The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on August 15, 1891 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1891
Page 4
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THE WONDERFUL RED ANT. tho Wlwit of Little Creatures Hanaeo to Ili'ldsce the RI O I HMPI. Tho following romarknble story, told by nn eyu wlinew, la cnlllloil 10 a plnco iimoni' llio instunces of Intel- llirence unions the lower animals. A cook wns much nnnoyod to find hla pastry aliolves iiUartlcod by ant . Hy careful watching H was discovered tbat they ciuno out twice a day la search of food, at about 7 in the morning and 4 in Hie nftcrnoon. How were ilia plus to bo protected aguintt the Invaders? lie did not hnvo long to wait, for at l>:60 o'clock lio noticed that olT In the left-hand corner of the pantry was a line of mils slowly making their way In the direction of the pics. J'hoy loeinad like a vust army coming fortU to attu k tho onciny. In fiont was a leader, who wan larger than any of the others, nnd who nlwuy.i kopt a little uhuud of his troop. They wero of the sort known as tho medlum-si/od red ant, which is regarded as tho most intelligent of Its kind, whose scientific nunie la formica rubra. About forty nnls nut of 600 stepped out and joined tho leader. Tho general and his aids hold a council and then prqcocdod to examine tho circle of mohiHses. Certain portions of It •eeined to bo assigned to tho different ants, nnd each selected unerringly tho point in the section tinder Ills charge where tho stream of molasses was narrowest. Then tho leader mad* bis lour of inspection. The order to march was given, and tho ants all mude thoir way to • bolo In tho wall in which the plastering was looso. Here they broke rank and sot about carrying pieces of plaster t) tho plnco in winch had boon agreed upon as the narrowest. To and fro ihey wont from tho null holu to tho molasses, until, at 11 ::.0 o'clock, thoy had thrown a bridge across. They then formed tlieinselvos in line and marchod over, un l by 11:16 every ant was outing pie. MONICA. LOVE STORY OP MODERN DAYS "Arrnh, nlvcr mind what I snld, arushln," says tho younirer Mrs.Dnly, with an emphatic wink, ",-uro 'twas only to keep him In onlher a bit, I said It ntnllnt alll Hut'Us youiic he Is yet, the crathnr." " Very young. Oh, Mrs. Daly, looft at hnhy I See how she Is trying to get at my liulrl" Monica Is beginning in a delighted tune,—as though to have one's hair pulled out by tho roots is the most enchanting scnsntlon in tho world,—whim suddenly her voice dies away into silence, nnd sho herself stnres with great open violet eyes at something New Nuiuoa In Hlfctory. The Hashing of now narnos in tho world's horizon is always delightful to behold. Hero Is Kdison, who too years ago was unhoard of, whoso fame la now blu/.oned o'er tho world. Here Is hoih of liorlin, known to but few •at this time last your, now shining aloft, liore are new niimos npponr- lng from tlmo to time la litoruturo, some of Hi cm luminous. Wolcomo to all Ilia now lights! it is doliglitful to aoo lliom, and all tho moro as many of tho names that huvo shown In Other yours are passing out of sight. It is something to huvo u "name groat In mouths of wisest censuro," oven U It be there but for a tlaio. How Old the Earth Is. M. A. d'Asslor, examining tho quea- tioncm vexutum of tho earth's age, arrlvos at the conclusion that it is about half a million of yours for tho nebular and Htollsir period, and ubuut twonly-llvo millions (of which llftoon aro past) for tho j-criod of organic bo- lngs. \Vhon about Iwonty-slx million years old, our mother earth, cold and lifeless on account of tho sun's disappearance, ahull be somowlmt shaken in consequence of tho moon rushing on hor, nnd some time lntor will, In turn, rush In the sun. This affectionate meeting, if M. d'Asnior is yvell informed, will cause a momentary outbreak of heat and light, and thus the earth will have done with its troubles. At the head of all blnod-pnriflon ii Dr. Pierce'i Golden Medical Discovery. But it'i different from all of them. Whatever is claimed for this, it'i guaranteed to do. The money is refunded in every cose where it fails to benefit or cure. It's because it is different that it can bo sold to. All diseases originating from a torpid liver or impure blood yield to it. It cleanses and purifies the system, freeing it from all manner of blood- poisons, no matter from what cause they have arisen. For Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrofula, Salt-rheum, Tetter, Erysipelas, or any blood- taint or disorder, It is an uneaualed remedy. Nothing els* can take ita place, "Golden Modioal Discovery" contains no alcohol to inebriate, and no syrup or sugar to derange digestion. It's a concentrated vegetable extract; put up in large bottles; pleasant to tho taste, and equally good for adults or children; worka equally well all the year round. IF YOU no oiMH'tUci, IiiillKimtlon, Flatulanoe, Blek. lloadouliu, "all run down" or loelug flash, you will find _ toff's Pills >mt what you need, They tone up tlteweak •tumnoli mid build up the ttagg-iugenergiaft "WOMAlf. If RH D1SRASBS AJTB) THKIM THKATMKKT," * nlueble III**, book e( aeve»ti*two iiagee Mnt frM, on reoeipt el Wwata, towwewt of U>« U |UH, «to. •ildirtw, JP, o. u?xvm, ran*, v% U Waaiactm,*u!o. P^T^Ht I the eMeel oil' eBolea SOLICITORS tree. Illattroted Hand Book, J. H. 01IAM .B • CO., _ _ _ . Waahlugtoa, 0.0. oT .utlon lhl» natier WMI tlmo ion wriU, The Soap Cleans that darkens the doorway and throws a shadow upon the assembled croup within. "It Is Desmond 1 "Ah I mine in, Misthor Desmond," says Mrs. Daly, hospitably. "I'm glad 'tis company 1 have before yo the day. Maybe'twill coax yo to conic again. Whore hnvo yo been tlds week nn' more? Fulx, yo were so long In coinln', I thought 'twas angry wld mo ve were." "Nobody Is ever angry with a pretty woman lllco you," says Desmond, saucily. "Oh, now, hark to hlml" says Mrs. Duly, laughing heartily. "I wonder yo aren't tslinmed of yourself. An' is tho ould Squire hearty?" "He's as well as nven l/ou could wish him. How d'ye do, Kit? Won't you come stid speak to me?" lie has been nfruld to shake hands with Monica up to this, but now she turns suddenly toward him nnd holds out to lilin one •lender fair hand, tho other being twined round the bnby. Sho does tills niuaimrly. Ho grasps tho llttlo snowy hand with almost senile delight, and holds It for—as liunc M ho dares. During this undoflucd period ho tells himself whnt a perfect plcturo sho is, with her clear, pale, beautiful face, nnd her nut-brown hair, anil the tondor sweetness of her attitude, as she bends overtho smiling baby. Could any vaunted Madonna be half as lovely? At this moment a growing contempt for all the greatest masterpieces of the greatest masters permeates his being and renders him weak In faith. "Won't ye sit down, thin?" says Mrs. Daly. Being a woman, sho grasps the situation at a uluncu, and places a chair for him elose to Monica. "What's tho matther wld ye to-day, Mlsther Desmond, that ye haven't a word to give us?" "You outfit to know wluit I'm thinking of," says Desmond, accepting tho chair, and drawing it evon n degree closer to-Monicn. "Falx, thin, I don't," says Mrs. Daly Junior, her handsome fnco full of smiles. A love-afTalr is as good as a saint's day to an Irish peasant; nnd hero sho tells herself, with a glance at Monica, Is one rendy-iuudo to her blind. "I'm thinking what a lucky man Daly is," snys Desmond, promptly. "Oh, git along wld yo now, an' yer blarney 1" says Mrs. Daly, roaring with laugh tor; whilst even Mrs. Moloney the dismal, and the old granny In the corner, chime In merrily. And then tho visit comes to a close, and they all vise and bid Mrs. Daly and the others "good-by;" and Monica, mindful of his late affliction, bestows a soft parting word upon the subdued Paddy, And now they lire all in the open air agnlii, nnd, turning down the hnreen that leads to Moyne. It Is Desmond's way as well as theirs, so he uceoinpaulcs tho girls with out remark, "What brought you to see tho Dalys, today'. 1 " asks Monica, suddenly, without any ulterior meaning beyond the doslro of mak tug conversation; but to Kit's guilty soul tills question seems fraught with mischief. "Oh, I often go to see Daly. 1 want him > eoiuo fishing witli me to-morrow; he's the st man about here for tint, ami trudges hind one for miles without complaining." Poor Day 1" Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit to day," says Kit, blithely, glancing at him mischievously from beneath her broad hat. There was a drawback," says Hi lan, unthinkingly. "I went there full of hope, and, after all, sho nuver offered ino any of your pudding I" T.dileaul Kit's agonized glanco and Monica's questioning eyes awako Mr. Desmond to knowleih:o of what he has done. How did you henr of Kit's puddiiu asks Monica, looking keenly from Brian to Kit, and then back again. Oil I—the pudding," stammers Desmond 'There 1 don't commit yourself," says Monica, In a tone that trembles. "Oh, Kit I" Until culprits mo afraid to look at hor, Does the tivuihlo menu tears, or angor, or what? Perhaps horror at tholr duplicity, or contempt. Is she hopelessly angered? Then a suppressed sound reaches their ears, creating a fresh panic In their breasts. Is she positively c/ioWiifl with Indignation? Cautiously, anxiously, thoy glanco nt hor, mid liud, to their everlasting relief, that sho is convulsed with laughter. When next you meditate forming a brilliant plot such as this," sho says to Kit, "I think I shou'd look out a moro trustworthy accomplice If I were you." "Catch me having a secrot with him again," snys Kit, now her fears nro appeased, turning wrathfully upon Dosmnnd. I quite forgot all nboilt It, I did, Indeed," exclaims ho penitently. "Forgive mo tlds time, nnd I'll promise never to do It ngaln." And I'll promise you you sha'n't havs the chance," says Kit, with fervor. "Why wns 1 to bo deceived?'* saysMontco. I think I havo been very basely treated, If you, Kit, desired n clandestine meeting with Mr. Desmond, I don't see why 1 was to be drawn lido it. And it was astupldarrauge- ment, too; two Is company, throe trumpery. I know, it / had a lover, 1 should prefer—" "Monica 1" says Kit, Indignantly; but Monica only laughs tho more. "It is my turn now, you know," she snys. "Kit hud nothing to do with it; it wns all my fault," snys Desmond, laughing too. "It you must pour out tho vials of yourwrath nn some one, let It be on me," "Yes, give him a good scolding, Monica," snys Kit, viciously, but with a lovely smile. I am going to pick some ferns for Aunt Pen; when I return I hope I shall Und that recreant knight of yours—I mean mine— at tho point of denth I" At this sho Hits away from them, like the good little thing she Is, up a sloping bank, and so into the fields beyond, until Desmond •nd Monica are as much alone as If n whole sphere divided them from tholr kind. Dear little Kttl When her own time comes amy she be as kindly dealt with 1 > "You are angry with mo, still,—about last night," says Desmond, softly, "and, I own, with cause. Hut I was miserable when I called you a euquotto, and misery makes a man unjust I wrote to Kit this morning, —I was afraid to write to you,—and sliowas very good to ine," , "Mow good?" plucking a lent from nbrlor, as she goes slowly— veiy Blowly—dowu tlie road. "She brought me you. Do you know, Monica, I have been as unhappy as a man ean bo since last I saw you,—a whole night ami part of a day? Is it not punishment enough?'* 'Too much (or your crime," whispers she, softly, tiirnlog suddenly toward him and letting her grtut luminous eves rest with torgiveness upon his. She smiles sweetly, but with some timidity, bocnuso of tho ardor of the glance that nnswors here, Taking her hand with au impulslvo movement Impossible to restrain, Desmond. presses It rapturously to his lips. Drawing it away from hljn with shy haste, Monica walks, on Insllonoo, , "HI had written tbyou, aiul not to her. would you still Imve bcou here to-day ?» asks h* presently. f.A ? ?•: • "I think not" «,' }*Thnt Is a cruel answer, Is H notf ."Would yon have meibelle my nature*" asks, she, with qulpk, agitation; "would you Imve mo grow false, secret,- deooIUuir My aunts trust me; am I to prove myself wfi ij'. •i am wrong. Kou are something to me," she says, In a tone solowthat hecau scarcely hear it. Hut lovers' ears are sharp. "You memi that, Monica?'' "Yes," still lower. "Then why cannot I bcm';rcto you? Why am I to bo denied a ch nice of forward ng the causo In which all my hopes arc centered? Monica, say you will meet me BOIIIC- where—soon." "How can 1?"' she says, tremulously. Her voice is full of tears. She Is altogether different from the coquettish, provoking child of last night. "You forget all 1 havo just now said." "At least tell me, then," says he, sadly, "that If you could you would." There Is a pathetic ring in his tone, nnd tears rise to her eyes. Can anything be so hopeless as this love-affair of hers? "Yes, I would," she says, almost desperately. "Oh, darling—darllnf;."' says the young man with passion. Ho holds h T hands closely, nnd looks Into her troubled eyes, nnd wishes he might dare sake her into his anus nnd, pressing her to his heart, nsk her to repent her woids again. Hut. there is somi'thing in the laloi | unit y nt' her beautiful face that repels vehemence of any sort; and ns yet- although the daw n is near—hui love has not declared itself to her own soul in nil Its slrcnglh. "I have nt least one consolation," ho snys, at last, cnllliu to mind the qiiletuilo that surrounds Moyne and its Inhabitants, and the withdrawal from society that lias obtained there for many years. "As you are not allowed to sec me,—except on such rare occasions as the present when the Fates ma kind,—you ennnot at least soe n»|/ one else, -on en, that Is." "Meaning? " "Hyde." She laughs n lltt'o, nnd then colors. "Aunt Prlscilhi has asked him to come to Moyne next Friday," sho says, looking nt tho ground; "sho Is giving an At Home on that day, for him and Caplitin Cohliett. Sim says she feels It Is a duty to her queen to show some attention to her servants." In her tone, as she says this, there Is a spire of that mis hlef that is never very tar from nny prettv woman. He is to he Invited to Moyne,—to spend nn entire day with you!" says Desmond, thunderstruck by this last, piece of news. 'Oil, not only part of It, 1 'snys Monica, meeklv. It I; Just as bad. It Isdl-griiceful I Your mints arc purposely eneouraL' n: film to keep you away from me. Oh, irhj/," wretchedly, "should this unlucky quarrel have arisen between our house and yours'."' "Well, that's your fault," sa»s Monica. "Mine?'' "Your uncle's then. It Is all the same," unjustly. I really can't see Mmf," -ays Mr Desmond, very righteously aggrieved: "that is visiting the sins of tho line es upon the nephews with a vengeance! Monica, at least promise me you WOII'I be elvd to him." "I can't bo Hide to him." "You can. Why not? It will keep him from calling again. Hut I dare say you U'rint him to call again," says Desmond, angrily. At this moment, the gates of Moyne being in sight, and those of Coole long passed, Kit, suddenly appear < on the lop of a high stone wall, and calls gaylyto Dasiuond to come and help her to alight. "And now go away loo," she say; "you nro forbidden gods, you know, an I we must nut be >een lalkinr to you, under | nlu of deatli." "Good-by," snys Desmond, with alacrity, who is, hi truth, Milky, and uudesirous of further parley with his beloved. "Hood-by, MUs Her- sford." "liooil-by," says Monica, shortly. "We shnil see you again soon, no ilnuM," savs Kil, kindly. In IcT clear, sweet treble. "I think It very Improbable," returns he, raising Ids hat gravely and taking his depart lire. "Now, what hiii'c you been saying to thai wretched young mail, Monica'.'' says Kit, severely, standing still in the midilm of the road, the In tier to bring her sinter beneath the majesty of her eye. "Nothing. Nothing that any reasonable being could object to," declares Monica, wbli such an amount of vigor asstartlcsKH. "Hut of all the III-! <mp re I, bearish, detestable men I ev r ui.lin my life, he Is l/ic wnmt." Which unlooked-for explosion from the gentle Monica has the etVeel of silencing Kit for the remainder of the walk. a lily ii .entloncil 1 think of Osca: Wilde.and it hurts very much." "1 like Oscar Wilde. He Is quite nice, and very amusing," says Oiga. "1 wonder if I could make my linlrgrow," says Mr. Kelly, meditatively. "He's been very clever nhout his; but I suppose somebody taught him." "Well, 1 think long hair Is dirty," says Mrs. P.olmn, with an abstracted glance at ltonayne's llghtiy-shavcn head. 'Then, as though tired of her sweet rote and of Its object (Konaync) nnd everything, she turns capriciously aside, and, motioning away the men with her hand and a small frown, sits down at Hermin Hcrr.ek's feet and plucks idly lit the grasses near her. "So wo arc dismissed," says Kelly, shrugging Ids shoulders. Monica has disappeared long ago wllh tho devoted Hyde. "Your queen has her tcmp-.Ts, Honayne." "There nre few things so cloying as perfection," says Honayne. loyally. "I entirely agree with you,—so much so that 1 hope Providence will send mean ugly wife. She—I beg your pardon—Mis. liohiin does pretty much what she likei with you, doe-n't she?'' "Altogether what sho likes. She's been doing it for so long now that I suppose she'll go on to the end of the chapter. I hope it will lie a long one. Do you know," says the young man. with a rather sad little laugh, "it sounds of course rather a poor thing to say, but 1 really think it makes in- hup\i\i, being done what she likes with'."' "It is only to oblige a friend Hint I should seek to understand such a hopelessly Involved senten is that,'' says Mr. Kelly, wearily, " I have managed It. You're as oad a case ns ovcrl cauiencross. Honayne, and I pity you. Hut 'pon my soul, I respect you loo," with a Hash of ndndration; "there is nothing like belli; thoroughly In earnest. And so I wish you luck in your wooing," "You're a very good fellow, Kelly," says Honayne, gratefully. In the mean time, Oiga, tiring of tearing her grasses to pieces, looks up at llerinla. "How silent you are!' she says. "I thought that was what you wanted,— 'lleuee. You have been taiking nil day. Ami, besides, If I speak at all, it will bo only to condemn." "Nevertheless speak. Anything is better than this ghastly quiet: and, besides, frankly, 1 need not mind you, you know." "Yi u iitc llirting disgracefully with that Konnvuo hoy." "What harm. If be fjiabny?" "He Is not such a boy as ail Jiat conies to; and if you don't menu it, you are ovcrkiud to him.'' "lie's my baby," says Oiga, with a llttlo hiogli; "I ofieii teii him so. Why shouldl not he kind to him'.''' "Oh, if you are bent on It! 1 "1 am bent on no,lung. You do run away so with things!" "1 ililnk you might do belt r. "I'm not going to do anything," says the widow. Kiie throws off her hat, and rallies up all her pretty pale gold hair with impa- lieiit linger*. "Oil, if you ean atxurc me of that 1" "1 don't want to assure you of anything." "Sol thought. That Is why I say you inl^ht do heller." I might do worse, too." Perhaps. Hut still I cannot forget Ihcro was Wolverhampton last year. A title is t to he despised; and he was devoted to II, and would, 1 think, havo made a good iiu-.bauil." T dare say. Ho wns fool onough fornny- tiling. And I liked him, rattier; but there was soinelli'iig in him—wasn't there, now, llerinla''*—something positively enraging at times." I suppose, then, your fnncy for young Itonayiie arises from the fact Hint there is iioUiliil/ In him," says llerinla,maliciously; 'that's his charm, is It?" Mrs. lt.ilieu laughs. "I don't suppose tliero Is very much In him," she says; "that III Itself Is such a re- del'. Wolverhampton was so overpowering ihout tho e hydraulics. Ulic isn't a servant, certainly, and 1 don't think he will ever set ilie Liltey aliiv, but bu Is 'pleasant ton to It Is a perfect evening, nnd ns yet the god of day—grout Sol—riding the heavens with triumphant mirth, ns though reckless of the death that drawcth nigh. Shall he not rise ngaiu to-morrow morn in all his awful majesty, and so defy grim Mars'.' It is, indeed, one of those hours when heaven seems neniest earth, "as when warm sunshine thrills wood-glooms to gold," and "righteousness and pc; ce have kissed each othet," and Nature, tender mother, smiles, and all the forest deeps are by "a tender whisper pierc. d." Conscience forbidding her, she abstains from entering these coveted woods, and, with a sigh, seats herself upon the top of the green bank, "Monica 1" says a voice close to her, yet not close to her,—mysteriously, far up in mlil-nir, right over her bend. She starts I Is the gnat woods peopled Willi Biityrs, ouplis, or dryads'.' qJffilw^ ^ **** ^W^uwunj*' ClIAI'TOl XV. "It Is quite the loveliest old plnco In the world I" says Mrs. Holiuii, In her soft plaintive voice, speaAiii; very enthusiastically. "We ought to be more linn grateful to you, dear Mis.s lilake, for letting us see It." Miss Priscilla reddens with suppressed satisfaction, but say,— "Tut tut, my dear! It Is only a funny old-fashloucd spot, alter all," in quite uu offhand manner. It is Friday,- tlic Friday,—as tho Misses Blnko Imve been thinking of It for days, in fear and trcmbliu.', as being the date ot their lirst hospitable venture for many years. All tho Aghyohillbcg party, and the men from Clouhrce Harrneks, and some oth neighbors, aro strolling through the sweet antiquated gardens ofMoyue, hedged wllh yews fantastically cut. The roses, white and red and yellow, are nodding their head: lazily, bowing and cnurtcsylng to the pass tug breeze. The stocks and mignonette arc filling the air with perfume. Tall lilies arc smiling from dh'.iint corners, and tho little merry burn, tumbling over Its gray bowl dure through tho garden, is singing a loud and happy song, In which the birds In the trees above join heartily. The lazy hum of many Insects makes out foel even uioru perceptibly how drowsy sweet Is all thu .summer air. Mrs. liohun hns now flitted away with Monica, who lu her white gown looks the prettiest llownr of nil, In this "wildernessof sweets," with the tall. Infatuated llvdo and nanusomu young Itomiyne in LI.;'.; ;.. Mrs. Uohun, who Is In one of her most mis clllovous moods to-day, has taltun It Into her head to snub Lord liossinoyno nnd bo all thnt Is of tho swuotcst to Ullo Roiinyno, n proceeding hor cousin, Mrs. Uorilek, regards with dismay. , Not so, howevor, doos Bella Fitzgerald regard It, She, tall, nnd with a w.mid-ho stately air, walks through the grounds nt Lord Itossmoyne's sldo, to whom sho has atlnchod herself, and who,/ante </e mleia, makes ltlniaelf ns ngrocnblo ns ho can P her, considering how hu Is inwardly raiiln. at what ho Is pleased to term Olga's disgraceful behavior. Miss Priscilla lias now boon s.dzed upoi by Madame O'Connor nnd oiu-rlcd olf for private confnb. "And you really must let her eomo to us for a week, my dear," says Madame O'Connor, In her fine rich broguo, "Yes, now, really I want her. It will bo quite n favor, I can't withstand a pretty fnco, as you well know;'tis a weakness of mine, my dear, and she Is really a peailr Oiga liuliun Is talking of getting up tableaux or some such nonsouse, ami she wants your pretty child to help us." "I should like hor to go to you. It Is vory kind of you," says Miss Prlsellla, but with unmistakable liesllniion, "Now, What Is It? ().,t with It, IVIsulllul" says Madame O'Connor, bluntly. Miss Prlscllln struggles with herself for yot another minute, nptl. tlion says quickly,— "That young man Desmond,—will tu> be staying In your house?'' "jNotit yuu'OUjoott my dear," says Mrs. O'Connor, kindly; "though Ida tlilnk.ltis a pity tu thwart that affair. Mo Is a nice and ns pleasant n young fellow as ( know, and would make a jewel of a husband; nnd money—Bny whnt you-like, my dour PrlB- cilia—is allwnys something. It ranks Ugh- er than revenue." '• a "There, is no revenge. It Is only a Just resentment." "Well, I'll call it by any nnmo you lllco, my dear, but rinitst say-r—" "I must beg, Gertrude, yon will not dismiss this unhappy subject," snys Miss Vrlsolllu, With seme agitation. "Well, I'won't, tlion. There let It Ho," Madame i O'Connor, goadmumoredly. To lie continued. O QEOROEI He Conlil Conic Mighty fionr to Telling n Llo* All the Snilic. It is painful to find that tho father of his country prnclicod deceit down in Jersey, snys the Boston Advertisor, Ellas Boudinot, whoso papers nro Rotting printed, reveals Oils sido of Washington's charctoi'. Ho actually plnyod a trick on Sir William Howo, und mndo him beliovo ho had 12,000 mon in his army about Morrislown when ho had but 3,000. It scorns that Howo had Bent ono of his Innumerable spies, who wero tonos in Now York and patriots in Philadelphia, to soo what wns going on about Morristown. Tho udjutnnl-gonoral found out the roguo nnd asked Gen. Washington if ho would havo him arrested. No. said tho crufly Virginian—and horo I quota from Boudinot—"but ordered him to go homo and immcdintely to draw returns from every brigndior in tho army of tho number of their brigades, milking tho army to oonsist of about 12,000 effective mon, otc.—to place those in the pigeon-holes on his desk, and then to got introduced to tho spy nnd invito him to lodgo with him. —To endeavor to got hlra to sup with him alone. About 9 o'clock in tho ovoning huvo an orderly sorgeunt to call on him with positive orders that tho adjutant should attend tho general In haste.—That then ho should make an oxouso to tho (iont. suspected ns a Spy und leave liim ulono about half an hour.—This was done, nnd in this Interval, ns was suspoctod, tho Spy took a copy of the returns, tho noxt morning wont ofT with thoiu to Now York. — This convinced Gen. Howo that wo wore too strong to bo attacked, and saved us thro' tho wintor." Prof. Hosmor, who has writton BO well about Sir Henry Vunco and Sam- uol Adams, thinks that Adams and Franklin did not behavo qnito right in the matter of Gov. Hutchinson's letr tore, which put Massachusetts in tho hands of t'.io patriots. But horo la George Wushii'glon, who "could not toll a lio," making hia brigadiers nil toll ono. HIOHEST MILITARY RANK. Title or Orncral of the Kxplrcil With 51ierninn. The rank of General of the Army which expflftid when the late Gcnoi-u hhermnu reached tho limit of uctiv. Bervleo established by Congress, n tho ago of sixty-two, is not likoly to be revived again unless the needs o wnr should once moro bring huge armies alield. This rank was created by Congress for General crant, who was commissioned General of tho I'niled Mate Army on July 2.">, iMiifi. In March i> 18U4 Congress hud revived tho old an honorablo grrido of LiouUiniint -Gi -n- ertil In the Army, especially thai i; might bo conferred upon Grant. As soon as I resident Lincoln I in allixed his sigiuitnro to tho bill nominated • cneiiil Grunt for tho po•< and tho Sumito ul onco continued tie noinimilion. \\ hen General Grant received lie honor of the highest rank, en-aiei for him by < ongress. General M M- man succeeded to tho l.iuiilenanl -l •en. eialship, und so beeiuiio General uln -n Grunt vns oleelod to tho l'ros'uioncy. bhuridan succeeded to tho l.ioulen ant-Gonarnlship. and was made Gen erul on his deutlihod only. Congees, then stopped tho promotion and provided that thcM) high places should not be Idled nflor their incumbents had passed mviiy or had boon rot. re J On account of ago. Whou Washington was called to take command of the. colonios In rebellion against Kugland ho was riven tbo tit I a of Co uiimndoi'-iii-l liio[ whi".h implioi tho titlo of Major-Goo erul. But no such rank in General or tho Army—at least, ns It is iindor stood in these lulor days—appears to huvo existed. On being called from his retirement in 17.-H by Congress to take control of tho Army of the I nil.ed States because war with Franco was threatened, he was given tho commission of l.ioutcn ini-Gonoral, with chief command of tlio forces. in weight for Ihe corn eaten resulted from | .riving about half feed of corn to pigs rim- lint, on grass, when fir 4. X] pounds of orn "ulen, 1 pound of flesh was gained. Pigs given full teed ot com with grass /.lined 1 pound in weight, far 4.f!"i pound? if corn eiiicn; whilr '.h .vo on corn only ^,ii),ed but 1 pound too •'- p>nnd«of corn ted. ltwiisii'so tlial I ho most gain for Hie food given was made in the ."iirlv parts of the (rials, I hose fed corn miy showirg the bad < ITiels of it towards the last both in physical appearand and in slow gain. In feeding soaked and dry corn I here was no perceptible difference in gain per pound of corn fed, lad those given -nuked corn ate more and thus gained 'aster. Pigs ro!lowiu„' com fed cattle gained more Minn two-third* as much as tho.-e that were corn fed and when afterward given com, made more rapid erowth than tlio-e which had not folio vod tli" cattle. Experiments in feedingapple were ii .it s iti-lnlory. 'I'lmmjli tin p nu ic • kept well, and had a good cliei.iiral Coin- position for feeling the pii;.- enn-iinwil very Hit !•• of it. An Im-iitrnl In llmi-t-KfepinK The Young lln-huml (Ihotighttnlh)--• "If 1 inn going to keep Hns garden in nny >or! ol rendition I must pet --onie liose." Tin.' Young Wife 'brightly wiih u view to economy; — •()!>, don't eo to that i-x- pen.-e Henry. I have nn old pair np-tair- tlnd von can hive." I-M H I I IM H-I I lK .I.I. Drespei", (tents's (lot liimr, rentliei-s. Olov-, etc., Uleil or I 'leuiieil. I 'i'isll (iarmcnt- Steamed at Olio I'ieleli'rt |)_VB Works, ul.; W. Wiiter Kl., .Milwaukee. Send for (,'lreu lur. Wntuiuinknr hnft appointed a ccnimir-sion to visit the priiielpu! piHtollices of thu country and report upon their needs. The celebrated Dr. Powell, formerly of'ro--.-, has permanently located in Ht. Paid, .Minn. Mrs. Sarah M. Black of Seneca, Mo., during the past two years has been affected with Neuralgia of the Head, Stomach and Womb, and writes: "My food did not seem to strengthen me at all and my appe« tite was very variable. My fact was yellow, my head dull, and I had such pnins in my left side. In the morning when I got up I would have a flow of mucus in the mouth, and a bad, bitter taste. Sometimes my breath became short, and 1 had such queer, tumbling, palpitating sensations around the heart. I ached all day under the shoulder blades, in the left side, and down the back of my limbs. It seemed to be worse in the WL-t, cold weather of Winter and Spring; and whenever the spells came on, my feet and hands would turn cold, and I could get no sleep at all. I tried everywhere, and got no relief before using August Flower 'l'heti the change came. It has done me a wonderful deal of good during the time I have taken it and is working a complete cute." 9 G. G. GKJXW Sole Vaii 'fr .V /oonlmry .NJ. The Central bank, of Kansas City, Kan., nnd the Men hunts' Nutlunnl bank, of Tort Worth, Tex., failed on Monday. Heniy withdrawals of deposits canned the diiul«rs. $£nd teii me, now, it I oovne over to Yeteh Monlcstou-^WQiitltty, will sho He ready for •Steffi 1 ' - •'' ' ^PiKsV^i-Vi:^^ nhout It And If. JW^i^ of a liiuk on.' Now, mind you, I don't believe 1 care a phi about Ulic Itonayiie,—ho is \o!:ir„' r than I am, for one thing,—but still 1 don't care to hear him abused." I inn not iihii-ing him," says llerinla. "It was you said he was no servant, sad wouid he unlikely to set tho Llffey afire." Per which we should be devoutly grateful;" says Oiga, frivolously. "Consider, If he con'il, what tho consequences would he. both to life and property. Poor young man I 1 really lliluk Government ought to give ' r. v.e',;s',.'.r. because ho emi'f." "And what about all the other young m -tiV 1 ' asked Ilermia. And then she yawns. II, re .Monica—who has been absent wl;h Mr. Hyde for tho best part of an hour—comes in to them, nnd presently Terence, with thu I-'iti^'oralds, und Miss Priscilla and herd Wosstuoyiie. "I heard a story yosterday I want to tell you," says Tercnco, gayly, singling out Miss l'lt/gera d and Olgn, and sinking upon tho 'truss at tho former's feet. He Is such a handsome merry boy that ho is a favorite witii all the women. Miss Priscilla stands near him; the others are all conversing together about the coming plays at Agliyo- lilllheg, "It is about the curate," says Terence, gleefully. "You know, he Is awful spoons mi the ugliest French girl, and the otheriiay he wanted to run up to Dublin to get her a ring, or something, but " "Now, Terence, dear, surely that is not the. way to pronounce tliatword," says Miss Priscilla, anxiously; 'Such a vulgar pro­ nunciation—'bii-ut.' How you drawled itl How ugiy It sounds—'bu-iitl' Now put your lips toge.her like mine, so, and say 'but' shurtly. Now begin your story again, nnd tell it nicely." Tercnco begins again,— very good-humor cdly, thinks Oiga,—and has almost reached the point, when Miss Priscilla breaks hi again: "Now, not so fast, my dear Terence. I really cannot follow you at all. 1 don't even understand what you are at. Gently, my dear lmv. Now begin IC nil over again, and be more explie't. But Ihe Inn is all out of Terence by this time, though Oiga is so convulsed with lauglde.- that It have been tbo best story on record, which soiuowliatnstonlslies though It consoles Terence, ns when his funny Incident Is related In a carefully modulated voice, and with a painful precision, it strikes oven lilin as being hopelessly unluteri sling. However, Mrs. Boliun certainly enjoys It,—or something else, perhaps; fortunately, it never occurs to Terry to ponder on the "something else," "llermla, Oiga, eoinu now, my dears. You can't stay hero for ever, you know," cries Madame O'Connor's loud but elioory voice. "It Is nearly seven. Conto, I tell you, or the Misses Blake, our good friends hero, will think wo moan to take up our residence at Moyne for good." "Oh, now. Gcrtrudol" savs Miss Priscilla. much shocked. But Madame O'Connor only lnughs heartily, nnd gives her a little smart blow on the shoulder with her fan, Oiga laughs too, gayly, au I llnrmln lets her lips rai't with one of her rare but perfect smiles. If sho llkos any ono besides Oiga and hor children, It Is bluff and blunt old Gertrude O'Connor, One by ono thoy all walk away, luid presently Moyne Is lying hi tho dying sunshlno, In nil Its quietude, with nover a sound to disturb the calm of coming evo but the light rustling pt the rising breeze among tho ivy- lcavestlmt are: clambering up Its ancient walls, -. ' • t • • i Kit and Terry are In-dqors; laughing mor- rlly'over the day, and congratulating themselves upon the success it has certainly been. 1 "Yes, I do tlilnk, Ponolopo, they all en- Joyod themselves," says Miss Prlsellla, In high gleej "and. your olurct-oup, my dear, was superb." But Modioli lias stolen away from thorn all, The- strange restlessness thnt lias lain upon her all day is assorting Itself with cruel vigor, and drives her forth Into tbe shadows ot the coming night. All day long she has struggled -bravely against It; but, now thnt the eutoiood aeootislty for loveliness is (it an end, she grows dreamy, dish-ait*, and- 'feels an Intense longing ftir solltmleand, alt . , ii Again she walkthrough the now deserted Two rrotty V.ngllali Words. "Thoro aro somo quoor things about words whon you eomo to know thorn Intimately," suid Dr. Cones, stroking his long, light beiinl rolloelivoly. "Now, ono would naturally conclude that words of lit loon or twonty syllublos, such as basiokorutocliondroglossns, tho numo of a musolo at the root of tho tongue, nnd dncryocystosyringotomy, tho name of a surgical operation on the tour duct of the oyo, would bo most dllllcult for tho lexicographer to manage Nothing could bo further from tho fact. Tho most dililoult words we have to doliuo aro tho so of two und threo loltora. Tho truth is, like somo pooplo, thoy tiro so Bimplo that there is nothing by which you ean describe thorn." Skinner Was a Lucky 1TI in. Brown. "Woll, I must sny Skinnor Is tho luckiest mortal I over know. You know bo's boon tho boss promotor of tho Shungiillion Invostmont company of Alatoxns? Woll, sir, tho concern wont all to pioco.s yostorday, und Ihe stock, which bus been soiling at par, isn't worth tho pupor it's writton on! No, sir; and if you'll boliovo it, Skinnor sold out his lust shnro tho day before the collapse! If that isn't luck, I'd like to know what you call it?" Fogg. "Yes, that's luck; tho kind of luck that fills our prisons." I •lilltor* , l-Irrors. Mr. Wulloi- ISosant uttors a comical wail of cxeciutUKi unont the dlubloriui of tho printers' devil; "A most ox- Uflpcraliug error crept into iho lust number ol tho Author. The writer wus tuudo to Bay that Mr. Andrew Lung hud 'collected l.ungisins.' , !i This stood for 'edited I.onginus.' " And again "In n corlnin printed book for which I urn half ruspou^iblo ono of tho characters was roprusontod bv tho authors ns walking along tho street while meditating u great i-o- vengo, nnd 'smiling nil tbo Way.' Tho liuud of a p.-inter chunged it to •smoking ah thu way'l And this passed without being seen. In Iho same booic ruforenuo was matlo to Borrows ns ovanescent as childhood's euriice. in tho first edition this appeared us carueho, simply by a mistake of tho lirst letter. Tho error passed unoosorvod. iu tho cheap edition llio printer hail, 1 suppose. ;i tinetiiro of foreign languages, und thought the word should bo ill italics. It now hUinds euruelio and looks almost French." A Hie II iTIuilicr to Kittens. Daniel l'ursotis, who resides on tho old ;-iileto (Mass. ; road, has a curi osily in tho .--hapo of a hen which has adopted a littor of killoiis. Tho kittens hnvo but ,nst reached tho open oyed period and will follow tho lien around tho yard. sho diligently serulchliig meanwhile for tbo festive worm or bug. as the caso may bo, which sho lenders thorn as food as sho would her chickens. When tho kittens begin to cry tho lion will tuelc tliein under hor wings, where thoy rest porfeclly contented. Not being endowed by nuturo with tho m'an- of feeding hor ohargc. it has boon f- 'd necessary to capture the lion aiui lie hor up wliilo tho mother cat uttuiids to hoe duties in this lino. At other times sho lias full sway, being valiant even to blows in the protection of tho children of her adoption. Edward T UM- I I ot Cardinal Tusebercuu, died recently. Kndurniico of Chinese Coolies. Tho poworof ondurnneo of tho Chin- eso cooly is marvelous. A missionary from China tolls of an instance that cnnio nntlor his own observation of men voluntarily traveling forty-six miles before breakfast, boaring a heavy load most of tho timo. In another case ho mot with somo men who, after having gone twonty-sovon hours without food, and having curried a hoavy burden in tho menutimo, yot had still strength enough loft to carry a man fifteen miles (arthor. A Genuine Ill;; Bug. The biggest Insect of its kind In tho world Is tho Hercules boo'.lo of South America which grows to bo six inchos In length. It is said, whother truthfully or not, that groat numbers of these creatures aro uomolimes seen on the mammam tree, rasping tho rind from the Blonder bronchos by working around_ thorn with their horns until they cause "tho juice to flow. This juice they drink to intoxication, and thus fall sensoleBS to the ground. guTtlon, where -the -flowers est,'' are. drooping thelt •no-Bo over (hi jnwAi IntJ "earth's lovell- tte'mm mi mm Uir«CouleojulM,eiiu higli green bunk; that In A bsent-irainilod Miilue Women. An absent-minded woman in this town stnrtod down street tho other day and foil flat. In rocovoring herself she got turnod around and started bttok homo. Sho Is n cousin to a woman who started to propnre tho ovoning inoivl recently, whon she 'snoenod, and upon recovering thought she was "doing up", the supper dishes. Sho put everything away nicely and sat down for a quiet evening. ; . Ilondea Her Off. The l'ltteburg Diepatoh saysi "A Nevada girl hassuoh monstrously big feet that she was sootirod for a dime museum oireult, intended to advertise that she was from Ohioogo. This coming to the notice of several Chicago heiresses, thoy formed a syndicate and paid hor $1,000 tp announce St Loujs as her base' of supplies." He Had Oneuod Right. Marie: "Father ^wanted to know this morning wbq*yn,e of business you were in," George? eljte knew wjjM enough that I was a railroad man,"- Marlei "What makes you'think ho knew?" George; "Didn't be come down the other night and M)C me U7 knew how to make tvaQ^sPV., A -.litv llttinmiir. It has only been in rocent export' enco that a forgo could bo built and operated in this country equal to tho manufacture of tho heaviest kind of inuuhiuory. A Cleveland iron com puny is equal to this tusk, and It is stud to be, oulsido of tho Krupp man ufaolory in (iurmnny, tho lurgost ol its kind in the world. It has u trip hammer with tho gentlo numo of Torn Coe. It can strike u blow uqituliug !i, (JUO tons, and has a capacity ol forging n piece ol iron weighing ISO tons. Tho bed on which this ham met 1 rosts consists of BOlid masonry and is inbedded sixty-live foot in tho ground, Tho rook on which it makes Its gentle taps woiyhs just 100 tons It is handled by machinery and ear. bo moved and regulated with perfect euse. AltlZONA KATUKAI J UltlDHK. llommlli tlie llrlilifit ni'« NiiinnrciuH ('live; llluiiy ofl'lioui N«vur tlavln-^ lletiit plm-tid Natural bridge of Pino Creek, in tin northern part ol Galia county, is the geatest curiosities in the United Statu- equaling if not surpassing, the Natural bridge oi Virginia. It spans the creek the height of 200 teet, mid tho walls of tin canyon rise above it on either bido 700 or 800 feet and on one side from a perpen dicular precipice. The bridge is of lime formal ion, am tho inside of the grout urch, which is some 250 feet ueross is worn by tho wntoi as Kiuooih as though chiseled by the skil ful hand of a B I OHO ui.ison. The urch on top, is nearly, if not quite, 400 feet width, 1.000 fjet in length across tho canyon, and tit tho thineot part only six foel through, about tho conter of tho nrcli IH u holo large enough to admit the body of a mun, and through which one can look down into tho crystal pool of water 200 feet below. The diko which forms the bridge extends in sweeping curve up the right Bide of the BtreAm, and, together with the bridge proper, affords a Burfuoe area, of ubout 100 acres of fertile land which has been converted into a fine farm. A spring issues from the right Bido of the canyon at ii height to admit the witter being easily conducted to any portion of the form, and the volume is great enough to fill a ditch fQur feet wide and two feet deep; and to irrigate thucn inore land thuh is avuliuble for cultivation^ • The climate nt the bridge is exceedingly equable, being warm in the summer und much milder m tho winter than that of the surrounding country, and to this fact it uscribed tho wonderful variety of vegetable growth,'numbering s me 250 pedes of.trees,- shrubs. , vines., and plant*.' The vicinity abounds,,in numerous,fossils and shells, and • where; ropisfcwe .-, percolates through the : calcareous rook beautiful stolootites are' formed. To^erueath the bridge a^numerous.paves.spme of which h4Vflneve»ibeeo,eipl4re4.jjjijd which are .SfcqW InnAAw _Ufl*». -ft* •uiwtfli Ml us ''A LL la not gold that R 1 Uteri," but iiu bri^htiiceft which illumines Any home or kllt'lien cleant.'d with SAl'OLlO L» worth more than gold. Try a cake. reau, of Quehcr, nephew New York E. B. WALTHALL Horse Cuve, Ky., any: urea every one that Drii '^UtM, 75e. ^ CO., nni^lsts, 'IluH'b Culunii Cure Uikea It." tiuld by Vresidciit Hurrlflou hns commuted the ulli penalty in tlie euse of Kilwanl licklcii, of Kuiisus, to imprisonment fur life. The Lydla R. Pinklmru Medicine Co., Lynn, Maan., nre giving uvwiy a ti<';tulilii! illuMrntl- cd book, "Guide to Health mid Kliuuelle." Ladles should tsend their address und slump for copy. On Monday Secretary Oarrurd, of the Illinois Uourd uf Ai;t iculluic, M'II I uan iiiil.^ t»l" $100 each to eighty.three counties, on m • couut of fairs held iu lb 'JO. Well preserved women, when consult in; .their mirrur, wee lie.-ide their suli^ll'd ii- linn the culm rind curmM l .ici- ut Lsdl; K. I'iukhiiui. Thev can tell vmi wliv. Indian Connuiw'hi! thill Opel :i I toll > ii i; (-'hiekii.-iiv. millnii in ei* Mi-r^im has urderetl l.-i th" iuii i.di-rs in lii. .li'-'-uiiMiiiit a. Rest, eafiiest to nse and eheajwaL PMao** Remedy fur Caturrh, Hy druKVr'*tA* SOc Kenreaentutive Itoutelle, of Maine, haa askna tJeereturv Koster to aeud a reTcnue cutter to New l^niilnnd to protect American ftahermeu from lJomiulou TC.IBC I I. WITH.—AM Fit* H L OI>|I *«1 tru* hy I)B. Kl.lHv'l O BB Vf KKHTE ItKflTUKCH. So KlU nfier nr«l drty'• ami. Mar- v«lloa» cures. TiAiittp« erul f3 IX) irlitl ljuttl« frtM i« I 'll OM«I. H P inl t.. l>r. Uliue, Wl Arob Mk, Cblneae thentrienU In Nev proved a failure, a hall has been number of wculthj ccleatiala riloual story-teller* will be heard. Tli* Only One Kv«-r l *rlut *<l -Cnn You Klad tl^o Wortlf Kaeh weok a dlll'orent tliroe-tnch tllsulay bt puhliatii'd In this ptiper. There me no two wortjrt u I lice In cither nd., except One word. This word will be found hi in* ad. for Dr. Httrt«Va Iron Tonte, Little l.\wr Pllla and Wtid Cherry llhiera. X^.ok ft>r KOe ^ctMit" tr-idv-mark. Kead i)t« ad. carofully, and when you find th* word .-.end It to thorn and they will return you tt hook, beautiful lltho/riipks nnd unit. pie frua **Rynifi!iiU*r," .-iinl tiif Inidin.r Qm-ker to his HDJI, *'in nmkin^ lliy w.ij in th' .vorhl, ii sp 'onful ol oil will #0 furtijci limn u ("I'lurl n*' viiiPiyrtr." -brik.l'bll*., p York having 1 f »n rented by a | j where prufea- I-' My Liver H H for a ysar oaoMd ma a great dual of trovbU, Hud MrsuwM In th* baok, llttls sppaitto, a bitUr tiuU In th» mouth and a fc«u«ral bad fuillBy all over, that I oould not loonU. H UT * b ««Q taklag Hood 's Sarsaparllta lor thu pfttt tk.raa mouths with great banaflt, 1 t—l batter, tha Bad Taste in tho Mouth Ugoue and my geaaral health U again quit* good. No longer foel tkoee tired ipella ooiae orar ma aa X formerly did. Hood's Sarsaparilla In certainly a mout exaellont medio Ine." lima. X, B. O HABK , Kail Itlvur, M IIKH. N. ii. B* euro to gbi llood'e Sariaparllla. ENJOYS Both tho mHliod and results when flyrup of Figs is tal:en; it, is pleasant wd rof'rcohiiig to tbo tasto, nml acu twitly yet promptly on tho Kiil'ioys, LlTer and Howela, cluuiipt-g the »)> l »2j effectunlly, disp<>ls oldrj, head- to'up.i and lever? and CIIVCB hnliilual ^OQstlpation. 8yrui> of Figs ia th« mly remedy of ita kind over produced, plensing to tho tasto and ao- reptaolf. to the stomaoh, prompt In It* action and truly beneficial in it» offecU, pretiarnrl only from tha most Malfhy and uyrconhlo Biilwtiinccn, Ut raany excellent quiililicjt commend it to all nnd ii»ve iriodo it tho moat poiiul&r rerf.eiiv Ino-.rn. Byrnp of V\\\A U for rsala in BOo «ud $1 b"ttlp.» oy all !e:wlinp drugi pr'.a. Any reluihlo druggiHt who •Ti»y not h»vn it on hnnd will pro- ou':* it promntly {nt any cno who (rb!;i>j to try it. Do not accept any isataiitutt. CAUFURMJA FIG SYRUP CO. «a» nuNOisoo, ciu u-noatu. rr. tfv rasx. ».». 3 LE^E M'i WIFE " TO USE "unnuco it Iinprovos Mor Looks a rid la as F-'rjucrant us Vlolots. HOUD lilTOXlYWHaiUBl. A AAKI , ^lnKl \a '.iiit >uil n 'lMl, nd i. in IKJ-'Al.LI- 111.11 ' UllK (or riLIJt. l*rn -A. f 1; .! dru?cUu ut bv malt. Ha MII I HH fr... Adilm-l "ANAKKSIM," 3 JI uio, Msw lotut Urn. -R00T r BEEK G REAT n EALTK D'll^ii")', »)j ;irk!itit; un I UJ-JH iumg II ill-,il T-. \ l-Lintllul l'i lunr nii-l rttMiM'iit ft««t» •\-n linj Un Ir »4lrn« u> Tint C. II. HlltUh UU.. 1'iiiUd 'a ii evwrywliuro, AiirniHt 5, R DMt )hed l »0 (Nut— out. nrand new, 0 I'tiurad un Kile IKil. Ailviineo ordfra tiuliH Itanlf.. l'l«ai*«B Puptt, , - Tommy u-tna it, Kittle turn do IL t'tSi) wnrth uf (in I'M fun lor A KCMIM wantortmoll buinli'cdrt iluiiy. Mnlk'tt '.luaipitid on rocuipt of prlte. riHKtr.-nt 'MiKi.i- Ml.. Jlfrrt.f, - J KI (lliOBI)' M', HI Mi" aurttyraii, «F.I?)fci?J beeu in WOgmi RW mm 4i lio tVlihout Bread. DjlJlo»'lIlBllD*to»,*, Ml"h., I N OT. 7. IBD J . f Tb« IU T. J. Koiibtnl, ot iljor. plao«, vtlUi: I bav. Baflfred ft groat deft), and wbea.ter I now f.el a n.rTouB aitac* coiuliig 1 lak. a doiio »I Pallor lioontt'. Norv. Tonla and leal r«- Urtad, I think • er«ut dual o! It, and would tatbar ba wltbout bread Uoaa without lh< loulo. Tired ot U T I DK. F OUND, Wla., 1800, Tw* 7*»ri ago last Fabrn&xy I ooinmonoad baring eiill.pLlo attaoki, aud oould sol a hilunt* wlthuut. harlng my limbs Jork. 1 waa almoRt tired of llvlut;, wbnn I board of l'aator Eoaulij'i Norvo Tonlo, aud thank the Lord 1 got wall allor using Duly one boltl.; aud I will novor forgot in at j viavuu mint tliii medloina did lor me. WltiS MAX WKTIOK. TalaabU ljoo* mn Korrona wiuea taut free to any addrnw, nuor paUoDU can alnu obum mtxllclna rreo of olmrge. . raparod bjr the lleniraad of fort .*^' l JJJ( 1 ' 11 "'.' , -'-''' 1 - oa 13 '* * u Tills igmedr bu KOENIO MED. 00.. Ohlosgo, III. 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