Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 10, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1898
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Nov. lo.-ltcturns from twenty-one stutoH whore elections were held for governor and state tickets show that Republicans swept twelve states, the Democrats five, and distinctly fusion tickets two. Idaho mid Wyoming, owing to the meager returns thus far received, ore still doubtful, though the Indications from Wyoming are that the Democrats will elect the governor while the Republicans capture the balance of the ticket. Twentythree stales, excluding Illinois, elected legislative and partial state tickets, eight of which nre not shown In the above summaries, viz.: Delaware, Florida, Indiana. Mississippi, Montano. Utah, Washington' and West Virginia. In some of these honors arc divided, though the Indications are that the He- publicans have the best of It In Delaware, Indiana and Washington, while the Democrats have Florida and Mississippi and probably Utiih, West Virginia and Montana. Hlil'tlHl.lCjtNS" CAllllV INDIANA. IiKlicntliiim Thiil lli» Plurality Will Ho Near 1.1,000. Indianapolis, Nov. 10.—WHh one-fifth of the precincts of the slate"lieard from the Indications arc that the Republic, an plurality will be near 15,000. It may vary 2,000 either way from that estimate. The Democratic state committee early In the morning conceded that the Republicans bad won In the state. Large Democratic gains are shown by some counlles. while other counties show large Republican gains. The vote on congressmen has come in slowly, hut such returns as have been received indicate that the Republicans have won In all the districts except the Second, Third, Fourth and Twelfth. Some doubt as to the result In the Fifth and Sixth districts are still expressed hy the Democrats, .vhu have an impression that the later returns will show that they have won in those districts. From the returns at hand It would appear that the Republicans will have a majority in both branches of the legislature and a majority on joint ballot oi "about sixteen. In First district Hememvay, Rep., hns been re-elected to congress. POLITICAL 8O»lEKSA«.'l,T. Nebrnitka'ri Vote I'laocs llio Slale In llio llcniiMifiui Column. ' Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 10.—Returns continue to indicate that Nebraska has turned a political somersault and landed !n the Republican column. Three hundred and seventeen precincts outside of'Lincoln and Omaha give Hayward, Rep., for governor, 29,4'JJ; Poynter, fusion. 20,302, a net Republican gain of 4.787, If this gain is maintained Hayward will carry the stale by over 40,000. Figures on legislative candidates are not such as to make comparisons possible, but show that they shared equally with Ihe governor. In a few counties which went fusion on the state ticket Republican legislative candidates are elected, which makes the claim that the legislature on Joint ballot is Republican a conservative one. The First and Second congressional districts are Republican, the Third and Sixth fusion and the Fourth and Fifth In doubt. I'lNGKEK WINS OUT. Tho Governor'" Plurality l» Placed at Abu III 50,000. Detroit, Nov. 10.—The results of the state election are unchanged by any late returns or estimates. Governor Plngree's plurality Is placed at about 65,000. It nearly holds Its own with thu governor's plurality of two years ago proportionately to size of the vote cast. All the congressmen elected are Republicans. The legislature, which is to elect a United States senator for the full term, stands politically about as follows: Senate, 20 Republicans; 3 Democrats. House, 93 Republicans; T Democrats. The present legislature has 6 Democrats In the senate and 19 in the house. The contest for senator will be between Senator Burrows and Albert Pack of Detroit. Mr. Pack is the Plngree candidate. SCHOF1ICI.U KLHCTKD IN WISCONSIN. lliu Governor Salt! to Have u riurnllly of •I Least 20,000. Milwaukee, Nov. 10.—Election re- lurns, though far from being complete, Indicate that Governor Edward Soofield, Rep , Is sure of eleclion by at least 20,000 plurality. Republican Chairman Treat still sticks to his claim of 40,000. The Sentinel Buys at least 30,000, while National Democratic Commlttceman Wall Buys Scolield might huve from 6,000 to 10,000 plurality, though he would not concede this having heard from but 10 per cent, of the-.precincts In the state. Milwaukee county complete with the exception of llie village of Cudiihy gives Scofteld G93 plurality. This county uleo elected a Republican ticket with the exaction of sheriff, which went to the Democrats. Republicans elect con- greBsmen In every district except ths Second, which is still In doubt. The legislature IH overwhelmingly Republican, the senate consisting of 31 Republicans and 2 Democrats and tho assembly 77 Republicans and 23 Democrats—a Republican majority on joint ballot of W. .;• UWIUINH FUOM MIK.SOrlll. Uumori'iiU Carry tli« Stulu by »l l.ea»l 30,- OOO Majority. fil. UiulH, Nov. 10.—Returns from all over MlHHinirl arc- coming In very slowly, iiml though far from complete, everything received points to UK- election of the entire Uemocralic stale ticket by at Icuut 30,000 majority, and the Holwllpn of a majority of members BUBKlun * Armor, aniv*. Tte best salve In the world tor oats, braises, sores, aloers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter chapped hands, ohU- ilatas, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price Mijenta par bo». For sale B. Marsh. Alton and Upper Alton Rheuro»(l*ro uureo in • Day "My«Uo Cure 'or rbonmatlsm and Neuralgia, radlo»lly cures In from 1 to 8 days iS action upon the system Is romarkable and mysterious. It re- DO^satouoe toe cause and disease edJately disappears. The first 76ct*, Alton MOMl BAKING POWDER Cx>.« .4CW /ORK, ot cue legislature, Insuring the re-election of nulled Stales Senator Cockrcll. Three Republican congressmen Iti Bt. Louis have been re-elected, and It Is probable that all the twelve congressional districts outside the city will be represented by Democrats, though final returns may change this somewhat. In St. I.ouiB the Republicans elected their city ticket by majorities ranging from 4,000 to 7,000. Lloyd, Dem., I* elected to congress from the First district; Joy, Rep., from the Eleventh, and Pearce, Rep., from the Twelfth. Corhran, Dem., has been elected to congress from the Fourth district. Elected Governor of the State of New York. 1'I.rHAI.ITV IM,A(l;i) AT 2(>,<MM). Tim SUIe'ii Cini|ti-('f»l<>iinl lU'li'irnllnn Wll I'rulmlily Slnnil l'irii>i>ii Itannullrikn* In Mlii-lccn llnnm rnl«, it llcnmrrnlli' Onlri of Twelve—Slum- Klorli-il (lovernnr nf rciiin.vlmiiln hy ci Plnrally of ino.OOO— No Trouble In Noilb Cnrollnn, New York, Nov. 10.—Revised returns show the election of Colonel Roosevelt, Republican, for governor by n plurality of from 1S.OOO to 20,000 over Augustus Van Wyck, Democrat. As compared with the election of 18M>, when Black 3<>f™t<>d 1'orler. this shows n Repub- KLKCTION IN ILLINOIS. Wliltlomnre HIM 35.OOO Majority f'" Male Treattnrer. Chicago, Nov. 10.—Returns almost completed show that the Republicans have elected practically all their counts- ticket In Cook by pluralities ranging from 8,000 to 12,000. The Democrats have undoubtedly carried the Third, Fourth and Fifth congressional districts. Complete returns from the Fourth show that Cusack, Dem., received 18,524 votes to Mills' 10,031, giving the former a majority of 2,493. Congressmen Mann and Foss arc elected, the latter by 10,000 majority. Whittcmore, Republican nominee for stat« treasurer, Is elected by 35,000 majority In the whole state, but loses Chicago by 4,000. The country towns give him fi.OOO majority, so he carries Cook county by about 1,000. A dispatch from Peorla slated that Congressman Graff, Rep., is re-elected. Reeves' election In the Eleventh district is practically conceded by the Democrats. FUSION WINS IN COLOKA1>O. The Tlirh«t Klectcil »y « Majority Approi- imutine IIO.OOO. Denver, Nov. 10.— The entire fusion state ticket, headed by Charles 3. Thomas, Dem., for governor, is elected by a majority approximating about 30,000. This is by far the largest majority ever given a candidate for governor In Colorado, but Is less than half of Bryan's majority for president. Arapahoe county, including .Denver, gave about 10,000 fusion majority, and El Paso county, Including Colorado Springs. 4.000. The Republicans won in only a county in the eastern part of the state. Of seventeen hold-over state senators It appears the Republicans have secured two and In three districts the result Is doubtful. The fusionlsts have an overwhelming majority in the legislature. _ niisi?i/r IN IOWA. ICc-piibllcaii Plurality I» Kitllnmteil lit About 45,000. Des Moine.s la., Nov. 10.— It is estimated that the Republican plurality on the state ticket will be about 45,000. Chairman Hancock of the Republican state central committee Is confident this county will show 00,000. Returns do not show a single Democratic con gressman elected, but ChairmarT'rowns- , end refuses to recede from the following signed statement made very early In the morning: "We confidently claim the election of General Weaver in the Sixth district, and believe that full returns will show the election of other Democratic congressmen from Iowa." D. B. Henderson, Rep., is re-elected to congress from the Third Iowa district by 0,000 majority. 1,1ml Kleetcd In Mlnuciiotii. Minneapolis, Nov. 10.— Unofficial and Incomplete but apparently reliable returns, Indicate that John Llnd, fusion candidate, has been elected governor of Minnesota by a plurality of 10,000. Five out of seven congressmen surely Republican. S<clh and Seventh district close and claimed by both aides. James Gray, fuslonlst. elected mayor of Minneapolis by perhaps 0.000, the largest plurality ever given In this city to a candidate not a Republican. Congressman James A. Tawney, Rep., is re-eltelcd in the First Minnesota district, easily defeating Milo White, fusion candidate. Heatwolc and Eddy. Reps., have been re-elected to congress. llciiiurkulilu Ill>u»« IluvltiK Fen*. The moKt remarkable feat of house moving ever attempted in Now York city was sueceesfully completed the other day, when four immense five Htory brick flats were lowered iutoot on new foundations up iu Harlem. Seventeen days were required to move the houses 70 feet forward, mid four days were epeut iu moving them'' 85 feet backward. There wore 8D5 jacksorows used under the buildings to support them, uud these were operatsd in Utii- son at the blowing of n whistle. At euoh signal the building moved three- sixteenths of an inch iilong the timbers. The skillful contractor received 1)0,000 for the job. The approach of n new |1,000,000 bridge over the Harlem river will bo built on tho spot where the buildings stood.— Now Vork Cor. Pittsburg DiHpntch. JoiiriinlliUt' ForclUouBhl. Some dynuiiiilti wan placed in it stove on the Kdltor mine at Holland, B. O,, for safekeeping and was forgotten. A fire was built, when tliu occupants happened to think of the dynamite and made a hasty exit, only to come back after hearing » torriflo explosion, to find their dwelling iu ruins und a big hole in tho ground where the stove stood,— K«t I'urtage Miner and Rainy Lake Journal. COLONEL HOOSKVKLT. llcan loss of from KXl.fWI to I0r,,000. Roosevelt came to the Harlem with 103,000 plurality, and Van Wyck had but. 85.000 in flrenter New York, with which Hi meet. The vote outside the city shows that Roosevelt lost 61,000 as compared with BlacK. Tin- C'oiigrenHliinul I>eleitutlon. In the cliy his vote was 01.000 smaller than Black's. In the country district! Van Wyck ran about 20,000 and In the city about r,4,000 ahead of Porter. The state's congressional delegation will probably stand fifteen Republicans to nineteen Democrats, a Democratic gain of twelve. In old New York city (Manhattan borough) no Republican has horn returned and a notable feature of the election was .the defeat by Captain William Actor Chanler of Lemuel K. Quigg for congress III the Fourteenth district, where the former over- cam'- a Republican plurality of 11.790 two years ago and won by about 3.000. .The state legislature will be Republic*an on Joint ballot by thirty-two votes. Insuring the election of a Republican to surceed Senator Kdward Murphy, Jr., on the expiration of his term on March ,'J, IS9J1. The Stale I-pglnlatiire. The slate senate will stand twenty- seven Republicans to twenty-three IVmcirrats. a Democratic gain of nine. The Republicans will have eighty-nine members of the assembly and the Democrat? sixty-one. This is a Republican gain of eleven. The vote up the state furnished several surprises. Rochester, the home of George W. Kldrldge, commissioner of public works, gave Roosevelt only 420 plurality, against 4,195 for Black In ISM. Renssulaer county, the home of Governor Black, gave Van Wyck a plurality of about 700. Black carried It .by 2,000. Roosevelt ran ahead of Black's 'figures in Allagany by 300 and in Bn.ome by 2,500. OM-: SIM!lib" WWIBKSSSI AN. No Troiilili- Oucurroil nl !"'• North Carolina Klecllon. Wilmington, N. C., Nov. 10.—All fears of negro domination in this state seem to have been unwarranted. The Democratic legislative ticket is elected by about 30.000. Seven white men are elected to the superior court bench. John D. Bellamy, the Democratic candidate for congress from this district, claims his election ftver Oliver H. Dockery of Richmond county, his Republican-Populist opponent, by over 6,000 majority. This district at the last election gave the fusion candidate an enormous majority. Reports Indicate u Democratic majority in both branches of the legislature. Klght Democratic (-(ftigreRsmen are eiectVd, tin- only Republican congressman conceded being George H. White, colored, In the Second district. The election was quiet all over the state. The lower house of the legislature Is three-quarters Democratic, Uic senate two-thirds. STONK'S IIKAVV VOTK. Klrrtrtl tiovi-riior «>f I'cuiinylvniilit by • Plurality of I""." 00 - Phllud.-l|:hiu. Sov. 10.—It was nearly 5 o'clock in the morning before the returns from the hist Philadelphia ward were received and the net result was almost as great a surprise' to the Republicans an to the Democrats and Prohibitionists. When the ballots hud been counted It was found that Stone, Rf|>.. had cnrrl'-d the city uy n plummy »i $3,900. whkh with his p'.urntlty In the Rtoti> oulFlde ul Philadelphia county will prnlmli:y run the Hc|nibllcnn plurality for I In- hr-p.d of the ticket up to Hifl.oofl over .Ii'iiks. Di'inoi-ral. I.iitr returns from tin' Twelfth congressional dlntrlct stum thnl Stanley Davenport. Dem., hue probably boon t-lcctPd hy a small p'.urn.llty over Morgan H. WIIMnms. Rep.. Hi'- presi'lH member. Thi' other congrfKnlonnl cnn- illdntps rcii.a n unchanged. IXOnuti * <!"<•• Mrpiilillniii. Wllmlniston. Del., Nov. 10.—The returns thus fur recelvi'd In Wilmington indicate thai the Republicans have swept everything before tin-in. J. F. tloffecker, Republican nominee for congress, has been elected by over 1.000 plurality. A Republican legislature has been elected, which means a Republican successor to milled Htntes Senator Oray. Smilli Onrnllim Upturn*. Charleston. P. C.. Nov. 10.—There was no opposition to the regular Democratic state nominees. William II. Kl- lerbe, silver Democrat, was re-elected. with the complete stale ticket. N-i senator IK to bo elected by tho next legislature. Senators Tlllman and Mc- I.aurln, silver Democrats, hold over. The only contents In HIP state were congressional, and educational (|uallll- r'ali'in debar negroes from voting In any nuwbor. I" thp. First district unite nn tffnrt wax rnadf by negro Republicans to defeat Klliott. Murray, the Republican candidate, wan badly Iwiten. Virginia KlcH<« DctmicriltH. Richmond, Vn.. Nov. :o.—Virginia has given about 7S.IHIO Democratic majority on the vote for congressman. J3v- ery district Rooms to huve gone Demo cratlc. The only district In doubt IF the Ninth, whore Rhea. Dem., is leading Walker, Rep., by 1.000. Walker wab elected two years ago by 2,000. There Is Ilttlo doubt of Rhea's election. All the other Demon-am win by majorities ranging from 3.000 to 15,000. ditching* Ilc-l'.leraed. Vlckshurg. Miss., Nov. 10.—The seven Democratic congressional candidates weir elected. There was a small vote. There was but one opposition candidate. C. J. Jones, Rep., tried conclusions with Congressman Thomas C. Catcliings und was badly boaton. The congressmen elected are J. M. Allen. Thomas Speight. Thomas C. Catchlngs. A. F. Fox, J. S. Williams, and Patrick Henry. r ^^ ^r^ ^^ ^^ ^v r -^ ~^ ip ~^^" GAILBORDEN EAGLE BRAND t CONDENSED MILK HAS No EQUAL AS AN INFANT FOOD. "INFANT HEAlTH'irMT FREE,' '"-v DON'T MISS THEM ©DELS Sacrifice Sale <2or. 3d and Piasa sts. »\v Jersey. Trenton. N. J,, Nov. 10.—Tin- latest returns Indicate that Foster M. Voorhees'. Republican, plurality for governor will be between S.OOO and 10,000. Thei-f will lie a Republican majority In each branch of llie Icgislalure, Insuring llie eleclion of a Republican to succeed Senator James Smith, Democrat. ' Wolcotl Itc-Kll'nleil Governor. Boston, Nov. 10.—With only two small towns to hear from Woluott has a plu- ralily of 83,243. The slate legislature stands: Seimle—Republicans, 33; Democrats, 7. House—Republicans, 161: Democrats, C7; Social Democrats, i: In- depondi-nlf, a; lie, 2. , . C'omicrlicut. New Haven. Conn., Nov. 10.—The Republicans carry Ihe state by about 12,000 plurnlits:. The legislature in Republican by a considerable majority. The delegation is also Republican. Itc|itil>llvau» Win In California. San Francisco, Nov. 10.—Returns so far received show that Henry T. Gage, Republican candidate far governor, has been elected. Republicans claim the slale by 12,000 majority. Republican CialiiH In Wyoming. Cheyenne. Wy., Nov. 10.—Returns so far rocejved show heavy Republican gain over two years ago and indicate election of entire, stale aiid congressional lickct. ItoiMihlicuiiH Carry Nevada. Reno, Nov.. Nov. 10.—About one-third of the vote is counted here. Everything points to McMillan's, Republican, election, as well as the Republican legislative ticket. Third HlliiolH Arrives. New York, Nov. 10.—The United States transport Roumanla, which sailed from Arroyo and Ponce, Porto Rico, Nov. 3, has arrived with all well on board. She brought the Third Illinois volunteers, commanded by Colonel Bennett, forty-two officers and 984 men. After a brief Inspection at quarantine the Roumanla proceeded up the bay. Her troops will be transferred to Jersey Cily, where trains will be boarded for the west. l>aitghlci*H nf llio Confederacy. Hot Springs, Ark.. Nov. 10.—The fifth annual convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy opened here with a large attendance of delegates. The formal opening took place In the tastefully decorated parlors of the Arlington hotel, Mrs. Kate Cubell Currie of Texas, national president, presiding. The opening .session WHS largely occupied with routine work. rrmlilent In Wanlilnglou. We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. mi 203 West Third Street. Or when threatened with pleurisy, pneumonia or bronchitis, there IB nothing better than a HOT WATER BAG laid on the chest to ward off fatal results. We have all kinds of Rubber Goods, Atomizers, Hot Water Bags, etc. Also Syrup,White Pine and Tar, Throat Syrup, Lozcngers for Coughs. Marsh's Drug Store. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power[at Low Rates. .. . If you know of any manufactrer who s^ seeking lo- :ation ask him to correspond with us. ' Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; irij fact my mechanical application. Call on us for Incandescent Lights, Arc Lights, Power. . Nov. II).— The presidential imrty ivnrlu'd Washington on tlio return fnini funton at 7:45 o'clock In Hit 1 morning. At st-veral points on the ruiul up I" ihf hour of retiring, the prcHldfiil m-elVMl ABSoclttti'd PreKS rlfrtlon IjulU'tlns und rcpeuli'dly expressed lii« srallflcutlon at the results in several nf the stntew when- the i-on- test hiid been the hnltesl. Telephone 93. llrllUli I'rolei-turate OVIT London, Nov. lO.-The Kfho, an uf tor- noon wwHpiiper of '"I s e ">'' dei'lares that the MarnulH of Salisbury, at the lord mayni'H hamim-l, will oortalnly an- mmiu'f'u foniuil »rltl«li protectorate over Kgypi. We're Borler Bin In ro«.ly fr Tlinnks«lv- To tli'i'iih mo I ."nl » |IOVO "" llml wo ' r * llvln, . . . To Know llml i'vr>' "lj!nt |H ii.|iroinl« n ll>" liHhi -- •.-J.' 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It in far la advance of all other laxatives, as it aoU on the Uldueys, liver and boweU without irritating or weakening them, and It does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get Us beneficial •ffccts, please remember the name of the Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO, For Rats, Mice, Roaches, ~ and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After e«lln«, ill vrrmln «eV water anil ihc oRf 0 •"• HeucIlh)» killer U the moat cleanly on eartb. For 8*l« by «ll DruggUti. Prk«, IB C«nt». HEWTOH WHUFACTURING4 CHEMICAL CO., 08 WlUUm atrcut- New York. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third FURNITURE. When wanting Puraltur* cull *ntl see us. We can turely pleate you; J. SUTLER fflO «•. 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