The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 22, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1891
Page 3
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lc Postvillc Weekly Review. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BUR01CK. BY TEftUB: U.bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. --Fresh Fruits cheap, nt 19w3 .loirs THOMA'S. —Geo. Lull pat in his big pldtc glass on iTnetdav, without accident. —Miss Edith Holmos, of Arooa. Wis. is visiting her aunt, Mrs. C05IC. For Sale! Carriage* of all descriptions for sale. W. S. WEBSTER. Anna Elision Instructor on tho piano and Postvillc, Iowa. organ, Howe-Shoeing-. Xo hit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. TltOS. SltOKTRKKtl. —A sister of Mrs. M. F.. Tatcott been visiting the latter this week. has —Frank TiiUer has got a new driving horse which he says is a dandy. —The "Handy Top" on any carriage. W is the best put S. WEUSTKH. - 68 New Shoes just received, for fall and winter trade, at .John Crosby's. - Mr. Hart wheat which acre. had ten acres of .vinter yielded 26 bushels per [ - Hoy A McNeil are again represented in our advertising columns. They are building up a good trade and will be glad to receive, calls from all desiring goods in their Fne, belieying they can make it advantageous to all to give them a part of their patronage at. least. —l'ho Union Creamery pays IS for crcatu and 60 cts. for milk week. cU. this —Liveryman Fuller has been 011 the sick list, but was around Saturday for the first time in about a week.-Lansing Journal. —Ml. and Mrs. (too. Kedhead intend to go lo^Minnesoia next week to visit their son Line. —Mr. and Mrs. Tiller .spent hist Sunday in Waukon, guests of Mrs. Charley Bayless. For Sale! The house and two lots formerly owned by Dr. Hrmvn will be sold cheap Apply to F. S. Hurling. 51 f House and Lots For Sale. 1 offer my house and three lots on north side of track for sale. S. W. HOYSTON. — Prof. Smith finished his labors in the. Fayette institute lust week and wctt to Waukon on Saturday for another siego of two weeks. He is not getting much rest out of this vacation. --H. and S. Mctlonigle, of Independence, Hen Mill"r and wife, of \Vin- throp, Mr. Crumb, of Nebraska, and Mrs. A. C. lllnghani, of St. Paul, all relatives of PaiilK^bcris, visited Postville Thursday. 1 -Monona correspondence Klkader Argus. —$:10 pays the expenses for one term at the Nora Spi ings Normal, Preparatory and Commercial School. The items included in the S:U) are. table board, room rent, tuition and book rent. —The Crc«co Plaindealer has been enlarged to a seven column quarto and sports a new head. It is one of the oldest papers in this part of the slate and has boon under tho same editorial management since its establishment, thirty-two yoars ago. The Meads arc stayers. — Joe Gray returned on Tuesday from a trip covering Spencer, Sioux City. Omaha, Lincoln, Dcs Moines, Cedar Rapids, etc., making a very good ami pleasant trip. We don't blame ,ioe for taking a good lay off he lias been a grass widower so long. Ho needed some consolation. - Miss Belle Prescott has gone to (turner, having a .school there for the ensuing vcar. -Mrs. Millay (nee Kir.iua :iiul lilile daughter, Nebraska, itiuLT at Dave Jneobia's. Hanks) a,e vis- STOP! and look at that $2M Shoe, HutiiilU 11. Drown & Co's own make, at John Crosby's. --At the Nora Springs Commercial School Business Methods are learned by ACTIAI . biisinrsi piactieo in the school-room. Fall term opens Sept. 1st. 1S01. Students admitted nt any time. The Democrat says that the com- mittoo that has been investigating the county officers accounts has adjourned temporarily. They concluded tho investigation of the cotin'y treasurer and so nearly that of the county auditor as to know that these officials arc all right. Tho matter of tho clerk seems to remain in statu quo. —I'. M. Hnislct, of the New Hampton Tribune, made us loo brief a call 1; si Saturday morning. —Mr. ltnrklashul will move into his home purchased of J. I. Shepherd, K SIJ.. eaily m xt month. —Tho nu'v bank building ncavs completion and it is thought that business can be commenced Sept. 1st. . We are in receipt of coinplimenta- vies to the Allamakee Co. fair, to Ire held at Waukon, Sept. 14th to -Limo. Cement, Stucco ing Hair, always 011 ham! lttf P. J. BKff.lIEK, and riasler- itnd for sale. Dra viiian. —But little threshing has been done yet, lint the yield is everywhere reported good where threshing has been done. — Yesterday was a damp day for the soldiers at McGregor. It served to renu'ml lliem of snob experiences in the army. —Miss Clara Alward has gone to Ml. Vernon to attend school there, her sister taking hor place at J. W. Ward Co's store. —Nothing but corn is entirely satis- lied with llio weather wo hnvu been having of Into. It has been too warm for coniforl. Short-Horn Bulls For Sale. Pour pedigreed shorl-liorti hulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen months old, the others younger. Three miles southeast of Postvillc. UiiiiG P. CtitirottAX. — The Nora Springs Seminary affords a good Knglisli education, (loud building, expressly for school purposes. Experienced teachers. Common brani'hes a SPECIALTY. Pall term opens Sept. 1. l.S'.ll. -A daughter of (i. W. Pearson, at Hardin, was thrown I rum a horse .-mil severely on Tuesday. Dr. Cireou attends her inn) reports the probability of speedy recovery, alihough she was dangerously hurt. —Mrs U. N. Clark ami Frank, of Louisiana, are up on a visit. We are indebted to Frank for a pleasant call. He reports the family contented and doing well. They are engaged in farming, rice being their main crop. — Charley Dayless was over from Wnukon a few days ago on his '.ocyclo. It looks as if this machine was going to interfere with the. livery business. Thu only trouble is a young man can't well take out his best girl for it ride. -Wo see that Otto Mikvlsoti is installed as chief clerk in (he new clothing store of Heo. Helming & Co.. at Waukon. Otic has had a good deal of exp'crieneo and is well acquainted at Wnukon. Wo hope he has a gooil and p.irmaiuiil situation. —Attorney Chapin, of McGregor, who was in Klkader last week to take evidence in some cases for violation of tho prohibitory law, was taken bodily to tho train ami sent back to McGregor. A number of citizens have been cilod to appear before Judge Hatch to tell what they know about it. It will be likely to be a sorry job for the participants. —The 'Jlth annual exhibition of tho Allamakee County Agricultural Society will be held at Waukon, Sept. 14th to 18th, on the now grounds of the society. Tho lisi of premiums is greatly increased. The attractions ottered are very line. A balloon ascension and jump will be made every day except thu lirst day. This society pays awarded premiums. —Mrs. F. FrantMsn was down from 1 Ossinn one day this week. —Eli Cole's wife and sister. Miss Wallace, of San Antonio, Texas, are visit- i ing at J, H. Sanders'. —J. W. Ward A Co. make a brief announcement in their space this week. They are unable to get out thoir regular announcement in time for this issue. Their stock in all departments is com- nlote, however, and all prices as usual, are at the bottom notch. — In advertising the Howard County P.\ir, the managers realize that promises may get friends, but it is performance lhat keeps them, and as they not only have in view the success of the Fair this season, but for many years to come, they are endeavoring to so conduct the exhibition that they shall be Able not only to get a crowd, but through the satisfaction each visitor will feel, shall make him their friend nnd patron for nil time to conic. In connection with fine lithograph advertising, etc., they have issued 10,000 Fair Bulletins, descriptive of the fair, and thousands of letters, which will reach 50,000 people. —Tho Decker Brothers' matenl«ss oabinot grand piano recently purchased from tho Bahcock A Elmer Co. Piano Club, Winona, Minn., by Mr. John Sanders, of tho tlrtn of Luhman & Sanders. Postvillc, is undoubtedly one of the finest made. The lotto and action especially are unsurpassable. These celebrated pianos do not deteriorate like some others, but retain flint same rich, full and clear liquid tone, which makes them so earnestly sought after by tho best and most highly cultivated people throughout tho world. In 11 word they are a power in themselves for nobleness aim greatness in all points that constitute a perfect piano. J. W, Ward <& Co's Buggy & Wagon This remind ou "that he best, and cheapest "ine vf goods Ml tho market o-dav is found with us, uid we desire vou to examine the S.ltll" which will proyo to you without. further remarks thn truth of our nssertlon. OEAT <S£ CO., THE JEWELERS. LADIES' GOLD WATCHES, GENT'S GOLD WATCHES, BRACELETS, BANGLES, BAR PINS, BEAD NECKS, CROSSES, CHARMS, CHAINS, CHAIN MOUNTINGS, CUFF PINS, CHATELAINE PINS, EARRINGS, GARTERS, GLOVE BUTTONERS, JERSEY PINS, LOCKETS, MOUNT HOPE BUTTONS, NECK CHAINS, SCARF PINS, GOLD SPECTACLES. CALL AND SEE US Satisfaction is HWnrantcod In every sale and those persons who aro the moil difficult Vd please wo feel sure wilt not hesitate to prononned this as a fact that everything is of tha quality represented and will stand tho test of . wear, A Bad Accident. Ou Tuesday last as P. Corcoran and daughter were 011 their way to Waukon their horse ran into a slump, tipping over the cart and throwing them both out, breaking Mr. Coreoran's collar bone. His daughter was thrown into a wire fence, but, outside of severe cuts on the arm was not seriously hurt. 11 was a narrow escape. —The river is lower now than it has been for twenty years. That is the testimony of old river men llial huvu watched the father of waters all their lives. We are informed by a reliable resident of Prairie du Chicn that a man wailed across the channel on tho Wisconsin side, (his week, and the deepest place was four feet. lie .struck a sandbar and followed it and tho bar reached clear across the channel- The river is still falling at a rate of about one inch in lwcii*y-/our hours. — North Iowa Times. Judgo Williams Dead. It is with unfeigned sorrow that wo are called upon to chronicle the death of Hon. K. II. Wii'iams, which occurred at his homo in Grand Meadow township yesterday morning in tho "3rd year of his age. Ho had been gradu ally failing sinco January though the family did not suspect thai the end was so near. Ho was not strictly conllned to his bed at nil, mid only a few moments before tho vital spark wunt out he walked from the bed loom to the sitting room. Wo have not the, lata for a full write up this week but shall try and give tho main points In his history in it suitablo aiticlu next week. The funeral will bo at the house at 11 o'clock, A. M., on Saturday, and his remains will bo deposited in tho Poslville cemetery. —The Hamilton, Drown & Co. 82.50 Shoe, in nil styles and widths, at John Crosby's, beats anything in tho stale for llio money. —Waturs & Nicolay have just lin- Isliod the work of placing tv largo new furnace in tho basement of the German Lutheran church. -•Dr. Booker will occupy tho second floor of Mr. Lull's building in the row block. Ho will havo splendid ollleo mul residence rooms. • -Headquarters for A.xlo Grease, Gasoline, Lard. Castor, Black ami all <>t the lmiding brands' of Mauhino Oils, at Waters & Nicolay's. —Wo understand thattlio old National hotel properly, owned by K. A. T. Moyor, has been sold to a German for 82,(100. This looks liko « big price. At least it is SilOO more than he offered it for last spring. Property is steadily advancing in and around Postvillc. Headquarters for Machine. Oils. The brick drug storo us usual is headquarters for machine oils of all kinds. Wu guarantee the quality to be life besl and prices thu lowest. Don't buy a gallon of oil until you oonio in and examine our oils. 15tf K. N. DOUGLASS. —X lino shoivor yestorday, not a large rainfall hut enough to brighten up thn grant and give tho corn and Into garden plants a fresh impetus. —J. I, Shepherd dcoided to look over western Iowa a littlo beforo going to tho Puoillo coast, anil left last Monday morning on a tour of Inspection —A nitmbor of our poopla wont to the reunion at McGregor this.week,'but moro would have gotto had not the waathor been so extremely warm. —Frid Boedy will have- ono of the finest suites of photograph rooms in tho statu when he gets looatoil in his new quarters in the bank building. —Tho snhoolma'ams tiro soaroo in Postvllle this week. But what Is our IOM Is Wnukon's gain. They are all there io attendance upon the Institute —Ernest Ruekttwhel will have an auction salo of stock, farm machinery and furniture at his farm just south of Sprlngtteld, on Thursday, Sept. 3rd . coruaienc.log at 9 o'clock, A. M. -Dr. Becker has rented tho upper .floor of Mr- Lull's new building, next to tho furniture store, and will occupy it for ofHoe and, residence as soon as completed —About Sept. 10th to Oct. t. -Mrs. MojMitstur gave Mrs, Betty* hor annual birthday pnrty last Friday 'JCUe pnly objection wo have to offer is that no mm allowed, except the minister. But Uilft is a world pf priva Vions to us man foils*. "" "?f "r"r" 1 "• • • ;v~WM Vtm1ev>got;; of to M» now ' jjjpftw j^JTjW [ 'Tuewlt^: We %*te$';Jrt ?t aware tljst there. I* not room -While the militia boys wore gathered 011 the platforms of the cars of the Burlington train approaching Posl­ ville Saturday evening last on their return from camp, Harry Winters was crowded oil'the steps. Tho train was running at noarly usual speed and Harry's escape from instant dealh was almost miraculous. Ho struck 011 his head and shoulders but was somewhat protected and no doubt saved from u broken neck by his knapsack which ho had strapped upon his back. His cout was rent from top to bottom, but beyond a general shaking up ho escaped injury.—Democrat. Form For Salo. A farm consisting of 280 acres- yiO under cultivation and '10 acton of lim- bor. Will sell tho farm without the timber if dosirod. Good hotiso, barn and outbuildings 0:1 llio farm. Fenced in 'JO ncro lots. Well watered by a number of largo springs. A splendid farm in every particular. Situated 2J miles southwest of Caslalia, mid 'U southeast of Ossinn, Only 1} miles south of Military road and good road to it. For terms, oto. apply to E. Scott, Ossian, or to tho editor of llio RBVIKW Poslvillo. M1116 John B. Mott in Europe John K. Molt is making the tour of Fiiiglanil and Scotland. We have been permitted to read some of his letters to his parents and sisters, with permission to publish, which wn .v'ould be glad lo do if we could make, out all llio proper names. He wrote very hurriedly to his own family, who aro accustomed to his writing, but to an "outsider" it It) ditU- cull to gut at names with which 0110 is not familiar; and lo get them wrong would bo to spoil the sense of and mangle tho correspondence. Wo are glad thai John is able lo take this trip, as it will bo of lusting benefit lo him all through life. It is just such a lour ns wo have always wished to make, but now, as tho evening shudowH aro gnlh- oring, wo havo given up llio idea of ever beholding llio laud beyond tho son. We have made arrangements with the Staner & Abbott Mf'g Co., of Chicago, one of the largest buggy manufacturers in this country, having three large factories, whereby we are selling- Spring wagons, Road carts and road wagons, End spring top buggies, Side bar top buggies, Brewster spring top buggies Timpkin spring top buggies, Steel gear top buggies, Rubber spring top buggies, Jump seat buggies, Buggies of all kinds, Phaetons, Surreys, and Carriages of every description Feed Cookers, Swill Carts, "Western Washers, cylinder oils, axle grease and belting. As heretofore, we carry Anything <& Every tiling in the line of hardware. Chain pumps, wood pumps and iron pumps. Tin-Work a Specialty I We can do you good in the Stove line. Watch this space. HOY & McNEIL. At Factory Prices! Invites you to come and inspect his mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Room Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks: Excursions. For tho annual encampment of Veterans of the U. S3., lo bo hold in Minneapolis, Aug !U to 20, excursion tickets will be sold at 0110 faro for tho round trip. Will veil Aug. 23 and 24, good to return Aug. 21) and 30 only. M. E. TAIXOTT. Now Dental Booms. Dr. Wilt Cole has opened a dental olllco over the harness store in tho brick block, where ho may be found on Tuosclny and Wednesday of each week, whuro ho invites tho public to call whon wanting first-class work done iu his line. Fayette County Fair, Sept. 1, Z, and 4, 1891. Tho 87th annual exhibit of tho Fay- otto County Agricultural Society will bo hold at West Union, Iowa, Sept. 1st to 4th inclusive. Tho olllcors of tho association have spared neither monoy labor nor pains to mako llio fair of 1891 tho best of tho many lino exhibits for which Fayette county fairs aro just ly noted. Now and iiovol attractions for every day. For full particular!! and premium list write to MARK GMJIKUT, Sec, West Union, Iowa. A. Word to Young Hon. Young man do you not know that yon aro oxpoclod lo bo at tno Howard County Fair, at Crosco, Iowa, Sept. 1, 2, it and 4, accompanied by tho girl of yourchoicuP Wo not only count upon your presonco, and your friends anticipate it, but U10 girl looks forward lo tho trip, and you will do wrong to disappoint us all. Don't run tho risk of being thought bashful or stingy, but ongago tho girl at onco, and If necessary got two girls. Girls novor look so bowltohlngry bountiful and lino ns whon droBSOil in holiday nlllrn, appropriate for a day at llio fair. Among so many affecting soenus thuro is no bettor place, to train llio alloollons, and utipld's arrows shot by boaux who gallant thu fair sox hlthor and thither and talk familiarly over objects of Interest, seldom miss tho mark. Tho young inon of the times and gb'U of the period always go to tho Howard County Fair, and many a happy mari'lngo has boon tho sequel to a courtship which had Its baglnning In tho inspiring rural BOOIIOS of tho Howard County Fair, L The Stauer & Abbott buggies, car riages and wagons are all high grade c Postvllle Steam Mill. Tho undersigned having purchased the Poslvillo Steam Mills formerly owned and operated by Hiram Dresser, Is prepared to do Sawing, Planing, Grind; ing Feed, Scroll Sawing ana Turning, at reasonable rates. Planing and grinding, Mouday of eaoh week. Your patronage solicited, E. D. STILES. A Good. Farm For Sale. Containing 112 acres, (all good farm ing land) living water, convculont to school, good roails, in a good neighbor hood, three niUos south front CnsUl!*, For full particulars Inquire of It. it Heoker, PostvilU; A. W. Kratnar, C'as talia; or the undersigned on tho prom Ucb. 13m2 DANIBI- CAHAIAH. —Noxt week Is the big fast homo woefc at Independence. An excursion train wlil be ruo on tho Btirtlrgton eicfr day, leroftfnlng at Ioctepemloooe until tjies close of the races In tho evening< JfWs tr»|n will doubtless bo well pittraBkorf, »» ; tftore jjve pjany people e\ Mjr *|ierft ^ m ^s vmm^ttA torn Ij$k.' ix > J*"* 1 '«»«r woifc for-; Another Good Farm Sold. J. M. Harris lias purchased the old Moulthrop farm of 265 acres, opposlto liuthel ohurcb, and adjoining Mr. Harris' old farm, for $44.00 por aero. This is a splendid farm and the cheapest that has boon sold lh this section for n year or two, Mr. Harris will movo on to the farm this fall, and Immediately if he should sell his rcsiclonco property here, which he will doubtless soon do. Ho will not attempt to work the farm himself but.will rent it for tho present. We are sorry to loso him from town but aro glar' that ho is going to remain in the neighborhood. —Waukon is fitting up a public park as rapidly as fundi pan be procured This Is a matter that Postyille long since should have attended to. No town should ever be Jald out and plat tod without a block of ground being sot apart and dedicated to tho use of the public for this purpose. If the proper ground had beon thus set apart long beforo this time the citizens would have contributed,^ funds and labor enough, from time to time, to have had » Una park. Now, with the price of lota at high water mark, It Is doubtful it wo [reward* ever have this most delightful adjunct! between of A progressive and cLtefptlalng town* Suitable ground could not qow be procured for lw than $1,000, and It would fait* .jwr^j yftp"teg«t »w MEMORIAL. Miss Alma L. Anger was born in Wostport, Essex Co,, N. Y,, Jim. 9th, 1855, In early llfo sho came with hor father and family to Clayton Co., nnd after a residence of about a year In Iowa oamo to vicinity of th/i homo whoro sho oxplrod Aug. 6th, J801. Her death oamo'rather suddenly and unexpectedly even to tho loving rola- tlrcs and frlunds who watnhed by hor b( dside, while hor sorlous Illness was not generally known. The deceased was thoroughly devoted to her father and friends and ivill bo greatly missed from tho Sunday school aod community. 'J be father, Mr. Anger, has tho sympathy of a largo circle QI friends. It became necessary to briry the remains on Friday, whilo the funeral sermon was not preached till Sunday. To all tho friends and acquaintances it must havu boon evident that Alma was a .christian Hor Christianity w'ts not a garment worn, lint rather an Influence absorbed and the result was that her life WHS not onlv beautiful but uniform, and her Influenee decidedly for Christ. Already she has entered upon her and great Is the contrast the gluoiu .of'.. our mourning A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the owning, season will consult their own interest by obtaining* , ,, , , . 1 , 1 figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills.' goods and none better produced in the | Best of grades oniv handled. United States. All No. 1 jobs are fully- warranted. We solicit a call from everyone m need of goods in this line and guarantee to give you lower prices than you ever heard of quality of goods considered. THE unw POR in mm * » We will send the "REVIEW" from nov/ until Jan.' 1st, 1891, for 60 cents, to New Subscribers. Try it! The Ii/ter Oeeai) ~ _ _ « « *.»- tt 11- kii^ U TublUlied Every Day of the Year, and Is tlw LEADING MPUBUCAS PAPER OP THE NORTHWEST. Prtoo, oxolueWa of Sunday, by mill, postpaid . Price, Sunday Included, by mall, poalpald .10.001 *r. yen* xryear THIS BEAUTIFUL TOP BUGGY THB SBMNWRKKI/V INTER OOJ5AN, l« OTMI»b«« on MONDAYS »n<l TIlliIISIJAVH, and Loslde/,the now»oonrttnaod from Ui«t Dtllr, ItoonUlm man* apodal t jataraa at (real »alim to tliono aoBlttiatod that Uiay can ifof •eoam th« l>.>l!rev«ri'<l»y, Tin Monday iiaua ooatalni Uiaaarmona printed Hi Tho Vmnj taw* Ocean of tho aaoio data. TUB WEBKtV INTT5R OOBSAN. . U (ha Moat Pooular I'/imlljr Nowap»iio f pubUnhoil Wont of itta Alleghtnr Mountains. Mowaalif popularly to Ilia (aottuat It la tha Illiflr HU1TK1I ana batfba H10II- K»J I.ITKUAHY GHAHAOTKH «t any W««low PnWIoalton. It la OT.KAN and IliaOMT. andlitlia abl« aijionontof UtKAit and KUlN<JfPf.KS(lo»rto tho Amarloaii' poopla. While It la i bf6ad lull, philanthropy, It 19 VOHAHHHIOA. Aflat INST Tf IH WOULD, and braadl? olalma that tho boat aarvloa that oan Uo dona CUR MANVJf>I> 18 TO mCKBASBArUrMAKt: PERMANENT TIIH rUmt'KUttt OV OtRORKAY KBP1/BMO. Oonaolontloua aervioo In tlila patriotic lino of duly ha< XIran Uan nnnsnaf hold npontha Aran?loaniioople, Doaldaa, nopapernoolaitaa a dlaaamlnato«l!t aewa. . THE MARKKT HCfUHTS AMI tteUAHI.K AVB OOMefcMB;., „ *1 MKWS OK THE WOlUiI) is ftmnd aondonaod in its aolnrphi, and tt* «r, J ' •tortta and HMraiy.'prodaotlona VtiAl In Ita eolnntna. Among tho apeolal and tho gtftrtposw ol Iter glory. "A, f» faf" 1 1" 1 *" ,h ffo"' 01 * *? e l"' n * " the lorn o( on« (hoy Jew , ", But »h« hiw »o;i»wb«f o ib» /»d»«n»9 »r« *«•»)>*; -'AfMtivtf.'fbovs." THKlAltaiSSTOlIiOUl-ATlONotan/niWlooUon M tho Ulna IB America. »'•*• THK LAIIOKHT Mat papor for tho homo and tqt tho workaliop. „dj^rr^,rb^ Ono of that Ssryoai, Nha*', HP*

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