Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 5
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LOCALS A surprise birthday party was held April 7 in honor of Mrs. Ronnie Mack. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kocher and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Blaker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Mack and family and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lund. Refreshments were served. —•— A pot-luck birthday dinner was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Crawford en Sunday, April 9, in honor of Mr. Crawford's 84th birthday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lund, Mrs. Doris Ash of Shell Rock, and Mr. and Mrs. Poger Lund. ^ Mrs. Lowell Skinner entered Sumner hospital Sunday night, April 9, for an appendectomy on Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Franks and family of Oelwein, spent Sunday evening in the home of Mrs. Eunice Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Billings spent Sunday afternoon in Waterloo. While calling at the homes iaf Mrs. Pearl Lewis, and Mrs. Easter guusls in the Harry Randall home were the Darreil Strcetcr family, Maynard and the Delbert and Donald StVeetcr families, Faycltc __• M ''- ; <"d Mrs. Glen Grconminh wt ' rc Sunday visiVrs in the home of their daughter Mrs. James Gehrke at Evan.sdalo. • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Robert* Jr., Oeiwcin, ;md Merlin Hob- erts, Fail-bank, were Sunday visitors in the parental Howard Roberts home. . • Word has been received of the birth of a son, Kevin Park, born April 9, to Mr. and Mrs. George Cowles of Lincoln, Neb. The grandparents are Mrs. Marie Sol- onion and Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles all of Fayette. Mrs. Ena Davis" attended he wedding of her grandson, Ronnie Meisner and Judith Jacoba at the Lutheran church in P..-stville Sunday evening. Wages. A^.v't Totnl 77.52 S 3584.16 Fruit trees From dormant sprays C. J. Rausch claims Mystery farm picture The mystery farm that appeared in the March 2 issue of the Loader has been identified by Crafton and Lewi.v Absent Hen- Iowa Oil Co., Fuel for >•>'. Office The Council went ,,n record Lysle Wooli-id^e, Lalv-r by unanimous vuti- to the follow- & Repairs infi resolution. Kayclte County Le;uk r. «h tlr reach their home. M, and M^D. R. WhiUey benefit from dormant sprays ette. ,. * , [»' T «"' n C( > 1 "" <> <>' Kayt-tto. C. E. Smith & Sons, TLs That the recommendations of the sue. Bulbs etc-. ;i2 110 11.7f) f>5.7« 19.70 168.12 Sanitation Ink-rsljile Tower Co., Servtuc S 172.76 II;:rry'.-i Cities Service, G;i.". 5.50 Ffl Cnmpl.cll Station, l'.:n. Oil. Tire Repair 27.65 Acinco Inf.. Timer IJ'.uair 4.33 Mi.i \Ve.-ilern I'est Con- trnl. Service 10.00 '•',,i')i i. Aie.-, ti;ir:ihi' Ciar- b;i.'',e Truck 22.90 IX-.\M! McLlce, S:ilary, Sanitatii-n lf)2.1H T.-i.ii $ :n>5.ni> Municipal Enterprises I-', i". t:i'e ! ivwer Ci 1 ., •Sei-.-i,-,.- $ n.03 D-X Sunrav Oil Co. I-'ii-.-l ;il Library 79.53 Anier. Emic. Sub. Ser- Di)ul>led,-!y & Co. Inc.. HooUs Anier. Pub. (_'< 'rp.. Hooks Jean Can- A Co., Hooks Dunco Library Supplies, Supplies Campbell Hall. Bocks A. Beryl Thi>mp:vn, Salary. Librarian - Utiliilei Interstate Power Co.,. Service S 223.20 Road Use Tax Fayette Stone Co., Road Rock .$ 89.80 Sewer Rental Watertowcr Paint & Repair Co., Repairing Water Tower $ 4080.00 Knthcrinc Gross, Trans. from Scwcr Rental to Public Safety 2500.00 David McGco, Salary, Sanitation 100.00 T,:tal $ 6680.00 Total $ 12318.18 Mution by Brown and seconded by Borchert to pay bills as examined. Unanimous. Motion i»y Berchert and seconded by Crafton to adjourn. Unanimous. J. M. Durfey, Town Clerk. 68.80 9.50 12.87 41.20 21.80 186.21 66.75 $ 497.69 INVESTMENT SECURITIES & MUTUAL FUNDS VICTOR E. DAHL Fayette, Iowa Registered Representative For John G.. Kinnard 8c Co. Minneapolis. Minn. Elgin, whose leg was bn.ken last summer, and is now giving some trouble. z- ed i 1~- stT '""' U1 ' aL>r °' ln ° 1SnSlCr " Iniltcc hc f«v«»'«.hly acted upon fruit pests. A dormant !',V . „. . , ~ , „ by tlu! 5!)th Gc ' nil;i1 Assembly, the only effective con- I ' 1 ' )nno Dt ' cktl|> ; " ld C ' J ' Rau ' fwlicularly with n-iVrmce to Mr and Mr~s"~Harrv Skioton t^ 1 *° r P ca e h lcaf curl » n d plum - sdl WL '"' C married in 1940 and .setting the allotment of ihe Road spent the Easter weekend at the P°«*ets. It also helps control have three children. Dale, alien- u "" T; >* " l »»• "imtabl,, corn- home of their daughter and hus- scale insects and kills ovcrwin- ding college in Dubuquo, and band Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stotts tcrin S m" e eggs. Mary Lymi and Abn at h(jmc at! Blaming Prairie, Minn. Wangsness lists reasmmonda- tions for dormant sprays sup- Slroot E<1 Campbc-lls Station, Oa.s, Oil & Tire Ronald Olson, Labor ' IT FinmiFR KK^OT vvn Spmv Removal , 11 H.HIU.K UNSOLVED Mu]vi ,, 0 | tzm fi ,. the (secreUii'v. cierk) be and -tit \ r Since purchasing the farm they he i.s hereby directed to forward j l .' m ' .^.[^ Const "(Jo Sncw Removal Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Robb, Susan plied by Ed Cott, Iowa State hilVL ' remodeled the house, and a '-"P^ " f {hi * 1; ^ Olll . w JllM1 , UVlll and Steven spent Saturday and University extension hortic-ultur- built a now cattle shed and £ latc ^rnator ueorKe Scott and Robcrl Lcc Dirks Snow c,,r,,4.,,, ,.„•»(, t-^io»;,, QC .,+ rioo ,'of «, n ,.i,; u«,i ,._j ..i.._ _ hepi-i-.senlutive (s) .M.-iunce Bar- ,, „..„, Sunday with Moines and Indianola. at Des ist. Retmval Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Baker visited over the Easter weekend with her relatives at Champaign Til IU - — — Mrs. Ethel Clark spent Easter fhi^^c x,nnf,ii nor u-iiinn nr R "" "" """ "• v -'"" u - lj ul " l> - ri'L-omiYiumiaiiuii tluit towns and thirds cupful pei t'dllon^or^S ^ F£ancis church .„ Fayctte ^^ ^.^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ Snow Removal r>inK P'" ls 10 10 Sunday in the B. K. Brown home ever ls most at Cedar Falls and attended ser- a vai la ble for available tor . mi ° y « oodwork - flnd , ng as a hobbyi and Mrs Rausch la> . funds likes to sew^ Adoptcd than 15 per cent of state use Total $ Public Safety Harry's Cities Service, Labor, Gas & Brake Fluid S pay S4080.00 out of tho Sewer Ed Campbell's Station, MAYNARD — Marriage vows Rental Fund for the repair of the Gas. Oil & Tire Re. water tower. Resolution by Lewis pairs _._ just as buds begin to grow, us- Parkinson - Hahn vows Mr. and Mrs. Paul Templeman ing lime sulphur at a rate of 1 Exchanged Saturday have returned from several cupful per gallon of water. weeks in Florida. Plums should be sprayed be- wcnj cxchangcd Snlurday —•— fore buds start to swell. Use 2 . . j . Laurel Hahn and and seconded by CraiV-n to Iran- Uiltmc-r Motor Co. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andreae cupfuls of liquid lime sulphur per De { bert p a ' r kinmn at the Metho- sf «'- 2500.00 from Sewer Rental 1'ol'ce Car and family. Shell Rock, brought gallon. dist church i n Carson. Both are Fund to Public Safety and that Huineman Texaco, her mother Mrs. Pearl Dummer- « liquid lime sulphur is, not airman aecond class slationed at hereafter up to 50% of the San- Gas muth to her home here. She had readily available, then spray pea- the Qffut Aif Fm . cc Base Omaha itation workers salary, electric spent the past two months at ches apncots plums and raspber- Nefa the home of her son Darrel at ^^ f^SaSSSX Sf- Parents of th ' co ^ ]c al ' c Ml> ' Marona, Ariz, and with relatives *«*»»• *-.£ tables P° ons P er & al and Mrs . clarence Hahn, Frcd- in Calif and the past week in ion of water- . ericksburg, and Mr, and Mrs. the Andreae home. Jf^StaS ££*£££ Ddbcrt Pai ' kinson ' Maynard ' Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts are not effective for dormant The ceremony was performed visited Sunday forenoon in the treatment. They are useful later by Chaplain John Nye. The at- council in regard to the alley Lloyd Holtxman, Salary, Andrew Haas home near West during the growing season, but tendants were Ellen Aldire and back of his p ] ;ice of business. The Police Chief Union. not at this time. Rodney Ahol, also airmen second S j tua f l7n will be studied by the Howard Hubbell, —•— . Extension Director M. C. class at the same base. Council and Town Attorney. -^=r- — • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Schneider Wangsness suggests that home The bride is a 1959 graduate Eld red Dummormuth and and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schneid- orc hardists contact his office for of the Fredericksburs high school Mayor Beck are to go to Edge- er attended a State Auto Insur- a copy o f i owa state University and her husband is a 1957 grad- wood to see Beanie Fc-schel a- an.ce meeting in Cedar Rapids p amp hiet 175, which outlines a uate of the Maynard Conrolidat- i n:I ,t some tilings on the tanker Thursday. complete home orchard ispray ed high school. Both have been truck. Motion by Borchert and ,/.„ , T~*~~: i*_-j „» schedule. He will also be sending j n service since their graduation, seconded bv Lewis !c? pay the The 500 club met rTiaay even- ..... *, _^ — .... . . . „. . • . . -. . ing with Mrs. Frank Wood. workcra salaiy , electric Jnyce Lumber co. c . os t s ;)nc j maintainance expense Lumber & Screws be paid out of this fund. Sewer Zabriykics Gan^c, Gar- ^ Unnnimoll§ votu . ^^/-f *.^«« Ac-lion on the request to close Alfred Ash, Salary the road west of the stone quar- Police ry was tab , cd> Posschl Wclclinfi C() p au) \yendrich met with the Ta nk on Truck 57.U5 5.!>0 201.52 1H2.00 10.50 5.00 5.00 6.00 533.17 52.80 B2.54 1275.00 3-75 14.5-1 2JJ0.20 23G.20 AUNDRY DO ALL YOUR WASH HERE — IT'S A BREEZE If you can drop a coin in a slot and pour soap into a machine . . . you will find washing here a breeze — because, that's all there is to itl We've plenty of washers and driers loo, so come on in today. Fayette Speed Wash East State Street — Fayette, Iowa cards during the season that They will be at borne at Plat- firemen on a semi-annual basis. remind folks of spray dates, tsmouth, Neb., until they receive Carried. Mr. Jack Hall who is , ., The Home~Benefit club met People who wish to receive that their discharges. Tuesday, April 11 with Mrs. Al- service should request that their lie Holtiman. Roll call was ex- names be added ta the mailing change of flower seeds and list at the county extension of- bulbs. Mrs. Alva Chase had the fice. _ . . program and Mrs. Margaret Me- Dum " Council Proceedings affiliated with the Paymaster Check Writer Co. explained the use and protection of the Check Writer. He also showed how checks can be raised and forged. Motion by Brown and seconded by Crafton to purchase the Paymaster with immediate delivery and billing to be made oiv the lith of May, 1961. Cost §120.00. Bills examined as follows: General Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnson resident died recently at his Regular Meeting entertained five little girls at home. A retired farmer and March 0, 1961. supper at the Coffee Nook on livestock buyer, he had just cele- Meeting called to order by Monday in honor of their daugh- brated his 101st birthday 2 weeks Mayor Beck at 7:30 p:m. Coun- Inioratatc Power Co., ter Ellen's ninth birthday. Alter pr i or to his death. cilmen present Brown, Borchert, Service ........... ...... - ....... S supper they returned to the . — - -- - _ --- — Johnson home where they played games then were .served ice cream and cake. Those present were: Debby Neal, Vicki Crafton, Mary Culilgan, Charlene Smith, Susan Hubbell and Ellen's grandmother, Mrs. Ina Johnson. The KU Ka7e*cTub met Tuesday afternow April 11 with Mrs. 'Clayton BonJour. Boll call was "Spring redecoration ideas." Mrs. Dean Davis had the program and Bernlce Bonjour, funtime. 32.12 Ruth Hall i&ench spent Easter Vacation in, the home of her mother Mrs. Will Hall. '* ' .&™* '• Mr. and Mr». Charles Lockard entertained at supper Suktfay ' h«P wn Gary Warner who J o De« Moines Tuesday for n in the army. Those Mr. and -Mm. Pete Met. r »wkey«) Mrs. Joy Lamand Sicky and Mr. and ^Robert White and family, and Mr. and Mw. Robi, anj family, Brainard. acownpan- Mr, Strang of ,-.Oelweui, to at Minneap- Methodist will be Friday Takot, Mrs. Natural Gas Is Coming To Fayette Get Ready Now - - - If you're planning to make a change in your present heating sy»tem .. . call us. We can quote you prices on the installation of a new natural gas furnace or any other type you desire. GET AHEAD OF THE RUSH — Make your conversion plans withiu NOW! 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN HEATING H. Carley PLUMBING & HEATING Fayette, Iowa SEE IT NOW - - - DON'T MISS THIS DEMONSTRATION THURSDAY, APRIL 13 10:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. 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