Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1963 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1963
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

I VVjb.iMi-i'UUR ALTUiN EVENING TELEGRAPH THUKSJUA *, bh,F 1 h,MtfH,K 12, Acquires New Status Pressure Cooker Not Dull RV rorrv c\\NON , Hassjr white rnpont;;; a hlnn- rrlntivrs. thr p<M<; rlr crrnip. arp'rd with 2 rlovps; 1 small carrot. For a lone timr. thr prossnre' quoftr of vral prepared in t h r lir '"C mndr nowadays without sliced; 1 small piece celery. Cook pnoker has rndnrrd for pivyJiicins quick, repntntion pressure cooker in less than one- sr;lldilu -' thfl milk, without strain economical fourth the usual time. Here in the according manufacturer's in- the mixture, without any fuss-, struclions under pressure 12 min- ins whatsoever in just 3 minutes nti's. Brinu down pressure inline-! eggs: 1 cup heavy cream: 2 cups milk. Add 2 teaspoons instant coffee; H teaspoon salt: 1 teaspoon I vanilla if desired. Butter 6 cus re cooker. I'mlcr Pressure diatolv. The meat should he ten- dc firm. Add and nutritious but often dread-i States we've perfected a tpch-.jn the piessi fully stodgy food. Lately, howpv-j nique of adding a can of chicken Rlnm|iir</i er. the picture has been chang- j cravy to the sauco instead of' To serve (i. have '.', pounds of chicken gravy: 2 ((i-ouncp) tins ing. Tlir pressure cooker has ac-J slopping to make a velotife sauce. veal cut into inch cubes. Place < whole hotton mushrooms: .1 fa quired new status. From gourmets. And why aren't \ve all shout-Jin a pressure cooker with enougii. hlrspoons lemon juice; s; yet.' ing from (lip housetops the news hot water or chicken slock to cov pepper lo taste. Allow to sim- It was in Paris last year that that the smoothest, silkiest, cream er the hoi torn of the pan ahou; mcr uncovered about 5 minutes I discovered the most famous ofjiest custards and their French one inch deep. Add 1 onion, stuff-, longer. Add 1 can small white I onions which have been drained ! and lightly tossed in butter. At ! serving time, place 2 slightly i beaten egg yolks into a large ! warmed serving dish. Slowly, a 1 little at a time, stir in some of 'the sauce before adding all the) 'meat and gravy. Keep warm but j 'do not allow to boil. Sprinkle with I i chopped parsley. '. French chefs will tell you that By EDITH M. BARBER |ing water. Add one tablespoon: cream and 1 cup chicken Sweetbreads should be elassi-| v '"Pgaf and one tablespoon salt., slock fied with kidney and liver as' 1 " 0 ' comp to a lloil and simmpr. 1 pimiento. cut in strips "variety meats." That is a polite! ovpr lwv h(?at /or fiftepn minutes. 1 lablespoon lemon juicr Pour cups or mixture Too Many Neutrals Broiled Sweetbreads Are Delicious Meat to Give Your Menu Variety French ramekins. into cups leaving .jal least 'u inch at the top. Covei cups with aluminum foil pressing aiididw' 1 edges firmly, and hold in place with rubber bands. At range cups on rack in pressure cooker. Add 1 cup boiling watei to the cooker. Cook under pressure 3 minutes. Bring down pressure immediately and remove custard cups. Serve warm or cool. f© 19fi3. General Features Corp.) c "» sweetbreads in small piec- lit proper blanquette must always be garnished with heart-shaped croutons, So cut sliced w bite bread with a heart-shaped cook-, ', ie cutter. Brown on both sides term for "inards." Most persons' Drain - Plun g p in ..... ..... actively like or dislike kidney and ?_ niin _ ^j",..?^ !T. mo !' PJ ™ C ™J!L!'_""'_™^ ^'^iL^'" foaming hot bullor or mar-gar liver. They are neutral in regard to sweetbreads. There are those who consider branes and tubes. Dry and brush butter, add onion and mushrooms, with melted butter and sprinkle I and cook over low heat 3 minutes. with salt and pepper. Broil three Stir in flour, salt, and pepper, and' when well blended, add milk or| them a delicacy and they are us- inchcs from the heat until 8° lden , ually expensive when thev are to' hrown ' alx)Ut ten minutes. Turn j cream and chicken stock, stirring be seen in the market. Most ofi occasionallv ' '"" '" ""'" "'"- : -'---- me. P.S. — Without a er, veal must be c< minutes. essure oook- ced 45 to 60 them are purchased by restaurants of the better type. If your meat dealer knows that you like sweetbreads, he will make an effort to get them for you and if they are well prepared, the family may accept them with enthusiasm. BROILED SWEETBREADS Wash sweetbreads thoroughly in cold water. Cover with boil- SWEETBKEADS WITH Ml'SHROOMS 2 pairs cooked sweetbreads \4 cup butter 1 tablespoon minced onion Vi pound (1 cup) sliced much- rooms 3 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper 2 cups rich milk or 1 cup constantly until mixture thickens 1 Meal of The Day .... . ,, ,. . . Blanquette Under Pressure! and boils. Add sweetbreads, pi- „ ,. ,. . _ , .... __, Button Mushrooms Baby Onions, Water- el aoin shrdlu Water- Salad. . , , . . . nil miento and lemon juice. Reheat,, . c , , ,, . , . .. , ,. i Heart Shaped Croutons, and serve in patty shells or on:.-.., „ , , , . ... ,, r .. ., , ' 0 ra-.S toast. Yield: 6 servulgs. Note: .. . c . , _ i,.,,, .. ttn ,. Heart-Shaped Croutons, I Instead of lemon juice, 2 table- • ,' , . _ , i spoons sherry may be added. ^ ™« G ™\<? Cal ™ t (Copyright 1963, General : ( ""T ^^ CrPmp ' Macaixwns Features Corp.) a " d , ^dy Fmgors Blanquette Under Pressure . . . OTTAWA — Canada will havei. See starred recipe, some new laws covering thej Coffee Pots de Creme. .. Beat,, sales of business houses. j but only until evenly blended, 4\ MILNOT UTTER "TRI-CITY SPECIAL" BRAND WITH COUPON BELOW Strawberry Preserves 49 C c. w. 2-lb. Jar With Coupon Below PRESERVES PRESERVES PRESERVES C. W, GRAPE JAM GRAPE JELLY APPLE JELLY c.w. Apricot C.W. Cherry C.W. Peach Welch Kraft l-lh. Jar 390 430 590 490 270 250 WONDER'S NEWEST! The First and Only NO LOOSE BAND INSIDE! Nothing to mess up slices or catch fingers! Now it's so easy for you to take out bread slices and put them back . . . because our inside band is fully welded to the wrapper— never gets in your way! »» ^PJ£>* • V**^ , ^ *< \nW S sW- V* 5* 1 *#» & .<*" ,&•' 'H" J -M X ,<rf ^ t"' '' ^ Freshlike With Coupon Below 4 303 * Cans 2 »L «0 BEAUTY PEAS DEL MONTE PEAS * ci™ GREEN GIANT PEAS 2^,450 NOONDAY PEAS 2c^, 3 50 EATMORE PEAS 2^.310 GREEN GIANT PEAS 2^,290 Apple Sauce 10 "Orchard Pride" No. 300 Can c Exclusive E-Z Open, E-Z Close End Seal I Just pull down our "E-Z Open, E-Z Close" End Seal... and presto.., the wrapper opens —without tearing, without fuss or muss! To close . . . just press the seal back and it Sticks, resealing the wrapper instantly! And best of all our perfect bread wrap .. . KEIPS WONDER FRESHER TO THE LAST DELICIOUS SLICE ! Yes, now America's favorite — Wonder Enriched Bread —famous for goodness and tender toast . . . brings you the perfect bread wrap that makes it so easy to get Wonder out of the wrapper— and keeps the rest fresher to the last tempting slice. So, be sure you get Wonder Enriched Bread today. It's the perfect bread, now in the first and only perfect bread wrap! And remember, Wonder . . . ENRICHED liflpfi build sfrot^ bodies 12 ©1963, CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY, Incoiporottd Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways .•'••'.• • . .... MT . •'• • ••• • "^ Mushrooms C, W, APPLE SAUCE MUSSELMAN C, W, APPLE SAUCE C, W. APPLE SAUCE APPLE RINGS BAKED APPLES Apple .Sauce Musselman White House Whole 230 can. 250 2 8-oz. 270 Tomato Sauce 'Argo" Brand C. W. Spaghetti 2 12-Oz. PkgS. Dog Food KEN-L-RATION With Coupon Below Mb. Cans Worth 20c Toward Purchase C. W. Strawberry Preserves With Coupon Jar 49c Butter Limit 1 coupon per customer with additional $1.50 or more purchase of nieiils, groceries or produce, not Including cigarettes or any coupon Item. Coupon expires after Wed.. Sept. 18. Customer must pay sales tux Involved. TRI-CITY COUPON Worth 20c Toward Purchase "Frethlike" Peas Wilh Coupon 4 'c',r 70c 14-Oz. Cunt Limit 1 coupon per customer with additional SI 50 or more purchase ol meats, groceries or produce, not Including cigarettes or any coupon Item. Coupon expires after Wed., S<>pl. 18. Customer must inty sales lax Involved. KOTEX Regular or Super 12-Ct. Pkcjs. 2^69' TRI-CITY COUPON Worth 16c Toward Purchase "Tri-City Special" With Coupon. 1-Lb. IColJ 49c Limit 1 coupon per customer with additional $1.50 or marc purchase of meats, groceries or produce, not Including cigarettes or any coupon Item. Coupon expires after Wed., Sept. 18. Customer must pay tales tux involved. i5c ^mm^miaimim^n^ WorHi 15e Toward Purchase ^ \i Ken-L-Ration Dog Food With Coupon 6 <';';!: 84c Limit J coupon per customer with additional 51,50 or more puvehiibc of meats, groceries or imiUut:e, not Including cigarettes or any coupon Item. Coupon expires after Wed., Sept. 18. Customer must pay stiles tux Involved.

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