Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 25, 1900 · Page 10
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1900
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

ALTON WEESl . 25, 1900. Fiiurf ""N" S.. .Inn. '2-2.— 'Ph.- tlrst • continent \vliicli British Field Suns Are in Action Near Ladysmith. MUSKETRY KIIIIW ALSO IIEAHO. amous Author Falls a Victim to the Influenza. OMK OF HIS CKLKIIIUTKH WOUK9. KriiK<-r •'""y'^TTLTr'uu- •'•'- ''''''"" Inr tlit' I 1 " 11 '! '." s * Hale. vm-iriii-uiV ramp. Nil"' 1 - •'""• '-'•'". ., ,' iiriiiu' of "eld Kims wns lu'iin.! ^vTs-'^rrs 1-jvidi-iitl.v tti-neml \\ann' , .,,,.,.(1 the iH.iM>"»-iUiH-nt ol tli«- nou i='h!M:"^"s.s;;? ; ;£SE railroads lmvll "J sl y l11 "n!,! s ,.,. n e iiloui u''"Vtrn't"' ii"'"'li.«- soldiers mitrrli.-i I,'," 1 ,,, 1 :. 11 ,'.,,,.!;,-";-.! WMS on,- of KIT.,, ,-n thuslnsin. __ I'riMiHi MxliMiiln Illi M"<-». . , ..... '<•> —The only wnr <>l £&&£&*£$ =rir,£Ti£^^ threatening the I'oei ""> •• ioiitlon. Otherwise there In the situation. ili-ut KniKcr. .».» -Telegrams from Ul !^ro« l i 1 'i.. < .n";irih»i a* «"»«»yj f the relief column moving to- Boor*. special dispntc " A*> lit. »l «)'"''• Kntovil rlJs.udy oi Arl.T,,kl..K «rou,..l lllHt till' Illllllltloll III ""' O1<1 ' "^ , , sold when his , ,,.U H I, ' ,mm- than their orljt '" ntlmuMl to writ.- nml ' ; Severe Hattles FoiHrht S.ittml.iy awl Sniiilny. * BacHlng Jmi> -._),,h« KU*KIU Is ,, r imine.i/.... nis«i -^ >•«••';"• :«;;:. s,,;*".«-:-ss; Knue that Ids HI' 1 ' * l "' u wn * llom '' KU " U( ,,,,,,MI... "• IIN.Mnrrli-.l 1.IO-. • iiiixl-lir* niniTled 11IV XVMS strongly n,,,. M , will, n" "inisiial form ot rn 1 i Vvii" li-nnii-d UiMt Ws w !,• ""v;' 1 ;,,... M'^"-- "»• """" i "; w rr «"»• r^^:^^ ;w«»!" ir iiK ^,1i"wM:nnu1jSVo^!drU,| ; W " y °!v, U '''l,-.-n MiLMv'eli'ered -IV the V " m ' ^ imenvanf iiui-vied M Ilia I?- Sa ^£^;™x d n y T«" Boi-i-H are rrtreatlng." attnt-k. Xo „ i, tin- ue- preseut from , • . Mun Foil*. guards, to l»e press censor. Ofl l»r the Front. |JtH Il.T «»" " south Africa, • r, Mrs. C 1> Belmont, uecoui- ,. us Southampton. and assets nt $2n>. AMERICANS AMBUSHED. MI-I ThlrM*th lle({li»«nt '-""e 8 ' . • Killed. Five WoiiiHle.1. M»e «'*» >•• Washington, Jan. 22. 7 Tl,er S tun toward happening in the highl> sue im-uial obscuration. tarn made. r ..,. P1 i Morliir CniiscH B Collnpne. Battle Creek, Mich., Jnn. 22.—The ,i,rv side wall of the new Stew- JOHN RTJSKIN. -'« " t ^SSS^S A- the' wrM-knpe. hut was or. Other we narrowly escaped. nillliiK"' Itrni'i-r. Mrs . Billing .aside,-Uoodness me Mrs Spruce wltli "> • • ,|oh euces. 1 e husband to the Cape. ucamimgno n IB nnnonn^a in the following ca- blegrnm from General Otis: tween Santo" Tomas and San . __... lioardlng tl" ton. THINKS «T SKIM FKMAN M.OT. ,,,,,,l»,. Time- fr»." S«rrtit Clrnulnr. London .Ian. aa.-Undor iiiK "Hevival of Kenlan At:.- . Times gives ext.rn.-ts from a se.-ret clf- ' other dvtails of conferences men sllphtly wonndeO. lle.on.mi-nd" S«atln« of Alilrl.•!•. ISSfjSgS lilfsss and in t»«3 produced his Moueiu I'ainters." RepubliHhed the Work. goeB_ along .l',^; 11 -;,,^ 1 ', "i^'Vo' bnu John"" Did you see that handsome g Mr Bllitncs (with alacrltyi-No! W nere?Where?-London Telegraph. »T t tl I.*-" „— _ -- antl-Croiilulles. , ^JffSwJB! ,u 'nuinbers of tlie organl«itlon «r«- ....... ..>i... iii<u> s oDDoi-t line to tin pa'r'ty lines and by » volt ; ()t ' ''V,'" c ' of s\ 1 :,rrs::5^«».«i.v• r ,,rs:,='S?'£^ "» ; "'°',;',»Sis>- uuvunuiKc- ». /.r ;," , • 1,11 't'l-nimvnal. Hie nisi "...I-- --" the liansxm i, ,...,,„ ^j,,,,.!,.,,,, m i ( ler- ;land without n The ••ircnmr uieu Invites ••volun- ,,,,« for active service wherever needed." The Times ™aKl8 j thte ^B JIOEHS IIAVKToST «.4«l» MKN. out it Ot apin-ais .— \ minority report \\111 l«e - f Mr. Hobblns. 5SSS5SSSS S. ( ! 1 Sve ll o ( "aln K fo[ reWl most fiiscinatiiiK essays. " reived H|R|> H«nor». he next ten years RnsUln's pen wu, -...gnlnfly l»'ojine. andjie^e- colved high honors, it war in America ' ,,,,.„,,.-. from " H»urc«. Sl,,,« Kensbenj, Tape Colony. .Ian. ~, A m itlemnn who ha» escaped troi.i r, -si "rg n-porlK that the Dutch n, hin H who are sympathizers will. "•" , al v proceeding to tht- Orange , anticipation of tbe evac- ,,,,„ r nl , 22.'—Wiumiii ; ; S £^XJ« N"V. »- '»;• j»», ;;r,,£T»,r;. • SAVE THE BABYI" The first instinct of the mother-heart is to preserve her little one. Its life and fcealth take precedence even over her jown. The [common dread " which women who are look- -^^f^^^'n^^^^f^f^af ing forward to ssBjlsaSBSS t^S-KSSf^SS^*- BESaSSBrf n(r thirteen . ul .<la.v, when he made a «aln of ibm ; n,Ue«;..-n^Ke-dJoub P rt'« da Sunday.* General Buller yepo'^ stmitial PI-OKI^. Saturday's light- i ., *iin Hncvs contostiiiiK imv wim licaW* uin ivji i n ^ ^ "tvvf'ootuUhe ground. At the end , t i, dav the Hritish had reached a bt ,and that cominanclca the Joe. position. To reach this point they broke the Boer right. While General Warren's attack nob on, Saturday, General Lyttloton rnade areconnoissauee in force at Pojie- ter's Drift, His movement succeeded in keeping the Boers at that pointan their trenches, thus making Warren s tusk less arduous. • ' Dispatches from Mafeklng tell of aitillerv duels and a decision of the Bi-Hishi'to stick it out." The latest spatch.says that the Free State fore- are believed to have been with•awn because of a disagreement with e Transvaal officers. LoNObN, Monday, Jan. 22. -Up -to o'clock! this morning tidings re- elved in London of the results of the attle which raged all day yesterday n Buller's left flank, where General Wavren in the morning had resumed lis attempt to turn the Boers' right wing, did not show that a decisive advantage had been gained. On Saturday the whole British force was engaged in a fierce conflict with the Boers all day, which resulted . v* thrusting back the Boers from ridge after ridge. . the npht was resumed yesterclaj, and au!W>'eloek General Wavren had forced the Boers from three positions. The Lancashire and Irish brigades were then advancing. The main engagement on Saturday took place on the west of Spion Kop, and resulted in the British securing the rough table land, which is said to eonsti&tethe key to theBoerposition. The Boer right was pushed back upon the central hill, Spion Kop. The British assault was delivered against a ridge of. hills six miles long. The British forces were marshaled in three brigades under Generals Woodgate. Hart and Hildyard, General Clery directing the operations. The British moved forward and gained position after-position until the Boers'right gave way. The Hanking movement was evidently entirely suc- scessful. 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Ihe Alton, it is said, will soon extend the line from Kampsville, 111., to Quincy, on the route already surveyed, itiib extension will -run through the coal ue ld B of southeastern Macoupin county and northern Madison county, tak- in-r in a part of the territory now covered exclusively by the Wabash and the Big Four, and reaching some rich coal telds not touched by any road at the present tame. .__— Masonic School ot IliiHtrm'.tion. A Masonic School of Instruction wi llbeheldin Hast St. ^'£>™ days this week, at which Di. H- i- Burnap, of Upper Alton, will be one o he instmetoi,. Quite a number of Alton meinlK-i-Hot the order will at tend. i and Mrs. 208|8TATE STREET. Spewrt attention B |T.D to |ohbln K »«a re- Telephone No. BLUFF CITY DAl«?Y CO., Cor. of Second and Henry ste. Telephone No. 2683. CARTWRIQHT & HASTINGS. Can now be.had for a very emal WW"^ on Frances G. Hobeon, agent, Upper A , wh o has them on hand for sale. Dn^£ ar 1 Leme ^Kzhtly reooraroended as no Joseph V. E. 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