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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
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Thursday, September 3, 1959
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Carroll Daily Times Herald Vol. 90—No. 208 Re-Submit Ar-We-Va Issue Oct. 7 Error First Time; Seek Reaffirmation by Voters WESTSIDE - The Ar-We-Va school board at a meeting in the YYcstside school Wednesday night set Wednesday. October 7, 1959 as the dale for holding a new bond election. Voting will take place from noon to 7 p.m. at three polling places within the Ar-We-Va Community School District. Precinct No. 1 will vote in Memorial Hall at Vail, Precinct No. 2 at the fire siation in Wcstsidc: and Precinct No. 3 at the fire station in Arcadia. The board adopted a formal resolution calling for the new election after petitions signed by 7i)7 citizens of the district had been submitted. Only 150 signatures were required by law to make the petitions valid. The new election will ask for reaffirmation of the $745,000 bond issue which was approved by voters of the district on June 16, 1U59. The new vote is required to correct a technical error in the previous election. A bond issue of $745,000 is sought lo construct new elementary school buildings at Vail and! • Arcadia and expand the present building at Westside. Carroll, Iowa, Thursday, September 3, 1959—Ten Pages Twin Scientists Meet— Jean and Auguste Piccard, one of the world's most (uninus pairs of twins, and two of its brightest scientists, were together for a short period of relaxation and conversation in .Minneapolis. The twins. 75 years old, both stand fi feet 2 inches. Jean is a resident of Minneapolis, while Auguste's home (own is Lausanne, Switzerland. The brothers are pioneers in the field of space with their 10 -mile-high balloon probes beginning in 1931. Auguste is currently working with the U. S. Navy on a new bathyscape, his ocean adaptation of a free-flying balloon. (NEA Telepholo) Compromise Labor Bill Delivered by Carrier Boy Each f Single Evening for 35 Cents Per Week / C Copy Ike Gives Blueprint for Peace ***** Don't Retreat Stay Flexible, NATO Told in Surprise Visit Bv MARVIN L. ARROWSMtTIf i Invorl ufto,. n ...!,:.„ .... ... ' ^ W w **Jf f By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH | laxed after a late white-tie state PARIS (AP)—President Eisen-1 dinner with De Gaulle, Eisenhow- hower today gave the West a blue- er pitched vigorously into the last print for peace: Refuse to retreat I day of his European tout- one inch from principle and stay; His appearance at the council flexible tactically "Then there will be no war. There will be peace," the President told the North Atlantic Council during a surprise visit. Tight Schedule The President sandwiched the was designed to calm the fears of the smaller powers that his coming meetings with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev spelled a lessening of their roles in NATO. fnir/JL* 0 ^?-"? 0 °nc .President Joseph Luns arrived. inch from principle, if we remain flexible so far as tactics are involved, if wc give NATO the same patriotic, deep devotion we give to each of our own nations, then, there will be no war. There will be peace." De Gaulle and Eisenhower continued their discussions at a lunch Eisenhower gave at the U.S. Embassy residence. From all out- 'NATO is a matter of spirit, of determination to work as partners quick visit to NATO headquarters and to preserve the ideals we all j ward appearances thev are BP! into a tight schedule of talks with cherish." the 68-year-old President ting on famously Western leaders and French Pres- said. Kisnnhnu, A ident Charles de Gaulle. Arising fresh and apparently re 'If Peace Formula NATO day began when After private talks with them, Ei senhower drove the few blocks to NATO 's headquarters for his brief, friendly, and unscheduled visit there. After that, Eisenhower returned to the embassy where he went into immediate talks with Italian Premier Antonio Segni and Foreign Minister Giuseppe Pella. Neither Segni nor Pella would comment as they emerged from the meeting. „ • Italians Concerned we are firm among our-, Henry » Scf'coSi con'cer,^ thin* ^" 3 Policemen rw ^r . A D utch Exchange Are Indicted Student Coming Classes at Carroll High is Headed for Passage By JOE HALL j WASHINGTON (AP> — A com- lation promise labor regulation bill ham- j CHICAGO 'APi — A special | grand jury probing the dope rack- 1 ets has indicted three Chicago j policemen and a former federal j narcotics agent on charges they | were involved in a coast-to-coast narcotics distribution ring. j Seventeen others, many alleged ' narcotics peddlers, were named , Wednesday in indictments which j followed monthlong questioning of I hundreds of witnesses, many j brought here from prison cells. ' The ring, the government said, was headquartered in Chicago and ! grossed $75,000 every 10 days here ployer has cause to fear this legis- J alono - I 1 " Major Development I The indictments were described! Rioting Spreads In in Dope Probe to Carroll Sunday India S Largest City r*mr<»r<r\ / « n , . ,1 Dl\ and Mrs P.llll D Anno. I » Or. and Mrs. Paul D. Anne berg have received word that Marianne van CALCUTTA. India 'AP) - Vic 10- ! the Hooghly River. The police c h a, n v„h, nni , lonce spread through Calcutta opened fire, killing two of the riot- bcliaik. exchange. fQf [hQ (Qmh stra|Rht daV( QVS student from • an( j noim .,i ijf 0 j n India's largest The situation in Howrah was Holland who city W . (S at a standstill. 'considered to be getting out of is to attend A police official said the trou- control. Officials said no end to Carroll H i g h ()le was s p lx , a ding and getting, the trouble is in sight. School this, worse _ The violence ie* eloped from Gangs battled police in Howrah, I Communist - inspired demonstra- a jute-processing suburb across ; tions against the high price of : rice. The Communists called Find Compromise Marianne mered out in 12 days of arduous , Th ° final • sess ]°"- k - of the con - icience produced a compromise Justice Departments drive year, will ar- j rive in Des Moines by bus from New York Sunday. They will meet her in Des Moines. Sunday night.! Miss van Schaik's home as a major development in the near-unanimous Senate - House bargaining comes on The k'p 'v" nnint I,„M;.,„ "" mi in thn w .i.. .,.,i .,v f,„. •>„ • f 1 nK up an "gainst organized crime and rack- up in the Senate today for an ex- agreement—construction site pick-, eteering. passage j ^'"K- j Tne policemen. Sheldon E. Tell' Kennedy and Ins fellow Demo-' er , Miles J. Cooperman. 29. and The measure then will go to the I". * . 1t '. i ™ " ,* 1 ™ 101lt for a , Richard E. Austin. 37. until re- House, which mav send it on to ,., S " U y ,ho bl,i,(,in R cently all members of the police President Eisenhower Friday i "1,- u " ,ons t'xrmptniH such narcotics detail, were accused of Eisenhowers approval is" con- lecond^^Za^T'^e^S 1 Pr ° leCti ° n l ° ^ " ng f ° ny Anthony, vice president: Larry , -Mderod certain since the final pro- Such boycotts" affect neutral cm' Cover, secretary: Louise Nockels., duct meets most of his specifica- ployers in a labor dispute. „...,„,, I Bl " ,he >' were forced to drop the Detailed Controls ! provision-which has is in Zeist. near Utrecht. Holland. She will be a senior in pected Officers were elected by all four votc classes of Carroll High School at organizational meetings Thursday morning. Picked by the senior class were Roger Kaspcrsen. president; Dan- treasurer: Alec Gillett and Jan' tions White, student council representatives. Junior officers chosen were Ann Thomas, president: Sharon Ohde, vice president: Sandee Cross, secretary: Joyce Kroeger, treasurer: Jim Wilson and Paula Peters, student council representatives. Sophomore officers named were Bruce Kienapfcl, president; Kathy Lehman, vice president; Kar e n Daeges, secretary. Nancy Jensen, treasurer; Bethany Annebcrg and Ron Edwards, student council representatives. Elected by the incoming freshman class were Joel Harris, presi- cltnt; Bob Peters, vice president: Karen McGrady, secretary: Sue Macke, treasurer; Glenn Maze and Vickie Brown, Student council representatives. as Eisenhow- lhe compromise bill worked out cr s endorsement—when the House Wednesday writes into federal law parliamentarian said he would money. This was done, the indictment read, "by advising their codefendants and coconspirators of the plans and activities of governmental agencies charged with the Form Bureau Plans Drive For Members a general strike today to protest rice prices and police gunfire Tuesday night which fatally wounded 10 rioters. . Some officials accused the Communists of using the easily inflamed mobs from the pqrt city's teeming slums ,, „ ... " - - m an effort to Cat i oil County participation in, bring down Lhe government of Carroll High School and will 1 " make her home with the Anne-, H" r n V ? hurs : l s,ate caDital berg l f y ' Member 10. was planned In New Delhi. Prime Minister „. , . „ . f a , met ; tin « of tlK> *arm Bureau Nehru told Parliament troops had She has come to the United, board of directors Wednesday: been alerted in Calcutta to stand State s on an American Field night in the Farm Bureau build- Service scholarship such as was ing held last year by D a li i c 1 1 Leo Loeffler of Glidden, county lleradstveit. a student from membership chairman Norway who was graduated on goals and purposes of the from Carroll High School last drive as outlined at a district co- spring. Her visit here is sponsor-ordination meeting' in Dcnison eel by the Rotary Club and [ Tuesday niuht. Carroll Public Schools by for action if the situation got for the first time detailed controls rule it was subject to Triplet Sons Get- Names; Doing Well responsibility of enforcing the over internal operations of unions , order killing it m that'body!' 1 | ™,i?-" 8 l ° ""^ U ' affiC on such points as finances, elec- — tions. trusteeships and rights of C a. . • members JTOreS TO VjlOSe But it also—and this is the part which caused the long and difficult conference—beefs up the Taft- Hartley law on such bitterly dis- Housewives tiled points as secondary cotts and organizational picket-, necessities for a Inn a holiday on Labor Holiday narcotics. The former agent, Edward R. Gayles, 38, a Negro, now an attorney, was charged with conspiracy with six codefendants and eight alleged coconspirators for conspiring to import narcotics for 15 Bands in Area Accept Festival Bids 90 Point Goal Carroll County will have a goal of 'JO points. One point will be allowed for each new member signed, one for a new member who signs for Farm Bureau insurance, and one for a new member who uses $.->0, worth of Farm Bureau products subsequent to July 1. out of hand Police opened fire at least three reported \ times in central Calcutta but no ' * casualties were reported. Roaming bands dominated the streets in large areas. Only a few shops were open in the central part of the city Death Calls Mrs. Ross # 90 • boy- n, a supply aia ^i ,0 i;!| 1and distribution in the United picket-, necessities for a long holiday week-1 end. Mrs. Clara P. Ross, 90, long-time •esident of Carroll, died at 12:55 The drive will end November ! i '- m - Thursday morning at the Tryon Nursing Home, after an illness of five and one-half years. Funeral III' 1 In lhe end. the conferees ac- ! Nt>ii "' | . v »» • slolt ' s wi " bp closed cepted the basic pattern of the Jloniluy observance of Labor broader Landrum-Griffin House, ,. , bill on the Taft-Hartley changes j ''^^ (,1,1 " ,s and other places in the seventh and final title. business also are asked by the „ „ , , „ ,. . (namber of Commerce to suspend But Sen John P. Kennedy D- 1)UMiu . ss |()| . ( , H , t ,. jy _ The courthou .se will be closed Suspends Officers Triplet sons born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Smith at St. Anthony Hospital August 25 have been named James Gerard, Richard tard and William Gerard. Mass 1 and the other Senate Democratic conferees succeeded in getting into the measure limitations on the new Taft-Hartley provisions aimed at protecting legitimate union rights. The compromise won almost unanimous praise from Congress James is the oldest, Richard , . , , . was the second in time of birth, \ ^ eUt '° lill)or f > ,oslllon and William third. 1ne ml1 wns a 1 '™* 1 Slll ' l> to bl ' will be closed from Saturd; All are still hospitalized but are, disappointing to labor. The AFL- 1 until Tuesday morning. reported as "gaining nicely" All cl ° na( ' criticized the measure in : The Public Library will be closed tions but James have regained their Uu " f<)n11 il l wssed the Senate and f, ;r the clay. birthweights. James now weighs 3 . strongly assailed the Landrum-1 The ASC, Soil Conservation and pounds and 12 ounces. Richard at 1 Unffin version. 'State Employment oflices, which I In additio' to Chicago, receiv live pounds 3 ounces is 1 ounce] Secretary of Labor .lames P. 1 normally are closed on Saturdays, ing points for narcotics disclosei over his original weight and Wil-' Mitchell said he was "extremely will suspend business at 5 p.m. by the investigation include Cleve bam at four pounds 8 ounces j s • pleased" with the bill and added: Friday to remain closed until 8; land, Detroit, Miami. Los Angeles union or em- o'clock Tuesday morning. San Francisco and Gary 12. Six tickets to the Notre Dame ) Iowa football game will be given Fifteen of the 40 high schools in-j to the district bringing in the most vited to take part in the third an-' members. These are to be distrib- r.ual Western Iowa Band Festival! uted among counties in the win- Police Commissioner Timothy here September 2i> have sent ac | ning district. J. O'Connor immediately sus- ceptances, Charles E. Knoblauch,) Floyd Schlorholtz of C a r r 0 1 1, pended the three policemen manager of the Chamber of Com-: chairman of the annual meeting Teller told newsmen he and the mcrce announced Thursday. 'committee, announced that the other detectives are innocent ol The 15 bands and their directors • meeting will be held in the Star- any wrongdoing. an Carroll High School, directed line Ballroom. The three policemen were Karl Rogosch. and Kuemp e 1 named in one indictment with li'gh School by Gayle Thompson: from rioon SaUirdav uiuil Tuesday W>>nng. along with 10 others.' Sanson Community School. Hay. • -- , ----- . r , orn i„ K ;„ U | citv'ofliees from 5 beginning in August l'.i ,">4, to vio- Wallace; Lohmlle Community, ported on the leadership training j carry Wednesday, Edward Mur pm Saturday until Tuesday morn- laU> the 1:w Cooperman and Si hool, Roger Chrysler; Coon Hap- 1 conference which he attended at, phy, counly auditor, said i„„ ' Teller were charged in another of i(, - s Community School, Merlin L. 1 Ames last month as a represcnta- There will be no city or rural the six indictments with selling 1 •Johnson: Exira Community School,; live of Carroll County Farm Bu- mail deliveries from the Carroll one-quarter kilogram ol heroin to Franklyn G. Mapcs: Harlan Com- ] reaii Young People, post office hut the box section will 01 is Soals - a convicted dope ped- nuinity School. Robert Donald: ! Reports of activities for the past. Bob Grif- Dull. insur- - iger; M r s. Pind classes .Monday and banks Federal Narcotics' Bureau 7 said ^n; Ar-We-Va Community School.! Mearl Pottroff of Glidden. chair-. •iy noon the investigation began in ' ^ 1Ii,ins: Dayton Community man of the \\omens Committee; 1 mills as by law provided on the February after routine investiga- • Sclu '° 1 ' Dun .. D ' Car ! t ' 1 ' : .^P^on and Mary Ann llacklort of committee, II be The date had previously been set for October 22. Reports Given Bob Pottebaum of Carroll re- Ge ' , 1 u lH ' 0 ' ,en a,ul outgoing mail will be ' dler now in prison, for $4.7(10 be- L.Mton Community School, Wil-1 month were given by putt ovei the bill. But there were dispatched. 1 tween January and April ld.lit. Ii;:m Townsend; Grand Community lilh, fieldman Ivan I ^iiT ..n S |..SL. ^L!"™ 1 Sym '' A1 l sch0,,ls in Carroll will sus-! George M. Belk, chief of lhe j School of Boxholm. Howard A. Nei- j ance agency manage arrangements are pending at the Huffman Funeral Home in Carroll. <DETAILS in Obituary Section.) Plan to Acquire Hall Defeated in Washington Twp. A special election in Washington township for construction or purchase of a township hall failed to The vote total showed 77 against and only 33 for a special measure. Three ballots were spoiled. Citizens of Washington township voted on the following question: "Shall the trustees of Washington Township be authorized to levy tax not exceeding three-fourths tions uncovered conspiracies to I ( - oinim| nity School, Donald A. Sta-, roll, president ol Farm Bureau! for the purpose import and sell drugs throughout' l' les ' ( narter Oak High School. Art, Young People. constructing a 1 the country. I.ceck; Lake \ lew - Auburn Com-, The meeting, normally schedul-! Voting was he J ounces over j James and William are still in 1 Isolettes. Richard has been out] since the day after he was born. I Mrs. Smith, mother of the trip-! lets, was released from the hospi-j lal Sunday. "No honest trade Ind The Weather 2 R ussian Security Officers Check on Nikita s Iowa Route nuinity School. H. M Stephenson; ed for the first Monday of the and (')iurdan Consolidated School, month, was advanced because of Richard Carey. ; Labor Day Of the 40 invitations sent, none have been declined, Mr Knoblauch , N'^W ADDRESS said. One more school will be add- : Nnrbert Greving is now .stationed to the invitation list because ol i 'd at Sheppard Training Center, the reorganization of Lake View Texas His new address is and Auburn into a community dis- Norbert Greving, Box A fW trict. The original list ol 40 had s " s . Sheppard Training Car- [ taxable property in said township 1 " " of purchasing or public hall?" held in the now vacant Center Clerks were Earl Struve and Virtus Martens. Judges were Herbert Frahm, Harold Kracht and Vincent Halbur. A similar proposal failed to carry in Ewoklt Township in an A-B election held on Aug. 14. The <;7ih voting in Ewoklt was 12 for and included separate invitations each ol these schools to , Tex; Center, 12 against with two spoiled lots. Mr. Murphy said. bal- given theonce-over by two Ru, include !Uars,"arm Xr'Co, n° Gov "ad KSl T^l ™ security officers as protection Rapids and Iowa State University along tlo In rsTate • nd ,v Generally fair, turning warmer «^'^„««^h'n8.happen,n g to So-, a. Ames. | S aV their wives Challv CARROLL FORECAST 1,415 Detasselers Used During Season Twenty hybrid corn companies producing seed corn in the area Friday Lows Thursday night mid 1 vjt Premier Nikita Khrushchev Presumably the Russian officers ber 0 cZmeS members and ^ »V tlK-Car; 0 fice of he 50s. Highs Friday low 80s. |«hen he visits the stale this inspected everything alone ih, ,„.,,...« invited by Ties and De l,ma S,aU ' Kmployment Service employed 1,415 detasselers v during when he pionth. IOWA FORECAST Generally fair and warmer Thursday night and Friday. Lows Thursday night 45 northeast to 58 i sistant. Vladimir P, Burdin southwest. Highs Friday 78-83. Further outlook — Partly cloudy with chance of scattered showers Saturday. this inspected everything along the others ays over which the Soviet Puydt. The Weather in Carroll 1 Dally 'I'i'iiipcrittiiri's Courtesy lima I'uhllc Service Company) Yesterday's high '74 Yesterday's low 50 At 7 a .m. today 55 At 10 a .m. today 68 Weather A Year Ago— II was coudy and cool a year ago today, with .03 of an inch of rain. Low temperature was 60 and high, 73. I The checkup was done quietly : leader would pass and any build-f What the diners will eat hasn't! I' 11 ; |)as , 1 , AJvan Cox, Farm >r during the last two days by Maj. <<0 he might enter. They con- been determined. A State Depart-' l ™™ " ^IS^n summer'emolov' /si Gen. Nikolai Zakharov and his as- fcrrcd in Des Moines with state ment official due here next week ' <"> »• 11 "' on summe. employ^« •-• ' land local enforcement officials. will attend to that but it is known im " 1 ' Rll%11RS - j Khrushchev will arrive at the that what Khrushchev eats will Tlu ' area served by the Carroll !Des Moines Airport at 1:45 p.m. be supervised by a Russian chef Office includes Crawford, Greene and will be quartered at the Fort Mr. K. is reported to be on a and Sac Counties in addition to Des Moines Hotel. diet and knows how he wants his i Carroll. I One of the big events during his food cooked j Of the total detasselers employ- stay will be a dinner the evening : Said Joseph Whclan, manager ed 1,340 were students and the roof Sept. 22 in the ballroom of the ol the hotel: maining Oil were adults parlicpa- t hotel which can accomodate up to "The Russian clul will not do ting as crew foremen or contract 600 persons. ! any actual cooking but will' be detasselers. Among t h e school Plans for the dinner were an- present in an advisory capacity." 1 youngsters 1,036 were recruited nounced Wednesday by John | Tentative plans call for Khrush- \ from high schools of the area and Adams, secretary of the Chamber' chev to remain here overnight and i 310 were brought in from surround- J of Commerce. Hosts at the dinner travel Wednesday Sept. 23 to Coon! ing counties. Carroll County High " i " K " 1 '• • " • Rupkls and Ames. While in Des' Schools provided a total of 323. In Moines he may inspect the Iowa ' addition to lhe 1,036 detasslers, 3(10 Packing Co. plant and the John 5 youth took jobs as hay hands and Deere Des Moines Works before lie cut buns from corn and vol- Sometimes shoppers amaze you with the tilings they would rather have than money. will be Chamber President Frank ! De Puydt and Des Moines Mayor i Charles lies. The guest list will include the the Western alliance and show no inclination to allow De Gaulle an overshadowing position. Since Italy has welcomed NATO atomic missile bases on her soil, the Italians feel that their contribution to Western defense is greater than that of France. De Gaulle has thus far refused such bases and this is one of the points of friction. These problems have disturbed the atmosphere within NATO for many months, and this was one of the reasons for Eisenhower's decision to pay a surprise visit to NATO's permanent representatives this morning. Eisenhower and De Gaulle end their talks tonight during an overnight stay at the Cateau de Ram- bouillct, summer residence of French presidents 35 miles from Paris. Eisenhower planned to go directly from Rambouillet to Le Botirget Airport early Friday for his departure. Informed sources said the Eisenhower-Do Gaulle talks Wednesday were in the preliminary stage but got off to a promising beginning. Unfolding Ideas They reported that the French leader was gradually unfolding his ideas for a settlement of the nationalist rebellion in Algeria and France's demands for a place in NATO councils equal to that of the United States and Britain. "Everything has gone very well between us," De Gaulle told the Eisenhower .... See Page 9 Council to Get Traffic Control, Safety Analysis Mayor Arthur N. Neu has announced that Carroll will receive September 30, from the National Safety Council a comprehensive analysis of its safety and traffic control program. The analysis will be presented to a meeting of city officials, civic leaders and interested citizens by Carl D. Miller of the Iowa Department of Public Safety. It will evaluate all phases of the city's program, covering accident records, traffic engineering, police traffic supervision, traffic courts, school safety, public safety education, and safety organization — the general administration of the citywide traffic safety effort. Mayor Neu said the analysis is organized to reflect the best thinking and experience to date of accident prevention, and is especially adapted to the characteristics and needs of Carroll. He urged that all interested citizens, as well as officials with traffic responsibilities, attend the analysis meeting, saying, "Public support — citizen participation — is the key to success in our safety effort." The analysis is part of a statewide program offered by the Iowa Department of Public Safety in connection with the National Safety Council. The inventory representative for Carroll is Chief of Police Alvin B. Bruning. No Injuries in v Two Auto Collisions Two accidents were reported here Wednesday evening by police and the sheriff's office. About 5 p.m. cars driven by Dr. Harry K Richardson, 37, Carroll, and Robert E. Wieland, 18, Carroll, were in collision at the intersection of West Third street and an elley. The Richardson car was turning east on Third and the Wieland car was westbound on Third and had pulled out to pass a parked truck, police said. The front end of Dr. Richardson's car and the left side of Wieland's car were damaged. There were no injuries, police said. A sideswipe collision happened L about 5:45 p m. at the intersection 1 of North Carroll and Fifth Streets, the sheriff's office said. Cars driven by Robert L, Kraus, 22, Carroll and Gone W. Boss, 31, Carroll, were involved in that mishap. The Kraus car was north bound on Carroll and the Boss car was southbound and turning east on Fifth when the collision occurred, the sheriff's office said. The left front ends of both vehicles were damages. No injuries were reported. 100 or so persons in the official 1 he goes to the dinner. unteer corn from bean fields. Ummmm Good! Two German girls and thousands of others had their first opportunity to sample U.S. fried chicken at the International Trade Fairs in Cologne and Munich. The exhibits offered chicken, a bun, some fruit, and honey for the equivalent of 25 cents. Thousands took advantage of the utter. 1 Clifton Monroes to Move to Belle Plaine Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Monroe and son, David Dicken, are moving from the Parkview Apartments Sunday to Bello Plaine. They have lived in Carroll for approximately lived in Carrol for approximately five years. David will go to Ames Saturday, where he will bo 0 sophomore at Iowa State University, After the first of the year, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe plan to locate at Dysart. where they will operate a coffee shop. V

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