Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 7, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1898
Page 4
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Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account. The descent In eertairt from weak lung*, Hngertnn cough». throat Irotibli;* or bronchUl affections through Weed iflg lung*, to consumption, :if tlie first Haft* are neglected. Thou- C' ; sands of peo- Me-who are now in theft graves would he Wiv* and well to-day Ifffioy had he«ded , Ui* first warnings of tb.o»e trouble* which lead to cotisaraption »nd death. The hacking cough, spitting of blood, weak Ititiffft. and all simitar trrttiblf* of the organ* of breathing, will, surely lend to consumption. If they are not already the signs of it. Then there&re th« other indications of the approach of consumption, tneh as night-sweats, crttaclatfnti, or wn«t- lagaway of Besh from bftd.nntrltlon, which, If neglected, lead to cerhiin death. Ninety-eight per cent of all the M»e» of WMk lungs, bleeding lungs, lingering and obstinate coughs, and other bronchial and throat diseases, which have been treated With Dr. Pierce's Goldri» Medical Dlncoy- try t have been cured by It. Do not wait until your throat trouble becomes serious. All bronchial and throat troubles are serious. The time to take the " Golden Medical Discovery " Is right at the statti } , Even if your throat trouble',; Mas. been neglected until It has been pronounced pulmonary disease or consumption, do not hesitate to use the "Golden Medical Din- covery," for thousands of tettofs, 1 ffom the sufferers themselves, who are iiow well. bear evidence that the "Golden Medical Discovery" will cure, even after good phy- •Idans have pronounced the disease pulmonary consumption. "Ih«d been troubled with bronchitis for ne»- etal years," writes Mr*. Orlin O'ltam, Box 114. Fergu« Fatl», Ottertall Co.. Minn. " In the first place, I had nore throat. I doctored with different phyu'dans and took various nteillclnfei. but got no relief. I rained from my throat a sticky, lUbstauce like the Millie of oft tag. Could not sleep, and had made-up my mind that tjrgrtild not live through Ui« winter. < I too* lit,' Merce'* Goldeh Medical Dlacovery and ' Favorite Prescription ' alternately, and In a few days begin to see that I wiw better. I t** cltflit liottles. I have not felt as well in years an since using thene medicine*.' 1 , UnfatlabliE-rrir..Pierre's Pleasant Pellet* for constipation and biliousness. •pnw&Ung n Flrtt-oUu Hirer-! too* ComptnlM. FOR SALE. • •, The Dr, Hardy property corner Bib tnd Alby ate. Lot 1ZOX120 feef with 3 dwelllum. . A 4-room dwelling on Eaiton «treet bet. 10th ndllthiti. Lot 45x120 feet. Prloe 1700. The nuldenee of Geo. KlMoh on Belle ttrMt; S room* and bath room j In good re oalr . The 10- room residence of 8. H. NlohoU on LniCdon it. Lot 70x170 feet, A fine location. X!ano8-room dwelling (nearly new) witobatn foomi heated by furnaoej In Mladletown. The fine lot ot David Doyle on Bluff itrMt WSh 4-room brtok dwelling. • TheJ. M. Tonsor homestead opntalnlna Jboat «J acres; flne 10 room dwoningjfrult of an kind. Soifdne lot. on Bluff street' with brlok pa*, Hi and geweri no grading, In T. L. Foulda add Aflne 8-room brlok dwelling, ho«t«d with •team. Lot 120x120 feet; One fruit | half, block A dwfrable residence on Proipeot itreet with 7 rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot M feet, on Prospect itreet. on thonorth aide of Second, . Fine fruit and oar line In Upper Alton. ' trees, eeTerafflnelou'onBoUe street between 1BU1 andistb Bta. A two story brlok itore and dwelling and a two Itorr brlok dwelling on aame lot corner of ted tnd vine an A good InTeatment ™ flne U.M on «th itreet near Mr. '*^SeflSS'<lonble dwelling of Mr. R. Q«£«w»V fteated by iteam with modern ImprpTemeaM. A very desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, I Belle (tract, with all modern Improvement!. udlug 10 loUi switch connection with C. ft A. Alton Noyeltjr Mtg. Co. property on ad l.W»*tf. "*'One!o 4 t» 0 |n'Hlghland Park, each TObyaboul Aa&rooin dwelling on State itrent, Prior 1.000, • k food*-room dwelling on Second itreet, , fwo floe lota on Alby itreet i. 1 ', •• ; ; i The double brlok dwelling, corner TMra an«. 4lby itreeu, one of fee flneit location. In Alto* A COM 7-room dwelling) good lot and fti>< tea room dwelling 1o Upper Alton 1 ,'»oor lot M(lU(/«ei on Eaiton itreet. brlok dwelling with lU lot! In Middle. .ooTenlent to' motor Fine location f 'tnettSidWIM of Albort Wade on Bellt , with 10 rocmi and finished attto, batl wh room. Oood cellar. Ou and water and carriage bouieT • ,(ot«t»»t trjn(.; j - or rent, other detlraileprop>^'n(A Yroom'brltk dwelllnr Vn' Wailao^'lire* ' with a good loti on Flttl) • wet, ea.t6f Kldgo ttreot. Price, $1.900. p AfpodSropm^rtflk dwelling-with J lota on "good 7 room dwelling with flne river Tlr.w, BWftdbT hot water. ' ;' FOR RBNT. Tbe two alary brlok dwelling with 8 roomi.on c BeUerlew avenue now occupied by J, Moulton. ' A»-room dwelling on 3rd itreet with bath roqB with modern fixtures. New itore room and two 4-room tenamttnti iWtth bath room) Dnd itreet near Cherry r . .'t i Tbe L. 3. Clawaon homestead In Upper Alton '110 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied * . dec. Lerli. Possession glren bjr July 1, REAL ESTATE, " ; " l INbtRANCE, and LOAN AGENT (ROOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. LulWIng lot «|»1« on Liberty itroet 3rove and Frankllo, for »m pa farm V mllea south of Brighton, i oultlratlon, one-half good pasture, A bargain. ;fA»«W two itory brlok moiern dwelling ns«r • ir of Third end Qeorge itreeu, _om iwelllng bauM ,wlUi Urge lot on I itTMt iOulE of Twelfth etrest: I RIM itory /for I'M 111 Terrible Accident in a Pennsylvania Coal Mine. TO AM.KUKIt Tnreo ll«nvll<r iMOilfA Car* Tail l»nwn • .IBO-Poot Shaft anil Oriwh with Frl«IHfiil form Upon • Carrlnge t'nnlnlnlnc T«n »I«m-SOTKII Killed Oulrlglil and Thro* I-»t«lly Ilnrl—lliirnlnn Ship KmulU In Mix LOM of Fir* I.IVM— Terrlhl* Anrl- ilcnt «t I>elrolt. WllkeBbHrre, Pa., Nov. 7.—Seven men were killed nnd three fatally Injured at the Sxster colliery of the I-ehlgh Valley Cool company at West PltUton, n»ar here. The accident was due to tha alleged carelessness .of; Engineer Dttvld Price, who, acting In disobedience of positive orders, caused three cars to run Into the top of the shaft. These cars. • loaded and welfchlfiB eleven tons, fell down the 860-foot shaft and crashed with frightful force upon the carriage carrying ten men. Seven were almost Instantly killed. The accident occurred at 0:30 o'clock us the men were going to work and being sent down the Kxe- ter shaft in nartlcn of ten. At the game time Engineer. Price, In charge oil the little donkey engine, was shifting loaded car* from toe new Hcd Ash •haft, several hundred yards an'ay, to the Exeter breaker. This track approaches the head of the Kxeter shaft nnd at a distance of thirty feet froirt It curved gently,.to the right and around the shaft to ths breaker. l)Uol»By«d U|N Ordnr*. At the point where this track COIP- riu'iu'ed to curve was a switch and the thirty feet of truck lending to (he nend of the shaft was used for storing crippled cars. Close to the head of the shaft It was closed liy. u: head block. Price's orders were to approach the breaker with the engine at the head of the train. A few days ago ho was caught pushing the cars and wan threatened with discharge for disobeying orders. He did the same thing thl» time. The train was going at good speed, when, Instead of curving around the shaft, the curs dashed Into the switch, which was open. Price reversed the engine but It was too IA.te. The cars •truck the head block, smashed It and three ot them toppled down the shaft. About twenty feet from the bottom they struck the carriage with awful force, completely wrecking It. The mass of wreckage fell to the foot of the shaft, choking It, and when, after hard work, the men were extricated, seven were id and three were fatally hurt. The Injured were lakn to th hospital. l*Ut of l>«nd nnd Injured. The following Is a list of those killed: Michael Hmlth, 3r> years, miner, married, leaves awldow and four children: Anifr6w Tlmeo, 40 years, miners, mar- rlfdi> leftves widow and six children; Mjchael Podessanumy, 86 years, miner, ijhniarrled; 'Michael Krazue, 33 years, tnlner, un,mnrrlod; Joseph Culock, 25 years, married, leaves widow and one child:- Jtloliael Waslowskl, 43 years, un- ri'lefl; Joseph Andrewoskl, SO years, unmarried. .Tho Injured are: William PiikOH, miner, Internal Injuries; .In- •eph, Wlnsler, laborer, bead and back lacerated; Paul Lecksnomes, laborer, contusion of the spine. AT DKTROIT. Mmi Ar* *fi«sfc."«oa« ,me dwelling houae and another i all on one lot In good Iqoatlon >. Reoti for 188 per montji t 8-rooni realdenoe on SUte itreit on IMM i , • 1 ' ' , '' - ' ' ' nits on Oak' itreet between'the Four H, R, traoks, lulfabje tor lUfiotttringpuVpoiei. OB Mlt lld> Of lor MOO. - • corner tod on euy terai. nlieno*. new tui il lltuttvd 00 fQUfU) It., bulldlog • «M Drop- good u4 •ooar«Ql*»l rUrnu, of Bout w4 friend advUed trying ,'tbe flrat 1 No one tbould full to try W pw bottle it R. ' Building Oollnpses mill Six 'taken Out Head. Petrolt, Nov..7.—The roof of the New Wonderland llieotcr collupBpd at 1:45 p. m., carrying clown the Iron gallcrle* of the' structure nnd a great mans of Kcnftoldinsf and dehrta. Home twenty- five men were working under the col. lapsed parts of the structure. Scarcely any of these s«om to have escaped In- Jury. The bodies of six doad men havn Ijuen recovered. Several oth- erft arc fatally injured. The sldo wall of the four-story structure IH bulging threateningly and the front of the building, although still upright, la con. tldgred dangerous The hospital ambulances are liuny currying away the dead nnd the wrecked thvatnr Is sur- rtwnded' by. a' great Crowd of people. I'he thpdtler was to havo Ixwn occupied by J. M. Moore's Wonderland. Tha ne\y building Is owned hy the Barbmir- •fltiite. It Is situated an three avenues adjoining the new Detroit Opera house and o.ppoB,ll«r the'oily hall. ' The homes of the dead have not yet been accurately ascertained, hut the ambulance surgeons say that fifteen •re certainly dead. There WIIB in the building at the time of the collapse sight carpenter*, four masons, ten plumper* and rn8(Utef<, two electrician*'and two helpers, four painter* .nfl, *|x laborers. Some wore struck by great Iron girders and rods and dashed downward In a bleeding man*, other* )ltchod headlong us the supports Bank from beneath their feet, falling four or live stories and striking upon the ron debris below. There was no panic m the Detroit Opera house, adjoining, only a small portion of the matlne* uuillence having entered. VKSHKI. IIU1INS AT SKA. :.oi» of «. Clyde Mile Freight SteMinrr mid Fire of the Crew. Vineyard Haven, Mais., Js'ov. 7;—The big hour-masted coasting schooner Alice K. Clark of Portland, Me., has arrived here with twenty-two of the surviving iiilBHi'pgers «nd crew of the Clyde line freight ateamer Croatan, which burned off Cuptt Charles, Vu,, last Tuesday, [ It was the flrgt news pf the disaster to reach the land and It creel- ed a great commotion In the little town. The cailH,way« were hospllable cured for, fed, and iheltered. When the Croatan went to tho bottom she carried five victims with her, It was Impossible to Have their lives, The tiame* of the lost were: Joromluh McCarthy, •econd assistant engineer, of New York; James C'urlls, atewurd, of Jer- ley'City; Mrs. Jamus CurtU, steward- tu; an oiler, r.aine unknown; Mrs. Jennie Wlllard of Wilmington. N. C. Had not the Alice Clark happened to be In the, vicinity when the Croatan caught fire the list of casualties would undoubtedly been much larger. The \vui a dozen miles from land, and lib other vessel In sight. The Croat- sailed from New York Oct. 31 for Wilmington and other southern port* Robbed ttaOrave. A startling Incident of wblob Mr. John Oliver, of Pbllldelpbla, wMthe •abject. If narrated by him »s folio we: "1 w»q la a moet dregful- condition, 'Juuken, tongue, SoSjea, $tjjn'continu- ally In Duck »na aides, no appetite— ".uaJIy growing weaker day by day. M gjvsw _m* op, end ad *8\«y gw> i bottle made It does not reqalre an expert to detect the nofTerer from kldnny trouble. Tbe hollow cheeks, the sunken eyes, the dark, pnffj circles nod of the eyes, the sallo* pfft-anip-ooltTed complexion IhdlOAtes It. . , A physician would auk If you bad rheumatism, a dull pain or ache In the back or!over the hips, stomach trouble, desire to urinate often, or a burning or scalding In passing it; If after {iMSlug thereto tm unsatisfied feeling M if it most be at once repeated, or If the urine has a brick dust deposit or strong odor. When these symptoms are present Uo time should be lovt In removing tbe cause. Jjoiay may lead to gravel, catarrh of tbe bladder, inflammation, causing stoppage, and sometimes requiring the drawing of the urine with instruments, or may run into Brlgbt's disease, the, most dangerous stage of kidney trottble. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, tbe great discovery of tbe eminent kidney and bladder specialist, Is a positive remedy for fcudb diseases. Its reputation is World-wide and, U Is so eaay to get at any drug store that no one, need Buffer any length ottlme for want of It. However, If yon prefer to first test its wonderful merits, mention the TBiJOOBArn and write, to Dr. Kilmer A Oo., Blngnampton, N. Y., for a sample bottle and book telling all about It, both sent absolutely free by mall. Shu cHiTlfd a large cargo of tnlflccllane- oui K"udn nfltl night pnssengi.TH. Kllli-il hy IlllimlnntlliK <!•«. UoHlon, Nov. 7.—Two people (load and another almost pant recovery by Inhaling Illuminating giix, was the record •t police headnuarlovg. Wllllnm Tru- benu, OS yenm old. who was on a visit here from Coatleook, Canada, wan found dead in bed with the KUH turned on at full force, He had beert dead ««\-ernl lu,iii-s when hln landlord bloke Into tin- room. In Klllot street Philip Half WHS found (lend in lied anil h s wife, who I* ! li,"j years old, was uin-onwlous by his side. H«rr WUH 75 yearn of a^e. The K«H \va« encuplp-K from a burner which was only partially turned off. Medical iiHiilKlanic was called for Mrs. Uaff, hut sllitht hopes are entertained for her recovery. Kuulnrnr 1'ulall.r Hurl. Alliance. O.,Nov. 7.—Joseph Desmond. (Iranian on a Plttoburc, Fort Wayne and Chicago locomotive, drawing a fast passenger train, near Columbus, O., suddenly discovered that Knglneer W. N. Souerbeok was nol 'at his post nor on the engine. The train was running at a high, rate of speed at the time. The fireman promptly shut off H tea in and stopped the train. Conductor Hollaway ordered the train run liark anil Engineer Sourheck was found lying unconscious beside the track with his skull fractured. Hln Injuries will likely prove fatal. It Is thought he climbed out upon the running hoard and loxlng his balance, fell to tlie ground. JUKI Mnrrlrd ami Tuclne OeHlh. Ht. I,nulx, Nov. 7.-While William F. Mink, a young mechanic, was passing along Klgh'.h street yesterday a hrlr-k fell from a building near Clark avenue, striking him on the head and producing a fi-ai-turn of the skull which It Is thought will prove fatal. A very sad and (l;stre«silng feature of the accident Is that young Mink was married only Thursday evening and the bride of hut a few hours, frant'c with grief,IHwatch- ing at his bedside at the hospital for hi* return to consciousness. MARIA TERESA LOST. Th« Former Hpunlnli ('rilUor ftop* to ttia Itottum—Crew MHVCM!. New York. Nov. 7.—A special from Charleston, H. C., says: The former Spanish cruiser Maria Teresa has gone to the bottom of the sea. Dr. Labby, quarantine ofllcer at this port, has just sent word (hut the crew uf the Teresa has arrived at his station with news of the sinking. Full particulars are not yet obtainable, but the wreck has al- teady been ofilclnlly reported. The Maria Teresa was reported lost Nov. 1 off, -tlii) Bahamas. The crew arrived at Charleston on the towboat Vulcan. The storms, that raged In the vicinity of the Huhumus about the 1st of tha month ,vcrc reported to In- of exceptional violence. Washington, Nov. fi,—The navy department has received a dlsputch from lieutenant Comtnamler Harris, who •was with the Maria Teresa when she left Calnmnera, saying he had reached CharlcHtiin on the wrecking tug Mer- rltt with the oincers and fifty-eight men, formerly the crew of tho Teresa. Tlie cruiser wan lost about thirty miles north of Sun Salvador Tuexday night last in a northcupt gale of exceptional violence. Say* Ilr Wai Hi.blieil uu a Train. 8t. I.ouls, Nov. 7.—John Fluett, a wealthy Investor of Toledo, O., arrived here over the Mobile and Ohio, with scarcely carfare In his pocket. He reported to the police that he had beei chloroformed and robbed In a Pullman car a short distance this side of Mobile He lost a gold watch and chain, u dla tnond stud and $4SO In cash. He suli he wan lying d'jwn, half awuko In hi birth at the time, and whim he awoki discovered a handkerchief saturates with .chloroform covering his nostril The train crew knew nothing of the robbery. Kluett IB awaiting a remit tance from home. RemarkabkTBeiaie. Mrs. Michael Curtain, PlainfleH, III. makes tbe statement that she rough cold, which settled on her lungs; she was treated for a month by her fa.roi- ly physician, but grew worse. He told her she was a helpless victim ol consumption and no medicine conk core her. Her druggist suggestec Dr. King's New Discovery foi Consumption; she bought a bottle and to her delight found herself benefited from the flrac dose. She continued HI u>e and after taking sis botil j«, found her»elf sound and well, now does her own housework and Is as well as'he ever was. Free trial bottles of tbic Great Discovery at B. Maran's drug store, large bottles 50o' and fl. Uiatreailng Stomach Diaean Permanently cured by the mwterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalid* need miffer no longer becauae this 'great remedy can core them all. It U a oure for tbe whole world of Btomaoh weatueai and Indigestion. The cure beftlna with too Qrnt doae. Tbe relleMt bring* is mar- veloiw and aurprlaipg, Tt make» 'no failure fnever disappoint*. No matter bow long you have •nffered, your cure to certain under tbe n»e of tnla great bqalt't -giving foroe^ and always safe. . _ Pleasant Sold by 8. H, Wyss. 'How lo Curt Bilioui Colic. I suffered for week* with oollo and pulus In my stomaob caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I nied Chamberlain's Oollo, Cholera and Dlfcrrbwi Reme» dy, wh.tpb cured me. 1 have since ridouiraended U to • jcood many peo- ple.-Mrg. y. BuHw, F»Jrbav«o, Conn. V«r«ou»,wbp »re inblept to b«lpU| oollo can w|rd of tbe attack by MB la tkto renegi' M soon M tbe flrn tymr> tom«»pp7»V Sold by B, S. H. W ' Mm-ilcrfrt lij- a Woman. Muncle. Inil.. Nov. 7.— Mrs. Levin Black nlift three (linos and Instant) hilled .tohn Mnllny while he was I conversation with n neighbor In th latter'" yard, nl«>ut four miles north o thin city. Mm. Black chniKed the mur rtercd mnn with having assaulted he about three weeks ago, and In cour he was acquitted. The wcminn wan ar rested nlmut two horns after the trng erty while File wns on her nay to th city to give herself up. A brother o (he murdered man wan killed In tt fin loon t>rnwl In Munde a few rtnys ago. Curfew fur St. T/mili, St. J.ouls, Nov. 7.— The "curfew bill,' designed to compel children under th' l»ge of 15 to be off the streets after p. m. In winter nnd 9 p. m. In summer has been passed by the city council The lilll was originated l>y Colonel Al exandcr Ilngclnnd of Louisville, Ky. president of the nnys find Girls' Na tlonnl association. Mayor Xlegenhelm assured Colonel HoRCland that he wouli sign the bill nnd It would then becom< a law. A number of the larger cltle have adopted Colonel Homeland'! cur few ordinance. (Hans Kurtorlc* IleHiimv. PlttsburK, Nov. 7. —The committee o window tlass workers from Dunkirk Ind., that came here to Investigate th situation before returning to work n tho terms agreed upon Ittst week, wlrei home to resume and word was receive! later that the, four Dunkirk faetorle had started operations. Another fac lory has also resumed. It Is that of McKeo &. Co., operallnR_thrce pots. Oinahn K«po»ltlon u Financial Sucre Omaha, Nov. 7.— The Trans-Missis slppi and International Exposition at soclatlon Is paying back 75 cents o every dollar of Block thnt was sul scribed for Its construction. Aftc this Is accomplished enough money wl remain In the treasury to more than pay the remaining 25 p:>r cent, and ful 1111 all obligations. _ llntilt Ordered (.'limed. Washington, Nov. 7.-- 'The complrolle of the currency has ordered the I''lrs National bank of Kliisliliiff, O., to clos Its doors. Hunk Kxamlner Ue Pay hn been appo'ntid U miiorary receiver. Dr; lot Is said to have caused the failure. San Francisco, r at the I'rr-tlilio. Nov. 7.— Lieutena , Colonel Henry WriKiiei 1 . Fourth c:ivuliy hns assumed comnitind of the Preoldio relieving Major David II. IClnzle. wl MiccePded General Miller temporarily. $100. Dr. E. Detchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 010 If yon have a child who soils beddin from Incontinence of water durin sleep. Cures old and yoang alike. I arrests the trouble at once. 81. Sol by S. H. Wj SB. Druggist, 652 Secon 8t:eet, Alton, 111. It has been fully demonstrated tha Ely's Cream Bnlm la a specific for na sal catarrh and cold m the head. Thi distinction.has been achieved only a the result of continued successful use A morbid conditiou of the membran In the nasal passages can be cured b. this purifi ine nnd healing treatment Sold by druggists or it will be mail, for 60 cents by Ely Brot hern, 56 War ren street, NPW York. It spread over the membrane, is absorbed an relief Is Immediate.^ You Can't Allord to Chance It. A heavy cold may lend to pneumo nia or consumption. Foley's Hone and Tar taken in time affords perfec security from serious results. Sol by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel cold coming on, take a dose of Foloy' Honey and Tar. It never fails. Holt by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyes. David A. Wells, the Norwich. Conn economist, has nenrly recovered froi his recent Illness. The elections of Prussian deputies b the secondary electors, HO fur us known show that the Hiullraln have nn In crease of fifteen seats at the expens of the Conservatives and National Lib erals. Delicate Children They do not complain of anything in particular. They eat enough, but keep thin and 3 pale. They appear fairly well, but have no strength. You cannot say they are really sick, and so you call them delicate. What can be done for them ? Our answer is the same that the best physicians have been giving for a quarter of a century. Give them Scon's Emulsion of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites, It has most remarkable nourishing power. It gives color to the blood. It brings strength to the muscles. It adds power to the nerves. It means robust health and vigor. Even delicate infants rapidly gain in flesh if given a small amount three or four times each day. $IK. «I|J $1.00 I ill drUggiltl. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chtmliti, New York. U. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plans; and Specifications (or Work Accurately Furnlahed. omctxovB* vtrx ivvivj) BANK ME A MAN 13 M IT. II) 17 18 HI 20 •21 1 •2 a i .") Ii 7 1 •2 a 4 8 !l 10 11 1 •2 a 10 11 12 I a Hi 17 18 24 2,") 2li 27 X <l 1(1 II 1 •2 :', 4 8 <l 10 11 li 1 '2 SI 10 u 12 13 14 I •2 a 4 •2 a i ,"i I! 7 H y 10 11 12 13 U If. , , etc'., shall be put in and placed the City Engineer of the City AN ORDINANCE •rENTITlED:- -An Ordinance Granting to the Mississippi Valley Railway Company, its successors and assigns, license and permission to lay, construct, operate and maintain a Atreet Railway over and upon certain streets In the City of Alton." I IK IT OKDA1NKI) l>\ tin- City Council of the City of Alton: I SKCTION 1. Tluil (lie Mi*si»Hippi Valley Railway •2 Company, its siurossors nnd assign's bo and they arc It licniby a'tithomed and empowered to build, construct, 1 and operate, for tin' purpose of carrying passengers, "i the inail.s, express, light freight, and household sup(i plies, a single trnrU street railroad, together with all 7 necessary turnouts, side-trucks and switches, in, along H and upon the following streets, to-wit: il Commencing on the Vnndiiliii road at the. easterly 10 limits of the City of Alton, running thence on said II Vandalia road to its intersection with Sixth street; 12 thence east on Sixth street to Vine street; thence south on Vine street to Fifth street; thence west on Kifth street to Liberty street; thence, north on Liberty .street to Seventh street ; thence west on Seventh street to Langdon street; thence north on Langdon street to Eighth street ; thence west on Eighth street to Market, street; thence south on Market, street to the Union Depot on Front street—the cars on said railway to be propelled by electricity or any other improved motive power (except .steam.) SKC. -2. That said Mississippi Valley Kailway Company, its successors and assigns, shall have the right to maintain and operate said railroad over, along and upon said streets, and exercise the privilege, permission and license lierebv granted for the full tGrm of fifty (50) years, from the going into effect of this ordinance. SKC. H. That said Company, its successors or assigns, bo and they are hereby authorized and empowered to erect nnd maintain all poles, pipes, towers, masts, wires, cables, and all such oilier necessary apparatus and appliances requisite and convenient for propelling its cars by electricity or oilier motive power (except steam). Provided, however, that all such poles, wires, cables, id under the direction of inginecr ot (lie 1,'ity of Alton, or such committee of the same, or such officer of the City as may be designated by said Council. SKC. -I. That, said Company, its successors and assigns, shall construct, maintain and operate its said railroad track in the center of all the streets mentioned, and set forth in Section 1 of this ordinance, except on that part of Market street from Sixth street to the Union Depot, or River Front, at which place it shall be built on the west side of said Market street, and west of the track of the Alton Kailway and Illuminating Company. Provided, however, the City of Alton hereby agrees to remove or cause to be removed from the north line of Fourth street on said Market street to the Union Depot or Kiver Front, the track of said Alton Railway and Illuminating Company east on said Market street so as to make room for the track of the Mississippi Valley Kailway Company, so that the space between the curb line and the track of said Mississippi Vajloy Railway Company shall be the same as it is now between the curb line and the Alton Railway and Illuminating Company's track; said track of said Alton Railway and Illuminating Company, to be moved and relaid at the cost of said Mississippi Valley Railway Company, its successors andji-ssigns, or as near the center as may be possible, taking in consid- ution duo regard for public convenience and travel thereon, and also with reference to the building and constructing of the necessary curves or turnouts which may be required along said route. SKC. .">. That said Company, its successors and ns.Mgns, shall so construct and maintain its said railroad track so as to-permit the free use of said streets on each side of its track, and the crossing of vehicles over tho same with tho least possible obstruction, and in such manner as not to obstruct the free (low of water in the side and cross gutters, and shall keep macadamized the space between the rails and for one foot along tho rails on the outside, and keep the same in good repair, and to plank said railroad track at such places as the City may require. SKC. (). That said railroad track shall be laid to conform to the established grades of said streets, and that said company by its acceptance of this ordinance hereby agrees for itself, its successors and assigns, that, it, and they, will in ease the grade of any street over, upon and along which its track may bo constructed should be hereafter changed by ordinance or otherwise, upon due notice, raise or lower its or their track in accordance with such changed grade. SKC. 7. That whenever it shall become necessary that the tracks, poles, wires, or other property of said Company, its successors and assigns, snail bo temporarily moved, displaced, or cut for the purpose of laying or repairing water, gas, or other pipes, constructing or repairing sewers, or for any purpose, the party or parties, corporation or corporations, except the City of Alton, causing such removal, displacement or cutting, shall as speedily as possible, without expense or cost to said Company, its successors and assigns, replace and repair the same and be responsible, for damages occasioned by any necessary delay in so doing. SKC. 8. That the authorities of the City of Alton shall give to said Company, its .successors and assigns, all necessary information regarding street grades or other matters pertaining to constructing its tracks upon and along said streets. SKC. J).' That any person or persons, driving any animal, team or teams, or vehicles of any kind, upon or over the railroad of said Company, its successors and assigns, shall give way to the passage of its or their ears; and any person violating this section shall bo fined not less than tnree (3) nor more than twenty (20) dollars for such violation. SEC. 10. That the said Mississippi Valley Railroad Company, its successors and assigns, shall construct and maintain during the continuance of this ordinance good and suHicieiit stone sewers under their tracks at such points as the conformation of the ground and the necessary convenience of tho public may require, such sewers to bo put in under the direction of the City Engineer of the City of Alton. SKC. 11. That whenever the City of Alton, by ordinance or otherwise, shall order any of said streets, or any part of the same to be paved or improved by special assessment or special taxation, then and in that case the said Company, its successors and assigns, agrees to pay for so much of tho said improvement or naving as may bo embraced between the rails of its tracks and for the space of one foot-on either side of its mils. And the said Company, its successors and assigns, hereby agrees to refund to the abutting property owners, pro rato, the cost of p.iving all that portion of Fifth street which may lie between the rails and one foot on either side of its rails, if said Fifth street should be paved before said track is laid. SKC. 12. That said Company by accept ing this ordinance hereby agrees to pay all damages to owners of property abutting upon the streets upon or over which the road is to be constructed as aforesaid, which such owners of property may sustain by reason of the location or construction of said road. SKC. 13. That said Company, its sucavwors and assigns, hereby agrees (o charge for a single fare no more, than fivc'cciits from any point in tho Village of Upper Alton to UIH' point in the City of Alton, or from any point in the City of Alton to any point in the Vil- higo of Upper Alton, and from any point in the village or East Alton to tiny point in the City-of Alton, or from any point in the City of Alton to any point in the village of East Alton where the tracks of said Company may oe laid, said fare to be for the first twenty yuan*. The city to have, tlui rijjht to Jix the rato lifter thy expiration of Haiti term of twenty yours. Provided, how- cm 1 , said fares shall bo reasonable. The oars ou said track to be run at least every fifteen minutes, mul to run from (ia. m. toll p. in., and to haul no freight Ki 17 I 2 a i •2 a •I l's excep ' each (In ween tin' hours of II p. m. and ii. n. m. of each dnv. SKC. il. Thai said Company, its successors and assigns herein- agrees to transfer passengers from (Uio of its lines to' tlie other without any extra charge. SKC. ],"). That said Company agrees to hold tin* City of Alton harmless from any and all damages thnt may happen to persons or property, by reason of the const-ruction or operation ol said railroad. Sw. Hi. Thai said Company, its successors and assigns, hereby agrees to have said railroad laid awMn operation on or before .lanuarv 1st, lilOO, and to give bond in the sum of $1,000.00 with two or more securities to be approved bv the City Council. Said bond to bo filed within twenty days ni'ter the going into effect, of this ordinance, conditioned to have, said railroad laid nnd in operation by said time, otherwise this ordinance shall be and become null and void. SKC:. 17. ft is hereby agreed and understood, that if the said Mississippi Valley Railway Company shall complete one through line into the City of Alton, from the Easterly city limits to Hie Union Depot, then said bond or any boiid given under any ordinance shall be null and void, SKC. 18. This ordinance shall be a valid nnd binding, contract by and between the City of Alton and the said Company,' its successors and assigns, from and after its passage and approval nnd acceptance by said Company through its proper ollicers, wliich acceptance must be (lone within twenty days after its passage and approval, and snid acceptance to be filed in the ollico of the City Clerk of tho Citv of Alton. 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Alton 6 18am 6 20 am 6 60 am 70oam 830am 81C am G15 am 1240pm. . 820fin 4 16pm... . 513pm 527pm .... eOSpm 820pm Lv St t, U 8 708am 744am For St. Louis. ....C& A dally ...BigFour,dally. .. • ••C & \, dally Big Pour, ex-Sun .. " " Sun. only! . u C&A,dally Ar. St. L. .. 7 20 am ... 7 80 am ... 8 00 ao> ... SOU am .. 1000am ... 924am 10 21! am • ••Big FourTa'aily.'.'....'.. T40 pm Bl£ Four, Sat only 4 20 pm ELY'S CBEAM BALM laapoaltlveenre. Apply into the aostrlla. It Is quietly absorbed. 00 cent* at Druggist* or by mall; samples 10c. by mall. «LY BBOTUEHS. 68 Warren SUNow Yoik City. 0 ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 405 BBLLB STREET. Money to Lota oo Improved Property RENTS COLLECTED. % Clilulu-pu-rr — .-/.ft-is ui,. M ...... .*1r»ud. HENNYRSm PillS — ~ irlnul tun! Only deuulm Brand lu Ued *ud Uttld u«Uitfo d wtib bluo rltilmn. Take fitjuttdanatroiut^bttUv* for rartlduUri, t for l,*vll(«t" <? M O.OOOTvMl^MUU. , tMtltumiUli »ti4 HENRY J. KLUNK, |lMt»rtak*0. 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L, 741am 8 21 am 1020am U 60 am 800pm 600pm 65| pm 750pm Dally Dally ex-8un Sunday only Dallyei-faun Dally ei-Qun Arrive St, L 640am 7 Mam 856am 11 Mam 126pm 140pm 846pm 6 40 Dm Dally Dalljr ex-Suu SlOp;, Arrive Alton Q tatM. 1116 am 12 45 pm 86ipra 669pm 08C pit . t 8 40 pm ingdon street for Union Dally ex-Sun Dally ex -Bun St. L. K. & N. W. Througn tervioe. Denver and point " C, B, &. Q. (Ridgo ut. Station) *" polat 'Through sleeper and chair oar to St Paul and . W tit. Lruuti.i'toriii L.m« [St. L. 0, 4s St. P, Hy.i On and after Sept. IB, 1888, trains will leave Alton as follows : Leave Alton for orla-«BiM am. -eavo Alton. ,0:i(t »m >* w» 0 44 pm <eare Bt, Louis .50pm ForHt. Loul». Except Sunday IDally * Sat only For Alton d a? nl ' Except Bun 'Arrive Bt, L, Arrive Alton TlOfMB 8:MM, •Dally. llj»-8un. (Sun only; ! Q ^"^'^i,, Hl E fl BA8BBTT. U. >"• A. Bt, Loulf. AKtmtAltor, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Tune, Yager & Yager, Attorneys jefl Bell* Mtreet. KiVJW lllfclBIU 1-0- l,l«ns Inillim Pile Glut. m .? nt l«F«paroU Joi- Pllei and {tell' f t . lle , Pf [yftvo parts. Every bwe In H "

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