Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 9, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1898
Page 3
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Extension Soles. Misses and Children's ! Extension Sole Shoes " are just the thing for FALL WEAR. The Sole Projecting prevents shoe from running over, thus protecting upper. Misses sizes 11 to 2, at $1.75 and $2 per pair. .50, Children's sizes, 8 to io^,at$i.2j, $i 75 per pair. These goods are made expressly to our order. We recommend and wanant them to give satisfaction. Our name on every pair. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. 1 ne. READY MADE Battenberg, Scarfs, Table Covers and Doylies. Also Battenberg Patterns, Braid and Rings. Irish Point Scarfs, Table Covers and Doylies. Cordial invitation extended the Ladies to inspec t cu H.F. LEHNE, v 113 West Third Street. Have you Seen the New LARDER STUD It is the best Shirt Stud ever produced- Post in center of, back makes it suitable for shirts with either 'button holes, eyelet holes or a combination -of the two without the annoyance of coming out of shirt or' fear of loss. Only made in 14 kt solid gold, and only can be haa at J. H. 119 West Third Street. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bid*,, Phone 185. S hurtleti School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. First term betfD* Boot. 22nd. J898. For OTUM In Instrumental and Vooal Muilo, Elocution and Painting. Bend (or catalogue Q.E. WILKINSON,^. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office — v:or. and and Market sts. Residence—3»7 Bast la'h Bt. Office Telephone 105. Residence 1903, It Pays to buy the Best. Beit Good*. Prices Right. A Trial Order CoovIocM. T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER, PhoM \it. • 038 Union Street. How Do We Do U? By navlne No Anils, No Pcdiltrs, You pay o profltV Oil-ball SavM. 7 Btylos to solegt from. 145 maoblne* only )17. Complete with all attachments to any myohlne sold r at the office Front and Henry «t. HAPOOOD PLOW CO. TEMPLE THEATRE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. NOV. 14th ROLAND REED. Accompanied by Miss Isadore Rush ID His Gr«at Success By Gao. A. Broadhurst. POPULAR PRICES: Parquet and Dress Circle, $1.00 Balcony SOandTSc Gallery. , 2Sc Box oflice open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Get Your Seats In Advance. Alton Conservatory. Eighth Year. Second Term. Sept. I at. Made, Art, Elocution, Delwrle anil Special Studlei. Mill Alice E. Marsh, Voice end Piano. Seminary street, Upper Alton. R C Mil I 1 5econd«nd Alby . v. mllXa, ,t,,, Alton. MI. Bend tor Catalogue, BY THE TBLHORAPH PRINTING COMPANY. k WEDNKSi)AY EVK., NOV. 0. OFi'ICR: TELEGRAPH BUILDING, COKMXK THIRD AND FIABA BIB. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH Is dellreredby carriers to all parts of the olty «t Alton, North Alton and Upper Alton, for 10 cents per week Hailed to any address at the rite of 60 cents per niitnth. THE TELEGRAPH has the Isrgestolrmilatlon of any paper In Alton, and Is the best medium (oradrertlsen. CORHIK THIRD AND PIAS* STRUTS. TILI- rnoNi No. 88. > IS YOUR NAME j ON THE LIST ,r An a subscriber to tho TEI.B- ( OJIAPIIV If It Is not, It should > be. Surely you wont to kMp posted on tlio news of the city In whluh you Hvo, and all the neighboring towns of Madison county. It will cost you L Only lOc a Week. Odontnnder, for painless extraction. Dr. Rogers, Third street, over Booth's The primary election law was adopted yesterday by the voters of Alton township by a very large majority. For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul fi Hall, Plasa at. Try Neiniugor'e Magnolia and new improved Fig. John Webber suffered a fracture of bis collar-bone Monday night by being thrown from his buggy by its overturning. Shampooing and vapor batha new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 IMasB st Lindloy & Dickinson, Lientists, Nls- bett bldg., opp. City Building. The funeral services of Miss Tillie E. Sonntag will be held In the Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle st The sixteen months old child of Mre. Wm. Standard was found dead in bed this morning. The child was in good health last night. Coroner Bailey held an inquest this afternoon. Try the Best, "LaBelle," $4.00. Ohas. Collins, sou of Oapt. and Mrs. Ohas. Collins, of Alby street, is dangerously ill, and his father, who is down tha river on the government steamer Minneteonka^has been Bent for. _ The only place to buy Oillespie Coal is 314 Piasa street.—Dorsey Fuel Co. For Rent—4-room house, cor. 7th and Henry sts.—H. Wm. Bauer. The TELEGRAPH kept open house ast evening to receive election returns and the office was filled with an Interested crowd of voters until late n the morning. The good news was gladly received by the Republicans ind with dejection by so me of the Democrats twho were in the number ,bat called. Lowe & May field, room 19 Laura building, have for rent or lease the Barler or Fulkerson place on the bluffs east of ithe glass works, containing 'orty odd acres. 10 room house, barns and outbuilding', orchard and 10 acres !n asparagus. Rent low to good tenant. for Rent. My 7-room house in Middletown, Steam heat.—U. 8. Nixon. Found. A pair of double lens spectacles with gold bows. Owner call at this office. Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 213. WM. FKIBS. Edward E. Scheffel was married at 5:30 o'clock this morning to Miss Nellie Fingleton.danghter of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Flngleton of Alby street. The wedding was in the Cathedral. Only she attendants witnessed it, but a small party of friends took breakfast with the bridal party at the home of the bride. Mr. 8cheffei;is a prosperous young business man of Belle street who has many friends who have implicit confidence in him in business affairs. The handsome bride bas many admirers. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," 84.00. A.LTON ROLLER MILLING Oo. Closing Out Sale. Our entire line of Dry Goods will be sold regardless of cost at W. F. Freemans. Box Social. St. Elizabeth's Guild will have a box social party Thursday, Nov. 10, at the home ofjars. J. D. Wfllker. General Invitation extended. For Rent. The three room dwelling, No. 420 Kant Fourteenth street. Apply to Wm. Sonntag. Trading Mamps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.—Dorsej Fuel Oo. Scott is the busiest tailor in town. GRANDLY REPUBLICAN. Entire County Ticket Elected by Majorities Ranging From 314 to 1746. The following is the total vote on State, Congressional, Legislative and County tickets in Madison county showing that Madison still continues grandly In the Republican column: Treasurer—Whitteraore, Rep., 0116; Dnnlap, Dem., 6<M8. Majority for Whlttemore, 1092. Congress—Johnston, Rep., 6937; Jett, Dem., 5235. Majority for Johnston, 702. Senator—Brenholt, Rep., 8031; Kinder, Dem., 6057. Majority for Brenholt, 974. Representatives—McKittrlck, Rep., 8977; Oadwallader, Rep., 8710; Shep- bard, Dem., 7113; Todd, 7079. McKittrick's majority in Madison, 1939; Oadwallader's majority, 1571; Shepherd's, Dem., 34: Judge—Early, Rep., 6179; Glass, Dem., 5112. Majority for Early, 1067 Clerk—Riniker, Rep., 6207; Lanham, Dem., 4923. Majority for Riniker, 1283. Sheriff—Kuhn, Rep., 6587; Hotz, Dem., 4821. Majority for Kuhn, 1746. Treasurer — Tetherington, Rep., 5950; Cramer, Dem., 5248. Majority for Tetherington, 702. Superintendent of Schools—Henson Rep., 5732; Dooling, Dem., 6418. Majority for Henson, 314. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, 16)», two for 26*, for your cuffs, 257 per pair. The best for the money. THE SENATORIAL TICKET. Col. Brenholt Makes a Phenomenal Gain In Madison County. The vote for Col. J. J. Brenholc in Madison county was 6031 and that of Thos. W. Kinder was 6067, leaving a clear majority of 974 votes. In Nameoki township where Mr. Kinder ivea, Mr. Brenholt received a ma- ority of 81 votes, while the head of ;he ticket was carried by 144 votes. Ja.cob Kuhn for Sheriff received 121 majority in the township. Ool. Bren- iolt shows a loss of only 63 votes in Binder's own township, while in Alon township he was given a fine ma- ority. Returns from Jersey and Oal- noun were tardy in arriving but early his morning the returns from Madison county showed that he had received such a fine vote that the two democratic counties would have to do something phenomenal to counteract it. Jersey county's vote was in doubt for some time but it was maintained by Jersey Republicans that the Democratic majority would not exceed 650 in Jersey and 350 in Oalhoun. Dorsey Fuel Oo. nave left Belle street and are now located at 314 Piaaa street. Give them a call. Oyster Supper. The Royal Neighbors will bold an oyster supper at Naval Militia hall, Wednesday ovening, Nov. 9. Tickets to supper, 25 f; to entertainment only, NECKWEAR. Silk String Ties. I0f, \»f, 2V. Kour-ln-lland, Silk, 20? and W. Silk Tecka and Bow. 10?, 30? and V>f. These are our 2'<( and 6>Y goods. Uiinen Collars, turn down, 1 ply, 10?. Standlne Collars, 4 ply. 2 for Kf, Llnone, Reversible Collars 25C box. Wo carry a very large stock of Men's Gloves and Underwear at very low prloos. Men'a silk Garters lot-'. All goods sola as advertised, L. Q. BRUEGGEMAN, TAILORING CO., 221 Plasa st. The BOVS should be kept warm, Take time and come and see what a nice line of Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages j to 15 years, and all kind of prices. H. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. . WOOL BLANKETS ........... — — . -•• Let us Tell You Something- fa*.. _ _ We have got some of the finest blankets ever we showed yet. Wa know a good blanket when we see it and we have bought the very best for the money for our Alton people. We will not name prices this time but we dcy , want you to see them. Pierson & Carf D. Q. Co. CITY COUNCIL A Short Meeting and Little Bushwtf Transacted.—Adjournment for Two Weeki. The aldermen who have been opposing the tiiayor at every tarn have evidently signed a peace protocol and an armistice now prevails. The white wings of peace are spread over the council chamber and all is once more quiet and serene. The cessation of active hostilities came about thnsly. The aldermen who did not tike Mr. Schuelle, the ruler of the city department of streets, formed a conspiracy and, to proven t_Mr. SchneUe hiring his friends too numerously and putting them on the olty pay roll, an ordinance prohibiting his exercise of the auction of olty employment agent was passed at the last regular oounoil meeting. The mayor filed his veto net night at the meeting and on motion of Mr. Noanan the aldermen adopted the mayor's veto. A protocol was then and there tacitly agreed upon, and with the exception of the senior aldermen of the Seventh there s no longer a hostile "insurgent," as His Honor was pleased to dab them some time ago. The meeting was short, as the aldermen wished to be free to hear ibont the election. The Illinois Glass Go. et al, asked hat the action of the council demand- ng the removal of the Bor.zatown waiting room of the Big Four be re- cinded. A petition that the wooden steps on Fourth street west of Market be repaired was received. . Michael et al. asked that a committee be appointed to investigate the manner in which D. Byan is perform- ng his contract for paving Fifth treet. On this petition Mr. Wegener xploited his powers of eloquence, 'he speech was the effort of bi» life and it developed the fact that the Iderman has ambitions which are to »e gratified only when he can take bis lace in the mayor's chair and "wield ,he gavel with which the mayor cuts ff debate. Mr. Wegener said some hinge about Mr. Sohaelle that did not how .the street superintendent in a avorable light and also addressed his rony and satire to the mayor. A ommittee was appointed consisting f Aldermen Barton, Davis, Wyss, Voibraohtand Fahrig to investigate he work. The bond of the North Alton brick >lantfor $10,000 was accepted and irdered recorded. The Street and Alley committee reported favorably on spending fU6 on ladison avenue; North str«*t from Union to Fifth; Twelfth from fifem^ o Albyi Stanton between Liberty md Common; Washington street to ifty limits and Langdon from Eighth o Twelfth streets to have spent on hem all the funds that can be spared. The Apple street sewer was ao- :epted. On Mr. Young's motion all ordinances were deferred for reading,two weeks at an adjourned meeting. The New England Water 06. will not be paid for any service until an temized statement of the number and location of fire plugs be given the :onnoil. After allowing bills to the amount of $3,158.48 council adjourned for two weeks. Go to M. Moritz's for your Winter head wear. The largest etodk and atest styles^ Fresh Baltimore oysters, crsYnbwr- rles and celery just received at Stanton & Yeakel'a, 2nd and Market. Buy "LaBelle" The' best, 14.00. Coal. Hard or aoft coal at E. J. Lookyer^e office at quarries. Telephone 1694 Treei and Plant! for Sul«. Fruit trees, evergreens, ornamentals and small fruit plant*; sttftwberry plants a specialty. For sale by WM. jACKBON.Godfrey, III. Baptist Revival Service*. The evangelistic meetings at the Flrat Baptist church are making good progress. Services were held through out the day yesterday with very helpful results. Sermons weie preached by Have. Twing, Jameson, Gibson and Lovett. Mr. Lovett preaches tonight, AalinporUnt Difterence. To make it apparent to thousands who think themselves til, that they are not afflicted with any disease, but that the system simply need's deans- lug, is to bring comfort borne to thafr heart*, as a costive condition IB easily cured by uving Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the California, Fig Syrup Oo. only, and told by all druggists. Every reader of this paper should gee the sowing machine advertise-' ment of Hapgood Plow Oo. In this Issue. It will interest #00. PAUL BROS.? Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Glass and Oil, Sponges, Chanios, Toilet Articles. Pine Toilet Soaps. L Henry and Second Sts. Republicans Successful Everywhere. SENATb REPUBLICAN, ALSO THE HOLSE. Kansas and Nebraska Fall Into Line. Philadelphia, Nov. 9.— Stone, Rep., is elected Governor by 150,000 major- DesMoines, la., Nov. 9.— The estimated plurality of the Republican State ticket is 49,000. Washington, Nov. 9— Returns establish with certainty that the Senate will be Republican. Chairman Bab• x)k'a conservative estimate on the Bouse is that there will be 185 Republicans, a majority of 13 over all n the House. The Democrats still claim the House. Milwaukee, Nov. 9— Soofleld, Rep., la elected Qovernor. Republicans elect all the Oongessmen except in second district. Ohfcago, Nov. 9—Republicans carry Oookcounty by pluralities ranging from 8,000 to 12,000. Detroit, Nov. 9.— Pingree's majority is 66,000. New York, Nov. 9.— Revised returns give Roosevelt a plurality of 18.000 to 20,000. Springfield, III., Nov. 9.— WhitteJ morels elected State Treasurer by 30,000. The rest by slightly increased majorities. Columbus, O., Nov. 9.— Additional returns do not change results— 00,OCO plurality and 16 Republican Congressmen. Topeka, Kansas, Nov. 8.— Breidenthal, Populist Chairman, concedes the election of Stanley, Republican, for Governor by 0,000. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. -9,— The Democrats concede a Republican majority of 10,000 In this State. Lincoln, Neb., NOT. 9.— The latest returns show that the State is safely Republican. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey fuel Oo. They have movei to 811 Pl&so. street. _ ^^ __ ! D?. A, W^Rne. Uenust. Bpaldlng bid. ; "Hard SjirlajIWheat "Cream of the Earth," 14.00. . ALTON ROLLER MILLING Co. Ideal Tr««wpent lor Khoumatiam. Toe "Myal»o Cure" tor Rheumatism removes at ouc« the rheumatic poison from the »ystem aud the disease 1m-- mediately disippaftrs. Whilst the "Mystic Life Renewor" builds up the Shattered neuvous system, improves he digestion «.«d restores w« general ealth" It L# ! the gre»t«at cure for all Chamberlain, druggist, Alton. New Designs .and New Goods. Come and See our New Goods ill the following Lines: Eutopian Art Ware, Paris! fe% Ware, Japanese and French China,; Wave Crest Ware and Russian Enamel Goods. Also our elegant stock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Set Rings which comprises selections from stocks of four of, the leading ring manufactures of the country, thus enabling^ us to secure a greater variety of designs. We have the neatest and largest assortment of ever shown in Alton, If you want a DIAMOND see us before you buy as we* have some special offers. E. H. QOULDING'S SONS Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. Thisname means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. THOS GGLIDIE. Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations. No. 26 West Second st. .- .- Telephone We have just received a new and full line of Shot Guns and Rifles. Shot Guns $5 and up. Ammunition of all kinds. It cost you nothing to inspect our stock. Call, and get prices before buying elsewhere. •A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle Look at These Prices Granite Stew Pans Wf " Bread " W " Dippers W " Pudding Pans W " Bucket* 15C Tea Spoons, a set of Table Spoons, a set Wf Oil Oloth, per yard 1W Tea Oupa and Saucers,a 86125? Lunch Boxes W Lunch Baskets W 6 pieces Tea Set /!. .2ty Thread, 3 spools (or W 7 pieces Berry Set.. tot Lamps 6f Embroidery 8llk,'2 skelna, 6/ Stamped dollies (or If A nice line ot Fancy Skirts. Also a Large and Complete Line of TOYS, all tbls Year's Stock. H. A. BETZ.650B.2dst Our Fall Stock of Groceries bas all been received fresh, and supply prepared grain foodi h»ve MX; rived, consisting of: IbQi .-Is Rolled A vena, 1 Cream of jWheat, Oat Meal, Hominy Qrits, Farina, Ralston Bklt. FoodJ Parched Farinoie,| Purtng, Pettijobn Breakfast J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street

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