Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 9, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1898
Page 4
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Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account 5<re*». When a man crowing lome •difficult place in X h in w o f k I n g featelr; •pnrriitsr til his *n«rfi«« to aceftnpUih »omt critical nanan In his buMnen Jour- nt«, tndd«nly findu his health r iving way tnd e properties of Dr. al, Discovery eels himself •wept out of the aaddlr by the awlft-runnltig current of di»- eaue—then la the _ - time when the marvelous ralavenatfng , I Pieree's Golden Medical. Mote an unfailing: mean* of rescue aiid restoration. It l» a rer* simple though eminently scientific medicine. It U not a mere stimulant like so imany malt extracts. It re- atom heattlfjr>power by reviving the In- I Bermost sources of vitality In the nutritive 'system. It <efiables the digestive and blood - making) organism to manufacture good blood abundantly and rapidly, so that the Immcfiie waste of tisane and nerve fiber entailed by hard labor Is 6/Tset by • apeedy upbuilding of fVe«h enetfy and ' etrength. •' ; ,, j A promlntnt arid veotfttHe Illinois DliytlcMu, B, W. Vowlts.i'M. D.;%f Wrtrter,' Adams 5>.,' writing to Dr. Were*, says; "I aend herewith thirty-one (31) oent.i In stampa for' The People's Common 8enM*Medlcal Adviser' IB cloth bind. UNIQUE BOYS' INSTITUTION IN COLORADO WHBrl*. • ALL OA8TE IS SET A8IDK. , public measure of your usefulness never hai been, and •ever wilt be estimated by tht public; no, not men by the multitude of afflicted humanity that has been relieved and cured by your medicines. Wherever I cro or liavt been In the - ' ' !UMd,and "i saUsfae- rarerecom- Mended. Never baa one spoken .disparagingly •f tlie W action, andiron) having .Mtn so •ffeu ihelrl'good HUtavt am ab»'embused with «»• 1 fiderfrt 1tf thrtrTKSKin In'dsef and condtrWni for which they art recommended. It la not common for regular phyftldana to endorse and recommend prtrprUtarjr medicines; but la this case I have no equivocation or hesitancy In so doing. 11 '... ; >'.Th* quick constipation • cure — Doctor Fierce'* Pleasant Pellets. Never grip*. •rlithteld* School, N»«r Denver,Will Cor* for Unfortunate Born Wh* Cannot AJTord n Fabll* »tllo«>Vfc«l-l •c'atlnn—OnlHrei of <h* Sefcool. Bellamy'* theory of municipal owner* •mp I* *don to have a practical application in Brightflide, a suburban town of Denver. Articles of luoorporatiou fur "the Brlglitflirte Kducallpnal corpora* 'tlori" were nled' a few day* ago with th* eoorfltary of state by Ralph Field, Marguerite Field and Maiy O. U. Brad-, fdtd. The purp^M of the incorporation are to orgaufte, Duildind.nfi'lWajb ihe town and c<ltrmntti)lty of ; Brlght«rae.^<» provide a 1 ^bofnrijfh mental, moral and manual education for boy* and young mgn - COd The town of Brightifde i* tbe oat- * Mow to find Out. nmon glM* with and 94 boon; lie k|dn«y«, if L evidence of dent desire to Fill* bottle or your water and let & »«dlajftht or ccndltloi ,inij$pnr linen paas It or pain* In the back 1* *l§o con vlnclng proof that the kidney* and bladder are out of order. , r WHAT TO BO. Thert li oooifbH in lh* Knowledge BO often ezprewed that Dr. Kilmer'* Swamp Root, tbe great kidney remedy fulfill* every wUh in curing rben- nmfikm. pain irf the-»•»*, kidnap",' liver, bladder and every part of the -t OftKW$W, ( ln«b^; It, or bad effect* following tbe use of liquor.,wine ,or,d«*r, «aduv«r> comes aT« <J aUpl«l«iUrneoe,wityof being compelled to go often during th« day, ma to 1 gft ap; nUny time* daring the night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp Root 1* toon realized. It atand* tbe hlgn- e*t for Its] Wonderful core* of the mbat dls$ce|Mnfc oa*e*. Ifjrou netxfta' n*licln« you should have tbebeil At droggjit/i Mr or 91. . ., "*Yon miy Tftive a rtinpie bottle and a book that telbi more about It. both sent abeolntely free by mall. If yon ftnf frit (»3arai» .'to^K Kilmer A Co., BFngbamton, N. Y. When writ- •pntwUng ft) FIrst-oUM turer-l t .a&oe Coopanle* , ti MflUft M tw mmm w FOR SALE. , JUaDr. Hardy property corner 6th .and Alby Its. tot UOxia Feet with 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Eaaton street bet., 10th and llth sts. Lot 451120 feet. Prloo *700. -, • Tbe residence of Goo, Klrsoh on Bells street; 8 rooms and bath room; In good ro:alr, ; - ThelO-room residence ot 8. H. NiohoU on Laudonst. Lot 70x170 feet. A flne looitlon. AflneS-room dwelling (nearly new) wltSbatt • roomi boated by (urnara; in Mlddletown. . i ". The flne lot ot David Doyle ott Bltut t*r*et with 4-room brlok dwelling. • The J. U, Tonsor homeotead odni ' * aoreai flne lOroomdwefllngifm Some One lots on Bluff street with brick par lag and sewer; no grading, In T, L» iroulds,idd, A flne 8-room brlok dwell ' »tearn. Lot laOilZO feet; flne . , ,lrom Henry street. . •. , ^AO.^ A desirable reeldenoe on Prospect atreet wttK r rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot 90 feetos "rtxipeot street. - ';•/.' *>»»•« A flne property on thonorth olde Of jeet, weatof Langdon • tre * t ^ h) _ ) / A «-room dwelling with about -tU •round. Fine fruit and shade trees; from oar line In Upper Alton. •A flne lot on4th itreet, > Several flne lots on Belle itreet 1 Vino sts. A good Investment. - jr»v ; _ »loti on 4tb itreet near Mr. Canting' fkildenoe. '; - • ••• • " 'Theflne donbla dwelling of Mr. R. , nested by steam with modern In A very deslrablo 8-room brir Belle itreet, with all — * — •The Plssa Foundry ^nNove^r'iJiiiJco.'pu. T . , . > t flnelou In Highland Park, each 70 byabotil feet, AMzroom dwelling on State (treat 1,000, , " A good*-room dwelling on Second street. ' MlS^bl^wtnfe™., TUr-p a«by greets, oaeof th,4u,Mttooj^|.^&, j room dwelling In Upper Alton, foot rtoCt«tW.8MW».U..t. d4l ^ a* loeaMOBf. A tnoate bojri who oauoot afford an education on nay other basis. Lait ipring a year ago ho bought 890 aores.o{Jlajud. («a Dilleo uortli ui Deuver, ereolad js> commodioqs sohooL budding and dorml- .tory coWDlfifid and'oallwf it Brightsldo. In the ibhool, which li the only one of ill kind id tho world;' ho former poil- (ion of,Rocinl udvautage or penal ooudi- Moa ot 89rvitade ; ltf J Tecogniz«a. Oauoa- tiaD, Malay, Indian and Turk, wh«D en- twred at (ho lobool, are received and Created with the lame degree of kind- utis. The Oatholio, -Jew, Methodiit, Bplscopillflfi', fare alike a<5oomraodatlonj of the initltution. i The motto of ,the Brlghtgida ichOol 1*. "That'Bojrla'lRelpedWhoI* Tanghl 1 '" ' to Help HliiiBolf;'" ThO'first lenous"of the school tire to IdaoH ttie pupil how to. help himself. 'The dUtinotive featurenof Brigbtiide Man edttdatiohal in«tUntiou are: The olasi of the students and the scope ot. litudy 1 , Th(J «tudeuti arc raostly made up from ' that ;ol»ss of .'unfortnbate* who oanuot afford the privileges of tbe pub- Ho schools. Tho boys are taugbt not only tbe leMonilu arithmetic and grammar and geography, but they are In- rtruoted in the industrial arts, farming and»the trade* that will be useful to them in after life to earn am honorable livelibood. At Brigbtiide there are 7fi itudenti of all ages from B to 20. There i* '.bo limit to a ohlld'H yentlifulue«B, 'but after a yonng man attains tbe ago of JJl'be caduot'apply for admiuion to tbe school: The course of study aud manual training extends from bricklaying to tybfafiilona'l instruction. Though tho '«ohool is yet in its infancy, iu two yearn *n academy ball will be flniibed, and .ktei^wJll bo evolved tbe university. A tuUlou fee of 90 per month is required ^0 be paid 'by every parent or guardian who .plucoi fail or her ion or ward iu tb-eiohopl. Iu the event that tbe student Jtt 15 ,yea»i 'old or over upon bia entry tbatbUion will be charged for a period ,of-«uo year only, as it is reasonable to that be would make enough ey »o pay for his own tuition, but tbftt tuition fe» doe* not exclude n boy wbQ iS'belpieas and without parent* topju enjoying the privilege* and ad- vanta'geg of tbe ivbool. If the community frbiii which he i* vent oanuot or will uot defray tbe tuition, then other way* Mnd mean* are adopted to cover tha amount. Factt Pr««nted MSr or Favor. Without NO OIKKCT ('WlTIOIH.H OF AI.OKR. trwmbrlik dWe|Ungi on "' » dweUlng with vl good: Iota on Httb,! ItofWfe StFeet. Prloe, $1.900. 18roots brtok dwelling with I lotui* .ITroomdweUlog with floe river vIMX, I by hot water. FOR RENT. Sl Tbe two story brlok dwelling with 8 • BelleTlew avenue now occupied by J, A (-room dwelling on trd street wit* with modem fixture*. • ' '• . r store room and two 1-room Unsartte 'iroomjandefreitnearCherrr '-r- tt^^&f^Mjfg.M*® iienlbn gjven by of uudeairable oltiteug," •aid Superlutaudeut Field,j "which ,odnie» fronl a la»ilc T of moril aud ineutal tt'alninif Will 'b« oblitfea(4d by aggrei- jive iuitettoaion* against tue evil of *uob a'depandeot itato.'Boyg'wbo oannot afford tho privileges of tb* pnblio fpbool* baveliergtotere'bcelr compelled to'sboVel dkt aud .parfoim any •menial lervice tbat loolaty may deiuaud iu order to secure nfefii subiUteuoe. It ii^hliolMs of obyJ li(a^ I «ni' ttrlvlng to t |6;ijiaka uiafnl:men out of 1'waul to teaoh them too requl- aite* Ot,4( »«fl of iWMfalneia and-' develop UMirdqrinaut talent*. ->f ''"ehrttntejitloug are to build a lubnr- lMa''W*n*i hTenVer thai? will evident »b».goo4<^e«uU8 v fr<ttu otur Instruction. Wo eipsot to establish a thorough lyi- tent'|Bf knowledge, teaoh everything B O's to the highest iturtie* , univeraltie*. Tbi* toanolba done In -f moment, bat it i* torhojp»«o r»ftll»8 »he end. Our farm lhaUoliuiat;^if, flald* of ftuit aud gar REALESTATE, RANCE, and LOAN AGENT 0. 8UILDINO. '; ~ modern dwelling near Oeorge i treats. e dwelling- holiw and all on onelot In good another Uo , reeldenoe W State itreet o •treet between th traaki, aultabje to AUon ure'et, property, corner tad «p easy terms. vi&a*. Wo expect to- thoroogbly equip » brlok kila flrat of all. Vbit Will give na the material to erect *uoh bnildingi a* would *eeui advautageoni. We will •aiablidh manufactories of variou* coin- moditiiM, fruit growing and canning, and, tn ^ ^viy tilng v wijl be do«e that will oMate within tbe"students a desire to ennoble themselves aud tbelr aMooiates." The method of training aud control at tu« »ohooi i» to put tb* .boy* under ttutur*l oojidltioiii and dvirl^ioe gympa- tby-iutb«ir efforts, hdwovfir' uumble. All differences Uitwseu^lje. pauper a«d the boy from a wall bred family are ... i oMt aside, and they are tough t tba of Brighton, I ejffortsaijd sacrifice* th«t are ueoeiuary ... lattaln'an bonorabln' poai^iou among ieu. They are made to realize the ueoos- ty of>*elf dependence and are paid for leir serviced,, Every day'i labor means i much capital to oaoh atutleu»,<ajid om th» earnlngi he pnyi hi« uoj«d, ipplie* himself with book* and other ueceujtief and comforts of Jifu. The/ eajntbtiljrowttllviug audln feellbg'flf absolute independeuc* i» iunlilled into Til* Kepbrt t'overs All'th* I'airtTitkfin by the Aruij'ln <h« Wat with Spain, flolng Into Mlnul* Uetolls— Many- Pag«» !)•voted to',t{hf Itanlln^o CampsUKn— General' Kh«ft«r : . tiondiiet Criticised— Trutlix That ll»rn Keen Suppressed. Washington. Nov. 9.— Major General Allies ban flninhed hU annual report and afnxnd bin signature to the document before leaving the war department for the day. It was learned that the report wmtaljied nothing which could be regarded an direct criticism of either of the office™ whom General Miles criticised In his recent Interviews In Porto Rico and New York, but' General Mllea hau taken rare to present tlie official dispatches In hid possession, HO far UK they concern himself, In complete form and In their proper relations. He makes but one reference lo Admiral Sampflon, und that In to nay that after a conference between himself and the rninmandliiR o nicer of the fleet the latter co-operated. with the land forces arijiirdlng" ^Q Onneriil Jllles' ! dlr'ecilbn. >'rleodfl of (Jpneral Miles who are acquainted with (he rohteriU of his report, nay that while he has made no pointed criticism of Secretary Alger or leading officer* of the army, he has presented facia wlthoct fear or favor that has been observed by certain other "fllcprs jof ' th#. -army adnilnlatratlon. They assert that th« treatment of Gen- oral Shafter hi the report IK such an to show the exact relative merits of Shaftor's and Miles' parts In the Santiago campaign. floes Fnliutaklnfly Into Ufitals. Friends of General Miles who claim to be cognizant of the contents of the report say it IB e.xlmustlve In dealing •n'lth the iiilnutest detalle, many things •which have not been clear to-the gen- ' eral public ai to the conduct of the '•war are fully and comprehensively ex- j plained. The report cover* nearly aoo Isheeta of closely typewritten manlfom paper arid Includes all '(llspatches lent by and received by Oetieral Miles. It, In fact, covers all the part taken by the ,«.rmy In the war and dealt In the most •minute pnrtlculars with the period be: ginning; w(th .Ogntral Miles' landing; In .Cuba, and uritll he left the Island o£ .Porto Rlfto fo'i'orhe home. The Santla-' ,lfp campaign alone takes up many.'. pages, The Invasion and occupancy, of, • Porto Rleii la glven'in detail: It/ la' also ^neiftloni-J that General Miles conferred with AUmlrul Sampson and asked the admiral to protect the lahd- 'iiiR of United States troops on' Cuban aoll, which was done. The report also refers to the warning General Mllea gave to aonural Sli«,ft«r and In plain English crltlclseH Qenefal Shatter's •conduct" of the cumpmlgu In Santiago. Tha In«p«rM>r O<u«ni| B*Id Down, The report makes brief mention of the -work of the Inspector general's depart- jment, which General Miles thinks was satisfactory In so far aa the In8pec..tqr general had power and authority to act. JTrom thla the inference Is drawn that the Inspector general was curtailed by authority greater than his In the conduct of his work. The general practically shows that the muddled •condition of matters relating to the army status Is due to the fact that Tiiuch Information that was given out was contradicted by the . secretary of ; There «re a,l8o f tr,ue copies of ey- jei} 1 telegram that passed Iwtween Gen- oral .Miles and the 'war 'department:' iNone of them IK curtailed pjr mutilated. .and It IK said If the report Is published In full muu.v of these telegrams and Croup, whooplngcotighnnd colds arc quickly allayed and danger averted by .DR. BELL'S JNE'TAR- HONEY This futnotis remedy will cure ao attack of croup in the time it takes to find 11 doctor. Kvcry home should have it ready for tlie time of need. It is an infallible remedy for all bronchial and IUIIK affections. fHilit hy Mrugitl»l» lit r,o.. vie, and |l per home or mill ilirwl i>n receipt of price l>y tii« K. r. ««ihi. . «.i «.,iwo. I , r.,i,,f.i., (f. Ca,nal tu Tonneet Lukes. Lansing;, Mich., Nov. 9.—Articles of association of the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Ship Canal and Dock company were filed with the secretary of slate. The original capital Is $no,000. The company la composed of Chicago men whose object Is to construct a canal from I.nlic Michigan to Lake Superior, between lleltn and Alfjer counties. linn l>»wn 1>.V H Train. Muorle. Jml., Nov. 9.—Thomas Port, president of the Port Glass Manufacturing company, was killed by a JUIg Four passenger train while returning from a fire. Mr. Port was slightly deaf and he did not hear his companions shout- Ing for him to step off the track. The body was mangled. A wife nnd-three children survive. "The worst cold I ever had in my life was oared by Chamberlain's Dough Remedy," soys W. H Norton, of Batter Creek, Gal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was ezpector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, abd I want all my frienda when troubled witn a cough or cold to use it, for It will do them good." Hold by E. Marat and 8. H. Wyss. Delays are Dangerous, Many of yonr friends, or people .whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neclect of a simple cold or notigb. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It in guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wjss. t Hits MM Soot. When suffering from a sevi re cold and yonr throat and lungs feel sore, take a dose ofl iFoley's Honey and Tar, when m the soreness will be at once * relieved, a warm, grateful 1 |feeling and healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say: "It feels ao good. It bite the spot " It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Detchoo's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 If you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during •leep. Oures old and yonng alike.' It •arrests the trouble at once. 81. Bold byS.H. W}es. Druggiet, 662 Second st/eet, Alton, 111. of otheia will be made public for the mm line. These telegrams, it Is .further Bald, will toll truths that, It-lM jalleged, .have been so far suppressed. Nu reference In made to tho so-cnlleri rAlgoi'-Irllles controveray, but some of the aaaertlons credited to General Miles are reiterated. . ,. The east-bound Omaha and St. L,QUls train oollltled with a Union Pa'dfil 1 freight train eaat of onwhu. smd Will» lam Hower, I'nlon Pacific flretnun, was hilled. . -'•'•' RoMrktMe RMCIM. • MM. MlohMl OurtaiR, PbUnOeld, Illi, It has been fully demonstrated that jEly's Oream Balm is a specific for na- •af catarrh and cold in the head. Thla distinction baa been achieved only as itba result of continued successful use. A morbid' condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cnred by ,thl» purifyinK and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be malU d '/or M cents by Ely Brothers, 50 Warren street, New York. It spreads .over (ha membrane, is absorbed and relief is immediate. ; .:. You Can't Allord to Chance It;" :I ''' , A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey and Tar taken la time affords perfect security from aerloua results. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. How to Prevent a (.old. After exposure, or when you feel a bold coming on, take a dose of Foley'a Honey and Tar. It never fails. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. iCASTOR IA For Infants and Children, Ite Kind You Havi Always Bought Bean the (Rgutnra of brea»t., The tank* vary with U)e «Bd,iu«nlal capiblllties of it Ten bent* per 'hour it th* average compensation, and from tbit •mount, laboring five bour* every dayv Moh boy p»y* hi* way through tb* •Arsql nanuol «ifl ...^ ' V, ._Vljil9meoi»«.ln»y*»ve _ to enter upon hi* adopted avocation, in life alter uiioouueotiou with th« *ok««t ' "" N*w», ng*; ibe by her f«ml- i »id her ihe wu • hS!p)«** victim of i oneamptlon and no medicine oonld piulesarasu Balsam Cubebaorlnlectionsan • fnrfnl tb Opi-n Ilik .'ntp. MnrphMclil. Ore., Nov. !). - T\vn rtmflknl rnhliots union"!! I'" 1 iiD^^'fllfO nl Ar- njtn, which Is Incntcd In tin 1 n'Oldem-c of \V. II. Hrhoodi-r, iic.iitmnftr'r. R.'hr.iinl- i>r wns In tho upper pnrt 'if tho him?' 1 when tho ini-li ontorrtl, Imt a mnn nfttni"! IVlpr ('.ran was in tho <ifuVo. The rohbera tnnk Crmv to tho river Imnk and flocnri-ly tied his fool nml hands. They then returned to (ho house am! forced Ri'hroeder ill the pnlrit of a revolver to open tho safe. Thi 1 rohhei-f secured $1.3011 liclonRlns to the AttiRo I'rentnery und t'XW In poHial funtlH. ShorllT tinge nnd n |>osso nro In pnrs\iil of the rfihliers. Angry nt KtiffllHiit. St. IVteidliursr, Nov. B.— The St. TV- tprsbiircr newspapers show (treat \irt- tatlnn nt. RnglBiicI over Ihe Hottleinent of the Fashdda nffnlr. They nRi-oe In doolarlng that her conduct will nrnuso the powers Inteientcd In the free navigation of the Htip»' canal to « common discussion of (he best menus of preventing the nnnl establishment of ICriR- Innd In Ksypt. Tho Novostl says that since the KRyptlnn qnestlon Is purely of an International character. It must be solved by a congress of the powers. which should proclaim the purpetunl neutrality of Kirypt under n protectorate of all the powers. Munlrrcd li.v Burglar*. New York. Nov. II.—Ill the hope of forcing Jacob Irvln, nn aycd resident of Washington, N. J.. to reveal the wherc- itbotitH of n mythical treasure bui'Klars. supposed lo have been trumps, tortured him Into such tlurce resistance that Iliey were compelled to murder him. Krvin's deuil bod>' \\as foutitl on the Moor of his cabin In Iho rmrnlnK \\'llh a bullet wound In the heart nnd tho 1 remains of n half-consumed newspaper scattei'ed about the room. Ullsteis on the sole of the right foot told Ihe whole story of the old man'M torture. Ervln was IIS years old am! U\''-d nlnno In a shanl >'. Generul (Ullliurti St'rion^l.v III. Washington. Nov. 9.---(ioneral John C. (Sllmore. adjutant general ut the headquarters of the army, is seriously 111 with malarial fever at bis residence In this city, as a result of exposure lu (,'uba and Porto Itlco with Major Oen- ernl Miles. Kirn 111 H W .VtVmnlil 'town. West Superior. WIs., Nov. li.—At Itasca, the tenninus of the Omaha railway, two miles from Superior, there was n bad fire. It destroyed the bis hotel owned by Victor Yofmck, the dwelling of Mrs. Joseph Johnson and several small stores. The lire caught from .1 hotel chimney and in the hlsh wind got beyond control before the lire 4*P"it- mont could respond from the nearrsl e'atlon. two miles away. Michigan .riulKc Killed. Traverse City. Mich.. Nov. <<.— -Word was received here of the accidental death of Judge Riiscoe L. Corhett of the Thirteenth judicial district. It's death was fiiUHod by an accidental dtachnrgc of a gur. held by his sou. Father and .son were on a deer hunting expedition nt Trout lake. _ Children Ordered Out of Fai-lorlcx. Kast Liverpool, O.. Nov. n. —Deputy State factory Inspector null has ordered 500 children of school nee out of local factories. Dlfliculty is being experienced In lining their places, while many schools are overcrowded. The •girls were employed In pottery decorat- If-B generally. Ailolber Filial IM-izir Ti^bt. TjOndon. NoA". 9.—At the National Sporting club Nal Smith knocked out Tom Turner with a blow over the heart in tie thirteenth round of a boxing matiSi. Turner remained unconscious and died in the afternoon. Smith and his seconds have been arrested.' ]>HMlructlvfl Frnlrle Vlr«8. Wichita, Kan., Nov. !).—A sjiecla from Enrlsboro, O. T., says forest anc prairie fires are raging all over Semlnole Nation. Emahaka mlssloi and property valued at $150,000 has beei destroyed.- Hoarseness Sore Throat Hoarseness, sore throat and conatnnt , coughing indicate that the bronchfel . tubes are suffering from a bad cold, , which may develop into pleurisy or : inflammation .of the lungs. Do act i waste health and strength by waiting, but use Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough i Syrup at once. This wonderful remedy cures all throat and lung affec- ; tlona in an astonishingly short time. Cough Syrup Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat. Doaes are smn'.l and plcasnnt to take. Uoctora recoiumcud It. Price as eta. At all druggist*. Apply ImJo tie nottrilv Jtlaqalckljrabeorlrtd. M cent* at DnugUta ot by mall; aamplee tCk. by mall. «LT BBOTUnU. M Wama BUKeW Tork City. or Don » bottle and to enefited naed Ite «e and after taking lit bottle*, foand «OWU*Q«i)t» «ad well, no* do«a her U. S. NIXON, Qraat Dltoovery at B. Martn'* drag •tore, large bottlea coo and |1. and, .look , repairing done by building, V and «(. Architect, and Superintendent «»d BpeclfloaUoo* for Work Aoonrately ToraUhed. ALTOX 9VVIK33 BANK £)rs. Q. and H, Taphorn, PHYSICIANS AND BURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike tluilding. Cor. and and Baaton an, Phonei 138 •nd 171. In»tea<l ot xnlrlilii. Columbu*, O., Nov. 9.—The sensational attempt at suicide of Mlafl Hose leaner and her lover. J. K. Klechner, at Cleveland, by Jumping Into the lake, will have a happy endlnft, and the totiple will he married. Charles T.auer, father of the girl hna returned from Cleveland, where he left his daughter recovering In a hospital, nnd stated that the couple Imd decided to end their lives together because Klechner's father, now deceased, exacted a promise frojn his son not to marry until the death of his mother, and he wanted to die ruthir than break the promise. The mother has consented to the » nlo »;_ ' l!iir(Tl»rit Cli-nii Out « Vllhig*.' Kanknkee, Tils., Nov. O.-nurplars, who left no clew to their Identity, cleaned out the lltlle village of Danforth. twenty miles south of this city on the Illinois Central. Tie following safes were blown open: Meldon bank, loss unknown, the ofllclals refusing to make a statement. It Is believed the nafe contained at least Jfi.OOO and wan cleaned out. Postoolce, loss $500 lit money and stamps. Cole & Easan's grain office, lotm about J75. The work appeared to have been done by experts. Surrounding cities are taking for the burglars. MlnUter Commit* Suicide. Olathe, Kan.. Nov. !).—Itev. R. E. Howell of Decatur, Ills., was found dead In the Avenue hotel. He had committed suicide because, on coming here to meet the woman with whom he eloped from Warrensburg, Mo., last summer, he found her living with her husband. The woman Is Mrs. Cora 11. HendciBon. and she Is the wife of a stockman. She i!t:d Howell became acquainted while he «as holding a revival at Warrensburs and th *» elopement caused a great scandal at the time. M Infix Lynch n Negro. j I.aciin. Ills., Nov. 9.—The first lyn'ch-j hit? in central. Illinois In many years; took place here early In the morning.' when 100 miners from Toluca. a mining town a short distance east of -here, broke Into the county Jail, took out V. \V. Stewart, a Toluca negro, and hanged him to a tree. Steward's erlmei was assault upon Mary O'llrlen, the daughter of one of the Toluca tnlneni. Nil l>l»oii»sl"ii of Fmiliniln Question. Paris, Nov. 9.—The chamber of deputies resumed Its fittings with a crowded tttendance. In anticipation of a de- nale on the Fashoda question. But ihose present were disappointed by. M. Jirunot announcing that he withdrew k;s Interpellations on the subject. P. SCHUSSLBR,M.O , HOMBOPATWST *nd SURGEON omcnumima>iMOB, HOTBL MADISON Televkon* MO f)rs. B.C. & H. R. Lenten UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFIO UOUMi I M I a.»i U to >, I to I p.o-. DR. &. A ROHLAND, OBNTlflT, 0«e*Ho«ni •*,.«,tanas. MW, *,•; DISCHARQES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY l« Rtmn Tun*. Yager ft Yager, Attorneys y* l*0t Wtrwt. Your Doctor Knows Your doctor knows all about' foods and medicines. The next time you see him, I just ask him what he thinks | scoffsEmulsion ( of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites.We are willing ' I to trust in his answer. . For twenty-five years doo- ' tors have prescribed our Emulsion for paleness, weak- I ness, nervous exhaustion, and | for all diseases that cause I loss in flesh. Its creamy color and its' pleasant taste make it especially useful for thin and i delicate children. No other preparation of cod- I liver oil is like it. Don't lose time and risk your health by ' taking something unknown and untried. Keep in mind (that SOOTT'S EMULSION i has stood the test for a , quarter of a century. Soc. and $1.00; all druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemUH, New York. •\ Cfal«Jie»temi TTur.Xha UIIUUVMU flmno. 'ENNYROYAL PILLS OrlclniJ MM! Only fiennlne. KFtc, «Jw»j» reiubio.' LA OIK* uk t for HENRY J. KLUNK, mabi *»f n»», miiallU *a**», tttilal- tic «ttb tloth ca*l»t*. (0v labi**, EroinotBsDigcstion,Chcerful- IB9S andltestContalrts ncilher Ckiium.MorpWne nor Mineral. WOT NARCOTIC. Apcrfcct Remedy for Constipa- liorx. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .revcrish- ncss andLoss or SLEEP. ForlntentB and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears t|ie Signature of ' The Kind Have Always Bought. I Route BEST TRAINS TO Nei)raska,Montana, Cu*m**» Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Ail fctto li Fmk ni Salt HUaU a>4 Lari, aid mnt tadanr •! Sanara. HI BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CAKD PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. Uiundry Work Carefully «nd Promptly Done. Alto but of Ten and Chinese Noreltlei or hand. 624 EM! Second «t. 306 State si Edmund H. Blair. Reiil Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Public OFFICE 106 Market it I-UDIIC. , A m'gCo, . leoa. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer IB Cement, Lime nod Walt Plaster Prices to meet competition, Goods delivered, elephontTin. Oiflcc 107 Wait Second Street Veterinary Surgeoi DR. D. M. MAHER. aate Ontario Veternlary College Oflio> over The Model itore. .THIRD AND PIA8A BT8 , ALTON IL1 Chicago ft Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, train* will leave Union Depot, Alton, aa follows: For Chloago.Nprth and Ba8t-»U:W i m, «8UO a m, *8:47 a m, *10:06 p m. For 8prtngfleld-*12:8S a m, «8:10 a m, •»:« «m, "6:20pm,:"10:06pm ' For Peorla—»8:47 a m, »10:05 p m. ./£ r Kansaa City and the Weet-»8:47 am, (6:80pm, »9:60pm. •Dally. (Except Sunday. rseejolnt C. ft A. and Big Four time table for trains between Alton and Bt. Loula. ] c.u.onoiQ Four M Tie Tome 01 iroiDs Between. Alton & St. Lout*. Lv. Alton For St. Ixrals. Ar. 8t. L. 6 18 am ..04 A daily.. 6 30am...!. '.'.'.'.'. ,'BtePour.daiiy',!!j'. •i',-- C J*. A ' J**r-^-'i .Big Four/ " Sun. only 04 A, dolly — Four, dr 6 M am.. 700am.. 8 SO an).. 813am.. 916am. 1240pm 820im. IK •:.:'?."?,'*$& •'SSS.:::::::::^*-^" 820pm CAAldiUy,',','. J-ULf-US /or Alton • USA, d T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile* and estimate Furnished. jog Belle Street, Up Stair*. Granitoid Paying Co. W. &tt. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III. .All Wads .of Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, • -•kit A« n « •»* IJ* bMtjru.*ll' attantlen •all will M work naranteed. Ofderi i A attantlt THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANP *"• PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXAS. WUIEI MOTET SLEEPER! .«- ANB—— FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CARS DIN ING STATION OPERATED HV THf SUPERIOR MEAI4I, ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Ml BBLLB STKBBT. Monty to Loua on Improved Property RBNT0 OOLLBCTBD. 4 20 pm 508pm. D40pm. 603pm. 885pm. 8*2 P . 710am - 7 so am . 8 00 an. 800am 10 00 am . 8Nam 10 Han : lftl« • iSP" . (Mpa . BMpm ..0«pS •'*P» 1181pm «rCAA and Bli Upper Alton to Ea«t 'at 1 versa, are good on any C. C. C. ft St. L.—Big Pour. 9urHogton Routs. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAflT 8BCONP flTREBT Otatlwaw wtw •EKfiSf 1 * flnt-ol»is. ui TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, 4i6pm ifflpm Q t 70Bpm Leave St. L. 74lam 631am 1020am JldOam 800um BOB pm 501pm 7Wpm D»Jly et-8un ^ -***/•*! ^AfrtrtAltOi 'la MODERATE PRICES, You are lontel to eaU as* eiaaloe B NBW STOCK OP GOODS c, B. *, q, (Ridg« tt. station) [Bt.l,. 0. ASt.Mty.j On ind »ft«T Sept. n, m t trains will letre Alton as follow* i ,'l,V.*sfe<,&; « r .,K St'tKiM _. WUUwua 1 Jadlwi Pi Oauaeutwlll curoUllu •wOlug and Ifciiiui , li utwprua the tumor*. be iwhluir at , :•£

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