Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 7, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1898
Page 2
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, eo«ttipa too, «** WM (kfciirtiUd .n s d» no* n"P me and I began taking »»• Nenrfae. Now, I am MILES' Restorative Nervine McKwutv thanked tbe wbiks to very "wpported by Democrat*, eaM, Poj«B«ti, ProbflwUonteto all otb*r.,d«ria* tbe war M4 f «d4«dUie Preridenf notcll daMM b« and why can wttb me in topport- Of. Mftn Bookseller. 43 Van Bares St., Chicago, Iff. tag tbe poUete. in aettiing tbe towe* of UiawarT" Tbte U a pertinent qae«- Umt. To do otherwise wonld seem ttuprtrlotic. If President McKinley od received tbe rapport of j dnringthe war, he need* BOW ereo more Uian doring tbe wa-, tbeir Mwort to settling tbe trying and vexAttau tasoee thai have come from lie war. Tbe only «*r tbta '"PP 0 " eon b* obtained is to voU» for men f r Congress and th* legislature wbo will support the Prealdent In Congress and In tbe LegUUtore by their vouw. V* OKT rTbe something of a reflection open Admiral Dewey to pay ^100,000.000 for what tbe Ao- tuatut Sttt, HqftA PrtHMtiM*. tfe*UWr*J C(M«to». EtffllM* 0< Un*. Stint. Ukcnl W»rki, Hunt Library Edition : Wen VAtteA oo fowl ptpeir; «>m«Jy boaMlnoloth; 11 mo: gM top. 4*c , Or Alkoran of Xabomet. "Th« Bible of slw But." ... < (Benan.) muiy r«Jua»>le nin«r«tlonip. 4<» croirn 8 ro, ckrtb,' gilt fcn>- Lincoln, Hit Lite and Tlmei: TogtUttr wlti tiU SUta p«p*ra, Iticlud ioir h)» «pe»ob«, tdtinouit, raeww««, UiUr and procUraHloo. By Henrjr it Bcrmond' J TOtam**; cloUJiSTo, (a* box, Bf rnnJl ............ ........ »M° Wlllltrd. Life of : A memorial ro!ome . Br Aon* A . Oor- don. «ro( too,lor 21 retn bar prlvat* BuoreUir: "-"»» cloth' BrtuO *'.« SHEET MUSIC. Popular Mole, per copy, by mull All tbe Ut«t BoDf • and Mu*lo, by null Catalogue on Application. MASTER'S SALE. *t*taO( UllooW, City of Alton, 08, CHr Court of Alton, September term, A. Uaaosi II, BoaU TI. Mlobael 0. UtrUolt, ~ ' i Birttett, Ada Arnleln, Tbotnu Flatob- o» FMober, Caroline Fletcher, K*t* E. «•, WJIllsra F. Plotcbrr, Mar/H. Fttofc- [fto BlKgf. Mtmlo Ballon and CharlM „.,. Bill to forsolow mortuag*. &U0 ootlo« U h«reby elren, that, In pur»u- or * decree made»ndentered by *ald court abor* entitled cau«e on the Z4tn day of •r, 4. D,, JW8, t, Lori D. Yaaer, muter uuserjr of laid City Court of Alton, will on WEDNESDAY, TUB SIXTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A, D., WUH, M tb* hour of 10 o'clock In tho forenoon, »i the "I front door of the City 1 1 ill ike (Udlion wid HUM of o< Alton,;wuoty of ' i-Wll at public «uctlon, to „ it bidder, tor oa*b, all and mocultr, the if dtMorlbed eremite* and real e*t«to In _jtw mentioned, tltuated In the city of .loounty or Maditon and Hitto of tlllnoto, erso nn<£ thereof ae «b«ll bo nufflolenl to *at- MfrMlddocree, to-wlti £M* nomlMred wren (7) snd eight W, In MM* oonber flfiy-«U (M), In Godfrey and Oil- nun 7 * addition, to Alton inltuttod la uld city otAltaa, county of Madlionaod BUioof luf- IJpon oomplUnca with all the term* of e*to and upon the approral of *uch Hale by the court, eMrtUoats orpurohue will be glren the pur- *•—-r entitling Urn to a deed from tbe Muter moery of aald court st tbe expiration of month*, provided redemption bo not ' w that time. MMt*r la Cbanoery of tn* City Court of Alton, BUooli. HTI DAVUI, Comp'U Solleltor. A die of Kidney Disease Given Up by > ' Four Doctors, , Beaver Dam, O.—My daughter, •»• t*r being treated ay lour doctors and ' tjr»n op for lost, a neighbor recom- Odea Poley's Kidney Oare. To' ibe Is able to walk several miles atlgue. 1 feel.we would bare t ber'lf it was not for your medl- i. Respectfully, Mrs, J. M. Bailey. | by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Ideal Treatment for Khsumatiam. <?;'' Tb« "Mystic Core" tor RbeumaUam V9» at once tbe rbeamatio poison and tbe disease im- jpmn. Whilst the jfe Eenewor" bulids up tbe _ nervous system, improves stion and restore* tbe genera) |t la tbe greatest cure for all dloeasesaod weaknesses M tbe most powerful nerve irn. It to fold by H. W. B. drnggl»t, Alton. placed on Uncle »«m'» breakfaet- titole Jaet May-day? -«- /x>«(* KrpuJj- lie, Would it oot be much more o» "a reflection on Admiral Dewey" If tbe fl*Y/uMi.:'« p»rty policy were carried oat, that of baaling down tbe fUg and aaOIng away from Manila,—lo wbo»e bay took place one of the brightest and meet glorion* vlctorieii ever won by tbe American navy. Bailey of Te»w, will be ipeeker of tbe next HooM of B«pre»entatlveii, if tbe Kt- publiJt party la eticc««efpl, and B*ll«y la oatepokenly In favor' of Sowering tbe flag at Manila, and ordering Admiral Dewey and bi« gallant »tamen to eneak back borne a* if they bad been caught atealiog. Will Ameri- caaa dUbonor the flig7 Will Ameri- oan» dUbonor Oewey and bU great May-day victory? If they do not want to, they cannot vote for Bailey'* satellite in thin dUtrict, Tom Jett. He It u bumbly obedient to Bailey's nod at Mr. Bailey could wl»h : UK* ari M7awTy". In aa address in Ma««acba«ett« B»o- reUry of tbe N»vy Long naid, re oently: "What man would not almost wtib that hU right band bad been cat off, ratber than not have upheld Abraham Lincoln a third of a century ago? Let no man In Mae*acbu*ett« B tbird of a century hence bang bta bead becauoe bia band did not uphold William Me Kloley, tbeducioie and gncceaeor, not only in place, but in faith, of Abraham Lincoln." Kveryoody now praise* Llncoin. It wae not ao during bin life lime. When William McKinley shall have paused away, or long before, everybody will praise him M the embodiment of up- rigbtnew and patriotlim. Why not give blm some of this praise while be live*? Xbere in nothing that encourage* a faithful and effl;!eat servant llkea timely word of pralee. Why not encourage Wm. McKinley while be In living and working unceailngly for tbe country, by voting to tustain the policy that nine out of ten men, down deep in tbeir heart*, say ii right? Praise after death is all right, but help while living \» far better. Put your band to the ballot tomorrow and nay to Wm. MoKlaley, "We endorse your wife and patriotic policy, and will vote for men wbo will unitaln your policy InOongresaa'id In tbe I/egloU- tore." Revival «t ike Te»»fe. Temple theater ba* takou a ne leaw of life under the new manage ment. To tbe inrprlie of every on tbe bouie was almost full down italr Saturday night and up stairs then wae Branding room only. It wa* tbi flrat real'y good home la mini months and It now lojks a* tbougl tbe Jonah of tbe Altan theater b»s been lifted by tbe reduction In prices Tbe new management has a soal« o price* ranging from 15 cent* to/M oenU and tbe reduction seems to hav •truck a popular sentiment. Tbe at tracilon waa Lincoln J. Oarter'j (Jnut- tanooga. Tbe play wa* line ant highly pleaaed the Urge audience. 1 waa tbe beet of all of Carter's attrac tlons, BO tbe audience leemed tc think. The reallitio effects were nov •1 and Ingenious and tbe acting wai alto 'line, Next Monday night. iOlaad HJOJ and bis company In "The Wrong Mr. Wright" will be the attraction. The box office will be open Wednesday for tbe sale of seats, 'ttio inauagemuiit will ral»e the scale of price* for t'al* attraction to M cents to *1 becauxti of tbe beavy expense Incurred la ing such a high olasa artlat. over. The St. of It from | fir* aod bad wsoeed s town befar* tbe flret bslf orer. 5t*drin|fh«w eepeeiafly did good work and by bis fine Uckles delayed I h • ftrrt toocb - down. After St. Loci* scored the game tarn*d in Weet«rM faror. In a scrimmage Immediately following tbe kick-off, U was claimed Smith of the high school, bad used his bands in tbe int*rf*r ence, aod on this being so ruled by Referee Boyd, the ball was Uk«n back 10 yard*, aod It became the property of the Western*. The WetterM by some very good playing, kept on working tbe bail down to within a few yards of the Grand avenne boys' goal. HereDakA got th« ball, and, on a flake, be dove tbroagt the bigb school line for a toocb-down. Niedrlngfasos sent the leather spinning sqaarely between the goal po«t* for tbe extra point. In tbe second half 8t. I.oai* again scored leaving tbe score II to 6. Tbe game between Sbnrtleff and the C. B. C. teams was a great victory for Bbartieff. The C. B. C.'s were said to be tbe b«st in St. ix>al*, an4 tbe flhartleff boys were expecttag ft bard fight, bnt tbe victory was easy. The score was 12 to S. Hwaln, Benner and Kline of Sbnrtleff came In for great praise for their good plays. The first It is said did better work than at tbe Washington University game. In line bucking Sbnrtleff bad its own sweet will, Swain breaking through it whenever be wanted to do so. Hoag made the first touch-down after a twenty yard ran. In tbe second half Benner made a touch-down sft*r t, thirty yard run, Jobhson kicking both goals. In tbe second half tbe C. B. C.'s scored and the half closed with tbe ball on tbeir one yard line and In Shortleff's possession. The Sbnrtleff boys did some excellent playing and need not fear to meet any of tbe crack teams during tbe remainder of the seanon. Sioo Kcward »;oo. Tbe reader* of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at leant one dreaded disease that •den"* has been able to cure in all it« stage*, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Care Is tbe only positive care known to tbe medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional diaeaae, require* a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrb Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon tbe blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thereby destroying tbe foundation of tbe disease, and giving the patient strength by bnwding up tbe constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. Tbe proprietors have so rnnch faith in It* curative powers that they offer *100 reward for any case that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonial*. Address P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggiute, rat Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar- iionay cures coughs and colds and soothes tbe air passages. It heals tbe bronchial tabes and strengthens tbe weak lungs. H builds up tbe tissues and enables tbe blood to receive its proper supply of oxygen. Dr. Bell's Hme-Tsr'Hofley acU as a balm to tbe lung*, outtlng the mucur, allaying tbe Inflammation, bealidg and strengthening. It will oare a cough or a cold in one night and exbllerates tbe lungs against the Inception of disease. 25c at good drug tores, ffo caret no pay. «td to »bo<«r * b * ve ° A New Store At 317 Belle st. Ail <wr Toy* »nd Fancy Oood« will be found there and oar China, au*t. Granite and Tinware, L»rop« and BOOK Furnlflhins: Good* will be found at our Third «tre«t store. Oar ambition is to have «"e pret- Ue*t aod complete*! store in Some- era Illinois and we think we now have It. Come and **« o« in oar old and oar new home. You Tax* Cold ag in 10 uiefai M • botUe i Plne-T«r-Hou«y. Good , good for everybody, A wo aj w »y« rdyuponto • aUaok of croup or trouble. 36o lit up- •tores. AQu«r(?) Mtulcme. i if » medicine wbote proprle- olAlin to fe»ve dlioovere< • BBknown lugredleitf. ll. Tblu bonoit Revival Service*. UBV. K. H. lx>vett preach ud yesterday morning and eyjulng to l«rje oongregatioos at tbe baptist ohurcli. Tbe meetings which have been con- duoted so prolUably for tbe past two wooka will be oontlnuod another week. Tomorrow wi'l be observed !u special manner. Hervloes will be conducted «s follows: At 9:80 n. m. by tho jmv tor, Bev. M. W. Twlogi »t 11 by Itev. M. Jameson i »l 1:30 p. m. by Dr. It. Gibson i at 3 o'clock by Bev. K H, 1,0- vett. A cordial invitation is extended fo Christians of all deuomluatlous lo attend ftiiy or all ol tbeve aervloes! Tbwe will be preaching each evening through tbe week, except Saturday •vanlng, at 7 iao o'clock. Boott ta the buiie»t Utllor n town. city 0«yi * Ro«r5cr<per. Tbe new road scraper that was bought by tbe city council Arrived 8 itnrday afternoon and was taken in charge by Alderman Wyss ol tbe Street and Alley committee. Tbe scraper was bought on tbe advice of Mr, Bowman, wbo was chiefly Instrumental In having (be Reliability of the scraper presented to (be ponnc/l. Tbe machine was pot to work thU morning on Langdon near Eighth street, Tbe scraper can be used only 00 dirt roads but It Is thought tbe stf«oM o»o be kept in better repair than heretofore gnrf at lees expense. Constipation Can- 1 "-* fully lull !>»• retulnt Uif .I4K>- >L") IIKM! bx |>riK)iK'< iu iho worhl. I( tr>r|i)>l liver, hull- Hood's K«»tlon, bad Uiu-, , .»u.,J Uinguc lick lii'-iUavlM-, in- H«nu!», etc. Huul'* I'llli eure couitl|Kttlon and all iu Prepared by 0. 1. lio«<l 4 I "., l/nv«ll, Tbe uuly fill* to take wl UPPER ALTON. Itev. T. H Marab, It, preached a the Baptist oburcb yesterday. Mi«a Eliza Mear» left for Brighton yesterday, afier a w.-<-k'< viilt with friend* here. Ml»s Ida O>ceD», who naj been tiav ing serionj trooble witb her eye* went to St. LiaiJ today to consult an oculist. Mias Btbel Batler *aag a-»3ljatlb Proebyterian charcb yesterday. MJ§8 Both Hanna U stayiog at th Martba Wood Cottage, on account o the IllnasB ol her litiis brother wit ncarlel (ever. Mr» John Sleasenger and eon an Miss Ratb Powell came up from Cairo Saturday to vltit relatives here. MlM Nellie Cockran, o r Albambra »p«nt Sunday with Mike Bucknell. Bev. Jamis Oiborne U holding p iracted raeetinga at Worden, 111. Clarence Hesn, or St. L ni», spot Sunday with Jriende here. J 0. Reynolds epotce at the Kort Alton Pre*byterian MU".ion Sunda evening. . Bert cfmitb returned last night from a short visit in Palmyra. MiM LiMle Holilster fpent Sunday i St. Louis. Rev. R. W. Reynolds and wife, o San JPrancisc >, opent Friday and Sat drday visiting tbeir brother and fami ly. J. 0. Beynoldi. Uev. KeyooH will remain east uatil Thanksgiving when be returns to the Pacific coae to accept a call to the Lebinon Pros byterian church, Sin Franc-Uco. Mrs. John Horton, ol East St. Loui |g visiting her mother, Mrs. Hele Meoeenger. Pre*ldent J. H. Pindley of Kno College, who was to have delivered a address before tbe Teacher's Associa tlon whii.-b met here Saturday, was unable U> be present, but sent a aab stitute. J. M. Simons, Professor o gnglisb at Knoz. Jfl|i8ea May and Nellie Catbcartgav a party to twenty nve of their yonn aeoocialei Saturday evening at the! beautiful bume overlooking R>ck Spring Park. Tbe principal amuee ment of tbe eveoiog wa.1 at) auction Bach or tbe gueatu was given a tiny silk bag of white beans and aim], auctioneer sold praity souvenirs ti the ones bidding the bigbeot ntimbe of be»ns. Music, games and a Ir tapper of cake, jce cream and fruii panned tbe time quickly away and tbi young people adjourned at a lat hour, d-.oUring they bad never upen a pleatmnter evening. The fanerst services of 'he Uto I. B Raqdle yvre lie-Id yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock st tbe family residence Rev. (). V, r . Waggoner conducted th seryicer, and several beautj'ui Ijymu were vucg by ibo choir of tbe Metho dist oburcu. Tbe pah bearers wer Messrs. A H ll.'istings, T. 0 B ner son, W. J). Barnard, H B. Giliham Stephen Holt, John Convery. A larg company of relatives and ftlend gathered at Oak wood cemetery, wber tbe remftlns wern laid away, and til grave 4ecked with beaatitnl floral of rerlngt. The three year old boy of J. A Johnson, of Lynn Center, III., if «ub ject to attacks of croup. Mr. Jobnsoi says he itt gfcLlefled that the timely us of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, dur ing a Revere attack, saved Ms lltll boy's life, He Is in the dru« buslneHS a number of Iho /)TII of Johrmo Bros, if'tbat place: lind they handle i great many patent mediclnce fo throat spd Ipug ditcaauu. lie b«d a these to cbo^e (rom, and elulJo-l pby slc'.ans ready to rP»ponfJ to hi'" call but selected this remedy lot nee in hi own family at a Ume wueu hi. ctiild' )i/e was in danger, became he know 1 to be sOperlur to any oilier, and f irn ons the country over /or Us cures t> croup. Mr. Jobimon »ay» tbiy la tbi bei-t selling coi^li mcdluluc- they ban die, and that i]L gives tplunrila satis faction ID all oa»c<-. Sojd by B. Marnl and 8 H. Wyss. THE PRIMARY ELECTION LAW Will Be Voted On at the November 8th. Election Uelow is tbe form of ballot tbat voters of Alton tow/mhjp will have pre amited to them for tbeir suffrage at the election on Nov. 8tin Uf|nj>tioi) of the act far jirimiiry of political |WII'<M>« in Aiton Township. YKS. .\0. X U will be a separate ballot. If a majority of tbe votes oast on tbe prop- >«ltlon are favorable, tbe primary election law will be In force In Alton town- hip in tbe future. Tbe law will pat an end to maw primaries beld in Oily fall, which have been tbe cause of so much ill- feeling, and so many disgrace- ul Moenes, and wbere Democrats by tbe hundred have voted at Bepublloan >rlmaries, and Kepublioani at Democratic primaries. If tbe primary election aw is adopted no Democrat can vote at a liepublloau primary, and no Be- lublloao can vote at a Democratic primary. The will of a majority of the «r!y holding tbe primary will be quietly, decently and honestly expressed nd carried out. Tbe law should be adopted and given a fair trial. Tbe above ballot if the proper form of marking if the voter wisbe* to aat bis vole for the proposition. Tfc* t*9 h-ota* loot bti! M»»« earn* > Horn* H*t5nJ«r n««bt. tb* ot»* I tt!Bpb*ot *nd th* otb»r sstdiy h*riee Tht Wertertw, M to «""• «•»*' do tb*5f best <i* thirtcg U»* p*« be#n to crowded in **ore on Tblrd AN ORDINANCE An Grtioaoce Orantiny t« th* Mississippi Valtey Railway Company . its *wcc***»rs and assigns . licence and permission to lay, construct, operate and maittain a Street "£"* »-ay o«-er and upon certain streets in the Ccty of Alton." IT ORf>U\F,r» '.i <!•.. dry r«.<inri! "f »bo rk.v -f S»/~ri<».\ J Tit.*! t injtanv. it- *u- <-•--<•?-- a't.ith»n/"f a«cl • > I) 1-2 ta 14 i:» 10 17 IH 1 •2 (I 10 11 1 H 1 •J :i 4 .1 l! 11 M I ii 7 8 <t io IJ Y* M 'J ;i I •> "i l l •i ;\ \ I •i % I !> ti 1 i ,, Mi«i,*ippi Va!!< v Kaii»«» »n«i a.«.»ien*. '"' an'I tfV-y srv ..,. —. ... ... , ,T)"»f of <arrv!ng j**,'M*'ne**r-. th'- inaif-. fxpr«-»-, Ii»ht flight." an'I liou*rhfi!«l MJf^ j>!i»'i. a ->ing!«- tra<-k -tn-«-l raiiroa-l. tojfthr-r with aii rtf<-f"**arv iuncrt!f«, «!•!«—ira«-k- f>n<l .*wit«"hf». in. sl"ns as)"l UJW.IK t!c- f"lii>«ir>(; -!!"»-<•[-, t*»-^"it : ( '»?ijni<-)!< iu<r 'H! ((j'- Milt'M! Kf-a<l a4 the ^a-t^-r!* limit- nf th< Cit\ »if Altos', thf UM- w<-U-rly <>n ,-ai'l Milton H».»<I or S»'i-o»i.| >tr- •• (. t-> •K\v-rc -ai'l Milton Ko*'! or .Sfi'-ofxl .Strr-«-t. i!i!«-r-! • -i- Third Str«-t: t hence we-t- <-rly on Thin! Stn<'t I" th" (f-ntcr of Spring Street: th'-rii-c' tirniir- rlv on S[»nnc -trw-t to thf r«-nt<"r of Fifth -tn-»-t In si «-»»in(fi-tt'»n «'St!i -.ii'l (..'onipany'- trsu-k to h<- i»i<l on -aitl Fifth ^-tr»-'-f—th<- «-ar- un -ai'l railway to tx^ propf li''«l !>y '!••••(ririfv )<r a»iv oth^r inotiv* 1 powT .Six. j?. Th(jt ,-,;,) Mi-M^ippi Vallf-y Railwav (''Jiiipany. il- -ut-f •< ~-nr- aid a--ign«, .-hall have the right to maintain and ^jK-tuS*- -ai<l ntilroad over, along an'I tijw>n »ai'i .-<n-«'t-, an'I <-.\*'i••!-<.' the privilf-ge. p.-rnii^- %ipn arid \\t-t-n*t> h< n-!iv tn-anf-d for the full tcnn of fifty (,V») ycai-.. fn-ni the t"»liiK Into «-ff»H-t ot thi- or'.ii- nari':'.-. S»:r. ?». Thai -aid Company, it- '•ti«-<-«:-- i -or- or a- >inn>,}H'aitd tlifvnrt' hori-'tyatithorizfl ami ctnpowerf'J to en-it and inaiiilain all p«»lV-, pi]«''-. towt-r*. rna*t.-, «'irc-i, • , and all -u«-h ntii'-r n'*-'—-arv aiiparfttii'* und »i>i- r<-<|ui-il< !ui>l 'Din* ni' (it for j)rr>iw-lling it-* cnr> hy «-k'.-tri''ity <>r otln-r motive power (excopt .-U-aru). Provided, ho«<-vi-r. that nil >in-h poi'->, wire*, cable-, <-tc-.. .ihall h<- put in and j>!a<-«-d undc-r the direction of tin- City Kiitrim-'T of th'.- City of Alton, or such com- mitu-f of th'' -UIIH-. or -ti- h ofh'<-<-r <>{ th<> City a- may ')<• >\<"!-lf!rM<->\ f»\ -aid «'.'oinn-il. tit:c. I- Thfti i-.aid (.'ompany, it- >uwe~*or> and assign-, -liall ''on-tnn-t. maintain and operate it- said railroad tnt'-k in th«- <-i-nicr of all the street* mentioned and ^i-t forth in S-:<.-tion 1, of thi.- ordinance, or a« near lo tin- i-i-ntf-r a- niity h>,- pfi—ihje. taking in consideration dii<- reward for the public convenience and travel thf-ivri-i, and al-o «'ith n-fen.-nce to the huildinj; and e'jn-tructin^ of the )i«-i:<:.-.»ar_v eiirve- or turnout-- 'vlileh may .'*<• reijuin-d alonj; -aid route. Ser. ">. That -aid Company, ih sucee-ssor?. anil a>.-i»ri-, -hall -o ron-tniet and maintain it.i said railroad track *'.i a- to permit the free uv of said street- tin each ~ii(e <jf ii-, trai k. and the ero.*.-ing of vehicle* over the-fime «ith th'-|ea-t po-^ible obstruction, and in ,-uc-h manri'-r a- not to ob-tmet the frxn; flow of water in the ,-ide and ero>- gutters, and .<hall keep ina- (:adami//'d \\u- .-jiae.- between the-rail-, and for one foot alon» the mil- oi, i|,e rint-ide. and keep the same in good repair, and to plunk ^aid i-aliroad track at siu-h places a.-, the City may re<juin-. Sw. il. That -aid railmad track .-hall be laid to confonu to the e-ia!i(i-liei| gi-jide.- <if said streets, and that »nld company d\ it- aeeeptance of this ordinance- hereby ajfn-e- fur it-e!f, ir> -ueee-sor.s and it-signs, that il. and they, \iill in i-;t~e ih<-grade of any street over, upf'ii and nlony \vhji-h it- traek may be constructed should b'- here.-iftej- cliangi-'l by ordinance or otherwise, upon due notice, rai-e i,r lo\\er it- or their track in accordance uitli sueji changed "l-ade. ShX-. 7. That whenever it .-liall become ncco-sary that the t nicks, poll--, uiiv-. or other property of said Couipany, h.i .-.ii'-ceiioi-- and a^ign-s slntli be temporarily 'moved, di-pjace.|. ,, r r(1 t for the purpose of laying or repairin" water. »;r-, or other pipe-s, constructing or repairing -ewer-, or for any purpose, the party or parties, corporation or corporations, except the City of Alton, causing Mich removal, displacement or cutting, shall a> speedily a- po--if>lc. without expense or cost to -aid Company, it.- MICCC.--OI-S and assigns, replace and repair the same and be re.-pon-ible for dnmage.s occasioned by any nece-.-ary delay in so doing. iSnc. h. That the authorities of the City of Alton shall give to -aid Company, it-s Miccessors and assigns, nil iieec-,,arv information regarding street grades, or other matter- pertaining to coii>tructing it-s tracks upon and along -aid street.". SKC. il. That any per.-on or persons, driving any animal, team or teams, or vehicles of any kind, upon or over tin- railroad of said Company, its successors and assign-, .-hall give way to the passage of its qr their ear*; ami any jierson violating this .section .shall be fined not Ie.»s than llircc (;t) imr more than twenty (20) dollar.- for such violation. SEC. 10. That the said Mississippi Valley Railroad Compiiny, its .-ui-i'e^surs and assigns, shall construct and maintain during the continuance of this ordinance good am] suflieicni -tone .-ewers under their tracks at such points a- the conformation of the ground and the necessary convenience of the public may require, .such sewers to be put in under the direction of the City Engineer of the City of Alton. >SK'.. |1. That whenever the said City of Alton, by ordinance or othcnt i.-e, -.hall order any of said streets, or any part of the same to be payed or imjiroved by spc<'- ial Hssemuieiit or npecial taxation, then and in that cas* the said Company, it-: -uceessor.s and assigns, agr*M;j> to pay for so mucli of the said improvement or paving as may be embraced between the rails of its tra/;K» and for the .-pace of one foot on ehher side of its rails. SEC. 12. That said Company by accepting this ordinance hereby agrees to pay all damage* to owners of property abutting upon the street, upon or over which the 'road is to be constructed a.- aforesaid, which such owners of property may ^u-stuin by reason of the l.oetu tion or construction of said road, SEC. 13. That said Company, it.i oueccvwor.-* and assigns, hereby agree.- to charge for a single fare no more than five cents from any point in the Village of JJppcr Alton to atiy point in the City of Alton, or from uns' point in the City of Alton to any point in the Village of-Upper Alton, and from any point in the village of East Alton to any point in the (Jitv of Alton, qr frf/nj any point in the City of Alton to any point in the village of JytAt Alton n here the tracks of said Company may be Jaid, said tare lo b" for jh<< fjr»t twenty years. The city to have the right to fix the rate aftep tilts UK: pli-ation of ««id term of twenty yearn. Provided, however, Hitid fare" shall be reasonable. The earn on said traek to be run at lea-it every fifteen minutes, and to run from <! a. m. to 11 p. in., and to haul no freight car* except, between the hour- of II p. m. and 5. a. HI. of en/.-i> day. Sr.<;. ji. '('hut .-aid Company, it- stirce.-sors and (|s-.ign.- hereby agrees to tjansfcr pa-icngers fr<mi one of its lines to the oilier without any extra charge. Kw, ),"i, Tlutl sffid Company agrei'i t<» |»o)<) the City of Alton Imnnle-.- from i:iiy and all damages th"l may happen to persons or m-ojM'i-tjj- by reason of the construction or operation ol said niilroud, Sw. hi. That said Company, its successor* kind assigns hereby agrees to have said railroad laid and in operation on or before January 1, I'.iuu, otherwise this ordinance shall he and become null and void. ,Si;c. 17, It is hereby agreed and understood, that if the said '.Mississippi N'alley l{ail«iiy Company shall complete one through line into the City of Alton, from the kastcrly eity limits to tin 1 I'ninn J)epot, then said binnl or any bond given under iin\ ordinimce shall be null and void, Six . 18. This ordiiiiini i< ,-hull i*i> a valid and bimiinu contract by and between the City of Alton and the sidd Company, it.s sui'cessors and assigns, from and after its pa»*agc und approval and acceptance by said Company through its proper olliecrs, which acceptance must |)i! /JOIIM within twenty days after its passage and approval, imd si|id acceptance to be filed in the qflice Of the City C'lerk of the City ofAltoii. »'JF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED," TRYj SAPOLIO. -o- KID GLOVES. Why we Sell so Many! \Vhy we Should Sell Morel BECAUSE: They are as good as any Gloves, in the world. BECAUSE: They are be^er ih m most Gloves in the world. ESTELLE—2 clasp with "Cluze Patent Thumb," the aest glove in the land for St a pair. GOLD MEDAL—a clasp with 'Cluze Patent Thumb," at a pair. Misses Glove, same quality, at $i. ST. DENIS—Genuine Ph.Courvoisier French Kid Glove, 2 clasp, with "Cluze Patent Thumb" at $1.50 a pair. 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