Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 8, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1898
Page 4
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Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account A *ir»c!oTi« woman's ft» «m frtqntnUy In mote t\o- netn tanxtnxe tliau known to f the tenet!* of , taan. It can ,Inviie or rtjxl, or tsmile, meek or Jbaughty, teat f> passion tr» UUtr* or bom '.bly mk for- rlvfticM. in aim Ml the of health. A an who from wra.ltness and diittiie in a woman lyway .tit* in sorrow and atjfctlan white ({(ten enjoy them *«1 ret She yi|B*f be haturally beautiful, iulurallrattrac £«••* naturally intcrestmr and Animated 'j,lfl*d tfittjr, but the demon <»f ill health CHUHCH AND STAGE. MINISTERS SEE "T AND LISTEN TO H*. CHRISTIAN' ("8 AUTHOR. _ . the wy Vital* flf her womanly . and abe soon became* a withered I flower In comparison with her brighter toore healthy ^titer*,- Dr Pierce 1 * : Prescription ia a wonderful medi J for women who «DH>Cfti thin way It snaeu directly on the delicate and important ^~I concerned in wifehood and mother It tones and build* up the shattered - A It restores the glow of health to . „ t pallid cheek It give* spring-met* and tflp to tbe carnage It makes the e-yes ..«p*rkl« with returning-vn«cfl> Itlapafl* aalnutlon to tbe mien and jrwitiirss. Tbe 1 fan that lone lay lhtle«« and idle in the lap t Of «n tarafid again *neafc« the eloquent MBftUffe of a health r. happy, woman. S? -tboaunds of women have U-^ifed to tbe nurrelons merits of thfc wonderful medi- Cine •ereral year* 1 Miffered with prolapsus J ' " writes Mini A. !,« HchiMttr. of i. « IB* ntenu , Rodn . . . Jefferson Co., Miw. "Our (am H«II CAln* tnnl«l> Tlim ttif f«li MIIKI Treat or Miirnln — l.rftrr n«r«lvrd From T*-nnymnn — ?>i Tlirrr .trr \n I nmuml l'l»f» , Uy phvxidan (retted me for kiilurv trouble, am! , cverfurfnc ela* but the right thing. I grew W jrotie ana wor« My hody was eraadaied, S, i.lunanad feet clammy «ut cold.stomach weak, '.^WUi great palpitation of ihe heart. I would < fitter with nau<ea «u night, t began taking your' Favorite preacHption; and I-tegm to 1m- ^p«*« right away -7 fas* |»*Mi three boitlen 'and now I am very Hearty well and am very •" happy and thankful to you." Keep your bead up and your bowel« open. **-- "doldeu Medical Discovery" wl _ nr backbone, and Dr. Pierce'* S 1 wllfput • VKV^WU*. «uu A/** Pier ttt will care constlpatfom. n itnf U» COIBBUlM FOR SALE. Jt Dr. Hardy property corner 5th and Alby lot Wxgb feet with 2 dwelling*. i 4-room dwelling OB Beaton street bat. ItHb - tot 4£xuo fe«t. Prloe*m BTtddence of Geo. Klrjoh on Belle atrMt: IB* and bath roomi In good re air. ) ID-room residence of 8. H. NlchoU on "net. tot 70x170 feat. A fine location, g-room dwelling (nearly new) with bath ------ by furnace; la Mlddletown. r » flue lot of David Doyle on Biutf «tr««t S*-roonr brick dwelling. I, If. Tonnor homestead containing about Mi too 10 room dwelling ;frult of all kind. » flue tot* on Blaff street with brick par- I newer) no grading, In T. L. Foulda add e t-room brick dwelling, h»»U>d with tot UOxlM feet j One fruit; half block i reald'enoe on Prospect street with, jath with furnace. Lot to feet on i (tract. property on thonorth aide of Second . weatot Ltngdon atreet. t*m>m dwelling with lot 120x120 feet; flue , One of the fineat location In Middle Alton cm dwelling with about Ut acre* of Fine fruit and abide treea, 1 blocks run* In Upper Alton, lot On 4th street. Iflpe lota on Bella street botween loth J Ita. jatory brick atore and dwelling and * fry book dwelling on same lot comer of ne at*. A good Inrestment. * on 4th atreet near Mr. 0 art tang ('double dwelling of Mr. R. Oanta«g, Jf attain with modern Improrementa. • denlHble 8-room brick dwelling, ill Tst»sm with modern Improrementa. -able 8-room brick dwelling, rltb all modern Improvements, * Foundry, ererytblng complete! In, ' | switch connection with C, dt A. y Mfg. Co. property on 2d tire*ti I'm Hlgbtond Park, each 70 by about r. room dwelling on State itreet. Prtoi »>room dwelling on Second atreet. p lot* on Alby itreet; le brtok dwelling, corner Thlra and - j*, one of the finest locations to AHoi _7-room dwelling; good lot and OnY dwalljfifia Upper Alton, go* nt to motor „ Kastonsti with «»lots In Middle- ton street. is la Ml Fine location. lenoe of Albert Wade on Bollt 10 rocms and finished attlo, bait >*rr» Oood eel gshouic, , otBerdi i brlak .dwelling on William street 1 good 'lota ofl Flttt At the invitation of Hall C'alnn, clergymen from all ovpr New i'ork nud from fartherafleld flocked totbeKnick- erbocker theater in N«w Vork the other morufnff. A matinee perfortnnnco of "The Christian" linr] \,vna artatiKMl ea- peciflUr /or thflir convenfeuos. Mr. Caine nppcnrcrl nil lh« mtngu nller the fooJ-lh art H)» upeecb, for n-JiicJi there had beta wveral calls, rn-ierred to tbe rtlatimu between chnrch and Ktaso fie said: Ladies and (iciitlcinen—It in witb diffidence that I rccpond to a request which has been made to me Jo say a 'ow words to yoa before you digperie, ns I am placed ID tbe po«ition of, JO/rt i aboolrt t«'?1 It to be very ongra- clouo not to tell yon how welcome you iavo been and bnw ranch wo nro p)ea»e<l and honored \>y yonr pnmenco. "The rirwourK of the clergy in tbe theater mgfzeBts rinestionn which are important mid fiirrcucbing, and not the least of tbtmi cmicorui) tho right of the rtraiLui to (liKc'.im with, proper retloecoe and rt'Upoct, thu relifltonis nud moral problem* of tlio tinio. The tbonter is Iirimarily a place of relaxation, and the firm thing thu public (isltfl of authora and uclorg in, of coorsw. tlint ibey jhoiild be mnuwrl That condition mast be (iii- Blled at the outset, or tho doors of the IJipiitru Imve toon to bo cloned. Bat wbotber aniDH«ment lit tbo beginning and end of the drama Inn point weighted witb many Issues, and i tuko it that the clergy BH R body would agree that though Kimjplg amogament is necessary and couttnendabJo, NU iu«tftation which olalmed to provide that '..and' that only ponld hardly be counted among' tbe ethical force* of .the world. : "I« tbo theater a moral force? Does it coutribate auy tbin« toward the food which makes the bone and siuow of tbo race? Is its influence mainly for good and 1« ft therefore an agency which BO- olety in general and in particular mnst inevitably count? To all Ibcso fjoentioim 1 would make bold to answer n poiiitivo atid emphnlio 'yen.' Taking thin view, I put aside ewtirely tbe idea Uiut religions and moral questions are out of place on the stage. It ia injpawible to bnuioh them, whether from plays or books. Such »thing as an numoTul play or book does not exist, aud it would not be worth much if it conlrt «£!«.' 'A book or piny which represented the world from thoimpnrtial Htnndpoint of flio limn in (he ftioon would not be •worth tvatrnw to anybody except another man iu the ruoo;i. To nay that moral 'qneetloui have 110 right to intrude them- aolvenou the ntago is to make uu irnpou- «lbie deinaud. It id also to formulate a dangerous theory If moral idens do jiot occujy the atteution of the drama, im- nloral QiKw Hjiflodily will do «o , ''Jil my earliest day* in London they prodncc(( Tennyson'«' Prouiiso of May.' I was present at thm frightful flasco. TbD piny was not a good one. It did not fulilll tlie llrst couilitioii of amtisiug itn andieride, but-its failure that night was dnolesa to Its artistic defects than to its darlng'treatment of moruls. The people howiudaudliiughed. Witb it lit tie group of .frienda I did my beat to cboer and Cheer It wasn't that we cored much for the piny, but that wo cMimed tbe right of the drurnu to doul with moral !}nestion«. '[but uigbt iu my lodgings I wrote to Tenuysou. 1 meniit hJui to get tny letter with what 1 know ujnst b» tbe uufuTornble newspapers nuxt morn- lug 1 didn't know tho old poet then, and nobody knew inn, but tlm next post brought uie a reply. " 'The Ktngo,' he answered, 'must be in a very low stnte indeed, if, as Home dramatic critics are telling us, uone of the great niotal. and sooiul qiiua! ions of now to FIN out, Fill A bottle or common gUai wit yonr water and )«t It »(»nd 24 boart • «ediment or »ett!lng lodl<Meii onbesltby .cbodltlod Of the kldfl«T», I It itifn* yoar UtriiT U I* evidjicfl b kldnny trottblfl too Sequent dWr«l pan it or iMIn/ita *b»baclfto •W*coB vlnclng proof that tbe kidneys an bladder are out of order. WHAT ^Q JM). There \t comlort la tbe knowledge RO often ezprewed' that Dti Kllmer'i | Swamp Boot, tbe great kidney remedy falflllf every wiu in curing rhen- mat 10m. pain in tbe back, kidney* Jirei 1 , bl«ddnr J\fed ey»i7 part O|,«M urinary pawage*. It correct* Iniblll- ty to bold water and scalding p»ln I panging it, or b*d effects f<Jl/o»JDilh use of liquor, wine or beer, and over comes that nnple^nat oaoMtibrA belnj?compelled to g6 otferfaofiff tbe day, and to get up many time* during the Bight. TbB mild, afld Uw extraordinary effect of Swamp Root Is soon realized. It stands tbe hlga- eet for Its wonderful cures of tbe moat dlstrewine cagec If yon need a medicine yod\sbould bare thahegt 4t^aggi»t«ll/ or ff#V Tf. «i V<in aiay (Ave « sfttpfo botuefof a booit ttfitlellg moTtt iboat It, b6th Bent absolutely free by mail, If yon send your addre»i to Dr. Kilmer &. Cd.i BtogUataWB^W. y- WnajrriK Ing be sure and mention that you read tbis generous offer in tbe THUSURAPH. In Spite of the Usual Oisquiitfnf Influences. SOT IMS ITRIIKO »V K1,FX"TIO>H. r V Infant Mods* _ • .' ft*/ »v •' ..|»? Gail Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Hilk i- '•'< -r. Atavtcr Soosrinrre fm MOTHCAS MILK. FOR *« Vtouw THE LtApmo BMHO. t wv. g«Dt*sto MILK 9. HI* ron Cnrlaiiily I-iirillni Fsillun Keturni fur Ibe Month or Orlobur—Xellhcl- the Vol. • me of But)new >'or ur HuufKtnrcd Product* lilmlnlkh**—Cotton ml tb* I.nnrit Vrtcm Krur Known—Domiuid far, B«i««ioer pig -Wool Hoitlcr* Svlllnr. • New York. Nov. 7.—R. O. Dun * CO,'B weekly review of trade xay»: Not even the election ha» dl»turb;d bu»l- nsss or induxtrleH on the flnanclul Did; thin week. AUhou«h many are doubt; lens waiting the votes befoie borrowing, the volume of buiMnesn tlicpugh cj«;*r- Ing boufi'K i« g.r, per cent, i larger than lust year, and l.r,-( per cent, larger than In 1892. While political doubts may count for much, th<?}' can only hkv* prevented a ifiowth-of business which mlKlit have lieim mm b mure than Ima be«n realized. .1'allurc ruturas for Oc- tolier are curiously iiuzzllng. becau:>e, while the .small failures compare .re- murkubly well with those of previous years, and aino the failures of J100.0IW or more In about two-thirdH of the businijuM tla.sKt.s. there ivere large fuil- tir»H In a few branches, not. generally due to present bu.iineHO i-nndlllpris, which made the atrgrogate JH.ODO.OM. but neither the Sawyer woolen failure* no.- others, excepting', perhaps, Home In niufhlnnry. «nd boot* and »ho.;», and leather. Indicate difflcultleR beyond thnsp of tbe particular concerns falling. Drumiiil for HpiiMtuier I'll. Xeithnr the volume of bualn<*BB nor tbe »'.iliip of iiianufactured product* dlii.InlHbe.i. While Ueammt.r pig la flotd agalnKl tlie combination at PUts- burg 10 ccntB lower, with other Iron there and elsewhere steady, ihe general demand i rowdn elimely on the hcelii of prodiirtfiin. Jtlli.'is and .Hteel bar», owing In proHpectn ri'Bardlngr coniblim- tloiiH, are a shade lower, and jiricen of Rtfffl rnlln have been withdrawn, be- caime reportH prnmlse n a'ngle corporation t« hantllu all the rail production; Washington. Nov. 7.— The war de- jartment ban Iwn Infonned of the arrival at ,New York of the transport Chester, bavin* on board Hfty-aeven rophy gun» from Santiago. These guns were taken from Jlom> and other fortl- flc-atlonn nt SanllaB". They vi-||| l, e aken to the Watervllct arsenal for •xamlnatlon n» to whether they can be made available for military purposes t IB UfMlerKlood that they are not con- lJered pf much account and It is expected that they will bo distributed by act of rongre.-H to ib<> various slate*. Slrrrt fat- Strike m London, Out. I. imrton, Out., Nov. 7.— I.ortdon people ;re all!! wstlklrg. and tbe «tr.k:ns street ailway enniloyen and their frlenils ar..- enthun'netlr over Hie falluri! of an at- t?mpt to owrate a car over the line. At the expiration of the time given the men In which 10. return to work, a car was sent out loaded with policemen. It wan allowed to go down town unmolested. but on the return trip It was thrown off tbe track and pelted with rocks. The pol.'tPiiif-ri dred blank cartridges without effect, and the cur was finally hauled to the. barns in niece*. Car Wlirol Worttt Iturnrd. Cleveland, Nov. 7.— The works of the Standard Car Wheel company, at 4t BeKsemer avenue, were destroyed by .flre. The fire started in the south stdv of the building, nenv the cupola, and did its work with surprising rapidity. Three thousand car wheels were damaged, and the total Iw.u. uc-coidlne to the owners, will foot up between $80,- OOb'and J90.QOO. partially covered by Iri) »urat i e<>. . "Tbe worst cold I ever had In my life, wag cured by Ohamberiain's Oougb Remedy," aaya W. H Norton, of Bntter Creek, Oal. "This cold left me wllh.a cough and I was eipector- atigg all tbe lime. The remedy cured 100, sod I want «H my, friends when tjroobled with a cough or cold to use it, for it Will do them good." Hold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyes. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption., pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neelect of a simple cold or cough . Foley 'a Honey and Tar, a safe eure and pleasant- cough medicine, would ha,ve saved- them. It IR guar ftnteeu. E.. Marsh and 8. H. ••* FIRE IN THE UI'ITOL. Natural Gas Causes Havoc in the Building. SlI'KK.Mi: (01 I!T ItOOM IrAM.UiKII. Chief l.o»« In tlin MnflmlV Olllii' iiii.l Mm-agp, u hr-rr Vnhmlil.- ltrr,>r.l Arf— Hen,, ,, iinlltum .it Hie null,HUB in, N,,I A|,,,,.,,I r.. H,- HM,,I •gul—Trinpnrnry q<i;irli-r» f.,r Ilii, MI prrmv ('ourl, WafhlnRtrm, Nov. X. -An expli-pl.-in of SHU In tlir. tiiiF.-incni of th» I'ajilini building Cdlnpli'l.-iy uir,lu>.l ihe S-1I- prr-me court muni nnd Hie n-om »rl^ J'.lnfriK. Binl ii-uny viilualile lunik* nf the r-ongrrwlnnnl ntirary wt-tv i|... mrnycd. Thlg library i-otilulnetl 7,U"">0 viiltimes and Itc valiti- \v»s pliuvd ut II,000.WO. Afany if the \oiumi-H \v ( >r<> OcHtroycil by lirr- anil others l,y the Hoods of \vatei- I.I.IIIM! Into the pime (>y the nremcn. T)io !o«rf umnnt Lc- ostl- mnted until the i-finnlnlni; hooks nr<- examined. It is not known whether lh« rarest, nnd inoxt vn!nabl« liooks. whlrh cannot he replac-nd, arr lost. Siiprrme, Court Itooin \Vn-i>!:i-il. The historic Mii]>ret»c o'riirl room. which was formerly (he sonnto chamhr-r of the original CHJ Itol I•iillillnK. is » complete wrerk. The bnfts o! C'liief Justice Marshall nin] others who hu\c- pri- sldefl over the highest ronrt in tin- limit are ruined, niul the court will for i\ liir. have to In- pruviilo*! «lth a teinj.orar, home. Therf- h.n .-• been otlii r .llrcs ii the Capitol l.iillilii.R in tlu- puM. bu none »o destruotive n-i this. The big C:ipltol bulld:ni; W;>H n Sf«?ti, of wreck and t't.vjlKiioi) .Mond.iv f<»l lowins the cxpln.sion mil lire whirl wrought tntrli ferimif. IIHV.T. Til,: elneo «nd Ilien en hn<t c'«ne. nml In thcii place a. small army of wc.rkiiu-n wu- carrylnff off the <ic;-ri>- of litick ;in mortar, fhurreii wootl,»nrk. .«fi:-k.>d an half burned oflh-lal iiap<>rs and documents whieh lind been lifcnperl In rnn- fuBlon 1n the bHserni-nt nnd sub-buse- ment under the quarters occupied by the United Stairs supreme court. An examination of the v.mrt room shuwc. that the damafje was confined, to tlis colored walls and ceilings and soaked carpeta. No suhstuntiul damage had been done. The berth occupied by (b Justices was uninjured, and i-vcn (he briefs and papers left by soir.e of the Justices under paper weights remained undisturbed. Iu It S<irl-y < oioHlluii. Hilt ivhlle the fire liml made n-< vrog- rens here, smoke and water had left this chamber, which has Ions been regarded as a model of <-lass!i- beauty, In sorry condition. Tlu- windows und sssh of the fine, old i-otonial window.s flankliiK the bench'are in ruins. Tl:..frescoed c.eiling, which reeeiitly had been done over, are blurred and spotted, the cat-pets and draperies are s liiked. while the whole eharnb-r lias the damp, Binok"d aspect usually fol'dwirg si lire, iiprsona! c-ffei-IH nt ilie jn. i --tl<.-e!i, but platen are supported by heavy railway demands at Olili ago and Philadelphia for shipyards, and the liar mllU are crowded ut all western work*, with Bteel preferred to Iron, The pipe-work* at Chicago are far behind on deliveries, while *h.<el* (here are rftroiifr. London has hoisted the speculative price of tin and copper, but they cloned nt 18.1B and Il",i lentH here, with lead weaker at 3.65 cents nnd In plates practically unchanged. ___ t Hits the Spot. When Buffering from a sevt re cold and your throat ond^luDge feel sore, take a dose o*T7": • i; |Foiey'a Honey and Tar, when! ~ 'the soreness will be at oncfj • Relieved, a warm, grateful __ _ jfeeli n g- a n d healing o(.tbe parts affected will be experienced and yon will say:" "It feels so goad. It bite the spot " It iu guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. The robes, etc.. were found to lie uninjured. The main loss of ihe court was in tlu; marshal's oilier, ard In the storas- room, where valuable old records are kcpl. The pxlent of thl.s last i...«s IM not yet exactly determined, but . the court ofllclals to make a erit'n.-ai examination durliiK tlie liny. Serj;eaiit-. ut-Arms liriglit of the senate was busy making temporary provisions fur the session of the court. Senator Me.Mil- lan's committee r-iom on the Distrli-'. of Columbia was hastily prepared with a bench and seats for the justices, and a dozen rows of s^-ats for attorneys and spectators. The nuarters are rather cramped, however, and the chief justice and live justices will have to sit on one side of a Ions oak tulil> Architect Clark of the capital is advanced In age and very feeble, so that the_aeiive_H-oi-k of investigating Hi <'IUI?C- Of Hi* 1 expM'tfion HUM '.'! l-iCAT'.r.J away th" \\reikage IP. in the hand? oi tbe n.^iMrtlit :ir<htt'(t ^f ih* v I'viritt-' Mr. Wood. \\hnl A«-|.IBTI| An l.llirt \Vitml <x.i«. irnti'in nnd I am n-d y-t r^fid>- to s&v wluu eniia^d Ihe pxitto«ir>n. alUi«nieb ] the mnin a\tent!,-n is btMnt: t;hei\ lo th<j j cas supiily. I find ihat the c'-iH'rni not nK serliius us nt (H-xt supposed. Tb" \ bejis-y fonndixtion." of th». ln:ilt!!nir il<> not appear to be disturbed, and tb- ! wii!l« blown diiivii die coiiMiied to tb" ' Hliii <-i;i iicllni; \ralls bill!! to enver stcnm iiipi'.". i-tr. Noni- of the heavy HUM:)inii'H aiiiies nr j.iilars has plven way sn fur ns I (an find. I will make a fuller t xatuiiKHi'in, with N-lter Ilsht. biter, to iiiak- certain on these points. Fur the present it does i:ot «eein that a rebulUline of any part of th" Capitol ; will be neceKf-'tiry. The work will be that of repairlnc. nnd I hope we can finish. Ibis by tbe 'time longi-ess comes. We have a sniiill balnncr for this, but In any event ihe work "'ill be done." llecn Mnrrleil Tw»-nly-rlvr Year*. l:.'ooming(on. Ills.. Nov. S. —Owen Pcutt and wife ol tblr. city celebratei] til? silver anniversary of their weddln.q. and a larije niiinbir of friends were present from other i:ltle». Mr. Scott and Miss Norn Miser were married at KflliiRiiam Iwenty-live years ago. aril have lived here since ijifi, Ainoii^ tho'-e invsert al the reception wer.. General .loiin McXulta and wife. Edward C(..ik. fi-iuui master of Illinois Mai-finy. and wife. Chleago; Mr. ar.d .Mrs. K. X. Annslroiiff, JVoria. and Miss l.ydiu Ilospes of Ht. l.otiis. who was hrldesniuirt :ii the wedding. \YlinIpr-* Keilfh San l-'rtinrl^co. :<a]i Kranclscn, Nov. S.—The KUair. whaler I'.alena bus arrived from Fox island, briiiKliiE a cartjo worth $ino,000. It lor^'isls of 4fi.WO pounds' of whalebone iind son barrels of whale oil. Th» Alice Knowies brought 6i'0 luirii-ls of nporm oil, woith SW.OCO. The s'.camer ilelvidere arrivei!, ijut she liroujjiu oniy forty Ijiirrels of 9 oo DROPS' AVcgc table Preparation for As - shtiilfltlng UicToodandRegula- ting ttieSloniacus andBowels of EromotesDigestion.Glicetful- nwsand Rcsr.Contalns ncltrier Otmim.MorphinC nor Mineral. WOTNAHCOTIC. . Ji~A,ll, SJti - Anije Jer4 * /toprtmint ~ OOutmatf^f • fUrmSifJ- fianfietf Snatf . llrttyntn flat;::: Apcffocl I?cmcdy forConslipa- Hon, Sour Stoniach.Diarrhoea, Worms.Convulsions.Fevcrish- oess and Loss OF SLEEP. Tac Simile Signature of >TEW "VORK. oil. Ihe sreater part :sr been sent down on Atnrla Tol-esii. iv. 8.—Xnvy depart- a long way from cer- Teresa Is really nt tlie ocean's bottom. As a matter of fact the fear that she would sink caused her to be ubnrtdnriod by her crew and for. saken by her escort. It is highly probable that a searcher will be sent out to karn the ship's fate, for it Ig felt she may now bo a derelict. b A(b months' olil 5DOSES-J5CENTS I'alr nf I 111- . A\'jt.-.'liin:?ton. .Vo> ir.frtit. oflb i:ils fo:-! ;i tnin ihut tbi! Jlurii. EXACT COP/OF WRAPPEB. GASTOR1A For Infante and Children. I The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature The Kind You Have Always Bought. CASTORIA THC OINTAUfl OOMPANV, NEW TOHK OITV. t Ridge . , ., ISrooin bHoi dwelling with Slouot, ot. Price, fl.MO, wellin * 1 " !UB ' wltB 4ne r ' Ter Tl ' w < KOR RENT, t story brick dwelling with 8 rooms.on r avenue now ooouplod byj.Mouiton. m dwelling on 3rd street with bath l» modern fixtures. ire room and two 4-room tenamenU- • rooms and street near Cherry Eton bomesteMln Upper Alton **- and garden, now occupied . PO»«esslon jdran by July 1. ,*i .Ifc . IL E3TATE, rand LOAN A06NT P,Q.BWLDMQ. WOK 8ALK 4 Ing lot MxlU on Liberty street > and Franklin, for SMO. ' — ' mile* aoutb of Brighton, g, one-halt good ptature, ok modern dwelling nctr Ji.oniloVin good lOoaMoa «t« for »38 pur month: oa State atr*«t on ion 'our f,. (,. , , ,. - . . Oak itreet between tbe R. H. traoki, iultablo tor 'county, halt mil* I or rlrer. the tiioe c^ii i>n (ouciiml npoii in a mod- eni play;' • ' "Tiioviilno of tlio drniuu n» a force in life is mid alwiiyH bag been the measure Of Jt« ability IP noniljiue with nmtirie- niout ttie povy«r. of dtinliug wiih tlio peat lasuiis uf lifo, UH gro»t pamsious, its grout N(UH, its grtmt Borrows, Hi grout no If oiieriiluou, ita great utmio- raeiitg. Tlint being BO, J know of hardly nny scieiae lucre lit mid proper to (lie clergyjHfljj tbuu tlie Uieater. It ho stays BWayfrom itfrom contempt of tlie btmer aide of tbo drama, bo weukonii tbe worthier aide. By giving bis oouiite- nauco to wbatovcr IN pure and wholesome nud of good ruport bo str<fijgtbc-na tbe theater u« a itioVul foruo "That ao niuny olorgyuien uiitl their wlven aud frieiidu have conio tonuo "X'be OhrJstlun' will be n memory I bball ai- w^y» eboriub umong nmuy uiomoriei !tb«twlijuinkenjy«oodu(l yi«i« loAmer- ica more aweot to my rocollootion tlmu J can nay 1 atu not so vuiu an to hope that you have all boon Iu sympathy with ull yon mm uoen, but if you have realized that the motive of tlio piny i« no» an nnworthy one, that It makeH au effort, however feeble and iniporioct, to picture iu tbe parcoii of John HI arm a Obrlslinu olergytouu of hiteuao earnest- ueaa and iiucotity, and in tbe pereou of Ulory (JnayJe, so bflHiiiifulJy aud toucli- lugly played by.Minn Alien, H typn of woman witb whom our graut and cruel oitiBH are no full—if you liitvo reuli/od this, aud it you nluo think that no wan la goiug tb think IMS of religion for baving aeen thin piny, aud no girl who oomoi iusido thane doom in goiug to be -the worie for Hoeing how a brave worn- an oomjuera liar datigera aud tempts- tioiji aud lifts horsulf up to a higher life, we ihaJl all be plentiud «ud touched and ttbuuduutly repaid," -New York Journal. Wool holdern lit Huston liuve dlwov- ered th« falrilty of reports ivhloh they have IOIIB believed about the available stork* In thin country, and have be. gun 8Pilin«: lartsely at i-oiu-n»nlcint). sulii to l»> "unvi'ral i-enitt" per pound. The we«,-k'H fiilfM ut the three ehlef marketB were 10.707,400 poundH, against 9,957,903 pouiulH last year, and 18,561,000 poundu In l«9il. lint fuily g,L'13,000 pound* lit 189'' The cheering fm-t I* that the large nianiifacturerH are now Inlying, tv|tn conddenw that at Boinr? reduction Jn thu c<i«t of malerlul the bualnew will puy iVmardH for iruodu have Uc«n (omcwhat better without any decline In prlet>H during tin? last week, nor any deposition to advance pr| r «». rh« cotton m'llla are helped a little by the (•ombliitttloii to rentiUt produ. tlonabout Kail River. f'ollon al II. l,,,w*at I'nlul. Cotton Is ut the lowest point ev<jr kmiwn, 5.31 cenlH for apot, while Mr Nelll estlmati'H « crop of !1,500,000 bale* iM-alden large Htockn brought over here nnd abnmiJ. Wheat export* continue la rue, amounting to <.«89,578 bushsla from Atlantic portu, Hour Included iii'uliihi 3,m.r.w last year, and l.tottU from 1'adllc port*, agaln»t 1,692 262, laat year, but the heavy exports have been inueli more than matvhc-d by wentern iiSi'wtt ". '" <J ' 4I)0 ' U!)2 l ' UMb " 1 * 1 ««' Jn «^,- B00.9W l««t year, and prlc*g have not (.•hanged materially. Corn goen abroad largely. U.011.0S5 buBhela during th week, uKUliiHt l,81i!,9H bu K heU last yea and price* are well held. JfVllMrwi to lh<- iveck have been 194 In the ' ' . i $100. Dr. E. Deichon's Anti-Dmrrtlc May be worth to you more than 9100 if yon have a child who soils bedding from.. incontinence of water daring sleep. Cures old and yoang alike. It arre«t« the trouble at once. 91. Sold by S. H. WJM, Druggist, 062 Second sf/eet, Alton, Ul. -..„,.,• It baa been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for nasal catarrh and cold In tbe bead. This distinction h» s ,bf en achieved only an U>« recult o( continued successful use. A morbid Condition, of tbe membrane in tbe nasal passages can be cured by tbis purifying and belling treatment. Sold by dru^glatg or, it WM1 be mallid for 80 cent| by Ely Brotbere, 66 Warren street,^ 'New 7 York. It spreads over tbe, membrane, Is absorbed and relief la immediate. Pleurisy and pneumonia arl^fre- quently developed, in a very short space of time, from a common cold • nnd, if such an acute inflammation of the lungs is not promptly allayed, the worst may happen. With the aid of Dr. Bull's Oongh Syrup, however, yon need not have any fear; for this great remedy speedily subdues the inflammation, eases the pain in breathing and always effects n cnre in a wonderfully short time. 'Granny' Metcalfe. '••••••••BO "I tin 91 j««r« old, «nd Ure o.ed ibout •!! of Ihf ouKtiauJ lunj: rtiaHka tbkt bftre lt««u ^id dnrlait ij ll»-, «n.l lor ihe beaetlt of tbe lafTerlun I will ,.J i«t 7 h«tp (leif-r used *ny remtnlf eqoml to Dm. lUil'i INI-I .••llnhiv. ii give, quick ay,j |,rrmuit-at r«- •I In Brl,,|.,., .. «cli „ on,,, cough.. W« keep It In ur h'-ui,- all ilie lini... KnJ woul.l not b* wlUiout It. fu. U. A Mxn-iLPK. 7--11 Soulb 4lb St., Pilncali, K;, OR. BELL'S sold by all ilrugglitta or «ent upnn receipt ' price—i*:., IIIK. anc 1 |1 JXT bottle by I" E. K. 8m>eri.Dil MMIcl.. CD.. P^lat.h, I,. Roufe* BEST TRAINS nalugetSouni Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer A«d dulu la Proh iti 9<ll Mull inf Ltrt, nal •>»» (idBrcr ol Sf naif e. 5S9 EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CARD PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. NoTe)tl«s or Alia belt of Ten and Chinnie band. 624 East Second it. 306 State Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. U, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, M follows: am, *8:47 a m, *10:05 p m. ' ' ' For Springfield—*12;33 a m, *8:10 am *8-47 For Peorla—'+8:47a m.^lOiOS p m. •Dall Sunday ..... nw, PiLlS *^«fti V nl Only Genuine. _ •are, al«.ti n-uu!£ U oit« uk O\ 1 "—TKfJl tor ChHkattrr Knalii\ Dla-gK^ d Brand Ib Ite4l W4 GuU Dtullie\lW >ia.HU*l wiis bl« ribbon. Take \V -- . AfDraulil*,orMl4<«. /vilmijfs, MUaralidt Si Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notarv Public OFFICE zos M&rkei st notary f UDIIC. - « fl.onfl four JoifiiiiTiJe¥li Between Altos & St. Louis. Forst. Loula, A r. St • n»«.« aa4 . rfT't™ itevd rm •/We. reeo-h Umr Adopt Our Solteiue. Oeriutiny )m« decided to (tend u uav«l attuouo to WaiiliiiiKtou U U powlblt that Qeiiuauy ia golua to toy aud «olr« our nyatoin of piny lug uuval fuvorlteur— Wttsliiugton foul. Ro|tt(Ki ifceoave. A stai-Uiog inoldeut of wuioh Mr. John Oliver, of Phllldelphli, was the subject, ID uarruted by blqj u folio we; "I was In * nio»t dr^nJiul aoodlMon, My akin w»« *Jmo»b -"" v — •uoken, tongue pofttra, •Uy la book ud f ^M, gradually growing weal •W raolti N eurpr aeoUf d lag tbelrn»efor a well rovemeui, I opjitl, $o w»ek»!and «m i ou«' (tfir. Mll»i'4'»iH I'liu. Hluti'H, iisulnst 278 last year, und tw, ty-clKlit li, cunnda, ug-»ln«t »hJr^,j| Ren»rUW«'"(JMtiie~ Mrs. Michael Curtain, PUIndeld, ill maleea tbe atatement that the oauuh oold, which settled on her lungs; abe wat) treated (or a month by h«» f«nl ly pbyslplan, but graw. WOM«, He told her ihe was a helpless yl consumption and tto medlcln cure be*. Her druggUt Dr. King's New Diwovery sumpllon: abe bought a bo her delight lotind berctft from the first dose. Bbeooi ii'e and after Uklog ilx ttttfttfiVbi her»elfipunaand well, now doof own homework and -la M weUM ever was Free lr|*l boUui oT Great Ulicovery »t f B. MarJh'i (tore, large bottles Wo and *1. (iijitmiing Si9m,ag|> QI*«M* PgrmiweptJy cured by the matterly Inyalldi need toffer no longer tbl« great * _,.. It u a OH I q( itomaoh v Tae cure , ,_ , j. The relief el«uittnd« « maket nit — IWBver dluppolnto. Wo mat- r long yon tMVviuffered.TwV You Can/t A Word to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foiey'e Honey and Tar taken ia time affords perfect security, from serious retails. Bold by S, Marsh ^B, : H. Wyas. How to Prevent a Cold. 'After exposure, or when you feel a oold coming on, take a done of Foley'a Honey and Tar. It never falls. Sold by E. M«rsh and 8. H. Wysr. CASTORIA for Inftntt and Children. m Kind You Ha.i A[«rs Bought Cures Pleurisy $nd Pneumonia. IJosea are email and pleasant to lake. Doctors recommend It. Price » 3 eta. At all druggbt*" •LT'St, Apply Into (b< i 5S°?^1^ HENRY J. KLUNK, main tofftw», mttalUc ««*•«, tnrtal- WM ARMSTRONG, Dealer ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster &!° Xho^fM" 03 ' Goo< " <lc - O«lce 107 Weat Second Street Veterinary Surgeoi DR. D. M. MAKER. 815am 916am Lv St L V 8 708am.... 744am 748am 1040am 1 50 pm.. 420pm... " 505pni 645pm '.' BOapm.. 825pm 840pm.. Sun. only.. r _ For Alton ....C&A, dally. , •Big Four ei.gun.. -..-C 4 A, dally. ... -•-Big Four, dally . BlaFour, Sat only. ... C4A/dtSjr""'. - --Big Four, dally.. •Iff-hsr.! "9 aw . 800am 10 oo am . e»«m loasim • • s 44 pm •'•8 M E» • •692pm . 706p m •• 824pm Ar Alton . 810 pm .. 910 am • • 847am ••1140am .250pm . 0 Sff Dm .016pm . 040pm ..721pm . 930 Km • 848pm Jradaale Ontario Veternlary College, orer The Model atore Offlci COR .THIRD AND P1ABA HTR , ALTON HI T. LONG lie anb cloth *a»hel». tfwrtul col»»» toe tat>U*. a»uil*m*n itl* ekljraJb liOr.b; tanuv. brmalU U. S. Qrs. Q. and //. Taphorn. • PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFIuB in M'PIke building. Cor. and and Baiton ill, P&onei 138 •nd 171. b*n<*, 1609. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and estimate Furnished. jog Belle Street, Up SUIra. C&A, dally ••••C4 A, dally. C. C, ft St. t-.-Big Four. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &_H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Stith Street. - Alton, III. Ing ^to""?'* Wcrk: 8ldBWllk '< J and work guaranteed ** '•n«l»« rx^mnY •ll.nllnn Ord«r> '* Architect, i ..-/.., , • • and Superintendent Plmujiwd 8p*xtlAofttloiw for Work . P. SCHUSSLBR.M.D HOMBOPATHIST and SUMEON , HOTKL HADISO OFFIOKOVBR avvi«3j BANK ME A MAN DTS. B. C. A H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. TBLBPHONB 87. sS52E5SRWSS5C2SBStESES25!^ t. a ROHLAND, DENTIST, THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND PRINCIPAL »».•. UltlB, Bl I 10 »» V. TKDtD tOOtt f-e 8l(Utltf «f nwMi. '. 4*t! 'V&.J'f .p»,a*«. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKI^UPTCY to WM>4;Tttaa. v.£: ei> * V«g*r, Attorney* »«0 B«tUMUwt. CITIES OF TEXAS. WUIER MIFFET SLEEPERS - - . „ AND in . ___ i_ FREE RECLINING KATV CHAIR rtFTY CKNTa James Pur^r, °* M fl|.%Bi'«rf ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Mf BBLLB STHOBT. Money to Loan on Improved Property RHNTB COLLECTttU. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND STkbGl 0»ntl«m«a wio «pprecl»t» artt-claai, u TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. MODERATE PRICES, You »re Invite* to Mil and eianlor 11 NBW STOCK OP GOODS Leave Alton (soam (J 710am 800am 10 06 am 18 80 pm 12 43 pen aw pm 4«.pm 4 Set pm Q f 7 U! pm Le»ve St. L. 7 41 am 821 « m 1020am 11 Mam 800pm BOBpm 601pm Burlington Route. (Suburban aervloo) Dally Dallj- ex-flun M Sunday only Dally ei-6un Dally e*. Sun Arrive St, L 840am 764 am 8 Mam HOOaS Dajl, Dally ex-Sun ffo^X-'dV 8 ^ 7 ^^ f*ODr. Wlllliilii*' Imllun I'ik LaOjutuwiit will uuni Jdlinj 'I«pu5f, lmii»pri(»iiniiuiiiois. W»SH Hie IWllluB ui iuu'0, atu Pus » Ppultlue, Klvi-s iuKUiit in- liflr. WIIIlBimi'InilHinVilc Olut iiititprupared for PlitssumUirii (b« prfyau) purl*. F.vcry box U tt*d. 13* lirmiglijtji. by mull m, ru { Ut. Louio.H.oria t , ne (Bt.t,. c. 48t.P. fc««r«Ai(on. Par St. | Bit only Per Alton Arrlfe 0t. L, 'j'lJW tut tlii-8un Sun <**,.

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