Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 9, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1898
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ALTON ' EVENING GRAPH glXTY-THIRD YEAR, \Mtinntn* MMI* it iin.)* ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, NOV. g, 1898! TEN CENTS PER WEE Give the People I Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. lUdp You m «l » » •"> *....- - _ Jk .. K £ H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. leaving a trouoieeome CUUKU, u«"? -3*—-• ~ p- i nps .j 0 Cure, which relieved me.-Mre. M. B. SMALWSY, Colorado Springs, Colo,, August 10, 1898 HEAVY f OTE Elections Throughout the States Generally Quiet. CLAIMS OF THE PARTY f.KADKHS. Royd OKkeirtho food pare, wholMone «ad d*llcloui, Fire and Water-Proof MATERIALS JOHN W SELLERS, of * i Louis, pen *ui/»w^w »*•••*••»—-»• — — tulldlng. Drop • poiul to ot o*ll on E. G.' Corner Shields ant BOM* Stnttt AQT. AHm 'Jfhe styles are unusually beautiful and far ahead ^ ^ thta l,,** J3JS OVAf BhOWB FOP tiu090 jKf4 •''» > money saving to new P" 1 *^^"! still remain Borne oholoe ,ieleotton» from our earlier stock. . , , ... , Oarpeta, Oil Clothe, Llnelenmand., Curtains. *&! iVvmini <»>• Henry Watson, leontractor and Builder. . '. •'•"• '• ,. • ':• '(," •% ^ *4 '•'. ' LcAdaimi iiiilding 5 Sitone; Cut Stone. Curbing, Doorsills, Window Jills, etc., etc., jrnetit, Lime, Sand mid Plaster Paris 51de Tracki Runnloi Into th» QiwrriM. relephone~No, 31. 1 - - 638 Alby «t ALSTON, ILL, ' is one r of thoae ^o^gainit air vertised remedies, or have baooma disoour- aged at the failure of other madioines to help them, and who win succumb to w*? srim destroyer without knowing ol the wonderful vSlmjpf Foley's Honey and Tar tor all Throat and Lung troub- •' Chairman Kulirark of III* Republican CangreMlniml Committee KiprMWd Oouiltlvnre In the Hrnnll—At ilflinocral- I« Headiiuitrtan Ilie Same ttfUng Pre- valleil-Prenldent M<'Klnley Ca«M lll» Vot« In n Carpenter Wio|t M CJanloil Washington, Nov. hopes were higher tban ever at Republican congressional headquarters au _ result of the early telegrams to Chairman Babeock, telling ot good weather east and west and a heavy early vote. Chairman Babcock's efforts have been directed, he Bays, toward dispelling the apathy which existed In the early part of the campaign. For three weeks, he says, the Interest In the campaign has quickened and good weather with the early reports of a heavy vote, he de- Vlnred, was to him assurance of vle- •[>••/. Had there been a had day In New York, he says, the Republicans might have lust 20.1)00 votes on that account. From Representative Sherman at Utica and Representative Hooker at Fre- iloiila, N. Y., he received exuberant dispatches telllne of fine weather and a heavy early vote. The latter fiald his district would give Roosevelt 10,000 majority. Unlloulc tn Inclinlin* From Representative JesseOverst.reel, secretary of the committee, Mr. Babcock received the following telegram, dated Indianapolis: "Condition Indiana still quite favorable. Confidently expect Republican victory." A telegram from W. W. Dudley told Chairman llubcoek to take Healwole of Minnesota out of the doubtful column. "His election IK certain," said the dispatch. Robert Neurse, from Chicago, reported splendid weather and a tremendous early vote. Webster Davis, from faraway Washington, wired that the prospects for the defeat of James Hamilton Lewis were good. Democratic headquarters were "practically deserted during the day. Chairman Kerr and all the ofllc-ers had gone home to vote and no telegrams had been received up to noon. Chairman Kerr returned to Washington during the afternoon. At Democratic headquarters, however, predictions of Democratic success were made with great confidence. Returns were received at both headquarters at night. PRESIDENT M'KINLKV VOTES. dull Hlii Ballot In a Carpenter Shop at Hi* Canton Home. Canton, O., Nov. 9.—President Mc- Klnley reached Canton at 9:25 a. m. on a special train on the Pennsylvania line, occupying the car "Cleopatra." Accompanying him wore Mrs. MeKIn- ley, General Hastings, Assistant Private Secretary Cortelyou, and Stenographer Rudolph Foster. A number of the president's old friends were at the depot to meet him and gave him a hearty, although entirely Informal, greeting. The fact that his train was not expected until an hour later, according to announcement, was responsible for many people who had expected to be at the depot missing the train. The party took carriages and were driven to the M. C. Barber home, where Mrs. McKinley joined her sister, Mrs. Barber. The president merely exchanged greetings at the house and then proceeded to discharge the duty that had brought him to Canton to cast his vote. Accompanied by eight or ten of his old friends he started for the polling place of his precinct, C of the First ward, three blocks away, walking there and back, responding to the greetings of friends along the way. The voting place is the carpenter shop of Contractor Rlmmel. Here the president greeted the judges and other election officers with hearty handshakes. After voting the president and those accompanying him walked back to the Barber hause, where the party from Washington took' lunch, and where the president'spent most of the time until he took the return train to Washington. HEAVY VOTE IN NEW VOKK. Kin pi re Slate Elector* Turn Out In Uniuu- »1 Numbem. New York, Nov. 9.—Weather conditions at the opening of the day were all that could be desired by voters. The polls opening at 6 o'clock, many citizens deposited their ballots and returned home to breakfast with the consciousness o£ a duty performed. The early morning vote was quite up to the best average. Dispatches from all parts of New York state reported the election proceeding under conditions favorable to a large vote. In some of the manufact- 'urlng cities the voting was slow In the early hours, but that condition was reversed In the afternoon, when all the factories and workshops were closed to give employes an opportunity to go to the polls. The country roads are uniformly dry and In good condition. No- whero was there Indications of weather that would Interfere with the getting out of the farmer vote. At Syracuse It was said that fully one-half, of the total number of voters had cast their ballots by 10:30 o'clock. Bverywhere there was manifested * lively Interest In the contest, but this did not In tho teast disturb the general good feeling. Jt U safe to predict that the vote outside of New York city will be as large as has been cast In any recent year. Fair SUeil Vole lu Wlnooniln. Milwaukee, Nov. ».—Advices received from, various parts of the stale Indicated that only a fair sized vote was cant for the state tickets. There was a big fulling off In the registration In at- meet every section. The weather was generally fair. There was considerable scratching of the Republican ticket and Oovi'-nor Scofleld U expected to run several thousand votes behind the ticket. lleavr Vote lu Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Nov. ».—A heavy vote wa« polled throughout the city. The election proceeded quietly except In « few wards where considerable disorder ocqurrtd es a, result of exciting local 0UMIPO • ArniGfl 0"V**: 1%« best wive tn the wWW for onto, hTQJ«e*. norei. oloera, »alt rheum, '«• '^A^gfSffi lUveJy.wwf - 3cr "" "" "" ftOYAt BAKING POwOEM CO,, dFW /OAK. content*. A number of arrests for attempt* at fraudulent vutlnfi were made In the Twelfth wnnl. Th» <lay wa» light nr.d pleasant. The innim In the state so far heard from reported u heavy vole nnd that extraordinary Interest wns manifested everywhere In the thrco- corncred guhernHtorlul contest. All (JulH In Nnrlli C;arollnn«. | Wilmington. N. C., Nov.*9.--In Ilia F'lfth ward, u negro stronghold of the city, the utmost quiet prevailed and It was said that not more, thnn If, pel- cent, nf the negro vote was being? polled. The negroes who came to the polls wore Klvnn free access to the ballot boxes and no Interference attempted. At Lnurliibure. a n<'gro stronghold, and the scene of a great red shirt demonstration lust week, no trouble was anticipated. The negroes did not appear at the polls and few Republican votes were cast. A dispatch from Newbern says the neuro vote was polled In full there. Klccllqn 111 tlllnoln. Chicago, Nov. 9.—Two-thirds of the registered vote In Chicago and Cicero was cast by 9 o'clock—three hours after the polls were opened. It was calculated that fully 300,000 votes were cast by the time the polls were closed. The country towns are expected to bring the grand total for Cook county up to 810,000 or 315,000. Springfield, Ills., Nov. 9.—The weather was clear but threatening. Chief interest was In the congressional ticket. A good start was made In the voting, but there was no excitement. Both parties were well organized. Tli« MmMweliinoHa Election. Boston, Nov. 9.—The balloting In and about the city proceeded quietly. Reports from the Seventh congressional district indicated that Ramndell, Dem.. was running far ahead of the state ticket in several cities. The voting in the Ninth and Tenth congressional districts continued heavy, with the result in doubt. Reports from Fall River state th'at a very large percentage of cotton mill employes vot,ed and that the Republican plurality will probably be cut down one-half in that city. Lurga Vote In Eiullanu. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9.—A fairly heavy vote was cast in this city, notwithstanding the apparent lack of interest during the campaign. Each party claims the victory. At Republican headquarters such advices as hart been .received from throughout the state indicated that a large Republican vote was polled for an off year. Heavy Vole In Michigan. Detroit, Nov. 9.—Michigan polled an unusually heavy vote- for an off year. Many prominent Republicans in the cities and larger towns, especially In the western part of the state, were reported as cutting Governor Pingree, while numbers of Democrats are said to have voted for him. The weather was generally fair. First onifliit Itoluvn». New Bedford. Mass.. Nov. 9.-Tlic complete vote of the town of Acushnet Is as follows: Fur governor—Wolcott, Rep, 01: Bruce, Dem., 3. Last year's vote: Wolcott, <5: William?, 3. The vote for congressman was: Green, Rep.. 6'.': Luce, Dem., j^. Morion Vote* Republican Ticket. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 9.—A dispatch from Nebraska City says ex-Secretary of Agriculture J. Sterling Morton voted the straight Republican ticket, as he announced he would in a speech at a Republican rally held there the night before the election. MODIF1KS CAKTEU'S SENTKXCK. 1ENCB Peace Commissioners Did Not Meet as Expected. 1»OSTI'»XKI» »V TUB AMKItH.VXS. Tlii-y Wanlnl Time for 111* Tmn»lnllon «t Ilin Reply of 111" I'liltwl Sl«l<>» to tlie l.alf»l I'mpnnltliin rniiii Spnln II«K*nl- IIIK the Philippine l«lni«1«— Kni'ourtur- Inif Ailvli-fH llrn-lifil by Otllrlnlx In Wiithliifrton. Paris, Nov. 9. The Spanish-American peace commissioners notified the minister ot fnrclan affairs, M. Deliianse, thnt the Joint session which was to have, taken place Tuesday would not bf holrt^ Inquiry developed the fact that the failure to. hold u meeting of the commissions was only due to the American-) asklnjr for n postponement of the Joint fit-Psion fur "lie day, ill order to allow time for the translation of the reply of the United States to the latest Spanish propositions regarding the Philippine Islands. Does Your BacK Acne? | In constant pain when ci Syour feet ? . " Is that dragging, pulling' sensation with you from morn till night? Why not put the medicine i exactly on the disease 7 Why Inot apply the cure right toj ?the spot itself? You can do it with DON'T MISS THE MODELS Sacrifice Sale Sor. 3d and Piasa sts. < Vj '"*! les. Pmlilmtt Sulcl to Have gnvtid 111* Convlcli-il Ciiplnln from Prison. Washington, Nov. 9.—The president has taken final action In the case of Captain Carter, and It is stated upon high authority that he commuted tho sentence of the court-martial to dismissal from the army and u $,1,0011 flue. The court-murtlnl sentence was that Captuln Carter should IIP dismissed from the service, Imprisoned for a period of live years in n military prison and lined I5.COO, and that the sentence be published In the newspapers in his home for a period of six months. The papers In the cuse, with the president's action, were sent to Hecielury Alger by messenger and will not. ba mad« public through the war department until Wednesday. Four SIi'n Hadly Unrni'il. Scrunton, Pa., Nov. 9.-A gas explosion In Bchookey mine, near West Plttston, seriously hurned four men-James Coulter, lire boss; John Mitchell, truck layer; John McQuillan, miner, and James Mttckin, driver. Fire following the explosion overcame An.tliony Branke, miner, and John Vulvens, his laborer. Branke was dead when rescuers found him but Valvens was restored to consciousness. The explosion wus caused by the Ignition of tin unknown lu»ly of K«H In » chamber which Coulter and .Metcalf were exploring previous to .locating a new breast, t.'oul'.er and Melculf may not survive. (ierinuuy Will Mini die, Paris, Nov. I).—The Kclalr, after reproducing all (he six articles of the peace protocol, says: "It is to be hoped the In Ited Ktalcs will not maintain Its flrst pretensions In regard lo the Philippine Islands. The question of the sovereignly over the Philippines Is one, however, which interests Spain only. Cinrmuny from time lo lime allows it to be, thought thai »!ie Is mil Indifferent to Hit; fute of Hie iHlumlx, and the possibility of. Interference from ihls power will perbapx cmmc America to be less exaclliiK." Henry Uelmul. discharged from the Sixth cavalry beiunse of physical dls- Hblllty on tbe day Hie Miilne was M'IWII up, c»:i iiillU".! si III'i 1 In H Ni w "r.V.-n- i'i"ii..lH-y I" i M s • '•!' I '• '•''( •" ll? ' ' WuHhliiRton. Nov. 9.—So far as tbc statf department knows there has been no break In the peace negotiations In Parlr. and if any difficulty ha<l arisen official!* say It would certainly have been reported promptly to the department. Jt is assumed therefore that there must bo some purely Internal reason for the postponement, perhaps HIP convenience of the commissioners. liuriHiraglni; Advices. The advici-s that have come to hand so far are said to be rather encouraging than the reverse and there Is a disposition here to agree to the statement rather curiously mmle by the Spanish cabinet, that there will be three or four more meetings of the Joint, commission. This Is taken as an Indication that the Spaniards themselves are not looking for a break in the negotiations, but that rather expect tt peaceful conclusion In a short time. The foreign bondholders have at last moved formally to prottct "their Interests In Cuba and Porto Rico. The Initial steps have been taken through the agency of tho French embassy, which In this case acts no longer as the representative of the French government, hut for French subjects. Through the embassy a most formidable statement lias been presented to the state department, being an account of the various Spanish bonds owned by French citizens chargeable against the territory 'either seized or set free by the_ net of the rutted States government,* Ituns Inio Hio Millions. The sun: total of these bonds runs up far Into the millions. Just what it IK expected shall be done with them i> not niado clear. The United States government of course will not pay them, but it may be that the French government looks to it to cause the independent, government of Cuba to assume liability for redemption o£ the bonds charged against that island when that government shall have been duly installed by the act of the United Plates government. It is probable that other holders of like bonds, Herman nnd British, will take similar steps to have their claims brought through their diplomatic representatives to the attention of the United States government, and it may even be that the holders of such bonds in Spain, though Spanish citizens, will take a like course, which would present a novel claim upon the generosity of the United Slates government. Left Mniii-y to Clolho NewHlioys. Chicago, Nov. U.—One hundred of Chicago's newsboys and waifs are hereafter to be clothed annually for a period of ninety-nine years out of n bequest of $.'0,00(( made for their benefit by Orlando D. Hndsell, a wealthy and eccentric bachelor, who died on Nov. 3 at his residence. 1^ Union Park place, and whose funeral was almost unnoticed by every one but the street waifs whom he had "befriended. The will, which lias not yet been probated, leaves the entire estate III trust to thn First -Metbodit-l Kplsi-opal church for the newsboys. Itlg Price for « Si'iit. New York, Nov. !'.—Stock Exchange- seals are quoted at *:>r,,!iOO bid. The advance to this price, which Is the highest in fourteen years, is ascribed to prosperous business In Wall street. The high record price, for Slock Exchange scats is $:H,r,ftO. which was paid in October. 1SS1, by Oeorge H. French for his seat. The membership cost Mr. French $1.000 more, representing th« Initiation fee. Tin. 1 low record price, which was touched about five years ago, Is $13,500. Trliil I'M purs In Spile of Slrlkr. San Francisco, Nov. 9.—The striking pressmen and stercolypers failed to prevent tho publication of any of tba dally papers. Their differences with the publishers have not yet been fujly adjusted, but no further serious trouble Is anticipated. The newspaper proprietors are confident, of their ability to maintain I heir position and especially as the Typographical union has not responded to I lie cause of the strikers. _.. Immediately . after the I Plaster is applied, you feelj its warming, soothing in-: fluence. Its healing remedies! quickly penetrate down deep | into the inflamed tissues. Pain is quieted, soreness is relieved and strength imparted. No plaster was ever made like It. No plaster ever acted so quickly and thoroughly. No plaster ever bad such complete control over all kinds of pain. ***•Placed over the chest it is a powerful aid to Ayer's Cherry Pectoral; relieving congestion and drawing out all inflammation. tOO. SALS BY AM. nttrOOICTS. J, C. ATEIt CO., Lowell, Mint. We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. \ 203 West Third Street. Wy« ,'4'r radically core* In from 1 to 8 THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is duo not only to tho originality und simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is mauufactivred by scientific processes known to tho OAuroitNU FJO Svitui' Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all tho Importance of purehutiinfi' the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by tho CAUKOIWIA. Fin SVHUP Co. only, a knowledge of thut fact will assist oiio in avoiding tho worthless Imitations manufactured by other par- tiea. Tho high standing of the CAU- roR.NtA Fia Sviiui' Co. with tho medical profession, and tin) satisfaction which tho genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It Is far la advance of all other laxatives, as It acta ou the kidneys, liver ami. bowels without irritating or weakening them, and It dots not grlpo nor nauseate, lu order to get its beneflolal effects, please remember the name of tho Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN rUANCIDO*. 0*1. **W VOBK. M, T. COLUEB LEOXHUS IS SAFE. nilnulK Sallol" from Hie Lout .Maria Tcreha AViinnly <lrreled. Norfolk, Va., Nov. 9.—The collier Lconklas, the third of the vessels that convoyed the ill-futert Infanta Maria Teresa, has arrived at the Norfolk navy yard. Homo concern hail been felt for her safety. Her officers, as well as Commodore Farnuhiir, do not believe a rumor circulated about the navy yard that the Maria Teresa is belim towed northward by a British tramp steamship. This rumor, however, sained credence among the men. When Lieutenant Commander Harris boarded the Vulcan the ship's company •with shouts of welcome received him. When the shipwrecked sailors told of his heroic conduct and splendid management the cheering was renewed and long-continued. Harris spoke in the highest terms of his men, and especially of the great ability of. Lieutenant Blow of Norfolk, who was in command (it the Vulcan while the Vulcan was towing the Teresa. When the crew of gallant Illinois naval reserves rescued from the Teresa by the wrecking IUR Merritt arrived aboard tin; Vulcan, from which they had been taken to go aboard the former Spaniard, they were greeted with tumultuous cheers. The Illinois men were quickly supplied with many of the comforts and necessities they had abandoned when leaving the Teresa, so far as the limited stores aboard the Vulcan allowed. The surgeons' say that none of the Illinois lada will be sick as a result of their exposure. Go to Seek the Maria Tercsu. Washington. Nov. 9.—The navy department is without advices concerning the Maria Teresa, but acting on newspaper statements of her reported stranding on Cat island In the Watllns group has sent orders to the Vulcan at Norfolk and the Potomac, at Santiago to leave immediately for Oat Island, and if the vessel is found to do everything possible tn save her. The expedition will lie iimli-r command of Captain Mi'Oilln, who commanded the Marl.ilelie:ul in the Hpanlf-h war. and is now In cVmvge of Uie Norfolk navy yard. The Vulcan should reach the BCC-ne in forly-elRlil hours and I hi- I'o- tmuau In k'ss time. MOHIXaVS VICTIMS AitKlVK. llotltes <>f liltflit IM'oiviii'rt Auicrli-Hiiii Art) r llrollb'lit lloniu I'm' Uurllil. New York, Nov. 9.—The bodies of eight of the passengers on tho lost Atlantic liner Mohcuan, wrecked Oct. 14 on the southwest coast of England, ar- ilved here In licrmetically sealed coffins on the steamship Menominee, from London. The remains arc those of Mrs. T. W. King of Nanlucket, Mass., and one of her sons; Mrs. \Veller, mother ot Mrs. King, also of Nanlucket;. L. N. Luke and wife of Kingston, N. Y.; Mrs. A. I}. Gruinbrecht of Stamford, Conn.; Mrs. L. S. (Irandln, mother of Miss Maude Koudebush, the opera singer of Meadville. 1'"., anil Mrs. Sophia t'. Crane of i.'iillfornla. Agent Stewart of Hie Atlantic Transport company made the necessary arrangements with the health authorities for the transportation oC the bodies of the Mohegan's dead to the different parts of the country where the rela- tives'reside. ^^ Decrees of foreclosure and sale nave been entered uBalnut the Denver City Cable liallioail company and the Denver West Kml Street Hallroad company in favor of the Central Trust Company of New York. Tin- Chilean congress has approved tho protocol between Chile and Argentina for tile settlement of the Puna do Atucama dispute. William 1. lluchaii- an. United Stales minister to Arg«n- tliui, will act im final ni'iiHi'"U'r. Or when threatened with pleurisy, pneumonia or bronchitis, there is nothing better than a HOT WATER BAG laid on the chest to ward off fatal results. We have all kinds of Rubber Goods, Atomizers, Hot Water Bags, etc. Also Syrup,White Pine and Tar, Throat Syrup, Lozengers for Coughs. Marsh's Drug Store. Electric Power. ' We are prepared to contract for Electric Pqwer!at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; "pumping water; inj fact any mechanical application. call on us for T-^I A • Electric Incandescent Lights, Telephone 93. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st J. DR. MOTT'S They ovcrconiu Weulnii-ts, h- roKiiliirlty win! oinlhsluim. jn- ureiiHO vlnor ««'' l>»ul»li "I'ttl'i" uf luc'iiBtrmitiun." TUcy uro "Life Savers" t-'to clrlaiit wMimnliood, Billing aiKMHP'' development »( wrKUiw i' 1 " bodyT No known remedy for women niuulu thorn. Ouunot, do h»ru>-ll(« bwoiiius u ure ure lM«r »* «»•• . OR. MOFT'S CHEMICAL GO., Cleveland, Ohlfr. For Hitlo by 8. H. Wyss. FURNITURE. When wanting Furniture cull and tee u*. > We eta lurely pleaie you} SUTTER & 210 W. Third Street. Licensed Qeneril Superintendent ind Mecocnlcal Or«ugbUm«n. obtain Lottery PatoDt on new InrtnUou or lmprqT«m»nU 1 ffiwMW>rt™ •<"> nH" wUotttoni tn pi&ot*. IOJ W. THIRD STREET. Third Floor. J. Bauer &i b Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmerc. Second Street,; Opposite City Hall. [Alton, 111, IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO.

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