Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 11, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1898
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH. YEAR, (BitaMlifctt Jaaniry 14, IM*.}» ALTON, ILL,, FRIDAY, NOV. n, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEB Mark -iiBftnsBeniirnB. vaiy < fSP 2 f TU ? BhorwItt-WHIlamii Fnlnla Is tho beat thnt cau ^ P\£?f ta yt*' F? « Dullt ""I make otto drop of Buch paint until* 'I ll'j?<> «**fif»<to*IU' proRrosMid nloiiftlho rood wo hnva traveled I fKr thirty ycora, learning nomolhlnif about paint-making every . Paay. we hnvo utendlly perfected our machinery and educated 1 our workmen, nml every drop of paint must pnaii mi examination i before It onn got out of tho works. Kvery drop «old In guaranteed h •far quality, covering capacity and durability. T-ho high reputation ofl THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS \ It duo to tho onre and oncclnl knowledge that enter Into their j milking. There arc a score of kinds for different uses, Each, aud every drop contains tho beat loud, bout zinc, best color, i beat (ill, beat drier—all la the right proportions. Not' "about right"—but exactly right. Our practical booklet , ou puluuiiff will bo sent free. THE SHERWIN-WtUIAHS CO., PAINT AMD COLOR MAKfHB, 202!)Rtewnrt Avo., Chicago; also Cleveland, Now York, and Montreal. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. I have been taking Piso's Cure for Consumption since 188*5, for Cotighs and Colds, I had »n attack of LaGrippe in 1890, mid have had others since. In the Winter of 1806-7, I had a spell of Bronchitis, lasting nil wintcr,_and leaving a troublesome cough, until I again tried I'IBO'B Cure, which relieved me.—Mrs. M. B. SMALLEY, Colorado Springs, Colo., August 19, 1898. The Plan Company, Warren, Pa. Fire and Water-Proof ' IOOFS AND aM Composition ROOFINa MATERIALS Manufactured Or JOHN M. SELLERS, of r i Louis, Who has lately roofed tha following tmlldl ^oothorn Hotel, New Mantels' Houm, L Fers'Tob&ooo WarefcouM, »nd;Lemp'sBre*«rj. The cheapest •"* belt roof• «T*r pn on building. Drop » postal W or call OB E. C, MACK, AQT . 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M« wh •"* "• '*• HOUSE IS REPUBLICAN, Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegrapp BEST Of ALL DOCTOR! All but Ten Doubtful Districts Heard From. IMS, OPPOSITION 104. CIlnlMlmn l''t|>rrB»r» Ilio Dollcl Tlint. tlio Itttiitiblltmii Mnjurlly It* 1h< Noil 1 1 on MI Will llpnch Twnnljr— Sur- prtMlnff Hun Mittltt In Mluhlgan lijr Gnv Vlngrpf — KHn»u« ItupllliMciinpi Kloe ficitciii Out of lOlglil Cniigre>fOnun. Chlcnfrn, Nov. 11. — DlRpatelK'H to The Associated I'reBs from .147 out of 357 oongroRHloniil dlnlilcts show tlmt the llepublloanH have olpcted 183 nml tho Democrats and (URlunlftta 1C4. There sllll ten doubtful clistrletB. SrVimhmRtnn.Nov. 11.— Chairman Babcock of tho Koiuihtlcun congrt'sslonal committee lielleves that the Hepuhllcan majority In the next house will reach twenty. Detroit, Nov. 11.—Incomplete returns from seventy of the eighty-two counties In the slate show that Governor PliiKree has made a surprising run and captured the majority vote In every county, except Jackson and T/enawee, and the latter la lost to him by a narrow mnrijln of forty-seven majority. The prediction of the Democrats and H. 8. PINfiliKS. the anti-Plngree Republicans that the organized move to cut him would result In his downfall does not seem to have eventuated at all, as on a very light vote he has over 63,000 majority. As the counties not heard from are "backwoods" counties and always strongly Republican, It seems probable that his majority will reach 75,000 In the state. Compared with the total vote of 1896, when he led President McKlnley, his comparative majority this year is greater than then. The ConffrnsHinon Klerted. The following is the result of the congressional election: John B. Corliss, Rep., re-elected by 1.223 majority; H. C. Smith, Rep., by 1.3UO majority; Washington Gardner, Rep., by 1,330 majority; 33. L. Hamilton, Rep., by 4,325 majority; William Alden Smith, Hep., by 6,330; Samuel W. Smith, Rep., by 6,507; Edgar G. Weeks, Rep., by 5,000;-James W. Fortney, Rep., by 1,800; R. P. Bishop, Rep.,, by 5,850; R. O. Crump; Rep., by 2,935; W. 8. Mesick, Rep., by 5,625; Carlos D. Sheldon, Rep., by 10,300. All except H. C. Smith, Gardner, Portney, and Weeks are members of the Fifty- fifth congress. The legislature la nearly solidly Republican, and on It hangs the election of a successor for United States Senator J. C. Burrows, who Is a candidate to succeed himself. Senator Burrows' private secretary and manager, Henry M. .Rose, gave out a statement that Senator Burrows had eighty-nine members of the legislature and was sure to succeed himself Probabilities Favor Itui-rows. The Michigan house of representatives Is composed of 100 and the senate of thirty-two members, so If Burrows has over seventy, he is sure of reelection. The probabilities all seem to favor the return of Senator Burrows, but at the same time Albert Pack's managers claim that Pack has sixty- nine votes pledged and will be elected aenator. Governor Plngree favors Pack. Everybody is surprised at tha gwat majority Pinuree received, and there Is mild surprise that Gardner and Fortney were able to beat Todd and Brucker in the Third and Eighth congressional districts. No reliable estimate of the total vote can be given at this time, as nothing but majorities have been reported. Not even In the year when the Republicans elected all tmt one member of the legislature has the general Republican victory on county and congressional tickets been as great. KE8UI/r IN ILLINOIS. Coiigroitimen El iw I ml to Ilio New National llouao of Ueprcneiitntivoii. Chicago, Nov. 11.—Revised fig urea show that wllh three exceptions the entire Republican county ticket was elected with pluralities running as high as 20,302, the figures by which Judge KohlBunt led his opponents. Of the eglalatlve contests ten senatorial seats were captured by Republicans and five by Democrats, while Cook county rep- •esentatlves In the lower house now stand twenty-two Republicans and twenty-three Democrats. The Democrats gained three of the congressional seals, (he Republicans holding four. The slate Republican ticket, headed by •'loj'd K. WlUemore, won in Cook couu- y by a narrow majority. Final returns from all districts in tha Etuto show the following as the Illinois lelefintlon In the next national house of representatives: First, James H. llann, Rep.; Second, William Lorlmer, "!>.; Third, George P. Foster, Dem,; Fourth Thomas (,'usuck, Dem.; Fifth, Cdward T. Noonan, Dem.; Sixth,. Hunry 8. lioulell, Rep.; Seventh, George K. <V>H», Rep.: I'JIghth, Albert J. Hopkins, Rep.; Ninth, Robert H. Hltt, Rep.; Tenth, George W. Prince, Rep.; Klev- enth, Walter Reeves, Rep.; Twelfth, Joseph G. Cannon, Rep.; Thirteenth, Vespasian Warner. Rep.; Fourteenth, rniepll V. Gruff, Rep.; Fifteenth, Bcn- lamln Marsh, Rep.; Sixteenth, W. F. Jaldwell, Dem.; Eighteenth, li. F, rohnson, Hep.; Nineteenth, Joseph B. Buemen • Arnicn uaive, Tie beat salve In the world for cute, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rbeom, fever lores, tetter chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. H la guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund- id. Price 86 cents per box. For sale R. Marsh. Alton and Upper Alton Roeura*U»m oureo in • D»y 'Mystic Owe for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures In from 1 to 8 days. Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It re- novesatonoe the cause and disease ounedlately disappears, $»« flflrt losegreatlybeneflM,78tot*,, SoW by rwT Oharoberlolu, Druggist. ake* the load pure, wholesome and dcllclou* POWDER Absolutely Pufe HOYAl DAKINtl POWDER OO., rf Crowley, Dem.; Twentieth, J. R, Wllfl lamp, Hem.; Twenty-first, W. A. Rodenberg, Rep.; Twenty-second, Oeorge W. Smith, Rep. The Democrats gain one and lose ono district In the stale outside, of Chicago, and gain throe In the city, a net gain of three for the state. KANSAS KKTUIINS A lt>pul>lloitn> Klfct Sevim Out of Klght CongrcMinpn nntl Htato Tlrknf* Topeka, Nov. 11. — The best guessers In all the parties were treated to a great surprise when the later returns showed such gains for the Republican ticket an to Insure its election by a majority of 10,000 or more and the election of seven out of eight congressmen. This Is a gain of six congressmen and a gain of 17,000 on the state ticket as compared with Its result two years ago. It Is the first time the Republicans have ever succeeded in elcting their ticket against a fusion of Populists and Democrats. Another surprise Is in the locality from which the Republicans made their gains. Heretofore the Populists have been strongest in the country districts and the "Republicans in the cities and towns. This year the Republicans made their heaviest gains In the country and where Republican losses occurred they are found .to; be in the larger cities of the state. Congressman Ridgely, Populist, Is re-elected In the Third district by a reduced majority. In all the other districts and for congressmen at large the Republican ticket prevailed. Jerry Simpson, Populist, congressman from the Seventh district, is defeated by 2,000 majority by his old opponent, Chester I. Long. The Republicans also elect ninety-six out of 125 members of the legislature and will have a majority on Joint ballot of twenty- one, although no United States senator Is to be chosen. Fully three-fourths of the county officers elected are Republicans. Wyoming GOOH Republican. Cheyenne, Wy., Nov. 11. — Frank W. Mondell, Republican nominee for congress, and the entire Republican state ticket are elected by majorities from 1,000 to 2,000. Returns received cover about seventy-five precincts out of 2S7, hut these include most all of the larger precincts in the state, and show surprising Republican gains everywhere. Reports thus far received do not Indicate the election of a single Democrat, fret silver Republican, or Populist to either branch of the state legislature, and the same will be overwhelmingly Republican and will elect a candidate to succeed Senator C. D. Clark. Two Congrciiftmon frum Xorlli C'arnllnn. Raleigh, N. C., Noy. 11.— The lute returns show that the Republicans elect two congressmen — Llnney in the Eighth district and George H. White, the negro, In the Second district. The Democrat!) elect Small in the First district. Thomas in the Third, Atwater In the Fourth, Kitchen In the Fifth, W. Bellamy In the Sixth, Klutz In the Seventh, and Crawford in the Sixth. Democratic majorities in the legislature continue to In- Increase. The Democrats will control that body by a two-thirds vote. Gngc's Majority in California. Ran Francisco,. Nov. 11.— Although complete returns have not yet been received from all the counties of California, the Indications are that the majority of Henry T. Case, Republican, for govenor, will be nearly 30,000. His associates on the state ticket are all elected with the possible exception of Curry for secretary of state, who ran far behind his ticket and may have been beaten by Thompson, Democratic candidate. Kpttult In New HiunpHlilro. Exeter, .N. H., Nov. 11.— The Democrats have made big gains in this state over their- vote of two years ago. Rollins, the Republican candidate for governor, was elected by between 6,000 and 0,000 plurality. Sulloway, Republican congressman from the First district, was re-elected by less than 2,000, his vote fulling off about one-half from 1890. Clarke. Republican congressman from the Second (strict, was elected by 8,000. Conceded I'oyntcr'a Klection. Omaha, Neb., Nov. 11.— Chairman Schneider of the Republican state committee, concedes the election of Poynter, fusion, for governor by 1,000. Balance of ticket resulted In about the same proportion. Republicans will have a majority of four on Joint ballot. Iloimlilli-ann Claim Went Virginia. Purkersburg, W. Va., Nov. II.— A. B. White, secretary of the Republican state committee, says: "The West Virginia legislature Is Republican In both brunches, the senate by ten and the liouse by three. This Insures a Rcpub- Icun United States senator." Utah 1» Democratic* Rail Lake City, Utah, Nov. 11.— It. H. Buskin, Democratic candidate fur HU- preine court Judge, Is elected by about 4,000 majority. B. H. Roberts, Dem., 'or congress, bus a majority of 5,000. JU8TJCK 1'INNKV KKSKJN. Wlicon»ln ijurl«r» Pulllnv llaullk Impi-ln Him to Tuki) I hu t>tv|>, Madison, WIs., Nov. 11.— Justice S. M. 1'lnney of the supreme court has tcn- ilei'ed his resignation to Governor Sco- Ili'lil on account of Impaired health, whli'ii he Buys In his letter to the gov- •rnor accompanying his resignation, ri-ndei'M him unable to cunllmiu to per- foni'i lo II'.K inilre nallHl'iu llun the In- crcunlnK and burdcnKomi; dulles of Ihv olllce. He also hunded the governor a check for $70!i. M, being u purl of his Hiilury [or thu current quarter, drawn In advance, the amount returned corresponding to tho unexplred portion of the quarter. Justice I'lnney wus serving second term, which would liuve ex- ilred In January, 11)02. He has held the ilflca since Jan. 4, 1892, nnd has been In feublu health for sonic lime. His successor will be appointed by Governor Dcofleld. _ __ __ _ ____ So much depends uposTTbe purity of tbe blood tbat by taklpg Hood'u Sargeparllla niauy different dlseaaea »re cured. ___ ^ _ Go to M. Moritts'a (or your collars, IBS, two tor W\ (or your cuff a, 26f per Tbe bent for tie money. BLOOD FLOWS Mil Ten Killed in Election Riots in South Carolina. S SHOT DOWN 1JY WHITES. IllnoilMipd Him It'll 1>y tlio Killing of n White Mnti—TrouMn ItrpnUfl Out North t'Hrolinti — Tim NmvHimpel* Ofll of Ihn Colnrril l'cn|ilp \Vt-»>0ki»rt itll<1 8rt on I'llc -A ColllKlnil llntweon Wliltan and NournoK Itoultn In Klglil Dunlin. Columbia. S. C., Nov. Il.—I^itest advices from Phoenix Hay tlmt ton are dead as a remill of the election riots. The disunities are as follows: Killed: Hose Ktbridge (white). i1*>,minis Jackson (colored), .Tone Williams (colored), Drayton Williams (colored), six unidentified ncKi'oi'B. Mortally wounded: Thomas Tolberl. (colored), Stuart Miller (colored). The ncgrocH threaten to make n desperate flcht to avenge, the deaths of their fellows. The trouble nt Phoenix began with an effort to prevent several nesroes from voting. J. R. Tolbert, federal collector fit Charleston, whose home Is at Phoenix, entered Into the discussion and declared the men must not be disfranchised, The Shooting Uo^lnm He directed the negroes to deposit their ballots In a separate box. Tills action angered Hose KthrMge, an authorized poll manager, and he vigorously objected. Ulows were struck and then some one In a group of negroes shot and killed Ethrldge. The shoot- Ing was returned and five negroes were wounded, among them Thomas Tolbert, son of the collector. The negroes took to their heels, but eleven of the crowd were captured. The prisoners were taken to Rehobalh, where a crowd of angry whiles shot and killed many of the prisoners. A number o( conservative whites tried to save the negroes, but were swept aside. Late messages from Phoenix report the situation as very threatening. NKWSI'APKK OFFICK I1UIINKI). Wnlt«B DcHtroy tho OrftUli of tlto Negroeft nt Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, N. C., Nov. 11,—The ne- groes not having complied with the demand of the business men by 7:30 in the morning, "the time fixed," a column of COO armed men, whites, assembled at the corner ot Market and Fifth streets and ut 8:30 o'clock marched to the ofllee of The Daily Record, the negro news paper, and destroyed all material found in the building. The building took flre but some assert that this was not accidental. Those In command of the white men say they had no Intention of firing the building. As soon as it was discovered that the building was on flre. the leaders sent for fire engines and the flames were confined to The Record building. On the south, only twenty feet distant, Is St. Luke's, one of the largest negro churches in the city, and on the north, within twelve feet, a frame building, occupied by ne- groes. . The Record building Is a wreck, being almost totally burned. Excitement Is Intense as It is feared negroes will attempt to retaliate. The streets are now full of armed whites, and at least 1,000 men will be on guard at night. The column that moved to The Record office was composed of the best citizens of Wilmington nnd even ministers were cither on march or guarding tho city with Winchesters. The negro laborers In the Champion compress, more than (500, became terrorized nbout 11 o'clock by wild rumors of trouble and rushed into the streets. They were finally somewhat quieted and dispersed In small squads to their homes. At 11:20 a. in. serious trouble occurred In the Fifth ward. Three white men and five negroes have been killed. Large companies of armed citizens have Rone to the scene. The ne- groes arc reported to have retreated, but are being quietly reinforced by laborers from the compress. Fnyetle- vllle has been telegraphed to for help. 1'llliu NoKrnc'K Agulu I'Sfly. I'nnn, Ills., Nov. 11.—A. W. Lynch, who was employed by the Paim Coal company up tn the time of the strike, was shot at by negroes. They ran him home, shooting through the house several times and firing about ten shots. They also shot through the house of Mrs. Ada Mclntyre, a widow who was taking cure of a sick tlaughter. The negroes In the vicinity known as "Flat Ham" district, came running out and began shouting In all directions. The soldiers did everything In their power,' but it was Impossible to arrest any of the negroes. WtifHliIp Coinpollml to I'tit Hack. Washington, Nov. 11.—The cruiser Buffalo, which left New York recently with 700 recruits for Admiral Dewey's lleet, after forty-eight hours at sea trying to make headway, has been compelled to put back to Newport, R. I. Commander Hemphlll telegraphed the navy department that one of the Buffalo's condenser valves under the bot-_ TUB EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to the orig-itiulity and simplicity of tho combination, but also to tho care and sldll with which it in manufactured by Bcluutlflc processes known to the CAI.IFOUNIA Fia Syuui- Co. only, aud we wish to impress upon nil tho importance of purchasing tho true and original remedy. As tho genuine Syrup of ITlgs Is manufactured by the CALIKOUNIA l'io Svnui> Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist ono in avoidtug the worthless imitations manufactured by other parties. The high standing of tho CALIFORNIA Via Bniui* Co. with the medical profession, and thu satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of FigH has given to millions of families, muUes tho name of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irrltutlufr or weakening them, and It does not grlpu nor nauseate. In order to gut Its beneficial effects, please remember tho uume of thu Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, IAVUTII.UE, Kf . V*W VOBB, If. T. torn of iff ohlp !? out or orflnr. Th<> vufwl may hnve to he ordered tmek to Ilronklyn nnil dnr-kcd. "Conlly Plrmnt,Toilet, CESS Jollct, Ills., Nov. 11.—An overturned kettle of Rronse cnught flre In the Great Wfstorn Tin I'lntn company's mill. In ten minutes, owing to the hurricane blowing, thp plnnt nnd costly machinery wn» In nation. Thp plant employed 275 pklllPd workmen. I.-OSH, $120.000; Insurance, $47,000. The output wan 4,500 boxes weekly. The plant \VBB considered one of the finest In the United Btntes. Illown In rleom by I>yniinilt«. Brazil, Ind., Nov. 11.—At Coal City Jamca Hosteller started out to celebrate the election. He had four sticks of dynamite In his pocket, one of which he threw Into the air and It with a shotgun. The concussion exploded the three remaining: sticks In his pocket, Mowing him to atoms. Snow C'HUm!»*Wlri)i to Full. Kalamazoo, Mich., Nov. 11.—Two blocks of telephone, telegraph, and trolley wires and poles on PortaRe street were broken down by the weight of the snow on the wires. Street car traffic Is suspended and the city may be In darkness at night. FRANCE PHEPAItlXG FOB WAR. Tho Entire Mediterranean Squadron I* Heady to Sail. Parla, Nov. 11.—Tht Echo de Paris prints a dispatch from Toulon saying that the entire French Mediterranean squadron Is ready to sail, and that leaves of absence, even for a day, have been stopped. Repairs for ships are being pushed with the greatest activity, and forts and batteries are undergoing special Inspection. Heporls state that Admiral Fournler, commander of the Mediterranean squadron, received a cipher message, whereupon he signaled to the Forbln, third-class cruiser, to bank her fires. The Forliln's fastest torpedo-boat. It Is said, conveyed orders to the admiral commanding the squadron of French cruisers and torpedo-boats to assemble Immediately at Toulon, where all the vesKsels are prepared for action, and where the shipyards and arstnals have been In operation all night. 1-a.te advices state that Admiral Fournler has been summoned to Paris. Most of the Paris newspapers approve the silence of the chamber of deputies on the Fashoda affair, and congratulate M. Bru not on his withdrawal of the Interpellation which he Intended to address to the government. The Slecle says It regrets that Major Marchand did not observe the same reticence at Cairo. rj6M»rnnfcy'fl«nt Seined. Paris, Nov. 11.-—The Figaro says that at the Instance of the court of cassation another seizure of papers has been made In the house of a person who had relations- with Major Esterhasy and many lettera belonging to Esterhazy have been handed to the court. ChrUUaif Solenthit Held. London, Nov. 11.—-Mrs. Mills, the Christian Scientist who attended Hcr- old Frederic, the American newspaper correspondent, who died on Oct. 19, and Miss Kate Lyon, a member of Mr. Frederic's household, against whom a coroner's jury rendered a verdict of manslaughter, were arraigned In the Croydon counts' police court. The prisoners were remanded for a week under £200 ball each, CREW GREW FAT ON ARSENIC Ship'* Cargo of the PoIion'Made Seamen Ontffrow Their CIothcH. The Gorman bark Zion, which arrived at Philadelphia recently from Fow«y, England, brought a lather peculiar cargo. It consisted of 1,800 casks of ohiua clay, but iu addition there wore ou board 800 casks of arsenic. This part of the cargo bad a remarkable effect ou the crew. On board tho Zion tho men slept very near tbo large array of barrels containing the arsenic. They were stored in the hold, near the forecastle, anil partially expoted to the rays of the sun, which streamed in through the open initoll. When ouly about a week out from port, one of the crew moiitioned to bis messmates that u peculiar aud indescribable odor was coming from the casks containing the drug. It was not loug after their attention had been onll- od to it tbat they all noticed tho same thing, and, strange to say, noticed it all the more forcibly a week later. Several of the German tars beoame aware of the fact that they were tilling out their clothes to a much greater extent than when they shipped. Mauy others, as days went on, became abuormally stout, in vast contrast to the former slim appearance which iniiiiy of them presented before the land was left. One maa gaiuod, it is eaid, 25 pounds. Others were affected to a less extent. But tho aggregate weight put 011 by the entire crew was little less Hum 400 pouuds. Tbo eutiro suddeu taking on of avoirdupois is attributed to vapor, which, generated by tho action of the sun ou tbo casks, was inhaled by tbe seamen as tliey slept, and acted iu precisely the same uiuuuer which it does \vhou given as a touio iu a prescription. Captain Hammes, who slept aft iu tho vessel, entirely removed from the arsenic, does not show any effect of tbo inhalation. —Special Cor. Now York Telegram. Dr.Bull's Cures a Cough or Cold in ^~. t . A.IU one day 1 Why cough and VOUgll rlik Consumption? This ^ ** famous remedy will cure 9y ill U> you. Doctors recommend * » It. Price 25 cents. Sold by all druggists. OoUU HOTEL MADISON, A. /.. O4NIBL&, Proprietor. Second tU Kailon itt. Alton, III fflotf s Nerverine Pills Thr greal remedy foi nervous pros(ration and all nervotu diseases of tbe generative or. u AFTER usmu. g»nsofeithe« tex. tuch at Nervous Prostration, Failing pi lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Emls. tlons, Youthful Error*, Mental worry, ex. ccstlve use of Tobacco or Opium, which lead to Consumption and Insanity. Jl.OP per box by mail) 6 boxes for $5,00. MOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop't, Clevelwd, Ohio. For sale by 8. B. Wyes. Health of Countless Americans Due to Paine's Celery Compound '£*• t 'fit ! • -• f «;=•£» V,-fr*f Countless homes in every, city in America have been saved from the ead loss of some despairing member by Palne'a celery compound. Tbe story of the life-work of the discoverer of this world-famed remedy ia familiar to most readers. Tne likeness of Dartmouth's greatest professor, Prof. Edward B.Phelpa, M. Di, LL. D., given above, ia tbe best pro- trait of him yet printed. "Excepting ita handful of magnificent statesmen and its military heroes," says tbe moat recent writer upon and critic of America, "tbe people owe more to Dartmouth's physician- teacher than to any otber one man.: "In every walk of life, among the highest office-holders at the national capital, in tbe homes of the best people in the large cities, among tbe everyday folks of the country, families in comfortable circumstances, families'that live from band to month,' and could not, if they wished, afford the service of any but an ordinary physician—everywhere I have met people to whom Paine's celery compound has been a blessing." It was tbe world-famed discovery by Prof. Phelps of an infallible, cure for those fearful ills that result from an impaired nervous system and impure blood which has endeared the great doctor to tbe world, and made bis life an era in tbe practice of medicine. Prof. Phelps was born in Connecticut and graduated in medicine at Yale. His unuaual talent soon brought him reputation and' prominence^ among his professional brethren. Hrat' be was elected to the' professorship; bf anatomy and BnrgeryIn tH&''V«>&| inont University. Next »he; ,w»8 ftftMfl pointed lecturer on materia-jpodioft ; Snd medical botany -ligff™"^ "'""'" College. The next year iie wnirunoijen i prcfeesor of the ^halr tben vacated by tf Prof. Robby, and occupied the' OMWj* 1 tne most important one in the country, at the time when be first formu- 5-i lated his most remarkable preacrip-^V : Prof. Phelps has given to 'his jTession ID Paine's celerv compound $;:?-: positive cure for sleeplesanesa, wast-,;"' [ng strength, dyspepeia, bilioosneM,; liver complaint, neuralgia, rheuma^ tism, all nervous disoasea and 4cldhey| troubles. It is the only speclflo raof '& bgnized and prescribed today by tb,« best physiciKus for diseases arising from a debilitated nervous system. ^or such complaints Paine's celery compound succeeds again and again where everything else rails. . ;:,;; No remedy was ever so highly .Wsiv^, ommended, because none ever ao- i ; Complishes so much. , ;'*'-,•;' ' Paine's celery compound stand* without competition for feeding ex? bausted nerves and building up the ;^ strength of the body. It cures radi- " , cally and permanently, Ahealthy In- ; : « crease in appetite and a: correspond- inefgaln in weight and good apWtB'i' follow the use of Paine'a celery com- ' pound. It is the most remarkable;. medical achievement of this last half Of the nineteenth century. We Have an Elegant Line of I WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. West Third Street. J. Bauer & Sons " . ' FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street.) Opposite City Hall. [Alton, III. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power "at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevator*} f> operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; In]*'"" any mechanical application. ^ call on us for Electric Incandescent Light*, Power. Telephone 93-

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