Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 20, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, April 20, 1961
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The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47, Number 16 Thursday. April 20, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Ten Pages This Issue -HAMS AND HOMEMADE BREAD were on lhe menu ai the cooking demonstration held at the Inieu-ilaie Power Co. office laat Thursday. Shown demonstrating, the new electric range ar«. Dale Maxion at left, manager of the local Interstate ofHco, and Toby Johnson of the W«i Union office. Looking on al the right ares Mrs. Sturlay Butti. MM. Ena Johnson and Shirley Bulls. Red Cross swimming Program is scheduled PART OF THE CAST O f A. ^ production "The Emperor's New The Red Cross "Learn to gram. Youngsters will swim Clothes" are shown in the pic- Swim" program will be offered every day for three weeks, with *«re above. The play, which was at Upper Iowa University this two three-week sessions being ~ ' summer, It was announced today scheduled, Alderdyce stated. The by Elmer Alderdyce, director. first session of toe-program will No fee other than individual begin on Monday, June 5; the transportation will be charged second session will start on June for the swimming program, with 26. the North Fayette County chap- Youngsters torn Fayette, Cler- ter of the American Red Cross bearing the cost. Children eight years old and produced by U. I. 17. students and Colegrove - Walker Auditorium. EL* sitSSs."™ PH Each ° ne " ihe " ud ""* p! ^ d canted last Friday night in ihe their part exceptionally well. High school students work On subscription campaign A spring campaign is being week, and will end Saturday launched this week by the Fay- May 6. at 5 p.m. ft to Leader, wit.'i students of the Each student will be partici»a- Fayctte Community school as the ting for commissions for his or salesman. her class, and for the grand prize Ail of the students in the V:ur of $25 for the class. The class grades of high school have the that sells the second most sub- opportunity tu participate in the script-ions will receive $15, and t-;iinpaii'n to earn money for their the class that sells the third class and for themselves. The most will receive $10 camiiiusn begun Monday of this The student Qut o{ Prnrifvs Open house to be ; Library week climax L W. M. league to hold More school talent Annual spring workshop shows scheclule(J „„«;„,, - th ' Another in u scries uf talont - t: . ,_ . . . . ... , Cession, wun The Uppcr Iowa ZQne Qf the Board of ^ Luth ^ fln church— shows will be held Thursday. up may participate in the pro- students from West Union, Haw- Lutheran Women's Missionary Missouri Synod, anb) is writing April 20 at 8 p.m. in thc high keye, Alpha and Waucoma areas League will hold their annual the topic discussion for Plan- school gym. National Library Week will be four grades, who obtains the most new subscribers will receive a transistor rad : o, and the student who obtains the most subscriptions, both new and renewals, will receive a pen and pencil set. Commissions and prizes will be climaxed at Upper Iowa Univer- awarded to each class and will be mont and Elgin areas will par- in the expenses on library. Of special in- vla:is ""'•"«• aances - ° r anything ti.Ti-.st will bi; vurs through the clse tnat the class might do. iH-w third floor addition to the A-full page advertisement per- stut-k an-a of the library, and taining to the campaign will be the cli.-pki.v of :>2 new study car- lound in this issue of the Leader _ 'ri, n.. u . u- i .1 listing the names of all the stu- rht Open House, to which the dents in the fcur school attending the second session. Frank Pickett of Fayette, an instructor in the Red Cnsss water Rainen to host youth From Hong Kong, China Eighty-one foreign from 44 countries will participate charge of instruction, Alderdyce in a foreign student weekend on said. Assisting in thc program f'uthorVn'^-hiir^h Iowa.farms on April 28-30. Mr. will be Mike Ashby and Bill ^ Ulneran cnurctl and Mrs. Don Rainer of Fayette Chase of Fayette; Sara Wester- , . ,. . vviiK.ll UH. (jcntS in the fOlir School daSSeS « .!»•„ __:_„„ students safety program, will again be in TU" Demonstrations spring rally on April 26 at Grace ned Parish Activities for May of The third grade Lutheran church, Fayette. The 1962. ning's fourth grade emphasis this spring will be a This summer he is teaching a this week. graduate course on "Marriage The program will consist of j ons O f t), c different services of- is the Rev. and the Family" a t Concordia Raggletagglctown Singers, Sym- f cri . d b y t; lc library will be giv- if Memorial Teachers college. River Forest, phonet band, and Jack In The on i )y ' Upper Iowa University and Student III. ' Dean Stalk. ori te candidate may cY> so by cal- and descript- ljng that person Amo, mastera ^ ' h in '" During the morning session °" Thursday, April 21, Mrs. s j s tinK of books given Heineman's fourth grade will library as gifts will also be dis- u,m h~» A-IIU«« w«r,« «f »«,,» field West Union- and Sandra recelvea a masters degree in Rev. Fields' topic f6r the w,3rk Heineman's fourth grade will library Lng a sfuS ?t Clale col- Laue'r of HaSeJe' counseling and guidance with a shop will be P "The Chrislian present Hansel and Gretle. Thc jfj^. Kong, student Clarke col ^ .^^ ^^ *™ '» '«"•L='° gy f ''° m »?^1 *«5 Discussion gn.ups seventh and^eighth grades _will Th , , to the lege, The students, under the spon sorship of the Iowa Farm Bureau women, will visit 72 farm homes in 42 Iowa counties, according to Mrs. J. S. Van Wert of Hampton, state Farm Bureau women's chairman. The student* are presently attending 12 colleges, and Junior 'colleges In Iowa.-This Is the aec- the swimmine DnMram mav be Wa State llnlvers ' tv will be held following the lee- present a program about popular - wimmine" In 1958 he cnnducled a work- ture. The summatron of the music in thp United States. ' derdyce Favette Fayette, in soil Conservation speech for pastors at Concordia mornin B l °P^ will be in the after- c* T „. ; vr • ncon and is titled "A Christian St. Louis, Missouri on Fami , y Standar<r . Marriage Education", and last Delegates to the*Nlnth Bien- summer lectured at the Inter- m ' a i International Convention to national Walther League Camp be held at Pittsburg will be in Michigan on the topic of Mar- elected at this R»lly. riage and the Family. Recistrfltiaiv Tor the Hallv u/iil Many 'of ins articles on mar- be held from 9 to 10 A. M. The riage have appeared in "This morning program is from 10 to magazine, The Walther 12 noon. A luncheon will be ser- Panel to students. A special section con- Aid to education "Should federal aid to education be extended, in any form, to ,, ..... , religious and private schools"? floor addition to will bc the sub j cct of a panel library was recently com- discussion to be held at Upper on Thursday, '- thu ^ , , R Q £\\Q\ There will be an admission of plutcd under the supervision of Iowa university 25 cents. The public is invited Hoffman Brothers of Indepen- April 27. to attend - dcnco. Other contractors on the MThe1 panclist wi " in 5 ludc ^ project includo Carley Plumbing f^ clergymen, and Upper Iowa , .. .. ,., ' . _. * faculty members and students, and Heating of Fayette and Pratt Tne dlscUMi on is being sponsored Electrical of West Union. by the Political and Social Js, New, study, cazxels. whkh.. Hro-.J»uesclub. vide students with individual ~rne program, WTIICII -war PC places for research and study, °pen to the public, will begin Van. flpvo's vvul ' ( -' recently purchased by the at 7 p.m. jn roam 216 of the foreign students to their homes . 'for a weekend visit. [ nntoct finnniinrPfl Host families will pick up the LOmCST UlHlUUHUJU students at the colleges on Friday rmmtv ara'trrsAS sfasr&r-jsrz to experience Iowa farm life and «1 "^f^Sion" . q ^ irp -m pvo* League Messenger, and the Luth- V ed by the Rural Improvement D aintiriBs wore disnlived at the University and installed at the Colgrove-Walker Memorial build- eran Witness. c i ub of Fayette at the Farm Bur- Central Iowa Art ' Association samL> tin '° as tho ncw Remington ing on the U. I. U. campus. . - central luwd ^in /i^buclauun _. . At the present time he is ser- ea u building. The afternoon pro- GaVleries^irTVarshallt^wr''^'^'!! - Rand shlcks ' " Dr ' charles B - C3ark - Maltbie vmg on the Board of Parish gra m will be from 1 to 3:30 p.m. ^n Sunday April 9 A tea was Nuirn P°'" ted out tjla ' although Professor of Government, will in" J ' " -' ---- from 2:30 p.m.'to 5'00 p.nr thc librar y f "cilities are prim- troduce the topic and will serve ^. _ — _ „ ^4l*«*t »Y**i W^ * L l«t II A tW U,l7U ^J.lll, Conser- Education and the Literature All L. W. M. L. members and guests are urged to attend. Won, CT .ttend county ,„ Convention .t W«t g .te Old Satchmo's music Really heats things up Approximately 150 guests at- nril y for tllc usc of u PP er fowa as tended the exhibit and they were University students, the general Program. . , _, _ impressed by the variety, beauty, publlc ls welc °me to use any of Vet* Carnival Thursday and the color of her paintings, the library services. Thc { Carnival sponsor- A gallery talk was given by Me Jtovid B. Henderson lib- d fa tfl v j umver- "How hot can Satchmo'a mus- Miss Van Cleve at 3:00 p.m. Thc ™ ry st"«« composed of Nairn; ., Veterans club will be held "Apply Your Talents and Keep ic be?" was what Superintendent lit)c of h cr speech was "An Ar- Mlss J v!ld £ l Braus f ! ; libr ,°, rian ; at 7:30 p.m. Thursday April 20, ______ i ___ : __ i__i . . ___ ___... _ . ....._ . ?ir\»l n/1 i*e l\/r»»*"c*m»r»i nn rt-\r\irt*\\ »»c_ " * * ™ * n ; na nf AnHl 26 A Song in Yl3ur Hea '' 1 " was the Dean Curtis was wondering last tists vemns or -npm *u thpmp of the all-day program at Wednesday night near the end of tc d with The contest will be held Sunday the students will attend the North Fayette school build- to allege ing on . ~ -- on the at 8 p.m ~T~««, O«U*C»PS and iunior col- Those entered are: Edwin Dul- clubs of Fayette county meet- school gym. participating in the pro- lard, Larry Pleggenkuhle, Kenny jnffln Westgate Friday. :__injA rwtiimura Hplohts T HQ^Q,- c^ami Suckow, Elaine rleaaiey, airecto tiii _ ,_ w , Jtt , V) „,.„,„ T. UJ ,.v^., u ^^ ^ w ..v. u . .«,.». .... ..~..~^ _... 3 Jane Conn vities therapv at the Independen- by moro than Ii500 people, Mr. Her talk was very intertstinK Winthrop; f , ^«« c ^ w, ce Mental HeaUh institute, was Cu Us began to smell smoke . i n and greatly enjoyed by the aud- ""-' . Hud j s( the guest speaker in the after- A ""'" n ' These students wrote their own n,; On . He told of the work being Mrs. Meskel, the speech instruc- vanced methods being used in tor in North High, many similar institutions and ex- The commissioners approved tended an invitation to visit the include Ottumwa Heights, S?ate Teachers, towa State UnverVity, Clarke Westmar, Drake, Warn Penn, Grinnell, With Paints" illustra- the various paintings the_ convention of thc federated the concert in the Community s | ie exhibited. Miss Van Cleve was introduced by Mrs. Paul In the closing few minutes of Fosness, vice-president of the director of acti- thu conc ert, which was attended Central Iowa Art Association. Lj! "« onl : Margaret Maxwell, as- librana/i. _ ^ • assls ting 'in the lib- in the U. I. U. gymnasium. Most campus organizations will be represented at the Car- D . nival with various concessions, v r'rniw Tnm Hnm SUC>il ° S P enOV P itch ' Cflke Walfe - .rdc.n bSrT ?T s P° ok house - jail ' MWW* ° f - .nut'ii uiggs, fan- .. „, i-.-.u _„,,„•„_ AJ..,:.,. Former resident dies MAYNABD — George Meyers the request of John Schwamman, one a t Independence any day of lnat to prevent a Central Iowa Art Associa- tlie smoke until the building tion has a program once a month nearly cleared. displaying the works of some Ho then investigated, and found artist. The month of April was reserved for Miss Van Clove s paintings. She displayed 18 B±r a°" it wasn't Satchmo's music and lunch counter, to the Carnival will bc 25 , according to Ed McKibbin, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mc.„ .. . ... Kibben, Riceville, president of 1-ayeto; Jerry Livings- h Veteran . s c lub. Door prizes, 'adena; Dan Lynch, Ionia; includlng a transistor radio; will be awarded throughout the ev- . . . Ilhn ' s - Elain MlU general public is invited to attend the carnival, McKibbin stated. with stated, with Mrs. Miehe, a native of Du- soil and water conservation was "Multiply Your Talents"." a crack m me riser neur me with Fruit .. "Designed uque county, and her late hus- plan for their farms. The meeting was called to stage. Vegetables,"' Bittersweet band, who was reared in this Basic plans on Ed Mct-artny, or< j er by the county president, The cigarette butt had fallen Ceramic Dog," "Aspen Trunks, Elected president community, farmed near May- Jefferaan township, Art Koester, Mrs. Harriet Smith, Randalia, on a tumbling mattress beneath Wyoming," "Icy Morning, Fay- Miss Joan Froesher daughter '""t ^'"^u" 6 j """T"?," on*"7 nard tor a time after their mar- Dover township, and Arnold and opened with the pledge to the stage, and had burned a hole ette" all oils on canvas. "Ccram- ., f Mrs Miriorhs Ulbricht of be held Thursdav - A P ril 20 - at riage before moving to Swea Sanders, Windsor township were the American flag and the in the mattress. ic , Lab •• »i owa Hilltop View" ~ - - '"-- - ... , - \—- 1=30 p.m. in the Farm Bureau City in the early 1900's- J - J '° ! *~ - ' ' ' Kick-off meeting The Kick -off meeting for all workers in the Cancer Society, fund raising campaign will and a revision on the the invocation by Mrs. Harold "her'brother'she is sur- farm of ; F. E. Sharp, Blkader, on Leech, Westgate. Greetings mattress. vived by two daughters aiid which Laurence NelaMi is the W ere extended by Mrs. Ted Rue- many relatives in this vicinity, renter. • Summer program (or gifted children To be offered again at Upper Iowa ber, president of the Westgate \y onc |er Worker* meet Study club and the response by Mrs. John Thiele, president of the Ada Reading Circle, Maynard. Mrs. Burle Downing, Westgate, was at the piano for the i A » »v. ics Lab -" " Iowa Hmt °P Vlcw '" Downers Grove, 111-, lias been hllildinc The new .. Arthur The only damage was to the "Hydrangia Bush with Bird,' c i wlcd prra ident oMhe Women's J"'$'^JJ? ,°? w Arthur "Design with Navajo Necklace", Aln]clit . ass0 ciaUon at Upper J™^ u^ to thta area "Design with Dachshunds", all Iowa univcl , si t y , it was announ- £irst timc m thls area> oils on gesso. "Pods" and Jun- ccd i 0 d ay by Mrs. Gussie Craf- The regular meeting of the Wonder Workers 4-H held April 3, at the Plan Smorgasbord ri* ° k A summer enrichment "Prism" coldwax on gesso. other officers elected include: The Rosary Society of St. "Ohio Amish Farm" water color. Ann Kunkle, daughter of Mr. and Francis Assissi Parish of Fayette, "Flourist Window" pastel. M ,. s _ Raymond Kunkle, Hazlc- will hold a Smorgasbord on Sun- When the paintings are return- toll) v ; ce president; Letha Or- day, April 23 in the Farm Bureau L mu iwiiuy imeB ed from Marshalltown, they will cut | > daughter of Mr. and Mrs. building. Serving will bc from Alderson and Mary be displayed in Graf Hall during R aymom i Qrcutl, Earlville, sccre- 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. n BHI ,_ _. pro- French, German, and Spanish; no^-meaT'was^servea'by Vhe Be'th"S.ldwln made cup cakes May. instructors of Up . tory-lreasurer. Everyone is invited to attend. graVtorarea gifted children will dramatics; and typing Wim Wofk f tn ,,/„ B for a lunch for the boy'e 4-H So™«J Unlver! t? who alien- Igaln be offered this year by Classes will be held daily, ex- church . at the Conservation build- and Jane, Enckson made a drink P™ l ?£> a ™™S ^° e . Mrs. Upper towa OMiyersity. cept July 3 _and ^.^fiw _eight mg Thft group accepted the ln . to go with it. A movie on meats Jed the ait exhibit were, m Students in grades five through eight who rank in the upper one-fifth of their class will be *"•** *••••• «*£*g«v —»»»T-» ™-.. . ^___, tf . __ *»JI^ ***\f ••IW'X'MA4lf^ *A4W*MVS»'M *•*•«*• ,,_ 9 m ( • eligible for the program, accord- BUme no responsibility for trans- Thiele, Mrs. Henry Kappmeyer, New Fnday night in« to Mrs. Addle Austin, dir- portatianv Mrs. Austin staled,' Mrs. Oscar C. Miehe, Mrs. O. J. o t Kour» ector A31 students who took part but will attempt to schedule Tokeim, Mrs. Henry Buenneke, Slore nour » in the orogram last summer will classes tor the convenience of Mrs. Donald Fish, be allowed to enroll for advanced those who ride together from art, Stella Knight, $S wlS ff'malfeS^Sl ^defwm'be available in the Mayna^ Menefl, IK' G£ ^S « Vn '*&"*£ ™«» * ™ Independe^, district Camping \^*£^g!*««» Sr students recommended by lounge of the Colgrove-Walker Mittlestadt, Mrs. Earl Judas, Mrs. ta5l..d of Saturday nights, .t . , p . , . > . and Activities chainnan. pass relay judging fh-eby fUnt ?hefr school superintendent or Memorial building at 8:00 a.m. on Frank Cummlngs, Mrs. George least for ih. tummer months. Birthday Club to meet Each patirt within a.Tioop and steel, fue by frietun, m- meir »w *• ^^ 12 ^ direct 8 t ud , e nts to Betz, Mrs. Floyd Henniges, and Merchant* _who attend the The April Birthday club^ will will Compete wn _ shown wiarceua cisieis, nnao Helen Nancy Aldenon was chosen ^rud Miss Harriet RanneyM^ TO , 9:45, and 10:45. " Those"fToVMaynard attend- good grooming girl of the month. Jf^" 6 " 1 * 1 Bnd MlSS GlSC Upper Iowa university will as- ing the meeting included Mrs. m> ,,_._, . L ^ j^ lsg- Van clove's first degree was earned at South-western college in Winfield, Kansas. Her Fayette, Maynard Scoufs In Monfega district event The Hazleton city park will be asked to Judge, score, and provide nrmcinal June iz lo atrec ' «w«°«« «» JBetz, Mrs. ribyd Henniges, ana m»rcno»«» w. w ou»na xiw xne April ruruuiuy nuu, „,.. „,....-...».-— in 10 different divi ua not y m 8. *? Jen peg P Th^ first 76 applications to be their respective classes. The re- Mrs. Earl Fos* Chamber of Commerce mating meet Saturday, April 29 for a Scoutcraft events. The first lelay J«>OP j"of Fayette will retoned along with a »5 regis- mainder of the tuition ($3B) will Members of the Federated last month voted th. change In 12:30 p.m. pot luck dinner with three place winners will 1become ^responsible for the signaling [?S fee wlU be accepted, Mrs. be payable at that time. Women's club of Fayette, who store houri. Mrs . 5^ Nydegger. Rail call eligible for the Council field event andJroop^74 of Maynard AuSSSed The summer enrichment pro- attended the convention were: All of lh. Fayrtto m«rch»i, "Hobby" you are persuing. There meet to be.conducted ta.oonju«- * l "£»S w*£ ToSl rostior enrolling for any gram is sponsored each year Me.sdames Carl Masters, Harold are «.k«d to cooper** with ihe is a 50 cent gift exchange. tion with the ScoutM>Rarna on by^friction y event t«,« c asses for the full eight by the U. I. U. education depart, Boiilton, G. L. Douglas, E. A. n.w night opening hours. Sales All with April birthdays are May 8 at the Hippudrome in The ac "vities wU weeks wlU be $4ff. Classes wiU ment In cooperation with the Billings, Mrs. Mabel Porter, Mrs. «o being planned by the retail invited to attend. W £ te ™°At «,„ T rnnn ^mmittea. termed in watchinir i i on^ June » Courses Will business education, language, Esther- Uffring and Miss Harriet committee, and will be announ- If transportation is desired Some of the Troop committees terested In watching .1 offered in conversational and drama departments. ««nney, ctd next week. call Blue 71. throughout the district have been to attend,

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