Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 13, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1961
Page 2
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Mj Itighkors Established In 1914 ****** At IBfTOIIAt Subscription Rates SI.01 .=•<•: El.M Per Chattin' With Stone v •r.-.r. Er:'ere: aiir iirtr.tiutt: Keiir^f Sloaemeii, Chmr: enc Publisher •_r.it r*o. i r ""They're sti B.nxiou*. to brajr about having color i~V they 've painted their set blue." .er.rj • a. Co .a aru v. r ^r-- Editorial Comments - - - SITTING PIGEON pa;— .r-,ear..r.r v. *i -* appl-e- '.err. j.; ever L£f erv *.:its« ar.- —"'K'her. Veil! •. StTiii'jr By. * bots the nates tra>r_; ST.!'.'.'. shake ->'Jt £:1 trash aspects r.T.r '.•i.'S'.'jf.t. » - :tr. wrier, is ': ez- $40 rxi-.-ir. ar. fuo.Trjyus .'-rait 'aiert if 'jrgex*. neea :r>e -eatrt. gaverrirrjer. - . •i .r :ve casts., *->a-- piani^ag rr.ay rje :r. r." it Ser.i tar ais*. argues that the .•-:•*. Ued i .-ary*' a -asa -ease ; cer.t IT. the federal gas '. be alicwed to became perTr.ar.em. it djt it- erpa-e June 30 but there art strong rtti're; rot frjy renew -'. ': .a:f-t -e :.t As a. a-.w. rtttt iziz •ei>re&ert i.: ~it 50 per cer.t a >f t v.. r.orr.. wear arid sm-jKt 50 aer y-i-_ complain tv y. lisr.trs hew joa: That's probably cinvertions. r .a". vestions. Horn-ever wt always co~.*. s cvrtveritj-js w;tr. . j knowledge that, w Ann then we &_w. in frsends . . . ard 1 c pubi.shers are ver> a;though some .'al. ndustrial real estate, persona Property value rises past year '."-< t '/.a J assessed value of The IMA sajd industrial and ; • ;:.dj.-t .-:al real estate, ma- manufacturing plant leal estate • ry ar.a personal property and machinery in 19.09 amounted . • _*, •• r.'.ariy five per cent to $165,207,431 and per i. rial ' •of a!J real and per- property totaled $65,272,171. The -.: ;.;-po:ty :n the state last total of $230,479,602 was 4.6 per Iowa Manufacturers cent of the overall state fetal, a. :. :rported recently. In 1958, the figure was 4 .5 per . . and manufacturing cent. •ar. a :rt:r.:riery had a total The increase in investment by v;..je jn I960 of $172,- Iowa industry' was reflected in '•:> .. r .d .r .dj ;tr;ai and manu- increased production. In 1960, = r p :ir.ts personal prop- production topped the $5 billion • ... v. i a.-.e^red at S76.458.049- mark for the first time. Total '• f S24o692.:2y was 4.8 production last year was estima- :•• f .-.t ''. the assessed value ted at 55 ,250,000,000, compared .' t-:. at.d personal property with $4,960 000,000 in 1959 and .- : v.a wr.:cr. amounted to $5.- $4,700,000,000 in 1958. :' r 551.".44. "This continued expansion of industry is healthy for the Iowa economy," said Harry D. Linn, executive vice president of the Iowa Manufacturers association. "It is important that the favorable industrial climate in this state be maintained so the rate of growth is not slowed down." hard to behtve. Since we were g:r week-end. and s .r;-: lots <:f news that we : be in trie paper, we' taxe:- — uxu.-.e: *it rr.act .'. z'.zh. Has tares week :t tost of :ne fuel n. £..-itr excise taj; ~.'.r .st has been too lonE DON'T STOP WITH THE MAILS . a. t: tor ano'-oer in- a:: portirt from four or-, .sever to e-gnt X*y. ~-!'.y.>- defi- .- -..r.r.ii-£ A wage '. .'it : er iirded as fair o-: of tot -ncreased :.". ooon ;r. portage. J'-t'">"-' - t - c -T i I* •-ar.'.:. it parcel port •'- •*'"-••• «- pt-st er'. ^te v.'as pr-o'i'iced •t: por: ope: at< parcel pos :t Dtfic .t . r.ii .ots is 'if two k:nds Fir;t : o_::-',-f-po:ker txpens-e. ••vh^-.-h t ra.tes dor.'t t-ompen!ate for the ov:r.g corts. T.oen tr.ert is _ndire:t ex '•' • charged t-p to parce t instead charges to the postal service The Post Office deficit should certain "-he orunt of increases sho-jld n Oornt alone by Lot essential mail serv.ee parcel post pay ;ts way. We'll try little longer nex: By tne way. been very little :erpt this area to our Lttte: t-t columr;. we are d.sct r.t.-.v. colurr_n as of thi- week have been a fa.ti.fiil re tr.us has the column please let us Post Of- And if yo-u w_ll send _ problems to forward or. r possibly we will con*, it. However, we feel of the local peop.e a: enough to present ; tr.e writer of the o not worthwhile .r. '. You need not -.zr. to the letters. J-s: n the Leader office .r. ty, and we'll fc-rwa: S- ttv' tnere is o:r- '.IO*A'S when ns-e when r.ue ' »e : be Let i-me .: rv.r -e i Bet Ladies Cemetery group Met Friday afternoon MAVNARD — Mrs Andrew Garten**;n entertained the Lad- Cemetery association in her home Friday afternoon. April 7, '. :• .ts recuiar business and soc- »?• c a: r or Mrs Helen Butters, Nine area farmers A.tadena. Calif., was a guest of Have classified herds tr.e- 14 members present The herds of nine H oktein ir.e meettng opened w.th a de- this area have been . "tr.a. reading and prayer by ... ... , .,. , , , , , I.::, Hen:v Schrader. The presi- °J U " a }% °[ ty 3*** cert Mrs.' Minnie Boggess one Robert EStnckler, Iola Kansas i i „ r „K,^- an official inspector on the staff -•: four members who met with , - TT , . r _, . the township trustees on April °. f Th '* Hoktem-Fnesian associa- " eported that the trustees will tl0 " of America. Results are as follows: Classification, in continuous operation since 1929, is the official type program of the Holstein breed. It measures the conformation of living animals against the theoretical perfection of the true tvpe Holstein cow or bull. The information made available by the pmgram provides detailed reference material for Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago Plan drive to create Largest safety lane 20 Years Ago — ing. when hot grease splashed R. Pesch in her face while she and sev- p . • , Tne ilylug field of V. L V.. eral other ladies were preparing . . " , utneast of Fayette was enter- breakfast at the Oscar Bauder ^ saiety ''"'"''*•• night of last week, tabin. | Check next few months S A drive to create the biggest s automobile safety check program I in the history of the state this j- spring was announced today by- State Safety Commissioner Carl in oh a -. Carelessness causes Tractor tragedies This year more tha farmers can be expected to die in tractor accidents. H jndreds more will be injured Yet almost every accident car. be avoided. Carelessness and ignorance purchase a new lawn mower for cemetery use, same to be paid far by the L C. A.. She also rep.: ted '..oat Ernest Jacobson, who .-.a- oeen hired as caretaker for another year, is busy filling in ijr.ken graves and hauling out trees broken dawn by the recent ate and wind storms. The program was made up by special responses given in answer to roll call and entertain- — mer.t was furnished by the hos- Holstein breeders in all sections tess assisted by Mrs. Floyd Gil- of the country, ley and Mrs. Oscar Sykes. Contest Louis Gamier and Sons. May- v.ar.r .ers were Mrs. Baggess, Mrs. nard — 16 animals classified — Sth.-ader. Mrs Nell Gray and one "very gcod," "eight good Mrs. Orah Patsey. plus," seven "good." I. P. Stewart, Maynard — 26 Plaque presented to animals classified — two "excel- Maynard Cub Scouts S' : '.. ten * w good "' 14 " good The Cub Scouts of Pack 74 Triuna Farms. Oelwein — 26 were presented a plaque from the animak classified — one 'excel- •-'cliihers of the "Boys Life" lent," nine "very good," 13 "good • tcih'-i - Otr of considerable val ^e v.a ta /.en. As yet there has Trout streams stocked been no clue obtained leading to i .i . . In northeast Iowa of the - , .T.a;az;ne by the Rev. Carl R. plus." 17 "good." Carleson, pastor of the United E. Richard Lomen and La Vern Presbyterian church, when they SchisselL Ossian — 20 animals met at the Maynard school Mon- classified — 15 "good plus," five clay evening, Mar. 27. Thk was "©X)d" :r. recognition of having 100 per Alvin Thoreson, Postville — 38 cent of its members as subscrib- animak classified — one "very cause most tractor accidents, re- ers Xo lhe magazmei one 0 { t h e good," 25 "good plus," 12 "good." fieldmen of lh* par ^f ^\ Slst * Department {ew Packs ^ honored. Ralph E. Albrecht, Sumner — , s'JilT ir ? oi . Health. A tractor always aoes ^dividual awards w.re pre- 20 animals classified — eight education diMSiOn wnat tne opera. or through the sented also t0 Norman Butter . .. ^.. 10 .. good plu « X %. 0 now are trying to set up volun- controls, tells :t to do. {;e3d pin; Vernon A^YMT "gocd." tary safety inspection programs There sre cr - v :nret ™mi>s s r,. , • • --- - s^r^s",^^si^sss s £ss the diotovery r.ei ve; of the thief or T , , . . . gear. Tne wheek can ^ H D thev The safety inspections of vehic- can torn and move the*ioad for- les would run during May and ward, or, if will tip and Rodney Arthur, wolf badges; August A. Buhr and Sons, and Raymond Fuller, 34 animak classified , . denner — three "very good," 13 "aood Trout mostly rainbows were T W ° Ui ^ QUTlng May and vard ' or ' lf :: ' fr - v cannot turn if' , •, . . . „ ' . P uls '" 17 . .J- _™ ' . J . une - in tlme lo g« cars in safe the tractor v.hll tin backward. oJ.f., f lf™ s f np ' Frontiers_ of Bernard E. Buhr, Sumner The Fayette high school base- nlaeed in ' . ril ,"^l„ ' ^ m ime * «<* cars in safe the tracer wiil tip backward c Ihe „ mn ball team defeated West Union, . T m the foUowm * north - driving condition for heavy sum- When the mcme becomes too P Wa here. Monday by a score of 9 to east Iowa str eams last week, mer traveL gre . ati irs easier {or the traclor mg numb« 8. Batteries were Lamphier, French and Paint creeks in Al- Pesch urged city officials and tip than to pail the load Yet Li? .Trunin .- IT,H Trmr.c- n ^L.ui ^ii lamakee county; Bloody Run cmc S 1 * 0 "!-- 5 to 6 et behind the drivers still ' -' -• • by Mrs - c ..r^.v T : „. . safety check effort "because this hill or ririv, * . u-wnimu u. 4_*U111, O U1111 i Space" was shown as the clos- 16 animak classified — seven number. Lunch was served "good plus," six "good". 15 Cubs and 11 adults present Jim Rodman, Sumner — 21 Pomar, Schroyer. creek and Joy Springs in Clayton is a relatively unexplored means bank, or pull loads too heavy for !^ eood " Before long the government county; Elk creek, Richmond of reducing accidents and sav- the tractor will take steps to give the Amer- Springs, and Spring Branch at ing lives." Some operators fail to turn off ican farmer an incentive for the federal hatchery in rjeia- "I'm convinced," he said, "that the power to adjust or repair a raising more animals ana in- M , a widespread voluntary inspec- machine — or jump off while the creasing the egg and milk out- ware county, Mink and Otter tion pro g ram will pa remir! .. mach i ne is in mo tion - or drive put for the aid to other democ- creeks in Fayette county; Little able dividends in safety all sum- tractors too fast for safety * racies- Furthermore with the m- Mill creek in Jackson county; mer long." Highway drivine is another TK „ „i • j , centive will undoubtedly go and Trout Run and Twin Springs William Burnett, state safety hazafd. Only S££n ed drivers tlrt-ZSkST^***^ 2,? SF? 0 * in America t^^aTof 0 ^h^ a maS;crure , " «ek. in Winneshiek county. educat / 0 " sai* the auto pressing mature judgement', SSfal to io^term TlZ lu , f the manufacturer, _ f r*™,.^ annA inspection pnogram has been should be given the responsibil- ^ the leaD-vears mmt »nH m 0Und and proper P° ll tical undertakings. days with fish entraik used for T. y ™', w Tnu , . °" pu ° hnc . roads ' Each year more naturc g0 on age .i ess i y and do to account the essential differ- Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben WUUIQ ieaa you to believe. One ed t saiety education division and the Courtesy makes friends and 0 f the foremost laws of God and respective talents. We have The following boys are out for During short periods following Iowa highway patrol will coop- prevents accidents. Pulling off nature is, the right of each mem- heard much, far too much, about baseball this year- Robert Paul, rises on the Mississippi river bass erate with any community hold- the pavement to let faster traf- ber of the human species to be "the common man". The United John Laddie Pelleymounter, Max and crappie fishermen make good ing a safety check program. fic pass takes only minutes but an individual, both mortal and States of America has become Lvon Hanold Earle Oren Stray- catches on the small tributary Burnett, too, urged communi- it may save lives. immortal. It is our personal opin- the great nation it is, NOT beer Cecil Everett Richard Baker, streams where clear water joins ty and civic leaders to start mak- Mechanization itself is blamed i on that the threadbare phrase, cause of the common men. We Curtis Hartman'Burton Warren, the turbid river. The time isn't ing plans now for safety inspec- for some accidents. When the ",,11 men are created equal" is have become great because of the ripnn Fobes Everett Bogert, Eu- lenghthy, but highly productive, tions in Mav and June farmer stopped having to rest utterly ridiculous. But we firmly UN-common men. Washington, ««n" Qtr 3 ««r TW„^ o-v his horses periodically, he also helieve all men should be equal Lincoln, Edison, Browning, and stopped, resting himself. Failure j n political franchise under Con- Ford were NOT common men, in to "take a break" and the accom- stitutional law- Toward the close their fields of endeavor, Further- panying fatigue is blamed for 0 f the Constitutional Convention more, they were not hampered many farm accidents. in September, 1787, Ben Franklin and hamstrung by "welfare These precautions have saved was asked, "What have you giv- state" directive and restrict- many lives; they may save yours: en us?" He replied ... "A Re- ions. Never drive up or down a steep public, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT." A few weeks ago we asked in slope or along the edge or side of The plain unvarnished truth is, this column, WHO is really bean embankment; keep brakes WE ARE NOT KEEPING IT. hind the ceaseless drive toward A lot of good nursery stock heeled in too long,, however, well-balanced; use a draw-bar Under the ceaseless pressure of conformity, and the "write post " *•' *;;i"""nnH Tr^fli dies every year, the victim of Growth may start and lessen the for hitching loads, and start the the socialistic minded "Liberals," offlco hov *•„»......•« - try east of *ayette ana iocai ^ arriyes fK)m chances for surv ival after trans- pull slowly; stop the ««»•«- «»•- ' * " Sounds 2 ^^jijh h^r^.^ £ ta A e pla - nting - w i* n . oiling ? r makln6 , .„„ »^„,v. »,»«, me time isn't ing plans now for safe Glenn Fobes, Everett Bogert, Eu- lenghthy, but highly productive, tions in May and June gene Strayer, Donald Hunt, Rob- —— ert Killerlain, and L. Thomas. A confirmation class of seven was confirmed Sunday morning at Maynard in St. Paul's Lutheran church. They were: Elsie Beuche, Kathryn Beuche, Marie Hafferman, Frances Kopp, Marjorie Schmitt, Henry Reuber and Irvin Schrader. Farmers in the timbered coun Let's Talk Gardens By M. C. Wangsness JAMES E. BROMWELL SECOND IOWA DISTRICT A Congressman's mail runs a hundred letters, more or less, a day. Each letter is read, answered and kept or sent on to the proper destination. It comes and .goes several times a day. Most of them have to do with ksues before Congress. Of these, some are "one man's opinion." Others come in bunches, expressing the position of a group. Some come as petitions. Some are telegraphed. Some are post cards. Some have clippings or pictures. They are handwritten, typed, mimeographed and printed. A surprising number come from outside the Dktrict, from Maine to Hawaii. Usually, these have to do with a cause, a troubled industry, an embattled union, humane societies, conserva- tionalists and cries for help. These we acknowledge and tar- ward to the Congressman from the writer's District. The most delightful come from children. Most of them seek information about their country. None are more welcome. Many letters are personal seeking the assktance of the office. In the Capitol these are called "case" letters. A file is opened and the Congressional office works with the proper department of government until the matter k closed or the U. S. Government withdraws. Sometimes action is quick; sometimes not, depending on the department, the matter involved, and its work load. The United States Navy, for example, literally takes action within minutes. We have had a constant flow of letters expressing concern over the spread of communism, here and ekewhere. Thk k the great, deep and constant compelling concern of the people of Iowa's Second Dktrict. When a bill comes to the floor for debate or before my committee, the Judiciary, I go back over all the letters I have received from our people on the subject. Often a single handwritten card will present an important line of reasoning that all the rest have missed. How to write most effectively: personally written and signed Jetters seem most sicere; a stamped or printed signature makes a letter look like bulk mail no matter how vital the message; one main idea per letter is good and keeps the files straight. If you have ideas on two matters, write twice; state your reasons- There are often as important as your position and is one way a private citizen can truly contribute to the government of hk country. A clipping, a cartoon, a little humor' makes a letter vivid* If we are personally acquainted, identify yourself,, age, work, experience; all round out the picture. Never believe your letters do not count. The first thing a Congressman does in the morning is read hk mail; the last thing before he leaves for the day, he Signs his nftaiL" One of the roost often asked questions on .Capitol Hill is: "How's ypur mail running?" Men's Bowimg ' w Stand. Oil ^_ Theatre ; . • • 79 United window ; Freys Vandersee's :. • " Randalia • ••• »• T. S. Sfand". Oil _; H. TO. Stand. Oil & I' s - Daniels I- O. Otto Pinget' L 35 . 34 . 45 87 - 43 " 69 SStf 78K 2853 978 570 , ' ' 225 „ 0MVV II vlfW i.vie-'wiijv-u. ~j"..iiw C wijr uMusruu wim water Be careful when handling ball- • . So far it has not been tracked and keep it moist till the plants ed evergreens. Never lift them Investments Ai*™**»A down, go into the ground. by theri branches or you may lu *' l, » w —•— **** pull the roots loose from the soil At executive Club met.. .. - r 40 Years Ago — Anytime you nave to hold packing. Martin A. McDevitt of A. C. Smithfleld Jolly Jw. 4 -H club mestlhtt i ' - Ptente for a day or two before Allyn and Company of Waterloo Saturday, April 18 * T. H, Kernmerer and wife of planting, store them in a cool Vance adds that practically aU was the featured speaker at the A i«h tt Piovor t 7A « * , Davenport, former residents of basement. You don't have to re- plant roots are easily damaged April 11 meeting of the Upper wfiSor wfiian H riS'SS.ff" iU,, <' School Fayette, have purchased "Robert- move plastic or other wrappings or killed by exposure - even for Iowa University Executive club. STLrS**. 1 ?.' 1 ?'' son's Woods'* with tne*intentions from around the roots. These a few minutes — to sun and dry- • • union uuw HMUM.II.. of keeping it in tact and event- covers keep moisture from evap- ing winds. Always keep them Ufllfv makinff It into a nark oratint? from tha naAlrina -—« * J .... ; ?fam Aau 1 * FAYBfTl

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