Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 10, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1898
Page 4
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z :S At some Jtime In her 'life Cupid ;ads In 'tvery wotn- , ; . »n's car, »nd when tllat ti me comes It Is A woman's duty to think twice before she answers. She should think once for herself, ._ -_«^ and once for the maa who H ,— .Chosen her for his life companion. 3;;,i»iU>* $• fltifferlnif from a torturing:, dme- f*re«ltnes8 or di»ease no prevalent with „„, .MX, »tie has no right to answer " Ye» " ff. Bfctil bet health is rentorcd. If she does, V»h* will be wretched and ill herself and her 6 will oe an unhappy one. Dr. Pierce's tits Prescription Is a scientific remedy „ itar*» all wcdkness, dlsense, disorder & derangement of the delicate and im- .rtaat feminine organs. It is not a "cure- 1," but a medicine devised to correct this 1 C1M» of disorders and no other. It ... i accomplished lu purpose In tens of ^thousands of cases, as is shown by tens of Vlon»»nd» of testimonial* of the grateful * itttttenu themselves. It Imparts vigor and 'irwHlty to the entire womanly organism, ; v"i&d i» the best of all nerve tonics and re- *it!9rative». It fits forwifchood and mother- 'H ! liOOd. It transform* weak, nervous, dc•pendent invalids into healthy, happy women. ¥'.'• f'i w«» to weak I could scarcely walk nlwiit iv/lhe hoitte," Wtltea Mre. MfltHe ScrugKj, of H" Allett'* Creek, Amherst Co., Va. " Wns rciluccd : to a mere skeleton. I won never free from pnln rifa th* back nnd bend nnd cotild not Bleep nt '.night I bought three bottlm rf Dr. I'iercc'n ; i'arorite Prencriptlon am!' (Jolden Medlcni I)i»- «o»ety'andtwoviiil»of'PlenMiitrelletii.' Afler ''taking tliene nil. nveks I fell like n new person i rfWepi. welt and gnlned in flfcili. t nin iloing «II en own houicwurk nnd we have nine in the flttnlly," ... " "-• f A man orwoman who neiflecta constipation suffers from slow •JKV w.i poisoning. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant ¥p ; i^*l Pellets cure constipation. One »f:>vB\ little "Pellet" is a gentle laxn- "*'"'•' ^^ five, and two a mild cathartic. All medicine dealers sell them. No other pilla arc "just as (food." Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can'do'to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jj^^jj^jjjigjjjijj^gujgjj^jiA CASTORIA nNMattD* M Plrst-oliu iniar-l FOR BALE. n» Dr. H»rdv property oornor 6th and Alby (tt. Lot J20X1ZO feet with 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Eaaton etreot bet. 10th weMlltttSts. Lot 4BH20 foot. Price »700. fs Th» retldenoe of Goo. Klrnoh on Bello street j Si|»oOms»nd bath rooms In good ro air. *k W«10-room residence ot 8. II. NlohoU on litWrtonet. Lot 701170 foet. A fine location. 4 AflneSTOomdwelling (nearly now) withbatb K»mt heated by furnace; In Mlddletown, » flat lot of David Doyle on Bluff street „ „ 4-room briok dwelling. Ki, theJ. M. Tonnor homestead containing aboat W, 4ft mwesi One 10 room dwefflngifruit of •& kind. KSk Some flne lots on Bluff street with briok par- f ''tat «nd sewer; no grading, In T. L. Foulda add 'V-Aflne S-room briok dwelling, heated with v steam, LotiaoiiMfeetiflno fnilti halt blook If fHSlrSll^Sdenoe on Pro.peot .hreet with I, t rooms. Heath with furnace, Lot 80 feet on s S l Pro§peot street. - - f on tbenorth side of Sooond Fine fruit and shade trees. 1 blcokc . line In Upper Alton. ll0 nSSfo?aon°BoUe street between Uth r briok (tore and dwelling and a r oriok dwelling on aame lot corner of Vine its A good Investment, iloUoD4thitreet near Mr. Gantang t'donble dwelling ot Mr. R. Oaritang, / steam with modern Improvements. fei-y desirable ,^room_brlok_jdweUlag_, til MiriiUiv o"iwwut w**u* »TT«»»""»F "- t, with all modern improYeraenfs. PluaVoundry, everything oompletei In- 0 lotii swltob oonneotlon with O. t A. Ai«m Horelty Mfg. Co. property on Id atreet, *4 4 ljBelrti 0 |n"Hlgbland Park, each 70 by about ,'r A^'room dwelling on State atreet. Prlot * ^flpjods-room dwelling on Second itreet. .wn g corner TUN.M , one ot the flneLt looatloni In Altai dwelling! good lot and On. ten room dwelling In Upper Alton, gooo lot Wstooteeton Baaton itreet, . briok dwelling with IMiloti In Middle- 1 irenlent. to motor Klne location, A .„.— of Albert Wade on Belle 10 rooms and finished attlo, batr -jms. Good collar, qu and water , carriage house. Lot M teM front, or rant, other desirable property not ffroom'brlek dwelling on William atreet, t- A*?room dwelling with 1 good lotj onFlhh u f ilftet, eaat of Rldgo street. Price. 11.900. S • Agoodlroom briok dwelling with I lota on Main atreet. -^^x>d 7 room dwelling with one i by hot water. K» FOR RENT. >, The two atory briok dweUlng with 8 rooma.on TWleTtew arenue now oooupled by J. Moulton. AU-room dwelling on 8rd atreet with bath roon with modern oxturei. • flew atore room and two 4-room tenamenta afttbath roomi Ind atreet near Cherry be L. 3. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton k »toomajibarn and garden,^ now^ooo^d , , Poiieislon glren by Ju REAL ESTATE, sURANCE, and LOAN AQGNT |IOOM IS, P. 0. BUILDING. FOR 8ALB.1 u building lot MiU5 on Liberty street \ Orore and Franklin, for WOO. re tana 8 miles south of Brighton, i cultivation, one-half good pasture, A bargain. r two story briok modern dwelling near BMP ot Third and'George streets, "oom dwelling souse wltb Urge lot on litrMteoutSotTweinb street, i story frame dwelling No. tfl Mit (etjlorHMO. Lot wilto. .Good itreet jie dwelling bouse and another , til on oueiot In good location u Rents for (88 per month: hroom residence pn Qtate street on MTVIzlHonOak itreet between the 4 Big Four R. R. trooki, suitable for or manifsoturlng purposes. (oneuSsids ot Alton itreet, bet. I (arm In Jersey county, r rail or rlrer. halt Bile itation bY rail or rlrer. buitnesi property, corner lad ate,, on easy terms, trameidloenoe, new and al ts.altsstedon Fourth St., _ .. buildings neat table for a diary. > MI) profltable bualneai prop- street, oooupiad by good ao.4 k resldeoot, t • oonvtBltat i,one»»ytermi. _ w.wrb l ir&. hkMoaanie for one-hall fo» poi- TO LOAN. Chairman Babcock Claims Majority in the House. SENATE WILL UK HEPUHMCAX. In ttie IIiMlse thd nepiihllonii MnJorlly O»or All Will Ho Tlilrlirn, Snys Clulr- niftli iTtubroi-k—Chulrmiin Kel-r of lli« I>«ntooratlft CongrcMlonnl .fommittM (JUInunn OppnnKinn of Twenty-Three-- Miiny nrtho I>l«tr1ct» Are Still In Ooill.l WaflhlnBton, Nov. W.— KPturn» BH far as received by the ARSocluted Press In ntP the plecll'in of 167 llepulillcaim nnd 154 Dcmncrntfl, riipullBlH or Hllver RopuUlcans with twiM.ty-Hlx illHtrlctn In the doubtful column. WaMhlngton. Nov. in.—The election returns establish with certnlnty that the United States Hnnnte will have n Republican majority after Mnrrh 4 next. Tho present pftrty Ulvlalon of the Hennte Is: Kepubllcaim, 43; Democrats, 34; Populists, 6; Hllver Republicans, 6. Thl« WHS chang(.-(l prior to Tuesday's vote by n Uepubllcnn gain of two, viz.: McComiiH or Maryland, who will succeed Uorrnan. and Simon of OteRon, who Is elected to nil a vacancy. Of the present Republican total of forty-live the terms of Heven Bonntors expire March 4 next, leaving thirty-eight hold-over Republicans. To thin number the elections of Tuesday add ten Republicans surely elected and three probably, making a total ot forty-eight, or two more than a majority over Democrats, Populists and silver Re- MabllcanH, There are twenty-one Dem- jcratlc hold-over senators, and to thlB numlier Tuesday's elections add four with certainty and one probable, giving a total ot twenty-five vote«. The Populist and silver Republican holdovers number eight, and this was In- creaHCd Tuesday by one, practically sure. Five state legislatures appear to ba much In doubt—viz., Nebraska, West Virginia, Montana, Indiana, and .Washington—and are not Include^ In figuring totals. Complexion of Ilouie. The mala Interest In the election now centers In the political complexion of the next house, the senate being conceded to be Republican. Although Chairman Babcock ot the Republican congressional committee did not leave his headquarters until after 4 o'clock In the morning he wan back again at hl« desk at B o'clock dispatching telegrams to doubtful districts, urging the chairmen' to hurry the returns. Mr. Babcoc.k, In his figures. Is takdng nothing for granted. Ho has made what he termed an ultra-conservative estimate. In which he eliminated u number of doubtful rllstrlclH. This estimates given the Republicans 18B members In the next houBo—a majority of thirteen over all. The stales he Is most anxious to hear from are Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Tuesday night he figured the defeat of Boutclle In Illinois. Wednesday morning, he says, he Iln<ls that the - Chicago congressman has pulled through, but this gain IH offset by the unexpected defeat ot Williams In the Twefth Pennsylvania district. Doubtful IMHtrlt'U Not InnliulKd. In his estimate of 18f> he does not Include the doubtful districts. The returns In the east, middle west and northwest show that the Republican losses were In the cities, while the gains were In the rural districts, and this encourages him to hope that when the returns oonie In later from the country some of the districts which now appear to be lost may bo saved to the Republicans. This Is the case, for Instance, In Page Morris' district In Minnesota. Mr. IJabcock now figured upon Morris 1 defeat, but he thinks there Is a chance of his eloctlon. There Is also a chance of another Republican from California, one from Nebraska, one from Kansas, two from Wisconsin, one from Michigan, one from North Carolina, one from Virginia, one from Kentucky. At ,1 o'clock-Wednesday Chairman Kerr of the Democratic congressional committee claimed the certain election ot 190 Democrats and fuslonlsts, an opposition majority ot twenty-three and a Democratic mjnjorlty over all of five. Hoi 111 Unuoorntlo lli'lugaHoM. Llttlii Rock, Ark., Nov. 10,—The election in Arkansas attracted liut little Interest and a very light vote was polled In each of the nix congrcsalona! districts. The Democratic candidates, except In the fifth district, had a clear Held, J. T. Hopptf was the Republican nominee against II. A. Dlnsmoro In that district Dlnsmore's majority will be In tho neighborhood ot 0,000. Arkansas' delegation In the next congress will be solidly Democratic •Kaln. W<j«! Virginia. Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 10.—Tho flection of Johnson, Dem., for congress In the Third district, is conceded by Houston, chairman of the Republican committee. Hovuner, Rep., Is elected In the First district. The Second and Fourth districts are still In doubt, but are probably carried by th« Republicans. The state senate Is Republican nnd the lower house Democratic. The vote on Joint ballot Is still In doubt. Dmuiirrals Win lu Florida. Jacksonville, lhu.,Nov. 10.—The whole Democratic ticket Is elected. The constitutional amendment requiring that bonds of stale olllcern be In uound surety and guarantee companies was carried overwhelmingly. The Republicans nnd Populists will not elect altogether over live members of the legislature, If that many. The legislature elected will chouse a successor to Senator Samuel Pasco. Women Lo«« In Wunlilnitton. Beiittle. Wash,, Nov. 10,—For the third time female sufTrugu has been defeated In Washington, HctuniH show that tho amendment is defeated overwhelmingly, and so far as reported only the Boutheastern part uf the state, of which Colfux In the wheat bolt Is thu center, has supported It. Republican ticket Is elected by 2,000 majority. rieilgfil lo Fro* Nllver. Atlanta, Cla., Nov. 10.—From every une of the eleven congressional district* lit Georgia Democrats were elected, the oelngatlon, solidly pledged to free silver. In tilt Tenth UUtrlct, which Is Robtied tteOravt. A startling Incident of which Mr. John Oliver; of I'hllldelphlo, wwtbe subject, la narrated by .hupps follows: "I was In a most dreadful condition.. My skin was almost yellowy eyes sunken, tongue coated, pain oonllno- in back and sides, too appetite— gradually growlrj - y ^-- — T ^,,-»-, Three physicians had given men. Fortunately, a Mead advUed trying W 0 M'"'! 1 , «^w. »i? em ) the first bottle made « deoldfd Improvement. I continued their use (or three weeks:*nd am now a well man. I know they saved my lift, aud robbed the grave of another victim." No one should fall to try them. Only W per bottle at H. How to rind Out. Fill a bottle or common glass with your water and let It stand 24 houre; a sediment or settling Indicates an unhealthy condition of the kidneys, if It stains yonr linen It Is evidence of kidney trouble; too frequent desire to pass It or pains In the back Is alno convincing proof that the kidneys and bladder are out of order. WHAT TO DO. There Is comfort In the knowledge so often expressed that Dr. Kilmer's 8w»mp Boot, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wlnii In curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of tbe urinary passages. It correct* Inability to hold water and scalding pain in passing It, or bad effect* following the ise of liquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during tbe day, and to get up many times during the night. Tbe mild and tbe extraordinary effect of Swamp Boot Is soon realized. It stands the highest for Its wonderful cures of tbe most dlstresslnn cases. If you need a medicine you should have the best At druggists 60f or 81. Yon may have a sample bottle and a book that tells more about it. both sent absolutely free by mall. If yon (end yoUr «ddre«i to Dr. Kilmer & GO., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention that you read this generous offer In the THLBcmArH. Tom Watson's, and therefore naturally the I'opullst stronghold, the adherents if that party absented themselvs from the polls or voted with the Democrats, giving William II. Fleming, Democrat, heavy majority. l.itflit Viito In Kentucky. Louisville, Ky., Nov. 10.—The Democrats of Kentucky carried nine and possibly ten out of the eleven congressional districts In the state, n gain of two or perhaps three over their |a*t delegation. The Republicans curried nly one district, the Hleventh. solidly, but this was always conceded by their opponents, as It has been a Republican stronghold for y^ars. In tho Ninth district PXigh, Rep., Is elected. The Republicans in the Fifth (Louisville* district talk of contesting the election of Turner, Dem. The vote throughout the state was the lightest known In years, and the election was entirely devoid of excitement. North Diikotn lUiturnn. Fargo, N. D., Nov. 10.—Figures from the largest counties although far from complete, make Republican majo-'ty certain on entire state ticket from / 00 to 4,800 except Halland, superintendent of Instruction, who Is running very close with a probability of defeat. It Is estimated the Republicans have a majority In the legislature on Joint ba!- lot of thirty. Republican gains are reported In many Democratic strongholds. Spaldlng, Republican nominee for congress, leads the ticket by DOO to 800. McMillan Meotml Oi.veinor. Chattanooga, Tenri., Nov. 10.—Tim election In Tennessee passed off quietly. But little Interest was shown In the contest, not over a two-thirds vote being polled. McMlllen, the Democratic candidate for governor, Is elected by a large majority. There was a great falling off all over lOast Tennessee, where the Republicans usually have majorities twice us large as those of the Democrats In middle and west Tennessee. CongroHKiiien fruin latnUiuilu. New Orleans, Nov. 10.—While a very large vote was not cast election day', the Democratic majorities are not decreased to any perceptible extent. Tho following congressmen, all Democrats, were elected: First district, Adolpli Meyer: Second district, Robert C. Davey; Third district, Robert* F. Hrous- sard; Fourth district, T. Brazil: Fifth district, Samuel T. Halrd; Sixth district Samuel M. Robertson. Helena, Mont., Nov. 10.—Campbell Democrat, IB elected to congress by a plurality exceeding 4,000. The legislature IH Democratic by a decided majority. Complete returns will not altei materially the situation as stated. Kolllli Dttkaln. Sioux Falls, 8. D., Nov. 10.—Twenty- Heven preclnotfl In the Black Hills show a net Republican gain of 600. Futnlon- Ists still claim the state, but It Is almost certain Republicans have It on thH entire stiile and congressional ticket. Alubttmu. IlirmlnghuiTi, Ala., Nov. 10.—Alabama returned nine Democratic congressmen by the usual majorities. The Popu list vote In the Hnventh district didn't detract much from the vote of Bennett the Democratic candidate. TIIK NKWS f:T HIIIKK. Kx-Lieutenant Governor Byron Wes ton of Massachusetts died at his houu In Dalton. The engine on a Baltimore and Oh'i train run off the rolls at Mount Vernon O. The engineer was seriously Injured A crusade against American chewing gum has started In In London, tin health authorities Issuing a warnlnt, against Its use. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Herkler and t\v( small chlldron were injured In a run away at Warsaw, Ind. Mr. Barkloi will die. lilxpurlments made In Paris show tha an electric wagon costs 47 per cent less to run than a horse wagon and 32 per cent, less than a petroleum motor Claude iiranton, convicted of the murder of John Lynn, wa» sentence! at Portland, Ore., to hang Dec. 23. Rear Admiral Walker, retired, al though well on the road to 60, Is at indent lover of Held sports of all kin and Is an expert cyclist. Remarkable Retciie Mm. MlohaeJ Ou,rU|n, PlalnQeH, III., makes the statement that nbe caught cold, which settled on her lunge; she WHS treated for » month by her faral ]y physician! bat grew worse. He tola her she WM a helpless victim ot consumption and no medicine oould cure her. Per druggist suggested Dr. King's New Dlsoovory for Qon sumption; she bought a bottle and to her delight Jqqnd herafclf benefited from the flrafdose. ' She continued KB u«e and after, tsklbg six bottUs, fdind herielf sound aod writ, now does her own housewdrk and la w well ever was. 'Free trial bottles of thii* Great Discovery at B. Marsh's drag store, large bottles 60o and 91 Qua ana look repairing done by Hubbeli-rJ^rrett building, e. 8nd it pnmeBitng Blomicb Dwotao Permanently oared by tbe rauterly ower of South American Nervine ' ,)p. Invalids need suffer uq longer |his great remedy can cure mail. ] tie a our* for tbe whole world of st< imaob weakness and Indl- IB. The cure begins with tbe [0gf,* The relief iforings Is mar- lima•urprWng. It makes no (never di»app«lot«. No mat- w long yw Jfm.nfyiitfufc ,, ,. cure In c e use of BMtitk* B%UtU* ef Fiillllil' Drtlcl III il Ciil-nllnlil. Camp Me»de, 1'n.. N'>v. 9.—While a umber of the H"cond Tennessee soldiers n (tuftrd nenr Mlddletown yesterday vcre plnylnB hide nnd seek Jn a corn- ield one of their number found the body f a dead man. It was In a state of de- omposltlon and there were ti(?ly gahhen bout the neck and eyes, nnd the ends f the flnKcrs we're chewed off. Investl- atlon showed that the man was a eamster named ,T. Hrnw. and that he ttd been mlsslnff from the Second dl- Islon for about two weeks. It Is sup- iosed that he crawled under the shock f corn while drunk, died there and that fits have been llvlns oft his flesh. Noted Autlioi-riu 1>««I. Toronto, Ont., Nov. It.—The noted 7anadlnn author nnd poetess, Mrs. Sar- ih A. Curxon, Is dcnii. She'was a con- rlbutor to American, Canadian and Jrltlsh periodicals. Hhe wrote a few •ears ago u dranui called "Laura Heord," the title takliiff the name of the icrolne of 1812 who walked all night hrough the woods from the Niagara rontler to Stony creek, hear Hamll- on, to notify the Canadians of the approach of the American forces, drtvlne cow before her to divert suspicion. Mrs. Curzon came here from UlrminR- mm, Knff.. and wns 05 years old. Kngliivrr Dfiul In III* fall. Kansas City. Nov. 9.—While the fast .efrlBCrato'.- train on the Chicago and Alton road was spcedlnK toward Glen- lale, Ju.°t east or here, last evening, Kn- Klncer Richard A. Mouse sal dead In ils cab, his hand grottplng the throttle, ils glazed eyes nxed straight ahead on he track, and a peaceful smile on his 'ace. The train was stopped the re- nalns were carried buck to the caboose and at Glendale transferred to an Incoming train. The cause of death Is not cnown. House came here from Forest. Ills. Tli« Klcctliin In Ohio. Oolimibus, O., Nov. 10.—Additional returns do not materially change the re suit announced Tuesday night of over 60,000 Republican plurality on the state UcketNinrt sixteen Republican and flvc Democratic congressmen. Until noon Wednesday the returns indicated thnt the Republicans had carried the same flftoon congressional districts and the Democrats the samo six districts a? In the presidential election of 1S9C, but later in the day the Democrats claimed the election of Zimmerman over Weaver In the Seventh. It. will require the official count to determine the result In that district. 'The worst oold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Oongh Remedy," says W. H -Norton, of Hutter Greek, Oal. "This oold left me with a cough and I was expector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use It, for It will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom yon know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fata diseases by neglect of a simple oold or cough. Foley'B Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pluasant cough medicine would have saved them. It is gnar anteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H WJSB. _ t Nits the Spot. When suffering from a sevf re oold and your throat and lungs feel nore take a dose off iFoley's Honey and Tar, when ^ the soreness will be at once w relieved, a warm, grateful 1 |fee ling and healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say : "I feels so good. Ic hits the spot " It ii Kunranteed. Sold by B. Marsh nnd S H. Wyes. ^^_^__ $100, Dr. E. Detchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9101 if you have a child who soils bedding from Incontinence of water dnrlnj sleep. Cures old and young alike. I arrests the trouble at once. 81. Sole by S. H. Wjss, Druggist, 662 Second st.'eet, Alton, 111. 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The Kind You Have Always Bought B*an the Btguttore of' AL-MIDY . „,- tiny Capsules arc sup to Balsam of Copaiba.*" Cubebjorln|ec(^onsand( OUKEIN48HOURS V the tame diseases wltn Inconvenience. KM tv all Jr U. S. NIXON, Atchttect, and Superintendent Flimsy and OpeulflcttUona for Work Aoourntely Forolsbed. OFFIOB:OVBR ALTOM SAVINGS BA NK MADE ME A MAN romls br •• ¥«*> aiAf. H. Win THE MAltKfcTS. <.'lilr;iy<> drain nntl Proilnn 1 . Chicago. Nov. B. Follm Inft were the quotations on the Hoard of Trade i<:d«y: Wheat— Open. High. IMW. Clos". May OC-% .O'i .cr,v, M\ Corn— December ... .32 .W4 .X .22« May :'..1T< .?,4'4 .Wt, .^n tHits- Deceinber ... .24 .24 .I'SIs .-'4 May !M*i .24', .:!4«d .IMt; Pork— Decembf-r ... V.S2'i 7.S7.V» 7.S2M, 7.82>i January 9.<>0 n.oo S.ST'i 8.90 lard- December ... 4.92Mi 4.»2i/i 4.90 4.90 . January 4.D7V4 B.OO 4.115 1. OS Produce: Hutter—Kxtra creameries, 21V-C per Hi; extra dairies, 18(ff ll)c; fresh packing stock, U<B>12'4c. Eggs —Fresh stock, ISIfflS^e per doz. Live Poultry-Turkeys, 7i}l8c per Iti: chickens, S@(l'4c; ducks, 8<g.C!l<!i geese, *4.00(!/ i.OO per doz. Potatoes—Good to choice, 27®'31c per liu. Hweet Potatoes—Jerseys, $2.00(0'2.25 per lihl. Apples—Common to fancy, $l.fiOfr3.50 per hhl. Crnn- lierrles—Wisconsin Hell and Hu«le, $«,50 ~-f!.7r> per bbl. f Illrnco I.lvi- Slitrll. C'hlcaRo, Nov. 9. Hogh—KPtlmnlcd receipts for the day, 41,000; sales tanged at S2.4U<jJ!3.30 for pigs, IS.20fr3.67W for light, $3.20@3.5ri for rough packing. I3.25ff3.65 for mixed, nnd $:! 40®" Co for heavy packing and shipping lots. Gallic—Estimated receipts for the day. 22.000; quotations ranged ill $r. 2f,if('5.60 choice to extra steers, $4.r>0 ffit'5.25 good to choice do., $4.60(94.90 for fair to gooC, $4.1004.75 common to medium do., f4.OiW4.4ri butchers' steers, $4 Ofll(!i !!0 fed western steers, $2.0004.00 stock'ers. 14 OCIfH.iifl feeders. $1.75ffl4.CO cows J"!- heifers. l2.fiOW4.2B bulls, ox.en'and sinus. $2.SOff4.15 Texas steers, ?3.605I4.r... f.ruff westt;rn steers. W-iaif 4 00 western cows and heifers, nnd $4.00 Cr72C venl calves. Sheep and La nibs— Estimated receipts for the day, IS.000: finality fairly good; quotations rnnsed lit $3.25(0:4.45 westerns. $2.7. r iC 1 4.(iO 11:1- tlves. and $S.75@5.fiO lambs. Kmt Iliift-il > I.lvc Sli.eU. Kust Huffalo, N. Y., Nov. 10. Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants, East BuHalo. N. V. quote as follows: CatUe-Ilecelnts, 2 cars: market dull and tending lower: veals. $5.BOifl>7.7S. Hogs-Receipts. CO cars' market opened dull and lower and closed still weaker; Yorkers good early $3 oO: later, $3.45; light, 3.40; mixed $rt.fiO@>3.r.5; mediums, $3.55ff 367V4: pigs, $3.40«J3.r,0. Sheep and Lambs-Receipts. 20 cars: market active nnd firm tor best lambs; top?, $5.40(ij>B.65; culls to good, tt.2aStn.3a; sheep steady. St. I.oiit<< Oniiii. St. Louis, Nov. 9. Wheat—Higher; No. 2 red .cash elevator; track. 6SVi®69c: December, r,9« @69Wc; May, 69-%c; No. 2 hard cash. 84fi)«5c. Corn-Higher; No. 2 cash. 32c; December, 31c; May, 32M,@32%c Oats —Firm: No. 2 cash. 2!iV6c: track, ZBff,' aC'Ac' December, 2Bc; May, M^J.c; No. 2 wlil'te. 2"iili?28c. Hye—Strong. 52c. Mllwnnkfle Ornlii. Milwauke, Nov. S. Wheat-Higher: No. I northern, 67V>c- No. 2 northern, Gfic. Oats—Dull; 2a«i27Mic. Rye—Steady: No. 1. 52c. Barley—Dull: No. 2. 47e; sample. ;',9fi4BUc. Di-li-oll flrnln. Detroit, Nov. !i. Wheat—cash "white, Gii'/ic; red, CD'ie; December, 69%c; May, C9%c. Corn- Cash, 35c. Oats—White, 28Vtc. Rye— J. W. Averill. a wholepnle Hsh deul- er at Cleveland. C)., (lied a voluntan bankruptcy petition. Assets, J(ll..r>47; liabilities. *4::,622. The most costly piece of railway lln In the world Is that between the Mansion House and AldguU- stations, Ii London, which i-ei|Ulri'd the expenditure of close upon £2.000.000 a mile. A practical gift to the poor of Washington Is that of 1.0(10 cords of wooO by Pierre Wuggurnan of thai city. The queen of Holland Is a Presbyterian and worships in the new churct of Amsterdam. dcorge Yost, u young farmer living near Beloit. Wis., had his left arm cut off in a corn shcller. In some parts of Italy the government has to spend $3,000 to collect $2,000 tvorth of texas. THE NKAVS IN BRIEF. David Knhuweil.'i-, Inventor of «i« 'Oik Jacket life pnrurrvcr. died hi hi* ionic at New Voi k. SVIHlnm Wlll.tini was shot and dnn- •ron^ly wounded by Jnmep Shields, a seventh Day Adventist, who was b»lng lersc'-uted nt lOIko, Ind.. by several oys on account of his religious b.'lle!. The r.miptrollt-r of the currency hn* declared n dividend In favor of tin- redltors of the Indliin.-ipolls Nntloml tank of Indlnnapol!s. Ird.. of r. per cent, Thomas Tort, a wealthy retired farmer, was Instantly killed In front ot his lome at Mnncle, Ind.. by 11 Big Four isseiiKcr train. The summer residence of Clarence Mackey at Westbury. !-•• ' • w " s (1 '" slroyed by tire. Loss, $50,000. Air. and Mrs. MncUcy wen- In the houses but -scaped. Cnrrlngton was found Riillty at TVrr.i : iauto. ini'., of. voluntary mnnslatighter and sentenced to from two to twenty- one years under the Indeterminate law. A Mniiiirln Bible was sold nt the auction rooms of Sothehy, Wilkinson & Hodge, London, for .Ci.O.'.O ($14.032). George Wlllets, a conductor on the Chicago & Northwestern railroad, has )een named to till the vacancy In the Wisconsin state hoard of arbitration. •The mangled body of Charles Mielke. a laborer, the twelfth victim of the col- apsed Detroit theater, hns been found in the ruins. Brlnlnc's elevator at Leroy, Ills., was burned. Loss on l.iui'dlng Is $5,000 and on grain $I,Ono. The property is well n.iured. John Slmilin. aged 19, of Wayne City. Ills., a member of company M, Ninth Illinois regiment, died of typhoid fever In Jacksonville, Flu. Joseph Clirl, committed suicide, at the country home oC his son. Frank Girl, near Warsaw-, Ind. Right Hon. Lord Fnrrcr Hcrschel, grand commander of the hath, chairman oC the joint Intern.Ulomi] commission, Is In Indianapolis, a of Senator Fairbanks. William J. Stilt & Co., New York, dealers In coffee and spices, have us- plgned. David Smith, an old resident of Dy- ersvilie, la., Is d<Md from a stroke of apoplexy. Katie Rupert, aged 2;!, daughter of William Rupert, hanged herself In her father's barn near Port Washington. Wisi Lee Styles, a wealthy farmer near South Bend, Ind., was attacked by a bull he was leading and received probably fatal injuries. ii Sound Lungs i! • > are kept sound and weak lungs* ' J J arc iniulc strong by DR. Biar/S J | ;; Constant Coughing Constant coughing la not only very nnnoying.but the continuous hacking mid irritation will soon nttack and injure the delicate lining of the throat nnd nir passages. A simple cough is bad enough ; but n chronic cough is really dangerous. Take advice and use the celebrated Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup at once and be cured. Dr.BulIs Cough Syrup Cures a Cough or Cold at once. Dose* ni r MiutU and pleasant to take.. Doctors u-ccmmifuil it. I'rice 25 cts. At all druggists. EXITS OBKAW EAI.M Is » positive con. Apply Into the nostrils. It 1s quickly absorbed. M eaots st Droretits or bj mall; sample* mail. «LT BKOTHKBfl. M Wane BfaMJew l £)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OPFIUB in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Baeton all. Pbonei 138 and 171. P. SCHUSSLER,M.D HOMEOPATMIST ud SURGEON OmOHUirp BHSTD1NCK, HOTBL MADISON Telephone 100 f)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lenten UPPER ALTON, ILL. OrnC»HOUMlTtO»a.m|UtOl,atOtp,ir. . TELEPHONE »j. DR. <,. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OfsOtHotffi !«.». MtlltB, o4lt« ».». ii w. now mr DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY la Bbwt Tune. Yager 4 Yag«r, Attorneys — a scientific remedy of the most wonderful efficacy in all lung affections. "A yoHnuro T hint H IOIIK apcll of f«vtr (tint f'fttlinl hi my lunps mill t'iniw.-il a st 1 - vtM-c eoutfli. My |>liyntelitns Ilionuht I woillil not recover, hut int. KKLI.'* PISK- T.'.it-irn.NKV stopped tliu cough at om-L- umlKOon restored me to health." DEO. A. ALLEN, Clrar ItyrlllBB. Ky. DR. BELL'S is n certain specific for coughs, ' ', colds, sore throat, bronchitis): asthma, whooping cough and croup. Prlra i'ir.. ate, nutf >l u bottle. At nil tlniisyixu urwynt upon receipt of pricy tty K. I!. SuthprlHiiil Ardlrlna Co., I'Hdurnli, KJ-. iil »od Only Genuine. , i*rc, alwar* ttllatjlc. LAOICB M rue el it for Chlchuttr r Ifftiulith Di&? lu K«l tad HoU n>eullio __, wlih blno rthbon. To HO otbeis Jifjiue ttoitgenna tubttUV' V MMuHmitutwn*. AiDro«iaU,or«*n44fl. — itwnp* tor j-.wttcaim, loftlmonlili uid "U«Uef for EadlM,** in Uiter. bjr r*U« M»I17 J 0.000 TJ^wUik ffjmtFffer, HUkdlMM Plhca I 11,* ft* W* HENRY J. KLUNK, i(nb*rt attec. B»ale» in mobs co1f\n», metallic ca«e*,ut«t«l- lie anb cloth cachet*. Swrlul jrobse lac lat>U*> nwt> 818 »lat« •>g»»t. B»lsylto»»i »»»!• beurs, 10O9. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN—— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THE ..... PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS ' ANP—— FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CABS DINING STATIONS OPERATBP BY THK COMPANY SUPERIOR MEAtf, /^/fegetablcPrcparatioiiforAs- slmilatlnguieTcodantlUe^ula Uiig ihc Stomachs nnd Bowels of PromotesT)iges(ion,Checrrul- tiessandRest.Contalns neither Opmm.Morphine nor>Iincral. NoTNAltCOTIC. Ancrfccl Remedy forConslipa- lion, Sour Stornach.Dmrrhoea Worms .Convulsions .revensh- ness ondLossoFStEEP. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signat I Alfa months olw 15 BOSKS -^35CEiMrs EXACT COPY OF WRAPPEn. The Kind You Have (Always Bought. IGASTORIA 'Bufeton! BEST TRAINS N8hraska.Montana,PugBtSoun^ Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer And de.ler la Frub ind Ssli Mesli tnd Ur4, (id BUS Isctorer ol Ss»s|«. • _ 559 EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CAKo PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Al«o be«t of Teas and Chineie NoToltloi ot band. 624 East Second st. 306 State Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Pnhllr PUDIIC. OFFICE SOS Market »t nr«tco, WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prices to meet competition, Goods de- llTered, elepbone IN. Office 107 Weit Second Streei Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. irsdaste Ontario Veteralary College Offlo over Tbe Model store. COR .THIRD AND PIABA HTH . *LTOV III T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 3*5 Bello Street, Up Stain. Granitoid Paving Co, W. &H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street • Alton, III. All kinds of Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, Steps, Flooring, etc., done and the boat quail- tyoi material and work guaranteed nrd»" })v MHtl wtll *«« n*- wr* «t»artlMr ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 303 BELLS STREET. Money to Loma on Improved Proprrt} RBNT8 COLLECTED, Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND STRbBl. Gentlemen who appreciate first-elan u; TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, You are loTltet to call ant exanlDs B>> NHW STOCK OF QOODS Dr.WUIluuiK'lndtttUl'lli.' >Ollltui«i4twlll durn Ulluil jl«iHUu« «ud llchna ;». ii ubtiurwii tliu luniurs the (killing ui uatc, nc'ij- . _ . jultluc, «lv«g liihtaui re llit. Dr. WIlilaaui'laiitniiFileOiiit ment 1« iiruparud (or Pile i uiiU Itch yate ptirtM, BVMry. Uo* & is Chicago ft Alton. On and after noon Aug, 14, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, aa follows: For Chicago,North and East—*12:>3l m, "8:10 a m, *8:<7 a m, *10:06 p Q. For SprtDgaeld-»12:38 a m, *8:10 a m, *8:47 a m, *0:20 p m,< '10:06 p m For Peorla—<3:« a m, *10;0» p m. For Kansas City and the Weot—*8:47 am, (6:20 pm, «9:BOpm. •Dally. (Except Sunday. TSoe joint C. & A. and Big Four time table (or trains between Alton and Bt. Louie. ] LT. Alton 0 13 am 6 20 am. 0 60am. 700am. 830am. 815am. 015am. 12 40 pm 820{-m. 4 16 pm. 649pm. 627pm 603pm. 820pm. Lv 8t L U 8 708am. 7 44 am. 748am. 10 40 am 1 6n pm. 420pm. 606pm. 646pm. 003pm. 826pm. BID foyr M Time Dieoi Between Alton & St. Louis. For St. Louis. Cft A dally... Big Four, dally. ....CiA, dally... Blf Four, ei-Sun " " 8un. only. ...C4A, dally . . .. ....Big Four, dally.... .Big Four, Bat only.... '" " ex-Sun " " dally C. AA. dally CftA, dally. C& A,dally. For Alton 4 A, dal .BigFour ex- ...C&A.dall, .. Big Four, dally .... .. Big Four, Sat only Ar. St. L. .. 7 M am ... 7 80 am ... 800air ... 800am .. 10 00 am' 924am ...BigFour, ex-sun:::: U <X , A, dally ..140pm ... 420pm ... 544pm ... 8 H pm . ...ASIpm ... 706pm ... 024pm Ar Alton • . 8 10 pm ... 910am ... 84Tam ...1140am ... asoptu .. Sgtpm .616pm Big Four, dally.'.'.':!'. '.'.'. 6 40 pm iFourSun only 72*pm •^{T'tt'••'•'•'••'•'•'.!«*» Alton aud — i*c w * *-»wu kv A^anb ov a-VHil, HUU Dt LOUlB TlOe ff.l'.V " e «?.°.l on .*?Jl.P * A.«"d Blg'.Four O Q NORRI8. C A A Agent. a H HAUILT6N, Big F%ur Agent C. C. C. A St. L.—Big Pour. SoSM. Going East-18 80 Burlington Route, (Suburban service) Arriye St. L Dal,/ex y . fl un jfig 1100 am l»pm 140pm 841pm 640nm 8 lOpVi Arrlre Altot .J.*«MM^ VH«J Dally ex-6un Dally ex-Sun 710am 800am 1006am 1280pm 134Bpm 245pm 446pm 428pm Qt 706pm Leave St, L, 741am 821am 1020am 11 00 am 800pm 608pm 661 pm 760pm Union depot. Bt. L. K, A N. W. Through lenrloo. For Burlington. C C. B. «. Q. (Ridge ft. Station) M tllpoto «' west, Ira, . W. WAKRIJSY. St. Loall.PeorU Lin* • tet.L. 0. *Bt, P. Ry.j On ind after Sept, it, IBM, traloi will lear* Alton «s foUows ; ltontorPe«ri*~f ;M am. LMTeAl tliMpra, Leave Alton, 10:09 am 62JJ pm 10 H pm U>»T« Bt. Louli •Mm! For Bt. I4B||, Arrlte Bt. L, Oat onlj For Alton u _ Arrlr* Altoa

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