Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 25, 1900 · Page 8
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Alton Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1900
Page 8
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ALTOK WiMM* TtWRSPAY, jAfry-foy 19W THREK MEN BIIRAK -TAIL, Witness in the Clark Case Tells " tt How It Was Done. HECTOIt AGAIN GIVES TESTIMONY. 1U . Tlml I''-"«.v »' ""'"> ««•• T.rfl will. 111"' I'.v I"" 1 «'<••• '' (Mv.THi.1 In <•»..- "f Kv,-ry Mun I «r- ,|,u..-.l It W»» N« ««"» '" U "'" >H '" Mr. rinrk—J»i!«rlnr«-» "« Wnul« t» «• Oul lite WliolfTrnlli. .,„,. wit!. ,l., y -s n U LlBl,,.. «,?„ ,- tl,. ,• ' ,< , 1( «,. f l, t , H , , ' fruir 1 ,'s ,. Its '"veBUBiitlon of tl -'s of bribery made against S. -in ark of Montnua. In *>°™*" election to the United Stat . William F. Hector wns apiii . stand at the .M-glnnlng of th ,-Hlon. He said that nil he did u,:..K roo,,,H was reported to tin ,: iuithorltl,*. and volum«-«n«l n Mmn-i-tloii the statement that 1 ::«• of ov.-ry man i.iirc-uni sed 1 , ,.,-swiry to report to Mr. Unrk. 1 ;ul noi made such reports hi ,..|ii" "onlv a private" and uot o • r* of familiarity with the "b in to Justify his approaehlu 1 ' repented the (statement mad ..Mihintlou in chief, but apar the Warren hotel had bee n..nmn< <• «f SpnnSnh War. K.-no-hn Wl*.. .Jim. 20.— It IB ™1 In this <-lt.v tlml Ml** mi- Will *.K"* " ' " " «*t Jowpn, Mich., .Inn. ai.-Throttgh , ;,senta.<v,.s H. this stn., Uh n l.on.1 Ix'fnro tlu-y <•'!" d u Job niii'*»i* si t •"*!• I'M"' ' ' .„„,,„,, .mil Klu- wns II,.- tlrst womiin roin \Vlwonnln i" » IU>1 ' llt ' 1 ' ! -'' lxl "' 0 tlu- jjiivi-riinii-nt. Honor Oi-KiTiil I '« Mr.ii.or.v. ^A^^<\^». JL-r^s!?i%S!aai 1 o-r ,1 Army .md Xnvy of tlio <'onf.-< or- ,t.. suites and •UiniKlitfi-K of tin' ( oii- f ( . Ion v. In most i-ltlcH business wns miim iiiwl niul the day wns obm-i-veil ," L'-m-nil liollclny. In the evening I,BI iMPtH wen- the fcnturo and iiiniiy o? tl!" prominent men of the s,,ulh delivered nddreHsoB. His Liie was-Saved. Mr. J. V<- LiHyi a prominent citi/en if Hannibal, Mo., lately ha a £ on : IHorpoivrr l>,.].utysierlir !•««• Arc- U..(ii|>t«pe<l. Springfield, Ills., Jan. 20.~Krauk »,,.',„. John Herney and Uobert Itaun - p,rtn...r, all in Jail awaiting tr a on HinracH of burglary, overpowered Dep- i,l v SI.erllT Henry Brand and lurnke> UHrry Taylor. They secured the ke « .,n,l after unlocking the jnll doois. ontsl,!.. and n.adc a break for iniirUet. , - . h, nke and llalsted s.tri-etH V,f. ,' tern on n bold footpad sprang Id id lu-r. snntchnl her plush cape ouslv that Mr. (Mark's managers de- wired MH-II a passage. Wunlc-d the Whole Truth Out. <),„.,. when Senntor Kaulkner tried to ,"u.,'k the witness lu his voluntary ^l*S to ^'X? the whole truth; , „,!, m,t interested In suppressing part "'^W^'brougbt out the fact thin previous to coming to UnsulnK- on Mr. Hector had been engi i B< -d as .,„ e-pert on the books of the llen- ;'"ss.v. Mercantile company as n stoek- ran into Pneumonia. My , came hardened. I was so weak I couldn't even set up in bed. Nothing helped me. I expected to soon die of consumption, when I heard of' Ui. King's New discovery. . One bottle irave meat relief. I continued to use ft and now am well and utrong. , can't sav too much in its praise. This marvelous medicine is the surest and quickest cure in the world f or t ill Throat and Lung trouble. Rt>gulai 50c and $1. Trial bottles free at E. Marsh's. astonished iS.Wfhen nnd'gnv," \*w. but th, hlKliwiiyninn wnM too swift, and easily rtlHlunwl iiv.rsult. <;,•!» n OT.OOO.OOO K»tui<f. { *^^^^«?r hi^^rKon'Siate , .« Tim ni-onertv distributed to (olTpv 111* pi"!^' !«•-»•• ^ si' v ±s ^ri,S!Srti u am! slip IH '" I11!lUl> l»' ovlslon for the Tevls children. Yinlllic Wo.iiini Kill* The ..moors were Imdly benteu nnd W e,-e '• vered with blood when Help '",,„. An emergency cull was sent o polU-e stntlon nud In a few mln- , OH i linw force of polioi-im-n wns m.xti of tlu.' de»poro4ooH. About vei v V,,ots WBW exchnnKPd before VrK- inid nnunipnrtner were taken. tenieV was shot In the foot. A eltl- I n nnn ' «!ro|snn wns shot In the hnnd "y n s.n,y l.nlU-t fired by one of w«n«/w i .THBUfel w Mr. Daly connected with that company Y" asked Mr. I'""^' . ••I d.m't know," the witness an"1 was only after the cnsh- as to Mr There is a Class ol feople who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-0, made of pure grams, that takes the place of coffee. Ihe most delicate stomach receives it w ith- out distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost overt as much. Children may drink it with gre™t benefit. 16c and ^.per pack- a-^e. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O. Mr!'st'iM-'ie,'he beTnR then employed by nnvld«,n "I don't remember the turn's when he bronirlit It." Ho said ••The typewriter nnd I looked at it. W,. v.-iv both awful Bind to «*• It. n« tl,,. typewriter hnd not been paid for four months nnd 1 hadn't n cent. Left Money for Stifle. "!),. vou uot know that Davidson hnd ui.mey In bankV Mr. Kaiilkner " S "\,'.' indeed." wns the unswcr, "ilnd tl,i.rV\v.'re lotH of others tlml did not kC nnvldson had, he said left the monev with him for Steele In nn open v''o,,e nnd. he nnd the typewriter ,,l loked .it It lifter' Davidson hnd "ft. Money hnd been thus brought to tl e -oom bv Davidson and left for Seele three different occasions just 1,"rore the meeting of the legislature. ill- Itec-tor said he did not know what sum was brought In by Mr. >a ; vld«o-i nt anv time. "1 only know, ,e aid. "niat-wo suddenly nc-c-unm- inted u draworful of money.' He did not know what wns doiurwltl It. Hi; dhl Uiiow. however. Hint PowcII Bin -U ),nd been sent out to "get « ™P. n ^' of the legislature who was to have $5.- WK ,-.ii:l after returning he had mild Hint lie had had a hard trip, but Hint «lt w i an right." in another instance I'liKi- had said lie had "landed his ll*h /.islde of nn hour." Distressing Stomach Disease permanently oared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suBer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness andi Indigestion. Tbfl cure begins with the first dose. The relief it bnnpa is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving .force. P nd alwrys safe. Sold by 8. U. Meag- herself while visiting her mother. She v-s married last April. Her husband wns n actor, but they had recently ( :,n ving on a farm. No cause is known for the net. as she was well-to- do and apparently happy. • Woml Alcohol Killed Him. Bowling Green. O,, Jan. '20.— S. C. McKelcy died at Merrill from the ef- fjcu S^ drinking a quart of wood alcohol. McKelcy was supposed to be a a ngle man, but since his death it ha.s heeS learned that he. had a wife aud seven children In New York. No Rtght to Ugliness. The woman who is lovely in face, fon and 'temper will always have friends .but one who would be attractive must keep her health. If she is weak, sickly 'and all run down, she will be nervous and irntaWe. If ghe has constipation or kidney trouble^ her impure blood will cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched compexion. Electric Bitters is the best medicine in the world to regulate stomach, liver and kidneys and to Sv the blood. It gives strong KB, bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion. It will make a good looking, charming woman of a rundown invalid. Only uOc at Maibh s prug store^ is still at large. He and Her- known to be desperate crim- innV '1'heV were arrested several inv 'n«o In a si-hoollioiwe near Pnw- e v a posse of Pawnee eltizens. ended bv ex-Sheriff Baxter who took, them by' Hurprl»e_ln_tlie_nlght. FAITH IIBAURJ3AVSE8 RIOT. Vlctl».-Tr.vt..Tenr lllm^Awuy fro.u «•" C'hlwiKo. .lau.' 20.-Jo»cpli Knrcoul. alleged "faith healer." had a narrow from death at the hands of fellow Itnllaus. While Knrcbnl was being taken from .lustlce Hahmburger s eoul-t to that of. Justice Hogland, to miswei a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, he was set upon " an Infui'hUed gang that tried to 4e him from the officers. They had endued hat the man they had thought a divine'"apostle" was au hnposter. A worn "thrJw a handful of m«. din the vBlSCASB €URJN«- IAO«/«V»C» KIDNE-OIDS (All the human race find the kidneys the most frequent tause of the weaknesses and suffering's of life. JCld^ie-oids is not aloi.: a.remedy for the strong ;una whp feels the approach of Bright's disease, tr~~ is a stimulator'and regulator that makes the kidneys healthy at the start and keeps them healthy all along. For the first attack of backache (the usual signal that the kidneys give when they, are in trouble) try Kid-ne-oids. him! Kill him'- No doctor; no God!" • Ve Farcont was' barricaded behind a large box. The crowd jumped on c airs shook their lists and shouted vile names. Finally the riot was quelled and Farconi was taken back to Jail. His case was continued to Jan. 20. Deafness Cannot te Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the rfisensed portion of the ear- There 1" only one way t<onnc ° rte , td ,® nfal iuicy njr AV.«-».»" •«.»• Rld-n«-oUi are never «o1d fa ten quintltlei tban « box I •for. jo cents. They ire little yellow UbltU.'euy to take tad '.quick In working mulu. . Morrow'* LiverUz cure*. coMtiptUon. bUlonnesa and • - kn« at •!! drulr Ktorei. r JOBN UOMOW ft CO..' CBBNItTS, i MM Peter HelUung, 702 Race street, says:—"I i |perfectly well^..^ ^^^ ats . H . Wyes'. Died of Her ln.tiirli'B. Chit-ago, .lau. 20.—Mrs. Sarah Miller Keitll. who wns severely injured by a fall lu the resldeut-e of C. B. 1< in-well, i) Pearson street, on Jan. U. is dead at the residence of Henry W. .King. 101 Hush street, where she wns removed nfter the accident. For thirty- live years she had been a resident of Chicago, prominent in church and charitable work. Her only living relation was Luke Miller of Oshkosh, an adopted brpjtJier,_npw_JO_years old. Foley'B Money and Tar. Cough Syrup wherever introduced is considered the most pleasant and effective remedy for all throat and lung complaints. It is the only prominent cough medicine that contains no opiates, and that it can safely be given tochild'ren. 25c and oOo. Sold by E. Marsh S. H. Wyss and P. H. Paul. Rheumatism Cured in a. Day. "Mvntic Cure"for rhpumati-m nnd nP uralgiiv radically cures in from one to ten Tlays. It- action uoon the, Byp- tem icreinnrkableand ffly removes at, once tbe cause i-nmertiately disappear. The dose sr*at,ly beneflte 75o. Sold by s. H. wfss nnd H. W. Chamberlain, S^matkVcan be taken" out and f^ tube restored to its normal condition, bearing will be destroyed *°'ever; nire cases ont of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an in- flawed condition of the mucous sur- taCe8 'will Kive one hundred dollars "*i«ft*» _ . _ X__H«^.^3 Vk«T • •Avoung man came into our store S ... a —!«™ *«Am n SRVSre at- Ss'l™lBT=Sg fteTo^TI<,KrB 5 M.« H. Wyss aud Paul's Pharmacy. iDTBi ireo.—^» «• VM««*'.T —• _ do .b Sold by drngglsts, 7o^. Hall's Family Fills are the beet. tHIts the Spot nWuen Buffering from a severe cold LJ ,, «•" _„* o»»«1 Innorfl fnel SOTB. J. Bauer tX Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Bmhalmers Second street. Opp. City Hall Alton \indVoujjaveWwwBougM Tl••• witness said that if there were inconsistencies lu his testimony it was iKM-nMHO counsel had "frightened him HO" H* afterward said this remark was -on the side and not under oath. Wb,Mi M ' Faulkner pressed to know wl t imrt of the testimony was under on. nnd what was not. Hector rt'ljllw': "am Just wntchlng you to wink the „„,,.,,.ye when you wnut to suppress "'ThN'wmnrk brought n reproof from Cl .unn in ('.handler nnd n side remark f S Senator Hoar that "the nink ng ,,f ,| ( ,!a.s wns the prei-ogntlve of the •l-lie witness snld he had uot told au> one If he was ifot paid money by the Chu-K people he would testify OB IM I, ,lone, or that Mr. Honnessy o Biitti- was to pay him nuv»-ral hundre. dolln rs. i KeveUvr A»k««l *"«'• Chicago, .inn. 2().—Michael A. Douo «.«•-. >•«• «s?i ^^^isz^t 1 ? Tbreateneo wlih Consumption C' Unger, 212 Maple street, Cham- algn. 111., writes: I was troubled ith a hacking cough for a year and bought 1 had the consumption. I •led a great many remedies and was ncler the care of physicians or sev- ral months. I used one be tie of Kiev's Honey and Tar and it curea me and I have not been troubled since. Sold by E. Marsh, S. H. Wyss and P. H. Paul. Trust those who have tried. "I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind and hoped for cure, but Ely,'B Cream Balm seems to do even that. — Slcar Ostrom, 45 Warren avenue, C ™I ft 8ufreria from catarrh: it got so bad 1 could not work; i used W.v & Cream Balm and am entirely well. — AC. Clark, 341 Shawnut avenue, The Balm does-not irritate or cause snee/.lnK. Sold by druggists at 50c, or mailed by El* firothers, BO Warren street, New York. ^t^'JSS&SSSSSS the " soreness relieved, a fee line and p tv DBErB vOO Signature of Drain O' Grain O! Remember that name when you want a delicious, appetizing, nourishing f a ood drink to ta% the place. o c-offee Sold bv all grocers and liked by all who have used it. Grain-O is made of pure grains, it aids diges ion and drnk it with great benefit Costs about i as much as coffee, loo and 25c per package. Ask your grocer for Grain-O. take a dose .and Tar, when will be at once j£ss^easa"-£ H Wyss and Paul's Pbarmacv. (SipS. One a dose. Sold by- Bold at Paul's Pharmacy City Hall qaare. ,_«. GOOD GOODS. • Elegant Perfumes, Soaps, Brushes, Combs, Powders, Puffs, Cameras and Photographic Supplies. Cigars, and ot course the best of medicines, at l ^v/<«»» *J*-* »• •»* »-. — «•- — MARSH'S DRUG STORE. FURNITURE. A White Fo ley's Kidney fectly reliable all Kidney and eases. The prop Great Medicine the money refund deserve a while bv E. Marsh, S. H. Paul. Mark. Cure is a per- preparation for Bladder 'Hs- prietors of this guarantee it or ed. Do they not mark? 50c. Sold H. Wyss and P. f M'V V U'HV"I"|IBI| to illssolvc th« pnrtu«r ",,,, Vml -llvldo the nHHetH «'1« t»\'>'; Mr lionohw aVw'riH In the^ bill tl at tl,,. ..HHotH Kivatly «-xw«d the lla))ill- 11«'H. . 8lr«et Cur IJIowii Up. KirliiRfti'W. l» h " ''« n - 20 '- A Btm " ,-nr x "IH wri'cUMl by .lynamlti- or wonii; nHii.-i-.wvrf Ml explosive alwut II Al <-k at t.i«l>t. On,, of the tnioUn »as Wiiwu to plwi-H and two or thriu. wn.UwH w,.«. Hlintt«roU. H BO m -I tlmt iiut a HlniiU' imHHengcr was ill • i- rwlu'ii tin- «xploslou oecurrwl ^.I'no'on, was InJ.m,!^^T1, s nm.^ the llftl' "ar tlml I" 11 * " utu " l0 "," "•> line., the Btrllii- '»'«»» two '» ( " ltn , B " .nu'.C into, and inn «n urri-Ht linn IH..-I Hlllilt'. — i;i,U' CMoni -Ian wlvlc'iiB say tliu while tlio ruvjluilon In that ropulul IB nut abBoU' ii-ly cniHlii'd, good |irot pi>i'in on- cran'talui'il of an auiK-abl >aul'8 Pbarmacv Wm. RE ALB STATE. INSURANCE and LOAN AGENT * ROOM 16, LAURA BLDQ FOR 8ALF. BUIUM property with stock of .mejoban- aiae at Went Alton. Good dmry (arm of 120 .ores, good bottom A Powder Mill Explosion /os ovcrythlnir in slghV. «" :gva> tic iiilnei-al pillK, but both ... miifUv danuorous. Don't-dynanil th« dwlicuUi niuchlnory »r your body . vvit'i naloniL'1, c.roton oil t»r aloi's nillH, when Dr. KUiK'n Lite P«H« *!>»«:" »™ irentln as a Hummer brt«/.e. do tlm work perfectly. t'ui'L'B lu'ttdmihn, yon- Btlputlon. Only 250 ut Mursh's ilruif ntore. 1 want to let the people who suffei rom rheumatism and" Bolatloa know hat Chamberlain's Pain Balm ie- levedme ftfter a number olothei medicines and a, doctor had failed. It Tthe boBt liniment I have ever known of —J A DODGEM, Alpharettw, ua Thousands have been cured of rheum titism by this remedy. One applied tion relieves the pain. For sale by t; Marsh, S. H. Wyss aud Paul's Phai macy. Keep Quiet and me Chamberlain's Oollo, Oboler and Dlwrboea Remedy for all Duloao the aiomaoh and all unnatural IO»H« heaa of the howelB. It al VBVB cores For win by E. Marab, 8. H. Wyes and Paul'B Pbarmaoy. Husband, If you h»»e a wo»k, nervous, debilitated wife do not acolil or become Itapatlenl wlib hor Cilve her klhd treHtment, loving words and Morley's Mvfci-.ahtt Kidney Cordial to renovate, r«gula;» and otrenuthen bur systflin, and our word for It she will soon be your healttiv, happy boat halt. Prlo«,»l. "old by Paul's Pharmacy, Clt/ Hall Hquare, Alton, 111. O JSLIO T C» ** 3C. B«,,vb. y»Th.WVou^ BlgMtUW of $100 Dr. B. DetchonU Anti-Ciureuc May be worth to yon more tbui «100 ^sagw. 1 ^ H'rS'll.S&'Hr? DrngglBt, B52 Second street, Alton.lll. Almost Blind. My little Jour year old girl's eye* were eo weak from birth, that she could not stand any light at all. Was treated by several physicians without benefit. My neighbors Induced me to try Morley's 8»rsap»rllla and lion froa Mr. O Daugho ty, Banoolc Ky. Three. Dottles not only restored her bight, b±it made eer stronger and healthier ih«n eho ever w»s In her life. DAVID KBHBINO YOU should know that Koleys Hom-v and Tar is absolutely the best iTiiM-ilv for all diHeasw of thu Throat, tUwBt and mind*. Jli-ak'.-s aro autho.- l/.fd to truurantw it to «iv" satlsfm:- iiS;8Vw^.*"u^'«.p!.'»>. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children, The Kind You Have Always Bought /> Bears the Signature of Urge modern residence or U rooms, Illliiiiii When Wanting Furniture call am/ see us. We can surely please you. Sutler & Dreisofcriier 204 West Third st Telephone No 267 ^_ "Hehrv Watson, Contractor and Builder. i * McAdaih, Bui!d|ng Storte, Cut Stone Curbing, Dporsills, Window SHIs» etc., etc., IB ti- "SSw s'room'reVldenoe tn b'iie -met on <- "«*. and modern improvemenw, .Ituatodoi fourth 8t., with neoe.sary buildings near Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Track* Running Into tb» Ouarrle*. ALTON. ILL , cor, 1th and ^ «&%»-««•. .tore or l il» ao^near Pirn, Maooupin LUCAS Licensed Architect. i General Superlnndent and Mechanical ^^.ks^^nr^i^r^sitZ" 0 "! Weit Third St., Third Floor, FOR RENT. Cilll'8 ball for lodge i\n<J meellng pun>o«ei. The Uie reiideuw of Mr». Puet, l«b »nd 3eor(ie ««. Beautiful gnundl. MONEY TO LOAN. STEAMSHIP TICKETS ;FOB SALE. -the Best I*,, Aye, the cheapest." Avoid| tions of and Substitutes for S APOUO.

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