Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 8, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1898
Page 2
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'X™ <*Two years ago I suffered severely from neuralgia and pal• pHation of the heart. 1 was unable to do light housework. Nothing brought relief until I took Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. 3 bottles femoved all trace of my disorder and I now feel like a new woman. Mr«. j. o. Houston. 1508. Water St., r.xeler, N. H. " OR, MILES' iunold l.y all di-tir:i;i'.ft -n ft""« ' ' first txrttle bentlJta "r money IMI.K- Bookon heart «i"l nerves n«nt free. Or. Miles Medical Company, Flkhart, Ind Bookseller, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago. III. New Boolu. Hdlllons IK- Luxe. SUdAird Sets. Scarce. English Publications. Antique. The Liberal Classics. Curious. History. I'nciry. Science. Fiction. Philosophy. Drama. Belles Letters. The Am Rellflous. Liberal \VorM. B. The Hurst Library Mllion : Well printed on ijf'O'l |'»p"r: lur-il- somoly bound In cloth; 11! um; t',i-< lop- By mall, each Origin ot Spec)™, (Uarwln). Descent of Man, (Darwin:. Data of Ethics, (Spencer). Other Worlds than O r«, (Frorl'jr;. Natural Law In the Spiritual Wrrhl, (Drummond;. Koran The, Or Alkoran of y.n "The Bible of the Esfil." .1 Life of Jesus, (Kenan.) With many valuable llluMiallom-. 4«0 pagos, crown 8 vo, cloth, i;llt top. By mall ; Lincoln, His Life ant/ Times': Together with IDs State pajn-rn, iiiclud Ing his speeches, aJdii'satii, mRK<-ip;n, letter and proclamation, liy Henry J. Raymond. 2volunco-; cloth: 8 vo. In a box. liy mall *i. flnaela Willlaril, Life of: A memorial vo!utno. Bv Anna A. (lor- don.for 21 years her private Heci-fHary: 8 ro; cloth. Uymall ti.ou SHEET MUSIC, .Popular Maslc, percopy, by mnll 7<All tbe latent Songs anil Mimlo, by moll as Catalogue on Application. MASTER'S BALK. SUteof Illinois, City of Alton, 88. City Court of Alton, September torm, A. D., 1898. Manuel H. Boals TS. Michael fl. Unrilott, Charlss Bartlotc, Adu Arnliiln. 'I'linnm* Kititch •r, ACTOD Fletcher, Carolina Plotchcr, Kuio K Plitoher, William F. Fleteher, Mary II. ricU'h er, Magglo BlggH, Manio Hnllmi imd C:harl«» Bartlett (son of Hamuel liartluii ilci-easoti.) li Cbanoery. Illl' to fort'clcw? moi't^ngo. Public notice la hereby Klven, that, In nursu ftnooof adecreo miidoutuleritornl hv »;aitl oourl In the above entitled caiiwi on tint iltti day of October, \. D., 1£08. 1, Lnvl IJ. Viii:er, rouatei In chancery of nali). oily Court of Alton, will on WEDNESDAY, THE 81XTE15NTII D.\Y ()!• NOVEMBER, A. U., !KW, atthdbourof 10 o'clock In tlm forenoon, at Uio north front door ot tho Cily ll»ll bnilillnK.ln tho 'olty Of Alton, county of MudiHtm au'i Ht;ius ol lUTnolB, Bell at publln nur/Uun, to tlio liljrhosl. and beat bidder, for eauh, nil uml nineulvr, thu following dOBcrlbe-d prcinilfu-^ Hii'l i oil e*>ut<; Ir •aiddooroo mentlonod, hltimtRit In tho c:ltyof Alton county, of Madison and Suit'* of Illinois, pr (O much thoreot as eliall In- »uin<;k?ui tu fill'. JKrMid decree, to-wlt: 'bt}t9 numbered seven *."] and cl^ht IK), I Mook Dumber fifty-sin (M), in Godl'rvy unit Gil- mjau'Bgddltloo, to Alton: }tituiit< i (l In HutU <Mty OJE Alion. oounty of Miidtwoti and Stale of Illl' ~~)U. Upon compliance with al! tlm terms of sale 4 upon theapprovolorBui-ii sale in- UH-court i months, providct prior to that time. d, Oct. ajth, A. I)., 1WH. 1 i.KVI I). VAOKK. Matter In Chancery of ihe C'ity Conn of Alioi -'—la. IJAVIH, Comp'to Solicitor. MONTHLY SUFFERING. *T*bou8«nd* of women are troubled at monthly Inter- rala with pain* i« the bead, back, brenstti, ahoulder*, sides blpaand liuiba. Bnt tbey need notaufier. Tbeie pains are symptoms of daJDgeioua derangeuienta thut C«O De corrected. The IMCU- •troal function should operate men»tr«aUon pclu'ces, Md regular. It puts the dell- i. c*tfl menatnml organs iucoudt- >k ,nfl»torto their work properly, , ' A»d tbttt atops all tula pain. »"Wliy will any woman suffer month after month when Wine ,flj Cardul wJll relieve lier? U ------ |i.OO at tlie drug store. ' don't you get a bottle , In caaei requiring , address, {dv- dlea' , Twe ieiu* Co., »•**•••*<» 8V TH6 1GLCORAPM PR1NTINO COriP*NV, Jl-HSDAY EVE., NOV. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. For the rear 1948 we shall charge ">« follow- M-nrai«for u»n«l»nt ootlcea In our local col •" IIIi * i rin . Single IriortUn ruteetoST* Inwrllocs inch »r«t In«««2?; - 1 RiMSHitT. -l «n p- tnd it c««it» p<>r Inch for each BUbicnuent I , Inter- ''wricrlnchfiMt ir.onth, ll.M t« Iccb eaob t;ui;ii> thi-reartor. LIOAL AD7I»TIB!HO II par loch for the first Insertion, and 80 centa per Into for eich subsequent Insertion. REPUBLICAN TICKET STATK.l •««to Treasurer F. K. WIMTTRHORB Su|it. of Public Instruction....Al.rnKDtlAYMHii ( AI.ICK A. A11BOTT, ,jn.r 9,Tr«.t e «. \™»; *™™°>" t ' CONtiRECS-l''!'!! DISIBI'T. For C.jngr-!»« BKNJ. F. JOHNSTON, .............. . of Fayctti County. I I!,-,U)I.AT1.-RK-I7III Ir|»TRI'-T. For Bcnatur ........... Joint J. BRESHOI.T. I WM. McKmiurK, For K'TrMflntatlvps.. , , K i I.U'WAI.I.ADHR. For Ju'IRe For (.:i"rk Ki.r Treasurer For Hhcrltr for Snpt. of S':hool9 .. WM. r. EARLI . llEKIU 1OSIKEK ..lOII.'t TETHKItlNflTON lACOn Kt'HN M. I1EN90N AI.I, will Hympathize with Lienf. flobfon in tho foundering of the Span isli cruiser, Maria Teresa. Had the vessel safely arrived at Norfolk Navy Yard, it would bavo added largely to 110 laurels of the gallant LIsuteDant There la no doubt that hln ingenuity did much toward rais ng her, but 11 was unfortunate that sha was hauled north at the season of the year when violent Htorrrm would test her strength so severely. Co.vuiiKSSMAN Catobings, of Mis- slHslppi, has frankly stated that he IB 11 favor of retaining tho Philippines! That he does not propose to give up the land won by Dawey, Thnt Spain's power in the Uland is broken, and if America docs not take possession other nalions will. Ko believes thai America to ab'undantly able lo govern tho Philippines, and thus prevent a war among European nations In order to secure territory there. Tin; annual banquet given by the Lord Mayor of London, Wednesday evening, it is thought will be the occasion of a statement by Lord Salisbury of tho British policy tov/ards interference in tho affairs ot Egypt by other poworn. It ia the opinion that tho Premier will proclaim the intention of Great Britain to establieha protectorate over Egypt and that any nation, or nations, who interfere in Egyptian affairs may expect a light on their baiids. It is also eald that tbe Premier will give notice that French meddling with English colonial affairs must cease. England's great preparations for war are said to be a notice to all that ehe is now ready lo contest for what BUD considers her rights. JIM CKKKI.MAN, tiio wild and wooly correspondent of tho New York Jour- mil, hiiH an article in the Kcview of Ittnrifws for this month in which he dlacovors to the public the real hero of El Oaney. It is months since the battlo was fought, but owing to Jim'a modesty ho lias kept the hero in the background. This ii not in accord with Jlm'H usual practices. Never thelesH, tho hero is presented to the public at last In glowing pictures of living and heroic light. H may be easily guossod that the hero Is none othor than Jitu himself, According to bis story he discovered the Spanish Hug flouting over tho fortress; that he linmedi.itoly attacked the fortiflca lion lu full force, killed and wounded many; demanded the surrender, jumped into tlio fortillation when the commander shouted, throwing up his hands, "Bo \\ltb me as you wish." After Jim had stormed tho fort and captured it, he ordered the American soldiers to take possession. According to Jim's own story, he brought on tlm war, prosecuted it to a successful issuo, and dually compelled tho evacuation of Santiago and Porto Rico. The lire In the Supreme Court Room. Tho dam;igo to the natljiial capitol by the explosion and lire of Sunday In the V. H. Huproino Court room, proves lo bo much smaller than was feartul. Architect Wood says the iH'couiiary repairs lo the building can be made for 820,000, The books in tho luw library escaped damage, and tbu only records destroyed were the originalj of opinions In the early days o! tho court. The main walls of the tmiKHng Htood the Knock without injury. UPPERALFON. Mi's of Wash iugion, D. 0., formerly u resident hero, in in town. Miss LlUneho Scott, who bus been visiting lior uncle Mr. Arthur Wight man for some months, wont to East AUou yeatorday where she will spend 11 few days bi-foro starting home. Mr. N. T. Oathcart is here from Uavton, Ohio, to volu. Tlio Motion) Woodmen will hold llmir regular fortnightly meeting Thursday, instead of Tuesday evening, on account of the election. A force of men is at work on Manning street putting In electric light uolus. Tho Saturday evening I\mt-J)ini>.iti'li t,ilntu an arlbloaboiu Miijor Praia 1 - llu Moore of Upper Alton, who has written an account of his life an camp mate of Col. <ioo. Waring, during the civil war. Tho /'.-/>. Nueuka very ijlguly of Itf;ijor Moort'j bravery In war times, und of hla hospitality and klndneea ever since to all old soldiers. Upper Alton is proud of her veteran warrior citizen. The Btrce's burn have been crowded all day with voters.und cab drlvera are working hard bringing men from >he outsairU of towns to tbe pollt. More Intercut lias been shown In this leotlpu than In »uy ulnoe 'HO. The Shurtletf foot ball team will probably not pi <y tbe Holla Missouri iohooi ot Musio next Saturday Ha ar- ed. Thejhartlcff boyi want to MlHj ?0 *$l l ? le tor , with tue Missouri v* Nf W Lire Of TNC St. I C. « St. P. R. R., t* BMMie * Tint Clan Road M«oey Now Bet«« freely In Pebflll*»g It. The old Bluff line M It bM been known ulnce It was project«d,li taking on a new life nnd casting off the old characteristics that have kept tbe road down In the lint of Inferior roadi. The Bluff Line has been unfortunate in oacb successive admlnUlratlon of its bminese department, so th»t for many years It ,dld notblng but paw from the hands of one receiver to- another. Its present owners nave now undertaken the task of upbuild ing tbe road's reputation and giving It a standing among Dr«t-cla«8 railroads of the State. Mr. Klmball of the Bluff Line stated to a delegation of Springfield business men a few days ilnce that the road would soon be M well equipped aa any of the trunk systems of the East. With the accession of tbe new management after tbe last receivers turned the road over to the owners, a policy of improvement was determined upon and no expense waa to be spared In tbe undertaking. Wm. Sweeney, division roadmister of tbe Alton waa engaged as general road master of tho O, P. & Bt. L , and tbe St. L. 0. & St. P., and was given or ders to purchase what ever materiel he needed In rebuilding the read. Small armies of men have been work- Ing every since along tbe track from Jersey ville to Springfield and that part of tbe road is practically rebuilt and In first-class condition. Tbe expenditure for road building for October alone was *^8,000 and to carry on the work as now Intended 9150,000 will be needed before January 1, 1899. One hundred men are now engaged on the track at Dow and before November 1C fully 400 men will be working between Dow and Jersey ville. A fine new steel bridge with stone abutments will be built at Lockhaven, 10<! yards south of the present bridge and the dangerous curve in tbe track will be slraighten- ed out. In addilion to these Improvements considerable sums of money will be spent in the vicinity of Alton. Four new engines will be received from the east shortly, and some Improvements are contemplated for the road here In Alton. All along the road commercial switches and passing tracks are being built to facilitate tbe handling of tbe great Increase of business tbal has made the past accommodations inadequate. Next fall will find the Bluff Line one of the finest roada In Illinois and Its name uo longer a synonym lor wrecks and bad management. Tbe words of praise bestowed upon Hood'a Sarsapnrilla by those who have taken ic prove the merit of the medicine. on the liouplil TUB XEWS IS BRIRP. The IniUliR l.eerne, 2:13';i, hai been smld l>y .1. T Kheelry to B. Tappan of Vic-rim for J4.000. The horn? will bi' Hfiil IM Aiiftli-lu. l.iuHls of the rellCH you see "captured l)(iltlcll(«l(ls of Santlasu" were after the surrender out of an old ]in\vnHhrip neat- the palare In thft city. K. Jt. Jli'rsey. who has acted HH poultry Judire In many of the biggest shown of Iowa and other Htutep. wan arrested at 1'arkerpliiirR for (dealing a valuabU riynioulli Koi.-k chicken. Me pleaded guilty. AM jnr-pndlury lire destroyed several livery barns and the Troy Hteam laun dry and damaged Hie fleublln flourlnx mill at Klyila, O. Three raruenters ul the Arcadian mine, Iloughton. Midi., were stimned by lightning. M|HS Martha ilakcr, a teacher in Buston's public schools, |H now enjoyliia- hei- tlrat extended vacation, iiftpr a service of forty-seven yearn. The mayor of Spokane, \Vnnh., has Issued a proclamation enrolling all ner- HOIIS over 1!1 yearn of age special <'"ii- stahlOH to assist In arresting the robbers who have been active lately. The officers' quarters at Fort Husse.U, near Cheyenne, Wy.. were destroyed by an Incendiary lire. Lieutenant n. (.'. I.amlon, Eighth Infantry, lost all at. his personal effects. Judge Woolson of the United Stated court has signed In Keokuk, la., a decree of foreclosure agalnxt the Chicago, Kori MadlHon :>.nd TJeH Moires railroad; vile, Jan. 5. William Beck, a Lake Shore employe, has been arrested In Toledo for systematic stealing from express cars. More than ID, 000 worth of goods were found In his house. John noBvnhi'iii'ke, a young farmer, was caught In a cornstalk cutter near i.Srcen Garden, Ills., and killed. The Uulland and Canadian railroad bill, Incorporating the Rutland and Canadian Italli-uad coiiipuny, with a capital stock of {1,1)00.000, has been panned by the Vermont lep- Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures Permnnently Curee Scrofula, which IH one of thu wortt al- II let Ions of i be human race, and comcH from Impure blood. Eczema, n most offensive and uncomtort- nblc affuctluu of tho akin, alno dim to Impure blood. Salt Rheum. a torment to the fleoh, a dla- rleuroment to tho hojy, and a drain on the syutein, aUo duo to vitiated blood. Pimples, which HO dlnflgure the akin, and make the human face divine onytblng but a thing of beauty, but which are Nature') adr«r- tUement of foul blood. Catarrh, which wry often cornea from a vhronlu affection of tbe circulation, in a constant ofleua* to oiie'N null and all hi* friend*. Rheumatism. which all authorities now attribute to varloud addition In tbe blood, which tbli great blood purlller of the age, Hood's 8ar- Haparilla, correct*, Hood's Sarsaparilla M. Wl^faa < ?^te l SKiftig Hood's PIlTs SI! BMD) *t ffceatlM. Ar,TON, Nov. 1, 1898. Board met in Olty Clerk's Office at 7 p. m. Present, Messrs. Flnke, Neer- mann, Starr And Tomlinson, Snpt, Haiglit and the Secretary. Minutes of meeting Oct. 4 and itt, were approved ae read. Bills amounting to 9328 28 were »'.1 »wed. Building Committee reported recommending tbat Inasmuch as uo appropriation was made for putting np lightning rodi on the several schools, tbe matter be postponed Indefinitely; on motion report was adopted. Committee on Text Books were granted further time. On motion request of Mr. W. D. Sparks, for admission of Miss Tattle to,our Public Schools, waa granted f jr this year without any promise for the future, she paying the customary tuition fee. Superintendent's monthly report of attendance waa accepted for file. Supt. lialght wat authorized to have some ten of the Library books rebound, also ten order books printed for use of Directors and letter heads aadjenvelopea for bis .and Secretary me. Bids for coal were opened as follows*, from B. Levis, Jr., at 6)^ per bn.; Joseph Miller at 8U£; R. Oossrau at 6 2-61 and Dorsey Fuel Co., at 60. Contract being awarded Dorsey Fuel Co., at six cents per bushel, tor ensuing rear. On motion adjourned. QEO. EMERY, Secy't. Jioo Reward ?ioo. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there U at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all itfl stages, and that la Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall'o Catarrh Cure ie taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so ranch faith in its curative powers that they offer |100 reward for any case that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Addreaa F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 75C. !W-nt«uceil to lleutli. JerfeiHon City. Mo., Nov. 8.—The stute supreme court has sentenced Frank Garrison und Jnrnes Brown, colored, to be hanged on Deo. 13, 1S9S. Brown killed a negro, Henry Prator, In Kansas City on April 1, 18%, In a controversy over n girl. Garrison killed Frank Allrlck on an Island In the Missouri rivet- in" PI:itte county. His defense before the supreme court was that tin: Island where the crime was commit ted was In the state of Kansas. He fulled to get his bill of exceptions before the court pr "frly and for this reason the judgm%t was affirmed. l;«r to liullil n ship Cunnl. St. Petersburg. Nov. 8.—Ttussla is to undertake n (stupendous engineering feat to Rive the czar's subjects many advantages over American shippers In the far east, the plan being to link the Baltic and Black seas by a long canal. The project is nothing less than a ship canal across the empire and so great that the largest battleships may pass through nt reasonable speed. Only live years' time Is calculated necessary lo complete the work, and the cost Is estimated at $154,000,000. Iiifeiuinriei* Start a CnutlKgi-alioii. Pltkln, Co!., Nov. S.—AJ.l the build- Ings on both sides of Main street, from Fourth street lo Fifth, forty In number, were destroyed by a fire, believed to have been of Incendiary origin, which started nt 4 o'clock In the morning. The loss Is estimated al J10.000. The heaviest single Ions Is that of K. II. Williams Company, general store and bank, JIO.OOO. Huily from the Wrecked Dol.v. Fennvllle, Mich., Nov. 8.—The body of Lawieiue Doss, Hay City, steward of the steam burse Doty, floated ashore at Ganges. The name was on his handkerchief. He hiul on a Doty life pre- fcerver, was well dressed and wore & Macrabcc pin. I>rowii<><l While Sailing. Detroit, Nov. S.—A special from Pelee Island. Out.. say»: Fred White, Hugh Booker and his two sisters were drowned from a sail boat between Klngsvllle and Pelee Island. One body has been recovered. Inflammation Rheumatism Cured in 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, lad., says: "My wife had inflammatory rheumatism In every muscle and joint, her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition;'bad been in bed for six weeks and had eight physicians, but received no benefit nntil she tried the Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gave Immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days. I am sure it saved her 'ife." Sold by H. We Chamberlain, Druggist, Alton. A Case ol Kidney Disease Given Up by ['our Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for loat, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. Today she is able to walk several miles wlthoutjfatlgue. I feel we would have lost her if it waa not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. O Burito* BIgutu* of The Kind You HaraiOTifS Bought M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCE AND REAL ESTATt TOR SALE. Twcutorj toubU brlok AwtUlni 10 room . >rooD frame dwtlllu on Fountain it. U-room brlok dwelling on B«U« it. t-roon frame dwelling on But* it. \- room inn* dwelling vtta lloti Upper Altoi Jne-itorr f-r*ou tnat iweUinf , m WUlUa ' WJsisotl WMl UM of Mtla ttrMl. Big none; tall. Two-etorr l-room frame dwelling on Blut M-aort mot BMT MwarfUrUU Crowing. OM itory *-room brlok dwelling, oorttk aad ^Ine ill i goon farm, I mllef toataWMt ol : Brighton. Tva-ttory BUtr-aon use Mm, , Tva-ttory brtok Mara, No. JU farm, good brlok dwelling " ----- — rootVw'eulng, for par- (Hroom (nun twoWagi oor, Alb} Cot* o* BttU itmt,|Mrth of Blut «t • -^ *—"•— lorgi bori ffti Alia i.wTow. Ilk aal Plow on Mfc et ,iee/ Ntrai mfmft^ftnnmmiimmmmmimmmmmm llu rfiuinutmlt of 'turf itnu • m.ittr CUT PAPER PATTERNS* ttritt 4i(« fan }r*nw*<«d '* tkt b*j «*</ M/ J/W///J/" fit tk* IH<tlJ[ff. '/'4/> tfit 2Se. PER PATTERN i lUKU, n »»IIIT-(U»miTll COWS, I J<. TWO STORES. LISTEN TO NATURE. Backaches, Headaches and Nervousness are Messages for Von. During tbe past years we have been so crowded in our store on Third street that we have been compelled to spread out. For tbe accommodation of our patrons and to show our large stock of goods we have opened A New Store At 317 Belle St. All our Toys und Fancy Goods will be found there and our China, Glass, Qranita and Tinware, Lamps and Bouse Furnisblng Goods will be found at our Third street store. Oar ambition is to have the prettiest and completes! store in South. ern Illinois and we think we now have it. Come and see us In our old and our new home. How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colic and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all tbe while until 1 need Chamberlain's Oollc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which cured me. 1 havo since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. F. Butler, Fairbaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking tbia remedy as soon as the Qrst symptoms appear. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. The three-year-old boy of J. A Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to atticka of croup. Mr. Johnson aays be JB satisfied that the timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, daring a severe attack, saved bis little boy's life. He is In the drug business, a member of tbe firm of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to bis call, but selected this remedy for uae in bis own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because he knew it to be superior to any other, and f am • OUB the country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this is the beet selling cough medicine they handle, and that it gives splendid satisfaction in all cases. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. When You Taite Cold nothing coraes in so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Houey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cougb, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at up- ta-date drug stores. A Queer (?) Mealcme. There is a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown iugredient, or that It is a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to cure certain diteases, and that its ingredients are recognized by the most skilled physicians as being the best for K'dney and Bladder diseases. It is Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. To moat people a backache aeem* a very slrn- pl« thing, to be got rid of by "working It on, Bometltneii the pain doea ''work oir'-«om»- time* It «oi>» not. Whether It do«» or not thoughtful people should oome to understand that a backache le t warning that la not to be neglected without danger of contmo'.lng a dla- e<iae that will limit life to a few months, or mar (f«ring. . . . ffidney troubles hare been better understood of lata years, and kidney troubles In relation to out of order, the blood remains Impure and every part of tbe body suffers. First the nerre* tell tho tale. A backache gives warning. Time has fully proven that thousinds who otherwise would surely hare died, hare been restore! to health by Morrow's Kld-ne-oldi. Themannor In which this medicines aota Is Illustrated by the case of Mrs. Peter Hellrung. W> R»oe it., Alton, III., who says: "I was troubled with rheumatism for nome time; my suffering was tern- ble, at times It was almost impossible for me «o bear It, 1 had a severe pain In my back; at times the pain In my bsok was so Severn that I •could hardly get up or down. 1 oould not sleep at night or rest any time. I was told of Morrow's Kld-ne-otds and what benefit they had been to others who had Buffered as I did, but I oould scarcely bellere It because 1 had tried everything under the nun that was recommended to me to cure kidney trouble 'n« rheumatism, snd they did me no good. But I thought I would try Kld-ne-olds and I got a box at 3.11. Wyes' drug store. I wss greatly surprised when In a day or two the pain began to leave me as If by maglo, and after a time T felt perfectly well, and havo continued to feel so ever since.'' Kld-no-olds are Yellow Tablets (not pll s)and cure kidney ailments, nerrousress, etc. Llyer- Isx are small red pellets and cure constipation. Kld-ne-olds DO ots; Uverlai SB cts at druggists or mailed by John Morrow * Co.. Chemists, Springfield, O. Try Oraln-OI Try Oraln-OI Ask your grocer to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. Tbe children may drink it without Injury as well as the adult. All who try It like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it Is make from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress. One-bait the price of coffee. 16o and 26e per package. Sold by all drnggists.l Mr. N. N. Osburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., waa troubled with a lame back. He waa persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It gave him relief in one night. This remedy is also famous for its cures of rheumatism. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. fat Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honoy cures coughs and colds and soothes the air passages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens tbe weak lungs. It builds up tbe tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply of oxygen. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey acts as a balm to the lungs, catting the mucus, allaying the Inflammation, healing and strengthening. It will cure a cough or a cold in one night and exhilarates the lungs against tbe inception of disease. 26c at good drug tores. No cures no pay. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the ne w food drink called GRAIN-O? It Is delicious and nourishing and takes tbe slace of coffee. Tbe more Qrain- O you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems, drain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about one- aalf as much. . All grocers sell it. 15o and 25c. PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three llbM or leu under thl§heading: One time, If oenU; three 4«j», B oenti; one week U oenUi additional Umet lame rate, oaah down. FOR SALE. COR SALE.—Old papen, a any (inanity. At 1 th« TvuaMApH offloa. COB BALE—All ID ne«d of kindling wood can ' be iappll»d by telephoning No. 41, Ullnoll Boitaotoir. n per load—B. Lerlt. COR SALG-^A Farm four miles nortnweat o( 1 LJtohfleld.lM acres. MO an acre. For particulars address O, A. Brown, or M. 8. Brown, Brighton or T. O. Brown, Alton, 111. 22tf FRENCH OOWN Ol- SII.K AND WOOL I-'KOM HARPBR'5 BAZAR FRENCH OOWN OF SILK WOOL. Bolero and Eton Jaoketa In various modlfloatione, a» a part of tbe costume ts among tbe French modeU. under tbe arm, i« made ol velvotjr are in eqanlly good style aa tbe long coats among tbe French modeU. A little jacket, tbo aborteat f oeslblo under tbe arm, i« made ol •Ilk and wool cloth in olive green and brown. Tbe broad revert, waking a •harp point at tbe bnet, are trimmed wltb tbree black velvet oorda and §m«Il oattooi of velvet. Tbe high collar, open to tbe throat ID front to produce a continuation of the full front of tbe walat, baa tbe same little buttons aa a decoration. Tbe Jacket baa a pointed back ajid neck to repeat barmonlouily tbe Hnej on tbe iklrt, wbiob la a new seven-gored model of tobao brown cloth wboae width at tbe foot U four yards. Tbree velvet cords form a simple trlmple trlmmlug for tbe bottom, aa well aa for the edge of tbe circular pep* lum over-dreM, wbiob to attaobed to tbe skirt In yoke effect on tbe tide*and back and has a point each aide of tbe front, wltb tbe Bide rounded away and sloping downward toward* tbe back, lengthening in another deep point be- bind totbe bem of tbe petticoat. Tbe yoke !« booked lovUlbly at tbe back, and tbe tiny belt of velvet la beld in place by a square buokle of brilliant*. Very odd la tbe "tullpe" sleeve, one of tbe latest Part* models. This sleeve la made In two secllons, separated slightly along tbe ouUldeofthe arm, dlaolotlng an nodewleeve, Tbe top of tbe sleeve wittiln atao appwu* In a puff effect from wblcb tbe outer top pulto back. These divlaioni overtop at tbe wrUt and fall over the bands In point*, finch a sleeve admlU otmuiy pleasing oombioationi In color, fabric and trimming. Tbe proper out of tbu gown can be obtained only from tbe out paper pMtwtH, jpubMaliM by Har- •O- KID GLOVES. Why we Sell so Many! Why we Should Self More I BECAUSE : They are as good as any Gloves in the world. BECAUSE: They are better thin most Gloves in the world. ESTELLE—2 clasp with "Cluze Patent Thumb," the best glove in the land for $i a pair. GOLD MEDAL—2 clasp with ' Cluze Patent Thumb," at #1.25 a pair. Misses Glove, same quality, at $i. ST. DENIS—Genuine Ph.Couivoisier French Kid Glove, 2 clasp, with "Cluze Patent Thumb" at #i.?o a pair. SNEDE—Courvoi?ier Chambod Snede.very swell, with "Cluze Patent Thumb," at $\ 7? a pajr. Come and see these Gloves, it will do you good. We Consider it a Pleasure to Show Goods. One Dollar Coupon -o- $i oo=One Dollar=$i.oo This Coupon will be received as part pay on any cash purchase of TEN DOLLARS or over for one week ending Saturday, Nov. 12th, on Clothing, Men's Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Gloves and Shoes. H. A. WUTZLER, 632 East Second St. $i.oo=One Dollar=$i.oo GOING OUT SHOE BUSINESS Now is the Time to get Your Money's Woith. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! We Sell 'Em. Shoes for the short, Shoes for the Tall, Shoes for the big feet, Shoes for the small, Shoes for the banker, Shoes for the Clerk, Shoes for the men who do hard work, Shoes for the broker, Shoes for the broke, Shoes for the prohibitionist, Shoes for the soak, Shoes tor the young, Shoes for the old. The last but not least, our shoes are worth their weight in gold. Entire stock of Ladies', Gent's, Misses' and Children's fine and medium grade shues at a s xrifice.Tuesday and Wednesday. PFEIFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. HowelPs Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. UI2 Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street 7 W RUPfiF**^ GROCER, ZL H ' -J?Hr? ™~^ Cor, SiKtb and Alby sti Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresh 8utler ' Flour ' Telephone 69. Wi wilt tt fjt*uj fe und ft» at a nfteut q/ir a TRIAL JUUR, •<«, FOUR WBBK9 •% It llu IAZAR **» nttUttftb «mv

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