Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1961
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Established In 1914 ft Subscription Rates Or. SVXi P-T Yes; 5'i vs Pt: Y'rar Off ;e st Favf.Vr. I-:-*-a -r.C'.r the Ac Maur«ce Sloneman. Owner and Publisher "I suppose j-on called me in to present me with a handsome refund 7" Editorial Comments American Point Of View A<srr.:.-&: H. B D.r«.-.v,r of I>-^:. W-j .-Id A.rv.-; ; vj. r rr.&«s:ng up th'rv have . M.:U.- us.v : Rtlat^r.-r : ct-r.tly made &;.T.C-3 Pvrrr.r- •r. v,e pro rii Mil'er A rr. f r ^' in ' .T . V,V;t Be-: c. v v d.' *. s »,-.f. H '6- rx-:s.-.:p o: for ever;, vtr.l v.o: >j c: told of a cr Rtt .i. v. ho is now or Pa" American i talk be fere the T .t-r::a *A'h:k- his the professionals f association. :no wr»j :s con- .tr;at;on he had while returning c a.- .:r.a -.e-e. Ye: ever; ? r a^-' -Things -. power. y J.I. ir. jr. .'.t-w c- F .- an a;.-toil ch::di:ke de:- .".n'jv/ . reveax-a in an.;i:ar American haiienge of Corr.- w.;-;se ' What do r.t that they rep- e to believe that t a? menacing as sure-x-arts it reaiiy is. Not ve that my companion r.n unconsciously echo honor. Unfortunat- v.-iiling to pass beyond in yearning for a — and cannot — exist -idit.on ." They are, in a sense, v.n feeling of good will for man- consc.oj.sly or otherwise, that t-ssions in the name of peace, cil! do likewise, .•j&ppjjy. the high strategists of Cvmmun- ve no intention whatsoever of doing that, of their diversionary tactics and their oc- j.se of seductive and honeyed words Admiral M.iier traces what has been going on in .-cccnt months—in Cuba, in Venezuela and other Central and South American countries, in the Middle East. .r. Africa, and elsewhere. The pattern is always essentially the same — "not. and revolution." And. all fused, we fail to orient ourselves with events, and we miss their tremendous and ominous signifi- car.ee Orx- amazing part of all this is the rapidity with which .t has happened As Admiral Miller retails, "Forty-three years ago the Communists r.ad nothing except an idea, a handful of leaders, and a devastated country." Nov,- they control a third of mankind: they are undermining the will to resist of another third, and their drive- for world domination continues at full speed. « What. then, has been our basic fault in dealing with this menace. Admiral Miller .-ays this in the course o mumsm. i I be! appear y .-f.--- no: Chattin' With Stone} pre-ac.te -2. We have alwa;..- i .it towns where p:.:cs jrv x-rs where there is cinsideraily more competitien But. •.vhen- ever possible, we have d:r.e cur buying at heme, and paid the price, even though we c-'.u'.d have saved a few cents :•: a d:l- lar by driving a few miles Take groceries, fir example. We might have been able to save a little money by driving a few miles. But we didn't. And we didn't go in and ask the grocer to sell to us any cheaper. . K,. Wt feel that a person should .<.- — ...j.. subversion . , . , . ,. ,*.,„ „., „,„ „„„ spend what he can in tr.e com- tco often, we are con- r . . . . ,„ munity wnere ne earns r.is money or operates his business. But. we're sure everyone doesn't agree with us on this view. However, we do have- a number of merchants who believe in advertising in their hometown paper, which is read by nearly 4.000 persons each week. And some believe in spending their advertising dollars in other towns where it will never return to their cash register. We would like to urge ali of our readers again, as we have done before, to support the local merchants whose ads appear in the Fayette Leader. They are let' A Gofak 1 BY BOB BREWSTER Outdoor Editor, Merrurj Outlcj-^i % zV a m-.M :. a t sh s a lurvmskrr Jias fash- .: g i; 1 v p&pu'ar plug :. A : of "a small jump an . r..attl» f"i ancler. The fav fclCS ]!'.( O.I i 1 • f o.n extensive discussion: onl •'Ocm- provided the only case in the history of the United State; with which we have attempted to deal by defensive measures. This is not the way in which we bull! our nation. This is not the way we dealt with the Barbary pirates. This was not the ob.ec'.ive of the Monroe Doc- the ones who support your news- trine. This is rot the way we spread our ideals to paper and your town. The Super Valu ad, which some of you may receive as a In sum. we must face and fully realize the one P a S e flyer, is a reprint of and is the Phillippines. or to Liberia. We shall not preserve freedom in a threatened world by politely retreating rather than boldlv challenging." we must face and fully realize the one P a S e flyer, :i.i/!r ':< ,:;,:.'.un:M hazards that confront us. We must move from the defensive to the offensive, to the positive ap- need to "breathe life, and vitality, and vigor, into the spiritual pride and heroic traditions that made America great " NEEDED — HORSE SENSE Report•• indicate that the proposal to increase fii t-<-ki air -mail postage rates by one cent each wili leigh and perhaps impossible going in Cong:(•-:•;. The national legislature has been traditionally opposed to raising these rates except as a matter of last resort. One reason is that the maite serve an essential public service, are a source of education and enlightenment and so, it is .•iiijued, need not bg self-sUDPortinjr. However, whether or not Congress will agree to the higher postage proposal, there should be no reluctance in doing mmething constructive about the parcel post deficit. The education and en- lightrnent argument does not apply to this service. It is a purely commercial operation, in direct competition with private carriers of parcels on the national, state and regional levels. And it Some lay-offs and some price increases would follow an increase in federal minimum wage from $1 to $1.25 an hour and its extension to retail and service trades, members of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States report. Here are some of their replies to a questionnaire from the National Chamber: A retail farm equipment dealer in Wyoming would raise prices five per cent. A retail grocer in North Dakota would raise one per cent. A department store in California would boost prices two per cent. An auto dealer in Illinois would increase prices five per cent. their ad in the Leader, printed by the Leader. Any other such flyer that you might receive in the mail or by delivery, is printed out of town and has been mailed from another town. Which means that the money you spend with these merchants is in turn spent out has consistently violated a stricture laid down of town advertising. Is that the when it was created in 1913 — that it should pay way you want it? its own way. Instead, it has generally operated —• — on a deficit basis. Over the years, these deficits Wt '' d llke to hand out a couple- have run to a huge total. of bouquets this week to Mrs. The administration contemplates many in- William Esters and David Ham- creases in spending, for a wide variety of pro- llton - certainly did a won- jects. Without arguing the pros and cons of any derful job with the play on Fn- t,f thom. it u/onJH c*»m that -i.~i-~- dav ni£ht and. the band con- demands that all possible economies should be cert on Saturday night, made in other areas, if there is to be any hope of ° n Friday night Mrs. Esters , and her U. I. U. directing class avoiding more big budget deficits - and more presented the play .. Th<J £ mper _ taxes and more inflation, cr both. One important or > s Clothes" with an all grade facet of such a program is to make government and junior high school cast. And business operations pay their own way. Parcel the youngsters were certainly post is a conspicuous example of the need sensational There may have been mistakes, but they were all such ADD IT UP 8° od ac tors that the audience was unable to see them. A jeweler in Massachusetts would raise And the band concert on Sat- prices five per cent. uiday night proved what a A laundry and dry cleaning firm in New wonderful job Mr. Hamilton is Jersey would lay off 15 out of 290 employees to doing in the Fayette Community help offset a $75,000 wage increase. school music department. Both A small hotel chain foresees an annual wage the junior and senior bands did increase of §975,000, requiring lay-offs of 150 of remarkably well with each selec- its 1,400 employees. tion. We feel they could be com- A department store in Ohio says the legisla- pared to bands in much larger tion would add about $400,000 to wage costs, and schools that it would lay off 90 of its 1,500 employees. What does it all add up to? You can answer that question very briefly: More inflation and more unemployment. Yet without a doubt this freshwater tiger is one of the most highly-prized fishes that s\v:ni.s, according to authorities at the Mercury outboard com; •.ny, whose home base at Fond (in Lac. Wis, is in the heart good musky country. Ar.l there is a valid rsason fur the popularity of musky fishing .— the muskellunge is ;•!-..bably the most difficult fish Vi hook and land in all waters, r salt or sweet. It is ;i moody fish, sometimes !'it:r.£ readily and other times .-\ilkiiig in the deep3, refusing all offerings. In typical waters muskellunge lurk near the drop-offs from rock or sand bars in the middle of lakes, along weed r. !s. in small weed-covered li.-iy.^ and in shady waters close to shores that are fringed with overhanging trees. HARD LOSERS Once hooked a musky will do everything but climb into the boat trying to escape, and there are authenticated cases a rx.-.-i i :).;• i ;i •••;!•.level-wind reel, a t -i test lir.e. a vai .• :v ••:' : c.al lures a::'! a : V it ::• Some 1 fishermen ( a: <,<• live bait, the Men my \ advise, usually sueke:.- i a foot long. The baits am over likely areas and v.- rapidly, hera::.*- mu.'Iie! usually strike a l-.r.t tha considerable action And when thf-v are hr near the boat at th the long struggle 'it short) they are i;---inll with a billy club or hors de combat wit: gaff. No fisherman who h.s.; • looked (iuwn tin- : maw of a mature mu-ky v.. ever dream of bringim: them into a boat while t! end ! i tl.-'l Die- -,riy < as*. !•;•.• -l ha.; u;;ht r .r.r.e 1 !re 1 h was still life in ntter. BIGGKST OF AM. The world record IIIUMIV V.-.:« taken from '.he St. Lawrence River, the b inler b e t v.- .• e Canada and the United State.-. It lacked one ounce of an exact 70 pounds, topping a monster of 69 pounds, 1'J ounces that had been taken earlier frum tin; Chippewa Flowage in Wisconsin. The outboard nc>tor lias brought musky fishing within the reach of nearly everyone. A light 6-hor?e twin that will go smoothly through weed be 1- and over underwater ob.--truc­ tions Is ideal for musky fishermen, and the Mercury people answered this need with, their Fishin' Merc GO. The little gem gets up and runs with plenty of power for two fishermen in a 34-foot boat, getting them to where they want to go in a hurry. From then on it's up to them JAMES E. BROMWELL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT Now that we have congratulated the Russians and the first hard dissappointment has passed, we can take a long look at the situation. The real issue between ourselves and the Red Dictator is not who can blow the most hardware the highest, but whose system of government is the best for, the most people. Ultimately, we shall overtake him in space just as we out- Sputniked Sputnik. The record has long been made that our form of government is the best for people, a fact which surely continues to concern him more than his rocket thrust should concern us. The rest of the world should consider this: A tyrant who is willing to deprive a needy people to make a grandstand play, no matter how significant the work involved, will be no better for people in the long run than he is in the short hard haul. — B — One of the pleasant things that happened during my visit home last week was the time I spent with some students at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids. The interest of these people in their government is deep, penetrating and well-informed. — B — Since returning, I note that other things have taken priority over the John Birch Society controversy. • Two things are clear at the moment. A combination of radical expression and authority has always been dangerous in a free country. But we must not fall into the trap of thinking all vocal anti-communists to be radical. The John Birch Society is only one manifestation of a nationwide anti-communist sentiment, eager and anxious to move forward in winning the cold war. I believe that as in. the 1930 's the people in sentiment are Creek Bottom. Comments — By Reuben Modernization is rediculous ficient teaching ability was and asinine if the result is detri- being spent in a beginning en, , ... deavor instead of a corrective mental to the things or persons endeavor being modernized. About 3000 fhe "modern" need for re- years ago a smarter-than- av- me dial reading teachers is only ^^Z-^ \" erage man invented the alphabet. ONE of the real rea sons why Jeadm S tneir i eaaers The alphabet was a major break- sc h 0 ol costs have gone so high —" B -' „ . thru in things intellectual, as was tnat we need to send a lot more 11 now appears definite that /iK: in anthropology, and the money to Des Moines, and have ajcl to education will come be- wheel in mechanics. Alphabetic somebody send a lot of "state I0re Congress in two or three reading involves the 26 letters in a ; d » bac ^ bills, although none are ready ing the sounds of the letters, is likely to deal with aid to high- particularly the sounds of the P ects - We see **> reason to dis- er education and we can expect vowels. Many of us still believe believe the spokesmen who de- this measure in the near future, this is worth the time and effort clare that an "ultra-progressive", Aid to primary and secondary of any normal child. But of ambitious group within the Nat- schools may come to the House course some "modern minded" ional Education Association seek in two seperate measures one addle-head came up with the to reduce the citizens of tomor- for the public schools and the quick and easy way of reading row to a uniform level of con- other for private and parochial by the "configuration" method formity. This is in coalition ef- schools. It is too early to pre- of memorizing the appearance of fort with the "progressive" diet when these measures will whole words". As a terrible re- minds in the C. O. P. E., and the be in form for action or whether suit, too many little Johnnies, professional bureaucrats who there will be, in fact, two sep- Perpetuate their poli- erate bills. Our mail, as well as jobs. This is the REAL my conservations at home last and little Janes too, don't read seek so good. They know too much tical about which they don't under- REASON behind th P my conservations at home last stand what they know. In a sense propaganda to "wri£ ^ / ^ eek ' mdiea ^ that interest con- of the phrase, they don't know fice dirty-stix New York w~ tlnUGS very high 1x1 ^ axea - anrdvarlr fr-nrr. 1,1,0 A_I . -nr. \r 1 . ' t. w x OTK, New llii! Honored at shower MAYNARD — A post nuptial shower honoring Mrs. Dean Raether was held Saturday ev- _ ening, April 15, at the St. Peter's !U »UUUmiUEU;^ taken ill Sunday. The doctor was Lutheran rhurih, Westgate. The I called and pronounced the troub- former Carol Scott of Indepen- !i le ptomaine poisining. Mrs. Eel- dence, and Dean Raether, son of lyrnounter and Laddie were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Raether, slightly ill. All have recovered. Maynard, were married Easter Washington: By substantially Sunday. They will make their a party vote and an overwhelm- home in Independence where he ing majority, the house passed is a barber, and his wife, a i!iU!UUHUiMiKUiHiU!iiti« * he emergency tariff bill. The bill dentist's assistant. 20 Years Ago — aardvark from Noah's Ark- We York", to be told hmaTtTV-V firmly think this is the number- -CLEAR - THIriTKING, FREE B — ..^ iuiu _ Grave concern continues here one reason for the present" day DOM*" LOVING * mnn/Trmf?" °. ver Laos - Latin America and need for so many classes of "re- ISTS are NOT condnniJ* il the Conga There is general sup medial reading." One of our own coalition plan torS^L^n £° rt for the firm Potion of thi Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago . f . , _ own coalition plan to• reducp P £° rt for the firm Potion of the good friends is a remedial teach- stitutional H-DUX t« « » Presiden t with anxiety over the er in a northeast Iowa school, eaucratlc Democrat ^"e nature of the suggested neu- She has about 40 pupils of vari- . acy ' ' _ ous age groups, including at ence at Upper Iowa was elected i mpo f es , duties on approximately director and instructor of the ^fV*™ im P °r tant . farm P»> Mrs. Talcott is hostess Mrs. Floyd Cline, cook at the bank for the coming year. ducts for a perlod of slx months Empress cafe, sustained severe The high school senior play. The Wesleyan Methodist Mis- burns on her face and hand "A Full House", will be given Plan "Grandmothers Niffht" nmn ?t ^^ lda3 L aft f r_ Friday morning, when the gas Thursday and Friday, Aprfl 20, The ^ ran " nolfter8 ™ght J thetemeoMa Wesley range in that establishment blew ^d May 1, next week! Two .1, • Kl nderlem club will hold roll M'H S answered up in her face. She was taken «fsts were selected in order to V™™ 1 "Grandmother's God's word Mr! ^° miS v fr °^ nuns ttft* tra^ »"STSs ^a.* \ %z day night with well filled bas- don . and ^a^ces Coleman - - ° n India ' kets fiw a pot luck dinner, to ?" sie; G !, rrt1r . ude Spatcher and say farewell to Ronald Paul, ^ lne Watford — Ottily, a who leaves for training camp, •°F lde; Howard Johnaon and April 24. Thomas Oelberg — King. Mr. and Mrs W. H. Hendricks J^ 1 ^^ ^ £ of Sycamore, m., had a very rdce pected to be real resplendent surprise on their 33rd wedding when they are through with it anniversary when their son, Ev- m erett, called them long distance 40 Years Ago — and said he had a special treat •— - - ; for them. Over the phone came D, W. Sweet, who has served as the voices of many singers, in umpire in many a game in Fay- fact the. "Upper fowa Singers", ette, has been secured by the They were singing a serenade in Oelweln baseball associatkm to tribute to the wedding anniver- work with the Oelwein team sary of their parents. The song the coming season, was "Brown Eyes" composed by A. J. Hensley, has recently Everett -Hendricks. , Everett is found a copy of the New York director of vocal music at Upper Herald, dated April 15, 1865 a- Jowa. mong his papers. The paper con, —tains an account of the assaasina- 30 Yeait Ago — tion of Abraham Lincoln, and an ! ' announcement of his death and Fayette celebrates Dollar Day also the last proclamation issue Saturday, April 26, w}th store by Jeff Davis, an account of the wide batatas, totem poles, evacuation of Richmond and S ands, a rear Indian Chief and much more army and govern- j _, ie' works. ment news. | Phone 36 L. E. Blackman, head of scl- Charles Pellymounter was iVast one o^'high scSage 8 She SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS is paid a good salary and earns WITH LEADER WANT ADS every dime of it. This good woman's teaching effort is being spent, and the taxpayer's money in the sum of her salary is being spent, in an effort to correct something that should not have happened in the first place. It would be so much better for everybody, if her good and ef- trality in Laos. As for Cuba, there is growing anxiety over the threat that Castro will remain an important symbol to Latin America, regardless of his fate at home. CLEANING AND INOCULATING SOYBEANS Also HEADQUARTERS FOR SEED BEANS Make the Maynard Co-op your Farm Seed . Headquarter* Maynard Co-op Co. FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs., Fri., Sat April 20 - 21 - 22 ROD TAYLOR YVETTE MIMIEUX THE TIMEMACHINE In M«txocolor Sctato* P Id Ion — 8M th* x«- maikabl* «lory thai lakes ytn from th «y*a» ItM to thousands of r«m In th* ftttvur*. Sun., Mon., Tuea> April 23-24-25 ELVIS PSE8LEY JULIET PROW8K G. L BU1ES In T**haioolo« S*« th* n*w *xeUlnf Pr*tl*y , . . you'll Mi*min kitdw than th* baby. Grand Opening Monday, April 24 Beavty Box, £cUo*t IN FAYETTE Open House 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. FREE COFFEE AND COOKIES REGISTER FOR FREE PRIZES Phone 150 For Appointments MAE ANDERSON, Owntr BEVERLY PATTERSON, Operator

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