Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 6
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Fayette School News First Grade take* place mostly In the Hanson dining room. It tells the story of a young girl (Katrin) who likes to write and finally is successful. The east is as follows: Katrin— Ann Austin, Mama — Dayna Dumermuth, Papa — Larry Williams, Dqgmar — Peggy Maxson, Christine — Jean Ann Cow- Larry Keig, starting two mere chapters that the class received.A's. are called Government of the We have started work in a new Mrs. Scheidel United States, Schools, and Chur- reader, "Paths and Pathfinders." les,"'Mr.'Hyde During Easter vacation the e- ches ' . ~ —— Nels Maurice McBride, Aunt quipment in our rcom was mov- In health we started a new Special Education Trina — Sharon Henry, Aunt cd from our basement room to chapter about our bones and Sigrid — Diane Ashby, Aunt Jen- thc room formerly used as the muscles. We also have made — Mrs. Swaxiz ney — Karen Ash, Jessie — Mar- third grade room. We, and that health posters and have hung The Tuesday following Easter i a n Iliff, Uncle Chris — Doug includes our teacher, are very them up. vacation was moving day for Fay, Mr. Thorkelson — Dennis happy to be in our new room. We have had one birthday thc Special Education room. Heth, Dr. Johnson — Jostin Tal- Mrs. Daniels, So?U, and Ricky this week, Robert Manderfield. Shortly after school began, stu- cott, Arne — Tom Alshousc, A came to our Easter party last He treated us with candy bars. dcn t s helped by gathering up Nurse — Judy Langerman, An- Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Dan- W e are going to have a unit bo3ks ' dcsks and chalrs and tak " other Nurse — Sharon Thyer, iels brought decorated cupcakes test in reading about the great thcm ,^ thC ,/, ast ; i ,™ 0m *? d ? ,9 lerk ' ~ Dick Van Sickle ' for each of us to have with our outdoors. To go along with this " " " A "" ,> """'™ milk. Thank you, Mrs. Daniels. vln ; t w0 are making notebooks. remodeled auditorium. Madeline — JoAnn Quandt, Dor^ When all of the furnishings othy Schiller — Roberta Gage, To the kindergarten pupils we In language'we'have "beenTe- a nd supplies had been moved, Florence Dana Moorehcad — say we enjoyed your Easter par- viewing for a test Monday. everyone wondered how it had Marge Webb, Bellboy — Ron ade through our mom. We think all been kept in the small room Maxson. that your hats were very pretty. Sixth Grade where we had studied for six This rainy weather makes us months. Wish we were ducks. Since we — by Cindy Alderson Wc sha,) on J ov ou '" ncw Q uar can't be ducks we each made a Everyone truly enjoyed our tels vcrv m uch. There is now duck in art. These ducks now Easter Vacation. Cindy Alderson ra:>m tor our )oom which was decorate the border above our went to southeast Missouri. She purchased for us by the Fayettte blackboards. did not come back until Wednes- County Association for Retarded Womon wi „ mppi Anril 2 n -it dav Children. Everyone has been ™ omen will me et Apiil ixi, at Friday we had our final test shown how to use the loom and ^,^,1 of . M _ r ?;, R ° be !'. t Ha ^ in spelling. Twenty-three pupils { ias had a chance Randall* Aleiui Center Township Farm Bur- Fourth Grade — Mrs. Helnoman received A's. . In social studies wc have be- In language we are studying one is now going to complete a to practice We chett - Mrs - Arnold Laur will have drawn numbers and each ta!k „ onA - " Know >? ur farm bl ! r ' eau." Anyone wishing to make pil.'ows should bring I yd. of cor- gun a unit on Pittsburgh, Penn. about simple subjects and sim- small ^t ^Sli t, Mr, dur °y and a skein of embroidery Besides discovering many inter- pie predicates. They are quite wt aie VLIV g 'aitiui 10 Mrs. flnsii tn „„,„ u „„„^i„„ „„,, c „;=.floss to match, needles and scis sors. The. cooks of West Central school, Mrs. Ruth Whiteford and very Kiiia. wuier learners wiiosu .» - _ . , „ ,g to mul- clasps we had to go through ^Ehgr Re«k, «ay » children sometimes were very under- E ^DoT Simlson of Mavnard ierstand it. landing and we thank them, too. ^•J^^^ n '°L^Z .Z attended the 4th annual conven tion of the Iowa School Food Service association at Mason City Saturday. This was the larg- esting facts about the city, we confusing at times. Mattox especially, for we know are learning how coal is mined, We are studying about carbo- that her Home Economics work and are learning to differentiate hydrates, fats, and proteins in was crowded when we were us- between soft and hard coal. health. This class is very interest- mg the sewing room She was Randalia Tho abacus, and fractions have ing. very k.nd. Other teachers whose Mrg * « m £ been our topics of discussion in Class one is learning ' ,h ™„„h arithmetic class. tiply decimals. A few Pat Alshouse showed us pic- need more help to und tures of the Cedar River flood. Class two is learning to sub- ~~ Chris brought an oyster shell. Jo tract fractions. Hot Lunch Ellen Langerman informed us We are reading about Austra- about the different waterfalls in Ha in social studies. We find Monday — Chicken and nood- est"convention in the state, 600 the world. Brenda Lehs display- many interesting animals here. les, cheese sticks, pea salad, egg attending. LaVern Carpenter, ed many interesting pictures on Thursday we had our reading salad sandwiches, cake, fruit, ra ; se d in Randalia, is director of Arizona. Dennis Stannard brou- test over our unit "Animal Ad- and milk. public relations, ht an old type iron, which had ventures." Tuesday — Beef Burger in bun, The Deborah circle of the to be heated on the stove. pickles, potato salad, pork and Women's Society of Christian Georgia K. Richards won the Seventh Grade beans, milk, fruit cup, graham Service will serve a noon lun- spelldown this week by spelling crackers. cheon in the ch tj rc h social room "farther" correctly. — by Sandra Sue Gray Wednesday — Spagetti and April 19, everyone is welcome. A happy birthday to James j n j owa history this week we meat balls, corn, celery and car- T n the afternoon the circles will Popenhagen AP ril 4 . who ccle " had two tests, one test is over «=t sticks, milk, cake with fruit hold their meetings in the sec- braled the occassion by giving us fj ve un it s which were: Iowa topping. j a l r0 om. each a treat. We enjoyed having Under France and Spain, How Thursday — Canned beef, po- D r , and M rS- N. V. LaDue vis- Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. Popenhag- The United States Acquired tatoes, spinach, green beans, j t ed their son-in-law and daugh- en, Kenny and Jean as visitors Title to the Iowa Country, The bread and butter, apple sauce, ter Mr. and Mrs. Mark Risinger in our room. Exploration of Western Iowaj fruit bar. anc j family, a f ew days enroute Julien Dubuque and the Mines of Friday — Macaroni and cheese, home to St. Cloud, Minn., after Fifth Grade Spain. The second test was over egg salad sandwiches, relish visiting their son in California our state flag, our state flower, tray, milk, fruit cup, cake. an d spending some time in Flor— by Diane Pallteon and our state bird, and the state ida. We have been doing a lot of song. Seventeen pupils of the Junior Play Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grant renew things this week. class received A's. turned home Tuesday from Flor- To start off the week, Group In science we have just fini- The Junior class of Fayette ida, where they spent the winter. I in arithmetic are studying shed a unit and had a test on Community School will present Mr. and Mrs. Louie Morgan square measures. Group II in ar- the alimentary canal. We have "I Remember Mama" by Kathryn and four daughters of Moline, ithmetic are learning long divis- begun the unit on the blood. Forbes and adapted by J. Van 111., Paul Woods of III., Mrs. Elion and are finding it quite easy. In spelling this week we had Druten. It will be presented on Ven Hoepfner of Newhall, Mr. In social studies we just fin- our six weeks test over ninety April 18, 1961, at 8 p.m. in the and Mrs. Howard Hoepfner and ished the chapter of Transporta- review words. We took two aep- gymnasium. Ruth, Rev. Ralph Darmstadt tion and Communication and are erafe* tests. Twenty members of The play which is in two acts were Wednesday afternoon cal- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT HOUSE PIPING FOR NATURAL GAS t Q. What is house piping? A. House piping is the piping which connects the natural gas service line, to the gas furnace and the appliances you will want to put in your home. Q, How much house piping will I need for my home? A. This will depend on how many ways you want gas to work for you. It is a good idea to plan for all your future gas appliances now, so that all the house piping you need can be put in at one time. Q. Who will put house piping in for me? A. The plumbers, piping contractors and appliance dealers listed below can take care of your house piping needs. Peoples Natural Gas is working with all of them to assure that the house piping installed will give you the best results. Q. When should I get my house piped for natural gas? A. Now is the time to have house piping installed. Natural gas service will be available very shortly. There is likely to be a last-minute rush for house piping... and this may mean a delay. If you have your house piped now, you will be ready to put natural gas, to.-work.for you sooner. LIVE MODERN...FOR LESS...WITH NATURAL GAS PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CLIFFORD HAYES PHONE 266 Call Your Fayette Plumber To ? Xfa Ypwr Piping NOW E. H- CARLEYPhone 77 GENE SINGER DONALD VANDERSEE —- Phone 194 Phone 247-R-2 lers in tho Pete Hoepfner home nftcr the burial service at Dunhams Grove cemetery for Henry Anderson. Mr. Anderson, 81 was a former resident here when a boy. He had taught school for many years until last November when he resigned because of his health. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Frye were Sunday dinner guests in the Kenneth Uphnm home in West Union, celebrating the birthday anniversaries of Mrs. Frye and Mrs. Vphnm. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Creager have returned from spending the winter in Florida. Nairn is speaker At Maynard banquet MAYNARD — Charles Nairn, associate profctisor of religion and philosophy and the librarian at Upper Iowa university, Fayette, was the guest speaker at the Mother-Daughter banquet at the United Presbyterian church Wednesday evening, April 5. He spoke on "Reflections on Woman- l.:od." The welcome to daughters was given by Mrs. Carl R. Carlsen and the response by her daughter, Pat. Two trumpet solos, "High Society" and "Wonderland by Night" were played by George Malvcn accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Herbert, Malven. Those specially honored included Mrs. Mina DeBow, 92, the oldest mother present; Mrs. Clifford Vierow, Oelwein, the youngest mother; Mrs. Orah Patsey, the oldest daughter; Mrs. Myrtle Furniss, Bushnell, 111., who came the greatest distance; Mrs. Vivian Hubbell, Mrs. Raymond Lundry and Mrs. Donald E. Fish, who have the largest number of daughters, four each; Mrs. John L. Birdnow who had the most buttons on her dress; Mrs. Ray Wood who had the most colors in her dress; and the following groups of three representing three generations: Mrs. Danald Roquet, Mrs. Birdnow and baby daughter; Mr Florence Lowry, Mrs. Don IiOwry and Donna t.ee; Mrs. Roy Hanna, Oelwein, Mrs. Benton Harrison and Barbara. The program opened and closed with group singing led by Mrs. Fish with Mrs. John Ingels at^the piano. The prayer was offered by the Rev- Carl R. Carlsen, pastor of the church. Mrs. Floyd Henniges, president of the women's society was the toast mistress. The event, attended by 305 mothers and daughters, was sponsored by the men of the church who also prepared and served the 7:30 meal. 32 cows produce more Than 400 pounds of Butterfat past month MAYNARD _ The March report of George A. Youmans, supervisor of thc Fayette county Dairy Herd Improvement Association No. 3, shows there were 32 cows found in 11 of the herds that produced more than 400 pounds of butterfat in completing 305 days records. They were in the herds of the following. Harvey Love, Fairbank, three registered Brown Swiss with 607, 404 and 402 pounds; Sheldon E. Fox, and George Morf, Randalia, 17 grade Holsteins with 597, 535, 534, 527, 401, 407, 463, 458, 440, 433, 416, 411, 410, 408, 408, and 405 pounds; Harold Ehlers, Maynard, two grade Holsteins with 570 and 461 pounds: Louis Fettkether and Lowell Cannell, Fairbank, one grade Guernsey, with 480 pounds; H. W. and Milton Leach, Westgate, two grade Holsteins with 528 and 400 pounds; Herbert W. Malven, Maynard, two registered Holsteins with 452 and 423 pounds; Bernard E. Buhr, Sumner, one registered Holstein with 444 pounds; Edwin Benz, and A. C. Weidman, Randalia, or. • grade Holstein with 441 pounds; Deane J. Scherman, Arlington, one registered Holstein with 417 pounds; Russell Lockard, Maynard, one registered Holstein with 410 pounds; and Ernest, Miehe, May­ nard, one registered Holstehv with 400 pounds of butterfat. Cabin camping at state Parks to open soon Reservations for state park cabins are now being taken by park conservation officers, thc Conservation Commission said today. Most ol the cabins will go into service May 15 and are of two types; modern and overnifljhfy Overnight cabins are $30 per week or $5 per night, and the modern cabins are $35 per week or $6 per night. These are all family cabins and will accomodate four persons comfortably. Reservations for one and two-week vacations should be made a month in advance, but reservations are not required for overnight stays if there are any vacant cabins. Special rates apply on the stone cabins at Pallisades - Kepler State Park. The parks with cabins are: Backbone at Strawberry Point with 18 cabins; Lake Wapello at Drakesville with 12 cabins; Springbrook at Guthrie Center with six cabins; Lake of Three Fires at Bedford with six cabins; Lacey-Keosauqua at Keosauqua with 6 cabins; Pine Lake at Eldora with four cabins. Information about parks and their facilities, as well as the addresses of the various park officers may be obtained by writing to the State Conservation Commission, East 7th and Court, Des Moines 8, Iowa. Riverside club meets The Wadena Riverside 4-H club meeting was held March 14, at the home of Dennis Tope. Roll call was answered by 9 members. Filling out of the 4-H books was finished and meeting places for the coming year were set. Bill Erickson Joined the club. Mrs- Tope served lunch. BIG GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! G«t a FREE set of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS 1 Hurry . . , offer good only while supply lutsi You can always feel "at home" at Big Gain Products. We'll be glad to talk over your feed problems with you . . . and help you remedy them with expert advice and reliable, up-to-date products. ENTER OUR $25.00 CASH DRAWING FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL We urge each and every one of the farmers in this area to come in and register now for our big $25.00 Cash Drawing to be held the last day of March. Enter at Big Gain in West Union or Fay* ette. Remember, the more you enter, the better your chances to win) March winners were James Schmelzer. West Union, and Lawrence Ishman, Elgin. HOG FEEDS 35% Brood Sow Supplement . 41% Hog Supplement POULTRY 36% Poultry Supplement w|NF-180 Cwt. 5.45 5.65 5,20 5.30 5.85 6.30 4.00 8.45 No Additional Charge For Above Feeds In Pellet Form. 32% Mineral Stock Food 17% Pig Starter and Grower 16% Pig Pre-Starter Rid-Ezy Hog Wormer 13% Hog Pellets (w|3 Nitro) Pig Booster (w|NF-180) 32% Poultry Supplement _ 26% Cafeteria wjNF-180 — 20% Cafeteria Egg Maker . 17% Miracle All-Mash Chick Starter w|NF-180 _ Chick Pre-starter wjNF-180 (1 lb. per bird) 17% Developing Chick Grower w|NF-180 Poultry Booster (w|NF-180) Cwt. 6.00 5.35 5.30 4.70 4,55 5.15 5.60 4.80 5.95 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS For Sileage Preservative, We Have All Purpose Mineral Lactone (Mineralized Yeast) Trimix Mineral with Phenothiazine B. G. Supreme Mineral Earth Iron (5 lb. can) . Earth Iron (25 lb. pall) . BEEF & DAIRY 40% Beef Supplement —, 33%-Beef Balancer 32% Beef Builder (w [Rumen factor) 3.90 6.10 4.85 5.30 5.35 2.75 10.95 Pure Cane Sugar Sil-O-Las Soybean Meal Expeller Soybean Meal Solvent Linseed Meal Expeller Linseed Meal Solvent Cottonseed Meal Tankage (60%) Meat Scraps (50%) Steamed Bone Meal _— Bran Wheat Mixed Feed Red Dog 34 % Beet (A) Supplement (No Urea) 23% Mor-Las Pellets 34% Dairy Supreme (no Urea) 18% Calf Creep (Sweet) 32% Calf Pellets :_ 32% Spring Pasture (w|Rumen factor) 14% Bulky Sweet The above Beef Feeds available with bestrol at extra cost. ' 5,40 4.25 5.80 525 5.05 4.50 3.20 Sill- Rolled Oats . Hy-Grade Pulverized Oats _ Alfalfa Meal 17% 100,000 (A) Salt Oyster Shells Stonemo Grit Molasses (Pure Blackstrap) Dried Molasses Dairy White Barn Lime Liquid Wormer pt. 1.50; Qt. 2.00; OftJL PA-12 Peptonized Iron w]B12 (30cc) 62% Whey Blocks Grade A Tri Super Calf Kit ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Hog Supplement, 40% Protein,. 8% Fibre — Hog Supplement, 34% Protein, 12% Fibre Brood Sow Supplement, 35% Protein, 8.5% Fy»e Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6%, Fibre, _ Beef Supplement, 40% Protein, 6.5% Fibre Poultry Cafeteria, 27% Protein, W% TOW Poultry Concentrate, 35% Protein, 6% F*W 14.80 . 4.45 F.O.B. West Union, Iowa 4.35 4.30 4.05 Mycin Mix, 3V6 lb. Can White Salt Blocks Iodized Salt Blocks Trace Mineral Salt Blocks "ZL Sulferized Salt Blocks -.,.'„,„. Darling's Mineral Blocks .Feedsol (Dried Fish Solubles on Soybean Meal) -Scour Scare : '.. Pi-Val Rat Poison 7.70 3.15 4.45 4.30 3.90 3.60 3.85 5.20 5.2Q 6.00 2.55 2,65 2.85 4.00 24Q 3 .19 1 .60 1 .60 2 .4ft 4.60 1.00 640 4.5Q, 80 lbs. 3.40 25 lb. pail 4.06 4.08 6.60 .88 1.10. 135 1.00 2.76 25 lb. pack Ask us about other liems that lnt»re«A rou We have everything. * Biddick*e » SEED CO] Medium Flat* Medium $7«o

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