Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 8, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1898
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* v» i i „ ,,^-i j -rt x<j ,t j* i * * / J * ^ ^ ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. (Bttibllttied January 14, 1(136.) t ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY, NOV. 8, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WBttK • Qive the People a Chattce to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. We Have an Elegant Line of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. 203 West Third Street. DON'T MISS THEM© DELS Sacrifice Sale Qor. 3d and Piasa sts. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS Gravel §Ha Composition AND ROOFING MATERIALS Manufactured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of r i Louis, Wbo has lately roofed tho following bulldl ..outnern Hotel, New Planten' Houoe, t pers'TobaoooWirefcouse, and Lemp'iBrewerj. The oheapeit and belt rooft «T6r pu oa building, Drop a poital to 01 call on E. C. MACK, ACT. Corner Shields and ttoxt* Streets AH(n The styles are'unusually beautiful and far ahead of anything we have ever shown. For those who prefer money saving to new patterns then still remain some choice selections rom our earlier stock. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleum and Curtains. •< * • Henry Watson, McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window • -- Sjlls, etc., etc., Always on hand, Also Dealer In jment, v Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Truck* Rtinnlrifc Into thn Quarrlea. Telephone No. 31. fesldence 638 Alby »t ALTON, ILL, Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO. Ballots Cast in Forty-Two of th United States. nVKXTV.TWO i:UX T UOVKUXORS Cuilitti-Kninfii VoliM fur In All tli« Slut* Which Ilidd r.lfi'lliHi" — Iliilh l)cmo • mill' mill Iti'piilillcnn l.railpl'H ('lulu N'IMI Vni'U Nliili- All (lif wny from 40, <>«<> In IOIMHIO - Itnmr.r- of Ilevo A K iitiisl riii K ri>i--l)iillin>li In ('lili'iifco. AViiKhlnntoii, Nov. 8.—-Klectlons arc held In nil excent three, of the forty- tlvv states—Maine, Vermont and Ore KOH. The forty-two Rial CM elect con BIVTSIIICII. Jn Alaliiima. AfkansaK fieorsla, Kentucky, Louisiana. Mary luml, Mississippi, North Carolina, lyiodc Island, Virginia anil West Virginia only congressmen arc to bo chosen. Twenty-three Hiatus elret legislatures which will name t'nlti'd Stall.R Kenn tors. These nnv California, Conneoll rut, Df-lmvaii'. Florida, Indian!!, Massachusetts, Michigan. Minnesota. A1ls- Kourl. Montana, Mciiraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Vm-k. North IJflkota, 1'emi- tylvmila, Tennessee, TexiiH, ITtuh, fishliiKlon. AVyi.ming, Wisconsin anil Went Virginia. M here (imi-ruunt Mill l!n l;i,.,'lnl. The fo|ltt\vlng ntates nrc to select a povcrnnr and mate olllcers: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, .Indiana, Kansas. Michigan. Minnesota, Nebraska. New Jersey. New Yurie. Nevada, New Hampshire, Mai-suohuseUs, North linkolu, Pennsylvania, tfoulh Ciirolina, South IJnkot.ii. Tuincssi'i', Texas, WIs- iisin and Wyoming. The others—1!- lliiolH, Iowa, Florida. Delaware, Ml«Hoin-l. Montana, Ohio, 1'tah and Washington will vale for a treasurer, auditor ur nth«r iniimr Mute ollielals. J:STIM,VI ix IN A'i-:w YOIIK. Until riirllrn Cliiim III,' (SUIc lij- I.urun New York, Nov. S.—Nothing Is abated n the claims of the party managers as o tho outcome in New York state at the el'.-ctlon. Republicans assert that their entire state ticket will he successful, the. plurality expected varying all the way from nn.oco to 100,000. They also express the belief that the political complexion of the congressional delegation will not change in more than wo or three districts, the districts con- -eded to be doubtful being the Third, Sixth- and KiRhth, to ijiYset which the leptiblitaris profess confidence of win- ling in UK- KIwetuh and Twelfth dis- rli-ts. nt present represented by Democrats. The leciflnlure, Republicans say. IH safe in both houj-es. On the other hald the Democratic enders say tin-re will he a plurality 'or their slate ticket of from 40,000 to 00,000; that Democrats will bo elected n all the districts now represented by democrats and In four or five more, mostly in Creator New York. Humored ICcvolt Against IMngron. Detroit, Nov. R.—Although considerate spirit was Injected Into the eam- gn last wei-k It ended quietly as llbe- jan. Judging by tbe registrations a good vote will be polled. There is cor- ain to be some scratching of the heads f the state tickets. The Democrats ire contending against heavy natural tdds, and will be unable to wrest the tate government from Governor I*in- rC'VUJiIess tho di-saftVetJon against the governor in his own tuirty is much greater th:in IH now apparent. Ru- riors of the detei'mination of Repub- cans to cut I'ingree were numerously eported. however, from various sec- ions, friends of United States Sena-' or .Htirro'wp are still coiilident of his e-elctlon by the new legislature. In Itic Hoosii-r .Slut*'. Indianapolis, Nov. S.—The indications re that the vote cast In Indiana will be .buut 10 per cent, short of that of 189(1. 'he campaign by '.he Republicans has een more aggressive than that of the Democrats. Each side is claiming the tate. Not since 1ST:; have the people f the state in an off year voted to ustain the administration In power nt Washington. This historical fact la Busing the Democrats to take courage. The Republicans claim to have taken lie most complete pull In the history of he state. This poll, as exhibited at '.epublican headquarters, indicates a tepubllcan majority of 22,000. -The Democrats have not made public their oil. OtitlimlE In I'f-nnsylviinta.' Philadelphia, Nov. S.—Republican tale Chairman Klkln and Democratic Halo Chairman tlnrrnan make strong lalms for their respective gubernator- al candidates. Klkin gives estimates y counties to support his prediction hat Stone will have 131,000 plurality, bile Carman llgures out a plurality f ,'!B,000 for Jenks. Reports from vari- us counties indicate u falling off In the. ollowing of Swallow, the preacher cun- idate of the Prohibition and honest overnment parties, whom the Indepen- ent voters of the two leading parties irgely favored during'tho. earlier part f tho campaign. Milwaukee, Wis,, Nov. S,—A complete tale ticket, a legislature, with tho ex- eptlon of sixteen hold-over Republlc- n senators, and ten congressmen will e elected. Though the chances favor le Republicans in the election of con- i and legislative) candidates, ui'prlses may be looked for on the out- omo of the state ticket. The Rcpub- cans feel sure of re-electing Oov,crnor Idward Scodeld and the bnlnjice of this icket, while the Democrats claim that heir ticket, with Hiram W. Suwyej H their lender, will be victorious. CllllliK of llllnoln Li llili-l>. Chicago, Nov. 8.—Al Chilli-mar myth's suggestion the Republican s have fc-lven out no llgures oncoming their claims in Cook coun- y, but nil tlie leaders expect a plurality jr the whole ticket ranging from :>rp,OUU 3 35,000. At Democratic hi adiiuartcrs 'tinman t.ialuni, Kobert 10. llurke, Fred Jldre'l, James J. (.Hay, Btuln .Secretary ientliy and other Deunici-allc leaders =sur«d all C'-mci.- that the Democratic cket would win In <'ook county by 0,000 nl tlie low. i-l i-flimalc. hi III I I,.I- DlllllllM-IK. Ueyrout, Nov. 8.- The cniporur and mpresB of (b-rnuuiy Marled fur Da- 8 at II o'clock In Ihe morning, UUCKIcn b Armcr naive, . .. best twlve in the world tot oat»i pulses, aoroa, uioerB, salt rbeuui, loot aorea, touor chapped uaucia, ohll- laliis, ooDiH. ami all uklu eruptions, ud poultlvely otirnH piles, or no pay oqulrod. It U guaranteed to give lorfeot antlalaetlon, or money refund- id. Price 2S centa per box, For Bale MarMi. /ilton and Upper Alton Quit coughing . —jy enougli, If you take Dr. Boll's ine-lV lloaoy, u cuts the mucus ind allays tbe InlUmmaUoii so that horo 1« no Inclination to oougli. It joot lies tbe brotiohlals, and Is strengthening to tho llii-diit and lunrH All id druggUts null It. i moktu the food pure, t and dellcloua l IWKINO P0*tj[ B C'> , fit A ,'ORK. 1' MINKItS I'lftHT MWttOKS. ninny Mi,,l« r.*i-liliiigi-d mid Two "I III* lllll|.|<H ,-\ I',' \VlHllllll-llt Pana. 111?.. Nov. s.-There was a re- neual of hoKl.lllt.les between the union miners and (he Imported negroes from Alubamu at noon Sund:iy. Jack Boyle, 1 union miner, was mi lib; Way hum-, wkeii he met a neyro r.iiner near UK di-pul. The twu i-xi-iiiingi-d a f.-\v wurds and then uligaK'-d in a lt«t light. Tho r,egro ran west with the union mlnei-p after him. Nut fur away they niol ten or liftmen armed with revolvers and rifl'.-s, who n|n-ni.-d fire im thu rnin- rs. which was returned. They exchanged twcr.iy-flve or llilrly shots. It Is admitted by the negroes at tin- SprmgKide stockade that one negro w,-j* shot in tin: shoulder ami another through the bead. H was at first rennrls'd that Jack Boyle was seriously wounded, but thin Is denied by tlio union miners. Major Hutier immi d'ately sent to the scene a detai-hment. uf soldiers. It was a few nilnules after followed by the I'latllng gun. but when they arrived the negroes and miners had made good their es- ca pe. THKKK AIH»KI» TO DKATU. LIST. idli-* I>UK Onl I'roiii tin; Wonderland IllillillllgN ltiiln»ul Krlnill. Detroit, Nov. S.—The bodies of three m<ire ^-ietiins were dug out from the •uins of Ihe new Wonderland building. which collapsed Saturday afternoon. This makes the death list so far eleven. The I.-it(',st bodfo.'* recovered "Wf rt- jdcn- Kled as those of 1'eter Pfeitle. r-arpen- er; Frank Wolf, tinner, and Max Pctt, who was Wolf's helper. All the Inured at the hospitals are reported as mproving in condition except Kdward Fischer, who is expected to die. A maps-meeting of representative cit- zens was held ,"t noon in (he mnyor'.s :i(lice and over $],000 was subscribed for the relief of the families of those Tho were killed. The los--- on the prop- rty n-as eslimafcd nt flO£.OOU. Fin- In lEiiilwuy MIDJIS. Sncramcnto. Cal., Xov. S.—A fire vhicli broke out In the extensive ruil- f<ad shops of ihe Southern Pacific company at an early hour In the morning aused a loss of over J-.'Oil.ooO. It started ti the car and machine shop In the cen- er of a group of buildings, and. fanned iy a stiff northwest wind, destroyed ho structure and Its machinery in less han half an hour. II next alacked the ilg saw and planing mill and cabinet hop, filled witb s?asoned lumber of all ilnds, and in a few minutes the whole nlerlor of the big brick structure was a aging furnace. Hundreds of railway inpl-iyer. aided the 111 emeu In fighting he Ibimcs, whi<-h were gol under con- rol by daylight. Chicago, Nov. s.—The Chicago Dem- erat anil Disjiatch has gone ' ' " <'ii]nnel Itryun (iivt-u sick I.t-uvc. Pavarnah, (!a., N'-iv. S.—Colonel W. J. 'ryan went away from camp Sunday n shk leave of fifteen days. Major, IcClay is In command, as Lieutenant 'olonel Wignnln Is also off on sick ave. Divine service was held in every egfmental camp in the morning by or- er of Ihe corps commanders. Tlie at- endance was bii-.uo. Tbe postmaster overwhelmcMi with di-m,inds for loney orders tn si'iid home. The Sixth Ilssonri arrived from Jacksonville. The ist of the Seventh corps Is now In avannah, ready for embai kalion. Young Siildli-r KilN a Peoria, Ills., Nov. S.--James Mona- an was shot rind itifltanlly killed by larry Wolf, a young men who has Just een mustered out of Company .11, 'wcntleth regiment. Wolf and sume )m|-anlonp were celebraiing tln-lr re- urn heme and diHpln>-"d a considerable urn of moiie.\'. .Monulian foliowrd them 1-0111 a saloon ami attempted lo rob Volf, who fired five bullets Into him. [onahan has been a thorn In the side f the police ami law-abiding people for eai H. Yiilrllll \Yi-ullicrn (In- Sliiflii. Newport News, V:t.. Nov. S. --The re- ulr ship Vulcan has nrilvcd In llnmp- )n Itoadn. She Htarteil froiii Santiago •Itli the Maria Teresa, t.igelhcr with 10 lugs Merrill and Leonidas. The Ight the Ten Ha went down she lost ack of the two tugs and after a fruil- ss search for them started for llamp- ,11 Heads. The men on the N'ulcaii ere c.rnlilled to barn .thin Hie Men-Ill a<l arrived ill i'liarlcston. as they •aieil that sin- had been iosi, CaiiuiM AuiiKen the Sli-ciH'i'. Nile.---, Mich. Nov. s. The case of liarhH Itelolc of Ci-nti-rvllli- Is atlract- in much aii-niioii. l.a.-u Tliur.-^iuy loriiing ibete vMi.- an tibiini of Mii-, an<l ;. lole, n llreimin, was a nn lln.- lirsl i i-i-spond Al'li I ihe Hn- llelote wi.-nl oiin- and laid ilovv n In n->.|. lie fell sii-c|i and Hlnie Ili-n all i.-il'o: IK In waken him have been unavailing, ledlcal ni.I was ui'cleKH and the doc- i|« believe he will *Vi |i himself lo - Wm Tnv l« I plii-lil. (.'lllclIKi'. No\. !,. .Itldgc liroHM'lip ill ii> I'lillcd Statc« circuit courl upheld ho coiiHtitulionality of ilie ivar rev- nun act, and decided that ii-ansaotioiiH n the Slock Yards Kxchaiige were sub- eel lo a lax. lie overruled the moon that thn Indictment ng.ilnslC.harlc.-i jiBwemen, who wan charged with m-g- •ctlng to Ktamp inemoruniliiH, he uasht'd, Dr.BulIs COUCH SYRUP Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat. It in tlie liv»t romoily for stubborn coUU mi \mm mm. Dr. Schooler Before War Board of Inquiry. TESTIMONY T,\Ki:.N IX THICAdO. TliR luipiiitiliil \VMii,... ,,f lb(- Dny Trlls uf Ho- I-iitidilliin ,,l Afl'nlm nl Cninp I In,max mid Hlaini-H lhi> (JiiHilTliini- t«-r'.4 l>c|iiU'ltli*Mif ftir IM-rnrtH—Nill-'c* Ov<'i-tv«i-lip<r—Not Uimugli Tonlnlo rtllp- |ily Ho- NI-I-I|«- l.iirk ,,r Alullrlnr.. (.•h|c:ig,i, Nov. S.- (Ic-iu-ral Dodge, Col- oii'-l S'-xloii and I>r, Connor of the wnr InvesllKfilini; cninml.-.slon arrived In (.''lilcogii nnil Immediately In-gan the ex- amlnallmi of wlliu-sses at the Auditorium hotel. A large number of wltneHSes arc on tbe list, ami it Is not likely limit the three memberH of the commission will In- able to ,'eavo Chicago before Wediii'Mhiy. They will then leave for Pelt-oil, where the Investigation will be continued. From Detroit the commis- =ionei-i will so directly to Washington. Dr. Lewis Schooler of lies Moines. la., v.'HH the lirst wilnei-i i o testify. From Jurv- - to July 17 Dr. Schooler was stationed at Cnii'.p Thomas as chief xur- econ of Hie Seeoini division.Third mrps. • Jin-sli'inod by Mr. C'cmnor. be said (hut •i.urbiM' the time he Was there the 3am- tarv i-i.ndltlons In the hospitals was not very good; that the sinks In the whole division wen- bad. owing principally in lln: character Of (be ground, and th" ills'ipllne was rut her lax. Not EJi-ml.v lo <'ari- lor Sli-U. "At tin.- opening." said Dr. Schooler, "thi-ro w-ore pracllc.'illy no fucilltU-s for the care of the siek; we wi.-re shurt of mi-ilicincn and had no anparatus by which the st"\vards could prepare tbe mi-dlcines that wi- had. The regi- 1-n-iiliil ho5i>itab; all but one or two were as poorly supplied wHh medicines as Ihe division hospitals. Requisitions were mail-:- for more, but they were KT-nor.-j'ly di.-.-;ipi'/-ov<-d «( (he cnmr> hcaiiquarters. I don't know requisitions were absolutely turned dovrn. but they were frcqutntly reduced. It was in ref. erencc to the quantity mtlwr than to the articles IheniHelves that difficulties arofu 1 . I think the supply deixirtment issued stores nccr,rii!ng to their ability, but not always with promptness. They had certain hours for issuing supplies, and at ivihi-v IUIK-H nolhlng could be obtnlin d. Tin re was a scarcity of beds In the ho^-piials, |mt 1 never wiw a man lying on the ground. I went through the hos] Itals every morning and In-- quired of every man able lo speak' whether he had been neglected In any way. Very seldom was-there a complaint from a man who was really sick. Sometimes they complained about lack of medicines. Occasionally patients recovering from typhoid fever complained about the diet, just as any convalescent fever patient would at home. Xnrsing Fori-c Sli-Ic. "So far a.s I know, there was never any patient neglected to such an extent as that his chances of recovery were materially reduced. At one time practically half our nursing force were sick or in the guardhouse for Insubordination." Dr. Connor—Why was not a demand made by somebody that better or more nurses should be sent lo that place? Dr. Schooler—I don't know. I wrote the surgeon general once protesting against the dilliculty of securing sup- rdies. Part of the blame rested upon the quartermaster's department. Asked to uive. in as few words as possible, his opinion about the general conditions at Camp Thomas during the ime he. was stationed there, Dr. Schooler said: "In the first place, the quartermaster and surgeons could not a^ree as to the number of tents we should have. Colonel J.^e contended that we were United to a certain number of tents, sev- >ntecn, I think it wap; In (be beginning. Wo afterwards prevailed upon him to glv« us twenty-one. Ills contention s that he could not Issue tents: be- vond tin.- prescribed number. Omso iif Overcrowding, "1 think he based the number of tents upon 130. patients, and when the mim- ter of patlciils became grealer we could lot make him understand that we had o have more tents. It was his refusal to increase that number of tents that :nado the overcrowding. The lack of medicines, tins lack of trained nurses, ind the lack of a sufllcient number of •iurgi'oiis was a material dlfliculty. The .-au?o of thu prevalence of sickness In the camp that we had three regi- iienls who came (here with a great deal of sltkness — the First Mississippi ind the First and Second Arkansas. I'beiv was much typhoid and dysentery n thesi' r< gimenls. I iliinl: the quar- i-rmaster'a deiartmint was largely responsible for tin- great, sickness; the ncdical department (thai is, the supply leparlmcm) was also responsible for iome things. Then we lacked facill- les to make reports on—did not even lave stationery. Wo were told all the MHO that reports must be made," Dr. Connor-So far as you know, was hi re on llr- p irt of any medical ofllccr r Miry.nsi any willful negleci in the -are of the nick? 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It is fur lit tidvuneo of nil other Uuutivi's, UK it ucts on tho klclneyK, liver ami ainvels without iiTilutinK or wcaUi'n- them, ami It <Uics ant gripu nor uuuseato. 1» order to get its beiielloial eJfeets, plousu ruiiu-.iubc'r the name of iho Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO, LPUUVJI.!.*. K». N8W VOMB. H,T. I hi' (Jri'nl Dinirlllly. 7">r. Br-hmili-r—N», dr. Thi< pri-nt <li otilty \vrts iti nljtatnhij; Riippltf^p. ami ] think UK- hHi'h rump |M>I\VI.I>II I'lilo IlnrlmilT Mini Ilir iTHMlli-iii supply <!<•- pnr)m<'nt. t3r. Pi'linoliT Fiiiil he MOVIT knc\v I)r Hnbl'nnl to ftu-cc nicdlrliK 1 fjn^-n it pn- U»nf.i thnvil. n« li.'nl IM-PII cliai'Rvd. nl- IhoUL'll In- tlioiisht Unit IlilKlit "(Mill'- flttir-.w hfii'c bf/?n rti'rczunry If t?tp tlont. \VIIB ili'llrl-MiF. He sulil lie nevr-i kninv of prilicntp in any rutmldrrnbli iviiniboi'H bi'liiE kept. In ri-Ktnipiitnl IHIK- pll.Hls until they \\orn morllmnil anil then cr-nt th tho illvlflnn hnnpllalH. Km llle ("iirronRful niro of dm slfk ])i Kplioolnr coiiBlilei'i'il the rllvlnlnn hospital fnr Sup 0 ''' 1 "' '" ri'slinnrilnl hnspitnls "I loft on the nth <if July," )m snlil "bcfnrp nny eplilpmu: lint] set In. Ji; wy Jn.rtsmcnt the lesponRllilllly fur the o4ii(lntihm j c of ll.'c conditions there (!.»»« nut rest upon the illvlslnn surgeons. H there Is nny repponolhlllty It rests somewhere elce. Tlie surgeons In our division \verp hnrrl %vorl<e*1 faithful." Thf WuliT Supply. In rpRiird to tlv> \vnt"r niifiply at the cam)>, T^i 1 . Srhocjk'r stated that he did not think any ol the Burgeons In his division consl(l''i:f-i1 the water fl to drink. And iiKain there \vns no ennuR-li iraiiiR at Ihe ilispofial of the oflV crrfi to eiirilile them to bi-lns snITlrlon 1 wnler. When .-inked for liln rpason why he (onsidered tin; \vutpi - untH U use tho dtK'tdi- HtaU'tl that upon sever B| ot-fnsloiiK lie Iwd vlflted the Krount Eituated nround \\'l;ere the supply \va? token from the river and felt eon v I need from what he caw that mueh o the prevalllnc: disease was rauH.e by tht nesllprenee of the policing depart men In allowing the soldiers lo go at wll thfvOtiRh the «'OodK shunted along the banks of tin- stream. He gave this as a reajflm for many of the rases of ty phold fever existing In the oanip. An other feature uhlch rnntrlbuted Inrge !y *» the slek'list in the opinion of the doctor \vas the laxity shown in issuing passes to the men nnd allowing then\ to visit other eamps. Mrilli-.ul < I III <er« Mumprrcil. "Fifty per cent, of the sickness," said the doctor, "would not have been li existence had the men not been allowet to leave Chlekmnaumi park on passes.' He gave as his opinion that the medica officers were hampered too much b> officers of higher rank, hut who had nc medical training;. In regard to division hospitals the doctor Kald: "1 thlnl there sliould have been a hospital In Chattunoo'sn where a class of patients could have heen taken who were golni, to be sick any length of time. The di vision hospital," be continued, "iva. never intended for case? where patients were suing- to he sick any length o time." When questioned as to the lad of nurses, the doctor said that he thought holh nurses as well as the officers were overworked. T%v» MUCH for Ono IVr*on. In many cases one nurse was compelled to take cliarEe of twenty, thlrtj and sometimes forty patients during the nlg-ht, which was too much toexpect of one person. No blame could be attached to the doctors, as they would start out in the morning on theli rounds of duty and would be on dut> until late at night. When questioned as to the complaints alwut starvation the doctor said that n great many of these complaints were entirely unwarranted. As to the general conditions surrounding 1 the patients In the hospita" the doctor gave it as his opinion that the average soldier was just as well treated there as they would have been at home, excepting, perhaps, In the line of bathing. In this direction they would possibly have received more attention, but this only affected the comfort of thn soldier and did not necessarily affect the mortality in camp. A o E ifro i 'i'lji Irni m: KKI>. Tramp Acrusi-il of Ivllllue John Hnltla nnil Wile. Manllowoe. "WIs.. Xov. 8.—A double murder occurred at Mishleot, twelve miles from here. John TJahls and his \vafe. an old couple, wire slain with an ox, Krnest Messnnin, a tramp, is under arrost. He- denies the crime, but hi Jms bloodstains on his clothes. In Ihe morning Albert Mundt visited the house mid found the body of Mrs. Bahls in her bedroom. Her head was split oppn and her corpse was mangled. In the barn the mangled body of hcv husband was found. Officers were nt once nolilied and fiusplelon fell on Messmann. who bad lodged with the family. The only motive that can be assigned for ihe murder is robbery. BahlK was known to save his money, -and "quite a large amount was found on the prisoner. Mortgage documents and bonds were, found strewn about the house. The Bahlses were reported .to be worth obout $10,000. Rahls was 7(1 j-oars of age and his wife (15. May Try fur- Ollu-i- V<-K»,oli*. Washington, Nov. 8.—U Is altogether likely that the rniied States navy will yet have one of Cervcra's ships of war, In spite of the loss of Ihe Maria Teresa. Secretary Long has not yet made up his mind to abandon work on the remaining vessels tbai were sent to the bottom by Admiral Schley's fleet, and It is pretty certain that tho Swedish cc.mpany which has offered to raise (hem \\-llhoin nwl to the government unless niiecespl'iil will be given permission lo go In work on them. Lieutenant HobHon has Mrongly urged the secretary to allow him $(100,000 with which he believes he can raise both the Rclna Mercedes and the Cristobal Colon. Tiirklhh Troop* Iliiniii-i-d. Cunea, iKliynl of Crete, Nov. R.—The I'urkish troops at Hctlmo, having refused to leave the place, the Russian admiral in these wulers, following the example of Admiral Noel, the DritlBh 'ornmunder here, forcibly conveyed hem on board a transport. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and Other *s£» Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After paling, all vermin fcetk watrr And ihe open air. llcuce tlilH killer Is die most cleanly un earth. Par Sale by all Drugglit*. Price, IB Cent*. NEWTON f ANUPACTURING & CHEMICAL CO., OS William 5tr«t. New York. Motfs Nerverfne Pills Tht greai remedy foi nervous pros. tration and all nervout diwAttsoi the generative on --— gane of either tex, uich as Nervous Proslralion, Failing 01 lott Manhood, Impottncy, Nightly ESnls- lion*, Youthful jifrore, Mental Worry, ex- ccstive us* of Tobacco or Opium, which ka4 to ComumpUon and InwaJly. $1.00 eft box by nultj 6 box** for $5,00. MOTTO WEMICAL CO., Prtp'l, Oleiiliud, OWo. for dulo by 8. H. Wyss. SBS / Youcan"bacfc"Batt!eAi: for all you're worth, as the winning brand of chewing tobacco. It wins because, it is, without exception, the common-sense purchase—when it comes to buying chewing tobacco, Why pay more money for less tobacco of poorer quality t If you have never decided to try the quality of PLUG now Is the time to invest JOc. in -the experiment. R emember the name when you buy again. Or wben threatened with pleurisy, pneumonia or bronchitis, there is nothing better than a HOT WATER BAG laid on the chest to ward off fatal results. We have all kinds of Rubber Goods, Atomizers, Hot Water Bags, etc. Also Syrup.White Pine and Tar, Throat Syrup, Lozengers for Coughs. Marsh's Drug Store. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power .'at Low Rates. If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in] fact any mechanical application. call on us for Electric Incandescent Lights, Arc Llg" Power. Telephone 93. FALL aed WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third at. FURNITURE. When wanting Furniture cell and tee ai. We cats turely pletie you! J. SUTTER & 210 H'. Third Street. Licensed Uvneral Superintendent end Mechanical DATHNTS —To <DV periou wUblng to obtain Ltttori Patent on new Inrentloni or la>proT«uuot« 1 d -.IgDi, I will nxeoutt driwlogi tod tpeoUtoatlooi aod make appllotUotit tar patiutM, toa W. THIRD STRBBT. Third Floor. . •! -;- ,/ i v ' 1 >«r.ii« v*\ uO-< J. Bauer & Sons b FURNITURE, Undertakers and EmbaImere.J Second 5Ir«el.] Oppo*lt« City Hall, | Alton, Wl.

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