The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 22, 1891 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1891
Page 4
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A FINISHED l'tlAVKU. Tha Morning Came nt I .nst lo tlio Dying Hoy. Detroit Veto Preas. The nick room was very still; tho night- lamp burned low, and tho watchers miide fantastic shadowB on the wall, but no ono mOTed or spoke. Tho doctor said this was the turning point of tho diseaso, and there was nothing to do but to wait- wait. The boy slept and his father kept his eye* fixed on the thin, wasted features, and watched for what hn hoped would prove a J new lewe of life. The mother had o-ono to lie ilown and rest. The nurse Bat near and dozed. At lost the sick child Kuddcnly opened his large bright eyes and mud in a clear voice: "Papa." "What, dear boy?" answered tho father, softly, "is it near morning?" "Yes, dear boy!" "And will I be well in the morning?" "I—I hope so," sobbed tho poor father, faintly. There was a long silence, then tho Bick child moved restlessly on his pillows. "I want to say ray prayers," ho murmured. The father beckoned to tho nurse and abo brought the mother, who Blole softly in and knelt on the other nido of the bed. "Lift me up," said tho child in a full, clear voice; "hold mo papa, wbilo 1 say my prayers." He slasped his little hands together and repeated like one who wns dreaming: "Our—fattier—which art in heaven hallowed—be—thy—name— thy kingdom —come thy kingdom—come " "Papa, I can't remember! I can't remember!" "Ko matter, dear boy, you can finish it in the morning." Again he Tay among the pillows like a pale lily and his eyes wide open. "I can't see you, papa," he murmured. "Will it soon be morning?" "Yes, dear boy." "A.nd will I be well then?" The poor father could not answer. No one spoke, and a faint light soon stole into the room that drowded tho flickering rays of the night-lamp and shone rosy on the wall. Then suddenly a little voice filled the room. It was so s<veet and clear that it sounded like a strain of music from celestial Bpheres. It was the dying boy finishing his prayer. When ho came to the lost cmuso ho seemed groping in doubt. "Forever and ever—forever and over ," and with the words on his lips he drifted on to sleep again. The rising sun shono into the room and lighted up its dim obscurity; it lay in goldon bars on tho whito pillows, and .touched the little face with a mocking glow of health and strength. Perhaps it wakened him, but in the valloy of the shadow of death ho could not discern, and with wide open oyea that saw not, ho murmured plaintively: "Is jt nearly morning, rmwi?" "It is morniDg now.Tlearboy." A smile trembled on the cloned lips— there was a flutter of broath thai enme and went as the child clasped his thin hand: together; Forever and over—amenl" IClJUttt Uooouvvlc Insniio. NEW VOIIK , Aiiir. 1A— Elliott Uoose- velt, brother of civil Service Commis •loner ami ex-AHsvmlriymnn Theodore Booscve-H, Is an inmate of nn asylim for the insane, known ns tint Cluiteuo Surosnes, nour I'uris, I'riinco • gone —«D the painful disorder* and •hrooio weaknesses peculiar to tho jf/enale MX . They go, with the use at Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription. Periodical pains, weak back, hearing-down sensations, nervous prostration, all "female complaints " suv oared by it It is purely vegetable and perfectly harmless—a powerful general, as well aB uterino, tonio and nervine, imparting vigor and strength to tho whole system. It oasts you nothing if it fails to give satisfaction. It's guaranteed to do so, in every case, or the money b refunded. It can bo guaranteed •—for it dott it. No other modioine for women is sold on such terms. That's tho way its makers prove their faith in it. Contains no alcohol to inebriate; no syrup or sugar to derange digestion ; a legitimate. mediciru, not a beverage. Purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in *ny condition of tho system. World's Dispensary Medical As- aooiation, Proprietors, No. 803 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. tuffs Pills MMI the d jipeptlo to eat whatever he wbhM. The* eauae tlia food toauliutlate •ad nourish the body, fire appetite, and , DEVELOP FLESH.. Mo* at * 41 Park Plata, New Yorfc i «n the oldeM, . ant • •olant T SIUCIIMS FREE Nam* or doBortue .vein-; I warn,audi will Horn! Ifet PrMtii'lptton. Tliou* •nttaeuru 1 t a. T. NOLAM OuowbttY, Torre Uaiito, un) ^r^YNT»WAI.TKD-% if!.STYLES, «.r, t/mwxr aotio, CUSHION ea H«IMIN,«0> . , all,Mt*awa,ataM .Fklla .ra. 141 Hue It Alls"jT^j--5^i, — 1 iwaipaMw r»o«ip«oj urioa, ww ^CanYouPolt7 FlT FOLKS REDUOEE The MONICA. LOVE STORY OP MODERN DAYS UHAI'TK.ll XVI. It ia not a luinler voice. It Is not even a gentlo or coldly friendly voice. It is, when all Is told, n dii-ltnctly nnirry voice, full nf pnnsiblo rcproaclica and vfliement upbraid- Ih0(«. Monica, raising her liend with extrenio nervousnecn, linn just time (o see Mr. Desmond in the. IIIIK « lir-treo above liei, beloru ho (Imps at her feet. "What on earlh werojon ilolne tip there?" ssliSRlie, thinking It wise lo iidupt llin offensive style, so ns lob:: first In tho Held, feolliiK instinctively that a scolding Is com- inic and that she tli 'soi ves it. "Watclilnu i/oi«," returns hp, sternly,nothing dismayed by her assumption of injured innocence, fo lmr little ruse fulls through. "A chin minis occupation, eertiiin.y I" nays Miss Jlerestoid, with line disirifl. "J cliinhcd ii]> into that tree," s;iys Mr. Desmond, auvtigcly, "and from it .;:iw that you hnve spent your entire ilny will, that Idiot, Hyde." "Do you think," says Miss Kcrestord, with awful calm, "that it was a ucntlcman- ] III tlihiK to climb into that tree, like a horrid school-buy, and spy upon a person?—do liouf" I don't," vehemently; "but I was driven toll. I don't care what Is gentlemanly. I don't cure," furiously, "what you think of me. I only know that my mind Is now taUnflcd about you, and that I know you uro the most abominable flirt in the .world, and that you ought to be ashamed of yourself." "Well, I'm not," with great self-possession. "The more to your discredit I That only means that you are bent on doing il again." "I shall certainly always talk to any man who talks to me. That is," cuttingly, "any man who know* how lo conduct himself with propriety." "Meaning—/ don't, I suppose?" "Certainly you don't." "Oh, If it comes that," says Desmond, In tones of tho deepest desperation, inula* If nothing Is left to expect but the deluge in another moment. And, in effect. It comes. Not, as ono has been taught to expect, In sudden storm, and wind, and lightning, but first in soft liu-lit drops, and then in a perfect downpour, that bursts upon them with passionate fury. As they are standing beneath a magnificent beech,they get but atasto of the shower la reality, though Desmond, seeing some huge drops lying on Monica's thin white gown, feels his heart smite him. "Here, taku this," ha says, roughly, taking olT his coat and placing it round her shoulders. "No, thank you," says Miss Deresford, stiffly. "You must," returns he, and, to his surprise, she makes no further resistance. Perhaps sho Is cowed by tho authority of his manner; pcrlutps she doesn't like tho raindrops. Encouraged, however, by her submission to a further during of fortune, he says, presently,— "You might have given Cobhctt a turn, 1 think, Instead of devoting yourself all day to tl at egregious ass." "He prefers talking to Hermla. I supposo you don't wai»t me go up to p-.-oplo and ask them to be civil to inoV" "Some olher fellow, then." "You would he just as Jealous of him, whoever he was." "I am not jealous at all," Indignantly. "J. only object to your saying one thing to me and another to /ilnt." "What Is tho oil" tiling 1 say to you?" This sluggers him. "You must find me a very monotonous person If 1 say only one tiling to you always." "I haven't found you so." "Then It—whatever It is must bo one of the most eloquent and remarkable speeches upon record. Do tell It to me." "Look i. ore, Monica," says Mr. Desmond, cautiously evading a reply; "what 1 want to know Is—what you epe in Hyde. Ho Is lull, certainly, hut lie Is fat. and effeminate, with a forehead villainous low,"' "Your own is very low," says Miss Beres- t'oivl. "If I thought It was liko /its, I'd make away with myself. And you listen lo all his stories, and beliovo them every one. I don't believe a single syllable he says; I never met such a bvngger. To listen to him, one would think ho had kiiiod every tiger in Bengal. In my opinion, he never even «tiu> one." "I,es absents ont toujours tort," quotes she. In n low, slgnllicaut tone. . This Is the HtKlliliig stroke, "Oil 1 you dc/end him," luj says, as savagely almost as one of tlnis.) wild boasts ho has just mentioned. "In your eyes lie Is a hero, no doubt I daro say all women see virtue in a man who 'talks as familiarly of roaring lions as maids of thirteen doof puppy-dogs.' *' "I don't think maids of thirteen, as a rule talk much of puppy-dogs. I'm Buro Kit doesn't," says Munlea, provoklngly. "And really, to do Mr. Kydo justice too, I never hoard him mention a roaring Hon. Perhaps you are thinking of Artomus Ward's lion that goos about'sooklug whom he may devour Bomobndy,'" She smiles In a maddening fashion. "I am thinking of Ilydo," says Desmond. "1 am thinking, too, how mad I was when I thought you liked me better than him. I did think it, you know; but now tlio deli* slon is dispelled. It is plain to me you are infatuated about this follow, who is 'per fumed llko a milliner 1 and hasn't two Ideas in Ills head." "I can't think whoro you find all your quotations," says Monica, who Is now "seriously annoyed; "but I must ask you not to worry ma any further about Mr. Kydo." "You are madly In lovo with him," says Desmond, choking with rngo. Upon whloh Miss Beresford losos the Inst remnant of her patience, and very properly turns her baek on htm. The rain, has ceased, but during Its reign has extinguished tho dying sun, wlilcli has disappeared far below the horizon. A groat hush and silence has followod the petulant burst of storm, and a pcauounspcakablolles on all the land. There Is a little glimpse of tho ocean far away, beyond the giant fires, mid ono can soo that Its waves are calm, and the flsh|ng-boats upon its bosom scavcoly rook. Tho grass Is bending still w|tlt the weight of the past rain, and » plaintive, drinpliuj from the trees can ibu hoard,—» refreshing : sound that lessens' tho seuso of, heat , The small birds ?tlr eoilly in their nests^nd now and thou a drowsy/note breaks from one or nnothor; a faint mist, white and Intangible, rises from the hills, spreading from field to sky, until •".The sarin, .with boavon mingled, in tno shadowy twilight lay, • And tho white sails eoomod like spootors iu a oloud-lund far awny." "Ah I you don't Ilka mo to say that," says Desmond, unapneased by the beauty of the .growing nlgMr' , but-iJ' : . "Do not say another word," says Monloa, Imperiously. The mooh ,y ls rising slowly,-^ slowly,—and so, l»y the bye, Is her temper, •'J forbid you, .Hftre," 'throwing to him his jCWiWHS.-MwYe before remarked that , the win ,:J(V(j««e!.over,: .lam sorry I ever ,touaU«4 aimutpg l>e.lonlfi,i)g:to ypu." ,i.iDeso»W(IUavUur',jei)^ye(l the coat, and PUthluwpJfi UltvAkQnp&inora, silence ensues, IVilge«i.vBerttWii. strike! him as a liopefuLalgn tlia(,shesli(iw» no liasto to re. 'turn homo ftttdmt-Tl&hei'SQlt of,a presence 8he'hash>ftp;»evteh«ytdEc4arod tp ho,ljate(ul '•More limn glnd." "And you will promise me never to be Jealous ngttinV" This is a bitter pill, considering his former declaration that jealousy and li- hud notli-, lng to do with each oilier; hut ho swallows It bravely. , "Never. And you—you will never again ! give me cause, darling, will you:"' "I gave you no cause now," says tho darling, slinking her pretty head obstinately. And he doern 't dare contradict her. "You ! behaved really badly," she goes on, reproachfully, "and at such a time, ton,—just when I was dying to tell yon tuck nuud news." "flood?—your aunts -" eagerly, "have relent cd-they " "Oh, no! oh, dVxr, no!" says Miss Ucres- ford. "They aru harder than ever against you. Adamant Is a »;>onr/eiu companion with them. It Isn't that; but Madame O'Connor has asked mo to go anil stay with her next Monday for a week I—there 1" "And me loo?" "N— o. Aunt Pii-cllla made il a condition wltli regard to my going that you shouldn't be there." "Tho And Madame O'Connor gave in to such abominable tyranny V "Without a murmur." "I thought she had a KOUI above that sort of thing,''says Mr. Desmond, '.villi disgust. "Hut they are all alike." '•WhiiV'-wnnien'.'" "Yes." "You menu to tell me that I inn like Aunt rriscllla and Madame O'Connor'.''' "OM women. I me,in." Willi anxious haste, seeing a cloud descending upon the brow of his beloved. "Oil 1" "And, after all, It I* good news," says Brian, brightening, "bceirisu though I can 't stop in the house for a week, still there li untiling to prevent my riding ovei tliero every on •• of the seven days." "That's Just what I thought," says Monica, ingenuon-ly, with a sweet little blush. "Ah! ymi wished for me, then'.'" .She r.'fuses t <i unssver this in any more ili- rccl manner thai her eyes afford, but says, quickly, doubtfully,— "It 'won't be deceiving Aunt Pii.scilla, your coming there to visit, will il? She must know she cannot compel Madame OOonnor to forbid you tile house. And she knows perfectly you nro an lutiiiuitu friend of hers." "Of course she does. £h:' I,; a re.'tilur old tyrant,—a Dim-heard In petlle.-ats; but " "No, no; you must not aliu-u hi r," says Monica; so lie b. conies silent. She Is standing very close to tlio trunk of tho old beech, half hailing against It upon one arm which is slightly raised. Khe has no gloves, hut long while mittens that reach above Iter elbow to where tho sleeves of her gown join them. Tnrough the little holes in tliu pattern of these kindly mittens her whito arms can be seen gleaniiu.' like snow beneath the faint rays of the early moon. Willi one hand she is playing some Imaginary air upon the tree's bark. As she so plays, tiny "sparkles from her rings attract ills notion. "Those live litllu rings," says D.'sunmd, Idly, "always remind me nf the live little pigs that went to market,—I don't know why." "They didn't all go to market," demurely. "One of them, I f.'iioiu, stayed at home," ".So he did. I remember now. Somehow It makes me feel liko a boy again." "Then, according to Hood, yon must be iiearir heaven Hum you were a moment ago." "I couldn 't,' 1 says Desmond, turning, and looking into her biMiitilnl eyes. "My heaven has been near me for the last half-hour." If he hail said hour he would have been closer to the tiulli. A soft, lovely crimson creeps into her cheeks, and hercj\s tall before his for a moment Then she litu rlis,—a guy, mirthful laugh, that somehow puts seiiltineuts to llight. ' on about your little pigs," she says, glancing nt him with coquettish mirth. "About your rings, you mean. 1 never look at them Unit 1 don't begin this sort of thing." Here, seeing an excellent opportunity for II, lie takes her hand In his. "This little turquoise went to market, this liltlo pearl stayed at home, this liule emerald got some—ei— cheese " "No, it wasn't," liastliv. "It. was roast beef." "So it was. Better limn cheese, any day. How stupid of met I might have known an emerald— 1 nn an, a pig—wouldn't iiko cheese." "I don't suppose It would llko roast beef u bit better," says Monica; and then her lips pari, nnd she bursts Into a merry laugh at the absurdity of the thing. She is such a child still that she llnds the keenest enjoyment in It. "Nevermind," with dignity, "and permit me to tell yon, Miss Beresford, that open ridicule Is rude. To continuo; littio pctni got none, and this little plain gold ling got—ho got—what unearth didtho little plain gold pig—I mean, ling—get?" "Utilhlnij. Jiist what yoit ought to get for such a badh'-tojil story, jlu only cried, 'Wee.'" "Oh, no, Indued. JIo shn'n't cry at all. 1 won't lmvo tears connected with you In any way." She glances up nt hlni with eyes half shy, and pleased, and with the prettiest dawning smiles upon her lips. lie. clasps tho slondor flngors olosor, as though loath to part with thorn, and yet his tale has come to a climax. "If I have told my story so badly, porbaps I had bettor tall it all over again," hu says, with a base assumption of virtuous regret "No. I vvauld not give yon that trouble for tho world," she says, mischievously, and then the dawiitng sinl /o widens, brightens fnto somethlijs Indescribable, but perfect "Qli/Jfoufca, I do tliliikyo'uiiFotliesweet- cst'tlilng oh earth," says the young man, with sudden fervid uasslon; and then strut once, nun tur the nrst time, no puis out ms arms Impulsively and draws her tolilm, She colors,—still smlliier, howovor .—and, nftor a brlof hesitation,, moves slowly but deolded- ly back from him. "You don't luite mo to touch yon, do you?" asks ho, rather hurt. "No, no, Indeed 1" hurriedly. "Only " "Only what, darling?" "1 luir.lly know what," sho ansvvors, look, big -bewildered. "Perhaps because It Is all so strange. Why should you lovo me better than any one?—and yet you do," anxiously, "don't you?V • The limooeiitly-oxpresaed anxiety makes bis heart glad. . "I edaro you," ho says, fervently; and then, "Did no ono over place his arm round you bqfore, Monica." Ho finds a dlllloulty In oven asking ihls. "j5h, no," with Iiifense surprise atlliejhes- flon, and a sqfjt, quick gluncu that Is almost shamed, "f never had a lovor In my life until I mot you. Ho ono except you ever told ma I was pretty, Tlio (list time you said It I went homo (when I was out of your sight," roddonlng, "I ran nil the rest of the way) and looked at myself lu the glass. Then," naively, "I know you wore right. Stjl! I bad my doubts; so I called Kit and told her about It; imd BIIO," laughing, "said you were evidently a person of great discrimination, sol supposed she agreed with you," "She could hardly do otherwise." "Yet, sometimes," says Monica, with hesitation, ami with a. downcast' face;*'I: have thought It was nil more fanoy with you, and that you don't love me raillv." "Jtty sweetheart, what a cruel thing to say to me I" "But see how you spold me I Only now," nervously pluoklng little bltspf btuii from the treej.'tvpu ftocusedmo 'Qf .iU'eftdful tilings., Yes, sometimes } doubt you." M "I wonder vheve I Joayo 'Mpju for.dfritytr? Yet'I must wnvluo^you,-, JKhftt^JiaU |. swear by, •%!»?" M> a^nulf lauihltig; "wu»'chaste •'Pinna/up auovo-ttte'ToyeraV frlep ^T -ls. In tstt gWry j^nlBW^lmlFK J':wJMWWW>» by the moon, tho Inoop,-' ftuuinoou, lest Unit tbv Uo iiuvo like- .'K&'WYlmle," quotes sh&;< archlyi "una sMti'lvlth n,BUddeii Qfavigo of mood, ami's' .W^iWMCt gravity, >I du'ii-t liiipt.jwi; "Ye—es." "Then I defy all difflcultlcs,—aunt<", nnd friends, and lovers. I shall win you In the teeth of all barriers, nnd In spito of all opposition. And now go home, my heart's do- delight, my best beloved. I have this assurance fiom you, that your lips have given me, and It makes me confident of victory." "But If you fail.*' she. begins, nervously; but he will not listen to her. "There Is no such word," he says gavly. "Or, If there Is, I never learnt it. tiood- nlgiit, inv love." "floiid-night." A little fi iglitcncd by his Iwippy vehemence, she stands well away from him. and holds out her hands In farewell. Taking them, he rqirns ilu-m gently and presses an impassioned kiss on cueii little pink-tinged palm. With a courteous reverence for her evident shyness, lie then releases her, and, raising ins hat, stands motionless until siie lias sprung ilown the bank nnd so reached the Moyue fields again. Then she turns and waves him a second and last gnrid-iitght. Kelurning the salute, he replaces his Imt on his head, nnd, tin listing his hands deep In his packets, turns toward Coole—and dinner, tie is somewhat late lor the latter, hut this troubles him little, so set is his mind upon the givl who has just left him. Surely she is hard to win. and therefore— h.iu desirable 1 "The women of Ireland," .says an undent chronicler, "are th •. coyest, the most coquettish, ye! withal Hie I'nide, t and viftnon est women on earth.'' Yet, allowing all this, riven time and opportunity, Ihey may he safrly wiMieil. Whal Mr. Desmond complains of bitterly, lu his lioiui- ward mttsin.'S to-night, Is i be fat thai, lo htm neither lime nor opportunity is afforded. "She Is a Winn in, therefore to lie won;" but how Is hi- cnrlshiplo be --pod, if Ihorns am to beset bis path on every side, and if per.-isteiit made • blocks his way to the feet of her wli an he adoies? ilerach s Ic'tiie in tin unenviable frame of mind, and Is thoroughly unsociable to Uiveii Kelly and the old Sqnlro all the even- in:.'. Nest morning sees himlti tliu same mood; and. lndee I, It is about this lime lie lakes to imagining his little love as being a hapless pit-oner in the hands of two cruel ogres (1 am afraid he really does not apply the term "ouies"to the two old ladies of Moyne), mi linds a sp. cial iiedanchnly plea-ure In depicting h-r as a lovely captive condemned to sol.tary coniin incut and dieted upon bread and water. To regard the M'ws-s Blake In the light either of ogres or witches required some talent; but Mr. Desmond, it this pjiiu.l of his lo \'L -:iil'iilr, managed It. (.'II.WTI'.It XVII. "I wish yon would all atleiu!," says Olga I'lohun, Ju-t a little Impa.ieiilly, looking round upon the asscmbi. d -roup, with brow uplifted and th" point of a pencil thrust between her losc-l'i d lips. "Thrice-blessed pencil I" murmurs Mr. Kelly, in n vciy ^tage whisper. "Man Is the superior being, yet he would not be permitted ID occupy so exalted a position. Arc you a slope, Itoiiayue, that you can regard tho situation wi'lli such an insensate lace? 1 ' Mr. Itonnviie Is at this moment gazing at Mrs. llolmn with all his heart In his eyes. Ho starls and colors. "I cannot help ti.Inking of that dear little song abon| Ihe innocent daisy." goes on Mr. Kelly, with a rapt expression, "lint I'd 'chooso to he a jiciicll, if I nil'.iit be a (lowerI'" "Now </•> let ns decide upon something," says (ilgn, taking no heed of this sally, and frowning the smile that Is lighting for mastery. "Yes; now you are nil to decide upon something at once," says Mr, Kelly, gloom- ly. ''There Is a ilillicuty about the right way to begin it, hut it must he done; Mrs. liolmn says so. There is to lie no deception. I shall say one, two, three, utid away, nnd I lieu every one mast have decided; tho defaulter will bo spurned from the gates. Now I one, two Desmond," sternly, "you am not deciding!" "I am, indeed," says Desmond, most untruthfully. Ho is lying on the grass ut Monica's feet, and is paying idly with her while fan. "You are not doing it properly. I daro 'ay Miss ll.Tesford is making you uncomfortable; and 1 am sure you nro tr;. ingle, eivak lu-r fan. Com,' over here and sit bv me, iu.ii you win ue inucn happier.'' "i'enance is good for the soul, 1 shall stay Here," says I) •siuoiid. "If we mean to get up tabiesius, we certainly on .'lit to Bet about lluin at once," says lleriniii Derrick indolently, "There doesn't seem lo h • any work In liiybody," says olga, in despair. "Try mo," says Lord Ho-smoyue, bending over her chair. Ho has only just come, and his arrival has been unannounced. "Ah! thiink youl"—with a brilliant smlio. "Now you do look like business." It is Monday, and lour o'clock. Aghyo- hlllbeg lying hasklngintlio sunshine Is looking Its lov,—which Is saying » groat .leal. The heal Is so Intense on this sweet July day Hint every one has deserted the house and cquie out to find SOIIIO air,— a tilfliculty. They have tried tho grass terraces, lu vain, mid now liavo congregated beneath a giant 111 , mid am, comparatively speaking, cool. Just before luncheon Madame O'Connor brought Monica homo In triumph with her from Moyue, to lind Desmond, h audsomo »nd happy, on her door-step, wailing with calm cuttninty un invitation to that meal. Ho got it, nnd ono to dinner likewise. "Wo have sot our hearts on tableaux, but It Is so ditileult to think of any scene fresh and unhackneyed," sivys Olga, gazing plain- lively Into Lord liossmuyuo 's sympathetic tnco. "Don 't give awny," says Mr. Kelly, tenderly. "It must be a poor intellect that couldn 't rise superior, to .sqclifi demand us that, Given one in |iuito, 1 hotioyu even f could produce up Idea as poyel us it would bo brilliant.!' "You shall have your minute," Bays Olga, pulling out her watch, "Now-beglli " "Time's up," she says, presently, whon sixty seconds liavo honestly expired, "You might have said Hint lliliiy -eoonds ngo, and 1 should not liavo objectid," says Mr. Ki!y, with an assured smile. "And your Idea." "T/i« Ili:yt(cit<i:»!" Nei .nl I say Hint evory one Is exceedingly angry', "Kver hoard it b.'foroV" asks Mr. Kolly, with aggro-sivo Insolenco; which luiusllon, holm; coniderod as adding Insult to Injury, Is treated witii silent contempt. To be continued. A TIMS-WOttN HAT. A l'unny Answer of a Litllu Mlx-Yoiir-Old Hoy, A funny answer was received by Jiulgo Moalftth to a query put to a little six-year- old hoy wbopi he sought to entertain whilo riding iu it street oar the other oveningi Tne judge was on his way homo after a hot any nnd wore his "stovepipe" hat on the back of bis head. Beside him sat n middle-aged gentleman with his little six- year-old boy. , . t The father of the boy and tho judge carried on a conversation, during which the boy frequently peeped arouut evidently attracted, by- sotuoHu'ntr.. The judge at length, tried .to divert the boy from those occasional little stores una asked: "And how are you, ray little boy?."' , "Oh, I'm well, was the modest reply "Can yon tell mo your name?" The name was given. •A Vliow old are you?" • The boy slyly turned his eyes toward th* judge -and remarked] "About nr. old as thfit i hat of yours."—Cleveland Plain Pettier, ' m • ^ • Artltivlal Owa to ink; the FIBOB Natural. • . •.„>,•/.*,,'.. CuiCAuu, Aug, Jli—The Ohio jwtl Qf« SONG OF 'I'll K C!ANS«IN-IIAI.I.. I como from Hi" ptltor,.'left Imtly n-i'!e, Tliroilgli Hi" ulr of Hi.' -eft Minimer inoriiinii: I coin,' with a Kong sis I da-lion my uny^ Ilolli a diriro mill a ni'^s :iee .a' llie viiriiiitg; N 'o HUe .'t, tille .he mis, ll'ir roiii .aee til, Nnr poet's ^oft lialin liiralliiiiL' .Inrv Of nrniolirclitil knlglits :.t Inllrmoe.elit i; iy, Wliernn f.rnrt\\ie I to- gnci don ot L'IOIV- Wlilhttlng HO airily, Pn-t the cur iifiihy, Wiitctiinu' lie- ii;irn>\vly, (^rii-lilng I i:um«'l 'nii.l lllllll'!. Swlft-liurlcil from llie lu-tion i*inokc, I iln?-l., II grim me^'-nirer llyii.i:: 11 ,'' me tie. livine -li-iiitiil ue- ntw! There urn wmintl' -1 in -ii -„-.i-piiiL- mi-t ityiiu'. ciirrv illj-pnlclii 'H, ume-n m l -leeil. With n flei.lii u.eiiel I -eel elel deliver. lp It ftlillic.. ttilit il il.-<lil.v II- fi -n-.llu a- thi* .Millie- tin- ^ol'^ of III" I : iee '11 I 'lill .|in \er? - Wlii -lliliL- "i «>-.illly, Sk'tilli;.' t -e un iy, A OiiL'- f"!- Hi" IJ'M 'l! I i-werve Iroin tie- ii:uk, wli-n Mi" Htout "o-lieri llllll •' I i-rioi ii 'Ml « illi th'- linn-e-i ol -!"iv-; 7 llie Inn-Ill f.eii- :l- I il.l'li v viay, Wliil" llie ii-ic t.i iti • rtliiu U 'll" Hi" -•• >iy. Kvn in.ire "II-. it, v eriarel li' ki'e" 1. a' 111" d-"i' l\ llel.' llie keen- II- until-, o'.-r '11" leirlal : I I'llltei 111" r!a\-,lnil 111" liainill VMlllill JJewert-i lo II'.' .i.liir lllli'ji.l lal: No M -r 11} lie: lli.'le, N .'V '-rlner.' -i -.-tiini' ile-re N .i.rilHll.' .1.. II .e I!e r. V'i- - In ll.•a^.'il. tl 'iw I limi-ti wlien I In- eat; In til- rui-e.'.i old l.ri'iin t'utic- in,' IKIIII " wlti'i n -l ::li iiiel ;i'j.-di-ei-: Or, i-plii-hiiie, I Hlni; m Hi,- iv.'i. • iiiin" wave I'lor-ilie .,'ei- me le|- 'i\e and I 'll .'er. Xni'-li.'iii.r limn no- -Mh. n I',., wilti'ii my llalne On II," wiill* of tlic fi .rtiv-" all ei.-r. I'll li-^i in,- al InM, ulw-n iiruiin-l in.-vlial! t:i.nv lire,-n 141a: ^iai r\ ,1 n^i,~ unit i-mvi -r; Sivi'el In Hi" -iimiii .'r ail, Wuviiii' llt.-lr 111.,-- nt, 1^ lair, Oner If," miii -fr. I ll.eie, Silent lnrever. l-'Alt.M NOTI< It is never nut of n-.ison lo advi-e farm- I'.,nut the f iiuiitinj: •: if liouie "r- to raise inorivnmll Iruit^. wear anil tear and ' i -nrinc-. for I'ci-rii'-i .in our bilkiiti' nm! jrrown are no! ch tf ,i|> -r. Il.uryiiii-n Cii '.uiol otr-.-i d I'M -it down Me- feed of I Iti-ir cow:; .-li ii'ewiint i'ni' iii ;:li liriee oi i/raiii. To do :,'.t <l work, eoiv.-. 11111.1I have OIIIW b-eil, and ine.i! i',-i lit l'r,,ni the outlay i.- In Iter 1 ban in re. Il liule uie any 10 li ] l ,i e- e.m "d ',y dr;iiieii:e o! llie 1I.II a venl ai ,I -;,,-,!,, lliovv till' fjr.l.-i lill.'l! end I--".! In tie , nw^ lu'lire L .'oir.o to |'-,i^i m e. Sn-'n ::i ,i--e-,',1 no* stand up wt II and earl;,- i. Mini 's. TIIK 1IOUSKIIOI .I). and 'I'll,' I'hl. I .i'ii leiops. llie bi:-d [loullry linii -c or- ehii i.'.'i ro .e |i is a cli 'im "in'. 'I in' i|iie -li ,.n . ,f >;,!,• has but. little to do with '.he i |iie -!io ;i. Itn-.s- Jien -ivt' btiililine^, itniiie e..iiit',it,,lile aiel protected I rum the col. I wind-, an- all Is iieec -s 'ire, provit 'e.l lii -y (>t >.!<•:• 11. ciiltiviite liuliils of lie, i'ii".-s in alt . of our iliinie.^l ic annual-. Stiawli'-i-i les. ilenjaliiin Smith of 1 lever, ly, Ma-s.. who (unit the i-ilvi-r im-ilal ol tin- Ma--.1.-IIUM'IN II<o titiil t in -ill -0 inly for th' 1 he-l.11 !i 111; •.fmivlierry, iiinmtn-s Ii i- .--l r.:v.-',),-j ri'--- wiih ashes and fjrouait lioee putt nor "U 1 -J.", lh-. Of theliltt'l-, uj'il tlVelve bus!,"!-, ol ii.I.e .i fill 11 li"il 'I 'KHO fi-l. 1- .11- two \e,:l.-. pre- Vlotis the land was i-'• .(.|wi't. an.I manured with .stable 111.11,ire. I.IIHK In llie Unll-y Some of the i :i -e;,t eri'ii' in-- -111.1' 1 i .-'/ui- liareil will, what flu in.l-o:t iae. One liiiiidi.-il I -.'..- 1.1 y i M i i 11.. 11 i. 11!. of wheal 111 Hirer 'te e • "li I he 111.1 !,-.. e. I 1 M-i: r:. v under a; m the v.-,i i,| will do with it, ami vet I he in 1111 1 bill nf aver ai;t' eiiy I'.nnilies ai'.' le -,:,-i' t'nau I ie- !!>itir iH -eounl, and II." 1 \| 1 IIM' K>..',- ,,f b -.t.-'.- and lioardiiiif Inni 1will h.-.v t'l .'i He butler i .'.'ii-iimi -il ii».l i l!-';ii I'J to .'nj JII r cent, 111. 'ie lliaii li •' ioe. d. '11,. 1 iiiioa'r. ol tlic iit think v .ina 1 i- :;ine-, I,m llie cov.- is ,|tie "i>, .1 i- th .-'int-tl to l-e- -'ouieeveit year in. -re un,! iiii -i -r- ,i Jailor in our prt 'Sj.i I'lty. .IJttnth .i-<it »i. Itii'r: ti» hell. Tlic expeiis, s ol t he :'.ti to .iiti't I'.r.nily »•> Oil tlll-l'lleil il'l He'J .'.'i-. Il is ii 111.1 II illl- po.siiile 1,1 in,die iit mile-.- (|.-:- • i> . H' ll'lll'llllil^ III si-llln;.'. T! le 1\| ,>, i,e in.i' -houlil lie sj< i -ial ei. |.-. ti iiiiii ^ii tin. bulk if thi--. is drawn i.-., ,11 l,y a eoi.tinual drain noi n lie-.'.-.I le, ia)' m-i M);>;' l y, it will la'' dr.-V 11 .lowll In ie-timi'.'. I'hir ye .ll;. KfUtiicl Ii tai'ii.i I 's liavi -il' ,i 11 e,i in their -ales tl t-ittoil, ,'i"l I 1 an 1;: I lei.- is one of tho most pri'tiial !•-1 r.i|- orov. 11. it has l,,i:n iiiipo.-si'ole li -r s -uHi'-ru ] ,hi i;t >:r.--. to keep out of 'i'-i'l unlil they adopted ihe noit'neni plan vf gro'.vinif 11 divt .'rsity of crops. Firitl Mftllldi-titinil. lniHTiiN. Wliile 11- u rhi'.-l 1J her tl.'liniln fnc, f lirll-lily -\tect 'noil llie lin,at 1111,1 laci 1 , .Molll.-llj- llitel tlllll II- IIOH -e.illcll yrnc. I.'ilint ii-.vnytill ^lic opeiu lier .'yen; Ii. ep in ile'ir cruy lin k- a WIIIIIIITOIII * «ur|irfci', r .ri;'lil 11- the ituy and [lure a* llie pkfes 1 Tli-lllitie tier ln-.'nst I- tho li.'iirt of nil lovi» K.-i 11 n- 1 to- z-'-t nl tin* rupture,- iilioyp, - l ii:'- I'II inn. ,-I inel III" feur of (lie it.ive. I '.'is" l!i,,t wa* lir-"] in a triiie-port of jinln, T- 1 11 n,-T1 1 1 1: l\"il mil 'd ei-lil'-j-'- reli'll l-'l.'.l now nll.l lll-nil lllelictl It hv.-il lint ill vntn! 't'lit- a«s iliai un wuriN run ervn--'-'-. .Il .t -HI h II- llliS II, "V 11-fllS" In . ,,i,l,-s-. 'rieee'lit- nily nit-.* ivti, 11 ue .'t.'.'iu Hint tve eyie.'. 'I'IIIII.-'! i< tie- li".-irt of tti" in-,lino full '"ion; laiiiiilii". 'tart ltiere im.t nemy 11 t r.iuli elei lliaii 11 rI ini'l as .,1,1 i's Lite's lino". I,,.i"'s -",'1 I- llUnl III lis III llio .-t .lee)i«; f: 11 1- - ;lh".l lent' el. r.i jh'1 I'd it -I.--''|M: If il I-llirlll.'.l lent II lie mill. innl lea|,->! W'.,III1"I fill |i ,,,-.,'r 1., innl liuiiiiiiiiiy 11 ,-tt A'-l ill al, h inr l.lel 111" el-l lit" i- l '1 -l U Mla.ilili'.n.r- It'. Iff Is e .t ji.inijeil lit l.-lsl ! 'II e iiniti who ie vi-r niiiltes any hluuders sfidolil nlilki\> .1 \z m,l lilt Many men tie ilcir linisi's very cnr.'l 'iilly bill tll'-.V hi llieil I' 'Unfiles l II 11 loose. I 'll" illHl its finer iily .iletl by Witir, l"'t by wimi; and nm-. r tni 'st lie nlkiv-d by ci'eil tvoril ', n-I by lilii-lerinu thre .ils. The !u. f sl,-|, Imvaiil viitue islo al.sliiin ironi viieainl In love viil u-'ill nt 'iii -rs. lll .'"-ti] is Jin yhii him found his work; let iiiiniisk no other iile-sedness. — I'irlt I-'. Not every '--jtil i-iin ''xleinl tls tiillii -'nt- • ri-1,1 and It 'll, i ill every null can extend il- jii-oei .-s- i,p vartl. "/;'« 11 siuiill piece "!' i ;i't ..i :iitl,'' •aiil a liou.-e-holtler ot In- liuild- in.- lot, *"t»TIt i own it all flie way up." NnlhiiiL' Is easier than fault li 11.1i 11 </; no talent, 110 sell-denial, no liraina, 110 char ne'er ','.r.• vi-.piire .l lo set up in the -..-nimbi in:, bu-ine--: but those who are ncved le, a oeniiiia' tU sir,. III do U'ood have littli tiiii.'fo: uinriiiuriiiLT. and very few oeen • i no tor e .nnplaint. 'II. .-lot In•loll.. i-V|,i. -pe, Won a- In kiiih ll .i .l"inn,ii l' llie Will 11 011-ly 1 V.II if In lii-l'.lr. ,-ed win l )i, I'h.lln s ,Mul :,i 11 l\i,y •• 111.'ke 11 boy V" No— cloth's What uie clot be.- V They i"ii ol character. A li">' •Is liini-"lf will tire-.- as deci-iitly -sin.; ly sind 1 le.inly says lie/' eivvortli, in th" II.UIUM ll';me •-Aiieus*, A b'i\ who re-perts I lile will not, dross consiiii'U- IIIIVI' Ihe ni.'.in.-. lie is •" e excites no I"-, inl aff'-iit'on, anil e.iu .'-.'n') eiitic il j'e- mirl, s. f 'oiispieiiiius 1 lit -s (iocs tvitli a Ii :if and a very indefinite purpo.-e i". life. 11,-.-—< .lies not make Hie boy, but il IIH-II exhibits iiiin: theatrical in i-i--. iely i- in bait (.'.-.-to; bu' every one owes ii to other t" hi"k a- well as l.e can Xe.'l. .led dre • shows a want tt sell-re: |" el, ami 1, I lei; "I n'll-re-pcet arises sis 11 rule I:, iu a n'n-e ol cheapness of clinr- ai'ter. Il is ofieii iiupo .-siiiii! for a poor be, to liies a, v.c-ll a- be woidil wish. Hut in- can iilA'ays expre-s Iii-; well-dic.:ed ebnraeier l.v inakint; Ii s .•lollies neat ami l.i.lil'ul. mil liir. eel It til i I'.""' 111'ill- ll •el Of I 'ltll I 'll^ll lllliH, liniily ii'titu-le is of vastly :•' to nea f ii than inosl peo- it"ly !in .ie ;imi. (.'rooked bodily . m.ant. lin, il lor unv lenotli of ..hv.iy-' injurious, wLetbi t.iutlii.t: or lyiiij.' |i ,)si!inn. wlutli ali ei Itirw nil ilb Ihe he" , 110I lo s : i, wilii tin •1! I il(: st. uiaell or In •i elevat tl on n leu 1 nly in had taste. lil-rl -il l-'ui-tili/tiiK. Green iiianiiiiiii' alloitU llie cheapest and most t|I..clive iiietlinil of oiiricliinn- thesoil. Unci; iv hi'ii' 1? the best crop for a very poor soil, turning under two crops i|i ihe year. The next jeur early clover limy lit) sown ferliliicd with a dressinif of plaster if the crop is a luxuriant one an early cuttiiiK of bay may bo mad 1. When ilia heeds 1110 partially n'pe on tlio second (irnivth turn the clover under. Southern cow peas, so valued in (he soul Item states as 11 leiiovutor ol the soil will not ripen their seeds in Ihe north, but will make 11 heavy crop of vines of ifreat value for lurnini/; under as ureen um mire. Otial-tl tbtt Cnlv.H. "Muck Ira" is re|)orleil iiiiuniy llin fid, calves, f'o'stiveiiess is \i purl, of the trouble If; may of fun bo cured if' oh served wjtliin six hours ul'ler the sickness ia contructt'il, thus; An uppliciition of bent lo tho surface of tho body, by two or tlireii tliicknerses of' steitiiicti blaiiliets, lo be kept on (ehtuigiiifr, to renew t\m heal) until 1 ho animal in relieved imd offers to eat. U«o nluo tin inject ion. For a calf pive 7 to 10 drops of digitalis, niul double this dose for yearlings. If inifsiuje ol bowels is not tecured within two hours, roneat the dose. If the vninuil is lame, tnko aohisol and cut off tho points ol all Iho hoofs until they bleed. Don't bo afraid of burling tlio foot— I hoy will grow out again 11' the animal lives. Keep salt­ petre by the calves us u preventive, mid avoid the trouble. Clover anil llluo Grass. We have been wiitcbiiiR tlio progress of the Hock this station which has bad access to both blue nrass mid red clover, to dis­ ci* ver, if we could, the c^cet Upon them tind tho manner in which the grasses are oaton, VVo have spen tho shcuii gcute in the red clover until lull— HO lull that they looked as if they would burst, and Uiuu oomrj out of the red clover Held in the blue KHUN .pasture,and jfraise as tUouirh thoy had nptsyon any arans for 11, dn.y or two. We hiiyff dbsorve'tl that the clover did not seem to satisfy 'their- hungor, yet il they wwe.kep^froin, thaolovera day or»o they ,woul(J,p|nnd r.iuud the galabeggins: to be lot in. Qave hot hud liny of them uffectod with tho hoove yet.. One of Iho best authorities we have on uhcop has put himself on record its saying that clover is not good for 'sheep and advines farmers to stoor clear ot it. • Wo aro not prepared to •five advice on the mutter, but wo have seen no had results ns yet from the use of thU"grasB in -jra-slnR sheep, . iiiwo not sport any of theni. uor bavo wo lost any by b)oat, Jt certainly 1ms one thing in its favor, urtd that is the ahundanco of feed whloh it tutitishfiB, and thiit, too, ut a season of theeiw when he blue antss U taki. ing a vacation,: Wo think that the blue grass (poa prutenBis) ie tlio very best gross for sheep, and if we had to be cwnlined to one hiud ojfigrtMis; it wpi\l4'je ^nuw,- fiipe oUhfl.vMy. teases we have for bltie hi am ( LI ? th LP l*- In in. wiiif rl,uj mass --' "-• The stock, fi re, 5 Willi I ';:r 1'.. i ill ' xe .:'-'lin;.'!y Oi -lriiiont il to health, h, ^ fee stou ai li. i-it-s.,s the vital ordain, ii .ieriiip!.« llie flee mi, lion of the die-t . , !ld l-llI. ,'1'leS till' IllllCl ioila III tile iniii .il i i ;d ilinralit: or*.',in^ t ai.d, in fitct, iiiiiiehiiice, the wl -eile iiiiiscular sy.-teui. .Mai y cliili'ieii bee-'U..' slightly liiiup- l ..ii i'd nv severely ioiind-slit 'ii'.der.'d by she'eii!" wilii the lc .ul raised on a hiyli ptllov. I'll I'll 11 I it I l.i-litlel itliljl. l .vei -y p.unit i.i a lender. You are prie.-t al liouie. 'I'n ttan li 'lle ont s jmi ate as lied iu tie i 'e.'st in staiiee; tliey look to jon lor i-v r;, I binj,"; they believe in you. It will lie Ihe most Itirili 'e niomint in your !il. when your own c iil .1 says, "My lather is ii bad man." It loo': liiui a lun^' time in work that deadly conviction into hi- t-uul, n:d ten years longer it look him lo •hipeil into words; Iho whole creation c'lo.itieil as he rem, •inhere,I and considered and di i .hucd that bis lather was no lonijt r in, (i»d to him. Your words drop u IMI^ way upon tour childiun and hit in proportion to the tlibtiincti of the lioif,'lit from V'-liii'.h tlii-v lid|. ^\ word ui;ly, unkind, uinrym|iulhc(ic fell from jour "lip-, and Ihe child five \ears old oiuiylit it, and lias it today, and will have it when he is fourscore ymiiit old, and will remember you, and think of y on appropriately. Inlluencu is subtle; you think the sentence was un b.'itulj it will burn forever. Take heed whal. yon are about; you uro shaping your child 's destiny. There is nothing frivolous which enters into human destiny, Let all the memory be bright with happy suviiiys, comments, loviiijfcrilicisnis, all'eclionaie sympathies, anil endeavors to help the life. -l >r. Joseph i '.nkt'r. ON K Tt)UCU Oy SA'i'VUK. II tlt-i i|i r. d lo Hie Cit«ii of a Vounu Col oretl GUI, A touch of nature which made prisoner and magistrate kin, crept into the wicked routine of tlio armory pjlico court this niornii.y. Allium,'the inmates of n d'Uor- doily bouse which wn» raided recently was Minnie Hurry, a comely colored girl who cumo into tlio dock crying bitterly. "This is," said .lui- tico to the girl, "You liavo ben arrested frequently, but have always borne it with calmness. Why do you break down today'," "1 yot a letter from inv sister in Toronto this morning, judge," said tho girl, her voice breaking frequently in sobs, "tolling nio that my mother is dying, luivn 't scon her in threu years, unH i want to go tliero to see bur before she dies." At this announcement tho girl 's follow- prisojiers, these women, drew away from hor with Htrungn looks on thou* filers.' "Is thill true?" iis'neil tho magistrate, suspecting that the prisoner vjas fabricating it touching fltpry Iq proptiro her ilisohurge. Hy way'of reply Minnie Ustry tossed ti letter uot 'Oii tho justice 's dosk. A Toronto postmark was on tho envelope. The lottcr corroborated Uo girl's st'iry. "I 'll discharge ypu," Bind thn macis- trate, "1 myself failed to reach the bedside of my mothor before she died. You can go." The girl loft tho courtroom weeping us though her heurt would break, The justice fined the others 83 each, Thuir ctiuipanion's misfortune made thorn, though I fill mid tboy made no attempt to escape paying their linos. CIGAR HEAL ICRS lit! SEATED. Tha Uubuu Tax I 'art of the Cost of Production, CuiOAflo, Aug. 19..—Judge 13|lodgott in tho United States district court rendered an interesting aeoUion. in. a Buit brought by a spore of Chicago, cigar importers to recover alleged escousivo duties, In Cuba tliero is an internal revenue tax of flfcy centb per thousand on the cigars, snd the appraisers included this in the dutiable value. Importers contested-this .ruling, but Judge Blodgott holds that tha Cuban, tax niter* ifttP, toe, coat pf priMlu#o n '" ' ' we weiu married and thM »!' d(« m lwvssuddoiUy.! 1 «' :.• >. VJ W STHVAlK IIV AN* KNNINK. An OiniiHuiN Ttirni n Sinii«<rftii>iH hi the Air. l-'iniT DonaK, town, \iiir. 18. —An Illinois ^will:b engine collided with one of feilhy llros.' ouiiiibuscs this morning on the railroad cro:-.-iiitf. The vehicle was lifted lliaii in tlio air and turned a complete somersault. Two passenger? crawled out. of the muss of wreckeiM unhurt, lull bully dazed and friublennd. IMKll Wllll.l>; lllllVINII. Ail Old Iti'idileli! ul llin Mtilntu slritltvlt Willi linn I l )l », Ili -'.t Mnisi-'.s, Iowa, Anur. 18 --.Ion,ill,an Sliilsiuiin. brother ol tho citv inarshal, died suddenly from bent, ili -ca-e la-t evenini: wbiie rowine: u boat. He w .is (Hi yean old and had leen a n-'id'-nt of this city and manly siiin: 1 ^l*i. Toltrntln, Whether on pleasure hunt or b isinc--, Me,old tiikt: on every nip u l .i .itl-: of >>iiii' of Fl;:*, llrl it nets lll 'i -i 1 i'-.l-;llltl.t a.ei - , fei li.ully on tlic kidney-, li\--r .net h,\,-, . plt-velllilie; fevers, 1 1, -: i • I, i < - 11 e i .mil oi.el l.illns of r ,le!im :r>. 1'or -ale ill .*,0'-. un,I st.Oi bottles liy illl Icadilie; drn-^ists. All ilirrill.','!llellt, i .f :l }•, telit vvus 111,: leu son for ulluehiupi,-i.,Tiy I"-!,,nuiiie lo lh, city Of hilnlllll to Ihe \.l,llf. ill .-1,0.111111. "O.M*. toil.IV is tV'iilo ten I.,-Ill", I 'e.t Asplciiilid Inr lions.;•; r, l„ v...iU l.j, CSpeeildl: il lle't II-e r-A I'( 11,11). 1',... 11 „ ,|', e 8>iylhil|e 1,, loie'eli-iniiilH•.-.«, Arulit'.llu--"ls it true I Inn. llinei: ^|,-<)|,',\ bus eloped with her lui tin's i.-.iii.-liiiinii:" r'clicc—"(Hi, no, she tlidu't do us tvell that; he vtus only ttic f,i"luiiiii." K. A. I'd)(H), lok-tlo, Ohio, says: "Hull's Cnlnri li l n re e:n-d my wile of tiilarrli liltfiu yeio.> n„,, -.iii.l >ln: lin, li nl no reliirn of It. 'it's a .-nru cure." hoid by Drug- aists, 7.-.C. "What Is the ,1 iit-i-i-- n-y thin.; in pu-tn tiinu' a hi- V" "Winer." i -pii, ,1 .1 i.lin- liy i-'iz/.ietep. "Nut so, my till,, hoy. lire is tin: lllo^t li •' ,-- -ii. >, tor il li '• lin- iliiln't liiirii there ii,....,J he ,,,i iiceil ol itutcr." 1>IIII.I1KI,, .1 1S.15. Dri-hscs, (jcntii'h Cloiliin^ l'mitiicrs, Olovci, t.'lc, Dy-til or Cle.iiieii. Pliisli iJiirmcnt* bteiiiuctl at Otto I'ii- 1 <-ti'» Dye Works, 210 \\. Water St., Milwaukee. Send fur Circular. The xylophone pluyer Is unite > niurvel la Sis way— he. inkes little pieces anil makes chords nt wood, I'lTN.- All Fi^tliccM fruit hf Oil. K[.TVs'li GnKt r M lit I. Ills I l.l: I.I:. N„ lh [,. „0,. r 11 t -it'« ti-,«. Mur. t. llous run .. 'I i. ie i-,, HI,.1 -•J.i ',1 I rnil lull Hi, frn<» tu I it . III,..H . Sen. I n i In. Kliiie. '.'.ll St., Plillit., I*,i. The tloi; llotter l< mi cn*cctlr« dusl^n lu •illvcrtvurc when chased on i bright Bllvcr surface. If nllliclt'il with Nore Eyes, use Dr. Inruic Thoiu peon's Eye Water. Dm {giant ncli It. 115c. A tea iet wniui ;ht In Indian chasing and Inning all pieces In low bulbous fonn is a thing of beaut)'. Itcfl, easiest to use unit clienpsjt I'lso'* Itcinedy for CIIIIIITII. By driiL'L"st». 50c. Finger ring's showing three rowK of i;eiu», five In eni-li row, r;ive, when on the tinker, the Impression of three tre-itoue rings. ThU century hm produced no woman who bis done &o uiucU lo educate her HCX to a taoroui;li anil proper knowledge of theiu- eelvca an .Mis. l.ydia K- Fiukhaiu. They'liuvc "a home for old hie liehiis" ia Bt. l.olliri. 'fin- heat waj l.slor old bit' hnlnrd to colatilisli u Inline for lliciiuulvct* with ue- couiiiioiliitioun fur two. Do not send your daughter nway for cloture of air liil you undcrbtaiul lu:r all- incut. t:cntl 'Je. ul'.tiiip lor "tiuitle lo Health," to l.yilin E. l'inhlium Medicine Co., Lynn, .da.-s. Mitnfle;..'! —"Ko you want me to advance you $l,uooon yuur sulury, do you'r linpti^- bitile, sir. i never luant ul un ut-tor Utiitxiag am Ii a rt '(tie.-tl before." beading At-t,,r ([loiiipuusiy;—"I wUli you to knmi, sir, that 1 uevt r I am tintirely urie,iu:tl." Tll» Onlr Ono Kvnr I'rlnU.l -C«n You Mud lli« IVortlT £f.c)i week a dllToroitt thrue-ltich display I.i patillchctj lu thl.i IIHUIK *. Tbore art, HO two WOMJ. alltto In either ad., egeept On« wont Thla wor4 will be found hi the Kd. for Dr. llartar 'a lrtm Tonic, Little Liver Pllta ao<t Wild Utanrry Ulttera. Look tut •OreBoout" trade-nark. R «a4 the tA. carefully, and tvheu yoi« find tfee ward stoid 14 In theaa and they wilt r«Vare ytm a book, beanithil lltho^rasli.t Had nainple fr «e. Nervous Dynpopulri iu Hiivero form, tltod aw\ lnngultl, uo amblliut), irrcj.'ulJir, DO app*)lil(»—thlu wu« fvj VQtKtltiuu whon 1 liy^uu tu liOto UOO'I'H Hiirtmimi illu. Yram tlio voijr iirdt jt auaiuoil to bu ju^t wbuL 1 ueodud. The norvoua ^ynpon«la hita now uiiliroly gont>, ray ai't»ollt« 1B oavUnnt, 1 van cut iwnrl'tly without dUtrtjai* aftiTWiiriih i 1 »Uio\> wall. iunl onu uovr go about my vtock ivitlmut luivln^ Unit tin-d foullug MU fcuquuut bufuro I bt -yim l.ikuii; Ibu inudi- oiao. I fanvti tuJieu »ii butt Ion o£ Hood's SaraapariUa *ud retuimmuiid tt uft tUu of MttdlyluoA." u. J. BUULLY , l 'rtj ^Itltmt Huiimiiii'n Uniaa, !45ti OntU- eriito LStruot, Dot in it, Midi. 14. U, Ma *\ir\> Lu ^nt Hood'u Huiv.iii">rll)u. ii, 'rrA'i'OBAI, ISISWEDY SOU fi'pllcntlo Fltej, Fnlllug; Sickness, Hysterics, 8t. Vitus Danco, Nervousnoss, ilypoclioiuliln, Jlelnncliolla, In- cbt'lty, fBlcojiloasnoss, DIz< i:inc3 ;j, iU-tiiu niiil Snl- nni Wooluioss. This medicine, has direct action upon f ho norvo contors, allayltig all Ivrltablll- tlos, and lucroaslng tho flow and power of norva flulfil. la porteolly harmloss nntl leaves no iinploaiant effocts. -A Viiltnible Hoolt on Norvona p |iit>itK04 Hunt (rvu to any udih -aiis. ami vtitu' liittloufu can aluu otitulu . . _ — Uile uiottteliio li oo ut cliume. 'i 'tiln rtiraody luta boon nropared by the llevHreml Paniui' KnaitUl. ot Fort Wayne. Hid., Btuco law. and Is now iivoparua untilui 'UlH tltrtiotlou by tlio tCOENIC N1ED. CO., Chloago, III. * HDW by Pt-urrulsts ut 81 per Bottle 0 for SC. J.uri-o Hlvo, a 1 .7B. 0 Bottloa for «t>. FREE ANAKlCKISvlveiliuuul relltif, uud la. " nil rc I ILL %3 *a,ireJi''"A^A'iti!si'sj7'< • • — — -w Sea IUII, N »w Vua« Uirr, WTWWIiW—T5-34' ~ INfALLX- (or vtum. dru^Kliuii m nut <yrt« Price. Mi al druai,.. by uiall. Ua-niiiaii fraa. AdilreHa Bear'" "German yrup" For Coughs & Colds. John F. Jones, Edom,Tex. .writes 1 I have used German Syrup for the prist six years, for Sore Throat, Cough, Colds, Pains in the Chest and Lungs, and let ine say to anyone wanting such a medicine— German Syrup is the best. BAV. Baldwin, CaniesviHe.Teun., writes : I have used your German Syrup in my family, and find it the best medicine I ever tried for coughs and colds. I recommend it to everyone for these troubles. R. Schmalhauson, Druggist, o! Charleston, 111..writes: After trying scores of prescriptions and preparations I had on my files and shelves, without relief for a very severe cold, which had settled on my lungs, I tried your German Syrup. It gave me immediate relief and • permanent cure. A G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufacturer, Woodbury, New Jersey, 0. S. A. A T ARIFF, AND F REE T RADE. U SSO!I F OR T TIE A H ER i PAM P EOPLE . . PUBLIC OPINION . . II would be well It erary citizen of the Ualtedi Stale oiilil read Ut. Scanlan'i book.— Altom, Err. Journal. It In mi mtinlralile document and nhonld hart Hie lurivii clrculiitton.— liofhttttr Dtmoertt. , Itlsii iii >w jerolailoii.—.Mtfional Triitunt. ' It lit ,i atruiiK pica— notion Pilot. II no in thu hantla of erary werfctn* mitn.— Wettern i/aa'/'r. A flartllng ana; of faeta.—J>urH»fll»» Jtaiak- tyt. A most t'onTlnclnir demontitratlon of tire tnrtlia uf ld« proportion.— .Vintifupolu Journal. It m an lutereatliiK uarrative.— J*4UMvpttt> Journal. Tht author nrgncs from the aoondeitprlncipWa. -.V. }' /'mi. An unanswerable argtuncnt.— MllwtvJUi JTe#*f lleio itre nndenlable reprluta of facta.—#W Ko mu' run read It wltltent being Uwronihly M. Du l'ur. I'd per, r,0c., - Cloth, $1.00. Sent to any address on receipt of Ike price. For Sale by Railway News Co., on Train*, and all Depots. Ii not send, price to the author, JOHN F. SCANiLAN, acciM,ni.o.B.i. WESTERN NKYVS CO.. D /^WILD f4 ffcHERRY :\BITTERS?., •jr">4. run !,:;_ ;:|ylEtllGlN.'l ^.1 : '-'urSi. .. !' f ;' ReOl'S.TtKtfi . • 1 BELIEVES nil Btoinuch Dlutrotw. REMOVES Nttiisi'o, Bonso of Fulln«»A. CONCKSTIOS, PAIN. I REVIVES KAIUSO ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Clrciilutloia, C9A WAlum TO Ton Tll '8. DR. HARTEB MEDICINE CO.. 81. Louie, M*>' ISONALD KENNEDY Of Roxtoy, Mass,, says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of 40 years' standing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and Cancer that has taken root* Price |i.5o. bold by every Druggist in the U. S. and Canada. I EWIS' 98f< Lit |_ (0WI11IB AHE HBFDktS. ™ (l'ATSHTIS.) The strongut and fttrttl Lyi made. Will make the Uit pec (timed Hard Soap In 90 minutci ^without boiling. It im tlio Vkoinit for softening water cleansing waste pipes, disinfect ing sinks, closets, washing bot ties, paints, trees, etc, PENNA. SALT M'F'G CO Gon. Agta., Fbila., Pa. i '.i .Kti'(y nt,,\tu a tjtill i , t>ill <il <>u*, •purkllny and u|>ptitUiiii wli by u)l ili 'tiJt'^, A nttiriil I'iuiurv Jloolr aDiIOwfdi sunt frtw U ^tiyuitw mAUm tU^lr ir«^ t,. Th« 0. K. JUKKA 00.. rbttvi'* „ BMt Cough Modiolne. Reoommonied by FJvjaiolaju. CUNI where nil elao faila. Plenaant and agroeable to th* t Children take it without objection, By drufgUta, ^ i *

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