crew acre taken off by the llfo-snvliiB crew, when they broke their oars. The life savers then beached their boat and (ire tollowtnK tho wreck down the shore^ There Is little hope for (he vessel. >;olll« Cnllhm Tlri-B oCI.lrc. London, Nov. 11.— Lottie Collins, the music hall sinner, attempted lo commit suicide by cntltnB her thrnat. Bhe was taken to the hospital, where It was found that her Injuries were not serious. Lottie Collins kicked herself Into fame with the celebrated "Ta-ra ra- liourn-de-ay" daace half a dozen years ngo in London. IH-nth ofDiiwItl C. Crol|tor. Chicago, Nov. 11.— Ex-Mayor Dewltt C. Crelger died hisl nlsht of lirlght's disease. He way the founder of the first adequate system of water supply ever given Chicago. That 1 coughing. Tlie quickest nnd surest J 1 way Is to take Dr. Hell's Pliif-Tur-' 1 Honey. A giinruiitveil cough roin-1 1 fcly, wholly i-ulllteiillotliurs—beller; >, 1 nets directly on the mucous ineni- J f hraues, he»ls the lungs and rcspirn-J •lory orsnns and Invigorates the] 1 whole B.VHtuil). J DR. BELL'S ; Honey ! contains tho w>ncontrat«d_ liooliiy! ^ virtues of old and trloil miMllriimlagents, exLrurlud by a new a, HclDnllllc process. 3 60i: nnd SI. ll aniir«hlii,or Bent upon l ol ptloo u> Tli> I:. U. SDlhcrUnd 3( «r,lliluo Co., riduKO, Kr. "Granny" CNNYROYArPfiLLS ""^ "fltflnul nui) Onlj flenulne. *» :, OlMM/M rdlublo. LADIK8 ** k i9\ Py'ranfj hi KifiVuid b'utU nietalllo\%^ IIOIM, armjed viii, bmo ribbon, Tn'«O \ff tootbcrv Jlt)ti*6tiangervu»*uh4iitv T .ions-intiimtnuivn*. AiDroft|liu,orMnd4a> In iwmpa tot r-arlloutan, teiUmoolali " Itcllcf fur I^eiilem** \* Utter, bj retvra ^/•Cfc"b^rrVKllIioS^,M^U^i m p|SrB' •irr^to*! ,)-.«•••. uilll.»|k4 nf HENRY J. KLUNK, , . il*al»» Itt mab* «affl«t», mvtaUU £<**•», m»»al Us aitb cloth ca«l»t». tfurlul rob** tar lat>i**, a*titUm>n t>»t> St**t t>«n», IflOO. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN < ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THI PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET"SLEEPEB8 — ANB—— FREE RECLINING CHAIR CARS DINING STATIONS Office HOBMI »t.M, tOUtia. nd I W II W. THlftD DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCV In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys BY THt OOMFANY MKAUff, P» WW WHO *t *o«"?' !*•»««' w«w «tfjn AVcBetaWcPrcparationforAsf Promotes'DigesUon.Chectfuli ess andRcst-Contains ndte Omtim.MorphinO nor Mineral. NOT NAHC OTIC. h QutorHdrfetl* • AncrfcctHemcdy for Constipation. Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Fevcnsh- ticss nndLOSSOFSlLEER Tac Simile Signature of {£,ttf-?ZG£». NEW VORK. Tor Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought. CASTORIA H» . HIW YOHK eiTr. BEST TRAINS TO' Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer in* dealer la Preik tai Salt Huts aai lot. aid «» lidnnr st Si«i«r«. m BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CAko PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. *l»o beat ot Tsaa and Chinese Novelties ot baud, 624 Bast Second st. 306 State st Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agznt. MONEY TO LOAN. M«*«rv Piihli<» OFFICE J06 Market st Notary PUDHC. OTer AltonRy. * Ill'irCe, WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prices to meet competition, Ooods d«- Urered. elephone in. Office 107 Weat Second 5treei Veteriaary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. ••radaate Ontario Veternlary College. OtBo orer The Model store "OR .THIRD AND PIABA BTH , 1LTOM H1 T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Estimate Furnished, 305 Belle Street, Up Stairs. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &_H. BE1SER, Prop's. 813 Bast Sixth Street. • Alton, III. All klndi of Granitoid Work: Bldawalki, jtepa, Flooring, eto., done and the belt quail- tyof material and work guaranteed. Ordtri h» nail will »««*l» n*<>mnt ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 9U STKBBT. Money to Loan oa Improved Property RBNTS COLLECTED. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SBCUND flTREBT OwU*m*D who appreolate Br»t-o)ai» ui TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. - At MODERATE PRICES, Van are inrtled to call and eiamlot ar NtW STOCK OP GOODS Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, aa follows: For Chicago,North and East—'12:88 a m, "8:10 a m, »8:47 a m, *10:OB p m. For SpriDgaeld-*12:83 a m, *8:10 a m, *8:47 am,*8:ZOpoi,!«10:05pm For Peorla—*8:47a m, *10:05 p m. For Kansas City end the Weat—*8:47 am, |6:20pm, *9:eOpm. •Dally. (Except Sunday. (See joint C. & A. and Big Four time table tor trains between Alton and St. Loula,) CJiifl BID four Joini lie Tomeol Trains Between Alton & St. Louis. Lv. Alton . For St. Louts. Ar. St. L 8 i3»m C4 A dally 720am 6a>am....i |BlgPoor,dally. ...... 730am ...,C 4A, dally..... 8 00air m~ta— — a — 800am 1000am . 924am 1025am 140 pm 420pm R44pm . 656 pm .632pm 706pm .924pm Ar Alton . 8 10 pm . 9 to am . 847am .1140 am .260pm 686pm 615pm .. 700am.'.' 830am,. 815am.. 915am.. 12 40 pro. 8 20;. in.. 415pm.. 543pm.. 527pm . 603pm.. 820pm.. Lv 8t L U S 708am.. 7 44 am.. 748am... 1040am. 150pm.. 420pm.. 505pm.. 5 46pm.. 801pm.. 826pm.. Bjf Four,' ex-Sun i " " Sun. only".'.'. ...04 A, dally. .'.,.. ..Big Four, dally 'our, Sat only " ex-Sun • " " dally........ G. AA. dally C&A, dally. C*\,dally. For Alton .".C4A, dally ..BlKFour ax-Sun.. .....C4A, dally .... . u .Ble Four, dally . ..BleFpur, Sat only. ...BigFour, ex-Sun. ...t! & i A, dally ^ ^r • **™v ........... o "* p™ • -Big Four, dally ......... 040pm Big Four Sun only... ..... 725 ora *~ ... ..... Four, dally ......... 985pm 948pm ,1006pm any i, Alton aud It Louts vloe A A' «nd Big Four itoto Union d C. C. C. * St. L.~Big Pour. ' trslns ' l toi '' nion depot. Alton, aa follhwe: Q°'«'*»aM8ao am f5 10 pm pm <• Leave Alton 6Warn O 710am 800 am 10 oe»m 1245pm 245pm 446pm 42Bpm Q) 706pm Leave St, L. 741am 8 il am 1020am 1160am 800pm 661pm 760pm Burlington Route. (Suburban sorvloe) Dally . Dally ex-Sun if Sunday only Dally ex-faun Dally ox- Sun Dally Dally ex-Sun Dally ex-Sun ex-8up Arrive St. L 0 40 am -. 7 Mara'' . .8 U am 11 00 am 1 20 pm 14Upm 845pm 540pm IS 20 pa. 610P-I Arrlr* Alton 8»e am O « 18 tin 1115am 12 45 pm BMpro 3Wpir S40fm 8t. L. K, A N, W. Through tarvioa. t^SftRSkftiSSSflto'. »-.f»"» aa* 81. Loula,. Wt.U 0. ABt.p. B Tl) On *nd a/twBept. jg,i880, iraloa will leare Alton w foUow* i

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