The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 22, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1891
Page 2
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The Post* Weekly Review POUTVILI^E, BAT'OAY, AUG fl2. iff. N.BUBDIOK.Editor. Enter td at the J'otto/Ticeat Pustiitif as eetnd'cUssMatttr. j Tin-: commercial report of It. G. Dun I <fc Co. last week says that tin ban been j rcducud in prim; in Now l'ork though j it is higher in London. Siiy, Mr. Dom| ocrat. you want In look after K. (J. ' Dun &. Co. 'J ho lirst thing you know , they will spoil nil join- hopes of suc- j cess based on 111*• high price of "Dad's i dinner pail." i A UIUAHV the to l I K; rear ;o cralle issue for tariff is being relegated tlii' paramoun! demotic).! vear. and free sil , vur is being crowded to the Iron!. Jr ; plain lo see that nothing further uan be gained, ami much "ill surely b* | lost by tin; I 'lamor for Ire,- trail'-, The j McKiniry liili has dug tin- eiuvc o! free I traili- in this country. lie.'- coinage j will b<- just as Miii -itliii a- fif - trade. . Even tin lcpublican- vcrjroi! a littlf too ideally on free coinage a : scs-luii ol congf's- for -safety. free trail'- nor free coinage wilt do t c tie to for a I IMJI I principle. iRBPUBLICAK STATE TICKET. For Governor. lllKAM C. WHKEUiR, of Sao Count)'. For Lieutenant Coveruor, GKO. VAN HOU'l'KN. of Taylor Couiilv. Tor tiuprcine Judge. 8. M. WK.\Vi;i!. of ilarilin County. For Supt. Public Instruction. IIKNKV SAUIN. of Clinton County. For Kuilway Commissioner. Fl'.ANK T. CAJII'lJKU.. of Jasper County. HU.'M GOV. HOIKS" NKW YORK JUNQJJKT SPEECH ON COKN HAVING IN 10\Y A . IN WHICH UK STATED THAI THE i:> rnu; VAI.CE or THK CHOI' WHEN iM AKKE I'Eli HAD AVKKAGKK i-Oil FIVE VEAKS SIXTY-SEVEN OENT.S AN ACRE LESS THAN THE ACTUAL OOST OF PRODUCTION. "THE ACTUAL COST OF PRODUCING THIS CEREAL, THE MOST PROFITABLE OF ALL THA.T ARE RAISED WITHIN THAT STATE, HAS, DURING-THE SAME PERIOD, EXCEEDED THE ENTIRE VALUE OF THE CROP WHEN HARVESTED, SAYING NOTHING WHATEVER OF INCOME FROM THE CAPITAL INVESTED IN THE LAND REQUIRED TO PRO - j make"' 1 d" '' p! nViulse' 'bet' , ^ '',.,',Vti i ug DUOE IT." j then,."' :>1 AJ;S IIAI .L I IJ .i.i. iV Cee h "WHAT IS TRUE OF THE PRODUCTION OF CORN IN ' 11 " ^"'^ i I Bt least, to the governnisutal eueoar , I iighiuuut of llritish shipping. England- i i during the last year, exported §33 ,7ol.- • I (lo to ISrazil: to I'orlo ftieo #U0!i .4 ,'t.1 j and to San Domingo and Hnyti ¥ 1 ,31!'.- \ , li. tin' future, thanks to reeiproi- | in and iil.ii ;i> -. the producers and man-. ; ufiicliiiers of this country will enjoy a good H I IULV of the )irolils'of this trade. DIVEB81F1ED FARMING. ter. J Jfrt .1 1 luliM 1 .U .A<\. 'Tin' iliiprudeiiee of ' puttine all one's eggs ( , 1K . basket" lias lour: been a proverl' butiie diveisin in th" Mori; republicans may be induced lo support j „i the individual iaiui'-r i- eo.sentiat not the democratic (and union labor) can- i otiiy that In- may have more than one ilidal". Thi> i, all there is j„ the mat- I c !' t 'l' ,'" 1 '' lv ««' '•' «'"•" of «a«lire. but also Hint In- may have employ uieui fur a- long ;i pi-riot! during tie year as possible, illll! tills single el op ill |,n'. gi\'-, Wliat and how many kinds of I crop: tie gvlietal fariuev should etilti- Tiie JVIorariaijs haye for nearly tev- \ vale is a question ol eircuuislance. bin eutv year.- earried una work ntnouc '• lh *\ u " ,r ' ! «uouid be ».- luueli riiieisity ., , , ' , ' * , ,, ,. , i, . as is warranted b\ his eoiidition~ i- the last I lepers of the Cape of Good Hope, J m- . . ' " 1 1 getieially eonceded In tin-eas'- ol a Neither { following .sentence from Bishop La ; cominun'ily. district or slat'-, lie ncce .s- I'robe's account of it . pieLure- to u-. at j Mly for ail the diversity thai tic eli- M18SIONABY NOTES. li will be I'cuiciiiunrcil thai linen goods were on lie- li.-' thai wen- to be gieatiy advam.eil by tin- McKiuiey bill.. Head what Maishali Field iV (.'o. ,sai about it. and linn leineiuber that all other goods may hi cius .sei! in the .-,atije category. Thi- is a >ijui -h-hci' ol- the canjpaigti liar ol last year. Thi.- i a circular to the tiadi . and i^ reiiabh. : C JIH..VI.;O. Aug il. IK) I. coliiiueuci during Augi '•W. tiiiue annual 11 \et\ lull day and wih i on- only, our >cuoii 'l *-l ;il|e Iiule. L 'u II s .-t i l,i- oi a stork of linen- purchased e \ju i -.s-l;, lot this 0 ale. We ot '.'er only coiuph-'e line-, all fres'e tioni tie- man- ulaeUu 'e.-. incliiiliiig bleach, d daniasi.. plain loom damask, coioied border I iooiu damask, lo mi dice. turke\ led . dainasi.: be.aclied. iooiii and led bur] tier uapliilis. i-s, .',->• bleached ilovlier. t loom cloths, bleached cloths, bleached , and loom buck towei-. twill towel--, i creje- towel.-, gla.s- towel.-, diaper tow - els. Turkish bath towel.-, plain anil will crash, ocolch and Ku.-sia crash. Gorman toweling, glas-s toueiing, Inn-ka back toweling, iiueii sheeting, ilmvlu., ' and utehers linen, linen diajier. In table cloths, uajikius ami d. .masks w, j show many choice pallet!!.-, designed [ b\ and conlincd to oui.seive-. '1 he | prices a! which this .stoek will be oll 'e-i! ed, are lower than e\et' befote made to i the trade in any market in the 1 ,'uiteil u •once the extent o! human misery. and lov and faith working triumphantly through all- "Co into tin- wards of tin- ho-pitnl: on one conch lie- u leper whose hands mv gum-, n.ul befiire him an open bible; iu- ha- leached the bot- toui of the page he cannot turn over. He look- around, and o :e- wic t ;ari walk, but i.-.aiso without hand-, lak--'- ,'lliolhef, who ha- lost hi> feet, ol; hi- bace. and eanie- him lo tie- fir-! In turn over tin- leaf. In lntk. the llaron and Hal iiiie ,s Ketl'e.nbt'iiick Aesheiailec haling estaoiis'aeil a lej,er huiie a', Jeriisnlein. the Moiatiai. bieliiien were jdaceil in chatge ol it Tin- liis! ii;-,i 'i.[ of hotijiin thi-lot in of the work o! lo\r ill lli-jdeih time-, theiefote. ale their.-. Hale tie- .-oeiali-i and liee- lionkine eoiiipl.-iiii.-i s. whu tali, ol the l.ypoeri-\ of elmt'-he- and ehuteii meie- bcr. . ever done any Mich work b. the of liuiuanili ? to ,-,ay nothing of reiigi<;r.. lb i i'l u :. I.. Tall i 1 'ekihg. fjhiua. , I :'>; tion ol la-t w i e-k w ;e ; granted by i vai'iou.-, for lite- truiii 1 lie ee-k. vvas an audience • in prior oi < 'in na U' ihe einbas eidoi- .stationed in IV-king. in wiiicii In- ili -petiM tie- uuw-itjiV (buni]>ing tie: heai lloor.) 1- wa.- bce-iiiv- th China iii.-i-led iijioi; tid- Coul Auilu-ist's e-nii,a->\ t will. ,11 the 111 J ,e -l or of IOWA IS EQUALLY OF ALL THE GREAT STAPLES RAISED ON HER FARMS." AMUSING. It is not only amusing but lmlicroii .s to see the democratic jncs enlarge about making the present eainpaign I one of "education" on the taiilf. Ju.^t | lis it the ilcKiniey taritt' itself did not I furnish ail tin- education ncee-saiy to I cotivilice llio mo .st skeptical. Ca .M ynar the ili-nioci atic cauijiaign of cdu-| cation on the tariU'.swept the country, but it did it solely and entirely upon n lie, ami it is already demonstrated that it was not uily n lie but the most Harrison i to with- i I T is reported that there i.- ! .standing between rri-sideiit ! and lilaiue that one ol lh:i.i ' draw from the presidential race .,ouie i time befoie the a;'.emb 1 iug ol tiie { uatioiial yon'eiiiio/.', leaving the (h-hl j clear to the other, and thi- v.- to depend j upon which develops the nio-,1 strength j in the mean time. It the candidacy is to depend upon tie- fjliuwiug of the two men it might as weit be .settled now as at any in the futiue, n.- Ihure can never be liny ijiu.slion on this point. If left to the popular vote of the republican party lii.ii;,.- would have at least li\e lo one. Ami still no republican has anything against ITcsi- dent llarrisou. and all will gladly support him should he be the nominee, lint there is an uncontrollable enthusiasm t'oi lilaine iha! c.miiol l,e .suiolh- ercd as against any other living man. Hundreds of ed a l.iiiui lor ol CI clnbas with him <j claimed ti oiv Tl in I'. ipial I 'l' at en :acli \ I -ijihlly K .ug to an a term-, anil a ; an audience r helee.l'.er. < the antiipialei long; bound in 1Mb that China pu>i - \olltie einpe- the iuieig,, an luif ienee mil nhu pio- elie'e siiollid •r. ' lili.a j.- ippiug whii.-h haie so ancient uielhod.-. and i.- beginning leel new life and new freedom. Le bands ier to to Us slrcugthen our I'eking L'niier 'China's emerge iiiiieationai wor ;it \ . and be- re; ; in tlu- il v for mate, soil and market ivili admit of with probi. i- even great"!. am! there 1- tie- same urgen! need, ol iliici.-il ling lie- agriculture that tbeie i- pn tic di\eisily ing ol ilulusli ie- geiierally . if a country i- to prosper. lie- community that depends upon a single Matt iur .--ippur! i- even worse otV than the individual, ssoiuethiiig of till, uiii-! have been lei! Iiy tie- (h-oigia eoiiiiiossiouer ol ngrictilliii'i when in hi- las! r-pitr! he said : ; "Utir prosperity and happiness demand that wi change our entire si s- lein. I'ietuie out lclpies- condition ; shouid the Fniopcaii eoiintrie Using- in cot'.,m become involved in wai. Tic -tuple which now play.- sie-e an ' important par! in the commerce of : nation.- would seaic-iv oring the price ol the bagi^iug in which it i- w lapped, •uiii :. laiee mii'juiiiy o! our lannei- ; would be fuieed into aojee! wall! tie- train- liom tic imrt!- am! wes; ju-i OIII iuetnti. and the ete- fot Ultra', atid OlcaO. Wllieit Woltid go Up flu II: tic l ol loti-pI'Olluc>tlg sei-lioll. VVullill i-\i |'ie ,' the .-urorise il no! tiii- sympathy of tic : cii'ili/.ed world.' .lie prosperity and ha|!pincs- ol any eonntry di-}'enil upon a reliance i,n I .-oinr-'i hing els'' that; a single staph. • Whv Ci-orgia in \6>ib should grow ltill,- : <ll!i>,.Vjii Jb>. of cotton worth on an avi'i- . age in the .-lali e-lki.'ii;. peraeic culu- '.alid. and. oiii; •!'-'.i'l 1 .*- ton.- of hay , when it was worth islb.lo per average . ai-re. and a miieli smaller labor cost to piodue-e ('. 1- pretty hard :o s'-e; or . why should tlcre be .-o much colloii a! .-o low a price per acre. a:.d ye! oiiii Ikts.Ollll IjUsill'l- ol jio'.atoe-- ivilieil biongli! gi .Vi .M' per average acre. Tin- saiin- short sighted poliey ol riiiiiiing too hugely pi -ingle staph-crop- g. icr- • 11 i i y piiv -ills iu a giiat'O' or ie-.- evleui W'heteler aglii-llitllle 1- although the evil- of the praetic an ; no; ,u apparent with lie- .-tap,' of the i.oin I, id! |„r tin- ii---.nn that so kogi- a poriiuu of i; i- h;d al hone. Tie i.-oi- ; ion i i Uiii i! ii ui wiljeii the i olll 111 issiolcl' , ot agrii.-iilturc in Georgia reprobates ', Would be the eulldltioil ill I be com slate.- pi'uvidi.i! Ibis cereal had lo go , abroad lo lind it- principal market A; - il I- used largely by the man who rai.-,- e.- it. it can be etiltivaicl hugely. tin' eiery taiiner w-ho ha- to raise coin to sell in average year; regard- hiiusci! in ; so lar iinloriuiiate. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —l 'oslville sends- out phenouiinal niRii. C. W. Williams, who wa- once pruelioally a Toslvillc man, and had charge, of the Union creamery here, lias developed into the most noted hor»e- miin in the world. And there i- 11. L. Cresci. who at oue lime was a poor tousoria! artist here, has evolved info one of Vhe greatest real estate men in Chicago, having recently mad•• one of the greatest deal- ever mad' in this country. Just uow In- i- at, tii'- bend of a great spectll.'itioj:. and has disposed of stock to the amount of Jfl.UUu .tKio. 'lie- Chicago Time- of last Friday ha- the following: "Chicago and Si. 1 'atil capitalists hav itiaugurrtlei! an enterprise which mean- tie- establishment of extensive storage wiiri'tiounes in this city. St. I'an! and Kama- City The enterprise has taker form in the incorporation in Springlield yesterday of the Manufacturing. \\ areiious'- and Trust company. Tic incorporator.- are i;. I., ("rc-scy. John Ik King and John !>. I'ulleu. These g<-titlcru ''fi. however, ar tic principal backer- of tin new cern. Messrs. t 're.-ey aud Kin tic promoters, but .several ol Chicago"* best knuwii capitalist- have iilenlitl*d tiieiuselv i - witii tie enterprise. The capital stuck i- piaeed a; s|,(ini,n(i, mid all of thi-. Mr. Grwtcy nay.-. ha» 1 Ueeii sold 't'ic idea i- to build immense dislrinuliiig w nr'-hoiisc- at the three i point- named, making them depots for the delivery of goods throughout tic wes! and northwest. Thus a N '-w Yorl; merchant who ha- a tradr amoiig lin- towns ol the Aest can save himself licightage lo shipping- tic entire lot to tin- warchousi. 'the vv archoiis , pany then, actin;' a- hi- agent, ' triout'- lie- goo'l-• The iu -atioi, o! tie- (.'hieagu estab- lisiimen'. vvili b. a; a pom' we-; of the ..-in. At: immense iirici. btilidiug will be «•reeled. Track.- will be laid through lie- sttuctuie allowing cars to I ic run directly into the storage room-. i A cold storage plant will also be wn ot | the feature-." ! Aiiothet leatuie uiii be a dep ;:rtmeu[ | where good- in ear load-, will b ; ed and sold on co!itii'ii--ioi:.' TIOERS AND THEIR PREY. Tin- Cruel Animal Diuplnrs Truly Vhr- liomejiftt Ktreitsrtli. How do timers secure thoir ]>rey? As a gene»»l rule. I am inclined to doubt the truth of the commonly accepted [ theory- that the tiger, after lurking in j lunhuBh. Hprintrs onbi the unsus)>er.tlng | victim ami. tearing savagely at its I tin-on'... eagerly drinks its blood. This i method of attack may sornctimos be ii'.lopte;. let! it is fur more often the I e.veeption than the rule. In approach- '; in;, hi; prey tie- tiirev makes til*- best possib'c us,- of cover, but when further : eoiicealmcai is impossible lie will : e.ourn- a ueer or other Bwift-fookal anl- I ue.l with unite UII extraordinary turn i of epeed. | .1 hiiihle;. liiisl; of Boo yords in the : open is nothitii: unconinion. One ti- ; (tress with which 1 wa- at one time j ouite intimately acquainted, jn»od to ( eateb i:ii<; or deer aimost daily on a perfectly open and burneii-up plain. •Small animals aij* /or the most purt. dispatched with l. blow of the jinw bu; in tin case, of the more bulky J. SHEPHERD. M.D., YSICiAK AK:' SURGE V. U. rENBIO-; nX.V5Il--El.. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES OI;. i I I IOUHO East t)f Hoy iS: McNeil -i liarUwu:t. F.J. BECKER. M.D.. 23:0 MEOFATHIC PHYSICIAN ANI> SI'UGEON. Oflici on Ht-coii'i I'loov o' Tnrkcr 'H UuiUlinf:, ucur Viistoflicf, I'oBtvilk. lowu. DR.J S.GREEN, rllVSICIAN /• SfltUK'iN. (Jfliee ami llesidcnee SouthwpFt pat of town. Al! palls promptly attended not collate STATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want. ti,o ' plain or tancy Stationery, that experienced ti«er. leaping on the back ; ^Jjg Review Office is the place of his victim, grips the neck in front of the withers with his jaw-, one foro- pav.- clasping the shoulder of the animal, am! the other fully extended 1111] uer the throat. .Should In- In- unable- I to crush the spine with his jaws, he will then jerk tin- head back violently I and thereby break the neck, j 1 have examined hundred-, of uni- 1 mais killed by tigurs. ami have 11..•vet- yet, delected injury to the blood-vessels I of the th rout, but invariably murks at- j trlbutable p. the above mentioned [ method In removing his prey lb. I ti^er freeu'-ntly display*, n'mios; jiiie- ] uoiueuul strength 11 ml activity. A j young tigress one- ieupec up 11 per- coui- j pendieuiar rock sorn. -i.\ fee! higi: I ilia- I witi: u man weighing nearly ei.'-.-et. j stone iti her jaws; am! 01. i -notir .r o<ea-;o:. 1 know o f a jeai*- at. i;;;^., bunk 11! least ten fee; hi to get it cheap. DANIEL A. JEKALE, n ^vCsrciiant Tailor. VllSt villi;, luwil. All work warranted i ( , give satislae- tion. A I til', lm. of tic latest sly ies in sani)iie;. On and attcr Sunday, .itine L' trains 011 the C. M. <>.- Si. cave 1'ostvillc as follow.-. ROIKO KAST. l'asscnpt'r.s. Ku. •! I No. 4 tnighl) : Freights. No. 7 Way Freight. ... 1!;".'. : No. !• Time Kreigbt ... e;'. 1 - \ No. 11 Time Freight... .'•;•"-• 1 llOIN'ii WEST. l'asscugcrb. No. 1 night Ji-.l. . No. P. .' .lo:-.'.',; Freight.-. No. 1''t 'hiearro Stock ..l ';.e.. No. 1; Way." •!;:,. , No. 1" -Milv-.-auk". .sto '-l. <:;!' 1 All Freight train- men!iont il. e Ne. 1-. carry pas'-cngcr- whci j .rp' wili; proper transpurtatii-n "N. between N'orlh Jii'dregor am! t ;,; (1. li. Will!'!'. Ag.- B. C. E.&~L T .r ..E. . siir.i'lirni'. sin;i'iti-;iti' -'iiia-uEue urs .ee me ".lie up ; iii;iiTiu;ns. ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- ilih'jr^ in**' AnciiLh umi I • 'liceti LAW. A ut Iterir .-l-e l Uti vrm-te- PDS-.TVIL1.E :T: tie r-' o't n'l iin .L -i. UiWA. 'I'ltni HI- 'I aid. iceeiv- 'llli- i*l'Ole Murj, Two little giris about VJ years 0:1! talk eontidentialiy: --Whn; does yjur papa do?" "Just what mama vvuutt blm to."—iix. • iKAli invi-lio, in efb e; -lum ug Nortn .-.;• South Norlk. .1 li. ** 111:1: Tiaveliiit; Picture Krauue. Wonder if the fraud.- referred lo below in this week's Cieseo I'laindealer are noldiie same who worked l 'o.stville a few weeks ago':' If so tin original pictures might be secured by applying OEBEAK BUG AK AZiD CAN POK.K. Ci'JKICK THINGS. Kniili' JSul.ilili. ,l:.-.-.l tii.,.a|..- 'j heie an no indications, so tar ns public iufoi-.nation goes, that Cei'in.'inv has made any tuov jiiocity , and there, i aid .. „,, . . 1 -- thousand.- of republicans ubsufdlaud of li he. Jheirpie^ ami , wil( u , i,appy it they can once more opeakei's, every oue of litem, went wild vote for the great and magnetic statesman, and Ihcy believe that they can with the pititul iuacilion that the people were to be lobbed by tin "robber tarifl." Their uiothod of imparling ilduealiou was to tioneit that ••l .'.i tariff is a lax," thai il would all be ad.bat to the article upon which it wa* levied; llmt tinware would be so hi^h that Ihe laboring uiau could not all'oid to own a dinner pail; that woolen elolhing would .be i >o liij^h that noue but the rich could afford it; that cutlery ;i «d dWhea would be bo high that tlie poor would have to go bayk to lirst priueipleii and eat with tlieir lingers lroui u pine board table, jpo you Bupposo that such "education" as this will bring forth fruit this year aud next? Do you suppose that I'opubliutus who bolted their congressmen last year to counteract, so far as possible, this era of high prices, will do the same thing this year, when they know that nearly every artiole they buy is oheupor Ihau cvor bofore, aud scuree- jy anything higherP And especial!) so vyhou Uiey nee what the Ulaino poliey iof rueipryoity is dying for the country, ttud tlic general prosperity of the puy- plo, us u result of the Ijguntiful etops fyow being gatuered. '4'hjs istiot tho year for a democratic #*iwpttignof .education. On the other it is tiie yoar for coinwvu senso iy'fiQtpp iJtwM bli Uie puyplc. if it does ft .ypty IfflpA iMeoa io i-eineuihfi' thut w> !l^f.n»l MeJoi'Bi i "M» het'ti iuuu|?uraU(d or Wyiwi put hy tiw duiu ^cratic party, 4tif }f}jg Lh« Ji>wi Hfly years, uud ihat to Jjud^hLed for ujl th,y ryfyriu^ n»d *IJ tips m-yspyi'lty ^ha.t have yywo upyn this J,ou,4 f#p thfrly years. Aii vv« ask fyr is 9 ^UDi^igu yf (/ynujuy cduealiyy. A thoustihd Wi/Hyu dollars is u vast WW/ »lmmtt/ ^<?)«w4 M>» MmyrvimofaH dtp JrMWM" Mff a- bw\ u ^",',4i«g W;a(t )\u» Ms am fayvsmiis L)M t»j4i- lift) MlJisMl #i#M)» flyof and ulWVtt i)«3 •»g /»ww fif )w yw, wid hmtifs ihat mmmlf will Iw »4fo4 u> M»« of if Mtm MflmtHn urn mmm iwl fbmfrm ynmi) U) tlkvw rtmn,fm- . HfftpHMN Imam nwi prim mml-mfr '-IfWin* WMiwommi tojNlp mmiw) w »h»H hmfhn wittpm*- . tftniffmfr IMA w\m>i win UwrnM ' jMHtfmwity' b» *r»^to, in M now easily elect him. 11 Ulaiuc lives', and enjoys any safe degree ot health, no power on earth can prevent him from being the next nominee. I T does a person good lo sec the dem- oucuuu press tell the iritth once in a while about republican legislation. 'The Chicago Times is one of the iuosl virulent free Iratic ilcmocralic papers in the country, and yet in a rccuiit is»UB it contained the following glowiug acoouut of the vorking of the tariff as to sugar aud the uuusuipiuul prosperity of the south, which was solely brought about by the republican party. The following is the, and it reads just like a republican article: "Although but four mouths have passed since the removal of the duty the consumption of sugar in the liiot of IBtfl has exceeded that of the half same time last year by lob .OUO tons, and as the heavy cauuiug seasou is now I coming yu the prospects are Very favyr- 1 able for this year 's consuuipliyu being 300,000 tons larger than last year's, and owing ty cheaper sugar, grauulsil- ed selling frytu 4c ty 4 'c, is much more economical ty use thau glucose. This fact litis been verllied by the largo auiouuls byught by cynfee- tiyners, ouuuers aud puckers ,of pryyis- iyns. Very recently yne largo lyeul paekur yf pryvis'nms by,jglil COO bbl«. of granulated sugar on yue yrdei'. Tito satno uyiiuer^ lias been making Jarge purchases yi sugar binco ^arylj. wliieh is n deyided 4 u Pt u ' t -v"'o /row the old uiethyds for pryvision packers. Cyn- fecliynors are huyJMK ajinyst.ovory day, us sugars aro »jy low and frluoysu HO hlj{li. yVith su^av uhuup us it is there- is every piyspeet for it reruuiujng sy, comparat))'ii|y sneaking. A good demand way stiuiuluto the prico BOUIO, but at tho i'u)log prices -yf gniuuiuted tho relintsrs uro wttkiug » very ^yyd I)i'yllt, I'eceut eslinjalies by auiliyi'itius plaeiwglt al uboyl jo per puuud, iig ^rc- giailijg in thene,t tyll)o Aiwerican bygu) mfrmity "Ofupwy ulJo^t #!j ,W )0 ,wo 'tiff ijijx ru.yj)t)js , l?u«/n«s». The sugar 0>0i;erJ4W o^mpaijies tire uudyuhteyly m«k\ifft vory large proliis with iliu d,vinu/?d ii>ur.easn4 fyv lefJnvd fcyui )y y> 29 i >.Df cuul. and /ejieup >'avy sygiu-s. 'i'jju eyursy uf Die latter wi)i by u ycry injpyctaiit fae |i ;r in |ho fyfijry yf (hn fff}iui)mi, ift i;)uUi>ia) mlvuituu is lyykej /or In finjn yf thu vwry Jurgy ufui>s> w||iu]i are hying raised t|iu world tfyuf. nrysueela urn lUtil Uliihi w;|l f»viinci ihfs year about Hi)(),i)Q0 U)))H, lljo largest yryp nyyr gri,vy» Hwfu, <w) lh« tfr«»l«st p/fft yf jt win eyilic (i) iliu United Status dimet. Qnt (|9inyst|« hmMMH tflbllgh gy|)»- wmtivp);/ 'if fl/tfl)t )i»pwi4>mi mil i/o * u Fy )in*K n ( ww. «wi? «>*Hi»«i«s bidiig - jm, wiw Siwn '-at fluarui' il MM HWU 9t fi»BH,r m „ ft Hmm iiiwISiflUnn nf -(i)flO mMi>, Ytlwm ify"fjj» AT" liii'im' mcnl t no toieigu conn- I : tr\ moie interested in il Ihan the (.ier- j j man 1 -hnjiire. '1 he present condition! j of Hade belvvecii thai country anil this | ! can nut cuiiliuuc long. It is loo one 1 ! sided lobe tolerated, and ihe n.cipio-l 1 city clause of the McKinley bill pro- | vhies an effective remedy. i 'The Washington dispatch to Ihe Inter j Ocean of veslcrday staled thai during the !ir.-t lince luonilis after sugar was ) put on the free list Kuiope exported to ' this country :Wy,060,'lbl pounds. At ihat rate the exports of a year would be l,:iy2,>!i!0,fcv!-.l pounds. By far the greaUu part of this sugar eame from Ciermany. Indeed, sugar is the leading export of thai country, as it is the chief import ol this. In 386l> the value of Ccinuiuy 's export of sugar was ij >4iJ,71U.OUO ,"iiiid of the imports of the same commodity into the L'uitcd Slates $1U! ,'J\)ii ,6M. Nearly oiie-fourth of our imported sugar ctiuie from Ceriuany. There arc, however, other sources from which we can derive all the sugar winced, and if the duty should be restored on the (Jermaii article that would be equivateul to its exclusion. The price would not be enhanced by lliu elosiug of our ports against the product of that country, if Germany persists iu discriminating ugaiusl our pork the president will tie couipellud under the provisions of the McKiulcy bill to reiiu- pyse the duly on termini sugar. It Minister J'helps has not pressed this subject upon the alleutioti of the ministry yf foroigu affairs it is high lime he did. Aee.ordiug to all oceyunts Kmperyr William is greatly disturbed iu his mind over thy frieudly rehttiyus uow oxisliug betwcGu i'Vaueo and Htissia uud tho ryo ukase of the e /ar. lie wyuld dy well U> consider that his eub- jcets are soriyusly threateued with the iyss yf the chief inarkot for 'Jieir chief yxpyrt. It is as if tho ,Uuiti;d States, wIlli its jiujzK'uso xruiy cryp, were threaU 'Jied with thi- ciysiug iigajnst it yf tho J'itiglish uhwkot. Oej-mtioy needs rye frym Russia, but still Miyre dyes il need a nutrket for its stirpiiis V.ugur. Qwx lot yur ports be ejysed ty j its free iinporliiiions while open i-; llio ' sugar of other cyuutries. and the ugri- cujluiu yf Xjunutiny yvyuld feel the grip yf hui 'd tildes as neyer botoro. The iulyujitugo is yn Ihe sidu of ihu eyuntry, Jn 11 game yf retuliuliyij Germany Wytild be liiindicanned thryugh- ynl. (>ur fur/uers wyuld be glud ly selid their provisions and breadsluJls ty (;oni)u «y, u^d Ihero ary a few ythor uifmm'Alhiuti which wo nmiDully jicud ty that eyuntry, but ny sertous (uss wyuld follow lo yur peyplu \>y iju lotnl shutting ifff i>t friide w)t)i fjunnuny, while tho flerjnuiiij l|ion,wJyes wou)d hu iwpyverishi 'd by jt. 'f\torif fs do ythw cininify in lh« w»M will) wl>M> they kii.vv M pro/Hablu u irudu 11s witli fhn United aluies, 'I'hu (jerniun gov- Mimnni vau mti ui)m'i\ i>> inn, ihat Iriuln in jeopardy. Jieneii 11 npid .1- eiiv'tty in : the- idone , dill s 'i tial -Vav I K. ]'.i//iin> r oli.e- Voi-oll ill II iu'alod -.iiat fo..r thoiib- tti'ling this. 1; lively and 't i.- blind Huu|pro«)ty ttrrun^munU h m si) fny nmiv i)«»p»n iiiuUn)^ smim m'Mlh Utwih Pnri< kiov mm gun w«wiii«o, ,Hi» mwm» wf iwi», •• .1 Miiporm. m - tun wmim wi,t\\»,7!H> m,u,. < > Js«i mmm iHf ilia tfiwiit,, IB i|VHH|l..., ri limiry nf " HP iriiijii tut le .lt I. I 1 II It M'ielitisl,- ,;ie that nloii in;-.; be a! ie.-e till' l ye '.u-s olll. No! wiUi howovoi. the spider 1 - 1 j 1 v ei -y youthful iu it- 1111' i< anil bin 110 mouth. t row.-: are commonly said to live for one liiii, died yent'r, and lurtlos are reported to have, ovi :i longer life; but if the ia '.e Ti ofe-.-.or iiairu l:e right, the gleatesl longevity is pOr.bO'.xi d by t skis. Trofes..or lluird once riiiid that in- a lish has uv matiu'ity ihi-ii- is nothing to prevent it's living indoliititoly anil glowing continually, lie cited, iu proof, a pike in Kussiit whoso age is known to date back to the fifteenth century. In the Koyul Aquarium al SI. J'etersbnrg thorn ine hundreds of llsh that wen: put in more than one hundred and fifty ycais ago. It is said by scientists that, fishes mid inoUusks living at a depth of more Hi 1111 three miles under water huve to hear 11 presbiii-e of several tons, the weight hying that of the t-uporinuuin- beut brine, which exert- its power from all sides. Tho re sou they arc able to boar this treiuondous weight is boctuisy they huve exceedingly loose t'hs'cs, which allow the witter to How through every interstice, thus oquali/.ing tho weight. When tho pressure is removed they die almost instantly. 'j'hciro Is a liorso on James Me- Clyud's farm in South Dakota that has eight foot, olherwisy it is perfectly formed in overy respect. JSol wiitil Die fotlook joint is roachod in tho d,e- Bcont from the shoulder ty the fyyt is there any difference between this horse mid any other. At the pastern joint, hovvover, tho bnuu-h bejfins, and two poi'foutly formed hoofs uro found on eueh yf tho four logs. Within the Antarctic Clrelo tUory has nover boon found a Uoweriug plant. iif tho Arytio roj,'iyna Ihero are 702 diilerout species of flowers, Fifty of Ibis nyinbor aro really polar flowers of varied cylyrs; tho ivuiulndor ary ul- iuysl isylyi'iess, beiii^ mainly yf a yellyvvidh hue.—St. J.yuis Kopublle, to Sheriff Hall. Cieseo: I "John 11. lite-en had an i-xaiiiiua- | tion on Saturday before Justice Aloou 1 on a ebaiei- uf fraiidiil 'Milly obiaining money tion: various parties iu different part.- ol the county. 1' was llcii method lo obtain a photograph ol so -iic ! ineuitjer of a family- which was desired in an enlarged side, receiving a small fee ranging all tin- way Com lo cents ' lu ss -_'.0iWhatever wies obtained wa.- kept, thc.v being no such house iu exist. -nee a- it wa.- represented the ol'deis we!.- icing lai.'.'ii lot'. 'liie leceipls given for photo.- Lo be enlarged did not j earti call lor a |ii':Ltire of any kind, fur the ii;V 11111 ol lie money or anything eise; a:n! tie- -ie iiuturi.- giv en had ainios! as iiianv aliases as bogu- advertise .s wie- , tlee from low 11 to lovvn anil from one j nam'- to another to avoid (lie vigilance j of Ihe poslotVicc ileieclive.s in their I'lu- j suit. j Croon was held to the grand jury r .iui in default of bail look lodging and j board with Sheriff Hall. Arlington 1 waived examination and went to the J cooler in default of bail fixed at SliUb." j Moral: Give no uiuuev orother yul- i uitbics to any person you do not kuow ! to be responsible. It would be a still ' better plan to take your pictiucs to j your home photographer to have them eiila'ged. Independence Kaoeh. lor the meeting of tiie Independence Ui'iving Part: Association, u. be held at Independence, low; 1 .. Angus! gltb to Uiith, inclusive, the ilurliiigiuu. Cedar Knpids & Northern llailway will >eU xcuision liekels liojii all sialions iiiui s: -Jill, to turn until C J.A.HAVIBLA3STD. • Veterinary S-uirgre--: I'llsTVIl.I.L. 1 "W A. Olliee firs: door lia-t ol th cia! lloll.-e. (,!•.-!! I'll'!' A hie sel ol siirgiea! iastruni All tiec'ssary uu'dieiii'.-.- I>.-| 'li.irleel: years MC-ces-lni i fulls promptly an--.-, ••ree ili ni mer Iowa Auk my agent* for \V. 1.. liaualit- Sl,« Il mil tut milt. In vuiti- pluci- nil; M tlenli 't- in Kt 'iiil loi- ciiliiluaiit-. HITIII-I 1 itirenn, uml uel lliem lin- Mitt. ITTAKl: Ml NtHMTJTITl.. 11I1 I — ,.-.t.- ti.. ,11 .111 si.-iiiuiis on 1 it.- line a: Urn- Ian- Fur the l; ( . 1 Trip: ticket*!>th, inelus -.L MEAT K on BCi' CLri-: August ;jis!. train- eiu-ii d; ing Cedar K L'eeoiah at 1 day after thi­ ol the largest ever held iu tin now neknov.-i.-i -. good lo -A 1111 vv ill ai > during th ipi.l- a: !•: lot' il. IU , 1. races, am! hi wtiii Th tl altraei;. agent.- i and tin. 1 Hill special races, icav • :•• 111 . and nming o;n'h will be I, nice meetings I the track i-- fa-ie.-: on lb", aih-d ! siatiuu ;iu;' "ale.' We I,;/. ia tie- .\|.,.' Olliee. v. „... -le-tliien; low,-; ,e, We sol,,',: I and iiiann i v ili- a tad - :^!ts, ONE BEAR TOP MANY. llio lillluij f'ovr, 'linn (Ihuuil Dili (Juivued )i>m. A youujrhuntsman yf Heleuu. Mynt., was following thy upper eourstv yf 4hu Milk Kiver and cumo suddonly fiutfj U> liw-o will; «. )/(i:u: ffo brought M* Ma ty his shoulder, took careful aim uud shot thy boar dead. Thy noxl niomuut n tx'uoiid byiir upponr«d from a rocky den. 'ihe young hunter again niulo* tueccrisful shot. '!'<) his sui-puso « thit-a liiiir camo out »f thy dun. l(u killed this ou-3 ulsy, uml lie-forq lie lui/1 tl^io to myyy froii) tho spyt hridn Mo. •I i.ppoai'od. ft ww oko'Xiutf Kport, U> Ijo oury, but Uioro wyry myry I WK than ho uuwl u> «yy ow ijn:y, Jiyyvever, ho made » gyod sliot, and bruin tmnbM yy«r, iimkinij four dyad boursi. While tho Imntemim «toy<i w^vslilna lib* gun>e, U/ KU J bwiv, iMgm' th»tn n iy at )&0 pyuvUiHi onm, UWIQ out "I 'by 4 BB wi4 KU» J)«J foovHrd, Tim ywtrw fam fired,' 'foul mlmU, »n4 Iwfyro, lie «y(dd ratonl tho iufdrliiM liml wm upon btwl 0n» lilowaf tlw 'hn/l# piw mi thfl unn flyiiyf tvam U» arm, \mk (jytflloy iJi'OV li(» hnnihipmiw wA WOHD M m\n in. Um iwi\ii In mwt ihte lie ro^iv^ »i jsyors ^fiuuB /jn <ivmw itfW.bnttQ MR ; It' Ml <W»: 11)% I'M \iom myWi^pimmj/, 4th District Alliance Meeting. W AIKU K. I O.. Aug. 16, l»yi. To all secretaries of county and local alliances in the -Atli congressional district of Iowa: Slit: 1'ou arc notilied thai the tirst annual mooting of the 4lh congressional alliance of ioiva will be held at Uccorah, lo.. on Wednesday, Sepl. !>lh. 1»1M. at IU o'cloek, a. in. The object of the mailing will be for the purpose of considering tiuy and all (jileslioiis of interest to the alliance and its work in general. The basis of representation will be two delegates from each eouuly alliance anil oue delegate from each local alliance. The meeting will be open to all members ia good standing. ft is hoped that all alliuuyes will ue fully represeuted at this luueliug. Secretaries of local alliances will please seud report of membership to district secretary immediately. S. A. CoNvjcusK, Pros. 1). i.). K ONAN, Seo'y. Bwvest JBxcvtrwyfl*. On August 26 and September 29, tho Wurliugtyu, Cedar liapids & Kyrlhern KaiJway wili sell finrvest Kxcursiyn tickets from all stations on its line syuth yf and iueludiug Viulou, to all stations on its line north yf aud including Iowa Fulls, in iywa, Minnesota and Syuih JJakyla, ty all pyiuts iu Arkuiir sns, Indian Territory, 'Texas, New Mex- iey, Colorado, VVyoiuiog, Utah, fdaho, Mynlunn, South and North IMkota; also to ni) polnI* iy Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, (jyyrgiu uud Florida, nl A culy ot Cue Fare and One Third Fyr Uio Jtoiind 'Irip, For further jnfyrmuiiyu, yu'jgir* of any liyfcol a^ynt of Ibis cy»)p»«y, yr J. K. liAtittlMiAti, (inn, J'fybot, iKid i'»w. Atitiui, . am! einpure inio! inalioi, 1 e; ! iraihs. .1 Ik I' lieii 'l..! 1.: iV NOTICil OF Al'PLlCATXOi'. r FOR i SALE OF REALTY. ! BLkUl" -PHOTOGEAPPIEE,:- Am! 1 >»•.-! 1 • -1- in I'ii Hf Si .',«. |im- .-uii • ( . JSii.. :,,:• |,ir. ... $ : £sz^i-':f, : ^'l &;j>'S- i ;;;-:;! , '..'V;.'.- ,;• WHY IS THE DOUCLAS FOR mi WOULD roi: in: VKI -in.! ; r.-i.,. 'A, M, rui' If.ii •:l Wi. tit, /,'i/v Toul' . f ;<t{ltu- ! >•(''// 11111! Uii'!//:-! Mi-Sinn'.'. • nil- (;/' I'IIIJII..^ .S/jer/dun. n'l - ) <;..«M(i. Von are hereby notilied thai on or i beloi-e Aug. "Otli.' IKl'l. theri will be on j tile 111 the office of til" clerk of the Uls- trict court, of Allamakee Co., loua. iu probate, the petition of James MeKiven. admiuistialor of the estate of James Sheridan, asking the court to authorize and empower him lo sell the following described real esttilc of said entitle, sil- imled iu Allamiikee Co.. Iowa, to-lv'il: 'The southeast ; ot the southwest ^ of section MB, tovvnsliip '.17 north, range (i west of the Mi V. Al., to pay lb*- debl.- of said Cstnt". 'J'hlil said upplicatloti will In; heard aud determined nt o'eloek. y. m., on the 7lh day of Sept.. lWi). at the court house, in Wtuikon, said Co. And unless you appear at sttid time aud place the order will be granted as praved iu said petition. JAMKS M/-KWKN. Administrator. By F. S. Jift'.i.isti, Ally. NOTICE OF APPLICATION SELL REAL ESTATE. TO To Calixla A'oWf. Emdinc Allen, Curoliiu: J J . JJtatniiiy, Jim-rid J. Jiuzullvii, tiusunna M. JJayhy, fr'uni-y li. Hose, Joint W. JS'o'Ae, Itenrij II. A'oOk, (.'hris- liana I., Junws II. A'ubk. W. I'. Noble awl li. 11, Nobk, heirs ut law of Chrisliuua A'ook; (kvcascU. You are hereby noli lied that on or before the 25lh day of Aug., there will be on tile iu the office of the 1 lerk of tho Uislriol Court, of Al'aruukoc Co., iowii, iu prybale, the jietitiou of James McKwou, administrator of the estate of Christinua Noble, deoeased, asking, the court to authorize and empower him to sell the following described real estate yf said estate to-vvit: The north half of the north half of the fc. J£. i; the south halt of the S. K. 4 of the N. K. I ; the south acres of the 8. W. \ of the K. R. i of See. 30, and thy west half of .be N. K. 1 of the S. K. { of Bee. 18, all iu Twp. «(!, li. ti wost^ iu Allamakyo county, Iowa, to Postvillc I: P. J. 3' low:: I • I 11 f- •U.k.«.Xt / illltiiiti. .«-. Oi e'.-i-.-e uri. tt-aiiil 'O 1 en VV. 1 - • - LUHMAM - & s- 1 -.'i-„- I, • if - :'. 11,1: .LI,I I 1 i 11111 10. •'. ... n,.ij-:l,i-.' n:uif ~:.i± »il I.'in ill I'IU M J Kl|..1 t.'llL.vr lirin .'l :a.-! , y.:xu. l:l jjioation will bo hoard 110 «n»y*a. "Where U Ih'Otuihyad, tho editor?" usskod a man who had loft Kxmiwoloss City two yonrs ugo of one who hud just coin* from there. »i romonaborod wyjlliyyr. inspito of tho faet that hU was tliy third paper In t)i« settlemont, ho used toryllorttto, "We Uavo ooiny to #ttty!" •','•., ., ' "lie's there yot," wiw tUo n»ply. 'oL 'iiey' bnrlnu )iim a( Uie end of the foyrtli iavnlhr~»tui'Yf)4 io death!" ^ —Tliu fyljnwiiirf tyfeiuU I IBVO oansra us If) opoii OID ; pi'ir#* Hut* week, io i'«iitt|ve idupoiilU,' tot wliloli Uiey iiftyo: OH*. umnkNt .-..,o'V. r ,*...,-:.»,.Y,...-.'-.-;,: A ,«..,! * W|», Puplay,' 1 Mil.' BfinJ. v flnMJl. 1 U, firAM, 1 .:' JithndiiiU ^r'"" pay thy debts of said estate. That said uj aud delyimiued ill 'i o'cloek, p. in., on tho 7lb day of Sepl., 18111, tit lbo court house, io W HII U OII , said Co. Aud unless you appear at said limy mid place the order will bo grunted as prayed iu said petition, JAMKS MoKWBN, A'immlsliatov. Jiy Y. S. H UKMNO, Ally. ma Ha ring on • I- I IIIM-I! ville Uriiy I .ii .e 1 an hinds of drav ing p: anil satisfactorily. Comi drays uml careful drivers service of the public, at I; kiups of light or heavy han or country prompt !y done. Granite Ctr ^c-K iy Weil- Fencer, Curbirf &e. Those intending to pun litis: a;; mi mental vvorl, i'oi liiti::e iletii.-ry will liud it to their adv ;:n:::ge i i e.'.atui '.U' M. V. Kidder's Crnnr.e Work MI Ciii.e-,e- ries. as he ':.- doing llrst-cl: vv 01 K a; a.- low prices as can be piocttreil in the cotmlry. if he has not et'lle'l liponyoti \ drop him 11 curd tit Decora!) ami he will be pleased to visit you v.i'li I'l-sign*. and samples ol all hinds of Cratillr, al \ the lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m6 Decoraii, Iowa. L. BTEOEBEL & SON, — J'UUl'UlKTOUb or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT AttMb'lllliSU * UULI-l-lt'C V1A> BTAKU.) Have a full line of Boots, .Shoes, Slipp 'Ms, Hubbers mid everything kept iu a No. 1 general shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly doue. Every pair warranted. Wo keep JJO shoddy. Lct<1 c. (Suet Consumption Cured. All old phrsiclau, retired from urac- U«e, having had pluucd in his hnnds by no Knst India missionary tho formula of a simple vngotablo remedy forUio tipnuily and permaaunt curo uf Oou* gutjiption, Urouehlils, Cutnrrlu A S U UUM and lvtittg Afliiuilouj,' ttlao n pysiiivu and radluul otno for Nervous Dubility nod Nervous (Joraplalms, nfttsr hariiij; ta«lu(t ils wundorful ctirtitlvo potveiii lu tlioustiuds of utt»os, has felt it hU duly io nmkM, il known to -his mtftVrliiK fyt- low», Ayintitud by this mativu and a fisnlVb d^jrejlovehumnn a»l¥brlnjf, 1 wiU •fljld' ti't'M ii»' ob»VBO, 1,0 nil whu Joifclw ^(li|a qortuftu, Frcfmluor KncfiiHli*. with fu^l diraotlotis lo.t.W puiliiK mid 8«lit by iwtnU. by, ftddfpsiihpv wiilj Tr »tn)n|).;-i»<tiuiii8 thU K:? V SSS&tatu P. DARL1KG. ssor toDarling iV Stile.- nr.u.r.i; IN Wind Mills, I'liir.i^TA.lml Mille, Com Shellers &c. ]n wind mills 1 furnish pumping and geared mills combined, mid bo'.h sleel and wood pumping :i; lis. , Offio(> uml shop first (tool- south of Hoy 4: McJSeiiV *h:nilwitri' siore, I 'est- ville, low a. POSTVILLE LODGES li9 CUVE BKAXCHLCDGSNO. JiSJGUTS OF PITH J AH. Woutfiou thu sooondanil I OUTI I I Fi-iilnyrvrnln n nanh month. V«iHne bri'tl.r<n In gr ril ctniid T'oHTT»»- OIU:, C. C. CHUB. SKItXTON.K Ollt A & NOBLE X,oI>GE No SI. A. O. V. W. Tht hoyal Ancitml Order of linilid Workmen nioMf ihe Sooond and I-'ourth Snmtiitiy <rvrming>, in cvjioh Wonth, in tlicMssonio Hull over th<> RHfk Ding f«w. .l«>n>> W KI.?.W., M. W. O AMKS rKiiTtv, Rworder. BROTHERLY LOVE EOBOr, A- f. * .<.-'». K<\g«l*r Wfc-fin^s on T«os,<tvj' ov«n- inff on or brtfotv ih« fnlio^iio \mnm. AH Vwihtvw in R0r»d »t*«idinx !ive o»r» di»% inviwni txiaitctad. W M. M OW, S M^ CHtJRCK DIRECTORY, CONORR«A W'dK*J» >sMi> Wnytivw> jv»«- l>««<il.llWS HiWyKlMMnf MtO'.-W A.M. •iklVtaO V *»*A*y>i W<*v »l «i :y»,vi11»t *ly •ftw WittVltkt uilsWi ^.O N W nvisiti «VMy^««vt«y »v«,v*ni^»i4,\. FtnyMr Mrot- . log \V »\\»Wl»|f «i«klU « tiN I A MAfc -s cuiivciiti m of tliu union labor, i or people". 1 -, or greenback party is eftll- I ml to meet at rostville, Aug 27tli, lo i nouiiniilo, a caudidato for benntor from • j this district. As the district bus for , j some lime been democratic il is of no ! ; importance to reptiblieaus. as there is 1 . no doubt but this party will iinlomo ' I tin' democratic noinitier. as i- tin: mis- I i loin with all third or fourth parlies, j 1 The ouly object of n nomination is the j ; hope Unit through that action a few 1

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