Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1963 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1963
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,1963. Hospital Notes Alton Memorial MEDICAL Alrln Sherts. Mednra. Mrs. Betfy Gillson, 2521 Alfaretta Mi-s Ada \Vyman. 2223 .ludson. 1 Clarence Davenport, Godfrey. Mrs. Mnrir Hm-ris. 102 Elblp. Mrs. Joan Kpllor, 1002 Union. Mrs. Carol Kinc. Edwardsville. Greenfield Club Resumes Meetings i GREENFIELD — Mrs. Vernonj Korlim was hostess at the first nirrlirm of the Flelir de Lls Club Mrs. Norma Kovach. Jerscyville] for thr current year Tuesday af- ,.. „, „ ,„... _. , Mrs. Ann Pattomjill. Coltagi- Hills i tcrnnon. This was a social meet- M,ss Nancy B«i-ns12bnmmond.. M i RS Jay RieRS Rr(h;)|(n , ;|mj MrR . A R ^^^ Qf Mrs. Mary LaMarsh. 809 Maurice. iMrR _ R ,. ondn Thonlpson , 1103 K.JMoline was n guest. '.'. ' ,. i Fourth. , Knlists In Navy Mike Vandiw Mrs _ Shir]py Whj(fcri 11nn ,,„„,.! c , KEENFIEt/D _ j amfes H ou- 1621 Walker. Mrs. Frances Michelson. Godfrey Mrs. Nrll Bright, Godfrey. Fred Hilmes, Hartford. Mrs. Elsie Devcning, Fieldon. H. Glasstetter, Capo Girardeau. Melodic Sale. Godfrey. Robert Denby. 2632 Grandview. DISMISSALS Karen Turnbeaiigh. Wood River. Robert Cobb. East Alton. Karen Fitzgerald. 1322 E. 4th. Mrs. Jacqueline Grrgor. Godfrey Mrs. Marsha King. 1322 E. 4th. Lurry Hall, Wood River. Mrs. Ethel Johns. Bethalto. Mannie Mayberry. Cottage Hills. Mrs. Wilma Eyor, Medora Mrs. Ida Mathews, 3309 Franor. Mrs. Sharon Pitchford, Wood River. Mrs. Roberta Watkins, Hartford. Mrs. Ethel Shattuck, Agnes Blvd. John Lawliss, 317 Henry. Kenneth File, 214 Dooley. John Reed, 610 Liberty. Eugene Swanson, Godfrey. Dobra Hcise. Godfrey. Celeste Jones, Roxana. ers Court Charles Bryant. 120! Wiilard. Jersey Community ' MKDIOAL Everett Meeks, Jerseyville. Mrs. John McNabb, Hardin. Mrs. Mae Rizaillion. Hardin. David Miller. Alton. Mrs. Albert Hagrn, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Mrs. Monie. Harlrnan, While Hall Mrs. Dorothy Wyatt. Dow. Mrs. Loren Wallace, Jerseyville. A R. Major. Jerseyville. Edmund Ruckley. Pearl. Carol Hayn, Kampsville. Si. Anthony's MEDICAL Florence McKee, 1127 Fifth. • Timothy Keasler, 5011 Alicia. Robert Cooke, Godfrey. Mrs. Pearl Reilley, 600 Delmar. Russell French, East Alton. Fred Schuster, Bethalto. Miss Carol Redford, 1628 Annex. Mrs. Darlene Elder, 1000 Alby. Mrs. Gladys McKinney, Bethalto DISMISSALS Mrs. Florence Benner, 606 Anderson. Mrs. Louise Stubblefield, Brighton Mrs. Margaret Robinson, E. Alton Rudolph Henderson, Godfrey. Georgie Newell, East Alton. David Dooling, 921 Union. Mrs. Donna Barker, East Alton. Mrs. Anna Koby, 1917 Beall. Wood River Township MEDICAL, Howard D. Hall, Bethalto. Mrs. Hattie Kane, East Alton. Eric L. Pleasant, 533 Park Lane. Miss Martha Button, Roxana. Mrs. Sarah Parker, East Alton. Carlinville Carnival Grosses Near $6,000 lette, a graduate of DeVry Institute, Cliicago, who 'ias been employed at McDonnell .Aircraft Corp., has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and will report for duly Sept! 22. HoulcUc and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nril HoulcUc. the Rev. and Mi's. S. \V. Thornton, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Riggs, wcie dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burroughs Monday; night. Olobrnfcs Birthday GREENFIELD — A group of relatives arranged a surprise basket dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Felter Wayham and daughter, Eleanor, in observance of Mr. Wayham's birthday. The group included Mrs. Hazel Reno and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Williams of Alton; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Wayham Sr. and Carroll . of Carrollton; Mrs. Nona Way- Mrs. Charlotte G. Calhoon, South! ham ilpl . s( , yvillp . Mr . and Mrs . Roxana Charles Wavham and family, Larry Miller. 55 W. Ferguson, i s rin£!I - k ., d . - ynd Ml , and Ml . s . Mrs. Bernn Dewitt. Ro.xara. | , ,. „. h Jr ;UKj Q , Mrs. Opal Effinger. East Alton., Mlx Rpnn ,. nm;linpl) foi . B uisit Raymond Miller, Cottage Hills. Raymond Sullivan, 654 Firsl. WILLE — A preliminary report on the 2nth annual Lions Cluh Silver Dollar Carnival, showing gross receipts of J5,762.9.i. was given tn the club Tuesday evening at their "Charter Night" at Unijed Church of Christ Education Building here. The report, issued by A. C. Schroeder, carnival treasurer, showed an increase of $620.87 over last year, for a new record. "We anticipate that the receipts will hit nearly Sli.flOO," he added, "as some members have not turned in proceeds from the queen voting contest." Honored at the meeting were four charter members Russell Butler, Lewis Calverd, Harvey Phelps and George Reid. The club was chartered in May, 1944. Also honored were perfect attendance pin winners. R. G. Borman, Virgil Clark and Lawrence Sims received five - year pins. Robert Boente, Robert Bremer, Leo Brianza and Clarence Rosentreter received 10 - year awards. Receiving a 15 - year pin was for- minstrel and past carnivals. Proceeds from the carnival will be used for community better- (nient. Proceeds from last year's i event were used to redecorate 'the public library, provide equipment for use by tb^ retarded children's group and to buy bleachers for the new American Legion bron presented a program on the Bnll ParUi s;)id G eorge history of the local club, includ-1 carn j va l ing highlights of projects ac- mer Lion, C. W. Fife. John Russell and M. E. Miss Harris Meads Junior Medora Unit MEDORA — The Junior Homemakers Extension Unit met at the home of Mrs. Russell Reno Tuesday evening. Miss Jacquel ine Harris, home adviser, was present. Officers for the coming year were installed by the retiring president, Mrs. Leo Scott. New officers are: Mrs. Darrell Molen, president; Mrs. Bill Golike and Mrs. Tom Frueh, vice chairmen; Mrs. Alan Fricker, secretary and treasurer. The major lesson, given by the home adviser, was, "Fabric Verses Form and Design." Mrs. Darrell Molen gave the short feature and the health report was given by Mrs. Melvin Bennett. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Melvin Bowman in October. Japan is selling old clothes. complished by the club from past newspaper accounts, and slides of Lions working on projects, the ALGIERS—The strength of the new Algerian Army Is now reported to be 65,000. DISMISSALS Mrs. Eunice Smith, 621 Grove. Mrs. Alma Emery, 1171 Ferguson Bobby G. Miller, East Alton. David Disher, East Alton. Paul M. Taul, East Alton. Mrs. Reno remained for a visit with her brother and family this week. Truck Trout Safely PRINCE RUPERT, B. C. (AP) —Bill Wood, who heads a company here that raises trout for market, trucked 15,000 fish 3,200 St. Joseph's MEDICAL Johathan Roach, Clifton Terrace George Knoth, Edwardsville. Mrs. Irene Benecke, Godfrey. Mrs. Mildred Schagunn, Edwardsville. Michael Strickland, Edwardsville Guy Hobbs, East Alton. SURGICAL Mrs. Beulah Cockrell, 930 Alby. Mrs. Maurice Means, 1027 Ninth. Mrs. Betty Harshberger, Cottage Hills. Robert Carroll, 3445 Oakwood. DISMISSALS Diana Abernathy, Wood River. Troy Chancy, Edwardsville. Mrs. Evelyn Combs, 1120 Long. Mrs. Helen Cowan, 1608 Greenwood. Will Tax Cut Be Too Little, Late? By SAM DAWSO1V AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)—Will federal tax cuts be too little and too late to do the job originally outlined for them—to get the economy growing faster? Or will they take effect only in time to ease the pains of another recession? One is due in a few months, if you believe the compilers of charts on the length of bsui- ness cycles. Tax cuts have taken another step in their slow-motion march from administration idea toward congressional enactment. Whatever (heir final effect, each step forward—like their approval Tuesday by the House Ways and Means Committee — gives business an emotional lift. This usually shows up first in that most mercurial spot, the stock market. On schedule, the committee's action with its promise of lower tax rates in the future for corporation earnings sent stock prices up Tuesday. The lax cut proposal has been a talking point in market decisions for more than a year now. At the time of the spectacular stock market crash in May 1962 many feared a recession was being foreshadowed. Tax cuts were talked up big as an antidote. Business didn't follow the stock market downward and the tax cut proposals were delayed until the start of the new Congress this January. As business picked up this spring pressure for quick tax- cuts cased. The congressional path is still a long one. The House must act on its committee's recommendation. Then the Senate will deliberate. The question now is whether it will act this year or next, and whether its timing will be off. For a tax cut to have any real Impact on consumer buying—beyond the psychological one of great expectations—the actual cut in the amount withheld from pay checks for federal taxes must take place. The checks must actually be larger. For business spending plans to be fattened, a cut in corporate income tax rates must be assured by congressional action. Scientists are measuring me flow at the Amazon River, taking its temperature and determining the amount of sediment it carries to the sea. Connie Ann Belt, Cottage Hills, (miles via the Alaska Highway to David McEuen, 10!) Van Proter. i Anchorage. Only about 100 died Mrs. Herriott Riley, East Alton, i during the trip. Special Purchase Alc.n's Dress Oxfords Up to 9.05 Vnliios SO88 & $488 WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-Ofi E.' Broadway BLACK CAT SPECIALS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 ONLY! NO IJMIT! WHILE THEY LAST! SHORTS BLOUSES 1.00 Values to 5.98 Values to 6.98 Final Clearance On All Summer Merchandise! DRESSES! SPORTSWEAR! SUNSUITS! l / 2 PRICE Rpdiicefl To MONTICELLO PLAZA ONLY Children's White ANKLETS Siies 4 to 7>/2 C FRIDAY 13TH SALE! GIRLS' DRESSES $2 SIZES 3 to 14 Values to 4.98 INFANTS' $388 Values to 5.98 CORDUROY CRAWLERS... 93c Size* 9 to 24 Months. And More! BOYS' AND GIKI.S' CAR COATS Values to $ . . 4.98 3 CASH ONLY ALL SALES FINAL GIRLS' CORDUROY SLIM-JIMS Sizes 3 to 6X $-f 13 . Reg. $1.49 I Tk CfciMww'0 Sf 112 W, THIRD ST, — DOWNTOWN ALTON 19" Portable with $ 20 Trade-in Biedermans Price Less Trade-in . $133 20 It's a brand-new Westinghouse . , . fresh from its carton , . , never been dialed! Designed for today's on-the-go living, the "Attache" offers you all the high-powered features of a big console ,, . with the easy mobility of a portable! 19" Aluminized Picture Tube with brilliance and clarity! Master Control Panel! Wide-Range 4" Speaker for static-free F-M sound! Exclusive with Westinghouse is the "See-Matic" Circuit Center, makes service jobs easier! You Pay Only and your old TV Westinghouse STEREO AM-FM Radio, too! Magnificent console with 2 wide- range speakers, Master control panel, 4-speed automatic changer! Static-free FM-AM radio, too! Sale! Westinghouse Lowboy Consclette TV! 23" picture! Handsome slimline styling on high tapered legs for today's decor! Master Control Panel! "SeeMatic" Circuit Center! Aluminized picture! AS LOW AS $10 Terms As Low As $8 Month Both Westinghouse TVs are Brand New Models with Full Factory Warranties! 5-Year Picture Tube Warranty Included at no extra charge (Pro-rated basis) Westinghouse Double-Door Sale-priced! Separate 103-Lb. Freezer! Automatic Defrost, too! Biedermans Price 5239 Less Trade-In $ 40 You Pay Only 199 With Trade-In Terms As Low As $11 Month Huge and roomy , . , with separately insulated freezer with its own door storage . . • yet made to fit like a built-in! 12,6 Cu, Ft, two-door with twin orispers that hold -J- bushel! Butter and cheese keeper! Egg shelves! • OPEN EVERY NIGHT 10 Cu. Ft. Space- Saver Bargain! Biedermans Price .... ,$174 Less Trade-In $ 30 You pay only! $ 144 With Trade-In Terms A» Low As $8 Month Family-slie at a sale price! Wntlnfhouse refrigerator with full-width freezer, chiller tray and shelves in the door! Two egg raoks! Fits like built-in! • 200 MILES FREE DELIVERY BROADWAY and PIASA • ALTON, ILL.

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